New Gran Turismo 5 Video Discovered in GT PSP (UPDATE)

UPDATE:  The original video was removed, but that’s OK – thanks to an anonymous source, here’s a better quality version.

Here’s a pleasant surprise: after the ending credits for Gran Turismo PSP, Polyphony Digital has included a fresh new teaser video for Gran Turismo 5. Prominent cars include the Audi R10 (seen inside a mysterious wind tunnel), and a few more shots of WRC and NASCAR events. The video quality, for now, is poor, but I’ll update the post when a better one hits the web. Thanks to Alex p. for the discovery!

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  1. aleksandar SRB

    I must say something about damage:
    1) We have two type of damage.
    2) mechanical damage is real when car hit wall car performance are changed (acceleration is slower, top speed is lower, car handling is changed)
    3) visual damage is bad! On video from France guy hit wall with 200 km\h and just broke a front bumper?!? then he drive car in wrong way and hit AI car then his hud and doors was damaged, but he continue race!!!!
    Sorry for my English I”m from Serbia.

  2. Ohhh

    Aaaah! Goosebumps!
    This proves that GT5 will be the best GT of all. (Along side with GT2)
    I love the remake of moon over the castle… Its the best ever!
    And I agree with GTRacerrens, Gt is like God and nfs, forza and pgr are like shit! lmao
    Cant wait till next week for TGS!

  3. sanpanico

    “blandon Says:

    September 17th, 2009 at 1:40 pm
    why keep showing the R10? The R15 has been around for about a year now; the R10’s an old model….”

    Exactly what I was thinking. The R15 is just a ridiculous piece of machinery, and will make it’s place in history as the R10 did (and continues to do). And while I’m thinking about it, can anyone, clue me in as to how I can get an Audi A6L here in the states?!

  4. driver

    Hoppefully gt5 will have the same grapix as gt5p or better 1000 cars with all cocpitvieuw and the 170 cars with full realistic damage , 80 tracks , weather 1080p 60fps better shadow and lighting

  5. Sam__ NY


    They Nascar guys started like that because it was Indianapolis motor Speedway(Brickyard 400) its a special way of starting off and its only for the pace laps. they usually start in the pits.

    either that or PD really screwed up NASCAR.

  6. TW82

    Nice, but still no indication for weather changes. My hopes are very small we will see rain in GT5. Maybe night races, it would make sense, when I think of Bristol (Nascar – well, I hope we get the full Nascar season!!) and endurance races like the epic 24h Nürburg Nordschleifen race. There are at least some indicators that there might be a day-night cycle, if you watch all trailers, including this.

  7. Canadian STIG

    Its quite impressive that every little bit of official GT video released is just so impressive probably becaused of the questions raised as new info through the trailer is released. I would still like to see a Career Mode of some sort and interior views. 1 week from today and beleive it or not… o_0

  8. daus26


    I figured enough people mentioned that thing about the wind tunnel and Audi R10 above. Plus guy looked like he already knew about the tunnel. No way I’d forget about it.

  9. daus26

    I don’t think they showed any night time racing. For a quick summary, in the beginning it says the next race is about to begin (or something similar), probably another hint that it’ll be coming this year. Other than that, it’s just an epic teaser with footage of wrc and nascar cars, and also gt cars racing on nurburgring. There was also a blue 370 or 350z shown and a car we couldn’t make out, in Tuscany. All that with some kind of remix of GT’s infamous “Moon Over the Castle” song.

  10. It's Me

    For those of us who didn’t get to see the video could we get a description of what it was. I take it night time racing/wind tunnel? Anything else?

  11. Black Chamber

    Okay – this is strange.

    “Video removed by user” ?!?

    I JUST watched it and when I posted my above comment, I went to watch it again and now – it’s gone.


  12. Black Chamber

    Well, I think this pretty much confirms a 2009 release date – “The next race is about to begin” at the end of the credits to GTPSP – and it comes out on October 1st. Anyone would have seen that at least by the end of October and I think PD knew that it would hit YouTube before GTPSP even released.

    A 2009 release date is looking even more promising!

  13. KoosSpeeTerreur

    WOW what a piece of art! The music accompanied by the beautiful videoshots is just epic and totally GT as we know it.
    Btw is that a Veyron @21 sec.? Have to wait for better quality to be sure…
    The opening words look very promising when it comes to a 2009 release too!

  14. daus26

    Yea, I’m also over with with the whole bad reviews thing. It turns out that the game is simply suppose to be a quick play type thing anyway. I’ll be getting the game as well. There’s no need to hate on GT5’s little brother anymore. It was necessary by business means, so please don’t be blaming on anyone or anything anymore. We’ll get GT5 and that’s all that matters. As Marky mentioned, the delay isn’t probably by much anyway. So no more excuse on trying to hate on GTPSP.

  15. aleksandar SRB

    I want lot of videos from GT5 every day… can wait to play game in my houce with my dad!! He is also big fan of Gran Turismo!!!!!

  16. Marky264


    I love the musical scores for the Ace Combat games lol wish they worked on both their games! Imagine Ace Combat 7 on the PS3 with the Graphics of GT5! Hint Kaz!

  17. Sam__NY

    A wind tunnel? could this mean car customization. like putting a body kit or a spoiler on a car then testing it in the wind tunnel? hope so.

  18. Marky264

    @ Alan

    LOL What. Your telling me what I should not buy? I’ve wanted to GT PSP since it was first announced and i’m not going to not buy it because some stupid illiterate IGN Reviews expect too much from the game. PD Have made an amazing achievement producing this for the current gen PSP. No time has been wasted at all and it’s exactly what I want for when i’m on the Go which will be alot more as i’ve just started college and will not have enough time to play GT5 even if it gets released at the end of October for example. It delayed the release of GT5 Yes. But how many months huh? It could be one month to a couple of months to a year. I couldnt care less if they delayed the game for that long just to make room for GT PSP. They stick to their word and produced the game and didnt just drop it for the sake of it.

  19. Alan

    @ Marky, your wasting your money, your like the rest who fall for these little commercial gimmick games, you wont get the same experience that you’ll get in GT5, but if u want to throw your money away go right ahead, just remember that gt psp delayed the release of gt5 so sony could make more money out us

  20. LongbowX

    I would just like to say that I believe we have already seen the R10 in the GT5 Concept trailer (racing the 787B). However, we shall see about those other blurry cars. The wind tunnel is interesting, however.

  21. RacingFreak2k3

    OMG!! Goosebumps yes? I think so…

    …can’t wait til next week!!! Hoping for a better quality vid soon tho! Thanks for the post!

  22. GTracerRens

    WOW!!! This looks great!!! And I do so like the music. Not that I listen to this all the time, but this music makes Gran Turismo different to a game like NFS. It is God-Like!!! :D If that is an English word. :P

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