Latest Forza Motorsport 7 Patch Brings Permanent VIP Bonus and PC Fixes

Another patch for Forza Motorsport 7 landed earlier this weekend. It brought various game fixes with it, and perhaps most notably, a return to form.

When FM7 had its early access launch last month, fans quickly found the VIP treatment was different than what had come before. Instead of a permanent double-credit bonus, players got a handful of Mod cards. After 25 uses, the credit perk would disappear.

Understandably, many were upset by this. A week later, Turn 10 head honcho Alan Hartman penned a letter to the community promising a return to the traditional permanent boost. Less than a month later, that’s now reality.

VIP members will now find a permanent credit boost after all races in FM7. The 270MB update also fixes other issues, for both Xbox and PC players. Previously, VIP cars and driver gear was locked if the game was played offline. Turn 10 has now fixed it across all platforms.

On PC, the team has patched a memory leak in the tuning garage and livery editor. An issue involving repeated black-screen crashes at launch as also been dealt with.

With the first Tuesday of November coinciding with the Xbox One X’s launch, we expect to hear more on FM7’s first post-launch DLC very soon. Stay tuned to GTPlanet for more news on the game later this week.

Featured image courtesy of turk1993.

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