Mixed Reality Video: Greece Trial in DiRT Rally

Project CARS is no longer the sole title on the market that supports Oculus Rift in its retail form. Recently support has been added to rally simulator DiRT Rally, introduced in an update earlier this summer for PC game versions. Although the download weighed an eye-popping 10.2GB, it certainly seems to be worth it, considering the praise from people who’ve used it.

One of those people is — as you’ve probably guessed by now — Marcel Pfister, the man behind the Mixed Reality video series. Marcel decided to visit the Greece rally stage to test how the new option works in the game, and the resulting driving experience is magnificent.

You will notice a number of options that allow the driver to alter nearly anything related to Virtual Reality. The video is narrated by Marcel himself, so make sure to listen to the explanations he has provided. Buckle yourself up and join the show on the dirt.

Don’t forget to check out this tutorial in case you would like to learn how to build this immersive racing scenario for yourself. Marcel has announced he will continue to record more DiRT Rally videos, and we’ll continue to feature them as they appear.

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