Night Racing, Weather, Indy Cars (IRL) Confirmed for GT5

January 5th, 2010 by Jordan G.

Our own user Digital-Nitrate has discovered an early copy of the February issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, and it’s got some pretty incredible news! Indy (“IRL”) cars have been confirmed, in addition to “weather effects, as well as night racing for all tracks”! Here’s a nice little summary of everything that’s discussed and confirmed:

  • 1,000+ vehicles
  • All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)
  • All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling
  • Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
  • NASCAR cars and track
  • Up to 16 players online
  • High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube
  • Multi-display rendering
  • Head-tracking
  • Full weather and night racing on all tracks
  • Night/Day on all tracks

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  1. Jan. 5, 6:24pm

    I really hope you are right JORDAN, but dont belive it till you see it! Anyway I am really exited abaut this news!!! Great work PD and great work GTPLANET. Thanks to you too JORDAN!! Hey, did you know that Nikola TESLA is from Croatia, Im from Croatia too!!! I looooooooove GT5!!!!!!

  2. Jan. 5, 6:23pm

    english please

  3. Jan. 5, 6:22pm

    is this in the game or the cable noise blocks on dark places cockpitvieuw

  4. Jan. 5, 6:21pm

    does anyone her has also noise blocks dark places on cockpitvieuw, GT5P is this the or something with the cable i have perfect screen only the noise blocks on dark places cockpitvieuw

  5. Jan. 5, 6:19pm
    Big Ron

    This is all great new, but if I can´t see reverse lights, light cones on the track surface or skidmarks while drifting or spinning, it would be a shame. Skidmarks are such a simple thing, but GT never had those. In the actual demo, it is also missing.

  6. Jan. 5, 6:16pm

    man this isnt the release date annoucement but it felt like it , huge relief HIGHER HOPE than EVER now only thing im waitin for is the release date

  7. Jan. 5, 6:07pm

    There is no images of box art yet

  8. Jan. 5, 6:02pm


  9. Jan. 5, 5:48pm

    @5gran turismo 5

    You got it wrong. its not saying that.

  10. Jan. 5, 5:44pm
    5gran turismo5

    wait 1 sec its good news and stuff but damage isnt goping to be real life!?!?!?!? like going 30 mph and crashing and you’re done? because it sas its not gonna be like burnout and burn out has serious damage

  11. Jan. 5, 5:43pm

    This is fake sorry dont get hyped just wait until pd confirmed

  12. Jan. 5, 5:38pm

    hehehe what will forza fans do now?


  13. Jan. 5, 5:34pm

    Oh and they will have indy cars also? It would’ve been better if they had F1 cars!! 2009 model f1!! that would be bliss in gt5!

    If PD made a Formula 1 game imagine how amazing it would be! Codemasters will just ruin it

  14. Jan. 5, 5:29pm

    Great news, but how reliable is the source? How come Kaz didnt mention any of the stuff yet a magazine knows all?

    Also you know how great the cars will look at night? NO JAGGY SHADOWS WILL BE PRESENT!!!

    The cars will good amazing! Lets hope wipers are something they implemented!

  15. Jan. 5, 5:19pm

    Just ordered a DF GT, used to have a G25 but this was alot cheaper 60 euro!
    Cant wait for the FULL game…

  16. Jan. 5, 5:17pm

    I swear this game is like the second coming, I don’t even know what that means damn I’m hyped.

  17. Jan. 5, 5:10pm

    Rule#1 = Nothing is ever confirmed with GT, until I put that BluRay Disc in my machine.

  18. Jan. 5, 4:59pm

    First really good news for quite a while!

  19. Jan. 5, 4:47pm

    @DaleJrFanFreak, dude that sucks!!! Hopefully, you’ll be back on within 3 months.

  20. Jan. 5, 4:43pm
    Mickle Pickle

    @ YETI:

    I was thinking about the exact same thing ! Boo!


  21. Jan. 5, 4:40pm

    Well that takes care of that!
    Now to annoy everybody else about what tracks and what cars, lol. The madness never ends MUA-HAHAHAHA, until March…for Japan atleast.

  22. Jan. 5, 4:28pm

    Im wondering,with these very detailed cars and all the work they have put in,why is there no mention of full cockpit view,it says you can look to the sides and back but what if i would like to view the entire car just how i please,that is a really important thing i think,like in testdrive you moved the cam with the right stick.Anyone know if it will be possible?

  23. Jan. 5, 4:26pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    pS: i will pay HARD for this game! Whatever it costs…

  24. Jan. 5, 4:26pm

    oh btw..y would this be a fake? most magazines come out a month early for instance in jan u get feb etc etc. it happened with car and driver for me

  25. Jan. 5, 4:25pm
    Viktor Navorsky



  26. Jan. 5, 4:19pm
    Bank Alexander


  27. Jan. 5, 4:18pm

    OHHH YEHH. i hate tuesday bbut this is a posssitive! nice newss!

  28. Jan. 5, 4:15pm

    Wow, those 2 little night shots of the SLS AMG on what seems to be Special Route 5 looks…BEAUTIFUL!

  29. Jan. 5, 4:13pm

    WOW!! This is great great news!!

    Can you imagine night racing on “The Ring”? That will just blow my mind. It will be interesting to see on a track like this if times are different from day racing to night due to the lack of light?

    Also, I wondering if rain can fall while its dark? A mixture of both? Only time will tell! :)

  30. Jan. 5, 4:11pm

    I can’t say I doubted any of this..

    Once GT5 arrives, my life as a social human being outside of my house ceases to exist.

    Nice feature list!!

  31. Jan. 5, 3:58pm

    Big Ron

    are you serious? Magazines come out a month ahead so January you will see Febs issue for pretty much every magazine on sale.

    Anyway, awsome news!!!

  32. Jan. 5, 3:57pm

    multi display rendering = time for Obutto racing chassis, 3 LCD displays and PS Eye for head tracking :boring:

  33. Jan. 5, 3:56pm

    …(taking huge breath in)…HOOOOOLLLLLYYY SHIT!!!

  34. Jan. 5, 3:53pm

    What – no reverse lights or skid marks?!? Sheesh!!


  35. Jan. 5, 3:47pm

    Amazing news! I still can’t believe how much stuff they added to the series!

    Also, could that poster be our first look at the game cover? It sure looks like it!

  36. Jan. 5, 3:45pm

    that’s great news, i’m getting tired of ppl praising forza 3, gt5’s gonna be better =P long live night racing and weather!!! i’m so excited, i just can’t hide it! =D

  37. Jan. 5, 3:43pm

    This is the best gaming news I’ve read in a while. Awesome.

  38. Jan. 5, 3:25pm

    Hey Dave my PS3 died last night. YLOD :( Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon so I can play GT5 against you.

  39. Jan. 5, 3:22pm


  40. Jan. 5, 3:18pm

    Thank you so much for posting in such a high resolution. It’s so wonderful to see these on a 50″ KURO plasma on my PS3. The PS3’s zoom and pan features are almost better than having a mag in my hands!!!

    Thank you again!

  41. Jan. 5, 3:14pm


    you can opt not to load your files right away. my plan is to play the game from scratch for a month or two and then load my GTpsp and prologue files. that way i can get to drive most of the cars without grinding forever.

    very excited about night driving on all tracks! i only have a few questions left about the game. the main one is what the max number of cars on track is.

  42. Jan. 5, 3:11pm
    Big Ron

    they forgot to mention, that the Super GT Series is also included. You see it in the last trailer. On another site, I read, that it is not be sure, if the weather system is included or not. It is ready, but the decission is not made.

  43. Jan. 5, 3:07pm

    WoW, all we need is a worldwide release :)

    night racing is going to be epic, i guess that means night time colours within the cockpit too (lighting)

  44. Jan. 5, 3:04pm

    Every other driving game/ sim will soon be obselete. This is the motherload!!!! I’m so happy :)

  45. Jan. 5, 3:03pm

    @s0l1dsn8k3: They didn’t actually mentioned day/night cycle. I’m a bit pessimistic about that, because the only thing they mention is night racing for every circuit. I would, of course, be very happy to see 24h endurance races with day/night cycle.

  46. Jan. 5, 3:01pm

    Nice to see that a Tesla will be in the game!

  47. Jan. 5, 2:59pm

    The Micro$oft camp has officially begun to scramble…

  48. Jan. 5, 2:52pm
    Big Ron

    What? We have January 6th and they got a copy of February? How is that possible? I would not be surprised, when this is a fake.

    But if it is true, I am a happy young man. All tracks with night and weather….how the hell did they managed that in 2 month? I hope, it looks realistic and not so crappy like the first try of damage system. That is the second part, where I hope, it does a good job. I will see deformations and not parts falling off.

    Letßs hope the best and let´s hope, that we Europeans do not have to wait till end of the year.

  49. Jan. 5, 2:49pm

    This is the bomb we’ve all been waiting for.

    Finally … a “TRUE” 24hr endurance race. Let’s hope they also have the option to save mid-race for A Spec so I don’t want to leave the PS3 on all day all night just so I can resume and continue later. I never really played GT4’s 24hr races because of that and I didn’t like using the B Spec driver. I want to DRIVE IT!

    Nascar and IRL are definitely American-Pleasers, but it’s still a great bonus. The “All tracks” statement needs a bit clarification though. Looking forward to the complete track list to confirm this.

    Can’t wait till the spring time when it comes out. It’s gonna make Forza 3 look so …. last decade.

  50. Jan. 5, 2:44pm
    rand al thor

    god damn!! that’s awesome

  51. Jan. 5, 2:38pm

    Oh yeah… :)

  52. Jan. 5, 2:34pm

    I really dont see anything new here. We knew all this information. We really need to see real gameplay with rain falling!

    • Jan. 5, 2:50pm

      @pegaz2507: The features have been mentioned before, but Yamauchi has since mentioned that they might not make it into the game for whatever reason. This is big news because they’re 100% confirmed now.

  53. Jan. 5, 2:32pm
    walsall fc

    night racing for all tracks???….thats insane

  54. Jan. 5, 2:26pm

    These days I’m usually a bit of a downer on GT5 news, but wow, this is all good news. Well in excess of my expectations.

  55. Jan. 5, 2:25pm

    IRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dream has become a reality. My dad is freaking out about this as well, Indy 500 HERE WE COME!

  56. Jan. 5, 2:14pm


  57. Jan. 5, 2:14pm

    Downloaded it to computer before it get taken down for whatever reason

  58. Jan. 5, 2:12pm


    Why would this be a fake?? I’m really tired of night in GT which was only on 3 tracks. Those news are niice!!!

  59. Jan. 5, 2:11pm
    Canadian STIG

    Heaven, I think….

  60. Jan. 5, 2:10pm

    That saves my day :D
    Thank you *jumps around like a freak* ^^

  61. Jan. 5, 2:08pm

    This has been a good day

  62. Jan. 5, 2:01pm

    hehe the hype starts :D

  63. Jan. 5, 1:57pm

    This is a fake news!

  64. Jan. 5, 1:55pm

    Wow, this is good news!

  65. Jan. 5, 1:53pm

    My excitment grows but I won’t get hyped about it till I see a actual factual release date and it gets close

  66. Jan. 5, 1:50pm

    With all this great news I’m not surprised there are still people complaining about something. Oh! wait they forgot to mention the freaking “Trees”

  67. Jan. 5, 1:37pm




    Crap.. my pants.

  68. Jan. 5, 1:37pm

    cry’s with joy!!!!! I love this site!

  69. Jan. 5, 1:37pm

    NASCAR AND IRL?!?!?!?! PD is playing more aggressive than any game company I know. This game is going to be insanely huge here in North America. Wow.

  70. Jan. 5, 1:31pm

    This is EPIC! And hell, my sex-life will be pissed off when GT5 finally arrives. It’s damn worth waiting guys. GT5 is pr0n³d.

  71. Jan. 5, 1:26pm

    yeahhhhh baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. u know im sure alot of poeple here will do the same as me in where I WONT be transfering any cars and money from gtpsp. i mean that would jusy ruin the whole gt expreince lol…..cant wait

  72. Jan. 5, 1:26pm

    Wow !! February !!! We just started january and they alredy have the february issue !!!

  73. Jan. 5, 1:24pm

    I am the happiest man alive.
    I don’t know what to say.

    I feel like I’m a 5 year old in a candy shop… just… oh my…

  74. Jan. 5, 1:24pm

    TiddyS2K Says:
    January 5th, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    @alan, guess you wont be racing them then. Or any of the american tracks and cars in the game.

    I will live with that Dodge RAM SRT8 7.3l Engine 500hp 35l fuel coms. per kilometer
    Audi rs4 3.5l Engine 500hp 20l fuel coms. per kilometer

    I don’t GET it HOW I will stic to nurburg ring and to BMW M6

  75. Jan. 5, 1:23pm

    I don’t understand why people complain about Nascar being in. It’s not like this hurt the number of other cars in there. I love playing NASCAR (not so much watching it) and I’m not an american. It’s not very polite hating the americans because they get something. My only concern is that NASCAR with 16 cars is not a real NASCAR.

  76. Jan. 5, 1:19pm

    @alan, guess you wont be racing them then. Or any of the american tracks and cars in the game.

  77. Jan. 5, 1:15pm


  78. Jan. 5, 1:14pm

    @ alan.. actually it would be the europeans who get the game free.. remember gtpsp?

  79. Jan. 5, 1:12pm

    Irl aswell as crappy nascar, The japs do everything thay can to keep the americans happy, in the next bit of news we hear it will be that all americans get the game for free

  80. Jan. 5, 1:10pm
    S3 Racer


    now just need a release date…..
    Worldwide release 03/2010 would be soooooo sweet

  81. Jan. 5, 1:02pm

    I think they didn’t yet showd deformation either, did they? Only parts of cars falling off, not deformating the shape itself.. And where is that Weather change part?? I cant find it 0_0

  82. Jan. 5, 12:59pm

    “Deformation will be a factor on all cars” ;D

  83. Jan. 5, 12:57pm

    GT5 keeps looking better and better each month!

  84. Jan. 5, 12:55pm

    Good article but it says it’s not known if the cars will roll over, I thought that was confirmed on the actual PD website? Also the head tracking section says you can look out of the side and rear windows, I can kind of get the side window but how do you look out the back window by moving your head and still see what’s going on!? Anyway I can’t wait for this game and I hope the info keeps coming.

  85. Jan. 5, 12:54pm

    (sorry for the double post) Ive just been reading through it, and it said that your cars and money from prologue can be carried over to GT5, its sounds all very good, but what happened to going to the second hand dealer and buying a 90’s saloon, and gradually improving it? (eventually becoming ur trusty pride and joy) Imagine racing the sunday cup in an F430 and u get the idea…

    • Jan. 5, 12:56pm

      @Corrado: Hopefully, Performance Points and/or HP limitations will prevent that from happening.

  86. Jan. 5, 12:53pm

    “night racing on all tracks” ?!!!! OOOHH yeaaaa ;)

  87. Jan. 5, 12:46pm

    “Good things come to those who wait”

  88. Jan. 5, 12:37pm

    You can see a sneak peak of night racing on top of the fourth screen shot!! Looks like the tunnel from R246.

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  89. Jan. 5, 12:34pm

    YES YES YES fantastic news

  90. Jan. 5, 12:34pm

    friggin’ awesome

  91. Jan. 5, 12:34pm

    …nice, just to include LMS series (or mix of all endurance series to have many cars for Le Mans with GTs and LMPs). And weather confirmed, thats something i look forward more than damage.
    I think that in the end GT5 will surpass (most of) our hopes and wishes ;)

  92. Jan. 5, 12:34pm

    That’s almost better than NASCAR!!!

  93. Jan. 5, 12:30pm


  94. Jan. 5, 12:23pm


  95. Jan. 5, 12:22pm

    woooooohooooo!!!! great news!! bring it on!

  96. Jan. 5, 12:17pm

    sweet great news!

  97. Jan. 5, 12:17pm

    OH YEAH! That’s freakin’ AWESOME!

  98. Jan. 5, 12:17pm
    sharif ali!!! gt5 finally had this…. :) :) ;)

  99. Jan. 5, 12:17pm

    It’s getting closer!!!!

  100. Jan. 5, 12:14pm


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