Night Racing, Weather, Indy Cars (IRL) Confirmed for GT5

Our own user Digital-Nitrate has discovered an early copy of the February issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, and it’s got some pretty incredible news! Indy (“IRL”) cars have been confirmed, in addition to “weather effects, as well as night racing for all tracks”! Here’s a nice little summary of everything that’s discussed and confirmed:

  • 1,000+ vehicles
  • All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)
  • All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling
  • Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
  • NASCAR cars and track
  • Up to 16 players online
  • High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube
  • Multi-display rendering
  • Head-tracking
  • Full weather and night racing on all tracks
  • Night/Day on all tracks

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  1. sparks

    tire marks should be in it because the creator, what ever his name is, said in an interview somewhere that he likes to pay attention to detail like a tree on the side of the road that is there in real life and you might not no that, so if he wants to make it that real i think that little things like tire marks and reverse lights are a must have, and tire marks do make my experience much better, and for those of us that like to muck around would like it too, it gets boring just racing around tracks its all the same, they need to have a open world stage and more customizing and i no allot of you just race fanboys hate but the majority of people want a bit more freedom than just a car and a circle to play with, thats why forza is not such a bad game it has a real community, i could go on and on but i just hope gt5 delivers.

  2. mehran-boi

    woow guys this game is soooo cool,man
    plus i also wanted to tell that person who said the world wide release is 03/2010<<<thats is not correct the realese date is TBA now(to be announced)
    also i counted all the people who left comment only here it was 224 i think
    im assuming that this game will sell more than 20 million copies world wide<
    thats all peace guys,im waiting for the game."the only reason i got ps3 was GT"
    thanx sony i love u ____+___+___+___+("._

  3. Hobobins

    Oh my god… I think I just came in my pants a little bit! This game is going to be insane! Forget Forza 3, it’s just a Gran Turismo clone. It can never beat the real thing!

    When this game comes out I wont eat, sleep or leave the house for months! Lol, I’ll have my girlfriend saying “c’mon honey, lets have sex…” and I’ll be like “no bitch! can’t you see I’ve nearly got enough money for the Lamborghini Murcielago!?!?”

  4. John Marine

    Okay, people. I had a chance to look at the actual magazine article. Let me just tell you… Polyphony Digital never fails to deliver on surprises. I noticed the two pictures of night racing with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The track in question was most likely Special Stage Route 5. The environment actually looks and seems dark. The night pictures from the pages of that magazine has about the most realistic night look I’ve seen in any GT. It’s actually DARK, and I even noted reflections of the paint on the road. This game will blow minds.

    I’m very impressed with the night driving deal as much as any other news tidbits from this magazine. How can you NOT be excited for this if you are a GT fan?

  5. Harry

    WOOP WOOP! great news, cant wait for the release. im prepared with the logitech gt force wheel now ^^ bring it !

  6. Faz

    As good as all this news is, I still can’t stand the uber-stiff chase cam. This is my preferred view to play the game.

    After playing the time trial demo, it seems even stiffer than GT4, which I forced myself to get used to, just so I was able to play the game. It’s a nightmare on the rally when the rigidity of the camera makes it appears that the car remains motionless and the track just spins around it. As it does whenever you spin off the track. It makes me feel sick and sends my eyes funny!

    I’ve owned and played every single incarnation of GT. They went back to the more loose chase cam for GTPSP, a la GT1-3, to which I rejoiced, and hope it would be like this for GT5.

    The thing is with me, I just love to see the latest car I’ve just bought in the game in all it’s HD rendered glory, not the bumper cam where all I see are 2 giant dials, that’s basically a total waste of time rendering the car!

    I suppose the cockpit cam is the next best thing, but it’s not ideal for how I like to play the game. Which is why it won’t be an essential purchase. More a rent to see if I get on with either the stiff ‘rotating track round the car’ cam, or the cockpit cam.

  7. GaBe_vs_GeForce

    I need a hero ♪

    It’s Gran Turismo, what did you expected?. Those who criticized GT4, try to make something better with PS2 Hardware.

    This R0X

  8. Mekanaizer

    Posted about this months ago. Most of those things were talked during the last E3, those who were there know about it.

  9. deathcabdan

    This is not a fake, if you were doubting. After seeing the news update I went and picked up a copy of the Feb. issue of Playstation Mag from one of our local stores. Sure, enough it was on the shelf…

  10. Andregr92


  11. James


    I hope 1000 cars is true…… but I fear its 100 Skyline versions, 100 Lancer versions, 100 Impreza versions…….

  12. RAugie

    hoping its going to come out in febuary so that they can start working on gt6 asap
    almost 200 comments here

  13. onbail

    Its hilarious it was only a little while ago where most people where pissing and moaning about the 2010 release date and now everyone is jizzing in their pants with joy.

    Bring on March :D.

  14. noname

    I dont believe this until i see it in action.. And how can they do it so quickly? I mean, they also need to make physics for rain then.. How quick can they be? Of course, the game was already done by summer 2009, so i guess they’ve spent a lot of time making all these add-ons (: But i wanna see it before i believe in it. Getting hyped now, and they suddently announce that this is fake, would simply kill me ;S. so no Hype.

  15. ---Stone---

    This is nice to see:

    » 1,000+ vehicles
    » All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)
    » All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling
    » Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
    » NASCAR cars and track
    » Up to 16 players online
    » High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube
    » Multi-display rendering
    » Head-tracking
    » Full weather and night racing on all tracks
    » Night/Day on all tracks

    Now all we need is track list, confirmation on livery editor and course/track editor. And confirmation on having fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror and a hula girl on the dash. Oh… and confirmation on Porsche.

  16. Spazza

    Sorry to double post, but it’s only just come to my attention, do you think “Full Weather” will include, snow, or maybe ice? :P

  17. Spazza

    OMG OMG OMG, i’ve had all the GT’s before this and i have to say if all of this is true, this will blow my mind!!, i can’t wait to race around the Nurburgring at night in the rain, that will be awesome, and for the UK players, the TOP GEAR TEST TRACK :D. im soo looking forward to this now, just need the release date to be close!!

  18. Rubadubber

    Turbo_3800 Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 12:40 am

    “We don’t need skid marks, more than half of us use cockpit view and the only time we look back is to see how close the competition is. Next some people gonna complain about it raining and the windshield wipers not working then because your MTM or LeBree exhaust system on your B6 S4 sounds different than the exhaust on GT5 you’ll complain about that too. Some of you people nuts lol. PD is already working hard at this game and people just wanna pull things out their ass that should happen in the game. That’s fine and dandy but in reality your looking for the perfect racing game which your not gonna find right now and to some of us when GT5 is finally out it’s gonna be that game. Just stop bitchin cause the same topics is gonna come back all over again, it’s getting old now. Look I’m ranting now lmao”

    Yup. That entire whinger post was dedicated to the select few who bring up issues of a missing feature that has existed as a standard for probably two decades now. What A Joke

  19. JimInPT

    Well, all I can say is that the cigarette lighter had better be functional and correctly modeled or I’m going to be very pissed off!

    And the trees! Don’t forget the trees!!

  20. iamlegend

    How long does it take to make a game there has been like 2 forza’s aready….and what happens to the people who boght prologue how about a refund for tha garbage

  21. mk1992


    this made my day / year / decade
    worth waiting for!

    one thing:
    NASCAR cars and track?
    typing error or only one track? IRL and Nascar use the same (sort of) tracks so whats the problem?

  22. caasimun_18

    oh yeah there should be tilting of headlights too and radio ohh that would be cool to see the song playing in the incar radio….ohhhhhhhhhhh plus air conditioning hahaha lol…and dont forget the way the brake pads light up when u brake…i love that like especially at night watching the cars break and they go on like fire works awwwwww!!

  23. speedy_2

    Ahh the details are finally seeping out. I knew it. Take that, all you losers who were critiquing GT5:P as the final release!!!!

  24. Bolg

    That is awesome news, but everyone except Japan is still waiting for a solid release date, come on PD please put us out of our missery.

  25. S3 Racer

    I just want one more thing:
    That Pd/Sony works together with dbox. This would be huge. Can’t wait to see what comes out as new accessoires for gt5. Maybe a new wheel from logi or fana.
    Imagine . Brand new wheel, perfect FFB, motion simulator, 3 screens,and pseye. If that was reality i would hold on on buying a new car.

  26. Big Ron

    Some of you never played racing sims, do you? It is true, you can´t see skid marks of your own car while driving. But you can see skid marks of your opponents or while watching replays. It is just a little feature and if it is missed, it will not ruin the game. But it increases the realism, cause you can imagine, where all the skid marks on the track are coming from and it is possible to calculate situations on track or reactions of other drivers-

    But it is definetly stupid to publish a game as “the real driving simulation” or what ever but forgot to include those simple features.

    So don´t be stupid and believe, that skid marks are totally dispensable.

  27. pegaz2507

    Guffaluff, THANKS! Now all we need is a gameplay video with rain or night! Maybe we will see one in Brussells, on SPA!

  28. Tim

    I think’s we could be in the last lap now the sudden increase in infomation and data , I would not be suprised for the premium add-on stuff to DLC or pre-order bonus stuff slimar to that of GT PSP.

    I personally very much doubt there will be anymore delay’s.

    and does anyone know when PSM FEB comes out in UK

  29. Guffaluff


    Multi display rendering means you can hook up 3 PS3s to 3 monitors :)

    This all sounds amazing, can’t wait !

  30. GT-Relentless

    As long as it doesn’t have snow in it, i’m a postman in England and i’m sick of the sight the stuff! (actually I don’t really mind it would be probably be good in the rally stages)

  31. Obli

    Weather and day / night may not be dynamic. Don’t assume this. It may just have some wet tracks and ‘night lighting’ for all tracks. I am a little concerned that the article cannot confirm rollover (which I thought PD had done so already), but talk about such features as weather and night driving.

    The damage issue has been cleared up. The 170 premium cars thing was an issue before but damage for all cars, with interior damage for premium (race) cars is brilliant news.

    Also happy to hear about the inclusion of Indycar. Even though I do not watch it, the inclusion of as many different race cars is a good move.

    Multi-display sounds great, too.

  32. Jean Rul

    Ok, so we have day and night and weather effects on all tracks. But what about daytime and weather CHANGE during a race? Its not clear yet…

    Anyway, never 2 1/2 months looked so long…

  33. dearlybeloved

    My interest in Gran Turismo 5 has been refreshed. Prior to this ‘announcement’ i was getting real bored with GT but now things are back in order and life is fine again in this corner of my world.

  34. djcorrosive

    LoL mate i doubt they will have the bathurst track or whatever lol. So you can rule that out!

    AMG, they will have to 100% have safety cars, pace cars, flags for nascar and indy.

  35. chris

    well it said gt5 will have more than 1000 cars, so hopefully they will have alot more holden and ford cars from australia, and some australian tracks, because that would be awesome!

  36. AMG

    what whe now need is a track creator , flags pacecar , moveable objects flying birds and animals suzuki escudo monster pikes night and weather races

  37. djcorrosive

    To be honest, Skidmarks isn’t something that i’d go crazy over. nor was damage. but skidmarks would make the game more embracing. and im not talking about really thick black lines either, something simple but effective, and even if they go away on the next lap or 2nd lap so be it. if they ever do it via a patch my thoughts on the game wont change either way.

    There is NO DYNAMIC weather from what i see. just day/night (settings) and rain on and off settings and maybe snow for WRC.

  38. AlteredNicolas

    Yesss i can’t wait for this game i want it now! I hope there are KIA cars too in this game becaus it would be fun to rew an Cee’d or an Sportage. :D

  39. Tek9[R]

    This has made my day.
    in some ways GT is a car collection, anyone with a PS can drive cars from all over the world. GT4 had a collection of real world tracks( thank you PD for La Sarth & the Nurb) I belive there will be a collection of race series in GT5. Kaz wanted to show the world American raceing, not to make us happy or what ever, but because he has already given American car culture THE WORLD!

    The F1 collection in GT3 was amazing! After unlocking them and learning their stories I became an even bigger fan, I could have never imagined this before GT3’s launch. So on the eve of what will most likely be the greatest F1 season ever, the greatest game ever will be released, and both will change the world!

  40. Turbo_3800

    We don’t need skid marks, more than half of us use cockpit view and the only time we look back is to see how close the competition is. Next some people gonna complain about it raining and the windshield wipers not working then because your MTM or LeBree exhaust system on your B6 S4 sounds different than the exhaust on GT5 you’ll complain about that too. Some of you people nuts lol. PD is already working hard at this game and people just wanna pull things out their ass that should happen in the game. That’s fine and dandy but in reality your looking for the perfect racing game which your not gonna find right now and to some of us when GT5 is finally out it’s gonna be that game. Just stop bitchin cause the same topics is gonna come back all over again, it’s getting old now. Look I’m ranting now lmao

  41. Tifosi

    Why did the magazine change the layout of the month and year?!?!
    Prior magazines had month and shortend year (e.g. 2009 -> 09 ).
    I hope so it’s not a sick prank.

    It would be a dream

  42. skillcoil


    why do we want skid marks ? I dont focus on my tires when I’m racing ..

  43. caasimun_18

    hahaha tire marks in gta r epic in forza the skid marks happen ahead of the car if u take in tooo much damage and the roll overs r stupidly epic hahaha lol (^^,)

  44. Turbo_3800

    C`mon what`s the issue with some of you about tire marks? do you turn while looking behind you? no! I don’t think so. It would be a nice touch on replays tho. Just get the game and be happy even if we did get skid mark, imo they’ll be like the ones from GTA IV. You make a mark and they vanish after a few seconds lmao if it’s like that then it’s no point in including skid marks

  45. Cocomoto

    What is the chance of this be fake ?
    It will only be realesed in the next mounth, anyone who can see the name of the guy who write the article can say if the name is real and the way he talks (write) is similiar to other magazine issues ?

    Hopes really high here… it’s gonna be EPIC !!

  46. JustCause

    Gran Turismo has had night time racing since GT1. I know because I have owned all GT games that’s come to Ireland. Also GT4 had a wet track.

  47. RAugie

    @caasimum 18

    yea im looking forward to driving a b5 s4 like mine, with stage III turbos tho.

    also the ferrari 458, that looked amazing

  48. marchi


    Top list that to be fair. Can’t wait. Night and day driving doesn’t really bother me but its nice to have weather.

  49. caasimun_18

    @ RAugie

    So true i’ll make sure to put in 100% of my hype on gt..
    if that made any sense…lol cant wait to drive the slr 722 on nurburgring, in rain, at night awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  50. RAugie

    @caasimum 18,

    we have waited long enough, they could release it this feb, but they want to build up the publicity and the hype be4 the release date…. even though they dont even need to….

    the game will sell itself in commercials and because of fans like us

  51. AMG

    ok night races to all tracks hoppeully whr get the of 24 hours races with night and weather cycle lemans , spa , nurburgring , inianapolis….

  52. ICANT55

    “ICEYOUCOLD” i was just there today and the regoinal manager said that there holding that release date for odd reason… but its true because i have one on researve and it does say that it’s suppose to be there next month?????????????????? i guess we just have to wait and see……………

  53. S3 Racer


    Till the 100th’s comments everything was well

    And then again skidmarks, reverse light,…. C’mon. What do you want to be happy, it’s a sim not a replication of reality. Take yur car for a spin, get out and be amazed by your skidmarks.

    And some people should really take their time to write a post and reread, like in school.

    And like Dave would say; Skid skid skid!

  54. Maximou

    Since English is not my mother language, please tell me how to say properly “retour de flamme” ; you’ll make my night :)

  55. Luke

    That is so awesome, i need new pants everytime i read this. I don`t really care about interior damage, but night racing is what i really wanted. And rain is pretty nice to, hopefully weather is dynamic and can change during race.

  56. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    hey you guys look at the first picture of the playstation megazine you get hey poster with it is that going to be the ps3 game cover of gt5??? i reckon it will be the cover of gt5 game

  57. caasimun_18

    @ Maximou
    back fire that wat u cool the fire emittions from the exhaust hahahahah
    uve made my day ahahaa lol thank you

  58. Maximou

    GT5 Prologue and Time Trial Demo don’t have backfire nor brakes that becomes redhot. Things like that featured in previous GT (even on PSP).

    The answer is that PD kept some features till the final release. I assume they will be part of GT5’s exeperience, same for skid marks.

  59. Max Mosley

    Christmas has come early! Or is that late?!

    Either way this is great news. It has been a 5 year wait but will be worth it.

    GT5 is turning out to be the comprehensive racer that Yamauchi-san always promised us.

    The PS3’s true awakening is finally near!
    Behold it’s true form, and despair non-believers.


  60. caasimun_18

    @ dennycrane 1

    okay come down sheesh…am just saying if they put skid marks like in forza wouldn’t look wierd i mean in forza the skid marks r a bit toooooo! much, and yeah skid marks would be good but i dont want to wait for another month for them to put in skid marks coz of some dude’s wanting to see the tire marks on the road after a drift!!! (^^,)

  61. juggaKnot

    you guys are complaining about tiremarks? WTF? Does it honestly ruin your experience when you don’t see it on the road? While you’re racing, do you honestly pay to attention to that stuff? Do you honestly say “OMG NO TIRE MARKS, THIS GAME SUCKS”. I have Forza 3 and that games leaves tire marks…does it really enhance the experience? UMM NO

  62. dennycrane1

    Dude I’m talking about during replays and other cars in front of you. And if your in outside car view you will see them as well. It makes it look like a game? It is a game you moron. You think tire marks don’t happen in real life??? Skid marks are a standard thing in both arcade and racing simulator games. GT needs to add this it’s not hard and will add more realism to the game. I mean cmon it’s weird when I’m watching a replay of myself drifting and there is smoke but not a single mark on the road.

  63. don-sf

    hmm i got banned because i dont use apostrophees, i dont everyone here using apostrophees or many other game websites, yet communication is no problem. these mods at gt forums are real tight. everyone seems to know what everyone is saying without any problem.

    anyway gran turismo is good. best racing series.

  64. caasimun_18


    do u look where ur going or do u look behind to see if there tire marks…!
    OMG dude tire marks just make it look more like a game!

  65. dennycrane1

    I was just over at IGN, and they said that Amazon accidently leaked the real release date for GT5. March 25. It was immediately taken down but I have a feeling it’s the real release date.
    It’s about time they confirmed all this stuff!! Now all they need to make the game complete is FRIGGIN TIRE MARKS ON THE DAMN ROAD!!! It’s not hard at all to put that in the game. I mean seriously there are already a bunch of tire marks on the road so what’s the harm in a few more? And plus where did those marks even come from??
    Cmon PD you can give each car 400,000 polygons and implement dynamic weather but you can’t put in skid marks? This is frustrating.

  66. pegaz2507

    I really hope you are right JORDAN, but dont belive it till you see it! Anyway I am really exited abaut this news!!! Great work PD and great work GTPLANET. Thanks to you too JORDAN!! Hey, did you know that Nikola TESLA is from Croatia, Im from Croatia too!!! I looooooooove GT5!!!!!!

  67. AMG

    does anyone her has also noise blocks dark places on cockpitvieuw, GT5P is this the or something with the cable i have perfect screen only the noise blocks on dark places cockpitvieuw

  68. Big Ron

    This is all great new, but if I can´t see reverse lights, light cones on the track surface or skidmarks while drifting or spinning, it would be a shame. Skidmarks are such a simple thing, but GT never had those. In the actual demo, it is also missing.

  69. breezy

    man this isnt the release date annoucement but it felt like it , huge relief HIGHER HOPE than EVER now only thing im waitin for is the release date

  70. 5gran turismo5

    wait 1 sec its good news and stuff but damage isnt goping to be real life!?!?!?!? like going 30 mph and crashing and you’re done? because it sas its not gonna be like burnout and burn out has serious damage

  71. Rick

    hehehe what will forza fans do now?


  72. djcorrosive

    Oh and they will have indy cars also? It would’ve been better if they had F1 cars!! 2009 model f1!! that would be bliss in gt5!

    If PD made a Formula 1 game imagine how amazing it would be! Codemasters will just ruin it

  73. djcorrosive

    Great news, but how reliable is the source? How come Kaz didnt mention any of the stuff yet a magazine knows all?

    Also you know how great the cars will look at night? NO JAGGY SHADOWS WILL BE PRESENT!!!

    The cars will good amazing! Lets hope wipers are something they implemented!

  74. IREWolfman

    Just ordered a DF GT, used to have a G25 but this was alot cheaper 60 euro!
    Cant wait for the FULL game…

  75. FlareKR

    Well that takes care of that!
    Now to annoy everybody else about what tracks and what cars, lol. The madness never ends MUA-HAHAHAHA, until March…for Japan atleast.

  76. hellborn

    Im wondering,with these very detailed cars and all the work they have put in,why is there no mention of full cockpit view,it says you can look to the sides and back but what if i would like to view the entire car just how i please,that is a really important thing i think,like in testdrive you moved the cam with the right stick.Anyone know if it will be possible?

  77. jamaicangamer

    oh btw..y would this be a fake? most magazines come out a month early for instance in jan u get feb etc etc. it happened with car and driver for me

  78. Viktor Navorsky



  79. wiretap

    WOW!! This is great great news!!

    Can you imagine night racing on “The Ring”? That will just blow my mind. It will be interesting to see on a track like this if times are different from day racing to night due to the lack of light?

    Also, I wondering if rain can fall while its dark? A mixture of both? Only time will tell! :)

  80. maxpontiac

    I can’t say I doubted any of this..

    Once GT5 arrives, my life as a social human being outside of my house ceases to exist.

    Nice feature list!!

  81. priesty_lfc

    Big Ron

    are you serious? Magazines come out a month ahead so January you will see Febs issue for pretty much every magazine on sale.

    Anyway, awsome news!!!

  82. CCJ

    multi display rendering = time for Obutto racing chassis, 3 LCD displays and PS Eye for head tracking :boring:

  83. Orange

    Amazing news! I still can’t believe how much stuff they added to the series!

    Also, could that poster be our first look at the game cover? It sure looks like it!

  84. larsjuh33

    that’s great news, i’m getting tired of ppl praising forza 3, gt5’s gonna be better =P long live night racing and weather!!! i’m so excited, i just can’t hide it! =D

  85. dalejrfanfreak

    Hey Dave my PS3 died last night. YLOD :( Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon so I can play GT5 against you.

  86. DaveTheStalker

    Thank you so much for posting in such a high resolution. It’s so wonderful to see these on a 50″ KURO plasma on my PS3. The PS3’s zoom and pan features are almost better than having a mag in my hands!!!

    Thank you again!

  87. jBat17


    you can opt not to load your files right away. my plan is to play the game from scratch for a month or two and then load my GTpsp and prologue files. that way i can get to drive most of the cars without grinding forever.

    very excited about night driving on all tracks! i only have a few questions left about the game. the main one is what the max number of cars on track is.

  88. Big Ron

    they forgot to mention, that the Super GT Series is also included. You see it in the last trailer. On another site, I read, that it is not be sure, if the weather system is included or not. It is ready, but the decission is not made.

  89. N155AN

    WoW, all we need is a worldwide release :)

    night racing is going to be epic, i guess that means night time colours within the cockpit too (lighting)

  90. tomivav

    @s0l1dsn8k3: They didn’t actually mentioned day/night cycle. I’m a bit pessimistic about that, because the only thing they mention is night racing for every circuit. I would, of course, be very happy to see 24h endurance races with day/night cycle.

  91. Big Ron

    What? We have January 6th and they got a copy of February? How is that possible? I would not be surprised, when this is a fake.

    But if it is true, I am a happy young man. All tracks with night and weather….how the hell did they managed that in 2 month? I hope, it looks realistic and not so crappy like the first try of damage system. That is the second part, where I hope, it does a good job. I will see deformations and not parts falling off.

    Letßs hope the best and let´s hope, that we Europeans do not have to wait till end of the year.

  92. s0l1dsn8k3

    This is the bomb we’ve all been waiting for.

    Finally … a “TRUE” 24hr endurance race. Let’s hope they also have the option to save mid-race for A Spec so I don’t want to leave the PS3 on all day all night just so I can resume and continue later. I never really played GT4’s 24hr races because of that and I didn’t like using the B Spec driver. I want to DRIVE IT!

    Nascar and IRL are definitely American-Pleasers, but it’s still a great bonus. The “All tracks” statement needs a bit clarification though. Looking forward to the complete track list to confirm this.

    Can’t wait till the spring time when it comes out. It’s gonna make Forza 3 look so …. last decade.

  93. pegaz2507

    I really dont see anything new here. We knew all this information. We really need to see real gameplay with rain falling!

    1. Jordan

      @pegaz2507: The features have been mentioned before, but Yamauchi has since mentioned that they might not make it into the game for whatever reason. This is big news because they’re 100% confirmed now.

  94. reaperman

    These days I’m usually a bit of a downer on GT5 news, but wow, this is all good news. Well in excess of my expectations.

  95. Alex

    IRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dream has become a reality. My dad is freaking out about this as well, Indy 500 HERE WE COME!

  96. Mustangmiha


    Why would this be a fake?? I’m really tired of night in GT which was only on 3 tracks. Those news are niice!!!

  97. Turbo_3800

    My excitment grows but I won’t get hyped about it till I see a actual factual release date and it gets close

  98. RADracing

    With all this great news I’m not surprised there are still people complaining about something. Oh! wait they forgot to mention the freaking “Trees”

  99. dalejrfanfreak

    NASCAR AND IRL?!?!?!?! PD is playing more aggressive than any game company I know. This game is going to be insanely huge here in North America. Wow.

  100. Dom

    This is EPIC! And hell, my sex-life will be pissed off when GT5 finally arrives. It’s damn worth waiting guys. GT5 is pr0n³d.

  101. Riad

    yeahhhhh baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. u know im sure alot of poeple here will do the same as me in where I WONT be transfering any cars and money from gtpsp. i mean that would jusy ruin the whole gt expreince lol…..cant wait

  102. Phosphor112

    I am the happiest man alive.
    I don’t know what to say.

    I feel like I’m a 5 year old in a candy shop… just… oh my…

  103. vampire63

    TiddyS2K Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    @alan, guess you wont be racing them then. Or any of the american tracks and cars in the game.

    I will live with that Dodge RAM SRT8 7.3l Engine 500hp 35l fuel coms. per kilometer
    Audi rs4 3.5l Engine 500hp 20l fuel coms. per kilometer

    I don’t GET it HOW I will stic to nurburg ring and to BMW M6

  104. snoopy

    I don’t understand why people complain about Nascar being in. It’s not like this hurt the number of other cars in there. I love playing NASCAR (not so much watching it) and I’m not an american. It’s not very polite hating the americans because they get something. My only concern is that NASCAR with 16 cars is not a real NASCAR.

  105. Alan

    Irl aswell as crappy nascar, The japs do everything thay can to keep the americans happy, in the next bit of news we hear it will be that all americans get the game for free

  106. Shiro

    I think they didn’t yet showd deformation either, did they? Only parts of cars falling off, not deformating the shape itself.. And where is that Weather change part?? I cant find it 0_0

  107. NBH

    Good article but it says it’s not known if the cars will roll over, I thought that was confirmed on the actual PD website? Also the head tracking section says you can look out of the side and rear windows, I can kind of get the side window but how do you look out the back window by moving your head and still see what’s going on!? Anyway I can’t wait for this game and I hope the info keeps coming.

  108. Corrado

    (sorry for the double post) Ive just been reading through it, and it said that your cars and money from prologue can be carried over to GT5, its sounds all very good, but what happened to going to the second hand dealer and buying a 90’s saloon, and gradually improving it? (eventually becoming ur trusty pride and joy) Imagine racing the sunday cup in an F430 and u get the idea…

  109. StogyBear

    You can see a sneak peak of night racing on top of the fourth screen shot!! Looks like the tunnel from R246.

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  110. Stipe

    …nice, just to include LMS series (or mix of all endurance series to have many cars for Le Mans with GTs and LMPs). And weather confirmed, thats something i look forward more than damage.
    I think that in the end GT5 will surpass (most of) our hopes and wishes ;)

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