More Gran Turismo 5 Demo Screenshots, HD Video


Our friends at TaxiGamer, who are obsessed with high-quality video game footage, have shared some excellent new stuff from the Gran Turismo 5 Demo, including real game play footage, a replay, and a walk through the menu. Keep reading to see all the clips, and visit their site to download the original files in all their glory.

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  1. Michael

    Regarding Spriggers comment about the jerky driving, maybe we’ll find out, or maybe we won’t because 99.9 % of the people that play online drive in a jerky fashion on purpose to avoid collision penalties.

    I think the makers of the game know how to make a game that can tell the difference between swerving to avoid a collision, and driving randomly back and forth the entire time. How annoying is that.

  2. FlareKR

    Is it out in US or Europe yet? I don’t have the patience to make a Japanese account.

    -Seems like the car twitches more here than in GT5P.
    -I noticed the guy’s head moves with the wheel.
    -Physics defiantly changed, for the better.
    -Replays are smoother.
    -Human animation seems…well…more human.
    -MAP has changed from static, to moving area. Big break from ordinary custom. But it’s better tough, but I’ll miss the static map.
    -Graphics seem a lot less pixeled. Note in video two, the view of Indy (the shoot with the logo almost fooled me it was real).

    I’m downloading it as soon as it comes out.

  3. Dr.Boss.

    n 8 hours i will be home from work, and cannot wait to play this.

    With regard to the lackluster graphics, can anyone confirm that the game is infact running at full 1080p. If we all remember, Prologue was not quite 1080p, they skimped on either the vertical or horizontal resolution (i cant remember)… But, Kaz has said many times that GT5, will be full 1080p (1920×1080)… if this demo has the same cheated 1080p that Prologue had… that is a pretty good indication that the graphics we see today are actually NOT GT5’s graphics engine.

    On to the more important topic, Physics. From what i am reading i have a lot to be happy about. I hope more than anything that the controls/physics are as tight and technical as everyone on these boards makes them out to be. T-minus 7 hours 50 minutes, and counting. This is going to be along work day.


  4. Spriggers

    I think what we’re finally seeing here is that with a real car, you would be driving in a jerky fashion like this without a wheel.

    Lets face it. The fact that you can drive smoothly with a controller in games like Forza 3 and GT5:P meant they dumbed down the physics and controls to make the experience smoother and more user friendly. Almost like sticky aiming in console shooters. I think GT5 might end up being the only game that is accurate enough to make using a controller a real pain in the butt to use. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. :)

  5. gtplanet76

    I’M not impress with the physics remind me too much of GT4 and GT5p.I mean in GT4-GT5p even with a FR or RR it felt like i was driving a front wheel drive car with a heavy back
    -i got a link of yamauchi lap wich i think’s way smoother
    I’ve starting playing forza 3 and I liked very much it’s physics I hope GT5 could make theirs more like theirs. It felted more connected and each car ad its very own driving caracteristic witch
    I’m not a forza fan boy tough but i think it’s looking strong now
    anyway thats just what I think but I’m curious to see more of GT5.

  6. shizzam

    ^^^If you drove a real car in the same manner, it would make the same sounds. Most of that squeal is the sound of understeer…

  7. Mickle Pickle

    @ Masfer

    Demo release mid-day …

    … but whose mid-day?

    i am guessing mid-day in Japan!? then everyone will get it at the same time…

    or would it be available to each of us at mid-day local time for everyone….

    as far as i am concerned, it could be in 6hours… or simply in 24hours from now… which is it?

  8. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    it is 6.59am in the morning here it thursday morning in australia and i did not get my GranTurismo demo yet? what time is it coming out?

  9. Alan

    Theres no set time to when all ps stores do be updated, im in europe and and have noticed that the earliest it gets updated is about 3pm and the latest can be 9-10pm, so it could be out at any time

  10. Sam__NY


    Depends where you live
    North America- probably anywhere from 6 pm e-12 am e
    Europe- probably at 12 am, or possibly sooner.

  11. Jorge

    OK GT FANS… Brief summary>

    – This is a release for GT Academy (stage 1 – national qualification)
    – GT Academy (Sony/Nissan) targets European talent, converting a GT gamer into a professional driver, they did it last year with GT5 Prologue, and prove some success
    – The release is FREE, 2 cars + 1 track only TIME TRIAL QUALIFICATION (GT Academy)
    – The release uses GT5 physics…, it looks AWESOME
    – The cars are NISSAN European version, so speedometer = KM PER HOUR.. mind you in the USA, cars showcase MPH. You can set GT to show MPH, but that will not change the CAR console since this is a exact replica of the real counterpart Nissan Europe.
    – The release does not showcase other features of GT5, no damage for example, or weather changes… This is a FREE release for GT Academy and of course, it is a treat, for us GT Fanatics, I think it was a marvelous marketing strategy by Sony/NISSAN.
    – Why so limited? Well, if you were Sony, I don’t think you will release all your guns at this time, knowing that the official release (at least for Japan) is March 2010. You don’t want to alert your competition, nor provide too much
    – This FREE release was provided to some game-reviews-web-sites to do some test laps, what we see is not excellent driving, nor good use of the controller, mind you not all game-reviews-web-sites have GT experienced drivers… I can bet you that if I were driving the NISSAN 370, my driving will be smoother than this, and quicker too!
    – All this video is YOUTUBE-based, don’t know neither how they digitize it, so don’t expect to represent the real quality of the game, even if you digitize it to your computer nothing will replace a 1080p HDTV screen.
    – I can finally put my PS3 and HD-TV to the final test!!!

  12. Rens

    @ jonjwlee and obli

    Thanks for the explanation, this clears up alot.
    Still weird though to see the needle just stops at a certain point.
    But at least I know why they did not change this.

  13. S3 Racer

    Same questionning here. So if noon for NY, I can look at 18h00?!
    Let’s hope they release it like that time schuedle.

    Not that they release it at noon in japan so it’s thuersday everywhere!!

  14. Sam__NY

    For people like me in the US, will the demo come out on wednesday at noon? Because it would be midnight in Japan at that time. (thursday)

  15. Mickle Pickle

    @ danthespaceman:

    Smooth Jazz, the best music out there… very relaxing…

    and otherwise known as elevator/waiting room music to most people.

    i love it too, those menu sounds…

    As for the music on the second video…: japanese rock
    I dont mind it at all… i am usually too busy working the track…
    and furthermore… i usually race with the music OFF,
    and leave the sound and engine noise FULL ON

    It’s only when i view the replay that i reverse/switch the sound for the music.


    On the third video: the trial replay,
    i find things to be rather smooth and actually more fluid than in GT5-P, especially the car response and reaction…
    … but that could be help with the fact that we have no other cars on the track…

    BONUS… the driver’s head actually follow the road and the direction’s aim!!! Great codings added there by PD team!!! Bravo!

  16. S3 Racer

    Does some one know at what time the demo comes out???

    Because if midnight I take a shot a the jap store. “japan is a few hours ahead” ;). So I could try it out after work?????

  17. Michael

    You know why it looks so ugly when this guy is playing? He’s using the sticks on the gamepad and he clearly sucks at it. He has to use the d-pad(I use it and it’s almost perfect driving), or a steering wheel, it’s painful to see such driving, I’m sorry.

  18. Obli

    It sounds like this GT Academy demo is doing more harm than good. There is some shoddy driving out there and the first video had a horrible resolution and framerate. No wonder some people think it looks bad.

    @ Rens: I thought domestic Japanese cars were limited to 180Km/H. That might explain the speedo.

  19. jonjwlee

    @ Rens – The speedometer in the car is in km/h, assuming that the car used in the demo is a Japanese model. Japanese law states that all Japanese production cars sold in the country have to be limited to 180 km/h (112 mph), so the speedometer reflects that.

  20. danthespaceman

    call me crazy, but I love hearing that familiar cheesy japenese music in the menus. It’s classic Gran Turismo.

  21. ralph89


    You got choices if you want to turn it off to get a faster lap. Come on! Who’s going to use a TCS/ASM to get the top rank?

  22. NS

    Uhm, mods I don’t know if links are allowed in here, but I’ll post anyway, I hope I don’t cause any trouble:

    Mickle Picke, Mike M, I modeled this interior (is from the 69 charger). As you can see in the reflections in the gauges, I excluded the rooftop and actually a ‘virtual sky’ is shown there, because otherwise, due to the lack of (artificial) light bouncing in the car’s interior, the reflections on the gauges weren’t strong enough to show the reflecting details.

  23. TiddyS2K

    Ermm, Guys can we turn TCS and stuff off on this demo or is that still an unknown?
    As I don’t really want to drive the tuned car with TCS on and it seems we still have the stupid hyper sensitive breaking when you drive without ABS, least it looks like he is driving without ABS on.

  24. Frankie

    @ Rens

    Seems that the speedometer in the car is fixed to Km/h as the car factory prefers, and the one on the display is in mph/h.
    Hope this clear thing out…

  25. Mickle Pickle

    @ NS…

    I am in design engineering and that helmet reflection is not true to real life.

    Having pointed that fact out, I am not complaining at all ;)
    I am totally ok and fine with the choice PD have decided in order to “cut corner”, i just find it funny how the results turn out to be.

    And i would agree with you, NS, that MAYBE the main reasonS they did this ARE to:
    Allow for a lighten up interior/cockpit scene, AND/OR were too pressed by time to “play” with the helmet-shading (because of the roof obstructing sunlights).

    In short, we both would agree that it would not be physically correct…
    and we both would disagree with “Mike M” who said that i am just imagining things…

    Just want my 2 cents to be straighten out ;)

  26. Andrew

    Nice, it looks like you can change the map to the classic fixed position instead of the fixed direction shown in the videos.

  27. Mickle Pickle

    @ Rens…

    nice try trying to find errors in the pictures LOL
    but i have to say that you are not correct this time, i think you are confusing yourself.

    on the TV HUD, we see for a clear fact that he is cornering @ 53 MPH on 2nd gear with an engine speed @ 6000 rpm.

    Inside the car, on the instrument cluster (dash) (which is hard to see due to the low resolution of the picture, and which is giving the both of us a hard time) we see an indication of less than 90 (something) per Hour.

    I believe that EVERYthing is correct on that photo, the car instrument cluster is really in Metric system, while the TV HUD is in Imperial system.

    Which seems correct, since you said it yourself: 53mph ~ 85km/h, which i confirm is correct conversion.

    And lastly, if the instrument cluster indicate clearly a maximum speed of 190 PNuts per hour, it must be KM (metric system), not Miles (imperial system).

    Because an US spec 370Z would have a max speed indication of about 170 mph if i am not mistaken (ref to Nissan USA)

  28. NS

    Uhm, someone posted that he sees the reflection of the sky on the helmet. Because I am into 3d I am almost certain that this doesn’t happen because of convertible versions of the car, but rather to ‘lighten’ the scene. The interior of a car in the 3d world is far too dark to reflect, so the helmet would look a rather dull black and let alone I don’t suppose those are real time reflections there, so…

    …but I do hope they use something else to reflect other than the sky, I must agree it looks a bit awkward and irrelevant…

  29. RAugie

    @ mickle Pickle

    I have played forza 3 extensively, and it is definitely a great game.

    Gran turismo is just going to be amazing, i hope…. it would be nice to have similar online auctions, vinyl designers, and storefronts…

  30. Rens

    @ Mickle Pickle

    No I did not mean that.

    I know they just chose to use a mph speed indicator (or speedometer).
    But the red needle that actually indicates the speed does not correspond to the speed in mph, but to the speed in km/h.
    Look at the left screenshot at the tenth row from above (the one with the cockpit view).
    You see his speed is 53 mph wich is about 85 km/h.
    As you can see the speed on the dash is about 85.
    But since it only goes till 190, I reckon it is supposed to be in mph.
    Otherwise it would do about 85 mph in second gear at 6000 rpm, and that does not seem very logical to me.
    Do you understand what I mean now? :)

  31. Luke

    I still drive with a controller, i`m able to drive very fast and very smooth with it. In fact, you can countersteer much faster, you have much less way to go with the paddle than with a wheel. But i only want to say you can drive fast as hell with every car on a SixAxis/DualShock 3, of course it`s more realistic with a wheel.
    I do own a wheel myself, but i`m pretty cautious with my devices, so i always hesitate to counter steer like a bear, because the Logitech wheel screams like hell, and that always scares me a little :(
    But i`m working on that, i did drive the hell out of the GT4 Nordschleife with that wheel on the Amuse S2000 F1.

  32. Kilborn230

    Oh and in the menu video (3rd one) did anyone else notice at 0.14 the steering type.

    900 deg sequential gearbox Steering Controller.

    Maybe an indication that it will better recognise H-pattern shifters to an extent, in controller menus and the like.

  33. Kilborn230

    @The Masfer – I thought that was clarified? Making custom soundtracks and such.

    Damn its nice to see a sweet shaky cam in the cockpit, it really adds to the sense of speed! Some of the views in the replay show off some nice touches of the physics like side to side weight transfer which looked as real as it gets. Oh and that one view in particular that got me drooling was on the main straight where the camera speeds up with and stays beside the car, wow!

  34. Mickle Pickle

    @ Rens…

    Did you mean that : on the car’s instrument cluster, the units are different than what the unit is shown on your TV HUD ??

    you know that you can change the units of the TV HUD, right?!
    (answer: yes, you can… at least since GT5-P)

    as far as the car’s instrument cluster unit indication, it is what it is… you are stuck with what the designers have chosen to best represent what the car manufacturer originally put in the real car (local to the country of market sales).

    I am not sure if my explanation is clear enough…

  35. sportauto76

    Although graphic looks super I’m not sure about the physics it seems to stiff not fluid enought but i hope it’ll change

  36. Mickle Pickle

    @ larsjuh33
    @ matt

    I have not played with FM3 (aside from standing at the store and trying the Demo for 5min)
    but i think i know what you mean by sluggish and not “fluid” when comparing GT5(P) to FM3…
    so i must admit that impression, and give you the benefit of my doubts on this subject…

    Having said that, i think that GT5 is the closest to represent reality, because when you drive for real… it does not feel as fast as you think it should be, or as fluid as FM3 make you believe…

    so maybe “sluggish” is really what it should be … ;)

  37. Rens

    Am I the only one who notices the malfunctioning speedometer?
    The speed on the speedometer is indicated in mp/h, but the
    needle moves like it’s in km/h! I also noticed this in GT5P.
    Seems like an error that you can solve easily, but I don’t
    understand PD can oversee this in this demo with only 2 cars?
    In GT5P it is the Nissan 350z so maybe I am missing something?

  38. The Masfer

    A good feature would be to play your own music from the ps3 console

    it would give me a reason to put my music on there

  39. larsjuh33

    @matt, when i played forza it felt a bit like the cars where flying, but prologue does feel sluggish, got to agree on that.
    @alan, its more about the new physics for this demo =)

    1 thing bothers me though, its the graphical side of the physics = skid marks on the track, they should be put in =P

  40. Matt

    Ah, god…the perils of video capture. I won’t be satisfied until I’m playing this on my own TV set with a proper framerate.

    Looks nice, but as I’ve said in other comments the physics will make or break GT.

    I also hope it doesn’t feel sluggish like Prologue does relative to Forza.

    I’m the farthest thing possible from an Xbox 360 fanboy (I don’t even own one, I played Forza on a friend’s system), so I just hope they did something to make the game feel more fluid.

  41. larsjuh33

    i like the movement in the cockpit view, and the look of the dashboard, and this is with gt5p graphics, imagine this with gt5 graphics =D. the new phsyics are a bit more agressive in the re-plays, beside the grass, the game looks great. can’t wait to see it on my new tv i get next month (42 inch full hd plasma)

  42. Kilborn230

    @ Tomaz

    There wasn’t supposed to be anything “shockingly” new about the time trial in the first place. The main difference that PD wants us to appreciate is the physics, which obviously is not what you’re looking for.

    I can’t wait, should be good fun.

  43. Mickle Pickle

    @ Tomaz…

    GT5 was never meant to be “shockingly” new ….

    … GT5 was never meant to be BurnOut Paradise 2 …

    i dont know what you guys have in mind since the beginning…

  44. The Brain

    I think it’s finally starting to look like real life. And it doesn’t sound too shabby either! I’m impressed. So give ’em another few months to put it all together and I think this could be a very good game!

  45. Twan

    i dont get it can you play this demo for ever till gt5 i mean in time limit or is there no time limit on, i saw it at the beginning there stand on 2 both cars ( tuned – stock nissan 370 ) both 59 m. does it mean you can only play it 59m. ??

  46. yanfloist

    well, i hope that we can turn off the music, i want to hear the engine better…it sounds different, but i hope that GT5 will sound beautiful! The graphics are clean, i am looking forward to play it.

  47. juggaKnot

    is it just me or does the game look alot more twitchy?? Yes, he’s playing with a controller but I don’t recall GT5P being that twitchy even when playing on a D-pad.

  48. TurboTeam

    This guy is really fast with a joystick, he ends on the second place ;-)

    When i see the incar fiew i can’t wait to get my hands on this…

  49. Rens

    Why in hell do people play this game with a joystick, you need a wheel!
    You can’t even steer normally with a joystick.
    And even if you get a top 20 time, you will have to steer with a wheel
    at the national finals.
    Besides going fast with a joystick has almost nothing to do with being
    a good racing driver.

  50. Luke

    I do get the impression sound has been improved, not that they sound much more raw, but you can hear the tuning in the car, in the case of the tuned 370Z it should be a supercharger.
    That makes me drool thinking about something like the Amuse Supra :)

  51. JimInPT

    Man, I wish they’d turn off (or completely erase) that idiotic, alleged “music” that all the mouthbreathers seem so fond of.

  52. Mike M

    Mickle Pickle-

    The helmet reflection is coming off the left side window and the front- take into account that the helmet is spherical (and thus whatever reflected on it will appear distorted).

  53. RacingFreak

    Well I think the problem is that since we don’t get a lot from PD as far as media stuff goes (pretty much a good few months until E3….everytime that we do get something…the media and a lot of people are expecting WAY more because its like, OMG there is something Gran Turismo related being released so it’s gotta be epic….and if it’s not, everyone gets disappointed real quickly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really really excited and thankful for this demo….but I agree with S3 Racer as in it is very smart that PD is not really releasing a lot at a time, because when GT5 comes out, the world will blow up and it will be awesome. Til then, I will enjoy this demo…. A LOT.

    Oh, and that replay vid by Taxigamer is awesome! Loving the sounds so far, so hopefully PD will continue to add things to it as well because this isn’t even the final code. That transmission sound just added so much depth to the 370’s V6. Haven’t gotten to hear the stock 370Z, but I can wait. I hope there is a way to turn the music off too…

  54. S3 Racer

    Looks great. But again on the pad?? Can’t wait to lay my hands on that new physics engine, with g25

    PS: If Sony / PD would have but all the newest features in the demo, that would have been kind of stupid cause showing of to the other developers what they done, so they can copy great ideas of a game (benchmarking) that isn’t out yet (no winning money).

    PS2: Read the article in german from the other post. They are kind of morrons complaining in a hole page (hole article) about the graphs and Sony sent them an email stating it is ONLY to show the new physics. kind of sad for reporters.

  55. Mickle Pickle

    i like it how the driver’s helmet has the reflection of the sky, even tho the car has a roof…

    must be the same software codes for either roofed car and convertibles…
    in this case, does it mean we are also going to get the 370z convertibles…?!

    anyhow, this is true in GT5-P as well, if you drive with the MB-SL, you will also notice the same type of sun light hitting on the A-pillar INSIDE of the car… i wish they make a code to allow us driving topless with the SL… even tho i dont like that car…

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