Next Forza 7 DLC Car Pack Touches Down January 16

Forza 7 players anxious for the latest batch of new cars can rest easy. The next seven-car pack will be arriving January 16, according to community manager Brian Ekberg.

For quite a long time now, Forza DLC car packs — at least those covered by the Car Pass, ie. the first six — tend to release on the first Tuesday of each month. Not always, but quite often. But as yesterday came and went, some players wondered what the situation was.

It’s easy to understand why the date flew under the radar: Ekberg announced it on Turn 10’s traditional New Years Eve live stream (roughly the 3:25 mark here). Outside of that stream, there’s no mention of the date on any of the traditional Forza media outlets.

The January car pack will be the third monthly pack Turn 10 releases for the game. The last, the Doritos Car Pack, featured an eccentric mix of old cars and off-road vehicles. We drove a trio of our favorites, including the Bugatti Type 35, shortly after.

We’ll have more info on the pack, including the inevitable hints, as January 16 draws closer.

Featured image courtesy of TheCrazySwede.

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