Need for Speed Heat Gets Customization Companion App

Need for Speed HEAT 25 August 19, 2019 by

Right alongside its Gamescom-opening gameplay showcase, we’ve learned Need for Speed Heat will feature a dedicated mobile app for customization.

Simply called NFS Heat Studio, the app gives players a taste of what to expect in the game after last week’s reveal trailer. More specifically, it allows them to dive into the customization process ahead of time, fine-tuning their rides to send to the full game when it launches November 8.

At launch 10 of the game’s cars are available. From classic metal like the Datsun 240Z and Volvo 242, tuner-friendly ’90s JDM machinery from Mazda and Nissan, or the ultra-modern BMW i8, there’s a fair spread to serve as a sampler here. What’s more, spend a bit of time tinkering and you’ll unlock an 11th car. Given one particular hybrid model’s prominence in the reveal trailer, it should be an easy enough one to guess…

Studio is already available on iOS and Android devices. We took it for a quick spin and found the interface straight-forward. In some ways, it’s actually easier than using the equivalent system in Payback. That being said, it does suck a lot of power from devices — in this case an iPhone 7 Pro — and suffers a few glitches, like not being able to unequip a spoiler, or undo any color choices.

What Studio does do is show off a few new customization options we can only assume will arrive in the full game. For starters, there are now more options for the cars’ bodies, including full carbon fiber — tinted, if you want — or composite a la Lamborghini’s Huracan Performante. There are a handful of new rim designs available for selection too.

With Gamescom opening up this week, stay tuned for plenty more on NFS Heat throughout the week.

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