New Gran Turismo 5 Damage Images

Hot on the heels of Gamersyde’s first look at the GamesCom playable GT5 demo, they now provide us with a first real look at ingame damage.

Damaged Impreza WRC

Using the same Subaru Impreza WRC car, the Gamersyde insider drove slightly more carelessly than the previous attempt and we can now see some quite extensive damage to the poor, battered Scooby – including sufficient front-end damage to pop the bonnet clean open (good job those vents are there!) and poor Phil Mills is now sitting in a draught as his side door has been completely ripped away!

Edit: Once more, with added Youtube:

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  1. Josh

    People keep saying damage doesn’t matter. It is the best way to deter stupid behavior online. If the bumper-car players only get cosmetic damage and can run around unhampered with doors off and the hoods flying, I suspect it will only encourage them. If this game is going to continue touting realism, realistic damage needs to be a part of it. If you drive recklessly and slam into a wall at high speed, game over. I love the GT series as much as anyone, but this is a fatal flaw. No, it will not stop me from buying the game, although perhaps it should. Forza 3 may not be quite as pretty, but at least cars aren’t bouncing around with no consequence.

  2. sauerkraut

    Snickers3 said
    “To me it seems on par with the best damage I have seen in other racing games. Can anyone name a game with obvious better damage modeling???”

    Err…. a game called GRID! It may be a mixture of arcade/sim racing as all the Race Driver games have been but its damage model is spot on and miles ahead of the shown damage in this GT5 vid.

    Back on topic. PD, why bother adding damage like this. Cars dont bounce off guardrails like shown, instead they are built to absorb the energy of a crash. And in all honesty, quit calling yourself the true racing/driving simulator as the physics model in GT does not even come close to being as realistic as other racing sims. Not to mention I find it hard to believe they can accurately represent the true physics of 1000 cars.

    On that note, WTF do I need 1000 cars for? I dont need 40 different Skylines that are almost identical mmkay, thats freaking retarded. The amount of cars in GT1 or GT3 was about all that was needed. Maybe if they weren’t worried about there being 1000 cars the game would have already been out. Instead, I’m left waiting for the game so PD can add 800 more cars I wont ever drive.

  3. Sauerkraut

    “…we’re not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way”

    Not sure why its implemented then because I’ve never seen a race where a car slams into a guardrail like in that video, bounces off (racecars ares built to absorb the energy from a crash, not just bounce off) and drive away. As for the doors opening, I’ve got to ask what thats all about in most every racing game with damage considering you dont see that on a real race track considering the doors are normally welded shut on race cars for this very reason.

    “From our standards what other games are doing is simplified damage”
    For starters, Kaz once siad he doesnt know about other racers when someone asked him about Forza in an interview. So riddle me this Kaz, how can you make a statement about other games when you say you dont know about other racing games.

    Snickers3 said
    “To me it seems on par with the best damage I have seen in other racing games. Can anyone name a game with obvious better damage modeling???”


  4. george

    This damage modeling sucks ass. I’ve seen better damage in Carmageddon 2 which was released in 1998. The car should’ve been totaled after that first rear-end hit from the Mitsubishi, but instead it took no damage at all. It also bounced off the wall that it hit like it was nothing.

  5. robin

    GUYS THIS IS IS JUST A DEMO OF GT5 AT GAMESCON sorry 4 the caps but ppl need 2 no that this vid was showing a brief demo of gt5 and the guy who recorded this said ”Granted, developer Polyphony Digital may not have included full damage system in the Gamescom demo, as the preview version was extremely limited in scope.” check out the site here… ok lmao im doing this on my ps3 believe it or not so u cant copy a url yet so search this in google ” Gran Turismo 5Hands-On: Doin’ DamageAin’t Easy ”

  6. Flagmo-T

    Ya it’s great Jack_UK , but it’s just a pity that we have to drive with 2008 WRC Cars, petter is driving a citroen Xsara old school Racer, and he actually showing some great skills again..

    Ta ta :)

  7. Jack_uk

    Guys notice on the side of the scoobie that it dosen’t say rally Japan like it did in the trailer. Does this meen we can get real WRC events and the liveries for the event changes every time?

  8. Flagmo-T

    Well lets give PD the chance of redeem them self’s GT5 will be awesome no matter what, and so do we all Know… :)

    PSN has got DIRT2 demo Right this minute, I’m off to do some Rally Driving, Right Now!!

    weeee I hope.. :P

  9. Cole

    It may be a bit awkward to play with only a fraction of damageable cars, but PD has expressed a lot of interest in updates over the internet. Maybe they can gradually introduce damage to all models.

  10. Matt

    And so, after two one and a half minute videos, many people are already coming to conclusions about the final product. I find the emotional meltdowns people on this forum are having based on these two clips to be absolutely hilarious. Until I have played the game myself or have official word from the actual developer, I’m going to stay quiet on what the ultimate result of their efforts to implement damage has been, and continue to ignore the noise coming from the crowd on here. To all of you weeping naysayers: you don’t think they would allow Gran Turismo to be released after such a long time in development with a damage model that didn’t allow for headlights to be broken or dents to be put in cars, do you? Think about it.

  11. lars

    i’m dissapointed about the damage though, its cool things fall of, but…. no dents or damaged paintwork, scratches, the graphics look super-amazing though

  12. Flagmo-T

    BTW.. Another good observation in another damage video is that they also have added some Physics to different things on the tracks EX: look at this video at 1.09 and at 1.15 that’s something new as well, and do gives much more meaning, But hmm, something smaller would even tip the Car around, EX: Ken block only touched the the sidewalk in a hairpin in the latest Xgame rally, and his Car ended on the ruff, END RACE ;o)

    PS sorry for my spelling in my first comment, Being DIRT2, is of course buying DIRT2..:)

  13. Flagmo-T

    For me to must important thing with the damage in GT5, is that your Car will respons to the Hits it gets, as being harder to drive, that should and would make people a little more apprehensive in there Races, which will give us all a much better Race experience and then Driving Skills will be the Best solution for every one as it should be.. I’m so tired of some peoples arcade Online driving and bullishness (driving the wrong way should kick you of after 50 meters) and this feature ( if the damage is in the physics as well ) will clear up the idiotic Drivers from the races ( yes it’s a clear wish )

    BTW I really don’t see the Idea in not being DIRT2 PS3, if GT5 is as we have seen now, Damn, I need both, Dirt2 looks amazing, and if they have implanted as so called more SIm style in it, it will also be a big Hit in my opinion, and if i could afford a X360, i would also buy FMS3, I haven’t been driving GT5p for the last 3 months now, I Simply find some of the PC Simulators much more entertaining now, and I still would do that, when GT5 and DIRT2 comes out, Race07/GTR-evolution is a big hit, and it’s awesome.. Uhhh Sorry for not being so young in my mind, I’m for 47years old :o)

    Dream Extreme

    PD has done a fantastic Job so far, and GT5 will be as good as the others in the series, Damage or not.. :P

  14. chris

    if you go to it says that Of the 1,000 vehicles available for play in GT5, 170 of them will be “premium” models that feature full interior modeling that is affected by vehicle damage. The remaining 830 vehicles will be standard models that only feature external damage. so there will be damage

  15. GTracerRens

    This disappoints me… :( DiRT2 has a much better looking damage model for the impreza! And if only racecars have a damage model, why do they include it then? Then the damage model was such a waste of time. I didn’t expect a damagemodel as in Forza 2, I hoped for one like in DiRT!!! :(

  16. SatansReverence

    It is good that they are finally implementing damage but it is far from what they “promised” at E3.

    There is no deformation.

    A few very low res and blurred marks on the car.

    Glass doesn’t break.

    Only impressive thing is they have modelled all the stuff they would need to when the bonnets opens (although it should flip back over the windscreen) and the doors open/fall off.

    So while it is good that they have damage it is far from being good damage.

  17. Tenacious D

    S_M_91 Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Trust me, this is going to turn out to be one huge mixed bag of disappointments. They tried putting too much into it, and failed.
    * * * * * *

    I know, and FW3 STILL only has eight car races, for shame ;D

    Wow… I had to grab this quick. It looks stunning on the Bravia. Yes, flickering shadows that really should be tended to. Yes, lack of skid marks, no sparks when grinding against the barriers, but even GT4 had that.

    But I don’t EVEN care!

    Good grief, the physics look great. Damage is extensive, even in this build. Graphics, stunning as expected. The car shimmies down the road so you know the frame is bent. If damage isn’t on the other 800 plus street cars, I couldn’t care less. You guys can beach and moan and play bumper cars in frustration. I’m gonna have the time of my LIFE! FW2, Dirt 2, Supercar Challenge, NFS Shift, whatever else… just became much smaller games.

    The Tokyo Game Show is going to be INSANE!

  18. renzo

    amazing footage!!. wtf is up with all these complaints people?? some of you need to pull your heads out of your a$$es and be greatful that where another step closer towards gt5 arriving. I cant believe how arrogant some people are these days…..

  19. Webbo

    I think all the cars will have cockpit view, especially with the unvieling that the PSP versions will, and the cars can be transferred over.

  20. Napoleon_Ist

    the 170 “premium” cars have damage and dashboard view, the remaining 830 “standard” cars don’t. its not a mteer of race cars. easy as pie.

  21. aleksandar SRB

    We will have damage on race car and it”s ok If they could not take licence for road car!!! Problem is not in PD, car manufacture don”t want to see damage on their car… Kazunori Yamauchi said in interview last year that FERRARI don”t want damage on their car!!! That is reason why we won”t se damage on all car.

  22. GTfanboy12

    oh well

    i’ve seemed to got through GT2 fine without damage

    i think only regular cars won’t have damage

    nascar, wrc etc might have them

  23. Ralf

    i think the reason the evo pulled away was because the bonnet being open on the impreza creates ALOT of drag. Which in realistic terms is great!

  24. snicker3s

    Just correcting some of the more ‘inacurate’ statements:

    -the lights DO get broken (the 2 inner white backlights are)
    -there ARE scratches on the car (among other ones a big one on the backside running through the license plate and the character A of Subaru)
    -there ARE dents (upper part of the front spoiler bent downward)
    -Bumpers are indeed getting most damage and are first to come off, but this is kinda logical since they are the outer parts of the car. Kinda hard crashing a car and only damaging the gearknob.
    -Performance IS influenced(clear on the last long straight: White Evo pulls away very fast from the slipstreaming Impreza. BHP wise that should be other way around).

    Indeed Burnout Paradise has very impressive beautiful cinematic crashes, but not very realistic ones. Hiroshima every time you scratch a wall is beautiful to see and repeat but not very lifelike

    @Monkeyherow(+ his Dirt damage vid):
    Ehrm… You kinda got a point there. But again: hard to compare compilation of selected crashes of released game with first short glances of demo version.

  25. lbsf1

    finally damage i’m happy but i am a bit dissapointed about no scratches or crumpling but hey its damage none the less now all we need is a release date

  26. jamaicangamer

    yehh it seems to parts arent too pliable. guess they only fall off. the replay cam wuz nice doe it wuznt in the middle of the road :P

  27. mc959

    I’m dissapointent too, with all those hits, the front and backlights where still intact, i have seen better damage on ps1 games like the toca series from codemasters

  28. tomek_pl

    They shouldn’t make gt for psp coz gt5 wont be that great! GT5 Still nothing new except the track and 370z. KAZ wtf is going on? He keeps everything in secret or the game is just bad? -_-



  30. Webbo

    I think, now that we know damage is not on all cars the damage shown here is only cosmetic and doesn’t implement on performance due to fairness in the race due to others being undamageable stock cars. This is basically what we have at the moment but with basic damage enabled to add some variation and splendour to the race.

    I reckon in the real rally races the whole thing will be turned up a notch which fully deformable chassis and the lot. You know this makes sense.

  31. oneword

    Maybe there will be option like RBR.You can choose damage level between Off,safe,reduced, and realistic.And what we saw was something like reduced.

  32. Turbo_3800

    In some ways the damage here reminds me of the car damage from GTA IV but on a much more graphical detail lol….I didn’t really expect much from this new feature seeming how this is GT’s first time getting damage. What we’re seeing and or getting might be the beta version of damage when GT5 comes out lol and hopefully get an update patch that makes it better…I wonder how much is it gonna cost to fix the car after it’s wrecked.

  33. Sunday

    Take a look at the vid. The hood, both doors and the trunk are all capable of opening which means that PD had to completely design the whole exterior and interior of the car. Combined with the very high graphics standards of GT5, that damage is actually pretty impressive. No other game can give that in that level of detail.

  34. snicker3s

    Seeing Tokyo Route 246 in glorious HD made me realise the following:

    -This thing will contain practically all courses from gt1 up to gt4…. in 1080×720@60Hz.
    -There are 1000 cars in the game. One Thousand. 1K. A 1 then three zeroes. We should all take a minute to fully appreciate that number.

    Above 2 points make me very happy:)

    About the damage in the video (very hard to evaluate based on 1 short vid coming from demo version):
    To me it seems on par with the best damage I have seen in other racing games. Can anyone name a game with obvious better damage modeling???

    My point being: after getting best graphics, best videomode, most cars, most courses, isnt it a bit greedy to expect the damage modeling to be a giant leap forward on their first try?

  35. Nif

    Hmm, this footage isn’t too convincing… Cosmetic damage only (the Subaru seemed to drive fine despite all the crashes), only damage on some cars (the Lancer didn’t have a scratch on it), dumbass AI (the Lancer didn’t brake or slow down until it plowed into the back of the Subaru). Yeah it looks great, but there’s not much change to core gameplay if you can still use the other cars as cushions to get round corners. I’m still sceptical for the moment.

  36. G0N7AL0

    forza 3 fans … and the best racing game of the year is …….chara ra raaaaaan !!

    GRAN TURISMO 5 !!!!!! is oviusly . how to say my friend jeremy clarkson gt5 is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!

    cry forza fan cry…is not your blame …

  37. Manny12

    Guys relax it’s still a work in progress, there’s no release date even so im pretty sure it’ll look better

  38. y0uR-f4th3r

    Jordan, please edit my last post, it should be “But the pit entry signs @ 1:19 do yield some hope.”

  39. GTfanboy12

    ok very simple, there is damage for all cars

    look at the video

    rally car in any ordinary track, gt cars racing with a rally car

    and don’t forget to tell forza 3 fanboys to suck it

  40. Sunday

    Come on guys. The only reason a lot of us are disappointed with the damage graphics it’s because we expect so much out of PD. Unconsciously we are already thinking that the game should look ultra-realistic. This is only one of the few games that actually look ultra-realistic and the art hasn’t been perfected yet. This is a good start. Give PD credit. They’re not perfect no matter how much we expect from their games. Cheers to GT5! :)

  41. y0uR-f4th3r

    Well, maybe it’s because it’s the BETA release ? You can tell that it isn’t finished yet, because, even if the subaru was damaged, it wasn’t “scratched”, the surfaces were flat/shiny.

  42. Irwan

    if u dont crash.. drive carefully.. if u want race only.. go play ridge racer F1 game.. simulation must be all aspect, including damage.. so u must drive nicely n be professional

  43. Dom

    This is what I was hoping for:

    PD is a strange company. They should open up their eyes. A lot of games in the last 15 years had more realistic crashes than this. It’s a sad day for realistic racing game fans, as Flolza 3 looks even worse and their direction is even more into the tuning and arcarde racing direction, combined with inferiour unrealistic ‘real world’ tracks. I will like GT 5 for it’s love for cars and the nice graphics, but all in all, I was hoping for a bigger step after Prologue…

  44. Bloody

    Racing = Crash

    I’m every Weekend on the Nürburgring and i’ve NEVER NEVER NEVER seen a race without crashes …

    So damage is really needed … but not that way the video shows :/

  45. sharif ali

    Why u all people love so much on damage? so tiny detail crash u all balbbering it about racing or crash? we shall see lot of kids playing after this..

  46. Canadian STIG

    Hopefully the damage is like the Standard/Professional physics engine in GT5P, where the comp. typically has Standard physics and the player has the option of Standard/ Professional physics. Relating to this, I would assume this race had the player choosing the damage option and the comp. not utilizing the damage feature. (Lancer in perfect condition after the massive collision with the Impreza, Lancer baring to sign of collision). Imaginably, I would suspect that some races will yield the damage option for both player(s) and comp.s giving that long awaited feel of realism. If not this could mean trouble as it would only mean the player is in the disadvantagoes situation of being more cautious about their driving and the computer scraping or sliding into other opposition without the fear of damaging effects. Another good thing that ought to be felt is the lack of those ludicrous time penalties, after all, as hard is it is to believe already, Gran Turismo has inputted a damage graphics engine.

    It would still be fantastic to see weather and time lapsing, but still no word from P.D. Even so, this is already to much to digest. Kudos to P.D and kudos to Jordan for the constant reminders. Cheers.

  47. anonymous

    Can somebody just properly crash the car to show the amount and degree of damage instead of going around the place.

  48. Aristedis

    i hope pd just give as a demo for the damage …iam 100% this is not the final spec of the game….this is just a small demo with no 100% damage on the car ….its nice to see that but in TGS will be the real game

  49. Cocomoto

    I just can’t wait, how many people can complaing ?
    Is like, a feature that mosto of you was crying loud to have and when you have, you just keep complaning…
    In the end of the day, we all know that the game will be huge, wonderfull and will make you keep playing till the day GT6 is released !

  50. Dom

    I NEVER was too excited about damage. I don’t care about it, seriously. If you drive the way you should do, you will not need damage. If you crash, you better try again anyway. But this is stupid. Crashing a car hard and continue driving with minor/unrealistic damage makes NO sense at all. If I really crash, the race should end there. Usually tires fall apart, airbags go off and the car will no longer be working. Even medium hits with 200km/h will end you race, and probably even your life.
    PD made a compromise and it looks bad.
    Moreover, if they mix damagable cars with no damage cars, the game will suck. seriously, this is not very realistic. I was hoping for a real racing experience with evolving grip levels (with visible rubber on track), debries on the track, and also weather changes. Temperatures and maybe even rain.
    What I can see so far is that they have done lots of bullshit to a not perfect Prologue racing experience. Not because PD is bad, but because the “fans” asked for stupid damage nobody who is serious about racing will need very often – and in this form, probably NEVER.

  51. Micky

    There are a lot of fanboys that have hijacked this page.

    It looks incredible, to think they have this extensive damage model when I never even believed they would implement damage at all!

    This is shaping up to be the best driving game ever I am certain. 1000 cars as well in THOSE graphics!!! boy oh boy

  52. eiroight

    wow, the white car that hit the Subaru had no damage which makes it feel very unrealistic in the crash department of the game, if GT5 does not incorporate damage as it should be this game still does not achieve its full capabilities, maybe GT6 will be featuring everything as it should be, i guess were still not advanced enough to make GT5 look as realistic as possible.
    who knows though, maybe they’ll change some things until the release, this is by the way a small clip, maybe there is more to it than just this….lets hope so

  53. chris

    damage does affect the performance of cars. look at the scoooby at the end of the video when they are on the straight the evo is already a good bit down the road

  54. frankmx

    just stop complaining ”the damage isnt realistic” i think it looks nice and just dont worry about it PD will deliver the best game. if you know it all try to create a game with 1000 cars
    on the best quality and interior view. then you can have your ”realistic damage”.
    it looks very nice and im really happy it comes this year.


    Have you seen how fast the car can spinning…now it is easier to make donuts and something like this with a bugatti veyron or something else…hey guys the have 1000 cars, 60 tracks in the game for 70€. Is need for speed shift better as GT5 which also will cost 70€?…NOOOO

  56. Lenny Smalls

    You know what… PD, you had me at 1,000 cars, Lambo, Ferrari, Bugatti. I dare anyone to tell me that the lack of realistic damage for them is a deal breaker.

  57. Webbo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I have a feeling the damage modelling will be scaleable. This might be a very ligh cosmetic setting we just don’t know enough to make any asumptions about anything at the moment.

  58. ddl8

    At 60 mph car smashed against the wall is becoming total mess, fully undrivable. Did you see guys cars’ crash tests? well, if PD call gt a real driving simulator why not to implement it? Instead they imitate some arcade style damage that you can see in Dirt and few other games. Wtf with the doors? You smash car and its almost impossible to open the door the body deformation makes it impossible, have you ever seen car crashed with open doors – me never – but i have seen car smashed with doors sealed so hard that you got to cut the f*%&ing body to let anyone inside go. I think PD should stick to this way of representing damage cause other shity damage we have seen in other games is not gonna impress nobody imho. And again it is not funny these doors :) open and close lol, i mean its funny but not serious…

  59. AJ_is_Sik

    Everyone come on its GT5 we will have the real deal soon. And like what they did wit prologue they could make updates to upgrade or fix things around if they can’t do it b4 they release it…Or we could wait some more…trust me i cant wait to much i want it soon.

  60. NGrignon

    A bit deceiving… it look like the damage will be only VISUAL…. and for few cars only… but unfortunately expected due to the nature of GT’s gameplay which is edging on arcade (at least at the begining)= 3-4 laps to pass now 15 cars, bumpers car style of driving imposed to finish in the podium… not easy to put damages in GT which is, in fact, revolutionize COMPLETELY GT’s gameplay.

  61. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    you guys i think there are just test the game out and slow as some damage clips one car there will be more coming soon.

  62. Lenny Smalls

    Well, it’s hard to tell if the performance was affected. The player said he was trying to wreck to demonstrate the damage. He certainly seemed to drive like crap after the first crash. Unclear. GET SOMEONE TO THE DEMO!!! Get someone with a mic to ask people the right questions.

  63. S_M_91

    Trust me, this is going to turn out to be one huge mixed bag of disappointments. They tried putting too much into it, and failed.

  64. Jantsu92

    “Mixed feelings….
    I´m reallly happy that it´s just the demo and at least we can see it in action. But i recognized that in the cockpit view the driver is not shifting…. also there are no skidmarks and after i crash it does not look like you´ll have loss of performance or steering problems. What do you think ???
    My biggest concern is how to fix these problems in this short amount of time…. we´ll see. I´m happy anyway”

    We already know that you won’t lose any performance after crashes in GT5 and you can’t see driver shifting because they are not using gearstick in WRC cars.

  65. Greg_k

    Have you noticed that there are no skidmarks left on the track after the car spinned? I’m a bit dissapointed with this footage.

  66. Bano

    Mixed feelings….
    I´m reallly happy that it´s just the demo and at least we can see it in action. But i recognized that in the cockpit view the driver is not shifting…. also there are no skidmarks and after i crash it does not look like you´ll have loss of performance or steering problems. What do you think ???
    My biggest concern is how to fix these problems in this short amount of time…. we´ll see. I´m happy anyway

  67. ddl8

    Well, the damage look so-so… It actually look very funny in this replay :). The hood should have been smashed against the windshield by the wind force, headlights are also stayed intact and wtf with the doors, lol, they looked funny… After mitsubishi smashed in impreza they both sould have been deformed utterly badly, something like engines flawen away and oil all over the place and fire etc etc etc yeap I am not impressed unfortunetly, need more work PD. Hope that shit wont make the release date shifted, I really hope so. Ye, graphics are good though…

  68. Lenny Smalls

    Carmaggeddon?!?!?! ROFLMAAAAAAO!!!! If Only I could take out those annoying photographers in the Grand Canyon rally!

  69. alucard0712

    …not as good as i expect…did anyone played Carmageddon???i expect that level of damage.especially collisions are unrealistic…it’s good…but bad…IMO

  70. khamseen

    @Pierced Lead
    There are suspections, the Lancer doesn’t get damaged because stock cars won’t have any damage at all.

  71. Lenny Smalls

    mixed feelings…. Is that like a mixture of “I am going to buy this game no matter what” and “I am going to complain no matter what”?

  72. haubi

    “…we’re not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way”
    “From our standards what other games are doing is simplified damage”

    and yet here we are with a ridiculous damage-system

    havin very mixed feelings about gt5. Really hope it is not gonna suck cuz it’s the one game (besides gow3) I’ve been looking forward to the most

  73. Pierced Lead

    Drop the damage, it isn’t going very well, the lancer crashed into the rear of the impreza but left clean with no scratches. Also, all I see in the damage are loose body panels, no cracks, dents, scratches, and the car didn’t seem to lose performance.

  74. Lenny Smalls

    Do me a big favor and same me $180. If you put In-car view and damage into a wide variety of cars (a 1000 is ludicrous) There’ll be no reason for me to buy Dirt 2, NFS: Shift, or Supercar Challenge!

  75. cobraagent90

    It seems like yesterday that I was driving carefully in GT4 for a clean race. But when GT5 is released……….

  76. Lenny Smalls

    BTW, even if it is true and only rally cars will have damage… Thanks for saving me 60 bucks, PD!!! No reason to buy Dirt 2 now!

  77. riad

    beside does anybody here realize making a racing game ultra realistic in certain areas wud jus ruin the game, for example in a real race no matter how minimum your mistake is , ur race may be over and done there, even the slightest touch with another car and u may be doing 360 head pins towards doom. Do we really want GT to be that realistic? no we don’t, that wud be a nightmare, racing is racing, u wana play bash bash, theres a game called burnout for that, im jus happy we have what we have, weather effect is the bigger factor for realism here imo.

    Cheers guys

  78. KoosSpeeTerreur

    TBH I don’t care if normal cars don’t have damage. In almost every race you hit someone while overtaking, no matter how careful you drive and then your beautiful car is wrecked up! Not to speak about endurance races… (sure you can make a pitstop, but still…)
    For race/rallycars it’s fun though and will definitely improve the experience!

  79. Lenny Smalls

    It’s fairly obvious to me, and I don’t know whether this is common for developers at this late stage or not, but until some intelligent human can get to that game demo to clear things up… Looks like PD have only gotten so far with the damage on 1 (ONE) vehicle out of 1,000. wow. Please somebody prove me wrong.

  80. riad

    come on guys, complain complain complain, u have your release date, u have your damage ( which looks to be very in depth, i mean which other game does interoir damage ?). come on Its GT5, its almost time to vooooooom voooom

  81. Jack_uk

    Well watching the other video earlier I noticed that no damage was occuring, there was no smashed glass for example. So in my opinion the damage has a setting where it can be enabled & disabled……… only time will tell.

  82. Lenny Smalls

    As a matter of fact, the only single car out of a THOUSAND that it seems PD has put damage into in this new WRX. OK, now for the other 999, should take only another decade.

  83. Hrabi

    damn people, before you talk rubbish bullshit and read! Damage will be in all cars. Only 170, or something, it will be destroyable inside.

  84. Lenny Smalls

    Wait and see, only NASCAR, WRC and possible other contained, governed racing leagues like JGTC will have damage. I’ll put hard cash on it.

  85. ohwell

    Limited to certain cars is better than no damage at all. Also, I don’t see how its going to ruin the whole series if the damage isn’t entirely realistic. It won’t be perfect, but they can improve it over time, you know… overdriver is right, for now we should just be happy! :D

  86. Lenny Smalls

    Not many people seem to be remembering this, so I’ll point it out:

    ITS A RALLY CAR! WE have no evidence that any cars other than WRC and probably NASCAR cars will be damageable. It is absolutely ridiculous however to have them taking damage in the same race as invincible production cars, however.

  87. Russek

    I´m of the opinion that all cars in gt5 will have damage. it would be stupid to have, let´s say 170 cars in the full version, with damage and the rest has none.
    Imagine you´ll drive 1 on 1 against a friend with a “premium”^^ subaru impreza wrc, and he has got a “standart model” without damage, crashing your car. it won´t make any sence to me, because my car won´t have any doors etc. instead of his car, which will be in a perfect condition.
    K.Y. is genius, everthing will be perfectly.

  88. G0N7AL0

    NO door ? OMFG is the best damagesistem in this years ? GT again put new level in a racings simulations . again and again …………………… is the best ever

    thanks KAZU !!

  89. african kat

    Dissapointing – with all Kaz’s talk of ‘they’ll only implement damage when they can do it realistically’. Bonnet does’nt crumple – Mitsi Evo behind does’nt get a scratch – the collision bet Evo and Subaru results in both doors flying off Subaru – no crumpling. Damage looks like Forza2…I’m trying to be excited but PD can do much better

  90. S_M_91

    Damage in GT = total ******* waste of time. If it’s anything short of realistic, it’s going to ruiin the series, and if it truly is limited to certain cars it’s an even bigger joke.

  91. overdriver

    it’s true it would be nice to see other cars but hey! don’t forget what are you looking! GT5 is here and you’re complaining?!?!?! enjoy people… from now on, every day will bring us more and more news now… so, what you don’t see today, you’ll see tomorrow… :)
    WOOHOOO GT5!!!

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