More Nurburgring Gran Turismo 5 Video

Here’s another look at Nordschleife game-play from the GT5 demo running at CES 2010, via TheBitBag. Thanks to Lord Von for sending this in!

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  1. OmnipotenceZERO

    hey guys, i have a technical question abt this…
    ur sayin GT5 will have 500,000 polys per cars, right? And gt5p had 200,000… well, im currently playin gt5p usin a small monitor i.e.22″. And i can see LOTS OF POLYS. i mean really obvious, lame way. the number-plate’s shadow is like squares and the edge of the car is like 100s of squares , actually moving ! i mean, there i can hardly see any straight lines on the car! yea i know the main reason is that im using a 720p. i have a 55″ TV downstairs which is for me fckin huge n they say it goes upto…i dont know, somethin like 2020p or somethin but i cant use it cuz other family members want to :P so what im tryin to get at is… does it mean that when gt5 comes out ill see less/no ploygons or those weird squares dancin on the car? cuz the resolution is better? cuz i hate to see my cars in gt5p like this

  2. OmnipotenceZERO

    holy shit, in this vid i can actually feel how fast the car goes unlike GT5P. Its just…i dont know….shakes more or somethin? this gives far more sense of speed man

  3. Dom

    I don’t think you can defend GT5 by saying this is the way most users will drive anyway. This is not the same game I will drive and it’s simply not accaptable to drive like this.
    Even if they are not hardcore racing sim fans, I expect them to drive at least a bit more like they would in real world. Again, this is a racing game and if they have no clue whatsoever how to drive, they should NOT buy this game. The problem is, most of this retards still ‘enjoy’ the game this way, and developers have to take this into account. In fact, they should not be able to enjoy driving like this in GT5. It’s a question of respect for the car industry and what PD are working on since 6 years.
    Well, I don’t want to exclude anyone from having fun with GT5, but I believe it would at least be better to teach them how to drive instead of allowing them to drive like this. Ok, at least don’t show me this sort of gameplay videos anymore. It really feel bad for Kaz and his team.

  4. Van Bel Air

    Actually I quite appreciate the bad driving as it gives one a sense of what to expect when one crashes into things.
    Perhaps my eyes are failing me but I couldn’t see any damage on that car even after hurtling into that wall at the end-
    I was very surprised by that! Is there supposed to be damage in this demo?

  5. LordVonPS3

    @ [UK] ANDYW.

    I am Lord Von!!!

    Shout out to T.Davis at for filming this useless driver and for listening to the fans & giving ’em what they’d like to see. If only the GT5 demo at CES wasn’t time limited to a few minutes, them maybe we’d have seen a full 9 minute video of the Nurburgring. Hmm, or maybe not! :-o

  6. Edward

    Hi everyone, I’m a GT fan coming from China where can’t see youtube’s vedio. So could you please provid some kind of files to download the gameplay vedio of GT5 demo from CES or more screenshoots? Many thanks!

  7. gtkiller

    I like seeing new videos but can we get something little longer then 1min. And also seeing video with new damage model, night racing, tuning, and weather.

  8. caribbeantopdriver

    exactly….. i dont think this track is that small………. width wise… too tight…. not complaining jus saying… cant wait to see tsukuba… my #1 circuit..

  9. ralph89

    It’s painful to watch, but then, as the above guy said. The majority of gamer is casual gamer. Only few people are hardcore sim racer, but then again, where talking about GT here, and since GT is a huge racing game, maybe it will open some eyes to be a hardcore sim racers.

  10. Maximou

    An example of a thing better than mere skidmarks :

    witnessing, on a track still wet but where rain stopped, the racing line becoming little by little more dry and gripping than the rest of the road because of cars warming that line lap after lap.

  11. Maximou

    Me too, I didnt undersand it that way. For me, he just said that we shouldn’t have to worry about it because it might not be very hard to add and because skidmark are no BIG evolution for GT. It is not as important as other details but it sure is a nice addition. So I think that it doesn’t necessarly implies we won’t see them. The kind of marks + effects wheels leave on mud, sand, grass, wet road and snow may be more interesting than just mere skidmarks on asphalt.

    But LarryL, skidmarks may have been in previous GTs as still track texture but we never had dynamic or real time skidmarks left by driver’s or AI’s cars.

  12. Youngdubber

    It’s not that this guy can’t drive, it’s that he doesn’t know the track. When most of us would brake, he’s going full throttle and only braking when he realized he has to turn.

  13. LarryL

    I don’t think most of you people understand that MOST gamers are fairly casual gamers, not hardcore racer that think video games need to mirror real life. A developer making a racing game, can’t make that game just totally destroy your car and give you no chance at a top 3 just because you hit a wall, ESPECIALLY on casual setting. On hardcore settings, that’s fine, but not casual. The vast majority of gamers need some degree of wall riding, it’s just a fact, and if the GT devs litened to all you self-proclaimed hardcore racers, the game would end up being a critical disaster, and the majority of forum using inter-tards would be doing nothing but bashing the game……..though I suppose that will happen either way. Gaming forum users constantly complain about even perfection. Particularly if that perfection is PS3 exclusive (360 fanboys, lol)

  14. Maximou

    You can see side mirror but I don’t think it’s wider since rear mirror is cropped now. Even in GT5P, it depends on the car used, some has whole rear mirror or whole side mirror, some has both cropped.

  15. Luke

    Seems that way. I suppose they wanted to avoid any possible shortcuts throught the grass in the GT Academy demo (fairness).

  16. Mickle Pickle

    And Where is Dan G (Turn 10) in all these?? We havent seen his face yet ??
    Why doesn’t KY invite for a test drive?

    Is Dan busy working on FM4?

  17. IzzyStar

    God i hate the journalists non-existing driving skills… and that its always stability control, tcs, abs and so on the game almost looks like its arcade with those features on :(

  18. Spriggers

    The wall riding is really putting me off what is the best looking racer on the planet. Looks so good, but the car physics off track when you hit walls, drive in grass, and so on are pretty bad in this video.

  19. alucard0712

    Finally looks like GREEN HELL – not yellow one…
    I’m not scare anymore!Graphics(track) looks amazing! :)))

  20. priesty_lfc


    still only the 2.30 demos, also seems to be no damage in any of these videos.

    Startin to get alittle bored, I really wish Sony would just say something about the release date.

    For my sins I’ve considered a 360 and Forza3, I really don’t want to waste my money on that but I need a decent driving game!!!

  21. Luke

    Nice, finally a cockpit of a tuned car. I was hoping that the cockpit would also be tuned, with additional gauges for boost or temperatur, glad PD didn`t disappoint me.

  22. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    nothing to special about this video i see the some think all the time hey clear car running in to hey wall with no damage in it. they said this game going to coast over 60 million to make.

  23. DaveTheStalker

    Is it on the GTPlanet YouTube page yet? Can’t watch embedded videos on my phone. :( Jordan, for those of us ‘video challenged’, could you please try to always include a link to the GTPlanet YouTube page? Pretty please :)

  24. Dom

    I hate to watch this and I hate to say it, but it should not be possible to drive with 4 wheels on the gras and damn, it should not encourage nerds to use wallrides. It’s a real driving simulator, not an arcarde powerboat game. GT5 should not, in no way, never, look like a mario kart clone. Even on easy settings, it’s just painful to see the love for details trashed with such unfortunate driving behavior.
    Moreover, I ask myself where they find all those down-syndrome GT5 aficionados who feel the need to drive when a video is taken.

  25. Sm0k3:D

    If I publish a video showing my driving skills I will try to do it better than an old shortage…
    I can notice that physics you’re talking about… It seems to be out of control all the time…

  26. Jorge

    Same GT Time Trial physics engine. AMG is right, the trees and tight circuit gives a more radical sense of speed

    That is why F1 city circuits are a show, sense of speed is better… I live in Montreal and have put my car to the test in the F1 track here, at 80KM per hour in the straight looked like a walk in the park… now a F1 car at 250KM per hour, then that is a sense of speed!

  27. vampire63

    the sense of speed is great the interior also great physic improved toward realism since gt5p
    Looking very good

  28. AMG

    Cool nurburgring at night damage and weather playing online with 16 players

    I think whe can expect the full version of 25 km nordsleife and gp track, you can see the gp garage on the psp trailer

  29. demonblade

    Great video. Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get my hands on it in 201? I’ve started going grey waiting for this game. Be trading in my G25 for a zimmer frame by the time Sony see fit to actually let us play it! I hate you Sony!!!!

  30. j8mie

    It’s nice to see any video of GT5, and it’s clear from even this short clip that the level of detail has increased since we last saw it in GT4.

    On a side note can I just say how bad most people seem to be at these games. Why can no one seem to keep the car on the track for more than a couple of seconds, and when they are on the track they never look to be in control ;)

  31. robert

    Its not that they cant drive, its that they think theyre playing ridge racer or something rather than The Real Driving Simulator…..but it does make you wonder why they actually show up at these shows when they havent got a clue on the games theyre going to be playing……looks awesome though

  32. vitz

    is the new physics engine causing everyone to struggle, or it is just bad gamers playing the game? what i mean is you can here the tyres squealing in pain over the crest on the run up to the jump, where normally (i mean the old physics system) have no trouble what so ever. fair enough they lose grip when regaining the circuit, as your tyres would be dirty etc

    fair enough we never got to try the Nurburgring in GT5 prologue using the “old” physics engine, but i’ll bet it wasn’t as tricky as that, you could go flat out over that crest.

  33. xtaz

    All assists are off in this demo I hope? When he hit the grass and grind he didn’t even slip or spin. Nice sense of speed indeed.

  34. Forenza

    Jordan, can you try and post the videos as youtube over flash? I know im not the only one using an iPhone/iPod that cant read flash…but good news!

  35. Viktor Navorsky

    edit: man… those jornalists are REALLY REALLY BAD drivers… why they dont send at less good players to cover such events? Kkkkk…

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