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DiRT Rally is $8.50 For the Next Day Only

Looking forward to DiRT Rally 2.0? Somehow don’t already own the original? Well you’re in luck, as it’s silly cheap for PC players right now. But you’ll need to act fast.

DiRT Rally For PlayStation VR Launches Friday, February 17

Following an initial announcement in January, DiRT Rally is ready to add it’s anticipated PlayStation VR support with the Virtual Reality upgrade DLC launching very soon. According to a post on the European PlayStation Blog, players who own the PSVR headset will be able to experience a whole new aspect of the 2016 racer this Friday, February 17 at a price of £9.99/~$12.49 USD.

DiRT Rally Comes to Linux on March 2

Amongst all the hype surrounding the recently-revealed DiRT 4 and the upcoming DiRT Rally support for PlayStation VR, Codemasters continue to expand the DiRT brand with the announcement of DiRT Rally coming to Linux platforms very soon. The critically acclaimed rally simulator makes the jump from PC just over a year from launching on Steam’s early access platform.

DiRT Rally PS VR Update Coming ‘In the Next Couple of Weeks’

After an AMA session was held on the official DiRT subreddit with questions answered by DiRT 4’s Chief Games Designer, a plethora of juicy new details were revealed about Codemasters’ upcoming creation. That’s not to say its current game has been left behind to eat the dust, though.

DiRT Rally is Coming to PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR users rejoice, as Codemasters has announced that the highly-rated DiRT Rally will support PS VR in the coming weeks. The upgrade will be available as DLC to download from the PlayStation Store if you have the game, and it will also be available at retail, with a new physical version of the game complete with the VR add-on.

Mixed Reality Video: Snowstorm Playground in DiRT Rally

We can’t really imagine more hazardous driving conditions than those presented in the latest video in Marcel Pfister‘s Mixed Reality series. Night-time combined with a severe snowstorm manages to create a really uncomfortable racing scenario. To experience the danger full-scale, Marcel used an Oculus Rift VR headset in combination with green-screen technology, a well-known recipe we have encountered in all previously-released Mixed Reality videos.

Mixed Reality Video: Managing Night Conditions in DiRT Rally

Today we’ve brought you some new entertainment from Marcel Pfister‘s Mixed Reality video series. Racing at night is what Marcel decided to demonstrate, using his tried-and-true pairing of an Oculus Rift VR headset with the aid of green-screen technology. Support for Oculus was made available for the PC version of DiRT Rally last month in a sizeable download.

Mixed Reality Video: Greece Trial in DiRT Rally

Project CARS is no longer the sole title on the market that supports Oculus Rift in its retail form. Recently support has been added to rally simulator DiRT Rally, introduced in an update earlier this summer for PC game versions. Although the download weighed an eye-popping 10.2GB, it certainly seems to be worth it, considering the praise from people who’ve used it.

DiRT Rally Oculus Rift VR Support Arrives Today as Whopping 10GB Update

DiRT Rally is one of the best racers available this generation. After launching on consoles this year, the audience who could experience the title has grown past the initial PC audience who got the game in early access a year previous. Those PC players once again have the upper hand in terms of features, with VR support launching on PC today through the Oculus Rift.

DiRT Rally World Tour: Sweden and Greece

So far in GTPlanet’s World Tour of Dirt Rally, we’ve stopped in Wales, Monaco, Germany and Finland. The finale is upon us however and as such, we take a look at the snowy banks of Sweden and the gravely trails of Greece. Let’s do this – one last time.

DiRT Rally World Tour: Germany and Finland

Welcome to week two of GTPlanet’s DiRT Rally World Tour. Last week we looked at two of the game’s more technical locations; Wales and Monaco. The focus on this week will be on two locations that are far and away the fastest countries rally moguls will have to deal with: let’s take a look at Germany and Finland.

DiRT Rally World Tour: Wales and Monaco

In my review of DiRT Rally I praised the game heavily in many areas. One such area I would like to explore a bit deeper and make a point of is just how good the locations are within the game. This is the first of three articles that showcase all six countries represented in DiRT Rally. The format will be simple: each country will get one showcase track that I will drive in a car I either haven’t driven at all or one I haven’t driven much, in order to give a good look at how each track feels to a regular driver as opposed to an ‘expert’. All runs are also made against the ‘community delta’ for those curious as to what time I’m comparing to. So, let’s begin, shall we?

DiRT Rally vs Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Rallycross Comparison

A recent trend in new rally games is to include some form of Rallycross, as the discipline enjoys an explosion in popularity. Two of 2016’s major rally releases (DiRT Rally and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo) both represent the sport, with the former having official FIA certification. SLRE counters with 5 circuits whereas DiRT has 3, so from a track perspective SLRE has the edge. Even more so if we include SLRE’s latest DLC pack which includes ‘Hell’ in Norway.

Experience VR Immersion in These Awesome Mixed Reality Videos

If you’re one of those people on the fence about VR headsets, you might want to look away now, for your wallet’s sake. Youtuber Marcel Pfister has unleashed two videos that combine green screen techniques with Oculus Rift to convincingly drop viewers into the driver’s seat.

Codemasters Give Evolution Studios A New Home

The merger signals the vision of a “UK racing-genre powerhouse” that will house two of the most successful development teams within the UK. Co-founder of Evolution Studios Mick Hocking will become the VP of Product, highlighting that Codies isn’t simply absorbing the staff, but keeping the team as a creative unit that will bring a new IP to the table in the near future. The combined 45 years of industry experience proposes an exciting time for fans of the racing genre: between the two stalwarts, many iconic intellectual properties across both arcade and simulation disciplines have been released.

DiRT Rally Review: Rallying Revolution

The DiRT series has had a bit of a checkered history. From the first game’s rallying roots, to the ‘xtreme’ era pandering of DiRT 3, and finally the game that brought the series to a lasting hiatus – DiRT Showdown. To say that the series has a split fanbase would be an understatement.

DiRT Rally Community Trailer Showcases Player Greatness

Some games sell themselves based on millions of advertising dollars and constant media attention. Codemasters don’t have that kind of exposure but this trailer proves they don’t need it – DiRT Rally can sell itself. Codies asked fans of the PC version of the game to show off their best moments so far and have compiled a master-cut of that footage to promote the upcoming console release on April 5th.

New Content Coming to DiRT Rally

As previously announced, Xbox One and PS4 supporters of the critically -acclaimed DiRT series will have to wait a little bit longer before experiencing the thrilling drive of the latest DiRT Rally simulator when it hits shelves on April 5th. That patience is going to be rewarded though, as Codemasters recently launched a video trailer announcing engaging novelties that will become available to all users on the release date.