Instagram Post Reveals Pagani Zonda Coming to GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport 103 October 5, 2018 by

A marque long associated with Gran Turismo could be making its franchise return. At least, that’s what a recent Instagram post suggests.

Pasin Lathouras is a man of discerning taste. Not only is he a successful racer, with a win at the 24 Hours of Spa amongst his trophies, but he has a sizeable hypercar collection. He’s active on social media too, sharing his dream-worthy garage with us common folk. A custom Koenigsegg Agera RS, a Lexus LFA, and a pristine blue Pagani Zonda are amongst his current lineup.

It’s the last car that is the focus here. Lathouras posted an image of the car in a surprising state of undress earlier today. The caption gives the game away:

At the time of writing, Pagani is one of the marques still missing from Gran Turismo Sport. Players last saw it in GT6, but the two brands actually go much further back than that.

Gran Turismo was one of the very first racing franchises to include Horacio Pagani’s supercars. It did so back in 2001’s GT3: A-Spec. Shortly after, the 7.3-liter version of the Zonda showed up in GT Concept, in the same stunning shade of blue as Lathouras’ roadster.

Coincidence? Possibly. But with the re-introduction of the 996-era Porsche 911 GT3 after 17 years — a car which also showed up in GT3, remember — Polyphony certainly has form here.

The question with these sorts of things, as ever, is when. We’ve reached out to Lathouras for more info, and will report on any additional developments as we get them.

Hat tip to queleuleu for the info!

All images courtesy of Pasin Lathouras’ Instagram.

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