Kazunori Yamauchi Discusses Mobile Gaming, Formula 1 Licensing at GameLab 2012

June 28th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi sported a Spanish soccer jersey at one point during a media session in Barcelona today at GameLab 2012, and some of his early interviews with local news outlets are now being published.

They hold some very interesting comments, though keep in mind the specifics may have been lost in translation (originally spoken in Japanese, translated to Spanish, and finally to English).

Kazunori’s words to Terra.es will be of particular interest to fans hoping for a Gran Turismo title on the PlayStation Vita, as he discussed the future of gaming on mobile devices:

“Before the game was limited to the living room of the house. But no turning back and is inevitable that a game console may be in the new mobile devices. […] As new consoles and new platforms emerge, the language of the game changes. Evolution must offer the user the most intense experiences possible and with an increase in perceived quality.”

While speaking with Elmundo, he also shared information about Polyphony Digital’s attempts to create an officially-licensed Formula 1 game:

“[…] we were interested to create a game with the Formula 1 license but had to withdraw. That industry is a monster, so big that any agreement you want to get forces you to make a financial outlay that we can not afford.”

Also in Elmundo’s article, Kazunori discusses just how far driving simulators have to go in terms of realism, claiming that even a simulation on a machine radically more powerful than the PlayStation 3 would be far from perfect:

“[…] we are close on issues of aerodynamics. No simulation can achieve 100% because even the great Formula 1 teams use models to refine their models , but we are close. We could not achieve a perfect simulator or even if we had machines that were ten thousand or a hundred thousand times more powerful than today.”

As previously mentioned, GameLab 2012 is open to the public throughout this weekend. Kazunori Yamauchi will be making an appearance and signing autographs for the public on Friday.

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  1. Jul. 1, 11:13am

    i’m french sorry for my english

  2. Jul. 1, 11:12am

    that’s it? there is no more news? after a € 5 DLC, nobody complains? it’s amazing you have to wake up ………… when will we have true information about gt5? should know if gt5 is abandoned or if it will be improved …… and not with the DLC ridiculous. I love gt5 gt5 …….. I play all the time but I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the content since January. I hate forza but there were 100 cars against 25 for gt5 ….. done something, we must make things happen. otherwise the GT series will flow.

  3. Jul. 1, 2:53am

    Maybe,just maybe it would be a better idea to get the IndyCar license to put IndyCars as well as new DTM’s,WTCC,2012 WRC and classic Grand Prix cars from the 50’s and 60’s + more new cars from Renault,Citroen and PLEASE……..Bring Porsche to the GT series.

  4. Jul. 1, 12:13am

    This is bs from Kaz… will someone sit this guy down and force him to swallow his pride and play iRacing if he wants to see the current state of realism …. read some threads in the iRacing forum about what GT5/iRacer’s think about it …. I’m also happy they didn’t get the License for F1 because Code-masters is doing a smashing job with that series … every track in F1!!! and Texas before the track is even finished …. I very much doubt that would happen with a GT spin off

    GT series needs to go back to the Gran turismo 1 thru 4 menus where you had a beautiful map to explore and places to go …. all the classic tracks need to come back and they should give the player a more meaningful experience that can develop you as a driver…. a proper driving school from street rules to track skills …

    then they need to add servers to Online … I know what your thinking Pay to play right? NO… only admins/clans who want to run their own servers would pay…. Look at Battlefield 3 online … ZERO Lag!…. because it has proper servers and its doing well…. and the experience of shooting in BF3 works flawlessly while GT5 is a cloud of lag cars floating around.

    then they need to add serious car damage … Not cosmetic damage – but the kind that takes you out of a race for bad driving…because racing is about the rush of being on the edge…. no edge to fall over no rush of driving….

    etc etc.

    • Jul. 4, 11:34am

      You need better internet.

  5. Jun. 30, 7:53pm

    I wish GT gets tje full F1 license (mainly hope full NASCAr license) so there could be for once a game where they get it all correct. And f**k EA

    • Jun. 30, 11:45pm
      e30 freek

      we were interested to create a game with the Formula 1 license but had to withdraw. I dont think they’re making it

  6. Jun. 30, 3:00pm

    with the crap he delivered with gt5 i’m happy he didn’t succeed in getting his hands on f1 licence. However he would have made a formula nissan game.

  7. Jun. 30, 10:05am

    And they need to ditch the experience system if they want GT6 to sell. Otherwise GT will remain a role playing adventure since it dictates when you can and cannot drive each car.

    • Jun. 30, 12:48pm

      no experience sysytem is the best this isnt NFS what u play thru in 6 hours

    • Jun. 30, 1:19pm

      ever playd GT4 ???

    • Jul. 1, 12:02am

      agreed 100% .. either that (and remove all restrictions) or go full on with the role playing in something much more engaging…. the current system of grinding thru crap races against moving pylons has to evolve

      I wouldn’t mind something where you start off from scratch and develops yourself as a driver (real driving skills) from the ground up (from karting to f1 etc) if it was actually fun …. The driving in GT series is superb but everything else that surrounds that experience is horribly dull and needs major overhaul

  8. Jun. 30, 9:51am
    Sergio Perez

    Why do we have to get GT6 so soon? It’s going to be GT5 with a few tweaks but the graphics would be completely the same as well as no in-car cameras in the standard cars. These guys need to learn that if u just keep pumping out new versions of the games, and there isn’t many differences, no one will buy it. And for the F1 licensing you don’t need to have an FIA license to have an openwheel car. If you want another openwheel car use the Lotus T125. It’s a F1 car that you can buy for £600,000. It has more downforce then an F1 car of today but it has less power. It is about 4 seconds slower then an F1 car and GT5 should be smart enough to know to have an openwheel car you don’t need an FIA or an IndyCar license.

    • Jun. 30, 12:47pm

      1. u need to learn first what the fk u talkin about

      2. u r like why u want mercedes when u can have skoda? u r a funny guy

      3. “but the graphics would be completely the same” hahaha no comment u idiot

      4.” if u just keep pumping out new versions of the games, and there isn’t many differences, no one will buy it” show me pls an auto sim what is sold more copies than GT and yes no big differenc for u cuz the first GT u played was the GT5

    • Jun. 30, 1:22pm

      Tome……. f.ck.ng right man

    • Jun. 30, 8:12pm

      Why you hating on what GT does well. It doent pump out new games quickly at all! Gt6 will be shockingly good. Gt5 was an unfinished game (not rushed just unfinished) and its easily better than its rival forza. And another obvious thing you got wrong all standard cars do have cockpit views.. Theyre all unique but blacked out to give gt6 A NEW feature. As for your “fix” to the F1 license, thats idiotic. Who wants a dumbed down version of a F1, plus it was on top gear to make it worse. I hope gt6 will come out soon becauae GT knows how to make great driving games.

    • Jun. 30, 9:42pm

      I disagree with the “if you make the same game no one will buy it,” hhabe you seen CoD, it works for them. If gt6 came out we would buy it, and people would complain.

    • Jul. 1, 2:16pm

      @DYLAN: Easily better than Forza? I don’t think so.

    • Jul. 3, 7:56pm
      e30 freek

      @Moinila I do think so

    • Jul. 4, 6:09pm

      ^^^ Me thinks so too.

  9. Jun. 30, 7:30am

    Ya GT6 will have to be on the ps4. This crack of the loading times must be cut down and the online gaming must have a better race selection screen only showing the rooms that can be entered with reception and network compatibility. And the possibility of weather and time progression on all tracks. And if we could have a few enduranse seasonal races every now and again….
    Until then gt5 on a ps3 will have to do…

    • Jul. 1, 12:57am

      I agree with Dylan on the fact that GT is better than forza. Even Clarkson from topgear says GT is better on new forza.

  10. Jun. 30, 5:47am

    Why do you want GT6 on PS3? Do you want another compromise with the Standrad vs Premium Cars? Do you want blocky shadows when rain is falling or smoke apperars? Do you want long and often loading times? Do you want 16 instead of 32 cars in races?

    GT6 must be on PS4, PS3 is on the limit.
    At all GT6 must have many changes. GT5 is a very good racing game but there are things I never want to see or hear in GT6. I want realistic and powerful engine sounds like in Forza 4 and Need for Speed Shift 2. I want a better menu with more comfortable options and faster loadings times or no loading times.
    Then the AI must be better and more human. Rain on every track, different daytimes on every track. A better tuning and colour management would be also great.

    All in all, GT6 has to deliver the real racing atmosphere better than actual.
    In this case, it would be the Number 1 of all racing games.

    And never Standard Cars and average engine sounds.

    • Jun. 30, 6:22am

      Couldn’t agree more. We need the PS4 for GT6.

    • Jun. 30, 7:21am

      Need more different races as well, and why limit to level 40, got that on a & b spec with game only 75% complete, some cars are not competetive in any race even if tuned to max

    • Jun. 30, 8:17am

      “Why do you want GT6 on PS3? Do you want another compromise with the Standrad vs Premium Cars? Do you want blocky shadows when rain is falling or smoke apperars? Do you want long and often loading times? Do you want 16 instead of 32 cars in races?”

      Why do I want it on PS3? Because:

      1) It’ll take a lot less to develop, because PD already has a base (GT5) to mess around with and improve. If GT6 is on the PS4 then most likely PD would have to create yet another new game engine to support that game too, which means they will have less time to improve upon the actual game play.

      2) I know for sure that many of us aren’t going to spend another 599.99 U.S dollars just to buy a new unit, only so we can just one single video game.

      3) PD would be stupid to release GT6 on the PS4 when the PS4 launches because the majority of people haven’t and won’t switch to that console just yet. Therefor the user-base for the PS3 will still be likely quite high for at least 3-4 after the PS4 is released. Any smart company would release their product for the PS3

    • Jun. 30, 8:24am

      Damn thing posted my comment when I wasn’t finished typing it all… Anyway, continuation:

      Any smart company would release their product for the PS3 because the PS3 would still have a higher user-base therefor PD (and Sony too) would make more money doing it this way.

      “Do you want another compromise with the Standrad vs Premium Cars? Do you want blocky shadows when rain is falling or smoke apperars? Do you want long and often loading times? Do you want 16 instead of 32 cars in races?”

      Chances are the days of seeing those standards will be over with once GT6 is released. Also, it is perfectly possible to add only premium quality cars to GT6 and completely get rid of those standards. You don’t need a new unit for that.

      Personally, I don’t mind having some blocky looking shawdows for slightly pixelated rain drops, as long as the core game pley is better than GT5’s is.

      I also don’t understand why having load times is a bad thing. I mean, the game has to load the models and textures, other wise you’d either get nothing showing at all, or everything would be completely white. Load times are not a bad thing in a sense, as long that the times are reasonable enough, like GT5’s are.

      I don’t mind having only 16 cars on the track at once, hall I personally wouldn’t care much if we had only 8 cars on the track at once, as long as the AI was smarter, way smarter for that matter, than it is currently on GT5.

      Ugh, now my fingers are tired! D:

    • Jun. 30, 8:26am

      Hmm, too many grammar mistakes on that post, oh well. :|

    • Jun. 30, 12:30pm

      You PS4 people are nuts. What you gonna do, buy a system for who knows much for just one game? Plus waiting for how long? No thanks. Forza 4 was worked on for the Xbox 360 and look at how that turn out. PD just needs to get more used to the system itself, but now since GT Vita is probaby coming, Which I bet it is. I can see GT6 being a PS4 game, knowing Sony. Ugh…

      Oh well at least GT Vita may have all cars premium with all tracks back, but I don’t trust it if its to get PS Vita good sales just because of GT.

    • Jun. 30, 12:40pm

      Who knows PD may make GT6 for both PS3 and PS Vita. ^.^

    • Jun. 30, 12:52pm

      1. its alrdy the number 1
      2. ifu want more real than this go out to a track in rea life….

  11. Jun. 29, 11:09pm

    Ya know what F1 car we could get that I want? That misfit Ferrari F1 car from idk what year that was probably the only Ferrari factory race car that was not red. This F1 car was….. white as blue! What model / year was that?

    • Jun. 30, 3:09am

      1964 Ferrari 158 (and 1512). Enzo was having issues with the Italian Motorsports Sanctioning Body so they “Withdrew Factor Support” for the final 2 races of the 1964 season & their cars were repainted White with Blue Stripes (USA Racing Colors) and entered by NART (North American Racing Team) which was a Ferrari Sportscar team. John Surtees officially won the 1964 Championship in the NART car.

      In 1965 they entered the 2 cars again in the final 2 races though the factory Ferrari team competed in those races.

      Do a Google Image Search for “1964 NART” and you’ll find a few pictures of it.

  12. Jun. 29, 11:02pm

    Ask Kaz to add bikes to GT6 like they did with GTHD as a project. It’ll be fun to race with both cars and bikes on the same track with probably all the tracks coming back in GT6! :D

    • Jun. 30, 9:49pm

      That would be idiotic. Maybe if they made sections of the game like: street cars, race mod cars, le mans, trans am muscle, NASCAR, trucks, etc. It sound like alot but those cars are in the game now.

  13. Jun. 29, 3:55pm

    I am still hoping for a Vita release. A man can dream.

  14. Jun. 29, 12:42pm

    oh yeah PD don’t forget the YUGO 2.5 LOL

    • Jun. 29, 10:23pm

      Hilarious I can only imagine how tunable the Yugo is. Your showing your age junour. Lol

    • Jul. 6, 2:13pm

      Yugo 2.5 TC FTW!!!

  15. Jun. 29, 12:22pm

    LOL DAYTONA PROTOTYPE kaz deals with cars that proven them selves at some shape way or form if daytona proto’s want to be proven tell them to go to lemans oh those car basically are just getting there feet wet are you kidding me

    • Jun. 29, 3:20pm
      Mac K

      How old are you? 12? Or am I to high?

    • Jun. 29, 5:26pm

      yeah wait til the high comes cuz ur dumb high

    • Jun. 29, 7:03pm

      I think that answers your question, Mac K.

    • Jun. 29, 11:00pm

      What’s wrong with DPs??? The 2nd gen weren’t that cool but the new 3rd Gen DP’s are AWESOME. They separated themselves from knock off LMPs, now with the 3rd gen they give the manufacturers identification for their street cars. Just look at the Corvette Daytona Prototype, thats one dam good looking car and it looks like the street cars. LMP’s showcase the technology and are on the cutting edge, but they don’t look like street cars. That is the difference between DP and LMP you idiot, they aren’t even comparable. Any and everything you said is totally invalid, don’t waste our time with your IQ of 2.

    • Jun. 30, 3:16am

      The 3rd gen DPs (Bodywise) are pretty close to some of the late 90s LMGTP cars, infact a DP is basically a GT car with a Prototype style body on it (I believe a slightly modified one even raced in WTCC or SuperGT or something like that a few years back).

  16. Jun. 29, 12:00pm

    I own a Vita and would love to see a Gran Turismo on it and some more dlc for GT5 wouldn’t hurt either like a car pack including the new Camaro ZL1 and Shelby GT500.

    • Jun. 29, 12:11pm


    • Jun. 29, 11:01pm

      And how about some race mods on those!

  17. Jun. 29, 9:14am

    “We could not achieve a perfect simulator or even if we had machines that were ten thousand or a hundred thousand times more powerful than today.”
    They could not achieve a perfect simulation because they don t want to, Netkar Pro would run perfectly on PS3…

    GT5 is still a nice game, but it s hard to say that it s the best simulator

    • Jun. 29, 12:05pm

      obviously it’s not the best.

    • Jun. 29, 2:14pm

      It is just like AI , You can’t expect AI to act like a human being , it is just not possible jet ,even your Netkar Pro cant do it

  18. Jun. 29, 9:11am

    man i’m hoping for something big after this dlc package,if there’s even going to be one.maybe they should have a bigger rim selection i runing out options for my cars lol i wouldn’t mind seeing some spinners spining after a car just did 200 mph and come to a complete stop they would probably spin off the wheel that would be funny. let be for real they had two big time dlc packages in the 2plus years of existence this one coming up is like the goodfellas selling tubbawear i’m just saying.

  19. Jun. 29, 8:11am

    Plenty of FIA stuff I wish they would include – GT1, GT3, WEC. Blancpain Endurance? Why not license other open wheel formulas; F1 is not the “be all and end all”.

    • Jun. 29, 9:44am

      The f1 series is star studded that why,its becoming big as far as motorsports is concerned(not saying its not big but here in america its getting big),i think there building a track here in america as we speak.if you watch it who are most you hear about?louis hamilton,sabastian vettel,lol i forget the guy who drives for farrari oh yeah the old veteran micheal shumachker,don’t mind i’m not good at spelling peoples names from other countries lol.i don’t watch it as much as i’d like to but i know who they are.even though i like leman and i’m american i should be liking nascar but there’s really no action no drama there, i sometimes watch nascar and fall asleep looking at the cars going around in a circle “just kidding” but i can see how that type of motorsports can get bigger in america.I think america can grow to love f1 racing or le’man or whatever i know there alot of people that love the sport including me but not as much as nascar some people have no idea.but if does R.I.PIECES NASCAR.

    • Jun. 29, 10:27am

      boom. great post.

    • Jun. 29, 10:43am
      Pit Crew

      Unfortunately its a mute point as Kaz has already squashed The Idea. Daytona Prototypes for GT6 and maybe some ALMS Events

    • Jun. 29, 12:15pm

      Ok that’s true but if they had the money it would have been another great game for polyphony digital and another exculsive ps3 tiltle.i would love for them to make a f1 series title.

    • Jun. 29, 12:24pm

      no buddy those aren’t ready to be on gt6 gt7 gt7 gt8 there just getting those corvette on the prototype seen

  20. Jun. 29, 7:06am

    Gran Turismo IS a sponsor of D1 champ. Please give us ALL TOP D1 CARs.
    1. Kawabata’s SILVIA
    2. Saito’s Chaser
    3. Imamura’s Silvia
    4. Kumakubo’s Subaru
    5. Hibino’s Corolla

  21. Jun. 29, 7:04am

    DTM cars anybody? There are no premium DTM cars at the moment.

    • Jun. 29, 8:10am
      e30 freek

      Id love the e46 gtr

    • Jun. 30, 12:06pm

      Would love DTM, but we need all the(or at least some of the) courses they run.
      To bad I can’t watch their races anymore, dang cable tv company

  22. Jun. 29, 6:56am

    I’ve always wondered, where are the Omega Boost mechanics that were supposed to be the pit garage mechanics as promised to be GT5 DLC?

    I wonder if PD will ever have a shout out to anything Sony.

  23. Jun. 29, 6:17am

    D1 CARS!!!!!!

  24. Jun. 29, 3:48am

    If PD got F1 it would be a HUGE project I feel, I suppose they already have the basis with the two Ferrari F1 car’s but a lot has changed even since they where in F1.
    If say PD got the F1 license, along with them designing the cars and tracks for that there would also be the development of GT6.

    Would PD make F1 part of GT6 or release F1 as its own seperate game?

    A lot would have to be looked into, either way it would delay GT6 in my eyes although no actual GT6 date has been confirmed.

    • Jun. 29, 5:29am

      If PD was developing a F1 game alongside GT6, I’d have a strong feeling that they would abandon the F1 as a separate project, and instead include it in GT6.

      Of course, that’s only IF they were doing so.

    • Jun. 29, 6:12am

      Thats what I was thinking but I could then see the license being taken off them as I would guess F1 wanting there game to be seperate.
      Then again having F1 included into GT6 could bring a bigger audience to Gran Turismo which would be a plus for PD.

  25. Jun. 29, 3:43am

    GT6 on PS4, please! A new GT to launch of PS4 would be great.

    • Jun. 29, 5:30am

      PS3. PS3. PS3.

    • Jun. 29, 8:57am

      If GT6 is released on PS3, it will be another incomplete project (like GT5) as PD would have rushed it along. GT6 needs to be a PS4 title; and (hopefully) GT5 gets completed with a spec 3.0 update.

    • Jun. 29, 10:59am

      Well than GT Vita will mostly come out, since it’ll take PD forever to get GT6. On the PS4, it’ll be better on the PS3. >_> I’m not waiting for just a game, I’m pretty sure others would agree…

    • Jun. 29, 1:31pm

      Actually I think it would take longer to develop a new GT game for PS4 and I don’t think reusing models and resources from this gen on a next gen game is a good idea (standard vs premium all over again). GT6 on the PS3 on the other hand has most of the work done and it would be a matter of improving what is already done and adding some new features (like livery editor). Adding all of this in an update like spec 3 would be asking too much. Also I ,like many players, would buy a new game but not all GT5 DLC packs. So I’m still hoping for GT6 on PS3 because there’s still potential.

    • Jun. 29, 1:35pm

      but if GT6 on PS3… we won’t see new technology, and still the game is limited to the small memory PS3 has. So we will continue see the jaggies, weird shadows & weird smokes… etc. But i will be glad if it’s on PS3 so i don’t have to buy another console…

      But i think it’s need PS4 if GT6 wants to be a bad ass game :)

    • Jun. 29, 2:25pm

      I would still be pleased to see GT6 on PS3, but that means only one thing; no GT7 on PS4 until ~3 years after that comes out.

    • Jun. 29, 3:08pm

      If GT6 delivers what GT5 promised, a few graphical problems will be the last thing I will pay attention to. Of course graphics are important, specially in a sreies known for pushing the hardware to it’s limit, but good graphics does not make a good game. And if the PS4 is as powerfull as rumors says it’s going to cost a lot at first. I don’t understand why GT6 must be for PS4. If it releases for PS3 it only means GT7 will be on PS4. It’s not like the 6th game will be the last one (I hope). I wish Kaz gave us some hint about GT6 though.

  26. Jun. 29, 3:19am

    I wonder if PD gets licensed with F1 and scan all 2011/2012 F1 cars and then, put them on GT6.

    • Jun. 29, 3:42am

      If thats the case then it would be likely for us to get the tracks too.
      Realistically though if this happened it would be after the release of GT6.

  27. Jun. 29, 2:53am

    Codemaster cant do proper F1 simulator. I think that giving this licence to PD is good idea.

    • Jun. 29, 3:56am

      Theres some issues with the F1 games but they’re still great fun, they just don’t get a massive amount of support and it ends up leaving bugs in the game.

    • Jun. 29, 5:18am

      f1 2011 has far more realistic handling than gt5 when it comes to f1 cars

    • Jun. 29, 5:34am

      Codemasters are rubbish at F1.

  28. Jun. 29, 2:26am

    While it pleases me to Know Kaz was considering F1 and while I would love the idea, I’m not so sure FOM is as willing to sell the licensing to two developers like NASCAR and WRC were.

  29. Jun. 29, 2:15am
    Pit Crew

    After F1s internal isues back in 07 or 08, im glad he didnt make that deal

  30. Jun. 29, 1:41am

    lol F1 is great. However, we need more D1GP cars!!!!!

    PD, instead of making Gran Turismo for PS Vita, you guys should spend more time on making DLC’s. I haven’t seen a single person that owns a PS Vita.

    • Jun. 29, 2:23am

      I have and love a PS Vita and would very much appreciate a GT game coming to it.:)

    • Jun. 29, 3:42am

      I hope they don’t make a vita version, would be a huge waste of resources.

    • Jun. 29, 3:57am

      I really doubt that tbh, GT5 in asia on vita would probably be massive. It’d also probably boost vita sales and thats good for everyone connected with sony in these times.

    • Jun. 29, 7:20am

      I have a vita too, but there are no games for it. There were the initial launch titles, but then nothing. We don’t even have a (good) true racing game. I would by GT Vita

  31. Jun. 29, 1:12am

    It will be interesting to see whats on Kaz’s mind. He is the almighty GT master himself. Looking forward to the Q and A.

  32. Jun. 29, 1:05am

    I love the F1 idea… BUT I WANT MORE RALLY!!! D:

    • Jun. 29, 9:47am

      Nicely Spoken M8 – and More Real Rally Stages, and a deffo a update that makes it more real to drive it, and clean up all the stupid decisions that makes GT5’s rally Unfair – like driving around in the edges Hehehe Ohh man, damn you trick me into complaining, saying nothing more the Rally Hahah :P

    • Jun. 29, 10:34am
      Pit Crew

      Id love checkpoint Rally event like The Le Tiger

    • Jun. 29, 10:35am
      Pit Crew

      Meant LeTigre OOPS

  33. Jun. 29, 12:45am

    Kazunori Yamauchi /////////////Motegi Circuit/////////// TIME or weather change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new update gooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or SPA 24h time/change goooooooo NEW UPDATE & NNNNNNo /mute mute mute/ engine sound ok ? UPDATE

  34. Jun. 29, 12:35am

    Rather have all the D1GP Cars. Seems like it would be easy for PD (Anyone to acquire. I mean, each car has Gran Tourism sponsored on their windshield. Also all the cars are in Japan.

    • Jun. 29, 3:43am

      As cool as that would be, a full field of f1 cars on gt physics would be amazing to say the least.

  35. Jun. 29, 12:18am

    Kazunori Yamauchi _____________________________ 1st problem why /mute mute mute / engine sound please new update gooooooo

    • Jun. 29, 5:20am

      GT5s physics for the f1 cars are shockingly bad, way to much grip

    • Jun. 29, 8:21am

      They are actually pretty good. Drive it on comfort softs and you’ll notice it’s way better

  36. Jun. 28, 11:51pm

    Even though a PD F1 game would be nice, there’s plenty of F1 games that have been along for ages.

    Considering how much of effort their only game takes from them, PD should stay with GT.

  37. Jun. 28, 11:43pm

    If they coudn’t afford to give us some real WRC, NASCAR and SuperGT License on GT5… how can they possible think they can get the F1 licence???

    Well, let the man dream… :/

    • Jun. 29, 5:34am

      They have the WRC, NASCAR & JGTC (SuperGT) licenses. The only real problem is that they’re not utilizing the advantages from them licenses to their absolute fullest.

  38. Jun. 28, 11:19pm

    If they do a GT Vita, they really need to work in wheel functionality.

    Sure, you would need to use an adapter to plug your wheel in the PSV’s mini USB jack, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If they do that I’d actually be interested. otherwise I’ll wait..

    And the F1 license was too expensive why? Well first of all, Bernie is biased towards Codemasters, second, unlike Codies, PD has the integrity to not release the same crap year after year like an EA sports game. F1 2011 was absolutely pointless, what were there? 2 driver changes? 3 track changes? Seriously that crap can be changed through updates without even the slightest problem. Same with physics. Now they put out F1 2012, and even less has changed.

    What codies really need to do is drop the license, or start putting in other cars. If they want you to “live the life”, add karts, add formula fords/renault, add GP2, etc.

    Or add a classic F1 season, different one every year. That would definitely be enough to entice people to keep coming back. it would be so easy to hype each classic season too. It would be a brilliant marketing tool, and it would be brilliant to play as well.

    Frankly I’m amazed anyone bought 2011, but it still sold pretty badly.

    I do commend Codies for finally putting at least somewhat realistic physics in a racing game. Up until their f1 games, all their games have had super arcade physics, even dirt 3. Now they’ve finally got something that can be called realistic, and they’re letting it go down the toilet.

    Codemasters has made some good stuff, but their doing the fans such an injustice with these rip off F1 games.

    • Jun. 29, 1:28am

      I think wheel comparability with the Vita would sort of ruin the whole mobile aspect of it, just play GT5?

    • Jun. 29, 4:00am

      I agree, why would you want to play with a wheel on that smaller screen, you’d have to prop it up somewhere too. And then it kinda ruins the portable aspect of the console.

  39. Jun. 28, 10:56pm

    I’d rather habe a V8 Supercar class then f1/indy it’s so huge in Australia i live on the U.S./Canadian border and watch all the races online or on speed when there going on, FPV has great cars and great drivers and GT hasn’t even pursued that one. we have the Ford Falcon race car which is an awesome car in the game but the previous GT had FPV’s i was shocked that there not in GT5 even in standard trim this was a huge disappointment as the Holden’s are on the game which is FPV’s only real class competition, PD should make sure GT6 is done before release this time because GT5 has been a massive failure. not enough tracks to many stupid cars the whole standard and premium thing is a joke they could of at least gone with a sheet metal dash for the standard cars for an interior theme i’d rather have cars that all have a race theme interior rather then a black shadow games in the 90’s were better at this then gt5 was but i’m glad they haven’t stopped updating the game yet…… At least there trying to fix it but paying for stuff that should have been in the game already is getting kind of old

    • Jun. 28, 11:10pm

      I prefer open wheeled and NASCAR (just because my best friends granpa started Penske Racing with rodger) honestly but everyone likes different racing, dont get me wrong I watch Mt. Panarama each year, but I know how the opened wheeld cars work

    • Jun. 28, 11:13pm

      I like open wheeled and NASCAR (just because my best friends granpa started Penske Racing with rodger) honestly but everyone likes different racing, dont get me wrong, I watch Mt.Panarama each year, but I know how the opened wheeld cars work

    • Jun. 28, 11:17pm

      I like open wheeled and NASCAR (just because my best friends granpa started Penske Racing with Rodger) honestly but everyone likes different racing, dont get me wrong, I watch Mt. Panarama each year, but I know how the opened wheeled cars work

    • Jun. 29, 3:28am

      I agree with you KYD302. I’m from NZ so I’ve been craving for some Aussie cars (in premium) & tracks on GT5. I’m dying to know if Kaz & PD will include the full range of HSV & FPV cars plus 2013 Aus V8 Supercars on GT6 since Bathurst has been confirmed for GT6 and Nissan is coming back to Aus V8 Supercars in 2013. May be they could’ve scan the Adelaide street track while they were in Aus to scan the Bathurst.

    • Jun. 29, 11:37am

      WTF I only prest post once

    • Jun. 29, 12:10pm

      WTF I only clicked post once

  40. Jun. 28, 10:36pm

    I don´t think PD can´t afford the F1 license i guess PD doesn´t like too much to give a very big percentage of the sales to the FIA is my guess. Codemasters is making games fast enough to make money but i don´t think that they are selling per game as much as PD with GT5 Prologue and GT5.
    But also probably because of Codemasters being in all platforms is better for getting benefits out of the license.

    Don´t forget that if PD make a game it should be for Play Station because Sony “owns” the company. The only F1 game exclusive for the PS3 was “F1 Championship edition ’06” (PS3) from the same people that made WRC Rally evolved (PS2) from Studio Liverpool. To me the latest best F1 and Rally games. You could unlock cars!!! Old legend F1 cars with great sounds and a F1 prototype. And in the Rally game old Rally cars too.

    At least PD could buy a partial license to include some more cars from McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Lotus, Renault, Ferrari and Red Bull don´t you think? OR legend F1 cars. That would be cheap i guess and all simulators are using them in the upcoming games.

    • Jun. 29, 6:50pm

      a) Anything to do with F1 is massively expensive. In a sport where spending totals in the billions of dollars yearly, you can bet that the FIA will expect at least $50 million from PD, and that’s a conservative estimate.
      b) As far as the FIA is concerned, there’s no such thing as a “partial license.” Either you buy licenses for all F1 teams, or none of them. The only exception to this rule is Ferrari, who the FIA has granted special permission to grant a license to whoever they want as far as their F1 team goes. Of course, each team has free reign over the licensing of their older cars, so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see a Lotus 77 or a McLaren MP4/4 in the game.

  41. Jun. 28, 10:18pm

    Whoa! I never think about F1 but this is a good idea. And I want S. Vettel as a special event on the game

    • Jun. 28, 10:19pm

      …teach and give us tips about F1 racing :)

  42. Jun. 28, 10:17pm

    Whoa! I never think about F1 but this is a good idea. And I want S. Vettel as a special event on the game teach us about F1 :)

  43. Jun. 28, 10:10pm

    F1 use to be cool. Late 60’s through 70’s and into the 80’s it was good. Then it got way to political and economical. Now everything F1 does is reidiculos, just look at how far Bernie and the big wigs go to get a check in their pockets, look at the whol deal with Bahrain. They had their whole crappy new track boom to put them in this, this, and this place and all it got were a bunch of boring tracks with no passing, which is also atributed to the cars. I mean just look at what they neede to do to create passing, make up some complicated and not all that fair system to give people a prayer if passing (DRS). So now if your within a second you get this big advantage over the car in front by changing your cars aerodynamics. The car infont doesn’t get a fair chance at all. The opportunity only comes once a lap an there is no limit to how many times it could be used in a race. Why didn’t they do something like indycar? They have a push-to-pass button, all drivers get the same number of pushes in a race, the pushes last the same amount of time, and it takes strategy to on the part of the driver. The driver can use it to attempt and overtake, defend position, close in on a car in front, or pull away from a car infront. That is a much more fair way to get more passing then DRS. Then F1 also has the biggest black eye in the world of motorsports, team orders. The sportsmanship across F1 is simply gross. Whatever happen to “ya just don’t win one like that”? Everybody always cheered Michael Schumacher for his driving and all but everytime I watch him in the lead I see him blocking and cutting off everybody behind him. Schumi has made a famous career out of cheap driving in an environment where it is fully supported. I always think of him and Haikkenen at Spa in 2000, and thank good Mika won, Schumacher was blocking him to the left, to the right, everywhere. Only in F1 is that cheered. And then once you get through the cheap driving you get to the even worse team orders that we all know happens all the time on the grid and need I say more about it? I don’t, if you support team orders then you will never actually be into true racing and you shouldn’t even call your self a fan, enough said. No longer is F1 pure racing. It a political as economic hierarchy and the standards of competition there are atrocious. Therefore I am glad I have estranged myself from the sport because I wish no part in this piss party that is Formula 1.

    • Jun. 28, 10:23pm

      Saftey regulations ruined motorsports , period.
      Indi soon

    • Jun. 28, 10:46pm

      It’s not the safety regulations F1 is deeply screwed for far many more reasons then safety regulations. Safety in F1 isn’t a big issue, the last death was 1994. Indycar is fine it won’t be detoured by safety. The Vegas deal sparked the safety talks, the new car is safer and has great racing. The safety question indycar was all on those 1.5 mile ovals and all they did was take the downforce off and make the drivers drive. The result was great racing and everybody felt safer. Plus in the US the inovation of the safer barrier has been a terrific thing for racing and I am absolutely stunt it isn’t in F1 yet, but I guess Bernie doesn’t want to waste the money.

    • Jun. 28, 11:28pm

      I agree with this as well. Though I enjoy a good race weekend still involving f1. Last few years the competition has started to really pick up. Hell if you look at just the past two races in the Canadian and euro gran prix. Rather than F1 I would rather see An Indy race series game, or add into gt5 something like another open wheel series like the F2000’s.

    • Jun. 29, 2:24am
      Pit Crew

      @TheeFrogmanlego After what happene to Dale Earnhardt, Adam Petty and the guy at Pocono in 97 i think , NASCAR needed them Safety Regulations.

    • Jun. 29, 2:25am

      For sure

  44. Jun. 28, 9:43pm

    Glad he answered my F1 question!

  45. Jun. 28, 9:21pm

    Make you think how much F1 would want if PD couldnt afford it… greedy

    • Jun. 28, 10:52pm

      Thats what I was thinking. All about the last euro, even at the expense of new fans. It is hard to appreciate. Although this years championship has be pretty stunning that F1 feels they don’t need any more fans.

  46. Jun. 28, 9:08pm

    Silly mobile games or driving simulators…..hmmm

  47. Jun. 28, 9:06pm
    King Something

    A shame they couldn’t afford the F1 license.

    But even if they did, I’m sure there’d be a clause in the contract put in by Bernie that says the F1 cars could only show up in PD’s F1 game and/or they would not be allowed to make a non-F1 game for the duration of the contract — so there wouldn’t be any F1 cars in a GT game anyway, except Ferrari (their F1 cars are not subject to Bernie’s absolute control over the likenesses of everything [else] Formula One-related for some reason; it’s why the F2007 and F10 are in GT5)

    • Jun. 28, 9:56pm

      I’m pretty sure Ferrari owns the licensing rights to their F1 cars. I.E. they can give the license to people without going thru FIA/F1. Can someone confirm for me?

    • Jun. 28, 10:13pm

      Confirmed, Ferrari owns their own license. Thank God they can give access to the motorsports fan without dealing with King Bernie and his court of Banking Jesters!

    • Jun. 29, 2:27am
      Pit Crew

      From his quote, seemed like more then money.

  48. Jun. 28, 9:03pm

    when it comes to the f1 licencing i thin the problem is that in order to do the f1 game they’ll have to drop some of their current or future projects(gt5 support and dlc, gt for vita and maybe gt6) taking another project will mean more $ and resources not only the cost of the licencing.

    • Jun. 28, 9:05pm


  49. Jun. 28, 9:03pm

    I think a PD F1 game would be awesome, for me the CodeMasters attempts are too arcadie, I still buy them every year regardless though.

    More importantly though, I think it’s a good thing that they are looking to get individual licences for different genres of motorsport.

    • Jun. 28, 9:09pm

      It is a shame F1 license was not possible.
      Codemasters attempts have failed so far. (Very popular game but if I had the exclusive license for chocolate, I could sell cr@P in a wrapper at it would still be popular).

  50. Jun. 28, 9:03pm

    No! GT doesn’t belong on a mobile device! You can’t use a wheel on a mobile device, therefore the two shouldn’t mix! Kaz, stop trying to make a mobile GT and focus either on GT5 or GT6!!!

    • Jun. 30, 11:23am

      You could plug the Vita into a TV and then a wheel into the Vita via a USB-to-Mini-USB adapter, and it would feel like a normal, home-console GT game, just with slightly worse graphics. :)

  51. Jun. 28, 9:02pm

    …..F1 game would have been amazing…

  52. Jun. 28, 9:01pm

    I’m sure they can do ones like they did in GT3. That would be awesome!!

  53. Jun. 28, 8:54pm

    Let’s go Spain!

  54. Jun. 28, 8:54pm

    OMG? WHY HE NO TALK ABOUT GT6? I head it was coming out tomorrow.

    There. Someone said it. Now shut up.

    • Jun. 28, 9:08pm

      its out in Australia now!!

    • Jun. 28, 11:00pm

      No not gt6 just GT vita

  55. Jun. 28, 8:53pm

    Hmm Intresting

    • Jun. 28, 9:31pm

      Interesting point

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