More Gran Turismo 5 DLC Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi

Kazunori Yamauchi put to rest any doubts about Polyphony Digital’s long-term plans for GT5, confirming the company is “preparing” new DLC for the game in response to “continued interest” and requests from players.

Though he avoided a question about Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Vita, he did not deny the existence of such a title, simply stating that such information is “confidential” and that he “cannot talk about [it]”.

The full interview, composed of user-submitted questions, was published in Spanish, but has been translated in full by GTPlanet user CorvetteConquer and is available below.

TopoClandestino: What does a community of gamers/drivers, like the Spanish, continually supporting Gran Turismo, mean to you?
Yamauchi-san: Spain is the country I’m most fond of, above all for its land, for its people, for its food, etc. It’s a place where I can relax and feel very much at ease. And the most important thing is, as we’ve seen in the presentation, the fact that I’m surrounded by so many people, allows me to absorb all of that energy which they emit and that, to me, is very important.

GAMELAB: Will it be a while until we see GT Vita?
Yamauchi-san: Well, this type of information is confidential and I still cannot talk to you guys about that.

CJ_vzla: Do you believe that GT Academy could extend itself to regions like South America?
Yamauchi-san: I have a feeling; yes. Really, I believe that a South American GT Academy could become a reality since GT Academy started out being a very small project, but little by little, it’s expanding.

: Will we have new DLC for GT5?

Yamauchi-san: Yes, we are preparing new DLC content for GT5. Despite it being a long time since GT5’s release, we have received a lot of fan messages asking about new DLC content. And that display of continued interest is something very important to us.

ozvaldini: Could a story mode be implemented to better the gaming experience?
Yamauchi-san: Of course that’s possible. On a daily basis, new ideas and future visions come to mind to include in future Gran Turismo titles. So, responding to your question, yes, we are thinking of new ways to ensure that users will have the most fun.

THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.

: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?

Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.

Guitis77: How come, while in a race, the time gaps (differences) don’t show up for the car in front of you and behind you?
Yamauchi-san: If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.

PS.Blog: On the PlayStation blog, we know that Kazunori Yamauchi is a huge motor enthusiast. We would like to know your opinion about GT Academy and Lucas Ordoñez.
Yamauchi-san: Well, first, I consider it a miracle that a video game could be the gateway to something as real as driving race cars. That a program like GT Academy could be able to do this brings me great satisfaction. And the idea of looking back at people like Lucas Ordoñez being capable of adapting to the change of risking his life on circuits is something that makes me very happy. What Lucas does is impressive and I really hope that you are filled with his spirit because he is someone that has opened the pathway for all of you.

GT5 Photomode image by FishyJuice.

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Comments (773)

  1. Amac500

    What about livery chips? If we have paint chips can we have chips for things like a Gulf livery, a martini livery, red bull livery. Have like 3 options for different sponsors. We can just use them for premium cars, that would be fine. That would be really cool!

  2. Amac500

    I’d be surprised if it happens, but I really want indycar. Doubt it will happen, would pay $10 for it if it did. Racing in indycar is fantastic, the worlds fastest, we wont have F1 because the licencing Bernie wants is stupid, and with indycar the world’s open-wheel heads can get their fix. Plus, running the Indy 500 in the game against LMP’s is weird, we need indycar for that, lol!

  3. w115ter

    don’t know what you lot will make of this idea but how about a legends of gt dlc pack , only did a list for gt1 so you could get my drift , chevy camaro , eg civic , mitsi gto , nissan 180 , impreza wrx , supra rz

    1. gamerdog6482

      Those are all already in GT5. Why would you want duplicates as DLC? I mean, upgrades I get, like the ’00 Z28, but saying you want a ’13 Camaro SS seems a bit redundant.

  4. pyru

    My suggestions are more Premium cars and tracks..
    Premium Supra, Trueno/Levin, Veyron, DC2 Type R, Spoon S2000 Race car, Rufs, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Group C etc etc.. and more classic tracks.

  5. flink racquet

    All group C cars premium, rear park assist, multicolour wheels, individual controlled tyre pressure sensors using the PSP as the readout screen, Premium museum cards. That is all.

    1. Amac500

      What’s the point to multi-color wheels? They are spinning, it will just look like 1 color. Why would you not want to paint your car multicolors first?

  6. jdmfn

    Acura NSX concept, Dodge Viper, Ferrari Berlinetta, the FF, and the Lexus Lf-LC that’s all I need and turbo and supercharger on all cars esp the GT86 HKS already made a turbo for it seriously just let us turbo it

  7. RGoldstein91

    How about a classic cars pack? Like Facel Vega HK500, Lancia Fulvia, mark II Ford Escort, Volvo P1800E, Ferrari 365 GT, Lamborghini Jarama, Saab 96 V4, Renault Daulphine, Citroen DS1, and Opel Manta.

    Hint hint.

  8. Oockeshoek1

    I would like Bikes in the game, like Ducati 1198S, Ducati Hypermotard etc. :), but is it still GT like that?!

  9. w115ter

    i’d be happy if we only got 1 dlc pack this year , but it has to be the gun-sai cycle centre from bm touge showdown , combined with the touge monsters garage of say 10 cars from the likes of mcr , kie office , yashio factory , re amemiya etc , these cars would have tuning locked , plus have the gun-sai an on going online tt with the 3 classes available , the cars mentioned are all in game premium models so would require less time on building at pd’s end , pricing would be 12-15 gbp ,

    1. gamerdog6482

      That’s ridiculous. I can’t really understand ha;f of what you’re saying (Not sure if that’s English), but having ANY car not tunable is a horrible idea. also, $24 for any single DLC is ridiculous.

    2. w115ter

      dont know where u learned to read but before u attack me with bs take a second to actually see whats written , non tunable cars means no fools with max bhp/ps/kw & lowest kg/lbs , it would be the way the tuner made them , i take it by ur reaction ur 1 of many who drives fully tuned fully lightened gold chrome 300mph car , also i dont think 12gbp is unreasonable for such a prestigeous track & cars , eo

    3. gamerdog6482

      An uncostumizable car in GT5 is ludicrous, there hasn’t been a single on since GT1. Even the Tank Car has some customization.
      And also, text speak is not appreciated.

    4. w115ter

      every 1 of the aforementioned cars r extensively modded by the respective tuning houses , once again READ instead of glance , btw (yeah more txt speak) i see below all u want is a koenigsegg agera r , lmao (again) i got to have u for my house , i may be wrong but my idea of a good race is mostly using the mid to lower gears at mid to high rpm , not doin route x at 250mph for hours ….. i await ur haste response , pffft

    5. gamerdog6482

      I literally can’t understand what you’re trying to say. I have no idea how to respond to that; it doesn’t even look English.

    6. w115ter

      aux innocents les mains pleines
      unwissenheit ist ein geschenk des himmels
      shiranu ga hotoke
      u understand now ?

  10. gamerdog6482

    All I want right now is the Koenigsegg Agera R. That’s it.
    And LP editor, but that’s a giving.

    1. flink racquet

      A licence plate editor sounds exciting! I’ll trade in all future car and track DLC for this! Caz, make it happen!

  11. TheEzekiel

    the main problem is…that programmers of B-Spec UI have total garbage in their heads….create more…intelligent…UI….damnit

  12. ccjcc81

    Me: Can we have free pie with Gran Turismo?

    Yamauchi-san: Of course, it would be possible to have free pie. Users love pie and there is a demand for pie so that is a possibility.

  13. Hounds1417

    There are many automobile manufacturers to choose from in the game but some offer few choices. For example, Aston Martin. My favorite Aston Martins are the DBS and the one-77 and I would really enjoy having them as DLC. Now, I realize that Nissan is pretty much the main sponsor for this game but there needs to be almost just as many cars for the other manufacturers. PS3’s Gran Turismo 5 seems to go head-to-head with Xbox 360’s Forza Motorsport 4 and there are a lot of automobiles in Forza that I would much enjoy having in GT5. Also, a big feature that I long for having is a 360 freecam for external and internal view.

  14. hassan Qureshi

    If we are talking about cars how can we forget FERRARI F50, lamborghini diablo, Dodge charger, well they should also change the engine sound for maserati gran turismo give it a lil bit muscular sound atleast.

    1. austin4500

      No VTTT Diablo


    2. gamerdog6482

      Diablo SV sounds nice.
      Countach SV and Miura SV (did they make that?) would be great.
      I would also love a Ferrari FXX.

  15. DarkShadow177

    How about a Lamborghini that sounds different from the rest and not use the same sound all over again.
    What about a full 360 degree view of your car in Free Run, and a few good Off-Roaders would be nice like:
    2012 Range Rover Evoque
    2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak
    2012 BMW X5
    2011 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
    2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    2011 Ford F150 Raptor
    2012 Mercedes Benz M-Class
    2012 VW Touareg
    2011 Range Rover Sport

    1. Oockeshoek1

      I was thinking this week and I saw some sort of Short-course truck (Vacation in America :) ), and i was thinking, isn;t it cool to put that kinda (Offroad) cars/trucks in the game. And i saw the Toyota tacoma (Already in the game (?) ), and a Dodge Dakota, looked like really nice cars. And why not put them in the game.
      1 Thing I also really want, is the smooth driving view (don;t know how to describe :P), that was patched lately. I kinda liked that :).

  16. DarkShadow177

    I Think there should be less Skylines and more DLC’s. Come on the amount of Skylines are massive, rather give more cars like:
    Aston Martin: Rapide, One-77, DBS or DBS Volante
    Mercedes-Benz: SL65 AMG Black Series
    Lamborghini: Gallardo Superleggera and Reventon
    Bentley: Continental GT and Super Sport
    Gumpert: Apollo S
    Bugatti: Veyron 16.4 and Super Sport
    Pagani: Zonda F, Zonda F Roadster and Zonda Cinque
    BMW: M5’12, M5 F10 and the new M3
    Ferrari: FF, F12 Berlinetta and 458 Italia Roadster.
    Oh and one more thing, fix the fact that we cannot drive roadsters with the top off, what’s the point of buying one anyway if you can’t retract the roof.

    1. Wiki

      I have to say PD, colud you eliminate all the Standars and just keep some respectable cars and upgrade them to premium? Because that would leave more space for more improvements, such as more updates, new events, new features, DLC (more cars, photo locations, tracks), implement and new tyre system EXAMLE: buy Pirelli tyers for may Ferrari. I mean add real tyre Makes with real stats ’cause the actual system is too generalized as well as the TCS, ABS etc… use the real car settings, YUO GET THJE POINT RIGHT?

    2. e30 freek

      @darkshadow the new f30 m3 isnt due till mid 2014 or early 2014 but the 335i would do for now with a m-sport kit

    3. Oockeshoek1

      @Darkshadow177, You are right :), Nice cars. And Chose if you want to drive with or without roof (Roadsters).

  17. cardude323

    I would like a limousine like a:
    Lincoln Town Car limo ’00
    Hummer h2 limo
    Chrysler 300C limo

  18. chevelleSS396


    2012 CAMARO ZL1
    2012 CTS-V
    2013 VIPER
    2013 SHELBY GT500

  19. cardude323

    Cars that you should add:
    Lincoln Continental “70
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (in premium)
    Arial Atom
    SSC Altimate Aero
    Maserati MC12

  20. e30 freek

    Id love to see these
    E30 M3
    E36 M3
    E34 M5
    E39 M5
    FERRARI 355

  21. Dutch46

    All I really want is the ability to drive the Green Hell backwards…ok…while we’re at it, how about Spa and LeMans backwards as well? Old school F1 cigar cars on vintage tracks would squeeze more $$ out my wallet. But you want to know what I’ll pony up big $$ for? The Isle of Mann TT…just use the same cycle specs used for that motorcycle title they put out for the PS2 with some updating. Or how about a accurate re-creation of the the Mila Mila, with period cars? Instead, I’m afraid all we’ll get is gussied up old GT 2/3/4 tracks and another 50 models of Skylines. Grid 2 & Project Cars ported for the next gen consoles will seriously give GT6 some competition, not to mention Forza for those of us who race on both systems.

  22. Easyishard

    Add nos !!!!!!!!!!!the rims shop!!!!!!!!!!! Drag strip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mastretta Mxt !!!!!! 2000 Civic coupe si !!!!!!!!!!! Mugen rr nsx!!!!!!!!!!egine swaps!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. smskeeter23

    Since this has become another wish list thread I will break my own rule, be annoying, and add one…

    How about Daytona Prototypes? I think they fit the scope of this game perfectly since it is a very limited field pretty easy to cover generically.

  24. chevelleSS396

    It’s time for an American DLC!

    All Classic Muscle upgraded to premium with the addition of :
    GM A-Body, GTO, GSX & 442.

    1. chevelleSS396

      12′ CTS-V
      12′ CAMARO ZL1
      13′ VIPER
      13″ SHELBY GT500

      12′ M5 F10…….ETC.



  25. SuperShouden

    Why not give GT5 the 2013 Viper GTS. Or do what Turn10 is doing and give players the entire SRT lineup:

    2012 Charger SRT8
    2012 300 SRT8
    2013 Viper GTS
    2012 Challenger SRT8 392
    2012 Jeep SRT8

  26. DutchMat

    Good list for new DLC:

    1. Acura NSX Concept ’13 (This one will come)
    2. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ’12 (So COOL)
    3. Citroën DS3 ’11/DS4/DS5 ’12
    4. Carver One ’97 (Google it, trololololololol)
    5. Jaguar XRF-S ’12

  27. Skelator71


    $ Zenvo ST1
    Motorcycles (Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, etc.)
    Peel P50
    Dodge Durango (’12)
    $ Maybach Elexero
    Morgan Aeromax
    $ SSC Ultimate Aero
    $ SSC Tuatara
    $ X2012???
    More F1 cars
    More NASCAR
    $ Porsche 918
    $ Porsche 918 RSR
    $ Aston Martin DBS
    More trucks (Silverado, Ram, F150, Sierra)

    Maybe some full on custimization (like in the Need For Speed™ games)?

    1. Skelator71

      Mr. Yamauchi; here is is a list i have for some cars that i would die to see as future DLC in GT5.
      $ means that i would absolutely love to see these in GT5!

      GT5 DLC

      $ Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
      $ Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
      $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir
      $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu
      Hummer H1
      $ Hummer H2
      Hummer H3
      Hummer HX Concept
      $ Lamborghini Revènton
      $ Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
      $ Lamborghini 
      Pagani Zonda F
      Pagani Zonda Cinque
      Caterham Superlight RS500
      $ Audi R8 GT (’12)
      $ Acura NSX Concept (’12)
      Toyota Prius V
      Toyota Prius C
      $ Spyker C8 Zagato
      Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (’11)
      $ Chrysler Firepower Concept
      Scion xB
      Scion xD
      Scion tC
      Scion iQ
      $ Dodge Viper (’12)
      Mitsubishi RVR
      Jeep Commander
      Jeep Compass
      Jeep Rubicon
      Jeep Wrangler (2012)
      $ Koenigsegg Agera
      $ Koenigsegg Agera R
      $ Koenigsegg CCX
      $ Koenigsegg CCXR
      $ Koenigsegg CCGT
      $ Koenigsegg CC8S
      $ Koenigsegg Trevita
      $ Ford Model T
      $ Dodge Duster
      Chevrolet Sonic
      $ Ford Fusion (’13)
      $ BMW i8
      $ BMW i3
      $ Rolls Royce Phantom
      Mastretta MXT

      I’ll have more ideas in the future!

    2. Youngun

      Not a wish list thread dude, if it was i could creat a 1000, an actual 1000 car list that everyone would like with no dups (say nascar but pick paint scheme rather than take up car space) and 1 model rather than 40 all dedicated to interior trim (mx-5/maita for one) but not sure about facelift versions though, they’ll be needed. might post soon, got around 900 atm including most racing cars, past present and future (ie, there x2010,11,12….), and i wont include porsche (just ruf as they do some good cars, pretty much all porsche versions, even panamera) mansory, rinspeed, techart, hennessay, hamann, gemballa (also do tuned porshes but under there name) are all in there too

    3. Pit Crew

      @Youngun Everyone is wishlisting on this thread. His is not only Carlist. Some dupes are viable as long as their are real performance differences, FE 69 Camaro 350 ci/ COPO Camaro/ 69 SS Camaro 396 299 hp/69 SS Camaro 396 ci 370 hp. If a deal could be worked out I would rather just have Porsche and have possible access to their historic car portfolio also including the Dauer 962

  28. japlkofk69

    What i would really like to see is koenigseg, at least 1, wether it be the ccx, ccx-r or ayera…hell at this point even the cc8 would be nice and why not make more cars from other countries instead of more than the %60 of cars being japanese only??

  29. Dushan 77

    Kazunori Yamauchi. can you please put more race cars to Gran Turismo 5 like the Toyota Prius super gt 300, Honda Nsx fr gt300 and the Subaru Brz super gt 300 so that all gt5 fans including me can test drive them when I play the game .

    These were my suggestions rather than getting more skylines and other ridiculas cars.

  30. Dushan 77

    Is Kazunori Yamauchi putting more super gt race cars in to gran turismo 5 2012 such as Toyota Prius super gt 300, Honda Nsx fr gt300 and the Subaru Brz super gt 300?.

  31. Easyishard

    No more academy like the one we had just feed us the new DLc update Pronto /ASAP I ur, making us phien like addicts an we’re not so plz respect us as gamers an give us back Nossssss!!!! The rim shop!!!! N Egine swaps just to put forza to Yamauchi We need it Now here’s my wish list u might not put these cars because of my ignorance but u are reading yamauchi-San ok first it will be the Nsx mugen rr, civic mugen rr , and the 2000 coupe si from USA also the new 2012,2.4 litter vtech version an an no more 10hp cars I consider it a waste sorry but it’s my honest opinion we dnt drive slow the new young an reckless generation like to go fast…lol.dnt forget too I’ll will for ever respect u. San becouse gt ( grand turismo) been my favorite game ever from gt1,2,3,4,5,an I hope soon 6….. If u do read this yamauchi again thank u for …sensae of virtual racing. My respects

  32. Easyishard

    2000 civic coupe si and the new 2012 si and dnt forget the one an only Mastretta mxt from Mexico Plzzzz Dodge dart srt, Chevy impala Ss ,atom ,some motorcycles ,civic mugen rr and the nsx mugen rr Nos!!!!!!!!… Better rims selection …..Egine swaps will make make me get wet …….Add all the 2012 cars in general,,,,,,do this and for sure gt5 ppl will get wet…..ohhh an a actual drag strip……fawk gt6 we need it now in gt5…. Only because the fun of it is getting boring now….I demand u…to make these changes and stop putting 100hp cars that my grandma could race in….we are not old we are young and reckless a hole different generation from the past ….

  33. tacom08

    Good list:

    2012 Scion iQ
    2012 Scion xD
    2012 Scion xB
    2012 Scion tC
    2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 6 Speed
    2011 Ford Taurus SHO
    2013 BMW M5
    2012 BMW M6
    2012 Toyota Camry SE
    2011 Honda Accord EX-L coupe 6 speed
    2012 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD Off Road with the 5 Speed Automatic (great for the off road tracks)
    2012 Dodge Charger SRT8
    2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8
    1959 Cadillac Eldorado
    2012 Jeep Wrangler
    2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
    2012 VW Beetle
    2012 Citroen DS3
    2010 Renault Clio Gordini RS. Why can’t we have that in America? :(
    2012 Renault Twingo RS (need more French car exposure so we can have them here in America)
    2012 Chevrolet Volt
    2012 Ford Mustang Boss
    2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    2012 Ferrari FF
    2012 Aston Martin Virage
    2012 Aston Martin Rapide
    2010 Toyota Corolla US Spec (troll car)
    1967 Pontiac GTO
    PREMIUM Supra RZ ’97
    2012 Ford Transit Connect
    Reliant Robin
    Peel P50
    1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe
    2005 Dodge Ram SRT10
    2012 Aston Martin Cygnet
    2010 Smart ForTwo
    1966 Ford Country Squire

    Not demanding every single car in this list to appear in the game, these are just suggestions ;)

    1. Youngun

      Scion? Would rather have the european or jap equivalent, Beetle..No, Fortwo…No, Cygnet….Really, Peel P50…Defo, Ferrari F12 too, BMW 2012 M3 too, 2013 Viper, 2013 Corvette C7, Focus RS500 2010 which America never got but we did, Aston Martin Vanquish 2013, rolls royce Phantom (as many of us cant afford one in really life), But someone likes there 4×4/ off road trucks…
      wouldnt mind some spyder/Convertable variations tho, r8, rufs, lf-a, zr1, srt-10, Mp4-12c, 458, 8C, Brera, 370z, m3, 500 abarth cc, xkr, vantage v8, gallardo, sls, zonda, cts-v , mustang, camaro, spyker c12, continental gt, gt 86/brz, fr-s convertable too
      if it had 90% of cars on sale and 90% of classic, historic cars and current racing cars then it would be a Racing game to rival all racing games, and if they got all the data now, it would be in nearly everygame from now with little work other than a polygon tidyup for new gen consoles

    2. BIOHAZARD9519

      I like your list, because sometimes after driving high-end supercars for a long time in GT5, I always wanted to know how a Camry would drive in the game; or better said, have more cars that I would more likely be able to afford in life.


    If Kaz and his team can just continue to fix engine sounds through updates I’m happy with that, let alone giving us much more cars and other features.

    Just stop putting V10 gallardo sounds on every friggin car. Actually give us some decent V12 engines for the Zonda and Murcielago. And fix that god awful 4 cylinder engine sound for Maserati GranTurismo and give us a proper growling V8.

  35. Easyishard

    I hope we get to see the mastretta mxt from Mexico i read about in a mag wow it’s beautiful I thing better then a lotus

    1. highhouse100

      Oh Yes. Would be awesome. also some british cars like vintage jaguars, morgans or austin healers would be awesome!!

    1. Youngun

      story mode? so GT academy isnt a story mode.. gamer to racer proving there the best.. or any f1, le man, touring car, rally car driver from a kart racer leveling up through series and different powered cars to live the dream at the top would ruin the series?? i think i would liven up the a-spec events from random races, leaving in the historic races as invite races for drivers (like real life!)

  36. tpark103

    Yeah guys We can’t reach him here maybe on FB not sure what we need to do for him to hear us or for it to register. We as the racing fans on Sony are ready and Kaz is our man. We are counting on him but he has been letting us down for a long time, GT5 is the Mountain top of racing sims but the competitor has the bells ans whistles that has us all wanting more more more!!!!! It’s time all be DLC or GT6 bring it on Kaz show us what you’ve got. We have your back and always will.

  37. Progress823

    Not sure about you guys, but I feel we need a DLC for different tire manufacturers. The tire wear model went from bad to horrid – I did a 23 lap race at Cape Ring last night, ran racing mediums on my CR-Z TC – had to pit every five laps. It is ridiculous and unrealistic that I could only travel 21.95 miles through 165 turns in 5 laps on a set of medium compound tires. I know some people are going to say “check your camber and toe”…been there, done that (I went up from 4 to 5 laps)….”use racing hard”….oh wow I can do 8 laps only which is even more ridiculous, but lose 3-4 seconds per lap…”use a wheel”…not much change….”you’re going into the turns too hard”….this is a racing game and you are supposed to drive hard, but I did pussyfoot the car to conserve tires and get to the 5 laps that I get.

    1. Pit Crew

      Progress not saying your wrong, but have you tweaked your tune? If not try that. However Ihave noticed the RM tires go faster now. Almost like softs. I may get an extra lap than my qualifying tires. I switch between RH & RM during league comps.

  38. Progress823

    Not sure about you guys, but I feel we need a DLC for different tire manufacturers. The tire wear model went from bad to horrid – I did a 23 lap race at Cape Ring last night, ran racing mediums on my CR-Z TC – had to pit every five laps. It is ridiculous and unrealistic that I could only travel 21.95 miles through 165 turns in 5 laps on a set of medium compound tires. I know some people are going to say “check your camber and toe”…been there, done that (I went up from 4 to 5 laps)….”use racing hard”….oh wow I can do 8 laps only which is even more ridiculous, but lose 3-4 seconds per lap…”use a wheel”…not much change….”you’re going into the turns too hard”….this is a racing game and you are supposed to drive hard, but I did pussyfoot the car to conserve tires and get to the 5 laps that I get.

    Let’s take this into account. A few weekends ago, the NASCAR Nationwide Series (using these as they are heavy race cars – 1400kg) ran at Road America (using this course as this is similar in length/turns to Cape Ring). These guys were going about 24 laps on their tires – I am going to assume that they are hard compound – that’s fine. On a set of mediums – probably 17 they would get. Transfer that to Cape Ring and lighter car, but a drop off since the CR-Z is front drive – we should be looking at about 14-18 laps on racing mediums in realistic terms.

    PD let’s get realistic on the tire wear. Give use different manufacturers and costs so that we can choose the best tire that suits our style.

  39. chevelleSS396

    Premium 70′ CHEVELLE 454
    2012 CTS V
    2012 Anniversary Z06 convertible
    2012 Centennial Z06/ZR1
    2012 M5 F10

    2012 ZL1 Camaro
    2013 SHELBY GT500

    1. Pit Crew

      Loving the list but f any Classic Muscle Car deserves a Premium upgrade its the Cuda 440 SixPack.

    2. chevelleSS396

      Really all muscle cars should be premium but the 70′ CHEVELLE is my favorite then the rest of the A body GM cars.
      I love all the classic muscle cars-it’s an ERA that can’t be duplicated!!

  40. miki2714

    I hope that at least introduces some new car instead of the usual GT-R.
    I am a bit ‘tired of having 2000 cars equal to each other

  41. ENFORCER 98

    Im really wondering what could be released in the next DLC as they really dont have anything up their sleeve that we know of the only thing i can think of it being is Bathurst… i’d take a wild stab and say its in the final testing stages maybe as we found out they were working on it since feburary and with about maybe 30ppl working on it i would definately say it would be nearing completion. who knows PD may come and surprise us…

  42. starbutt033

    I have to say first of all, I LOVE GT5, but with such a love for racing, it bums me out to see that Forza, having picked up the ball, by having the most important racing cars,::such as the Aston Martin Vantage RC, 458, & 430 Ferrari RC, M3 & Z4 BMW RC, not to say they have it all, but there are to many race cars that all the people I meet & race with, in my 3 races I hold per weekend, 1-2 hr races each, that we all agree, the Mustang RC, Audi R8 & TT RS, Lamborghini RC, Mazda RX8 RC, 370Z RC, VolVo S60 RC, of course the Porsche(Ya) & Mclaren MP4 RC, or even RM’s for alot of these cars would be best move possible for race enthusiasts.. Tracks of old GT have to be Hong Kong, Seoul, Apricot Hill, & Mid-field; alright, I’ll quit complaining, but, I’ll be glad to see how this all evolves, & I love GT5 no-matter what, I’d play the same old, before I’d ever think of playing Forza, just not the same,,born and raised GT

  43. Youngun

    Funny thing, if a news feature has DLC in the title over 500 comments usually complaining or whining or wish lists or guessing, how many 2 year old games are still getting updates and news on dlc this far on. Probs none. If some is news worthy, lemans, gtacademy winners or PD stuff not even close to that number

  44. forzaturismo

    Yamauchi-san, can U include in the future DLC carpack, the “545 hp” Citroen DS3 XL that helped Sebastien Loeb to won the 2012 X-Games Rallycross??

  45. Pit Crew

    September, my guess is this will be the time we may see DLC. If we get 2.08 update in August DLC is not gonna be far behind.

  46. Lambob

    This page needs at least 1,000 comments, for PD to acknowledge that DLC and GT5 game updates, is extremely important to us, we love your game, but we want to love it more, and do away with the things that upset me in particular:

    lack of engine braking sounds and immersion – all we have is power snap oversteer, leave this ok, but give us the wind-down noise and feel.

    mundane repetitive engine sounds – we would like this adressed , only this for now! can we have strictly a 2.08 sound update?

    very light rumble strip feel in G25 / G27 wheels, pls get revised firmware or SOMETHING from Logitech / Sony, to make it better. your recent updates did very little to claim improvement, I remember the initial Spec 2.0 feeling 100x better. it was downhill ever since.

    bring back tranny noise, but coincide mainly with accel and decel effects, (see engine braking noise above)

    stop toying with hood cam, and or release a good windshield cam, please!

    I love your game, and respects to Japan PD , Sony, Kaz.

    1. researchALLwars

      Great points Lambob. All easily doable. How about a couple other small things….

      * Larger margin of error for clutch/2nd gear on the G25/G27.

      * Improve the lighting of the Premium interiors- specifically the bezel/gauges. What is the point if we can’t read the tach and speedo whenever direct sunlight isn’t hitting them? LOL. Cmon! All that hard work modeling that stuff and if the sun isn’t hitting it right, it might as well be a Standard interior.

      * More specific HUD/display options. Allow us to take any part of the display and move it to where we want. I, personally, would like to have just the laps displayed in the upper right corner- as of right now I have to turn on “time” and that puts a whole slew of numbers on the display.

      * Once a paint chip is aquired, can we keep it please? oh ma goodness.

      Basically most things in this thread would be very helpful. : )

  47. mickoafna

    I wonder how much money would it take for PD to make a few custom cars just for me.
    What do you think people? 10 grand, 20 grand or more :-)

    1. mando074

      I could make you a custom car, anything you wanted with a full interior and completely rigged for under 5 grand (4-6 weeks). I have been wanting to do this for years now, all I would need to know are the poly-count specs, the rig requirements, deformation requirements, full UV maps ad scale (to fit the drivers).

      It’s definitely do-able on our (the fans) part but it would be up to PD to put it in the game.

    2. Youngun

      The paint chip one, last night got bored respray about 50 cars yet my chips never went down from 2600ish, don’t want to used paint pack ones just Incase they vanish. anybody else notice this?

    3. mickoafna

      mando074 – one car for 5 grand? I was thinking more about 6-9 cars for around 20 grand. Would that be doable?
      I really gotta contact PD and ask them if they are willing to do a project like this :-)

    4. mando074

      Well that’s about the rate for a freelance job for something like this. If (I, as) an individual was to do something like this on their own (without any help) that’s about how much it would cost and how long it would take. If you were to contact a studio then the price would be lower and the quantity higher.

      But this is all theoretical obviously, I highly doubt a major studio like PD would allow this because a ton of issues would arise. : ( And not just from PD but from Sony too.

      But the reason I have thought of this in the past and why I found your post interesting is because if there would not be any red tape could you imagine the possibilities? There are so many cars out there that deserve attention yet instead of one DeTomaso Pantera we get twenty Miatas.

      Wow, I mean wow … but all we can do as fans is dream and hope they create what we want.

  48. montecarlo87

    At this point after many broken promises I’ll believe it when I see it. Just remember 30 Porsche DLC from PDs competitor, mean while GT fans get one track that should have already been in GT5 and no cars beyond another Japanese car of which it was a Toyota 86 clone.

    I’ve defended Kaz and GT5 in the past, and really look forward to what GT6 should be. But even diehards have their breaking points.

    1. Quakebass

      23 of those Porsches were re-used, and T10 had had a sub-license deal with Porsche before, but EA blocked it (likely to advertise the 2012 911) at the release of Forza 4. There would’ve likely been Porsches in F4 from the start if EA hadn’t done this. As for PD’s standing on the license, it could be EA either blocking them, or asking for more money than PD would like to fork over for the deal.

      But yes, there are some decisions I don’t understand; doesn’t PD have good standings with BMW, Audi, and Ford? Why haven’t they decided to include the E30, 2012 ranges of all these brands, and more Mustangs? And what about some more standard-premium upgrades? that’s simpler than a whole new car, and I don’t think a new license is required to upgrade a previously existing car that is no longer licensed.

      I was VERY disappointed that we only got a track and a free, basically re-badged car… I was expecting at LEAST car pack to go along with it. I sincerely hope that we’re getting something next/this month, for this was an incredibly small amount of content for the time that went by since the last DLC/update.

    2. DuskTrooper

      ^ Uh, “upgrading” a standard into premium status is harder than you might think it is. PD has to literally remodel that car from scratch. And because they do this, the game classifies these cars as entirely new models.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Why not just clean the standard cars up like in that Clean em’ up thread, love that thread btw. Man, why must PD look for perfection if they can’t even make things perfect. What’s wrong with these guys. >:(

    1. tpark103

      Sorry as Rob said before,,,,,クレジットカードの利用限度額を削除してください!

    2. mickoafna

      Yeah I agree with tpark103, we should have infinite amount of “money” not just 20 million!

  49. Lagu7051

    Ferrari FXX ,koenigsegg ccx , pagani huayra , Bmw m5 F10 , ford mustang gt500, laguna seca or super snake would be nice..:)

  50. RobDoggy05


    (Maybe he will listen if we ask nicely in Japanese?)

  51. Pit Crew

    Off Topic: Any Muscle Car fans needing low or No Miles cars and want some help, Send LenBiasFan a friend request and message. Unfortunately my PC is down so I cant do a link yet from my main GTP profile (dont smash me famine please )

    Have Modern and Classic Muscle Car Ticket plus 27/27 no miles Cudas for those looking or needing help.

    Serious Requests only. If You dont need it please do not inquire

  52. TokoTurismo

    I’m happy we’ll be getting more DLC, but the time wasn’t even said when another one will be coming. So when is another DLC specifically coming? I hope DLC for GT5 isn’t going to hide GT6 any longer, because its bad enough that we didn’t DLC for like what, 5 months due to GTA or whatever…

    I’ll feel more comfortable with getting more DLC if it can come out quicker and it was what WE WANT. This is what I’m disliking towards PD, and the fact that they don’t communicate with the community makes me worry more.

    Better see that Event creator soon though, because many others have been asking for that for ages. So don’t you dare keep that in mind for long Mr. Yamauchi. Prove that you do listen to your fans who’re more important than anything, been supporting the game AND been cheering you on at the 24h of Nurburgring last year and this year.

    You want to lose all that respect or what? I know you are with me…

    1. TokoTurismo

      By the way PD, keep bringing out those track DLCs from GT4 and some cars too. PROVE YOURSELVES!

    2. another_jakhole

      In case you forgot, giving specifics or any estimate gets Kaz in trouble. From what I’ve seen in the past 19 months, it’s best to not let us know what’s going on even though it’s nice to know what’s coming and when it’s coming.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Oh, right. That is true due to Kaz having a small team. But hearing about them continue to bring DLC to GT5 is truly great, but I’m worried about GT6. :( Anyways. Thank you for reminding me another_jakhole, it really helped clear me up a bit.

      I hope to see Spec 3.00 soon, which may bring the event creator, probably have standard cars appearances all cleaned up like in the Clean ‘Em Up! Standards to Premium thread and have interiors perfectly detailed like the Chrysler Prowler. :)

  53. rnguyen

    Please add the koenigsegg series of cars such as the CCXR, the Agera and Agera r
    because they are fast luxury hyper cars that will suit the game very well because these cars are extremely detailed
    and please add the pagani huayra because it is a excellent supercar.
    by the way i am GT5 biggest fan i have bought all your DLC and your limited edition Signature edition.

    please add the koenigsegg and the pagani in the new DLC!!!

  54. Greeksta

    Would be nice to see the nurburgring edition lfa also Ferrari fxx, ccx, zenvo, some of the chargers from 2010-2012. Some nice body kits to make the car look a lot nicer. Better wings. And the sound of the cars are just not there. A car will pass you and you wont be able to hear your own car to change gear.

    1. DuskTrooper

      Because everybody heard the word of DLC, so they think that what they wish for will come true.

    2. Dragfan

      i think no one wants to post there ideas on one of those wishlist threads because no one can see the newer posted threads on that wishlist thing this website has. so they just post their ideas here were everyone can see

    3. Uppmas

      People are too stupid to realize that their wishes are like air… so they just keep posting these like they would change a thing… lol, just kidding. I think people just want to say their opinions aloud, even if they will never come true.

    4. Rushton1996

      Kaz himself said in the interview that PD are going to make DLC because there is lots of fan interest. This implies that they are going to make DLC based on what fans want. And a good place for them to check what fans want is here, because everyone is posting it.

    5. mickoafna

      Rushton1996, yeah Kaz said that they will make a new DLC, because fans want it. But that doesn’t mean that Kaz will listen to fans request. He will put in the game whatever he wants :-) He can’t actually put 1000 cars and 1000 tracks in DLC. That would be absurd. They have people who judge and select cars/tracks for DLC’s.

    6. Rushton1996

      Yea, he is making it because fans want it. He can make DLC that fans dont want but that wouldn’t make sense. So he would make DLC that fans WANT. And to find out what fans want, here would be a good place to start.

    7. Whitestar

      If by “here” you mean the feedback section, then agreed. But don’t expect them to just pick the one with the most votes. I think it’s more likely they will pick a track that was in GT4, since they already have the data for those tracks.
      On the other hand, they gave us Spa, so you never know.

    8. Quakebass

      What I meant was… Why hasn’t many of the ideas I’ve been seeing shown up in the feedback section? It seems like no one uses it, based on how many people post wish lists here and on the forums… I willing to bet the most frequent place PD and/or Kaz checks is the Feedback section. And least often the Library section… XD

    9. DuskTrooper

      Whitestar, PD gave us SPA because they were originally planning to put in GT5 by default, but because Sony pushed them to release the game earlier, they didn’t have enough time to actually finish the track completely and include it in GT5, so they decided to include it in GT5 DLC.

    10. Pit Crew

      Alot of the same cars tracks and update ideas are in the feedback thread. Kaz will see the same things we posting here. Its a Community thingI feel, as peeps share things about their own lives (health, money, kids) with others who could be more or less concerned.

      I see massive wishes for Muscle Cars and connected with a Muscle Car fan so even if our wishes are thin air the bigger reward is Community Acceptance IMO.

  55. Dragfan

    If you want an obscure race car, how about the 1973 abarth ossella pa-1 race car an maybe include 1965 Fiat Abarth OT 1300 road car.

    1. Dragfan

      yeah but not the corvette L88. Its chevy’s drag racing project. 650+ hp aluminum race gas only V8. Chevy advertised it as only around 420 hp ( i dont really know much about its advertised hp) for insurance reasons. it would be a perfect addition to the game

    1. researchALLwars

      Good call. I’ve recently been drinking much less at clubs and bars just so I can come home and drive competently in gt5, lol!

    1. tpark103

      7/4/12 is how we right the date in the USA and that is when just so are supposed to be rewarded our cars and suits for GTA.

    2. DuskTrooper

      I’m more interested in the racing suit, than the cars. But to answer your question, yes tomorrow is the date that we should be given our ‘prizes’ from GT Academy.

    3. DuskTrooper

      I just got the Academy Leaf. Unfortunately is doesn’t look like the Academy cars will be tunable.

    4. Quakebass

      Theres not much you can do to an electric car… At most a suspension kit, maybe an LSd, and maybe a customizable Transmission, though only one “gear” to change. Let’s wait and see if the internal-combustion cars are tunable.

  56. Sergio Perez

    Hey Kazunori Yamauchi you do realize that Need for Speed has a contract with Porsche that only let’s them have name brand Porsches right?!

    1. Uppmas

      First off, it’s Electronic Arts who has exclusivity contract with Porsche, it has nothing to do with NFS franchise, secondly, sub-contracts are possible as we have seen with Forza 3 and 4

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Yup, correct. Sub-licnse deals are possible. I’m betting that either PD are still trying to get the sub-license, or EA’s making the sub-license too expensive for PD’s comfort zone. Those are the most logical reasons for the sub-license to not exist yet for PD.

    3. hobanator24

      But the contract was up in February. So if the contact was renewed, it’s most likely not under the same terms.

    4. Quakebass

      If EA bought renewal, then it’d be under the same terms. But if they’ve just bought an entirely new license with Porsche, then it would have different terms. As I said, it’s likely either EA still blocking the deal, or it being to expensive, and PD is trying to bargain for a lower license price.

  57. Pit Crew

    A Caddy dealer, the CTS-V 2004 & 2012 and a OLD SKOOL 55 with the tail fins lol jkjk or am I ?

    1. Dragfan

      you know, we should also get a mid 50’s dodge/chrysler/plymouth so i can paint it red and call it christine and a 59′ caddy station wagon so i could paint it white with red as a second color, add some lights, sirens and some ghost busting equipment so i could have the ecto-1

    2. Pit Crew

      @Dragfan +3 and maybes the Knight Industries TwoThousand Turbo TransAm lol haha jkjk but this is fun.

      In all seriousness, even if we don’t get them its good to see the Muscle car crowd in these threads. I do Challenger Mondays and Cobra Thursdays at Daytona if interested. 200/220 Mph Daytona Shootouts most nights after work. Have most Daytona tunes for US Muscle, JDM, EU, Muscle & Australian Muscle. Super Cars 240 RumbleRoom at SSRX on Sundays 12pmest.

    1. RandomCarGuy17

      Not just that e30 freek, we also need the following beamers:
      – e36 M3
      – e28 M5
      – e34 M5
      – e39 M5
      – f10 M5
      – e63 M6 Coupe
      – f13 M6
      – M1 & Racing Mod

  58. nissanlover212

    Hey i think it would be awsome to have some sort of off road racing in wet dirt or high water racing with off road trucks.

    1. researchALLwars

      dirt2, my man. pick it up for cheap and have a blast. Most fun you can have with your steering wheel. Great AI and decent physics. Great stuff.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Dirt is proof that ‘CodeMasters’ should have been looked @ for inspiration when it comes to rally, water effects, water collection, crash physics, and crash appearanc.

  59. Youngun

    All im gonna say is Forza has had 166 Dlc cars so far and its been out alot less so com on PD, it wont be long till there 649 cars will be more than our 1098. they no there tight on porsche but still going with Ruf too.
    Need more 2010/11/12 Cars plus past classic and future protos like nissans own deltawing and on top of that, f1/f3/rally/indy car/ formula ford(or renault)/ touring car/ porsche cup/ le man series……….come on. my money is your if you bring it out (not one track and one car a month seriously)

    1. sangdude82

      Yeah, Forza players have been laughing at us for ages :'(
      166 DLC cars are insanely a lot. Kaz better give us some eye popping list of cars and few tracks (can’t he give us Bathurst on GT5?).

    2. Quakebass

      Theres not much that can be done about the small amount of DLC content; PD just doesn’t have a sufficient workforce to support frequent large DLC packs for GT5 and work on the development of GT6.

    3. Uppmas

      ^Rather they need better workforce management… too many manhours were wasted in the developement of GT5.

    4. Youngun

      Manhours is something Important as costs shoot up. PD need to improve. Yes PD has smaller work force but time of 2 years and quality is in pd’s favor yet only 20% the amount of stuff with no more detail really. Forza still managed forza horizon (I no, not full on) but still a new game (same engine tho) plus there racking out the dlc. Most cars in life are same just resphlled and rebadged as must own or work with each other. Ferrari f430 (in game) which is the base of the lancia stratos mk2 ’11 (should be in game). So can’t be hard to change a few polygons etc, rx8 r3… Facelift, Audi rs3 more powerful s3, r8 spider cut the roof off, GTR track pack version easy one, thinner front seat and no rears plus hard suspension……. Even if 40 are just tweaked updated version or face lifts, there still new as brand new does take little time.

  60. stiggygonzalez

    -We definitely need better sound
    -Coupé:Subaru BRZ
    -Hot hatch:Audi RS3
    -Saloon :BMW M5 2012
    -Cabriolet:Bugatti Veyron vitesse
    -Super car:Dodge Viper 2012
    -Hyper car:Bugatti Veyron SS
    -Race car:Toyota Le mans 2012
    -Classic car:Aston martin DB5

  61. hogger129

    We need some of the big block muscle cars from Gran Turismo 2. Such as the ’67 and ’69 Corvette 427 Stingray. How can you only put the small block 350 in game?

    I would like to see the GT500 (new and old) in the game as well.

  62. Blinkou

    GT cars from the academy will be available at what time in France? to 1 as the start of each of the sleeves gt academy?

  63. mickoafna

    It would be cool if would get all F1 tracks ever :-) + all F1 cars from 1946 to present day :-)

    1. mickoafna

      I think almost none of the tracks are owned by FIA. They are all owned by a country or city in which the track is located. But some track probably are privately owned – I think Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is one of them.

  64. yoyo

    CARS: mazda 3 mps ’12, mazda 3 ’07, dodge viper ’12, ford mustang, the latest version. mercedes benz like E63, SLK’s. bmw 6 series, a premium jaguar XFR, premium veyron, audi A1, A5, A6, bentley continnental GT, dodge charger srt-8, lamborghini reventon, some porsche cars.

    TRACKS: grindelwald, midfield raceway, seattle circuit, tahiti road, new york city, seoul, red rock valley, special stage route 11, apricot hill raceway, citta di aria, amalfi circuit, el capitan.

    and more rims. :)

  65. aSaNG

    – Better Sound!!!!
    – more Photo Locations like old barn, underground car park, photography studio with different light situations
    – a option for open car doors in photo locations
    – more rims, spoiler
    – nice current european and us cars (please C63, RS4 station wagon) ;)
    – a couple of nice tracks

    1. lancashire lad

      Forget new cars,new tracks,DLC.B spec or whatever.
      Just fix the sound
      That’s all i want.

  66. Slashfan

    1. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
    2. 1969/1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
    3. 1967/1968 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet
    4. 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor
    5. 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1
    6. 1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge”
    7. 1970 Mecury Cougar Eliminator
    8. 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    9. 1980 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    10. 2013 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500
    11. 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302
    12. 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    13. 2012 Koenigsegg Agera R
    14. 2012 Koenigsegg CCX/R
    15. 2012 Porsche 911
    16. 1971 Plymouth Road Runner
    17. 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
    18. 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
    19. 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
    20. 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
    21. 1969 Pontiac Firebird
    22. 1967 Buick Skylark


    1. chevelleSS396

      1970 CHEVELLE SS 396/454
      1970 BUICK GSX 455
      1970 OLDS 442
      1970 CHARGER 440 R/T
      2013 VIPER
      2012 ZL1
      2013 SHELBY GT500
      2012 M5 F10

    2. moparmanmike

      Nice lists! Would love to see a 68 426 roadrunner added. And the 77 bandit edition trans am!

  67. Guildenstern

    “Yamauchi-san: If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.”

    Instead they should integrate the PSP (like they implied they would back at the ps3 launch) as a Data Dash and get the data off the race display entirely. I’d pay $30 for that if it meant actually getting some use out of this worthless PSP.

    You could have overall time, splits, Car ahead, Car Behind just like the cool systems in real race cars.

    1. occasionalracer

      That would be pretty swift idea to implement, however I would guess they do such data export to a PS Vita… it’s Sony, they gotta make their money and it ain’t gonna come from old hardware.

    1. another_jakhole

      Me TOO. For GT4, Kaz mentioned that it would be a good idea. Too bad we haven’t seen it happen yet.

    2. DuskTrooper

      ^ No, the top would automatically come up until the rain is over, then the top would go down again.

  68. steviet76

    Hi all, new to register to the site but have been an avaid reader for a while now! Massive GT games fan! After watching it this weekend, as a possible ‘fun’ DLC’ pack or future GT6 inclusiion, what about the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill climb course & rally course? Would be good for a time trial type event! Good to see the Jaguar XJR-8/9 feature at Goodwood this weekend!

    1. steviet76

      And what about Dijon as a new circuit track – used to hold WSC racing in the 80’s & 90’s! Fast sweeping corners & a long straight!

    2. e30 freek

      Old racing tracks would be cool like in gt4 the 80s and 90s fuji tracks they were fun also if they gave us the old monza that would be great

  69. pnbr0014

    i love GT5. i get a lot of enjoyment out of the game but it really bothers me that no one asked about the game sounds lol.. i don’t expect to get an upgrade of the gt5 sound files that would probably be too much to ask but i’d like to at least know what he thinks about it and the reasoning behind applying certain sounds when changing the exaust systems and for applying the same sounds to multiple cars.

    1. danger23

      Oh yeah did yaw here the LEXUS IS concept,sounds more beffy than the muscle cars,they need to fix that,i like the car but sometimes when i’m driving it i almost forget what i’m driving lol,i’d rather it sound like a tuner than a monster XD.

  70. e30 freek

    If pd acted on that ign article gt6 would truly be the best game in the world I can just imagine it hmmmmmm

  71. toospiciecc

    That’s great news,I hope it will be the Citroen DS3,Renault Megane 3 RS,2012 DTM’s,2012 WRC or anything good like Porsche or any good cars as long as there is no more Japanese cars because the game has too many Japanese cars.

  72. forzaturismo

    Good news from Yamauchi-san!!
    So : Wait & See.

    Tomorow we ll receive the free Nissan’s cars from the GT Ac.
    Hope the new DLC ll be available in august, bcz we got the last one in june.

  73. fureddo

    The support to GT5 is just awesome! Who could complain about it?
    But one thing fort sure, with the second year after release coming in, PD needs to focus on the future. Considering how long it took for GT5 to be launched, the sooner ther better! Beating this in mind, what you folks think about this article from IGN?

    Pretty straightforward to me. It nails where GT5 failed and where GT6 needs to succeed if the franchise is to still be considered as a reference.

    1. researchALLwars

      this IGN article, while it makes a few good points, completely misses the mark on what is most critical. Racing. How can you guys not see that the racing experience in GT5 is so flawed? Do you guys enjoy ‘chasing the rabbit’ ?

      There are many threads in the main GT5 forum chocked full of great ideas from A.I. overhauls to a detailed Event Creator that would allow us to choose classes of opponents, specific opponents, even choosing their tires and tuning their cars in order to get specific fields of cars on the track to compete against. We want to race against some EVEN fields with the A.I. battling for position. Right now we have time-trial trains with a runaway rabbit out front. It’s been this way since GT1. How the writer of that article fails to address this is a bit perplexing, to say the least.

    2. frankthegreat

      Hi researchALLwars,

      Your comment is the most brillant thing to describle the lack of A.I. competition in GT serie. I love the game, but I spend a lot of time finding a car who is wecker than the A.I. cars to get a tight race. But even in that case, they just brake to much in the courves. I think polyphony have to make ther next A.I. for GT6 based on the time lap the player makes. Tired as well of the chasing the rabbit dynamic.

    3. researchALLwars


      thanks mate! I try to get the discussion going on the more important issues whenever I can. Hopefully PD trips over one of my posts every once in a while… : )

  74. GTHEAD87

    I’d say dlc with more hot-hatches like the vauxhaull nova, ford fiesta, premium vw golf mk1/2/3, vauxhall astra, mg zr etc. Retro would be good with the opel ascona, kaddett,

  75. e30 freek

    Ferrari testarossa and 355 + E30 M3+ Mk2 golf gti /MK2golflovers name reminded about this great car

  76. MK2golflover

    More racecars! New DTM? 2012 GT500 & 300 cars? Premium RUFs? 2012 cars that aren’t crap.

    1. forzaturismo

      Just watched last weekend DTM race;
      dude these cars are Amazing!!
      Wonder that we could have these cars in GT next game!!

  77. Skyline_77

    A few more Ferrari’s, namely the new Ferrari F12.
    If not Porsche, then more RUF’s.
    More LMP’s, Le Mans etc etc.
    More tracks.

    Anything really. Any DLC released is a day one buy.

  78. PIGBOY

    make a DLC McLaren MP4-12C GT3.There is now 2 entered for the 2013 Bathurst 12 Hour…cant wait till 2013

  79. Dragfan

    they should add pikes peaks as a useable track( we have a pikes peak escudo and the pikes peak quattro, why not the pikes peak track?) maybe the pikes peak nissan leaf or the 80’s pikes peak toyota celica that set the record until the escudo crushed it

  80. GTrf

    google translate: Kazunori Yamauchi : 1. Come back to Japan and completed the game !!! 2. give us this is : SPA 24h (time/change) & or MOTEGI circuit (time/change) ! and do not drink more vodka and drink sake ! ha–ha

  81. tpark103

    Tomorrow at midnight I’m hoping I’ll be receiving some nice gifts from Kaz and PD for GT Academy.

  82. Kratos_Q8

    who cars about b-spec !? i payed 60$ to play not to watch a race , i realy dont understand how people injoy this

  83. Maddens Raiders

    In the rare instance someone from Polyphony/Sony may read this: I’ll be the lone voice pining for more B-Spec, offline or seasonal races With many more car spec’s, tracks, distances etc…and please allow up to 715-725PP for some races. B-Spec is a really, really fun mode for some of us. Thanks.

  84. MartyMo

    I really like the 4 different configss for Twin Ring Motegi, would have liked them better with time/weather change, tracks, I haven’t heard anyone mention Mosport, wouldn’t that be awesome for GT5&6?
    cars: how about the Shelby American Daytona Coupe? How about over-revving/blowing . your engine and engines expiring during

    1. Bobby-Vegas

      Yes, the car that beat Ferrari.. The Daytona Coupe was/is more significant than the Ford Mark IV, it would be cool to see that in the Shelby NCD!! I’d like a Boss and any Koenigsegg to even out the New Car Dealership.

  85. slick1ru2

    Am I the ONLY one that wants Multi-class racing added??? On and offline. That is just EPIC racing!

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Not enough cars on track for a true multi-class experience. Hopefully next gen Gran Turismo. I’m hoping for 200+ car nurb races :D online and off.

    2. slick1ru2

      I am fine with what Forza does, 4 classes with 4 each. With the quality of drivers online, that is PLENTY to have enough action. Make it 4 classes of 5 for GT5 and it would ROCK.

  86. Dragfan

    cars i saw in a book that i would like to see

    The Awd Cosworth garish f1
    Tyrell p34 f1 (six wheeler)
    Stp paxton f1 turbine car (said in my previous comment)
    Howmet tx turbine lm
    McClaren MP4/4 F1
    Brabbham BT46 Turbine F1 (mentioned in description of chapparal 2J in gt5’s car descriptions)
    Lotus 78 F1
    1952 diesel cummins special (said in my previous comment)
    Oldsmobile Aerotech (set a record 253 mph set by A.J Foyt)
    MG Metro 6R4 Rally car
    ferrari F50
    ferrari testarossa
    1986 porsche 961(Lemans Gt race car that used awd)
    Dirts sports “ELF” 1964 Class 11 VW Sedan (Beetle rally car i saw in a calender)
    1980’s Dodge Shelby CanAm (Again said in my previous comment)
    Any 50’s Lm cars (before the 1958 crash)

    Well, that was longer than expected. i would like new cars in gt5, but i would like the older cars mentioned in this comment. i would state some tracks but for the sake of everyone, i wont

  87. mdaley1

    2012 CAMARO ZL1!! 2012 CAMARO ZL1!!

    Would also be nice to see
    2012 bmw m5
    2013 audi s5
    2012 acura nsx
    2013 viper srt

  88. Lj60xr

    More GT1-3 cars.
    More real circuits.
    Ability to have different classes, such as Lmp1-2, and gt class..
    That’s would complete the game..

  89. GTrf

    Kazunori Yamauchi : 1. Come back to Japan and completed the game !!! 2. give us this is : SPA 24h (time/change) & or MOTEGI circuit (time/change) ! and do not drink more vodka and drink sake ! ha–ha

  90. moparmanmike

    With all of these wishlists for new tracks and cars, wheres the Sebring Racesway requests? Sebring is one of the biggest races in the US. I would love to see Sebring International Raceway in a future DLC, as well as the new Baltimore road course that goes around the Inner Harbor. Also as far as cars how about some more american muscle and classics? Even some SCCA and Trans-Am series races and cars? I know this style of racing is way more dominate in Europe then in America, but lets not forget about us US fans! Sure they have a few NASCAR events and cars, but lets be honest, most of the demographic that the Gran Turismo series caters to could care less about NASCAR. They are two totally different types and styles of racing. If you wanna do NASCAR there are plenty of NASCAR games out there. Where else would we get historic SCCA and Trans-Am series races at? Personally my money would go to a Sebring or maybe a historic SCCA or Trans Am car pack. Not the 120th GTR or other car that theres already more then enough versions of in the game. Same cars, different “specs”.

    1. Dragfan

      you know what, i agree with what your saying, we need more classic race cars and classic racing tracks. something like the old can am cars like the 1980’s dodge-shelby can am or maybe even those old lemans cars from the 50’s and maybe the 50’s lesarthe track ( before that horrible lm crash in 1958 i think). those are the cars i can think of now( not including the cars i wrote in one of the previous messages)

  91. Dragfan

    bring us classic turbine cars like the stp paxton f1 turbine car and the howmet tx turbine lm car. maybe even the 1952 cummins diesel special car, the brabbham bt-46 f1 fan car or the oldsmobile aerotech. those could be cool things. maybe not the most wanted or most known cars, but they are still cool.

    1. moparmanmike

      Lets not forget the Chrysler Turbines! Sure these cars may not be the quickest, but like the turbo shelby daytonas you mentioned, would still be fun and would bring new life and a new twist to the game. I mean really, once you beat all the races and have all the cars (that you want to own at least) its like where do you go from there? Sure we got the seasonal events that are updated, but what to do with all that extra money… :p I think the online races, personally in my experiences are kinda a joke. The layout and servers are fine, so Im not speaking on anything wrong that PD has done, but how many times have you tried getting into serious races and find yourself tired of getting into rooms where everyone just wants to screw around and not actually race, just to back out and go back and redo some seasonal events? Maybe this may not be a problem with EVERYONE on this bored, but in my experiences more often then not I get into lobbies where everyone just wants to goof off, run the track in reverse to swing by and crash into you, ect.

    2. Dragfan

      yeah i forgot about the Chrysler turbine cars. i do agree about most lobbies being not so serious also. but i really hate when you join a room that has people who are way too serious about racing. its like if you hit a blade of grass, you get kicked. i would like to see new a spec and b spec events being made.

    1. XXI

      Amen brother, Africkin men.
      Could we all just have a moment of silence for a premium E30? Could you imagine a one make race with the most requested DLC car?

    1. Foxiol

      + 1 Googolplex.

      I was playing some Race 07 now with DTM 2010 cars and oh man…what a race…what a sound…and amazing AI…i owned Bruno Spengler, lol.

      We need that and realistic flag regulations. It is incredible when you are in the qualify session and you get a blue flag to let pass the car that comes in its fastest lap.And the AI is so “smart” that when you are in the race, it covers or takes a different line to block you to not pass it. Such a pleasure. And you can setup de AI tfrom 1% to 100% difficult. In pro level is at 90% and it is almost impossible to pass it. If you put it on 85% it is like driving against yourself (depends in how good you are). I did the same times as the AI on every section and had epic races. I am all sweat now. lol

      Really PD needs to take a look at this game now. And GTR2. Best sounds and best car list by far are in those games. And i am tired of saying this. If you can´t be as rFactor in physics try to be good in other things as those games did.

  92. LR-MR-Cole

    MOST WANTED Audi R18 E-Tron and Toyota TS030 for LMP and 458 GT3 and the actual Corvette Racing C.6R or just any le mans cars in general. Oh and to all complainers, deep down not even you are satisfied

  93. Flagmo-T

    I really don’t get these Prices and awards for GT5 anymore ( It’s almost like a joke to me ) (((O_+)))

    I Must say..
    That I’m expected a lot more TRack DLC’s to get this game going, and Deffo more updates to fix numerous problems, Like the Tacky Shadows and Mario 8bit style Graphics Ano 1992 EX: when a Car is in-front of the tire Smoke/ Dust or inside ( when you look through it, the Car looks like a bad billboard cut out in 8 Bit Texture bits ):

    *The Smoke and Dust and smooth Live Shadows is one of the critical important things, that visually makes it alive and more real, and yet it’s a big No no in GT5 Hmm ..

    We need alot more Classic Race Tracks before we need any new Cars, that’s for sure..

    1. KiroKai

      You are so wrong, couldn’t have said it worse. At least the part about smoke effects. Have you ever thought about limited memory resources of the PS3? Do you think PD likes the jaggies and therefore included them in GT5? No, it’s because this is where the graphical limits are at this generation of gaming consoles.
      Of course I agree it does not look nice and especially in photomode it should be possible to render the photos without these graphical problems but the way you disrespect the smoke effects PD has created is simply ignorant and stupid. Have you seen what kind of smokes games like Forza have? I don’t mean to compare those, but both are console games and have to deal with about the same memory issues, so you see it could be way worse. And it’s a 500% improvement over GT4 at the very least.

    1. Jazzyboy87

      u mean vipert srt 2013, no one says my favourite car’s name’s wrong, u understand young man ?

  94. occasionalracer

    Holy Wishlists… I’d rather see them concentrating on the audio problems, online stability and fine tuning the physics if possible. Clearly it’s a major pain to work around the weak system specs, so I’m not complaining… I’m sure Kaz is giving his all to solve these bugs, it’s a majorly complex ongoing coding headache over at PD I’m sure.

    That said, I hope they are putting 110% into a super smooth and stable gameplay for PS4’s GT6, with a much complex and precise physics engine with matching FFB rivaling the PC sim iRacing, I know that’s achievable on the next gen, and if they get that down pat and all those wonderful 1000+ cars come alive even more, Gran Turismo will be THE Real Driving Simulator hands down. I’m not worried about the content, I’m happy with what they’ve achieved in that department. Keep striving for perfection PD!!

    1. TomBrady

      It’s not even stability that’s the problem online, the real problem is the functionality. THere needs to be matchmaking, there needs to be some kind of set up races for people, so we can join the type of races we like, and race the way we like. I’m sick and tired of searching for hours, just to find a clean lobby that also wants to race realistically instead of using racing soft tires on street cars.

      You’ve played iracing, so you know, tires don’t have that much grip in real life or in pro sims. Seriously, slick tires in iracing are more like sports soft in GT5. They make the tires more grippy on purpose, they’ve said it before that they do that to make it more accessible to noobs but I think they should drop that and go full realism. They should straight aim for the best physics, netKar Pro physics. They should try to get it like that.

      Most importantly for online racing, they need to keep HEAVY damage on at all times, and improve the physical damage in general. In iracing, the reason the racing is so good is because people race realistically. People don’t smash eachother of the course, because the damage gives instant consequences. GT5 needs that badly.

      Great physics can be done on the PS3 trust me. My computer isn’t nearly as powerful as the ps3, but it can run iracing, netkar, etc. Plus games like grand prix legends and richard burns rally from back in the day had incredible physics on much less powerful computers than the ps3.

      And sound, it would be cool to have great sound, but it’s purely a bonus. It’s not like GT5 has completely terrible sound. It’s not great but it’s very good, and some cars do have great engine sound. It’s not a make or break thing like physics

    2. zs1994

      the one thing i see tom is that as ppl have said gt5 is unfinneshed even if that has anything to do with the probs or not idk but the fact is most racing games have there own way of realistic racing. i think gt5 does get as real as it gets when it comes to ps3. it just needs touch ups….. the fact is pd needs to think real hard about how they need to improve there games like event creator better sounds, graphics ect….. wht ppl dont see is that pd is a biz and does have limitations. they can only do what the ps3 can hold… yes i agree gt5 can be more but pd may not have the money or support that they need….. im not a gt5 fanboy i have been critical about pd and gt5 the past few months…. yes the twin ring pack was high but i love that track so im keeping my mouth shut on that. in my mind gt5 needs to leave rally racing to codemasters and stick to road racing… the rally races on gt5 is bad the car slides more than it should on dirt… and yes i know its dirt but come on u get more grip on chamonix than on dirt for crying out loud. and i do agree with what u said tom let there be more options for hardcore racers and options for less xp racers… im about mid pack. i rank 2000 up in some tt so i cant say much but pd just needs to focus more thats all im saying….

  95. zs1994

    it shows that i think they was done with dlc but with ppl complaing about it being long they decide to do more….. it wont last long though in my mind

    1. DuskTrooper

      Besides complaining, the fans are also demanding it. Therefor, like any business would do is to create the supply for their demands.

      Supply and demand, is the basics of every company. If people demand it, PD will make more of it.

  96. ashmanh1

    Top 10 cars for GT5/6:

    1. 1969 Ford Mustang GT500 (Eleanor)
    2. Ferrari 458 spider/stradale
    3. Aston Martin DBS9
    4. Audi R8 LMS
    5. Mercedes CLK/SL63 Black Series
    6. Pagani Zonda 760RS
    7. 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider
    8. Roush Ford GT
    9. 2013 Dodge Viper GT
    10. 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

    Top 5 Tracks:

    1. Midfield Raceway
    2. Original Test Course (GT3 A-Spec)
    3. Silverstone GP Circuit
    4. Sepang GP Circuit
    5. Hockenheim GP Circuit

    1. TomBrady

      Terrible track selection man. I’m sorry but those are awful tracks.

      Silverstone makes sense, but it’s still not the most awe inspiring track. Same with Hockenheim. Midfield is just terrible and boring. Sepang is at the back of a long list of real tracks GT5 needs. I can’t imagine why you would put those 5 tracks on a list.

      Most of all, WHY in the hell would you put down the original test course. GT5 ALREADY HAS A TEST COURSE!!!!! And it’s a hell of a lot better then the original. Where have you been bro? Have you not heard about the speed test pack? GT5 already has a better test course. Best test course in any game or sim. Even rfactor, which has some crazy test tracks, doesn’t have anything that compares to SSR X

      I know it’s opinion and all, but I just think your track list is just awful.

  97. 908MatMut

    Along with many others GT5 players, I would really like to see Porsche in the new car dealership.

  98. Praggia

    Personally I feel that PD should have an online store separate from PS store accessed in game in GT5 in which new content is added. You should then be able to buy what you want when you want. They should just load it with cars and tracks galore and not via the DLC packs. Sort of like the dealership in GT 5 in which manufacturers are updated with rare models or newer ones.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      They would still have to model all of the new tracks and cars, so it would still take as long to develop content with this system in place.

    2. sangdude82

      I love that idea. PD could put up a list of 10-20 cars every 2 months on their website and ask people to vote their choices and make top 10 cars as DLC. I bet PD will make so much more cash that way :D

    3. CNSpots1

      What he means is that this would allow them to release cars individually, meaning faster output and not having to wait for the next whole pack to come out.

      I like this idea, because people would stop buying every rendition of the GTR and PD would learn that we want VARIETY.

  99. rjcraft16

    10 little wishes for DLC:

    1998 toyota supra (premium version)
    ferrari FXX
    ferrari 599XX
    ferrari 575 maranello
    koenigsegg agera R
    koenigsegg CCXR edition
    audi R8 LMS (premium version)
    audi RS4
    aston martin DBS
    2004 nissan skyline GT-R R34 Z-tune

  100. TheEzekiel

    how about more Le Mans cars…Audi R18 TDI Ultra (or E-Tron Quatrro), Toyota TS 030 Hybrid, Lola B12/60 Coupé etc. or GTE group cars like Ferrari 458 Italia LM Race Car, Aston Martin Vantage V8 LM… at least you should give us LMP2 Oreca 03 Nissan :-))

    1. TomBrady

      I agree with road atlanta but I’d rather have Virginia Internatil Raceway for sure. And zandvoort. But road atlanta is good

    2. Progress823

      +1 TomBrady…. VIR is a very good course that needs a showing in GT.

      We also need point-to-point races, like the Silver State Challenge (they gave us on of the cars used in the race, the Nissan Option Stream Z) and Targa Florio. It’s a wish, but we can only hope.

  101. omgsean1

    I think I was mention about a Volt because Kazunori Yamauchi talk about it during 2010 interview, but it was half-finish or almost finish model like the HSV-10 was model. However it need put to GT5 as dlc.

  102. TheGTGuy

    I’m just glad that Kaz and PD are still supporting GT5 and I guarantee that GT6 will be Much better then GT5, if you think about it every 2nd GT game was better then the first, they had way more cars and tracks. If we had 600 premium cars in GT6 I’d be delighted, no Standards.

    1. TheEzekiel

      I would appriciate more tracks…I mean…every single track that has ever appeared in GT series..I don’t need 1000 cars :)

  103. cornappeltje

    “Despite it being a long time since GT5′s release, we have received a lot of fan messages asking about new DLC content. So we decided to put a few 2012 version of our beloved Nissans in the game”


    Seriously, a DLC pack with a good balance between (European) road cars and race cars would be nice.

    1. RandomCarGuy17

      I completely agree with you.
      Not just the camaro & shelby though. We need the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, Corvette Grand Sport (C6), ’96 Camaro Z28 Anniversary Edition, Shelby Cobra daytona coupe, 2012 shelby gt350, & the 2012 ford mustang boss 302.

  104. RandomCarGuy17

    I also have some suggestions for some supercars to add to GT5:

    – Ferrari F50
    – Ferrari FXX
    – Maserati MC12
    – Pagani Zonda Cinque
    – Pagani Zonda F
    – Koenigsegg CCX
    – Koenigsegg Agera
    – Ruf CTR-3
    – Ruf Turbo R
    – Aston Martin Virage
    – Aston Martin ONE-77
    – Ford GT-X1
    – Ford GT90
    – Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni

    1. RandomCarGuy17

      @ZZ-II; I’ve may have heard rumors of koenigsegg being in GT6, if they’re comfirmed true, the would be awesome.
      @e30 freek; Yup, the F355 & the F355 challenge would be great ferrari add ons to the GT series.

      There’s also some great supercars that were in the classic GT games that PD took out such as the Vector M12 & the Venturi Atlantique 400GT.

    2. Quakebass

      I’m unsure of PD’s license standings on Koenigsegg and Pagani, but the rest seems doable. I just don’t know how long it would take to develop these cars considering how much workforce is actually on GT5. I could see at least 4 of these coming to GT5 in one pack if PD decides to add them.

    3. zr1chris

      You could always just play Forza 4…. Not hating on GT, just saying since most of these cars are in there.

    4. RandomCarGuy17

      @zr1chris I know I can and I do play forza 4 often because of it’s amazing car selection, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me as Gran Turismo. I just for some reason always seem to enjoy Gran Turismo more than Forza Motorsport, maybe it’s that forza doesn’t have the same driving feel that I have in GT.

  105. HKSBro92

    AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?
    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.

    OH YEAH!!

    1. Quakebass

      I think what he means is that they’re trying hard to achieve it, not that the license is already available.

    2. HKSBro92

      Yeah I know…the face that they’re trying is cool. I always thought PD didn’t care about Porsche.

    1. another_jakhole

      65 million copies of his games have been sold. He has fans.

      He didn’t even use the word fans once. He said users. So I think your comment is pointless for more than one reason.

  106. Xm_SaBeR_mX

    Saleen s7 twin turbo, 2012 Corvette Z06, SSC Ultimate Aero, and a Jaguar XJ220 that goes over 200mph

    1. Quakebass

      ^ Three of those are standard-premium upgrades, so that would likely be easier then brand-new cars.

    2. DuskTrooper

      They’re not easier than brand new cars, because PD has to remodel those entire cars from scratch.

  107. classicrockking


    1. Pagani Zonda Cinque 2.Koenigsegg CCX 3.Aston Martin ONE-77 4.Maserati MC 12 5. the ferris bueller 1961 Ferrari 250 GT
    6. Ferrari FXX 7.SSC Ultimate Aero 8. Gumpert Apollo S or R 9. 1987 Ferrari Testarossa 10. 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge had to throw a muscle car in lol

    How bout make the miatas go away along with all other economy cars and obamas electric cars like nissan leaf

    1. BanditRa101801

      Agreed, A_Higher_Place. Also, I don’t mind the electric/economy cars in the game. They represent where the market is heading towards.

    2. LR-MR-Cole

      Not even close. Yes a Zonda but not the Cinque, how about the 760RS. I do like the Maserati GT MC Stadale and Gumpert but the old Ferraris yeah there Awe inspiring cars but they handle like slugs, except the FXX of course. Any Aston Martins would be great. JUST NO MUSCLE CARS AND NO SSC AERO WASTE OF TIME.

    3. LR-MR-Cole

      This guy above says he wants city/electric cars until a DLC does come out consisting of them, than he will be complaining.

    4. BanditRa101801

      If there was a pack like that I really would not mind. Like I said, this game is suppose to encompass the different visions of what an automobile should be. Do not associate me with the complainers that will never be happy.

    5. Quakebass

      It would seem that removing cars is a step backwards… PD shouldn’t take out any of the eco/family cars, that brings more to the game, especially for the people that actually own those vehicles.

    6. Pit Crew

      What does Obama have to do with GT5?…Anyways Can PD dig up a Pantera Detomosa a BigBlock 427 Corvette Stingray (C2) and a 69 HEMI RoadRunner? The Muscle car lobbies would never be the same.

  108. Blinkou

    what is frustrating is that players forza did not need to wait for their new DLC, there’s every month that is loud and clear. On our side we are in the dark

    1. Uppmas

      If you ever watched some of Forza 4 forums, they cry for new tracks but aren’t getting any. I feel kinda lucky.

    2. Quakebass

      You should know the reason for this.

      T10’s workforce > PD’s workforce.

      But I WOULD like PD to be a little less quiet…

    3. DuskTrooper

      The Forza players still have to wait an entire month before they know what cars they’re getting.

  109. RugerGuy

    What this game needs more than anything else is more tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, speedways, tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, speedways, tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, speedways, tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, speedways, tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, speedways, tracks, raceways, circuits, road courses, and speedways.

    Oh, and by the way, did I mention this game needs more tracks.

  110. MaterA113

    Did anyone see the article on IGN about GT5? It was talking about GT5s problems, and how the game needs to be more like Forza.

    1. RobDoggy05

      When was this article written though? Because remember there been alot of fixes since GT5 release, main one being patch 2.0

    2. e30 freek

      Oh right sorry masterA113 i feel like a twit nw thanks for making me realise my mistake Uppmas

    3. pasigiri

      Putting aside all the fan-boy-ism of GT5 and/or Forza 4 specifically, the only real things I think GT5 should learn from Forza is the car selection and car sounds. The livery editor would be nice, but not nearly as critical as the things I just mentioned. More events and the paint chip stuff (that has GOT TO GO; I shouldn’t LOOSE a color) are more of self improvements.

      But then again, you can’t please everybody. Just look at the Forza forums. They complain about Forza just as much as GT5 forums complain about GT5.

    4. pasigiri

      That article isn’t about how to make GT5 more like Forza by the way. Is there a way to edit posts by the way???

    5. Uppmas

      @Pasigiri No, but the changes would basically make it more like Forza and less like GT. Some even mentioned in the comments: ”so basically you want to make it like Forza?” And I kinda agree.

    6. TokoTurismo

      ^ When I was reading the article, I to found out about that. I don’t think GT needs to be more like Forza. But what GT CAN have is their cars and themselves add more tracks. Perfect. :)

  111. Nokkien

    New DLC ey’

    Atleast that confirms people actually buys the DLC we already have, even if it’s not the hottest thing around.

    Or else they would just move on to GT6.

  112. moxlox

    “THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.”

    Now that is good news, be it GT5 DLC (I doubt) or GT6 (probably). Excellent.

    1. GT HP Nut

      @RobDoggy05 it probably means you can create your own A-Spec race, and the variations in the race will be chosen by yourself.

    1. e30 freek

      It is very interesting because we got motegi and it was on there i just hope they give us seattle circuit

    2. DuskTrooper

      ^ We most likely won’t get them all. We’ve only gotten one on that list, and it has been almost 2 years since GT5’s inception.

    1. Tvensky

      I just hope they add all TOP user wanted cars and tracks from feedback section!

      and some new features fans requested..

    2. xDarkDriverx

      Yeah! If they’d find a way to get in contact with some fans that play the game enough, and ask them what cars they’d like to see become premium. Or just search some websites and stuff, for as far as I know, there are a lot of topics about that here and on Gamespot.

    3. Flaco13

      ‘I just hope they add all TOP user wanted cars and tracks from feedback section!’ -yeah but then it would be all supercars, I’d rather have a good mix of all kinds of cars

  113. vodas888

    I would like a “compulsary pit stop” option added to the race setting for online races.
    10 lap races are made more interesting when everyone pits. But you always get guys (new entrants to the racing lounge) that either dont know or ignore the rule of making a pitstop during the upcoming race. If a forced pit stop feature or disqualification feature could be added it would be cool :)

  114. RobDoggy05

    Im very glad to hear that PB “say” they will be carrying forth with DLC. I just hope they make DLC’s with content that we actually want, and not whats easiest for them to make, AKA re-badged cars..

    BUT I still think to this day that they need to alter 1st and for most the whole game sounds/effects. That alone, would change the WHOLE game for the better. Thoes cars have brute force coming from them, make it sound like it!

    Lets get some content that makes us say: “OMW, YES BABY WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!”

  115. Hentis

    I think the question about DLC was a good one and 95% of is expected it to be asked. We got the answer, so Maybe Bathurst for later this year then?
    The two questions that tweaked my interest was about the Porsche Licence and the Event creator. If an Event creator is released then fb is would add loads more playability to the game. Cars and track go so far but to utilise them you need events and when the DLC are and tracks have stopped sing released and the moaning and griping increases about lack of DLC increases on here. At least you have the event creator. If I recall you unlocked it at the end of the game in GT2. I spent hours on that. Now imagine if you could use it online. Endless possibilites with what we already have already such as the track creator.
    As someone else mentioned track creator needs a major update and more tracks templates added. I Was a bit annoyed that no question was asked about that.

    Finally about the DLC are just because you, as an individual don’t want to see any more Jap cars, does not mean that the rest of the people don’t. I would like to see more Japanese, European and American cars. To be honest I would love to see some of these cars from the 40’s upwards. One of the biggest wishes I would love to see is the Ford Transit van in GT5, why? You ask. If Sabine Schmitz (I think that’s her name) can drive round the Nurburgring in one then so can I.

    Honestly though I welcome all the additions to GT5.

    1. Flaco13

      Drive around the ring everybody can do that. If you seriously doubt the skills of Sabine Schmitz in racing conditions then you might want to watch some vid’s one utube, I doubt that there will be more than a handfull of us, able to keep up to that lady.

  116. jdmlevel

    Everyones Wishlist:
    -custom head/tail lights: Only for civics, integras, etc.
    -pop up convertable
    -3d background people
    -brand exhaust
    -brand intake
    -brand turbo
    -brand suspension
    -brand brakes
    -full 720 wheel turn
    -paint more glossy
    -options for lhd or rhd for japanese cars
    -engine blowing up due to high rev
    -airbags/air suspension
    -blow off valve/ not tttssssss we want the something different/ surprise us!
    What i want:
    All i want is to keep the damage affect low because i dont like seeing cars hurt you know? people who wants the damage affect real is crazyand has no respect for cars! unless they want to make the game feel more real.

    1. DuskTrooper

      I don’t think people really want to purposely want to crash their car, they just want the damage more realistic.

    2. TuomaZ

      Yeah, that’s a nice list but we also need some bodyparts, wheels and a LOT of tunung options.

    3. tofudrifter

      I think this list is a sarcastic joke … But on this forum it’s really hard to tell sometimes

    4. Quakebass

      Damage is only disrespectful to cars if your purposely damaging them… and what are you actually hurting in a video game? Nothing. Plus, with more realistic visual damage, (I.E. more compression and dislodgeable parts) you’ll get more realistic physic aspects when crashes DO happen… Frankly, hitting a barrier at 100+ MPH, stopping instantly and hearing a dull “clunk” is not at ALL realistic.

  117. Normalaatsra

    Any car that has not been covered by GT5 that appeared in the Vanilla Forza 4 needs to be added as DLC.

  118. Glovesman

    Cars – I have more than enough to keep me going. Tracks – these are what I want.

    My wish list would be, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Donnington Park & Paul Ricard.

  119. SavageEvil

    DLC should include the new and somehow now it’s own manufacturer Viper ’13, ’09 Saleen S7 TT, Koenigsegg Agera, Cadillac CTS-V ’12, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 ’12, Veyron SS ’12, Ferrari F50, HKS 180SX Drag car, Ruf CTR 3 ’12, just to name a few.

    Tracks well first off we need a drag course, screw complaints this is a driving game and we should have at least a useful drag 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile and 1 mile drag strips. I vote for the use of the runway on TGTT, it’s got to be at least a few thousand feet long easy and why isn’t the airstrip runway a drag strip already in the game is beyond me. But to go with that they should also include proper drag set up, allowing for warm up launches before settling in for the start. This should make the drag race even more of a mini game within itself. We should get Sebring 24hr day/night cycle and weather, Silverstone all layouts, Watkins Glen and Pikes Peak(the old dirt hill climb, loved it back in GT2). Just a bit of things that could be added as DLC.

  120. Jaycue58

    Here’s a thought guys, remember GT1 and the fact that you put a racing skin on any car well I think that would just about suit everyone as that would virtually double the existing car base

  121. researchALLwars

    BIG UPS to the spanish PlaystationBlog for asking PERTINENT questions! Hell yes.

    Special thanks to THUNDERbreaks for getting the best question in there. Event Creator is what the racers want. Cars are cool. Tracks are cooler.. But what the heck are you going to do with them? Partake in a rabbit chase? LoL.

  122. KYD302

    I know we won’t see this in GT5 but for GT6 it would be nice if they could implement some of tourist trophy into the game i would love to see some rockets cruising around and how about an open city where ppl can race each other in drift an drag and big parking lots for car clubs to meet etc. this of course would need to push the 16 player limit higher to maybe 64 players or more they could limit the races but in a free roam environment it would be nice to bs with all walks of racers and enthusiasts. I think this idea could make the game more fun and informative to those who want to understand real car culture

  123. iaianstg

    I have high hopes for future dlc. when i look at the forza car list i start to feel like i’m playing the wrong game.

  124. MetsMania15

    I would like some more Dodges. We need Dodge NASCARs, an SRT8 Charger, the new 2013 Viper GTS, and others like the Avenger and Dart.

  125. PinappleJuice

    Bring back the old cars we have lost over the years of GT. Maybe the lost cars from GT1 like

    Toyota Chaser, MK II, Corona 2000ext
    Nissan pulsar GTiR
    Mazda Cosmo 13B and 20B variants
    Subaru Legacy Touring RS, SVX
    Mitsubishi GTO 92′
    Honda Accord

    Anyone agree??

    1. Amac500

      I would if GT5 hadn’t already made me allergic to Jap cars with all the crappy Jap cars they keep adding, even if those ones aren’t as bad. Only Jap cars I’m happy with are racing cars now (LMP!). However I wouldn’t object to lost GT1 tracks like Road Atlanta, but that won’t happen because Forza has that ALMS deal and Don Panoz owns the track.

  126. Elitekilla29

    I will like to see some new tracks and some of the classic tracks from the gt games like seattle and new york race tracks. Like to have the 80s era mustangs and some 2012 cars. Just a little wishlist

  127. VicGuanajuato

    My wishlist:

    Costa di Amalfi.
    Città di Aria.
    Georges V.
    Seattle Circuit.
    Opera Paris.

    Really don’t mind about the cars… I play this great game for its scenary!

    1. DuskTrooper

      “Really don’t mind about the cars… I play this great game for its scenary!”

      Well then I think you might be playing the wrong game.

    2. diegorborges

      Your track wishlist is awesome. You can put Hong Kong there. I used to hate it but I so want it for GT5 with bigger res textures.

  128. Yauma9

    South American GT Academy? Awesome.
    Porsche? Awesome.
    Event Generator? Awesome.
    MOAR DLC? Awesome.

  129. vicgto

    My wishlist:

    -Costa di Amalfi.
    -Città di Aria.
    -Georges V.
    -Seattle Circuit.

    Really don’t mind about the cars… I play this fab game for its scenary!

  130. BIOHAZARD9519

    I’m glad to here this, surprise me Kaz!

    Would like a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 though ;)

  131. smskeeter23

    Why the hell is everyone crying for the BRZ when its just a “rebadged” 86?

    Same ice cream in a slightly different cone… (flame suit on)

    1. Amac500

      Because Subaru is the only badges version of the car that anyone would be caught dead in, lol. I honestly could care less if they do it or not.

    2. BWX

      You are wrong and ignorant. They have different body panels and look quite different and they have different suspension settings.

  132. bigfoot69

    I would just like the DLC to be at a fair price in Australia. Our dollar is about the same as the american dollar but we have to pay $3 more than them for the DLC.

    1. researchALLwars

      wait wait wait…. The aussie dollar is worth about the same as the US dollar? Is your privately owned “federal” bank printing them by the trillions to literally GIVE to their banker friends?

      If not, you guys may need to make some calls. As if that would matter….

  133. sumbrownkid

    Anytime anyone tries to cheat in online races, the car they are racing in should explode and then the picture with Kaz with his arms crossed and staring at you should pop up.

  134. NjLowrider

    What we need is simple everyday cars. Cadillac cts-v, mustang coyote, m6, Hyundai genesis. These cars are basic modern day performance cars.

    1. DuskTrooper

      “What we need is simple everyday cars.”

      An everyday normal car would be a Ford Fushion, Nissan Ultima, etc. None of the cars you mentioned are
      “everyday normal cars”.

    2. SavageEvil

      Hyuandai Genesis is an everyday car, not what you would call premium or luxury. Top of the Hyuandai heap though, lol.

  135. tube chaser

    I’d be absolutely over the moon if we could ever get the Isle of Man road-course. Yes I know its more then twice the length of the Nordschleife, but with smart optimizing the PS3 will cope; and the Nürburgring staff will have a chance to replant all the grass I’ve torn up HAHA!

  136. 70hemi

    One thing I’d like is to be able to drive my convertible cars (other than the California) With the tops down. But we’ll never see that happen… But keep the DLC coming Kaz!!!

  137. ENFORCER 98

    the only thing i would really like is.

    – Mount Panorama
    – A 2000 Holden Commodore V8 supercar to rival the Falcon XR8 V8 supercar
    – 1971 XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III
    – And maybe the old FPVs that used to be in GT4

    thats probably about it really

    1. nissanfanatic

      Thanks Rusty!

      It would be great to see some Aussie cars Premium. E3 GTS would be mad. F6 Typhoon would’t go a miss either!

  138. Mike240SX

    My DLC Wish List:
    -US versions of the S13/S14 platform, with the KA24E/DE engines
    -Any S12 and S110
    -The US-exclusive special editions of the MX-5 Miata, or at the very least a premium NA8 with tan top/interior
    -Any or all Nissan Cedric/Glorias, at least including the 330 and Y34
    -Any or all Nissan Cefiros, at least including the A31
    -Any or all Nissan Leopards, at least including the F31 and Y32.
    -Any or all Nissan Laurels, at least including C130.
    -Any or all Nissan Cimas, at least including the F50.
    -Any or all Toyota Chaser/Tourers
    -Any or all Mazda full size FR platforms (too many different names over the years to list)

    Yep, more Japanese cars. The game doesn’t have enough.

    1. CarBastard

      Wow, no offense meant but that’s the reason why GTs car list gets so much hate. The game is for car enthusiasts from all the world, and it’s supposed to be an encyclopedia of automobiles not a Japanese car buff book. People love want variety. Do you seriously think a game that’s, in essence, a Nissan specialist wet dream would sell 60m+ copies??? I couldn’t care less for having ALL the Cefiros, ALL the Laurels, etc. and some people couldn’t care less for having ALL Group C cars so we compromise and have a couple of each. I think such compromise is fair, given that this game ISN’T a niche game but one aimed at a wide audience. Quite frankly a game that had the car list you just mentioned would have, I think, awful sales outside of Japan.

      To each their own, is the GT motto. That’s why you Japanese-o-philic lot get your awful (awful to me, I insist) K-cars and why cars like the Aventador are included for people with other tastes. That’s why we have Miatas and Mustangs. R8s and Type-Rs. GTB Ferraris and GT-R Nissans. The more balanced, the merrier. That’s why I hate when GT biases towards X type of cars without compensating.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      I agree with CB. I love Nissaans too but that’s a ridiculous wishlist. This is the last thing that needs to be added to GT.

  139. ViperSRT10ACR

    Can we get cars that are from manufacturers that lack premium cars?

    Simplified: Can we get non-Japanese cars?

    1. DuskTrooper

      If they did that, Nissan would be knocking on PD’s door saying “WTF, man?! You no like us anymore?!”

  140. tpark103

    If this is the entire interview it turn out just as I thought it would, completely filtered. I

  141. SRT8bk

    Wish list:
    2013 Ford Shelby GT 500
    2013 3 series + M3
    2012 5 series + M5
    2012 Camaro ZL1
    2012 CTS V
    2013 SRT Viper
    2012 63, 65 AMG series

    1. e30 freek

      the new f30 m3 won’t be ready till 2014 but f30 335i would be great and how about the e30 m3 scince it’s votes are at the top and kaz said if there is demand it will be implemented

  142. mef

    The last DLC (The Twin Ring Montegi) is an aboslute RIP OFF

    I’m a Gran Turismo fan since Playstation 1 days. But Sony and PD are taking their customers for fools… Please fellow racers vote with your wallet and don’t support overpriced DLC like this.

    Twin Ring Montegi is a lazy HD version of a track that has existed probably for about 10 years. Don’t support ripoff prcing please.

    1. tube chaser

      I agree.

      Spa has weather, Kart Space is gorgeous, and SSRX has time-change. Someone dropped the ball with TRM :(

    2. DuskTrooper

      IMO it’s not a rip-off. Unless you’re an extreme penny-pusher, you’d notice that you two separate tracks (Superspweedway – Road Course) that come along with it.

      Do I wish that it had weather and/or time changing ability? Yes, yes I do. Now I’m not much of a fan of Motegi at all, but compared to DLC for some other games I’ve seen that offer the same amount of content, but instead charge triple the amount that Motegi costs; It’s a decent deal for this Motegi track.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      @mef: I agree. The fact that there is no time change or even weather on Motegi makes it a no-buy for me.

  143. BWX

    I don’t believe anything Kaz says anymore, I think he has a serious problem with the truth.

    Where’s A-Spec GT Life update? Why no updates except to ruin AI and ban grid starts?

    Where’s the Driver’s club thing he promised was coming ”very soon” over a year ago?

    Why did he COMPLETELY BREAK AI in A-Spec and then leave it like that, but only improve AI in arcade mode? AI SLAM on brakes anytime you ar near them and give up completely. It’s ridiculous, and Kaz does nothing.


    1. DuskTrooper

      “Where’s the Driver’s club thing he promised was coming ”very soon” over a year ago?”

      I’m pretty sure that drivers club thing was suppose be GT Academy 2012.

    2. BWX

      @sumbrownkid No one ever said that.. but they obviously don’t even try to fix huge glaring problems with important main parts of the game.

  144. OmarBaez53

    Come on PD, if you want 20 for a DLC with atleast 20-30 cars and 5-10 Tracks more ill be please to pay even 2 times the price.

    1. Neenor

      Soon as you’re so happy to pay, you can pay mine too. These updates should be free to complete this incomplete game. People like you frustrate me.

      As a community as a whole we should be DEMANDING free updates, not asking to pay for them.

      Do you go into a shop and say ” I really want that bottle of beer, so much that i’ll pay double”? I bet you have NEVER done that eh?

      Get a grip GT5 Planeters, DEMAND free updates together.

    2. Kyy357


      So you go to the store and demand your botle of beer for free ?
      Get real, this is business for Sony and PD.

    3. BWX

      I’d be happier to pay for content I can use in GT Life mode.. Like new race series and career mode extensions. I’d also be more apt to pay for DLC if they fix basic issues like lone rabbit AI.

  145. ttfn

    See, all you naysayers going on about lack of DLC have got Kaz wrong…….just coz he’s off racing doesnt mean PD stop working on the game itself…..looking forward to the new dlc whatever the cost and hopefully in the near future we’ll all get to race our ferrari’s, lambo’s, etc against the porsche’s WHEN PD get the licence to add them

  146. XXI

    PD should put up a list of cars on their website (say 10 or so) that THEY are considering to produce for future DLC, then let the community vote. This would be a win for all I feel because:
    1) It would determine what their capabilities currently are regarding the license.
    2) Would let the community actually interact with the choices PD are considering.
    3) Would obviously shed some light on actual upcoming DLC and quiet down speculation and disappointment.

  147. honda32v

    I want Subaru BRZ, 84 Honda Prelude 1.8, Ford Sierra RS500, HSV Clubsport, HSV Sentor, Holden Commodore VE, 1986 Mazda 323 (Familia) 4WD Turbo, 1992 Mitubishi Galant VR-4 (twin turbo), Dodge Ram STR-10, 2013 STR Viper. And I am hoping GT5 trying to get Porsche license… what Forza did two months ago that they got 30 new Porsches as they got license already…..and yes more track of course……

  148. Normalaatsra

    So GT5 technically did end post-launch servicing.
    I wonder how long it will last with further support by the fans.

    Good thing is we all know that some GT5 DLC has tracks included.
    (Feeling bad to the Forza players out there :/ )

  149. Rushton1996

    Well since this has turned into a wishlist thread, Kaz, I’d like to see:

    Bugatti Veyron SS
    BMW M5 F10
    Ferrari F12 Belinetta
    Ferrari FF
    Audi R18 E-tron
    Nissan Deltawing
    Toyota TS030 Hybrid
    Subaru BRZ
    Nissan Juke Nismo or Juke R
    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe

    And a few new tracks like El Capitan and Infineon

    Also event creator should be in a free update not DLC.

    And please don’;t make DLC too expensive :)

    1. TooMuchGrip

      Also the new 2013 Viper GTS and some more Audis. We don’t need a BRZ, theres already so many versions of the same car.

    2. Amac500

      Ya won’t get the Toyota TS030 as long as it is in competition for Toyota. Factory cars won’t be added while the version is in use because of the graphical capabilities of GT5. What better chance for competitor to look close around the car at all the little aerodynamic details? A car like the Audi R18 TDI that is no longer in use is different, the TDI has many aerodynamic differences from the ultra and the etron quattro. If that for some reason isn’t good enough either then look back to 2010 with the R15 TDI+. If ya want 2012 cars look at things like the Oreca, Lola, and Zytek chassis, especially the LMP2 ones.

    1. Amac500

      I’m down for new Super GT, I was looking at em’ yesterday and that HSV-10 is sharp, new Super GT would be great.

      What if we had race mod for them? Just with a factory Honda, Lexus, and Nissan schemes, just so we can spray the car, change the number, and make it our own :)

  150. Kiloknaller

    Yes, finally Kaz confurms that new DLc’s are coming. But i think we all need a bit of money for it

  151. TokoTurismo

    Why everytime Kaz answers a question, he puts “we” and “I” in his sentence? What about your fans ideas Kaz? They’re just as better to bring fun to the GT series.

    1. Mike240SX

      That may be a translation error; without the original Japanese transcript it’s impossible to tell. Common vernacular drops pronouns all together and it’s left to context.

  152. grazbro

    I’d like to see a vast selection of existing liveries and/or a custom livery builder. It would be way cool to have a GT series with x amount of different makes/models and every car had a different livery and number.

  153. Smokedogg36

    Premium r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 and series 1,2 & 3 rx7. Preferably custom tuned examples 13b bridgeport turbo, 20b PP etc

  154. Smokedogg36

    Premium Mazda r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 and series 1,2 & 3 rx7. Preferably custom tuned examples 13b bridgeport turbo, 20b PP etc

    1. e30 freek

      Can someone explain event generator i dont think it says what it is in the article above… Unless im blind

  155. GTP_Versatile

    There are a lot of great suggestion so far, and I wish we could see all of them to make everyone happy, unfortunately I doubt that’ll happen.

    That said, I’d like to see: 2012-2013 BMW DTM M3, (as well as many other DTM cars), Koenigsegg’s, some new (and old) GT1-4 circuits, 2013 Viper, premium RUF’s (or Porsche), Pagani Huayra, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and for PD to fix the AI opponents vehicle choices.

    If I’m driving a tuned street car (WRX, M5, Supra etc.) why are all my Arcade Mode opponents typically the same car? (Toyota 7 or Escudo Pikes Peak rally Cars) If I were to drive a stock Audi R8 Race car, my opponents are usually (Minolta, Sauber C9, Toyota 7, and the Escudo) It really just takes the fun out of Arcade mode.

  156. KingDiamond83

    Well thanks for clearing that up guys. Bob Varsha always refers it to as street circuit lol

  157. TheCrazySwede

    Has anyone interviewed Kaz about GT5’s engine and exhaust sounds? They sound terrible. Personally, that would be the first thing that I would fix.

    1. alex140396pim

      might i just say, gt5 sounds really good through a 5.1 system with a low enough sub. but i suspect you dont have a surround system and if so, i deeply understand your concern! i played a while back on my brothers 23″ samsung tv, and through the stock speakers the cars sounded like hair dryers :( though it is made worse by the tv, (people will kill me for saying this) forza still sounds decent on tv speakers.

    2. BMfan

      I think Forza does sound better through the TV speakers,my friends brother has F4 and he raves about the sound compared to GT yet when i had a chance to plug the xbox into my amp and do a proper comparison between GT5,Forza 4 and some videos of the real cars my friend and and i agreed that gt5 came closer to the real thing on a few of the cars.

      Though we both agree that Forza sounds better in the cockpit view,which doesn’t matter for me because i play the chase cam view.

  158. djs

    I suspect all those beautiful things Kaz didn’t deny, aren’t coming any time soon. It’s us getting overexcited again…

  159. Zamado75

    I’m not sure if anyone else has the license; but I would like some Skodas in-game.
    Not necessarily the VRS models, just a Fabia, Superb etc.

  160. Zamado75

    I’m not sure if anyone else has the license; but I would like some Skodas in-game.
    Nit necessarily the VRS models, just a Fabia, Superb etc.

  161. gamerdog6482

    No mention of coarse creator? Wow. I hope the “event editor” isn’t anything like the track creator.

    1. DuskTrooper

      Agreed. I don’t want it simplified. I (and I’m sure many others) want it to be complex. I want to be able to choose the track, amount of credits earned, prize car, opponents, amount of laps… Blah blah blah you got the idea.

      And after I’m finished creating my events, I should be able to play them myself and share them with others too.

    1. researchALLwars

      Wouldn’t that be sweet? How about some of the new RUF’s as well? I can hear the techno song from the Super Troopers porsche scene right now! lmao!

  162. nascarfn

    HEY KAZ WHAT ABOUT US GUYZ THAT WANT SOME TRUCKS maybe u could turn those standard trucks into premiums and add some proper chevy trucks non of that low ride crap and add some proper 8ft box proper height noo low ride!!!
    – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
    -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
    – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
    – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    Also maybe tracks like Silverstone, Mosport, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Both Watkins Glen courses v8 super cars Bathurst and more v8 super car tracks

    MY TURN :) LOL

  163. RandomCarGuy17

    I also have some track suggestions for future GT5 DLC:

    – Midfield Raceway
    – Red Rock Valley
    – Special Stage Route 11
    – El Capitan
    – Classic Rome tracks (Rome Circuit Classic, Rome Short, & Rome Night)
    – Seattle Tracks (Seattle Circuit & Short)
    – Grindlewald
    – Apricot Hill Raceway
    – Pikes Peak Hillclimb
    – Tahiti (Tahiti Road, Maze, & Circuit from GT2)

    1. DuskTrooper

      “- Midfield Raceway
      – Special Stage Route 11
      – Tahiti (Tahiti Road, Maze, & Circuit from GT2)”

      This 3. I don’t even know why they were taken away from the series to begin with.

    2. RandomCarGuy17

      I don’t know either. I liked the tahiti dirt tracks and Midfield was one of my favorite original tracks since GT2. Special Stage Route 11 was just plain epic.

  164. HuskyGT

    His response about the event generator and DLC gives me hopes about this game’s future. But I agree that we might not be seeing this in the near future. Just maybe when GT5 Spec III is eventually released.

    I keep my hopes high.

    1. researchALLwars

      Mr Husky, I bet we’ll be seeing such things sooner than you think. I am THRILLED that the spanish gamelab boys didn’t softball him and asked some VERY pertinent questions. Awe. Some.

  165. Praggia

    All I want is an e46 M3 CSL premium with authentic sound pleeeeeeeaaseee KAZ
    yeah I know its a longshot lol

  166. Zamado75

    Oh well, here’s hoping for something decent; although “preparing new DLC” doesn’t, necessarily, mean were getting it next week.

    Dominic Toretto probably guessed right; it’s probably something stupid like the BRZ and another (stupidly priced) track.

    Give me the MC Stradale and El Capitan, and I’ll NEVER complain about GT5 again.
    And you can hold me to that.

  167. Nissan Lover

    I’m liking the ambitiousness of people commenting. But why are they assuming what they think will come into GT5?Nobody knows what’s coming and when it does comes,people get disappointed about none of the cars on their list are in the DLC.Just wait and see,don’t get your hopes up so quick.

    1. Zamado75

      Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      And besides “Bigger” DLC pack was never mentioned.

    2. mickoafna

      Embarrassment has nothing to do with it Zamado75.
      Expect at least 5 new cars (not all Japanese) and not officially 2 tracks (might be just one).
      Expect the unexpected GT fans :-)

  168. RandomCarGuy17

    I hope for the subaru BR-Z to be added. I do wonder what other cars could be added.
    I could make a few suggestions that might be easy for PD to add since they seem to perfer Toyota and Nissan cars.
    Prenium Toyota Supra RZ ’97
    1988 Toyota Celica Rally Car
    1997 Nissan R390 Road Version
    1997 Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car
    1998 Toyota GTONE Road Version
    1997 Nissan Skyline 280 Type MR
    1990 Toyota Supra TwinTurbo R (Prenium Ver.)
    1998 Toyota Celica GT Four ST205 (Prenium Ver.)
    1998 Nissan R390 Road Version (Prenium Ver.)

    1. RandomCarGuy17

      Yeah, I know it’s rediculous since there’s at least 80 Skylines in GT5 already, but this one is a non-gt-r skyline that I missed from Gran Turismo 2. It doesn’t have to be added, I was just giving a silly suggestion.

    1. gamerdog6482

      KOENIGSEGG!!!!! I think everyone would agree with me. Kaz pretty much said we are not getting Porsche in the next DLC, so something cool like a CCXR, or the CCXR Edition? My best idea: Koenigsegg CCXR Edition, Gumpert Apollo S, ShelbySuperCars Ultimate Aero TT, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (the convertible), NSX-Concept 2012, and, yes, the Red Bull X2012. That pack would complete me.

    2. lebes14

      Personally I’d rather have Honda hsv-010gt and a Lexus lfa gt500. Although koenisegg is by far my favorite supercar and I won be utterly stoked to see it!

    3. gamerdog6482

      X2010 is shared, X2011 has 100,000 km on it, only solution? X2012. Also, having the Koenigsegg CCR, CCX, CCXR, CCXR Edition, Agera, and Agera R opens up opportunities for an all-Koenigsigg seasonal. New idea: Pagani Zonda Cinque, maybe a Mclaren F1 (like an actual Formula One car from Mclaren) so F1 matches aren’t F2007 vs F10 every time. And is it too much to ask for an Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro? Or, you know, Bathurst, or more control over coarse creator? In retrospect, I would trade all the Koenigseggs, Gumperts, SSCs, even the Bugattis (In my opinion they are overrated) for a track designer similar to TrackMania.

  169. Blinkou

    I would love to have more information because there is not much information before the release of a DLC.

  170. gamerdog6482

    THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.

    Event editor? That will be interesting. We are kind of running out of room in GTLife…

  171. HKS racer

    About the lack of time gaps (car in front of you, car behind you) I think it’s necessary because of endurance events, expecially when you are tring to run a close battle lap after lap, hour after hour, you need a time reference on what other cars are doing.

    Maybe show the lap times and the gap of your rivals at the “start / finish line” keep them for 3 , 4 seconds and then turn them off, in this way you won’t spam the screen with too many infos.

    1. A_Higher_Place

      I say do it the other way around. Tell me where the lead car is when I pass the start/finish and tell me the front and behind cars at individual sections.

    1. gamerdog6482

      We don’t know this for sure. Whilst it is a possibility, maybe even a probability, DLC can be released without updating the game. They said “DLC” not “update”.

  172. TokoTurismo

    I don’t think Kaz wants to do GT Vita. I could understand him. It’ll be more important to stick with GT6 and continue making it instead. :)

    1. Fisha695

      Didn’t Sony pretty much confirm that a GTVita was in existence the week & they’re just trying to figure out how to market it? At least that’s how I interpenetrated the survey they sent out that asked something along the lines of “Would you be more likely to buy a GT game for Vita if you got a discount on a new GT game for the PS3”.

    2. TokoTurismo

      “Would you be more likely to buy a GT game for Vita if you got a discount on a new GT game for the PS3″.

      ??? New GT? Discount for a GT version for Vita? Umm… O, kay? =\

    3. lebes14

      I can not even put into words how lame a GT game on vita would be. Such a waste of time to even bother with such a low power device. Just focus on gt6…please! I can barely even wait for gt6 and we have 0 I formation on it yet!

  173. HKS racer

    Kaz words about the event editor are interesting. I’ve also asked the possibility to select the opponents, in this way GT5 will become a lot better.

    Thanks for the news in 1st page and CorvetteConquer for translation.

    1. A_Higher_Place

      Yeah, creating your own fantasy races in arcade mode would be great. Gives you a chance to run your our tournies and use your imagination a bit. This way there’s never a runaway car and the AI winner is determined by track and B-spec level.

  174. Amac500

    YES, more DLC!!! Hear that all you hatred that told us to use our heads, shut up, and deal with, all our “complaining” about DLC equates to long term interest from PD. Hahahaha, last laugh!

    1. MadmuppGT

      Yeah, but theres DLC and then theres ‘DLC’ AKA stuff that should be free seeing its so small..

      I think thats what people complain about

    2. aronh17

      It’s not the complaining, he said what keeps them going is the interest in DLC. Topics and threads on forums that say and have votes on what DLC should be added, that’s what keeps them going, not “I WANT DLC AND TO BE FREE!” That’s not what is keeping them going. It’s hard to make free DLC, when you have to acquire additional time and licensing for certain cars. As little detailed as the standard cars are, they still have proper physics and all have different handling, so I’m fine. But that’s just me :) Gran Turismo 5 is a fantastic game, hope they come out with Spec III! Thanks Kazunori, keep it up.

    3. Amac500

      No no, what I’m talking about is the downers that said their wouldn’t be any new content until GT6

  175. FishyJuice

    Woooohoooo! Feels pretty awesome to be on the front page for the 5th time, some one really likes my pictures… Thanks Jordan. :)

  176. stupidstormy36

    Glad to see such effort still being put behind this title after so long. It’s too bad that the livery editor (yes it’s been mentioned before) wasn’t touched upon. Oh well, I’ve been patient thus far. Keep up the awesome work guys and I can’t wait for the next DLC (as long as it’s not any more hybrid cars lol).

  177. KingDiamond83

    Well it looks like keeping the $15 dollars in my PSN Wallet will be worth waiting. I hope we can get infineon so we can race both NASCAR and Sports cars on there. Or maybe Kaz should add some more street circuits like Valencia, Long Beach, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, St. Petersburg. Also maybe for GT6, the IZOD Indycar Series should be in the game. INDYCAR wants to expand their organization a lot and i believe GT would be the perfect way to.

    1. Amac500

      In all fairness, Gilles Villenueve is not a street circuit. Cars aren’t aloud to drive on it, it was just made a city park to get around the rules and build it.

    2. Amac500

      But yeah, I totally want those tracks you mentioned and I love indycar, wish we could just get it now, lol, I know it’s not that simple. Ya know what else I kind of want? Newer Super GT actually would please me, I kind like the looks of that Honda HSV-10. LMP2 cars I really want, just Le Mans in general really, both GT and LMP, just figured all those Nissan LMP2 were most likely. Audi R18 TDI :)

    3. coolguyndc

      Circuit Gilles Vileneuve is a road track. 80% of it is driving road, and the rest for bicycle. I went their once on my motorcycle, and it was a great experience to drive on this famous track.

    4. KingDiamond83

      The thing i love about INDYCAR is the fact that you can have fun with them on a small city street so if we actually do get them in GT6 (One can imagine) the street circuits like Special Stage R5 and Rome and Madrid would be perfect for Indy

  178. kekke2000

    The lack of many small features is the big issue for future improvements. These features would make the game even more enjoyable.
    -Online Quick Race (GT5 Prologue)
    -Offline Shuffle Race
    -Fill Online Spots with AI
    -Force Pit Stop option for Online Races
    -All cars in Arcade Mode (GT4)
    -Drift for money (GTPSP)
    -Online Drift Contest (turn-based)

    You can probably come up with a few more easy things to improve the game. To me this is more important than more cars and tracks.

    1. LaBounti

      -Revolving tracks in A-spec single races (monthly or bi weekly)
      -Full 3-5 race series for every A-Spec race in addition to single races
      -XMB style quick menu

  179. i have a flat

    Can we get the delorean back to the future edition so I can use the time travel to go back and get cars I should have gotten in the used car dealership that aren’t showing up as much

  180. nascarfn

    HEY KAZ WHAT ABOUT US GUYZ THAT WANT SOME TRUCKS maybe u could turn those standard trucks into premiums and add some proper chevy trucks non of that low ride crap and add some proper 8ft box proper height noo low ride!!!
    – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
    -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
    – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
    – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    Also maybe tracks like Silverstone, Mosport, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Both Watkins Glen courses v8 super cars Bathurst and more v8 super car tracks

    1. leMAN24

      cool idea, I personally would love to see dem aussie V8 utes in the came, and a series to go with them.

    2. smskeeter23

      Do you have that on auto-post or something? I dont think I’ve ever seen you say anything else lol

    3. lebes14

      Hmm, on the list of priorities for a game like gran turismo, I see about 50 things, in the eyes of much of the community from what I’ve seen, that would be slightly more wanted then trucks. However it would still be pretty cool to have ’em. Track suggestion is quite nice too.

  181. Ballbagboy

    Yesterday i joined a lobby and while posting lap times, it said i was 10 million hours infront of the hours, is this a hack? Anyone else get this?

    1. stupidstormy36

      I think it’s a glitch of some sort, except I’ve only seen it go as high as 99:69:69.999 (in other words, almost 100 hours). I’ve never seen 10 million hours. It’s a weird glitch that only happens online when you’re joining a room under certain conditions.

  182. jimftr

    I like the idea of having the time differences between all players show up occasionally, like in F1, it would help in online races with strategy and knowing how hard to push your car to catch up etc.

  183. ERIC11940

    If there’s more GT5 content coming soon, then I’d like to see the 2013 Viper GTS in it as DLC. That is, if Kaz has heard of that car.

  184. BkS

    Spec 3.0 anyone? I told you before it was coming. I see it on the Horizon.. oh see what I did there? XD

  185. Gturbo5

    AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?
    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no

    lol that FOREVER!

  186. RentALife


  187. RentALife


  188. smskeeter23

    I’m happy about the prospect of new DLC. I can’t wait, and I only have one request Kaz…

    Please put something in it to quench some of the endless rants.

  189. Kobhalt

    “AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?
    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.”


    1. smskeeter23

      Also a confirmation of nothing.

      Don’t create a reality for yourself based on the mixed words of others.

      Just sayin ;-)

  190. m8h3r

    “If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.”

    The times between cars is something that A LOT of people have been asking for, for a long time. This is especially important in mixed endurances. I need to know about my class. I don’t care about the guy in first when our class is running 8th-16th.

    1. smskeeter23

      DLC was confirmed.


      Livery was not mentioned anywhere.

  191. L8erBaby

    ”THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.”


  192. CaddyKOP

    Well, there’s only one car that I want: The CTS-V. Doesn’t matter if it’s the sedan, coupe, wagon, or all three, I want it…

  193. Callumfromleeds

    I suspect it shall be at the start of August, but that’s just going on a whim, whenever it comes out it’s nice to know that even after nearly two years the game is still being supported :)

  194. otakukid96

    Remember, this is PD we’re talking about. We can expect our next DLC by the end of December.

  195. C-ZETA

    Posting in advance of the inevitable comments of “Yeah, but how long will it take” and the various cars suggested to put in for DLC. And a pretty stern argument too.

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