New GT Sport “Sporting History” Reveals Player Performance Data

Gran Turismo Sport 80 June 2, 2018 by

Stats fans can rejoice with the latest addition to the GT Sport website.

There’s a new “Sporting History” section within your user profile that tracks your career in the game’s Sport Mode. It’s far more detailed than ever before, expanding the simple races/wins/poles information within the game to cover every piece of information you could want.

Clicking on the section takes you straight to the Latest Results section. This area details your races in GT Sport‘s signature FIA Championship events to date.

The page breaks up your performances by season and championship. It shows your overall ranking, points tally and then in-depth performance stats. This includes not only wins but top five finishes, average qualifying position, mean finish, and the number of laps you lead.

Further left, the Driver Stats section is similar, but reflects your overall performance in Sport Mode. This area breaks your races down into Daily Races and Championship Series, presenting similar information. There’s also a column here tagged “Star Player Nominations”. This isn’t applicable to Daily Races, it seems, and so appears related to the superstar races from the FIA pre-season series. Interestingly, Polyphony Digital introduced the Star Player system in the v1.18 update, but never elaborated on what it was…

You’ll also find a Course Stats section. This breaks down all the races you’ve ever had in Sport Mode at every track. It presents the same statistics, so you can see if there’s any courses you’re particularly good at, or one that you need to work on.

The very last tab is Course Records. Here you can see all of your best online lap times within each class, including the individual N classes. There’s no specifics on your comparative performance here, as the times do not include any ranking data.

It’s worth a note of caution at this point that the data may not be complete. Some GTPlanet forum users already report a disparity between even the wins shown within the game’s Achievement section and the site.

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