More Gran Turismo 5 DLC Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi

July 1st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi put to rest any doubts about Polyphony Digital’s long-term plans for GT5, confirming the company is “preparing” new DLC for the game in response to “continued interest” and requests from players.

Though he avoided a question about Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Vita, he did not deny the existence of such a title, simply stating that such information is “confidential” and that he “cannot talk about [it]”.

The full interview, composed of user-submitted questions, was published in Spanish, but has been translated in full by GTPlanet user CorvetteConquer and is available below.

TopoClandestino: What does a community of gamers/drivers, like the Spanish, continually supporting Gran Turismo, mean to you?
Yamauchi-san: Spain is the country I’m most fond of, above all for its land, for its people, for its food, etc. It’s a place where I can relax and feel very much at ease. And the most important thing is, as we’ve seen in the presentation, the fact that I’m surrounded by so many people, allows me to absorb all of that energy which they emit and that, to me, is very important.

GAMELAB: Will it be a while until we see GT Vita?
Yamauchi-san: Well, this type of information is confidential and I still cannot talk to you guys about that.

CJ_vzla: Do you believe that GT Academy could extend itself to regions like South America?
Yamauchi-san: I have a feeling; yes. Really, I believe that a South American GT Academy could become a reality since GT Academy started out being a very small project, but little by little, it’s expanding.

: Will we have new DLC for GT5?

Yamauchi-san: Yes, we are preparing new DLC content for GT5. Despite it being a long time since GT5’s release, we have received a lot of fan messages asking about new DLC content. And that display of continued interest is something very important to us.

ozvaldini: Could a story mode be implemented to better the gaming experience?
Yamauchi-san: Of course that’s possible. On a daily basis, new ideas and future visions come to mind to include in future Gran Turismo titles. So, responding to your question, yes, we are thinking of new ways to ensure that users will have the most fun.

THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.

: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?

Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.

Guitis77: How come, while in a race, the time gaps (differences) don’t show up for the car in front of you and behind you?
Yamauchi-san: If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.

PS.Blog: On the PlayStation blog, we know that Kazunori Yamauchi is a huge motor enthusiast. We would like to know your opinion about GT Academy and Lucas Ordoñez.
Yamauchi-san: Well, first, I consider it a miracle that a video game could be the gateway to something as real as driving race cars. That a program like GT Academy could be able to do this brings me great satisfaction. And the idea of looking back at people like Lucas Ordoñez being capable of adapting to the change of risking his life on circuits is something that makes me very happy. What Lucas does is impressive and I really hope that you are filled with his spirit because he is someone that has opened the pathway for all of you.

GT5 Photomode image by FishyJuice.

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  1. Jul. 1, 8:23pm

    DLC for free

  2. Jul. 1, 8:15pm
    tube chaser

    I’d be absolutely over the moon if we could ever get the Isle of Man road-course. Yes I know its more then twice the length of the Nordschleife, but with smart optimizing the PS3 will cope; and the Nürburgring staff will have a chance to replant all the grass I’ve torn up HAHA!

    • Jul. 1, 9:26pm


  3. Jul. 1, 8:07pm

    One thing I’d like is to be able to drive my convertible cars (other than the California) With the tops down. But we’ll never see that happen… But keep the DLC coming Kaz!!!

  4. Jul. 1, 7:52pm

    the only thing i would really like is.

    – Mount Panorama
    – A 2000 Holden Commodore V8 supercar to rival the Falcon XR8 V8 supercar
    – 1971 XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III
    – And maybe the old FPVs that used to be in GT4

    thats probably about it really

    • Jul. 1, 9:15pm

      Thanks Rusty!

      It would be great to see some Aussie cars Premium. E3 GTS would be mad. F6 Typhoon would’t go a miss either!

  5. Jul. 1, 7:43pm

    My DLC Wish List:
    -US versions of the S13/S14 platform, with the KA24E/DE engines
    -Any S12 and S110
    -The US-exclusive special editions of the MX-5 Miata, or at the very least a premium NA8 with tan top/interior
    -Any or all Nissan Cedric/Glorias, at least including the 330 and Y34
    -Any or all Nissan Cefiros, at least including the A31
    -Any or all Nissan Leopards, at least including the F31 and Y32.
    -Any or all Nissan Laurels, at least including C130.
    -Any or all Nissan Cimas, at least including the F50.
    -Any or all Toyota Chaser/Tourers
    -Any or all Mazda full size FR platforms (too many different names over the years to list)

    Yep, more Japanese cars. The game doesn’t have enough.

    • Jul. 1, 8:44pm

      Nissan 240SX? Love that car.

    • Jul. 1, 8:49pm


    • Jul. 1, 8:50pm

      ^ What the hell are you laughing about?

    • Jul. 1, 11:01pm

      Wow, no offense meant but that’s the reason why GTs car list gets so much hate. The game is for car enthusiasts from all the world, and it’s supposed to be an encyclopedia of automobiles not a Japanese car buff book. People love want variety. Do you seriously think a game that’s, in essence, a Nissan specialist wet dream would sell 60m+ copies??? I couldn’t care less for having ALL the Cefiros, ALL the Laurels, etc. and some people couldn’t care less for having ALL Group C cars so we compromise and have a couple of each. I think such compromise is fair, given that this game ISN’T a niche game but one aimed at a wide audience. Quite frankly a game that had the car list you just mentioned would have, I think, awful sales outside of Japan.

      To each their own, is the GT motto. That’s why you Japanese-o-philic lot get your awful (awful to me, I insist) K-cars and why cars like the Aventador are included for people with other tastes. That’s why we have Miatas and Mustangs. R8s and Type-Rs. GTB Ferraris and GT-R Nissans. The more balanced, the merrier. That’s why I hate when GT biases towards X type of cars without compensating.

    • Jul. 1, 11:17pm

      Haha, one of the best posts since that guy made that list of all those GT-R versions to add

    • Jul. 2, 12:58am

      I agree with CB. I love Nissaans too but that’s a ridiculous wishlist. This is the last thing that needs to be added to GT.

    • Jul. 2, 3:49am

      What’s with all the hate for Japanese cars? Japanese cars are cool IMO.

  6. Jul. 1, 7:08pm

    Can we get cars that are from manufacturers that lack premium cars?

    Simplified: Can we get non-Japanese cars?

    • Jul. 1, 7:21pm


    • Jul. 1, 10:34pm

      If they did that, Nissan would be knocking on PD’s door saying “WTF, man?! You no like us anymore?!”

  7. Jul. 1, 6:40pm


  8. Jul. 1, 6:39pm

    If this is the entire interview it turn out just as I thought it would, completely filtered. I

    • Jul. 2, 3:55am

      I….? You what?

  9. Jul. 1, 6:34pm

    Wish list:
    2013 Ford Shelby GT 500
    2013 3 series + M3
    2012 5 series + M5
    2012 Camaro ZL1
    2012 CTS V
    2013 SRT Viper
    2012 63, 65 AMG series

    • Jul. 1, 6:39pm
      e30 freek

      the new f30 m3 won’t be ready till 2014 but f30 335i would be great and how about the e30 m3 scince it’s votes are at the top and kaz said if there is demand it will be implemented

    • Jul. 3, 11:34am


  10. Jul. 1, 6:33pm

    The last DLC (The Twin Ring Montegi) is an aboslute RIP OFF

    I’m a Gran Turismo fan since Playstation 1 days. But Sony and PD are taking their customers for fools… Please fellow racers vote with your wallet and don’t support overpriced DLC like this.

    Twin Ring Montegi is a lazy HD version of a track that has existed probably for about 10 years. Don’t support ripoff prcing please.

    • Jul. 1, 8:22pm
      tube chaser

      I agree.

      Spa has weather, Kart Space is gorgeous, and SSRX has time-change. Someone dropped the ball with TRM :(

    • Jul. 1, 8:49pm

      IMO it’s not a rip-off. Unless you’re an extreme penny-pusher, you’d notice that you two separate tracks (Superspweedway – Road Course) that come along with it.

      Do I wish that it had weather and/or time changing ability? Yes, yes I do. Now I’m not much of a fan of Motegi at all, but compared to DLC for some other games I’ve seen that offer the same amount of content, but instead charge triple the amount that Motegi costs; It’s a decent deal for this Motegi track.

    • Jul. 1, 8:56pm

      @mef: I agree. The fact that there is no time change or even weather on Motegi makes it a no-buy for me.

  11. Jul. 1, 6:16pm

    I don’t believe anything Kaz says anymore, I think he has a serious problem with the truth.

    Where’s A-Spec GT Life update? Why no updates except to ruin AI and ban grid starts?

    Where’s the Driver’s club thing he promised was coming ”very soon” over a year ago?

    Why did he COMPLETELY BREAK AI in A-Spec and then leave it like that, but only improve AI in arcade mode? AI SLAM on brakes anytime you ar near them and give up completely. It’s ridiculous, and Kaz does nothing.


    • Jul. 1, 8:57pm

      Because it’s easy to make a video game right?

    • Jul. 2, 3:52am

      “Where’s the Driver’s club thing he promised was coming ”very soon” over a year ago?”

      I’m pretty sure that drivers club thing was suppose be GT Academy 2012.

    • Jul. 2, 7:19pm

      @sumbrownkid No one ever said that.. but they obviously don’t even try to fix huge glaring problems with important main parts of the game.

  12. Jul. 1, 6:12pm

    Come on PD, if you want 20 for a DLC with atleast 20-30 cars and 5-10 Tracks more ill be please to pay even 2 times the price.

    • Jul. 1, 6:32pm

      Soon as you’re so happy to pay, you can pay mine too. These updates should be free to complete this incomplete game. People like you frustrate me.

      As a community as a whole we should be DEMANDING free updates, not asking to pay for them.

      Do you go into a shop and say ” I really want that bottle of beer, so much that i’ll pay double”? I bet you have NEVER done that eh?

      Get a grip GT5 Planeters, DEMAND free updates together.

    • Jul. 1, 7:04pm


      So you go to the store and demand your botle of beer for free ?
      Get real, this is business for Sony and PD.

    • Jul. 1, 7:11pm

      ^ He’s drunk right now, don’t worry… Hahaha! XD

    • Jul. 1, 7:21pm

      I’d be happier to pay for content I can use in GT Life mode.. Like new race series and career mode extensions. I’d also be more apt to pay for DLC if they fix basic issues like lone rabbit AI.

    • Jul. 1, 7:22pm
      e30 freek

      Lol bumage

  13. Jul. 1, 5:49pm

    See, all you naysayers going on about lack of DLC have got Kaz wrong…….just coz he’s off racing doesnt mean PD stop working on the game itself…..looking forward to the new dlc whatever the cost and hopefully in the near future we’ll all get to race our ferrari’s, lambo’s, etc against the porsche’s WHEN PD get the licence to add them

  14. Jul. 1, 5:43pm

    PD should put up a list of cars on their website (say 10 or so) that THEY are considering to produce for future DLC, then let the community vote. This would be a win for all I feel because:
    1) It would determine what their capabilities currently are regarding the license.
    2) Would let the community actually interact with the choices PD are considering.
    3) Would obviously shed some light on actual upcoming DLC and quiet down speculation and disappointment.

    • Jul. 1, 6:04pm
      e30 freek

      yh that would work really well

    • Jul. 1, 6:20pm


    • Jul. 1, 11:17pm

      great idea XXI. brilliant, even.

  15. Jul. 1, 5:38pm

    I want Subaru BRZ, 84 Honda Prelude 1.8, Ford Sierra RS500, HSV Clubsport, HSV Sentor, Holden Commodore VE, 1986 Mazda 323 (Familia) 4WD Turbo, 1992 Mitubishi Galant VR-4 (twin turbo), Dodge Ram STR-10, 2013 STR Viper. And I am hoping GT5 trying to get Porsche license… what Forza did two months ago that they got 30 new Porsches as they got license already…..and yes more track of course……

    • Jul. 1, 6:41pm

      Ok here is one I’ll go with… the 84 Prelude because I had one IRL :P

    • Jul. 1, 8:34pm
      No Sorrow 13


  16. Jul. 1, 5:24pm

    So GT5 technically did end post-launch servicing.
    I wonder how long it will last with further support by the fans.

    Good thing is we all know that some GT5 DLC has tracks included.
    (Feeling bad to the Forza players out there :/ )

  17. Jul. 1, 5:23pm

    Well since this has turned into a wishlist thread, Kaz, I’d like to see:

    Bugatti Veyron SS
    BMW M5 F10
    Ferrari F12 Belinetta
    Ferrari FF
    Audi R18 E-tron
    Nissan Deltawing
    Toyota TS030 Hybrid
    Subaru BRZ
    Nissan Juke Nismo or Juke R
    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe

    And a few new tracks like El Capitan and Infineon

    Also event creator should be in a free update not DLC.

    And please don’;t make DLC too expensive :)

    • Jul. 1, 5:39pm

      Also the new 2013 Viper GTS and some more Audis. We don’t need a BRZ, theres already so many versions of the same car.

    • Jul. 1, 6:01pm
      Nissan Lover

      Subaru BRZ STi….that’ll be a little bit different.

    • Jul. 1, 6:06pm
      e30 freek

      You forgot the awesomest 355 ferrari

    • Jul. 1, 11:25pm

      Ya won’t get the Toyota TS030 as long as it is in competition for Toyota. Factory cars won’t be added while the version is in use because of the graphical capabilities of GT5. What better chance for competitor to look close around the car at all the little aerodynamic details? A car like the Audi R18 TDI that is no longer in use is different, the TDI has many aerodynamic differences from the ultra and the etron quattro. If that for some reason isn’t good enough either then look back to 2010 with the R15 TDI+. If ya want 2012 cars look at things like the Oreca, Lola, and Zytek chassis, especially the LMP2 ones.

  18. Jul. 1, 5:04pm

    Subaru BRZ LOL

  19. Jul. 1, 4:53pm

    ARTA, RAYBRIG, KEIHIN HSV-010 ’12 or ’10… PLEASE!!!

    • Jul. 1, 11:27pm

      I’m down for new Super GT, I was looking at em’ yesterday and that HSV-10 is sharp, new Super GT would be great.

      What if we had race mod for them? Just with a factory Honda, Lexus, and Nissan schemes, just so we can spray the car, change the number, and make it our own :)

  20. Jul. 1, 4:52pm

    Yes, finally Kaz confurms that new DLc’s are coming. But i think we all need a bit of money for it

  21. Jul. 1, 4:51pm

    Why everytime Kaz answers a question, he puts “we” and “I” in his sentence? What about your fans ideas Kaz? They’re just as better to bring fun to the GT series.

    • Jul. 1, 4:55pm

      Oh you’ve noticed that too, huh?

    • Jul. 1, 5:02pm

      Yep, indeed I have DuskTrooper. ;)

    • Jul. 1, 7:44pm

      That may be a translation error; without the original Japanese transcript it’s impossible to tell. Common vernacular drops pronouns all together and it’s left to context.

    • Jul. 2, 3:25am

      He also says a couple if times ‘if the fans want it we will implement it.’ So ..

  22. Jul. 1, 4:50pm

    I’d like to see a vast selection of existing liveries and/or a custom livery builder. It would be way cool to have a GT series with x amount of different makes/models and every car had a different livery and number.

  23. Jul. 1, 4:49pm

    Premium r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 and series 1,2 & 3 rx7. Preferably custom tuned examples 13b bridgeport turbo, 20b PP etc

  24. Jul. 1, 4:48pm

    Premium Mazda r100 rx2 rx3 rx4 and series 1,2 & 3 rx7. Preferably custom tuned examples 13b bridgeport turbo, 20b PP etc

  25. Jul. 1, 4:42pm
    e30 freek

    E30 m3 please

    • Jul. 1, 5:15pm

      And there it is, yes! The E30 with a livery editor is what dreams are made of.

    • Jul. 1, 6:08pm
      e30 freek

      You cant go wrong with the e30 no chance

    • Jul. 1, 6:13pm
      e30 freek

      Can someone explain event generator i dont think it says what it is in the article above… Unless im blind

    • Jul. 1, 11:10pm

      Event generator/editor/creator? Here you go, sir..

  26. Jul. 1, 4:26pm

    There are a lot of great suggestion so far, and I wish we could see all of them to make everyone happy, unfortunately I doubt that’ll happen.

    That said, I’d like to see: 2012-2013 BMW DTM M3, (as well as many other DTM cars), Koenigsegg’s, some new (and old) GT1-4 circuits, 2013 Viper, premium RUF’s (or Porsche), Pagani Huayra, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and for PD to fix the AI opponents vehicle choices.

    If I’m driving a tuned street car (WRX, M5, Supra etc.) why are all my Arcade Mode opponents typically the same car? (Toyota 7 or Escudo Pikes Peak rally Cars) If I were to drive a stock Audi R8 Race car, my opponents are usually (Minolta, Sauber C9, Toyota 7, and the Escudo) It really just takes the fun out of Arcade mode.

  27. Jul. 1, 4:26pm

    Those track from the classics would be an amazing dlc track pack

  28. Jul. 1, 4:09pm

    Well thanks for clearing that up guys. Bob Varsha always refers it to as street circuit lol

  29. Jul. 1, 3:43pm

    Has anyone interviewed Kaz about GT5’s engine and exhaust sounds? They sound terrible. Personally, that would be the first thing that I would fix.

    • Jul. 1, 3:51pm

      Specifically the Corvette ZR1 RM.

    • Jul. 1, 4:26pm

      The Corvette ZR1 RM now sounds like a V8 after the last update. So it’s been fixed.

    • Jul. 1, 5:59pm

      might i just say, gt5 sounds really good through a 5.1 system with a low enough sub. but i suspect you dont have a surround system and if so, i deeply understand your concern! i played a while back on my brothers 23″ samsung tv, and through the stock speakers the cars sounded like hair dryers :( though it is made worse by the tv, (people will kill me for saying this) forza still sounds decent on tv speakers.

    • Jul. 1, 8:57pm

      I think Forza does sound better through the TV speakers,my friends brother has F4 and he raves about the sound compared to GT yet when i had a chance to plug the xbox into my amp and do a proper comparison between GT5,Forza 4 and some videos of the real cars my friend and and i agreed that gt5 came closer to the real thing on a few of the cars.

      Though we both agree that Forza sounds better in the cockpit view,which doesn’t matter for me because i play the chase cam view.

  30. Jul. 1, 3:42pm

    I suspect all those beautiful things Kaz didn’t deny, aren’t coming any time soon. It’s us getting overexcited again…

    • Jul. 1, 3:54pm

      True, but it’s still nice to know that they have plans for future DLC.

  31. Jul. 1, 3:24pm

    I’m not sure if anyone else has the license; but I would like some Skodas in-game.
    Not necessarily the VRS models, just a Fabia, Superb etc.

  32. Jul. 1, 3:23pm

    I’m not sure if anyone else has the license; but I would like some Skodas in-game.
    Nit necessarily the VRS models, just a Fabia, Superb etc.

    • Jul. 1, 6:00pm

      thankyou, underated cars indeed!!!

  33. Jul. 1, 3:17pm

    No mention of coarse creator? Wow. I hope the “event editor” isn’t anything like the track creator.

    • Jul. 1, 3:59pm

      Agreed. I don’t want it simplified. I (and I’m sure many others) want it to be complex. I want to be able to choose the track, amount of credits earned, prize car, opponents, amount of laps… Blah blah blah you got the idea.

      And after I’m finished creating my events, I should be able to play them myself and share them with others too.

  34. Jul. 1, 3:17pm

    Love these news wishlist threads.

  35. Jul. 1, 3:09pm

    If no porsche the at least let us RM our Ruf cars.

    • Jul. 1, 10:56pm

      Wouldn’t that be sweet? How about some of the new RUF’s as well? I can hear the techno song from the Super Troopers porsche scene right now! lmao!

  36. Jul. 1, 3:08pm

    HEY KAZ WHAT ABOUT US GUYZ THAT WANT SOME TRUCKS maybe u could turn those standard trucks into premiums and add some proper chevy trucks non of that low ride crap and add some proper 8ft box proper height noo low ride!!!
    – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
    -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
    – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
    – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    Also maybe tracks like Silverstone, Mosport, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Both Watkins Glen courses v8 super cars Bathurst and more v8 super car tracks

    MY TURN :) LOL

    • Jul. 1, 3:13pm

      Yes we had Infieon In GT4 but if PD brings it back it will be another 5 bucks.

    • Jul. 1, 4:07pm

      Watkins glen would b an awsome track to get in gt5

    • Jul. 1, 5:43pm

      Is your ctrl+v stuck?

  37. Jul. 1, 3:06pm

    D1 CARS!
    BMW E30
    and premium nissan SX

    • Jul. 1, 4:47pm
      e30 freek


  38. Jul. 1, 2:54pm

    I also have some track suggestions for future GT5 DLC:

    – Midfield Raceway
    – Red Rock Valley
    – Special Stage Route 11
    – El Capitan
    – Classic Rome tracks (Rome Circuit Classic, Rome Short, & Rome Night)
    – Seattle Tracks (Seattle Circuit & Short)
    – Grindlewald
    – Apricot Hill Raceway
    – Pikes Peak Hillclimb
    – Tahiti (Tahiti Road, Maze, & Circuit from GT2)

    • Jul. 1, 4:03pm

      “- Midfield Raceway
      – Special Stage Route 11
      – Tahiti (Tahiti Road, Maze, & Circuit from GT2)”

      This 3. I don’t even know why they were taken away from the series to begin with.

    • Jul. 1, 4:35pm

      I don’t know either. I liked the tahiti dirt tracks and Midfield was one of my favorite original tracks since GT2. Special Stage Route 11 was just plain epic.

  39. Jul. 1, 2:42pm

    His response about the event generator and DLC gives me hopes about this game’s future. But I agree that we might not be seeing this in the near future. Just maybe when GT5 Spec III is eventually released.

    I keep my hopes high.

    • Jul. 1, 10:52pm

      Mr Husky, I bet we’ll be seeing such things sooner than you think. I am THRILLED that the spanish gamelab boys didn’t softball him and asked some VERY pertinent questions. Awe. Some.

  40. Jul. 1, 2:39pm

    All I want is an e46 M3 CSL premium with authentic sound pleeeeeeeaaseee KAZ
    yeah I know its a longshot lol

  41. Jul. 1, 2:19pm

    Oh well, here’s hoping for something decent; although “preparing new DLC” doesn’t, necessarily, mean were getting it next week.

    Dominic Toretto probably guessed right; it’s probably something stupid like the BRZ and another (stupidly priced) track.

    Give me the MC Stradale and El Capitan, and I’ll NEVER complain about GT5 again.
    And you can hold me to that.

    • Jul. 1, 2:30pm
      HKS racer

      +1 El Capitan

  42. Jul. 1, 2:16pm
    Nissan Lover

    I’m liking the ambitiousness of people commenting. But why are they assuming what they think will come into GT5?Nobody knows what’s coming and when it does comes,people get disappointed about none of the cars on their list are in the DLC.Just wait and see,don’t get your hopes up so quick.

  43. Jul. 1, 2:14pm

    Told you a new bigger DLC pack will come. My source is never wrong :-)

    • Jul. 1, 2:21pm

      Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

      And besides “Bigger” DLC pack was never mentioned.

    • Jul. 1, 3:38pm

      Embarrassment has nothing to do with it Zamado75.
      Expect at least 5 new cars (not all Japanese) and not officially 2 tracks (might be just one).
      Expect the unexpected GT fans :-)

  44. Jul. 1, 2:13pm


  45. Jul. 1, 2:03pm

    Midfield, Apricot Hill, and the Honda HSV-010

    • Jul. 1, 3:11pm

      +1, solid list right there. Throw in a Lexus lfa gt500 and we’d be set.

  46. Jul. 1, 1:55pm

    I hope for the subaru BR-Z to be added. I do wonder what other cars could be added.
    I could make a few suggestions that might be easy for PD to add since they seem to perfer Toyota and Nissan cars.
    Prenium Toyota Supra RZ ’97
    1988 Toyota Celica Rally Car
    1997 Nissan R390 Road Version
    1997 Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car
    1998 Toyota GTONE Road Version
    1997 Nissan Skyline 280 Type MR
    1990 Toyota Supra TwinTurbo R (Prenium Ver.)
    1998 Toyota Celica GT Four ST205 (Prenium Ver.)
    1998 Nissan R390 Road Version (Prenium Ver.)

    • Jul. 1, 2:11pm

      ANOTHER Skyline? Really?

    • Jul. 1, 2:41pm

      Yeah, I know it’s rediculous since there’s at least 80 Skylines in GT5 already, but this one is a non-gt-r skyline that I missed from Gran Turismo 2. It doesn’t have to be added, I was just giving a silly suggestion.

  47. Jul. 1, 1:51pm

    Now the good question is …. What car and track do u want in the next dlc?

    • Jul. 1, 1:58pm

      KOENIGSEGG!!!!! I think everyone would agree with me. Kaz pretty much said we are not getting Porsche in the next DLC, so something cool like a CCXR, or the CCXR Edition? My best idea: Koenigsegg CCXR Edition, Gumpert Apollo S, ShelbySuperCars Ultimate Aero TT, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (the convertible), NSX-Concept 2012, and, yes, the Red Bull X2012. That pack would complete me.

    • Jul. 1, 2:44pm

      Better make those carS.

    • Jul. 1, 3:13pm

      Personally I’d rather have Honda hsv-010gt and a Lexus lfa gt500. Although koenisegg is by far my favorite supercar and I won be utterly stoked to see it!

    • Jul. 1, 3:15pm

      X2010 is shared, X2011 has 100,000 km on it, only solution? X2012. Also, having the Koenigsegg CCR, CCX, CCXR, CCXR Edition, Agera, and Agera R opens up opportunities for an all-Koenigsigg seasonal. New idea: Pagani Zonda Cinque, maybe a Mclaren F1 (like an actual Formula One car from Mclaren) so F1 matches aren’t F2007 vs F10 every time. And is it too much to ask for an Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro? Or, you know, Bathurst, or more control over coarse creator? In retrospect, I would trade all the Koenigseggs, Gumperts, SSCs, even the Bugattis (In my opinion they are overrated) for a track designer similar to TrackMania.

  48. Jul. 1, 1:49pm

    I would love to have more information because there is not much information before the release of a DLC.

  49. Jul. 1, 1:38pm

    THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.

    Event editor? That will be interesting. We are kind of running out of room in GTLife…

  50. Jul. 1, 1:27pm
    HKS racer

    About the lack of time gaps (car in front of you, car behind you) I think it’s necessary because of endurance events, expecially when you are tring to run a close battle lap after lap, hour after hour, you need a time reference on what other cars are doing.

    Maybe show the lap times and the gap of your rivals at the “start / finish line” keep them for 3 , 4 seconds and then turn them off, in this way you won’t spam the screen with too many infos.

    • Jul. 1, 2:51pm

      I say do it the other way around. Tell me where the lead car is when I pass the start/finish and tell me the front and behind cars at individual sections.

  51. Jul. 1, 1:22pm

    Cool…Spec 3.0 coming.

    • Jul. 1, 1:40pm

      We don’t know this for sure. Whilst it is a possibility, maybe even a probability, DLC can be released without updating the game. They said “DLC” not “update”.

    • Jul. 1, 6:23pm
      e30 freek

      I can see spec 3 coming to

  52. Jul. 1, 1:22pm

    let me guess new dlc gtr pack

  53. Jul. 1, 1:21pm
    Dominic Toretto

    What & when…. probably the BRZ & another $5 track

  54. Jul. 1, 1:11pm

    I don’t think Kaz wants to do GT Vita. I could understand him. It’ll be more important to stick with GT6 and continue making it instead. :)

    • Jul. 1, 1:23pm

      Didn’t Sony pretty much confirm that a GTVita was in existence the week & they’re just trying to figure out how to market it? At least that’s how I interpenetrated the survey they sent out that asked something along the lines of “Would you be more likely to buy a GT game for Vita if you got a discount on a new GT game for the PS3”.

    • Jul. 1, 1:24pm

      that should be “the other week” l0l

    • Jul. 1, 1:40pm

      “Would you be more likely to buy a GT game for Vita if you got a discount on a new GT game for the PS3″.

      ??? New GT? Discount for a GT version for Vita? Umm… O, kay? =\

    • Jul. 1, 2:32pm

      Found exactly what it said (I was kinda close)

      “You told us earlier how interested you would be in buying the PS Vita version of the latest Gran Turismo game. Knowing that you might be able to get a discount on the PS3 version of the game, how interested are you now in the PS Vita version?”

    • Jul. 1, 3:17pm

      I can not even put into words how lame a GT game on vita would be. Such a waste of time to even bother with such a low power device. Just focus on gt6…please! I can barely even wait for gt6 and we have 0 I formation on it yet!

    • Jul. 1, 4:51pm
      e30 freek

      I think he should carry on with gt6

  55. Jul. 1, 1:09pm
    HKS racer

    Kaz words about the event editor are interesting. I’ve also asked the possibility to select the opponents, in this way GT5 will become a lot better.

    Thanks for the news in 1st page and CorvetteConquer for translation.

    • Jul. 1, 2:55pm

      Yeah, creating your own fantasy races in arcade mode would be great. Gives you a chance to run your our tournies and use your imagination a bit. This way there’s never a runaway car and the AI winner is determined by track and B-spec level.

    • Jul. 1, 2:56pm


  56. Jul. 1, 1:08pm

    Why no Light Velocity?


  57. Jul. 1, 1:03pm

    YES, more DLC!!! Hear that all you hatred that told us to use our heads, shut up, and deal with, all our “complaining” about DLC equates to long term interest from PD. Hahahaha, last laugh!

    • Jul. 1, 1:21pm

      Yeah, but theres DLC and then theres ‘DLC’ AKA stuff that should be free seeing its so small..

      I think thats what people complain about

    • Jul. 1, 1:50pm

      It’s not the complaining, he said what keeps them going is the interest in DLC. Topics and threads on forums that say and have votes on what DLC should be added, that’s what keeps them going, not “I WANT DLC AND TO BE FREE!” That’s not what is keeping them going. It’s hard to make free DLC, when you have to acquire additional time and licensing for certain cars. As little detailed as the standard cars are, they still have proper physics and all have different handling, so I’m fine. But that’s just me :) Gran Turismo 5 is a fantastic game, hope they come out with Spec III! Thanks Kazunori, keep it up.

    • Jul. 1, 11:31pm

      No no, what I’m talking about is the downers that said their wouldn’t be any new content until GT6

  58. Jul. 1, 12:58pm

    Woooohoooo! Feels pretty awesome to be on the front page for the 5th time, some one really likes my pictures… Thanks Jordan. :)

    • Jul. 1, 1:04pm

      What blue is that? Is it the tincoat blue from the ZR1 or is it a different one?

    • Jul. 1, 2:01pm

      Just yesterday I was mocking blue 458’s…

  59. Jul. 1, 12:56pm

    Glad to see such effort still being put behind this title after so long. It’s too bad that the livery editor (yes it’s been mentioned before) wasn’t touched upon. Oh well, I’ve been patient thus far. Keep up the awesome work guys and I can’t wait for the next DLC (as long as it’s not any more hybrid cars lol).

  60. Jul. 1, 12:52pm

    Well it looks like keeping the $15 dollars in my PSN Wallet will be worth waiting. I hope we can get infineon so we can race both NASCAR and Sports cars on there. Or maybe Kaz should add some more street circuits like Valencia, Long Beach, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, St. Petersburg. Also maybe for GT6, the IZOD Indycar Series should be in the game. INDYCAR wants to expand their organization a lot and i believe GT would be the perfect way to.

    • Jul. 1, 1:06pm

      In all fairness, Gilles Villenueve is not a street circuit. Cars aren’t aloud to drive on it, it was just made a city park to get around the rules and build it.

    • Jul. 1, 1:08pm

      But yeah, I totally want those tracks you mentioned and I love indycar, wish we could just get it now, lol, I know it’s not that simple. Ya know what else I kind of want? Newer Super GT actually would please me, I kind like the looks of that Honda HSV-10. LMP2 cars I really want, just Le Mans in general really, both GT and LMP, just figured all those Nissan LMP2 were most likely. Audi R18 TDI :)

    • Jul. 1, 1:12pm

      Circuit Gilles Vileneuve is a road track. 80% of it is driving road, and the rest for bicycle. I went their once on my motorcycle, and it was a great experience to drive on this famous track.

    • Jul. 1, 4:12pm

      The thing i love about INDYCAR is the fact that you can have fun with them on a small city street so if we actually do get them in GT6 (One can imagine) the street circuits like Special Stage R5 and Rome and Madrid would be perfect for Indy

    • Jul. 1, 11:32pm

      You could have fun in an Indycar at ANY TRACK

  61. Jul. 1, 12:51pm

    The lack of many small features is the big issue for future improvements. These features would make the game even more enjoyable.
    -Online Quick Race (GT5 Prologue)
    -Offline Shuffle Race
    -Fill Online Spots with AI
    -Force Pit Stop option for Online Races
    -All cars in Arcade Mode (GT4)
    -Drift for money (GTPSP)
    -Online Drift Contest (turn-based)

    You can probably come up with a few more easy things to improve the game. To me this is more important than more cars and tracks.

    • Jul. 1, 1:10pm

      -Revolving tracks in A-spec single races (monthly or bi weekly)
      -Full 3-5 race series for every A-Spec race in addition to single races
      -XMB style quick menu

  62. Jul. 1, 12:51pm
    i have a flat

    Can we get the delorean back to the future edition so I can use the time travel to go back and get cars I should have gotten in the used car dealership that aren’t showing up as much

    • Jul. 1, 2:54pm

      +1 lmao

      Mr Fusion and exhaust towers as aerodynamic package in GT Auto rofl

  63. Jul. 1, 12:49pm

    sure would be nice to see the e30 and e36 m3 in the game

    • Jul. 1, 3:26pm


  64. Jul. 1, 12:47pm

    HEY KAZ WHAT ABOUT US GUYZ THAT WANT SOME TRUCKS maybe u could turn those standard trucks into premiums and add some proper chevy trucks non of that low ride crap and add some proper 8ft box proper height noo low ride!!!
    – any proper Chevy trucks from 1970-2012 dualy’s too
    -any proper dodge trucks from 1980-2012 dualy’s also
    – any proper ford trucks from 1986-2012 dualy’s as well
    – Nissan 2012 pickup -Toyota 2012 pickup if you want

    Also maybe tracks like Silverstone, Mosport, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Both Watkins Glen courses v8 super cars Bathurst and more v8 super car tracks

    • Jul. 1, 1:02pm

      cool idea, I personally would love to see dem aussie V8 utes in the came, and a series to go with them.

    • Jul. 1, 2:52pm

      Do you have that on auto-post or something? I dont think I’ve ever seen you say anything else lol

    • Jul. 1, 3:04pm

      i say other things thing is just saved in word so its easy to do

    • Jul. 1, 3:29pm

      Hmm, on the list of priorities for a game like gran turismo, I see about 50 things, in the eyes of much of the community from what I’ve seen, that would be slightly more wanted then trucks. However it would still be pretty cool to have ’em. Track suggestion is quite nice too.

  65. Jul. 1, 12:43pm

    I wanted to know about the white city that was in GT5’s main menu screen… >_>

    • Jul. 1, 4:47pm

      PolyPhony Digital’s very own little miniature digital doll house.

    • Jul. 1, 9:55pm

      Damn, I never thought of that. That would be pretty interesting to drive on

  66. Jul. 1, 12:40pm

    Could u do a vinyl editor

  67. Jul. 1, 12:37pm

    You see that folks, ****RACING DISPLAY****. If one more person calls it a HUD, so help me….

    • Jul. 1, 12:45pm

      +1 lmao

    • Jul. 1, 1:16pm

      It’s whatever a person chooses to call it.

    • Jul. 1, 4:48pm


  68. Jul. 1, 12:32pm

    Still no drag track :/

    • Jul. 1, 4:29pm

      dont worry! ;]

  69. Jul. 1, 12:24pm

    Yesterday i joined a lobby and while posting lap times, it said i was 10 million hours infront of the hours, is this a hack? Anyone else get this?

    • Jul. 1, 12:29pm

      10 million hours infront of the others*

    • Jul. 1, 12:52pm

      I think it’s a glitch of some sort, except I’ve only seen it go as high as 99:69:69.999 (in other words, almost 100 hours). I’ve never seen 10 million hours. It’s a weird glitch that only happens online when you’re joining a room under certain conditions.

    • Jul. 1, 1:18pm

      Looks like a glitch…who knows…in real life hours it is just impossible.

  70. Jul. 1, 12:22pm

    I asked about the menu music in future titles…
    Too bad he didn’t get asked it.

    • Jul. 1, 12:34pm

      In all honesty, it doesn’t really sound like an exciting question.

    • Jul. 1, 12:36pm

      True but I wanted to know something about it

  71. Jul. 1, 12:19pm

    I like the idea of having the time differences between all players show up occasionally, like in F1, it would help in online races with strategy and knowing how hard to push your car to catch up etc.

  72. Jul. 1, 12:18pm

    Wait. Did I miss the Event Creator part? Well that made my Sunday. :)

  73. Jul. 1, 12:18pm

    If there’s more GT5 content coming soon, then I’d like to see the 2013 Viper GTS in it as DLC. That is, if Kaz has heard of that car.

  74. Jul. 1, 12:13pm

    Spec 3.0 anyone? I told you before it was coming. I see it on the Horizon.. oh see what I did there? XD

    • Jul. 1, 12:21pm

      I see what you did there!

    • Jul. 1, 12:24pm

      I see :)

    • Jul. 1, 3:30pm

      Lol, and probably true too.

  75. Jul. 1, 12:11pm

    AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?
    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no

    lol that FOREVER!

  76. Jul. 1, 12:07pm


  77. Jul. 1, 12:05pm

    I’m pretty much concerned there will be Subaru BR-Z in one of upcoming DLCs.

  78. Jul. 1, 12:02pm

    I’m happy with what they decide to give us.

  79. Jul. 1, 11:59am


    • Jul. 1, 12:39pm


    • Jul. 1, 2:07pm


    • Jul. 1, 6:34pm
      e30 freek


  80. Jul. 1, 11:58am

    DLC will be Skylines, EVs, and maybe an obscure kei car.

    • Jul. 1, 4:50pm

      And don’t forget yet another Toyota 86!

  81. Jul. 1, 11:53am

    I’m happy about the prospect of new DLC. I can’t wait, and I only have one request Kaz…

    Please put something in it to quench some of the endless rants.

  82. Jul. 1, 11:53am

    a NEW Renault Alpine Concept is nice for DLC :p …the sound is AMAZING!

  83. Jul. 1, 11:52am

    Thanks Kaz and PD for your continued support for GT5 :)

  84. Jul. 1, 11:51am

    Brace yourselves for the incoming wishlist threads.

    • Jul. 1, 11:54am

      +1 ^^ this

    • Jul. 1, 12:03pm

      haha yeah. everyone will post their wishlists in here :D

  85. Jul. 1, 11:47am

    Yes! Finaly we can get some good cars and tracks back in this game for good :-)

  86. Jul. 1, 11:45am
    Maddens Raiders

    Gran Turismo. The greatest console racing series of all time continues….

  87. Jul. 1, 11:41am

    “AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?
    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.”


    • Jul. 1, 11:50am

      Also a confirmation of nothing.

      Don’t create a reality for yourself based on the mixed words of others.

      Just sayin ;-)

  88. Jul. 1, 11:41am

    Hope there’s more classic cars as DLC, especially American muscle.

  89. Jul. 1, 11:39am

    “If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.”

    The times between cars is something that A LOT of people have been asking for, for a long time. This is especially important in mixed endurances. I need to know about my class. I don’t care about the guy in first when our class is running 8th-16th.

    • Jul. 1, 11:48am

      Why not just use a pop-up like the ra menu to save on crowded screen realestate?

  90. Jul. 1, 11:34am

    Good news on a Sunday! Looking forward to this.

  91. Jul. 1, 11:31am

    DLC and a livery editor confirmed. Cool.

    • Jul. 1, 11:36am

      Livery Editor? where?

    • Jul. 1, 11:46am

      DLC was confirmed.


      Livery was not mentioned anywhere.

    • Jul. 1, 11:48am

      he’s been working behid that bay!!!!

  92. Jul. 1, 11:28am

    ”THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?
    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.”


    • Jul. 1, 11:39am

      Event editor, not livery editor.

  93. Jul. 1, 11:25am

    kaz, quick please;)

    • Jul. 1, 11:29am

      good news, i’m happy if DLC are good

  94. Jul. 1, 11:20am

    Well, there’s only one car that I want: The CTS-V. Doesn’t matter if it’s the sedan, coupe, wagon, or all three, I want it…

    • Jul. 1, 12:30pm

      Its not just about what YOU want

  95. Jul. 1, 11:18am

    I suspect it shall be at the start of August, but that’s just going on a whim, whenever it comes out it’s nice to know that even after nearly two years the game is still being supported :)

  96. Jul. 1, 11:18am

    Remember, this is PD we’re talking about. We can expect our next DLC by the end of December.

  97. Jul. 1, 11:18am

    Yes! Thanks, Kaz :)

  98. Jul. 1, 11:18am

    Posting in advance of the inevitable comments of “Yeah, but how long will it take” and the various cars suggested to put in for DLC. And a pretty stern argument too.

  99. Jul. 1, 11:18am

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to see that new DLC.

  100. Jul. 1, 11:17am

    But *when* will the DLC be released? =/

    • Jul. 1, 4:51pm

      In the year 252525.

  101. Jul. 14, 12:36pm

    Sounds like a plan!

  102. Jul. 18, 12:20pm

    This is gran turismo. Not need for speed.

  103. Jul. 18, 12:23pm

    I’d like to see the noble m600

  104. Jul. 25, 1:06am

    Good luck, sounds like 2012 years of work to do.

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