Need for Speed Heat Update 1.5 Arrives, Brings Back Polestar Hero Car, and More

The latest update for Need for Speed Heat has arrived, and answered one of the biggest questions from fans.

It’s a fairly busy update with some content for the holidays, along with UI updates, bug fixes, and other changes. However, the main thrust for the Heat community is the return of the game’s ‘Hero’ car.

Although the yellow Polestar 1 features brightly in all of Heat’s promotional material, you only get to drive it once. Taking the role of Joe, a member of Ana Rivera’s crew, you’ll drive the car in the game’s opening sequence before it ends up at the bottom of the sea in a cutscene. Although another Polestar 1 is available, it can’t use the same body modifications.

The update brings the Polestar Hero Edition back into play. If you complete all of the story missions — not just the main campaign, but the driver stories too — it becomes available to purchase from the Showroom.

To celebrate the impending end of 2019, there’s four new ‘vanity’ items for your car. You can now fit firework and Christmas light neon underglows, and two horn sounds: Jingle Bells, and For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.

There’s also a number of changes to some of the game interfaces. You’ll now find a quick routing option inside the in-game phone app — accessible during driving — that allows you to quickly pull up a route to the nearest safehouse or gas station. Changes to the map make a few details clearer, such as which activities are locked for your current Rep level. The enter/exit garage prompt also no longer eliminates other display elements.

Other changes now include proper functionality for ‘volatile’ parts. Now, if the cops bust you before you can safely get back with a volatile part from a high heat event, you’ll lose the part. There’s a whole load of performance and stability fixes, along with some changes to eliminate a number of bugs. One thing we noted in our review was a severe FPS slowdown in certain missions, and this is among the patch notes.

The update, officially known as 1.5 but referred to as 1.04 on PlayStation 4, is available now. It comes in at 2.45GB on PC, 4.5GB on XBox One, and 5GB on PS4.

Featured image courtesy of FT-1.

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