Kazunori Yamauchi Answers Your Gran Turismo Questions in Community Q&A


After working closely with Polyphony Digital over the past few weeks, I am excited to announce that Kazunori Yamauchi will be answering a selection of the most popular questions posted in a special forum here on GTPlanet.

This will be a great opportunity for Kazunori to interact with our community and tell us more about what he and his team have been working on for GT6.

How to Ask a Question

To ask your question, simply post a new topic in our new “Kazunori Yamauchi Q&A” forum. We want to keep things organized, so please follow these basic guidelines when posting:

  • One question per topic.
  • Make sure that your question has not already been asked (if so, vote for it!).
  • Be concise and phrase your question clearly.
  • Use our GT Suggestions forum to vote for cars, tracks, and features.

Our moderation staff will keep a close eye on the questions, and not following these guidelines could result in your question being closed or deleted.

Vote on Questions You Want Answered

Browse the questions which have already been posted, then just “like” the first post in each topic you would like to see answered. To see the questions with the most “likes” or “votes”, click here.

kazunori-yamauchi-gtplanetKazunori Answers

Yamauchi-san will review the most popular questions and share his responses with the community soon. As always, we will be covering and highlighting his most important comments here on GTPlanet’s blog.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to start sharing and voting on questions now!

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Comments (176)

  1. GBO Possum

    “Yamauchi-san will review the most popular questions and share his responses with the community soon. As always, we will be covering and highlighting his most important comments here on GTPlanet’s blog.

    So, what are you waiting for?”

    What am I waiting for? The arrival of “soon”.

  2. CorvetteConquer

    23 days and counting. Take your time, Kaz, as you always do…..but try to aim before 2016!

  3. whatsgt5

    maybe its kinda off topic, but Im really curious how much Kaz makes a year? Maybe just a range would be find, like in the 7 figure USD or 8 figure USD. I would think he’s making around 10mil USD per year avg?

  4. Rubens Simoes

    Kazunori Yamauchi improve the sound of the cars please and the camera also put a little more movement. If you do this, I buy the game.

  5. research

    after “answering” these questions, he will BUTTON HIS STYLISH JACKET, AND FLY OFF INTO SPACE!


  6. kollosson

    maybe PD and Sony will actually listen and act on the wants of 50 people but really? I very much doubt it, GT is a global franchise, like I’ve said before, reality check people, get real…..

    1. MonSpaNur

      Is you, kollosson, who should do a reality check and get real.
      Last time i checked the questions, all the top 10 had more than 200 votes (more than 600 the top 2, about the track maker and sound update), far way from your 50.
      And none of them are about a “want”, but about very legitimate questions concerning either features that Polyphony sold and never supplied (at least in a reasonably time) or features who would improve considerably the game.

  7. HuskyGT

    I hope he answers soon. I’m not too optimistic about this, but depending on the answers, my interest for Gran Turismo might spark up again.

    1. CorvetteConquer

      I’m taking his answers with a grain of salt, as everyone should. They are, after all, just answers. Results speak much more loudly.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I bet you Kaz wouldn’t even answer them at all. The sub-fourm, made for him, will just sit there like a stone and people will assume he’s really reading there, when he’s really not…

      Like @CorvetteConquer, it’s best we take his answers for a grain of salt Husky. Don’t wanna be lied to again.

    3. VBR

      I too am dubious about all this. However, let’s just see what happens & how Kaz handles the situation.

    4. MeanElf

      Well, Jordan’s article says it will be soon before the top selection will be looked at, so yeah, it’ll be well into June. Difficult to be much sooner, what with other schedules and things to attend to.

      What a nice person you must be e30…

  8. Blood*Specter

    With GT5 off the table the PD staff will have more time to devote to making some of the GT6/GT7 enhancements happen. In addition to the platform limitations of the PS3, PD workers were faced with maintaining GT5 servers as well as updating GT6 and development of GT7. In other words they were swamped with work. PD made way too many promises for GT6 than they were able to deliver.

    The fan base had every right to be disappointed. They were not getting what they paid $60.00 for.

    This is not an excuse for PD/Kaz. That just a fact (IMHO) that PD dropped the ball and pissed off a good many of their customers. PAYING CUSTOMERS!
    I’m pretty sure Kaz and PD know many fans are letdown by lack of content and the promises made that were not kept.

    So re-connecting with fans and re-establishing some trust could be a high priority for Kaz. Kaz/PD can’t grow their brand with an angry customer base. And the best way to put smiles of faces is to show that you are going to push content, and fix issues.
    This may be the start of a lot of meaningful updates/fixes for GT6 and important input for 7.
    That might take some of the edge off of the many loyal fans of the franchise.

    I am taking a wait and see attitude with GT6 and beyond. Anger wont change a thing.

    1. research

      You guys that keep bringing up GT5 servers as a legitimate excuse are absolutely TRIPPING. On Iboga root or Peyote. Like far out into space.

      There are 3 hamsters in the basement that can do that. Face it, Sony bent us over with gt6. 6 months in the tech world is an eternity. Most players are long gone, just hop online and check!

  9. biftizmo

    A chance of a life time to ask the greatest game developer of our time a question and most of them are about “when am I going to get my” I have posted 3 very good interesting Questions asking about the future of GT…please vote for them…

  10. Soulfresh_ACV

    Anyone know if this is the first time ever PD is trying to be a little bit more engaging with their customers?

    If this is the case and that it’s true that they do look at forums sites like GTP. Then I’d give them thumbs up for this first step in the right direction. Perhaps some of our feedbacks haven’t completely fallen on deaf ears.

    Whether answers will be satisfying to the majority of us is another story though. But like a said in my forum post responses (http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/gt-6-false-advertising.308287) It’s better to make customers feel like that they’re being listen to rather than not at all.

    Kaz looks like a decent guy, and if GT7 Prologue is responsible for delaying GT6 development I can understand that it might have to do with pressure from Sony to have something for PS4 platform to keep PS4 sales momentum going. As much as Kaz is on the Sony Entertaiment board, PD cannot afford to have Sony even have a single thought on funding an alternative racing title in direct competition with GT given PD’s track record with their release schedule on PS3.

    Having said that, however, I also have no doubt that PD could have (if they haven’t) been given early access to PS4 hardware much earlier than any game studios but decided not to jump right into developing GT for PS4 at the time as they knew that will generate more sales on the title on PS3 given the amount of existing user base. But as Driveclub had been postponed so many months after PS4 launch, Sony hierarchy would be nervous without a racing title while XBone already have Forza 5 on their platform.

    PD probably given the task to at least have a GT7P playable demo at E3 just to ensure no PS4 sales momentum loss going to XBOne as a result of racing title.

  11. kollosson

    I think the whole question and answer thing as far as Kaz is concerned is about connecting with GT fans, I don’t think for one minute that its about hearing certain individuals gripes about the game…..

    1. SZRT Ice

      Connecting for what purpose kollosson? To listen to community praises? You call them gripes, others call them concerns, and/or questions. Apples and oranges bro’, they’re both fruits.

      Stop trying to make everyone out to be the villains while you make yourself seem like a saint. All you do is “gripe” about the opinions of others, most of which are legitimate concerns.

      We’re all here because of our passion for Gran Turismo. Many of the gripes you speak of will bring significant improvments to the world of Gran Turismo in the future. Your opinion holds no more value then anyone else’s. So stop going around trying to dismiss everyone and labelling them as insignificant. At least they’re bringing something to the table.

    2. MeanElf

      In fairness, a legitimate concern can seem more like a gripe just by the way it is presented. People might want to consider that too.

    3. Johnnypenso

      @kollosson…agreed. I think it’s an important step and I hope one that’s repeated down the line. The catch here is going to be that if Mr. Yamauchi directly addresses the concerns of the selected fans, he better be prepared not to make vague promises and laugh things off. He’s taking it to a whole new level here whether he realizes it or not. This could be a boon for the franchise or a marketing disaster…from the standpoint of GTP’ers anyway.

    4. SZRT Ice

      Have you guys visited the forum? There are some quality questions in there, and even if they aren’t applied immediately, they can at least get Kaz to see things in a different light, thus helping him to better shape GT7. Gripe or not, they’re valued concerns and can help to improve and shape GT in the long or even the short-run. It’s not for us to say otherwise.

    5. Johnnypenso

      @szrt Most of the questions with the most “likes” seem to be polite and well worded which I’m sure would surprise a lot of people…lol. Looks like most of us can be polite and well spoken when we need to be…we have to represent GTP well!! Go Jordan!

    6. MeanElf

      That is a surprise and encouraging. I also fully agree JP – a polite and careful question is more likely to be viewed than the usual crassness that passes for opinion; well, certainly on the news section.

    7. SZRT Ice

      Never thought that a gripe was a disrespectful thing. If someone has a gripe with me, and presents it the right way, I’d respect it too. No one was suggesting we attack Kaz, & if that is what you thought I was saying, you have me greatly mistaken.

    8. MeanElf

      No, a gripe needn’t be disrespectful per se – however, the manner which it is brought to the recipient’s attention, that is what counts.

  12. Sasek

    The most important: course maker, sounds, b-spec, livery editor, some cars bugged physics. If he honestly answer questions about this aspect of the game, I will be happy.

  13. TRLWNC7396

    I can see myself staying up all night posting and responding to questions… ;) Going to quit for now… Tomorrow! ;)

  14. vr6cas

    Ok, I have a question, when can we expect to hear some answers? Because at the rate Kaz and PD move we can expect to hear answers in what, 2016, and by then it is to late. I feel we ask the questions and a month or two is a reasonable amount of time to give the most voted and most important questions an answer.

  15. acedition333

    There sure are some good questions in the “Kaz” special forum.

    My question is: How many will he actually answer for us??

    Hopefully top 10! (atleast)

  16. TRLWNC7396

    IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! :) Yeah!!!!! Looks like that petition (and the books of complaints… :( ) worked! :) :) :) :)

  17. PsuPepperoni

    The answer to all of these is “This is something we would very much like to challenge ourselves to work on in the future.”

    1. mef

      Agree, answers will be non-committal. If PD or Sony had anything definitive to say it would come in a press release with the usual exagerrated claims of awesomeness

  18. ironman44321

    This is good news! I imagine this is what Amar meant when he said voices would be heard. If this goes well they should make it a yearly thing. If not more often ;)

  19. HuskyGT

    I guess we have a trend here. Sounds and Course Maker. I really hope PD can give us a more straight answer this time. Even a “No” would be better than a “maybe.”

  20. Dude27

    As others said, I would really want to have a honest and definitive answer about the sound patch, not the usual mystic cryptic Schrödinger’s answer (it may or may not be)…. as it will decide me to finally buy or pass on GT6…

  21. MLRSparco

    Why didn’t he just answer questions from the suggestion forum instead of making a whole new forum and getting the exact same result of the suggestion forum lol wtf pointless,what is the suggestion forum for if not to make it easier for the staff at PD to find out what we want.

    1. RACECAR

      Because the suggestion forum is exactly that: Suggestions. The Q&A forum is specifically for asking questions. So no its not in anyway the same.

    2. MLRSparco

      And yet they’re asking the same questions that are in the suggestion forum hmmm I’m seeing a connection.

    3. MeanElf

      That’s because some people on those forums are idiots who don’t read things properly – see how many threads have been locked already because they’re in the wrong place or asking the wrong thing?

  22. Lord Protector

    I can answer all of those questions for you guys…

    Most of those wanted things and features are technically possible and PD might be preparing it for GT6 or GT7 :)

    That’s exactly what I think Kaz will say.

  23. ryzno

    Im wondering why the only question asking about drag racing got locked?
    Biased staff?

    I see many “questions” about things in the suggestion forum, how come this gets locked?

    1. RACECAR

      Instead of accusing the staff of being “biased”, maybe look and see if its following AUP guidelines. Not doing so is sually

    2. NA

      My guess would be because the rules for for the questions forum state:

      “Use our GT Suggestions Forums to ask for cars, tracks, or game features.”

      That post pretty much just demanded a feature, then tacked on a question about when can we expect it has an afterthought.

  24. montecarlo87

    Hopefully there are more intelligible things being said in the forum. Can’t expect it from the news portion of GT planet.

  25. SZRT Ice

    Where’s kollosson?!? HAA! I wanna personally laugh in his face. Sorry. Outta character. But HAR! HAR!!! HARRRR!!!!

  26. CeeJay

    Oh no.. I still love Kaz & PD but I can’t take any more vague promises and sorta-non-answers to questions from them… :(

  27. Amac500

    Cool cool cool, time to ask him where Zahara is and when we could get some more European classics…. and when we’re gonna fix the GT3 cars!

  28. Steph290

    Hit or miss, the idea that Kaz is opening himself up to talk to the community is a huge step in the right direction. I also agree with Jordan and the rest of the moderators in this aspect, I would like to see some intelligent questions asked. No reason for somebody to ruin our first attempts at communicating with the mysterious group that is PD.

  29. Doodle

    I’ve been gone for an hour and this comes up. Took a look at the sub-forum and there are already questions with 100+ likes. :lol:

  30. vr6cas

    In my Clarkson voice, “This is absolutely going to go nowhere with his beat around the bush answers”. In my James May voice, “Is it”. Lol

  31. Ferrari458Italia

    This is a step in the right direction for sure. this is how PD can crush Forza games, by finally listening to what the community as a whole wants rather than doing whatever they want to do… putting 40 Skylines in the game is NOT okay and they need to understand.

  32. KungPaoChickn

    It’s a lot of pressure to be releasing a lot more content for gt6, I’m sure they’re working mainly on gt7 for the ps4, Kaz is opening himself up to be eaten alive by the community probably knowing the questions people are going to ask. I think it’s great PR for them concerning their next goals for the franchise. Time is money, and knowing that you have to work to add more content without charging for it as DLC kind of sucks. Just looking at it from a business POV, after all everything in this world is about that cash money. And if anyone disputes my last quote you’re wrong.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Not everything is about money. Once you get past subsistence, a lot of really wealthy and/or successful people tend to do things they are passionate about. Money is just how you keep score.

  33. GTP_6SPEED

    I hope this gets a response…. Specially the car sound issue and my personal favorite the out casting of 2003-2004 Ford SVT cobras in most all racing games period…

    1. kennylmao

      Spot on you two. Was being sarcastic since they’ve been avoiding this whole question of sound.

  34. bman1984

    While I appreciate what Jordan/GTPlanet has done here with the Q&A… what makes this one any different? Is this a special “no holds barred” Q&A where the Sony Question Defense Team isn’t involved? Or is that who we actually asking and NOT Mr. Yamauchi himself behind that keyboard?

    I’m curious when “he” will answer the questions so we can sort it by most liked and see, if any, get glossed over for one reason or another (meaning “I can’t say” or ‘I like that question…. next”) Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

  35. TokoTurismo

    Oh brother I see no reason to ask Kaz anything. All he’s going is vague answers, I guarantee it…

    1. TokoTurismo

      Kaz has a lot to prove if he wants me to trust him. My Course Maker is still not here, but with this, we’ll have to see…

    2. HuskyGT

      I agree. No point on doing this. Many of the questions and concerns have already been responded before with a vague “maybe in the future” kind of response.

      I can’t think of anything other than the sounds, course maker and stuff like that which will already been vaguely answered before.

      A question I could think of is why they took tire and fuel consumption in Arcade, but although the lack of that feature has been a huge reason why I’ve stopped playing GT, I don’t feel it matters for the majority.

      Oh well… Gonna waste my days playing other stuff like Elder Scrolls Online and Forza until GT7 comes out. Maybe then the game will have everything we ever wished for.

    3. drag lab 101

      Like it or not folks.. Toko’s correct.
      I understand the optimism.
      I could also agree its a step in some kind of direction.
      However.. Anyone who thinks the answers won’t be vague..
      I’ll ask you..
      Have you ever once read a response from KAZ to a question? Lol
      It’s like answers my wife gives… A lot of maybe, kind of, possible, we’d likes and something we are interested in or any other non guarantee answer you can fathom.
      Proof is in the pudding with PD and the real world. I’ve heard tales of what’s to come & such.
      I’ll believe them when I actually see them in game for once!


      Turn 10’s defense force seems to be working around the clock relentlessly :(
      PD will bounce back land.

    5. Swagger897

      PD doesn’t see themselves as being down right now, other wise we would be getting filled to the brim with news/release dates/information regarding updates and what they are working on…

      So that’s the problem…

    6. TokoTurismo

      Agreed @drag lab 101, 100%. Sorry guys, but I can’t trust what Kaz saids anymore. For him to prove otherwise, which is a lot, we need to see him add stuff want in the game itself in order to believe him.

    7. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTFOJO…
      I have nothing to do with Turn10 & or Forza.
      I haven’t played a Turn10 game since about 6 months after Forza 4 released. Consistently that is.. I played Horizon, which I think is much more suited to Forza. I personally can not stand what they pretend are physics in those games.
      But every other feature those games offer is pretty nice I will say IMO. Or at least use to offer.
      If I personally have something negative or constructive to offer towards GT… It’s because I wish to see the game developing with more progress. It has nothing to do with supporting one DEV over another.
      I don’t believe in things like Ford VS Chevy.
      Everyone has something worth offering to offer in terms of content.
      I just want to see PD get better as I think 85% this community would.
      Now having said all that… I won’t turn a blind eye to reality or what’s known as par for the coarse.
      If anyone wants to change my mind on that… It’ll be PD & actions they implement toward perfecting this series.

    8. TokoTurismo

      @GTP_GTDOJO Pcars isn’t getting made by EA, it’s Slightly Mad Studios. Plus, SMS isn’t with EA anymore, and their being helped by the communtiy themselves as well, which is why I trust them. Ask @Samus and the others in the pCARS sub-fourm, they’ll tell you since their a part of it.

    9. TokoTurismo

      ^ What do you mean? If you think because I’m being a anti-GT fan, think not. I’m just struggling to trust anything Kaz saids…

    10. GTP_GTDOJO

      People bash on GT too much but atm
      GT6 even with no standards has more cars than Forza 5 let alone tracks.
      No one on the Turn10 side mentions the majority of it’s dlc like the alpine pack featured old cars (toyota gt – one,240sx…), no inclusion of the Nurburging, only 14 tracks, no night racing let alone weather and it’s next gen. People comparing a game on next gen hardware to the ps3 is like saying Lebron’s hairline isn’t shrinking. The PS4 GT iteration will wipe Forza off the discussion. And the iracing smirks are just as bad remember they’re also professional race car drivers. No racing game is on par with any of the real sims the real racing teams use and that includes iracing and it’s 100 car garage and 10tracks.

    11. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO… Hey look, squirrel!!!
      I understand what you’re getting at.. Really I do.
      But I wonder if you noticed that only you brought up another DEV and or game to compare to GT in theses sets of replies.
      Are you convincing yourself? Or someone else?
      I’m also pretty sure that the disappointment lies in lack of content delivered that was supposed to be there & not what a next gen game does or doesn’t do VS last gen.
      Again this is something brought up by you and not in the discussion of our opinions on KAZ’s future responses to questions and information being released.

    12. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 101 I think you need to spend some more time in the lab your data is quite wrong. :(

    13. Rafael F

      His old answers were just placeholders, the true answers might come in a possibly near future.


    14. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO… My information is correct. One with only average intelligence need to look at the written statements to notice such obvious truth.
      Your pathetic attempts to troll and offer nothing in general.. Well, I’m quite sure they’re not amusing to anyone short of yourself cupcake.
      Just another potential fact you fail to notice.

    15. GTP_GTDOJO

      No need to get all flustered up calling people names now. Hopefully the Mods deal with you.

    16. drag lab 101

      Lol name calling like troll huh? Or was it cupcake that upset you?

      If the mods choose to be upset for that.. So be it. I’m not losing sleep..

    17. sircarltonlotus

      I’m pretty sure Kaz tells his staff what he wants, he’s a tough taskmaster and his staff seem to tell him everything is fine. Maybe Kaz has the answers now. No doubt gt6 hasn’t sold amazingly, maybe it didn’t need to. But I hope to hear how much we can expect this game to grow before ps4, gt7. No need to be vague anymore

    18. NA

      No other game gives me a sense of deja vu like GT. The method of delivery may be new, but after all these years, I expect the answers will still be the same old PD. Should be interesting to watch the forums for awhile though.

    19. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO… Here, I’ll help you.
      Compare by definition means:
      estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.
      Which is only you in these replies or started by you.
      Husky mentioned he would play Elder and Forza until GT7.
      Do you see now? Information is correct… Data processed and put on a truthful public display.
      Is this to much for you to understand?

    20. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 111 Yet you never mentioned the options Forza lacks. All I’m hearing is a frustrated Irish man.

    21. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO all i see is obvious trolling from you.
      Frustrated Irishman is fine example.. You had nothing to add so you went to my profile for info.
      I mentioned Forza.. After you made point to discredit anything anyone said about GT by bringing up Turn 10.
      That again is all you.. My reply is a response to yours so naturally I’d try stay on subject since you’re having a hard time keeping up.
      I’m in no way frustrated but am amused by your lack of adding anything with substance.
      Obviously you’re a hardcore fan boy and anyone with a negative comment will be trolled by the like of you. But my points are true and obvious and follow the a discussion in which I reply.

    22. RACECAR

      Well people have been wanting him to communicate with the community and here it is. Whether its vague answers or not, its Kaz himself (and not another simple “Round table” setup by Sony) so we’re getting something.

    23. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 101 I’m still waiting for you to mention the options/features Forza has that GT doesn’t have beside livery editor and better sound. Your rambling like a teenage girl not mentioning a single feature. These are the cons and from the way it looks as a racer GT destroys Forza.
      FORZA GT
      – No weather – Bad Sound
      – No day/night – Standards
      – Nurmissing ( The green hell) – Livery editor
      – Fake tire grip
      – No pit screw animation
      – No Light animation on cars
      – No horns
      – No rally
      – No karts
      – Small car library (covers a niche of the auto racing world)

      Ball is in your court now sir.

    24. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO…
      Reading & Comprehension.. Try looking it up.
      You clearly have no idea.
      I never argued Forza anything. You sir brought up Turn 10. I said I didn’t care for Forza except for some of its features. I never once in any statement imply they are better then GT. This is where comprehension comes in. I didn’t even compare the games at all. You did..
      I mentioned I didn’t like the physics of Forza but never did I compare them to GT. Clearly this can be seen above..
      That’s where reading comes in.
      If anyone’s rambled on like a child it’s you with these pathetic attempts to argue/troll. Argue with what seems to be yourself because you have my words confused with yours.
      It was you listing the game options.. You comparing.
      Which I’ll add had nothing at all to do with our original discussion on KAZ’s expected response. I didn’t come here to argue if GT is better then Forza as you have clearly.
      Look into reading and comprehension..
      It could really benefit you.
      This will be the last time I respond you sir. You make no sense what so ever.
      You fail to understand that you’re the only one comparing games here. Husky said he’d play Elder & Forza till GT7. I responded to you trying to make it look like I support Turn 10. Told you I played Forza and didn’t care for it. The mention of Project Cars in these replies was also by you again comparing. Toko didn’t bring that up.. You did..
      You’re the only one comparing.
      I can’t explain it any simpler then that & I’m quite sure even that’ll be too much for you GTP_GTDOJO!

    25. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 101 Still waiting for you list the problems, or to busy spending all day on GTP.

    26. drag lab 101

      Congrats @ GTP_GTDOJO.. You merit one last and final response from me.
      Quit spamming my PS3 acct with your friend request ect. DOJOdrifter.
      I’m not interested in being your friend on PS3 or anywhere else.
      You sir deserve an award for either your complete incompetence or your total dedication to trolling.
      Either way you need a shiny gold object to admire for your -special- Olympic nature!
      Send me your address instead of those friend requests and spam.. I’ll see you’ll get one.

    27. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 101 my psn is GTP_GTDOJO maybe it’s the drinking impairing your thinking process

    28. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO..
      You’re easily the most mentally challenged person I’ve ever seen on the Internet.. Easily the most lost person on GtPlanet.
      You should give up that troll ghost and work on an improving your intelligence.
      It’s something that’s certainly missing form your life…
      If you do then perhaps one day you won’t need to put those water wings and that helmet on to go outside and play!

    29. drag lab 101

      missing -from- your life… Figured I’d correct it since readings obviously not your strong point GTP_GTFOJO.

    30. GTP_GTDOJO

      @drag lab 101 Check out the big brains on drag, you’re a smart mother-funker. Funny you say that drag when i’m an Electrical Engineer (E.I.T). Drag seems to be unemployed, hence why he replies 24/7.

    31. drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO…
      What you are is a 23yr old child.
      Or at least in your prof you pretend to be 23.
      If this is how you act at that age, you’ve got a rough life ahead of you cupcake.
      I own a half million dollar home and have an Audi S4. I’m doin all right thx.
      I’ll tell ya what GTP_GTDOJO.. It says you’re in Dallas on your prof too.. Guess where I am??? I’m in Dallas too!
      You wanna meet somewhere tough guy and talk about it???
      I’d be more then happy too.. Anywhere off 635, or I35, or 30,183,75,121.. Anywhere in DFW if you’d like to quit talkin smack online and try your chances in person puddin.

    32. drag lab 101

      Lol @ that I love on GTPlanet.. I’m hardly ever on here. And if you’re here to scrapped wouldn’t this imply you loved on here?
      The profs in my profile on how much I post or am here. Same proof that’ll show I don’t support Turn 10 because I’ve never once posted in the forum.
      You seem to have issues GTP_GTDOJO.. It’s why you had your comments deleted last night by T-12 for being 1st comment on the seasonal tryin to troll Husky & Toko.
      What you’d ought is quit tryin to be such a keyboard warrior and understand your mentality is to fragile to go head to head with the likes of my own.
      I don’t have to come here to troll.. I don’t have to change subjects, tell lies or even spam and pretend I don’t like yourself.
      I have this thing called a life.. You should look into one for yourself.

    33. drag lab 101

      You know NA, I’m sure I don’t have to point out that it’s like that around here huh?
      It’s the exact reason I normally choose not to comment on GtPlanet.
      It’s a shame you can’t come on here and have a civilized discussion without childish fanboys throwing temper tantrums or trolling ppl.
      I know better too.. Which is my mistake.
      What’s the saying by Mark Twain?
      Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

      Which is pretty much what I let GTP_GTDOJO do…
      But I’m tired of being spammed by him shortly after he went full blown D-bag mode toward me and Toko on here for having opinions that differ from his/hers. Other wise I would have continued to ignore that troll as I stated I was going to the 1st time.
      But trolls never die and this ones now my online stalker because I guess she’s fallen in love with my wit & charm!

    34. drag lab 101



    1. RACECAR

      Part of me would argue “Wait until he hosts a ask-me-anything session on reddit” but given how vicious GTP has been, I’m inclined to agree.



    1. drag lab 101

      @ MeanElf.. GTP_GTDOJO’s reading and comprehension skills are in total question.
      This was made obvious by this post and the replies of his to Toko & myself above.

    2. MeanElf

      I think those came well after this post of his – I haven’t read all of the way down that other saga.

  37. YZF

    Let me guess what will be the most popular question…. SOUNDS! And let me tell you his answer right away: ‘we are aware, we are working on it’. Spare your time voting for this question.

    1. HuskyGT

      I will never stop bringing the sounds into discussion until they fix them. And I hope everyone else concerned about this do too.

    2. HuskyGT

      Sounds like a good idea. But I prefer my current method. Have Forza playing in another audio input while I play GT in my main video input. The only downside is that it only works on certain tracks and not with all cars. Oh, and that I have to hold two controllers at the same time…

    3. HuskyGT

      Yeah, it’s really tricky! Not to mention I play both manual in GT, and manual with clutch in Forza!

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