Lotus Featured in Latest GT5 Time & Drift Trials

November 28th, 2012 by Michael Leary

A new batch of A-Spec Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring lightweight non-racecar Lotus vehicles. The challenges are as follows:

Time Trial No. 50

  • 480PP Lotus: Autumn Ring Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/29 11:00 – 2012/12/13 11:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 400PP Suzuka Circuit East Course Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/29 11:00 – 2012/12/13 11:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 50

  • Lotus: Fuji Speedway F Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/29 11:00 – 2012/12/13 11:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Eiger Nordwand G Trail Reverse Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/29 11:00 – 2012/12/13 11:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by binbin90.

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  1. Dec. 3, 8:44am

    I see that this is a VERY popular event judging by all the comments :-)

    Been loving the Nordwand drift though.

    • Dec. 12, 7:35am


  2. Nov. 29, 1:36pm

    How about a TT using any stock car.

  3. Nov. 29, 11:45am

    They need to put more restrictions other then pp, its always the same cars at the top it’s getting boring.

    • Nov. 29, 12:46pm

      Those seasonlas has started to be boring year ago :)) As you say, almost no restrictions (on tuning side especially) make it very dull.

    • Nov. 29, 6:08pm

      They should make a seasonal like the Final Special Event for The Top Gear Track. The AI try to smash you. XD

    • Nov. 29, 7:04pm

      Its true that more things need to be put in order to fix this stupid bs in the seasonals. Its why on my race team, i run HP restrictions in Le Mans races instead of PP. Its more even, and any car in each class has a chance at the gold

    • Nov. 30, 7:40am

      Most of us realize that the Seasonals could be much better and more creative. But at least they aren’t like the A/B Spec rotation we had a while ago. Personally, I have a ton of great ideas for Seasonals that would make most GT5 gamers happy. I want to say “at least they update them every week”, but considering it’s a half decade or longer between games I realize that they NEED to keep the updates coming to keep a larger fan base going.

    • Dec. 3, 1:45pm

      I like everything they doing so far…it’s great just enough time to fit all the seasonal in every week…I agree there could be loads more stuff added to make things even better…but maybe if we could have stats over the year…this may encourage us to play differently to beat our friends…I like the fact there’s are loads of possibility’s with this GT5…lets be positive…
      sometimes just cause we don’t like it we don’t have to get rid of it!.
      I liked the A/B-Spec thing…and saw loads of possibility’s with B-Spec…and A.I….

  4. Nov. 29, 5:38am

    Give us a kart TT next PD :-)

    • Dec. 2, 9:20pm

      Agreed. Especially since you can’t tune the karts. And the tuning is what’s making it boring for me

  5. Nov. 29, 4:11am

    Dumb we just had a lotus seasonal, this was wide open for c7 prototypes with no tuning allowed.

    Ah well maybe in two weeks.

    • Nov. 29, 7:58am

      No, we just had a British Lightweight seasonal, of which Lotus is a part, but not mandatory. And if you’ve driven it, that C7 proto isn’t all that special to drive. It’s more of what it stands for and what Chevy and PD have done than anything.

    • Nov. 29, 12:57pm

      Oh yeah, my bad.
      What car it is wasn’t really my point, I’d like to see a TT limited to just a single model in stock form.

  6. Nov. 29, 2:28am

    my photo!! :D teehee………(oh god I just teehee’d)..

  7. Nov. 29, 12:31am
    Renan GTRedKim

    1:23.085! 1st position! =D

    For now ;)

    • Nov. 29, 10:41am

      Tu é uma das viuvas do Airton, que acredita que ele chegou só com a 6° marcha no GP Brasil de 1991 né?

    • Nov. 29, 1:37pm

      I seen that last night, awesome run….I managed a 1:25.00 flat.

  8. Nov. 29, 12:04am

    2 weeks in a row of crap handling cars…..let us have some descent tyres for once

    • Nov. 29, 12:06am

      Like what?

    • Nov. 29, 12:08am

      Lotus… one of the best handling breed of cars in the world

      Sports hard, semi slick tread that is illegal on the roads in most countries..

      I really hope you don’t have a license.

    • Nov. 29, 12:33am

      I though racing slicks was illegial

    • Nov. 29, 12:33am


    • Nov. 29, 12:43am

      Racing slicks are illegal due to the lack of grooves deferring water from the tread in favour of more grip surface

      Semi slicks (sports) are illegal in certain countries, I would presume it relates to rainfall levels. It’s common knowledge that semi slicks are rubbish in the wet due to the fewer grooves in the tread

      Then comfort are road tires found on commercial cars

      If you can’t drive with Semi Slick tread then you’re a hopeless driver, at least that’s how I see it. Especially complaining about a Lotus not handling well

    • Nov. 29, 5:22am

      I do agree!

    • Nov. 29, 8:30am

      Racing game – racing tires – race tracks.

      But before someone goes off (haha)…I love all aspects of the game, so all tires have their place here at their time…especially on the city tracks for sport/comfort.

    • Nov. 29, 12:02pm

      Road cars
      Road tread
      Roads and race tracks.

      Racing tires simply don’t belong on a bog standard road cars in my eyes.

    • Nov. 29, 2:00pm

      +1 just think of it as a track day…… No tracks allow racing tyres on your car (well not in uk) so sports are the only option (for good laps). Comfort softs are useless though.

    • Nov. 29, 7:06pm

      I live in florida, its probably the only place you can drive wtf ever except a top fuel car. Ive seen veyrons, GT40s, drag vipers, and even full blow gt race cars on the street. Most with slicks. Probably the only state you can get away with it.

    • Nov. 30, 1:46am

      People complained that the time trials were too easy due to the free tyre choice in the past….now they are complaining about the restrictions on the tyres.

      Take a little time, and drive on tires other than “snuggies” (RS). It would be really useful.

    • Dec. 1, 9:39am
      Pit Crew

      @UrieHusky +1,000

      If you 2 were on my friends you would both be waking up to level 23 tickets. :tup

  9. Nov. 28, 11:40pm

    No an even better excuse to put these beauties to the tarmac….

  10. Nov. 28, 11:16pm

    ohhhhhhhhhh nice

    • Nov. 29, 6:47pm

      I don’t mind the TTs at all. Just waiting for PD to do a 500, 550 and 600pp TT on SS tyres on their street circuits. Those would be much more appreciated by yours truly.

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