Lengthy PSN Maintenance to Affect GT5’s Online Services, March 4th/5th

March 4th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Sony has announced a lengthy scheduled maintenance event for the PlayStation Network. The downtime begins at 20:00 UTC/GMT today (March 4th), and is expected to last more than 14 hours, until approximately 10:00 UTC/GMT on Monday, March 5th (convert this to your local timezone here).

When the maintenance period begins, all players will be disconnected, and cannot sign back in to Sony Entertainment Network services until the maintenance is complete. Although the announcement is currently only posted on Sony’s North American PlayStation website, other regions, including Europe, should expect to be affected as well. For specific information on the maintenance status, keep an eye on PlayStation’s Twitter feed.

Of course, this also means Gran Turismo 5‘s online services will be inaccessible during this time, so plan any online scheduled online racing events accordingly. As always, feel free to pass the time in our forums while you wait!

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  1. Mar. 6, 11:15am

    anyone have any news on what the update will be for?

  2. Mar. 6, 10:27am

    I’m noticing quicker log ins now.

  3. Mar. 5, 5:03pm

    14 hours? Wow it must be really hard on you guys

    Not being able to play PS3 for 14 hours…

  4. Mar. 5, 4:37pm

    Finally! Back up on Saturn. :)

  5. Mar. 5, 1:27pm

    By the way. Turn 10 and EA made some kind of “pact” for EA let Turn 10 having Porsches at their game. And they are going to release a May DLC with 30 Porsches classics and new ones. And they are going to release a new Forza game but not made by Turn10 called “Forza Horizon” also including Porsches.

    Turn10 is desperate for catch more fans or ex-fans (from GT series of course) and people who want special cars not only an entire game. To me having or not Porsche is not a problem…i don´t care but yeah i like the idea of having it but in GT5 no in other game. So in my case i prefer to wait even for GT6 and hopefully finally having Porsches. BUT again…there are more important things in the game itself or features needed than cars.

    The only good thing here from having Forza as a competition is that PD is going to open his eyes and make things better for us.
    And also new DLC from Forza and we are just in time for GT5 DLC too. Sometimes soon we´ll here some news from Jordan right here.

    Be patient people.

  6. Mar. 5, 1:05pm

    Its back online for neptune residents

  7. Mar. 5, 10:23am

    It’s back up as of this morning in the USA west Coast.

  8. Mar. 5, 7:27am

    Its finished here in Denmark

  9. Mar. 5, 7:10am

    here in greece it is supossed to finish 12 o clock and now it is 2 oclock and nothing WTF/././././,/.,/.,/,/,/.

  10. Mar. 5, 7:04am

    Back online for Aussies

  11. Mar. 5, 1:26am

    I can’t sign in. Somethin about the master account holder and terms of use. I’m the owner.

  12. Mar. 5, 1:07am

    Yep,back online for me too.

  13. Mar. 5, 12:54am

    me to

  14. Mar. 5, 12:53am

    I’m back online

  15. Mar. 5, 12:15am

    Had to postpone my leagues season opener :(

  16. Mar. 4, 7:31pm

    That’s good news. Thought something was wrong with my ps3.

  17. Mar. 4, 7:29pm

    So this is why i can’t play gt5? well, i guess this means *shudders* BF3 campaign….

    • Mar. 4, 8:03pm

      Hahaha! I got a good laugh out of this comment!

    • Mar. 4, 8:35pm

      Time to fire up the 360 for awhile.

    • Mar. 4, 10:35pm

      ^Ditto. Time to finish Halo Anniversary 3D. Just have to blow up the starship reactor on Legendary. Gonna take a while.

    • Mar. 4, 11:48pm

      BF3 campaign aint so bad….and the fact that I’ve had the game for 4 months and haven’t completed it doesn’t invalidate my statement in any way

  18. Mar. 4, 7:10pm

    Nope. Sorry Jordan! Lol

  19. Mar. 4, 7:00pm

    so is 10:00 gmt 5:00 est?

  20. Mar. 4, 6:15pm

    Funny thing about the maintenance is that it started 3 hours ago where i live and i am still playing online

    • Mar. 4, 6:21pm

      I’ve been B-Spec’ing since all day…still on… Maintenance?

    • Mar. 4, 6:57pm

      as soon as you sign out you wont be able to sign in again.

    • Mar. 4, 11:37pm

      Good time to get some Skyrim playtime in.

  21. Mar. 4, 6:07pm

    anonymous is back lol

    • Mar. 4, 7:04pm

      Hopefully so

  22. Mar. 4, 6:06pm


  23. Mar. 4, 4:58pm

    was enjoying drifting offline when suddently….. red light flashing :S

  24. Mar. 4, 4:19pm

    So if I didn’t log into the game before the outage and claim my daily bonus and to keep my XP and cash bonus at 200%, I assume that I am going to have to start all over on this. If so, I will be seriously pissed off.

    • Mar. 4, 4:49pm

      i just got my daily bonus when i just logged on. i think it is the game that determines that

    • Mar. 4, 4:55pm

      You’ll still have 200% but you’ll only get 9 chips and museum cards.

    • Mar. 4, 4:56pm

      Even if you miss one day login, you just go back to 170% bonus, not all the way down to 100%…

    • Mar. 4, 8:33pm

      No you still stay at 200%. You do not go down to 170% until you miss 2 days in a row.

  25. Mar. 4, 4:15pm

    Since the update messed it up i dont even use it anymore anyway ):(

  26. Mar. 4, 3:59pm

    I just hope they changed it so I don’t have to click OK EVERY time I go to the GT life screen. I guess they think in the time it takes to change oil I’ll forget I’m not logged in.

  27. Mar. 4, 3:52pm

    14 hours eh? I’m still online and it started 51 minutes ago.

    But getting a call from a pissed off friend about how he can’t sign in and then tell him what’s going on JUST to get a “….” from him is priceless. Lol.

    • Mar. 4, 5:24pm

      i’ve been B-Spec’ing since lunch time …just started new race..

    • Mar. 4, 5:36pm

      I think I’m gonna start one up myself.

  28. Mar. 4, 3:32pm

    I don’t care if they will do a maintenance.. I just hope that the online reception through lobbys will improve the failures and lagging that it brings.

  29. Mar. 4, 1:37pm

    should be on a week day when not as many people are on

    • Mar. 4, 6:53pm

      True that. A sunday of all days, the day that most people have time to actually waste online playing a game…

    • Mar. 4, 8:59pm

      It’s Monday here :) I’m at work and it should be done by home time :tup:

  30. Mar. 4, 1:12pm

    Probably to fix the 5 million network issues all the vita owners have been complaining about. All the remote play stuff isn’t working at all. This is a rant from my friend that owns a vita lol.

    • Mar. 4, 2:38pm

      That has nothing to do with the PSN , at least local remote play.. most people have only used that..

    • Mar. 4, 5:52pm

      Ps vita gets ridge racer ….again….epic fail…who at Sony has zero imagination?? At least the vita doesn’t look exactly like the PSP ….

    • Mar. 5, 3:43am

      @LeeMoldon. You know that pretty much every new console or handleld gets a new ridge racer right? :/ not trying to sound insulting btw.

    • Mar. 5, 6:03pm

      @sparkedglory. yes, I did know…..thanks….

  31. Mar. 4, 1:04pm

    Will we still be able to access seasonal events with PSN down? Will the 200% exp/credit bonus still be in effect during the downtime?

    • Mar. 4, 1:18pm

      Yes the xp and bonus stuff will probably still be in effect. If you miss a day and sign in the next you still get 200%. You just don’t get 10 paint chips and museum cards. You only get 9 but who cares about that lol.

    • Mar. 4, 1:37pm

      No, seasonal events are not available whilst the PSN is down.

    • Mar. 4, 3:29pm

      NOPE. If there’s no PSN access, there won’t be any server. When there’s no server, the Seasonal events and online car dealership won’t be available since they are all connected online.

  32. Mar. 4, 12:41pm

    Hopefully this helps with some of the hiccups I experienced yesterday like screen tearing and multiple disconnects.

    • Mar. 4, 1:40pm

      Some here…In BF3 and GT5

  33. Mar. 4, 11:54am

    Didn’t KAZ said that dlc are 3 months??? So the next DLC will be in April…So why can’t you people who think it’s a DLC just count 3 more times from the month of last DLC… Plus the PSN NETWORK updates have nothing to do with GT5…

    • Mar. 4, 11:58am

      2 months

    • Mar. 4, 1:09pm

      Lol FAIL!

    • Mar. 4, 1:30pm

      No, Mr. Yamauchi did not say 3 months, he specifically said 2 months. And no one is counting on updates for GT5 just because of the maintenance, it’s only sony related maintenance.

    • Mar. 4, 2:02pm

      TokoTurismo exactly i said… Sony has nothing to do with GT5 updates and whoops forgot it was 2 months guess it should be sometime this month for a new dlc :P i know that people want dlc and updates if you look at previous post that’s why i am just trying to help.

    • Mar. 4, 2:14pm

      I understand you wanted to help, it’s just I wanted to remind you it was two months. ;)

  34. Mar. 4, 11:31am

    I’m sure nobody had any online activities planned on a Sunday.

    • Mar. 4, 3:58pm

      I’m in a racing league every Sunday night, and we had to cancel our races tonight.

  35. Mar. 4, 11:15am

    possibly vita improvements?

    • Mar. 4, 11:21am

      Wouldn’t it just be Vita firmware then? As opposed to taking the whole network down for 14 hours?

    • Mar. 4, 2:13pm

      depends, i no there is a bug with the friends list, so they might try and fix that conflict

  36. Mar. 4, 10:25am

    It’s good that most of you are still in school, so you can LEARN TO READ. This is a PSN maintenance, not a GT5 maintenance. Car pack? Huge DLC? Lmfao. Where are your parents to take away that PS3?

    • Mar. 4, 10:37am

      Wheres the like button?

    • Mar. 4, 10:47am

      Agreed… they need to quite their attempts at speed reading and learn to read the whole article.

    • Mar. 4, 10:48am


    • Mar. 4, 11:09am


    • Mar. 4, 11:16am

      I hope these people aren’t member of the forum and are just here on the news.

    • Mar. 4, 11:41am

      I’m expecting some HUGE DLC!! not from PD,…But straight from Sony!…..PD doesn’t even know about this!

      And why is Downloadable Content abbreviated as “DLC”?….Isn’t “downloadable” one word? , shouldn’t it be “DC”?

    • Mar. 4, 11:51am


    • Mar. 4, 12:02pm

      Lol, I agree too. Just wonder if theres an update fron Sony after the maintenance.

    • Mar. 4, 2:56pm

      PD COULD take advantage of downtime to perform maintenance and schedule updates etc., so they’re the people you’re attacking might have a point.

    • Mar. 4, 3:30pm

      hahaha I know right! many people talk like a pro while they’re absolutely demonstrating an ignorant attitude.

    • Mar. 4, 6:49pm

      I am 100% certain that PD WILL release surprise DLC after this update and no fewer than 100 Standard to Premiums!! You heard it here first people

    • Mar. 4, 7:55pm

      ^ Haha, and the GT4 track pack featuring all of GT4’s tracks in GT5. :) I wonder what update they have plan for us all.

  37. Mar. 4, 10:21am

    Well at least i”ve been too busy to play this weekend.

  38. Mar. 4, 10:15am

    This will probably signify a big DLC pack or a huge update.

    • Mar. 4, 11:05am


    • Mar. 4, 11:31am

      Exactly, How are you getting ” big DLC pack or a huge update” out of PlayStation doing some server work? Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see a massive “GT5 Update with DLC” but just throwing ideas out there based on NO evidence is just a bit silly if ya ask me…

    • Mar. 4, 11:49am

      He mistakenly thought this was GT5 maintenance.

      REEEElax guys.

  39. Mar. 4, 10:04am

    Anyone heard or know when the Academy will be starting this year? If at all?

  40. Mar. 4, 9:53am

    This update better be an important one.

    • Mar. 4, 11:50am

      you better what your tone /s

      this isn’t for GT5.

    • Mar. 4, 11:51am

      meant to say “…WATCH your tone” , but it was a joke.

    • Mar. 4, 6:04pm

      how do you know he didn’t mean an important psn update. and that he upset that he can’t play anything only for 14 hrs

    • Mar. 4, 11:48pm

      What I meant is that, if this update is going to take half a day to complete, then Sony better be doing something worthwhile to the PSN. I can understand that doing these updates take time, but usually they don’t take half an entire day to complete.

  41. Mar. 4, 9:32am

    haha, me sleeping too..

  42. Mar. 4, 9:29am


  43. Mar. 4, 9:16am


    There was supposed to be an F1 2011 race today, but not anymore :(

  44. Mar. 4, 8:46am

    This won’t affect me. I’m either sleeping or in school. Trol.

    • Mar. 4, 9:08am

      It’s back up?!
      In Australia @ least…

    • Mar. 4, 9:12am

      Nothing new in the store re GT5….

    • Mar. 4, 9:15am

      It’s not back up neilinoz it never went down. But it will be down in 7 hours 15 minutes.

    • Mar. 4, 9:15am

      Or rather 7 hours 45 minutes.

    • Mar. 4, 11:17am

      its only 16:15 4th in GMT still about 4 hours before it goes down

  45. Mar. 4, 8:28am

    Darn. Had a good setup for a league race today. And my sign in bonus! Noooooooo!

    • Mar. 4, 9:18am

      As down here in OZ for the last 2 hours…

    • Mar. 4, 9:19am

      Was down here in OZ for the last 2 or so hours…

  46. Mar. 4, 6:33am

    We had a planned racing event today, well there it goes.

  47. Mar. 4, 6:29am

    So will we lose our login bonus?

    • Mar. 4, 6:56am

      NO. Sign in today and then tomorrow! You can loose 1 day. you can get it back easy!

  48. Mar. 4, 6:04am

    DLC is due on March………………

  49. Mar. 4, 6:04am

    Oh I think this is the postponed update we was supposed to get Thursday so it still in advance to me

  50. Mar. 4, 5:28am

    Very short notice if you ask mé !

  51. Mar. 4, 5:12am

    So does that mean the australians won’t see it til tomorrow? due the fact it;s the 3rd in america…….

    • Mar. 4, 5:14am

      I can still axcess psn on my iphone app that i check to see who is online and playing what so…..

  52. Mar. 4, 5:04am

    So it looks like the D1GP battles will have to wait AGAIN. >.>

  53. Mar. 4, 4:11am

    Great, now we have 14 hours of “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, “Do you wish to sign in?”, Thats just to get to GTLife.

    • Mar. 4, 5:02am

      I hate that :(

    • Mar. 4, 6:15am

      Yeah, its very very annoying, almost like annoying orange :-D

    • Mar. 4, 7:47am
      mister dog

      I think if you switch the internet connection off in the PS3 network settings menu, whilst the maintenance is busy, you won’t get that message anymore as GT5 does not try to connect at all anymore.

    • Mar. 4, 8:29am

      I think you didn’t put enough of that question in. It’s more like 50 times it asks you.

    • Mar. 4, 11:24am

      turn off your network connection and you won’t get that message or the long delays waiting for network connections to time out

  54. Mar. 4, 3:21am

    1 days notice, lol.

  55. Mar. 4, 3:18am

    UTC time is the same as GMT isn’t it ??
    If GMT was used then most people would know how to workout the timings themselves instead of clicking on a link to some confussing web page…

    • Mar. 4, 7:28am

      i tried to do it in my head,but then i went to that website,how easy is it,my 2 year old staffy could use it.Thanks

  56. Mar. 4, 3:10am

    I’m at school for most of that anyway. Take that other time zones! Except for ones who are sleeping.

  57. Mar. 4, 3:04am
    David Brooks

    I hope it improves network reliability

  58. Mar. 4, 2:51am

    Why are these times listed as ‘UTC’? If GMT is used instead, everyone would know what time it would be in their country.

    • Mar. 4, 3:49am

      Time zones are actually based upon Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), not GMT, though the terms are generally used interchangeably. Apparently this is causing some confusion here, so I’ve updated the post.

    • Mar. 4, 8:49am

      what time does it start on east coast of US?

  59. Mar. 4, 2:49am

    Noooooooooo, I can only play on weekends :(

    Damn it, why can’t they wait till Monday so that less people would be affected??

  60. Mar. 4, 2:32am

    A dumb question I know, but does this affect UK and if so, what time?
    It would have to happen tonight, the final two rounds of our championship!

  61. Mar. 4, 2:25am

    Well, anyone who follows the video game market knows that this is almost certainly related to Mass Effect 3 coming out on the 6th of March in the US, so that’ll be what the delay will be for, almost certainly.

    • Mar. 4, 6:39am

      and Street Fighter x Tekken, two of the biggest franchises in video games coming together

    • Mar. 4, 8:50am

      And MLB 12 The Show! Wait, that’s not popular outside the United States.

  62. Mar. 4, 2:25am

    Well, I have like 30 other PS3 games, my old faithful PS2 and my Resident Evil collection on Game Cube. Have plenty of options while I wait :)

  63. Mar. 4, 2:23am

    sunday… part of week-end…

  64. Mar. 4, 2:13am

    inb4 winers

  65. Mar. 4, 1:51am

    This is probably vita related, to some extent.

    Speaking of, GT-vita anyone???

  66. Mar. 4, 1:42am

    Oh well.. there’s other things to do;) aha

  67. Mar. 4, 1:38am

    Oh well… time to finish of Batman Arkham City and AC Revelations

    • Mar. 4, 2:05am

      I still havent bought AC: R and AC: 3 is coming out.

    • Mar. 4, 10:23am

      I still ned to buy ac:r. Assains creed is my favorite game. i love all of them. but have no money at the mment to buy the recent one

  68. Mar. 4, 1:28am

    I wonder what Sony is up too… Maybe something great after the maintenance?

    • Mar. 4, 3:02pm

      Im still signed in.. isn’t maintence now..

  69. Mar. 4, 1:27am

    Probably updates.

  70. Mar. 4, 1:20am

    Sony Entertainment Network….still doesnt sound right.

    • Mar. 4, 1:46am

      FYI, contrary to some of the initial media reports, SEN isn’t the new name for PSN. It’s the new name for Qirocity.

  71. Mar. 4, 1:17am

    oh wow this is bad news, or mayby good news?

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