DiRT Rally and F1 2016 Get Big Discounts in This Week’s US PS Store Sale

DiRT RallyF1 2016 3 April 27, 2017 by
When in doubt, flat out! Image courtesy of doblocruiser.

Xbox players aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy savings on racing games this week. The latest North American PlayStation Store PS+ sale brings with it big discounts on two of Codemasters’ more recent offerings and more.

Up first is the one of our favourite modern off-road racing games, DiRT Rally (read Brendan’s review here). With a useful 70% lopped off the price tag, the game can be had for $18 USD or $23 CAD. There’s no discount to be had on the recently-released PSVR expansion, but even without it, we wholly recommend picking this one up. Consider it practice before DiRT 4 arrives in June.

F1 2016 is the other Codies game up for grabs in the sale. The latest Formula One title sees its price cut in half, ringing in at $30 USD or $40 CAD. Featuring the complete 2016 lineup of tracks and drivers, in addition to highly-requested features like formation laps and an upgrade system, F1 2016 is a solid open-wheel racer.

Moving away from pure racing games, if you like to dabble with the addiction known as Rocket League, the full game can be had for $12 (USD or CAD). Various bits of Rocket League DLC are also available.

For the full list of this week’s PlayStation Plus sales, head to the PS Store. Be quick: sales end May 2 at 1500 UTC.

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