Lamborghini’s Vision GT Recreated as Fully Functioning Half-Scale Wooden Go Kart

A woodworking YouTuber from Vietnam has recreated the Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision GT car from Gran Turismo 7 as a fully functioning, half-scale electric kart for his son.

ND Woodworking Art specializes in building large projects using wood as the medium, and this is far from their first rodeo in terms of making wooden cars. Previous examples include the Lamborghini’s very close sibling, the Sian, and a Bugatti Centodieci.

Using only waste wood, ND Woodworking Art handbuilds these replicas with surprisingly minimal use of power tools — a bandsaw and a grinder is pretty much all it takes. Well, that and talent, and years of experience.

The structure of the car is a box-section steel chassis, welded into shape and supporting the car’s suspension, wheels, steering rack and power train.

That’s an electric motor mounted onto the rear axle of the Vision GT, which matches at least part of the car’s real engine — a 25kW motor powered by a supercapacitor — even if the V12 itself isn’t in the design.

After that, ND Woodworking Art gets to work recreating the Lamborghini’s rather busy bodywork in different shades. There’s even replicas of the car’s wheels, by way of wooden hub caps, and the engine cover and cockpit canopy open electrically too.

The whole process took some 96 days, but the result is, we think you’ll agree, pretty spectacular. As the car is driven around the local streets — just north-east of the country’s capital, Hanoi — the new owner certainly seems happy with it!

Thanks to outofspace for the tip!

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