Need for Speed Heat Launches Today

The latest game in the enduring street racing series Need for Speed will be landing on game shop shelves, doormats, and online stores today.

Need for Speed Heat returns players to the mean streets of Palm City — inspired by Miami. By day, you’ll be a street racer involved in officially sanctioned events to earn cash, but by night you’ll be going against the law to build up your reputation. You can spend both currencies to modify your car with new parts, or pick up new rides altogether from the game’s 127 cars.

Of course not everyone will be too happy with your night-time escapades, least of all Lieutenant Mercer of the Palm City PD’s anti-street racing task force. Attract too much attention — the eponymous Heat — at night, and Mercer’s crew will try to smash you off the roads with armored Rhino trucks. The more Heat you get, the more aggressive the cops get, but also the more you build your reputation.

Heat wouldn’t be a Need for Speed game without customization. You’ll be able to tune your cars for the racetrack or off-road, or set up a drift special. Engine and exhaust swaps allow you to change the car’s sound, and of course there’s visual mods like decals, wraps, underbody lights, and huge bodykits.

Personalization applies to your avatar too. Ghost Games has worked with lifestyle clothing and accessory brands to allow players to kit their characters out to match their cars. There’s a soundtrack to match too, including artists like Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, and YBN Cordae.

The game also supports a multiplayer mode that allows you to join with up to 15 other players to make a crew. You’ll be able to see members of your crew whenever you’re in multiplayer mode and join in with their events.

There’s 42 Achievements/Trophies (43 if you include the Platinum) to go for in the game. As usual, our forums will already be full of hints and tips on how best to get them, and tactics to get you through the game’s story mode.

Need for Speed Heat is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and through Origin on PC.

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