Kazunori Yamauchi: “Major Updates” Coming for GT6

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More details from the Gran Turismo article in the most recent issue of GamesTM magazine have been revealed, and some additional quotes from Kazunori Yamauchi paint an interesting picture of his thoughts on the franchise and its future.

We’ve already covered Kazunori’s comments on the PS4 and GT7, but there is apparently still more to come for GT6 as well:

“We’re going to make GT6 still a little bit better than it is now – there are a few major updates coming for the game.”

Kazunori goes on to explain the difficulty that Polyphony Digital had while developing GT5 and GT6 on the PlayStation 3, noting that many things had to be cut due to hardware limitations:

kazunori-yamauchi-eurogamer“A lot of different things were cut: resolution, graphic designs, everything throughout the gameplay. The level of data that’s being handled, whether it be the environment data or the car data, they’re on a fantastically high level – but the PS3 isn’t able to process it very well.

Honestly speaking, the PS3 was really, really hard to develop on. There was just not enough memory in the hardware. We always had to fight with the amount of memory that we had available.”

He also lamented over regrets and “mistakes” that were made in previous titles, mentioning controversial topics that are frequently complained about in our community:

“Some of [the games] have things that I consider mistakes. There are a lot of things I would have done differently if I could do them again. Better physics, sound, AI, graphics… I’d like to do everything all over again!”

GamesTM was also the first to ask Yamauchi-san about the possibility of motorcycles in GT7 since Polyphony Digital crews were recently spotted on the Isle of Man. “Nothing can be said at this moment,” Kazunori said, but he re-iterated his interest in motorcycles and refused to deny the possibility.

Check out the latest issue of GamesTM magazine for the complete article. Thanks to Jose Frias for the info!

GT6 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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