Ongoing GT5 Connectivity Issues Frustrating Gamers

October 8th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Many gamers have been reporting patchy online performance from Gran Turismo 5 in the last couple of days, with random disconnects from online lobbies and “Error Code: 268” when trying to join. There was even a succinct message added to the in-game news feed yesterday afternoon:

Online Service Interruption

We are currently experiencing an interruption of the Gran Turismo 5 online service.
We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your patience while we work to restore the service.

Though many suspect the culprit to be most recent game update, the reason appears to be more physical in nature – although Kazunori Yamauchi has Tweeted that he’s not entirely sure what the problem is – and Polyphony Digital are working on the repairs.

The issue seems to affect certain users more than others with no direct link between the effect and the users’ location. Unfortunately this gives gamers little else to do than await good news – which we’ll bring you as soon as we get it.

Update: The in-game news feed was updated around 20.00GMT on October 9th with the following:

Online Service Restored

The interruption experienced in the online service of Gran Turismo 5 has been resolved, and the service is now back online.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Although no confirmation has been given as to what caused the problem in the first place, the message indicates it was a hardware fault rather than a software update bug.

Update: The above message has been removed again from the in-game news feed and website around 18.00 GMT on October 10th and users once again report online lobby errors…

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of MonGnoM.

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  1. Oct. 11, 2:57am

    Yeah it’s bloody annoying

  2. Oct. 11, 12:39am
    Pit Crew

    Last 2 nights no problem with disconnects, but still excessively slow loading into Room and yes that “BlackScreen Delay. Didnt freeze drivers but we loaded on to track like game couldn’t figure out where to put us in comparison with line up window.

  3. Oct. 10, 9:11pm

    Went Online tonight;
    Disconnected once mid-race, as did others.

    One race ended, race results appeared, then couldn’t get back to the lobby. Had to exit the game.

  4. Oct. 10, 7:49pm

    In an online room for about an hour it was working fine, little bit of lag occasionaly but overall good. Then i get disconnected and can’t even enter a room without the black screen happening. It’s good that PD are still trying to fix these problems on a 2 year old game, but still it’s not looking good for GT6’s online experience :(

    • Oct. 10, 10:51pm


  5. Oct. 10, 7:34pm

    Lounges very slow to open and more in compatablility than ive seen for ages, if this is fixed then can they brake it again like it was a few weeks back

  6. Oct. 10, 6:51pm

    Black screen on course entry is still happening

  7. Oct. 10, 6:31pm

    I just joined a room, and had zero troubles.

    I only stayed for a few seconds because the host had all aides forced off, but I had no trouble joining, going to the track, expressing my discontent, and then quitting.

    • Oct. 10, 8:04pm

      instead of complaining to the host because you cant drive find a room for NOOBS or find a room W/AIDS

    • Oct. 10, 8:05pm

      I didn’t complain, I expressed my discontent.
      And then I started my own lobby.

    • Oct. 11, 10:49am

      No one should be called a NOOB just because they prefer to drive in a different manner to how you or others do, ignorant person. I hate this elitist mentality that anyone who uses driving aids is called a noob when the chances are these very people who claim they don’t use aids probably drive around in a 1.6litre Ford Focus with traction control and ESP switched on permenantly.

    • Oct. 13, 10:23am

      Ryzno, I show others who call people noobs why they are dumb. I host no aids, no nothing, raining night nurbergring with high-powered cars. They hate it, the funny thing is, I call it “no n00bs” and some guys come in saying” oh good, I won’t have to deal with anyones crappy aids, hahaha, they will get aids! hahahah” so then they say during the race “turn the driving line on!” give us TC, or abs, this is awful! ” It is hilarious, I lmao watching these “unn00bs” show how good they are because they don’t use aids. HA!

    • Oct. 14, 12:31pm

      Who removed my post it took me an hour to type that long response?

  8. Oct. 10, 5:20pm

    Black screens on coarse entry is NOT resolved.

    Fix this game before the few still playing it disappear completely.

    • Oct. 10, 5:52pm

      I cleared my cache and everything works fine to me. You should probably clear your cache.

  9. Oct. 10, 3:56pm

    fixed my a** 268, 282 more black screens and disconnects then ever (and any other game it is normal and my internet is better then ever) alot of pple are mad about this so so far looks like project cars instead of gt6 for me so far

  10. Oct. 10, 3:17pm
    Bobert power

    My lounge is loading like i am on dial-up, and im running on a a avg. download speed of 24 mb/s. PD better fix this soon or my copy is going to collect dust.

  11. Oct. 10, 1:24pm


  12. Oct. 10, 12:04pm

    Scratch that error codes 268, 282

  13. Oct. 10, 10:55am

    Italy here, no way to play. Error 268 like a nightmare.

  14. Oct. 10, 10:22am

    In Malaysia, I’m still not able to get online.

  15. Oct. 10, 10:22am

    I have the uk’s fastest broadband 100 Mbps and I’m getting issues disconnections error messages .

    • Oct. 10, 2:59pm

      Im still on 384kb/s :(((((((((

    • Oct. 10, 8:06pm

      I’m still on ~500kb/s download and 100kb/s upload and having no problems.

  16. Oct. 10, 10:21am

    Im getting error 268 now in the east coast this is a first for me not being able to get into my own room much less anyone elses .

  17. Oct. 10, 9:46am
    Eric W

    This issue has hardly been resolved.

  18. Oct. 10, 9:21am

    They erased the article? I cannot see it in my GT screen…

  19. Oct. 10, 7:40am

    u may of fixed that but before 2.08 i have only disconected from a room 3-4 times and only 1-2 black screens (owned the game since late 2009) since 2.08 i have had 10-11 disconects about 9 black screens

    so ive owned the game almost 3 years but within 2 weeks i have almost tripled my disconnets and x4 my black screens
    not mad but plz fix this

    • Oct. 10, 8:14am

      How was it that you managed to get the game an entire year before the rest of us? As I recall, it’s official release date was November 24, 2010.

    • Oct. 10, 3:51pm

      ok watever all i remember is i got it 4 christmas a few years ago

    • Oct. 10, 8:07pm

      That’s weird. November 24, 2010 is the same day I bought my iPod Touch and my second dog.


    • Oct. 11, 2:22am

      ^ Is it?

  20. Oct. 10, 7:40am

    Now can’t even enter the open lobby! Error message is “An error has occurred in the lobby server. [282]” This is not good after you post a news update saying the error is ‘resolved’.

  21. Oct. 10, 7:38am

    Sorry but issue not fixed, I have fibre optic broadband with a connection speed of 105mbps via the internet and 23.7mbps via PSN hard wired after testing, so not a slow poor connection by any means.

    Three times this morning I’ve tried to connect to my private lounge and three times its failed, I tested the news line page which loads very quick, also PSN connects very quick, but the server that covers the online gaming for GT5 is not running well at all, and needs more investigation.

    • Oct. 10, 11:19am

      tried to enter my own lounge but then i get booted. I can go into other peoples lounges with no issues

  22. Oct. 10, 7:35am

    This problem is still occurring. Also entering the lobby is very slow, refreshing the lobby (triangle) is also very slow and checking the room participants (square) doesn’t seem to work- just shows room as empty. Problem is quite clearly NOT resolved!

  23. Oct. 10, 12:59am

    Load times to connect online and load times to pull up a friends lounge and enter are still taking longer then they use too prior to 2.08 patch.

    • Oct. 10, 1:26am

      oh boo hoo.

    • Oct. 10, 1:39am

      hahaha Like what the hell?

    • Oct. 10, 11:15am

      @MÜLE_9242 don’t cry little girl, I am sure PD will fix loading time issue as well. Just have faith.

  24. Oct. 9, 11:13pm
    Left Turn

    I love the picture!

    • Oct. 10, 10:22am

      I hate the picture

    • Oct. 10, 6:52pm

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion haha.

  25. Oct. 9, 11:11pm

    This is the best bit of news I’ve read for a long time!
    I had given up, but I now have hope for the online community!
    Here’s hoping lobby numbers rise again!

  26. Oct. 9, 9:40pm

    Epic fail, I’ve constantly been disconnected from lobby servers for the past year -_-
    And no, it’s not my internet… my internet is amazingly good.

    • Oct. 10, 10:23am


  27. Oct. 9, 9:07pm

    Ill find out tonight I can’t wait. It’s got to be better than House Wives with my wife. :-(

    • Oct. 10, 7:23am

      Isn’t being married awesome

  28. Oct. 9, 8:48pm

    Still no issues here, only been disconnected once from a lobby since this apparently started.

    • Oct. 9, 10:07pm

      I didn’t get disconnected

    • Oct. 10, 10:29am


  29. Oct. 9, 8:12pm

    Gt5 is done for me ill just wait for the next one… I get disconnected atleast twice in one hour and load times or 10x longer.

    • Oct. 10, 10:23am


  30. Oct. 9, 7:19pm

    No fix for me. Seen the notice update here, got excited and hoped they fixed everything, started a public room with 8 friends, people kept getting black screens like before ending up so bad at some times only 2 mates and me were left inside, all others were currently busy restarting the game or trying to rejoin. So all the black screen errors are most likely down to the recent update and are not related to this server problem… :(

  31. Oct. 9, 6:45pm

    Still not fixed in my opinion the private room me and my friends were in tonight is still causing problems with cars jumping, black screen after exiting pits and needing to turn ps3 of and restart the game to correct it and disconnection of various players, so obviously not 100% fixed

  32. Oct. 9, 5:40pm

    I love the picture you chose for this story. Made me lol quite a lot.

    • Oct. 9, 7:26pm

      The picture for this news must be 1920 x 1080 black pixels with the Gran Turismo 5 logo down on the right edge… :(

  33. Oct. 9, 5:27pm

    No wonder I had no chance in GT Academy, I haven’t played this game for 3 months.

  34. Oct. 9, 4:20pm

    deep_sky is reporting as of noon today (PST) that the problem has been fixed.

    “The interruption experienced in the online service of Gran Turismo 5 has been resolved, and the service is now back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. ”

    Can anyone else confirm? Away from my PS3 at the moment.

    • Oct. 9, 5:06pm

      This is confirmed and the post has been updated to reflect it.

  35. Oct. 9, 4:11pm

    I always find doing a fresh boot of the game and going straight into a lobby is the best way to cure disconnections, im on 20M down 2M up cable but sometimes get issues, worsening of late.

    If you piss about in your garage or that first then its much more likely to fail.

    • Oct. 9, 5:04pm

      your 20 down and 2 up means nothing if your network is built with substandard equipment. PS3 supports 10/100/1000 networks if you are using a 10/100 with outdated PNP protocals it might be time to upgrade.

    • Oct. 10, 11:00am

      all 100M equipment less than a year old. even 10M is far in excess of what is needed!!

      my point was really about the functionality of the game – the cause of the problem.

  36. Oct. 9, 4:00pm

    Make sure your not part of the problem before you point to blame.

    • Oct. 9, 7:24pm

      GT5 is out for 2 years – people complain about online trouble occasionally.

      2.08 is released and since the day of its release it seems everyone on GT5 online has trouble to play, gets lots more disconnections, black screens especially, never ending loading screens with the gray GT logo in the middle of them, all that stuff. And you think everyone complaining suddenly has a worse connection than before and is causing the problems himself? Go figure…

    • Oct. 9, 8:01pm

      I only get a problem when a person with a weak connection enters the room. The regulars I race with all have upgraded equipment giving us a better quality in gaming.

    • Oct. 10, 2:47am

      You would need more then just a 20meg connection to choke a 100base-t full duplex network. You would not see much of a improvement if you switched to 1000 with a 20meg connection. Now if you have fiber optic internet (full blown fiber optic) then you will start to see a improvement. Oh and another thing, you mainly have issues with people that set up the lobby in fixed host mode, if they turn off fixed host you would not have lag in the game.

  37. Oct. 9, 4:00pm

    If they are being true to their word i’m happy :)

  38. Oct. 9, 3:33pm


  39. Oct. 9, 3:14pm

    Well if you let them work culturally remember one thing. Its Japan. Need I say more? :p

    • Oct. 9, 3:57pm

      This is the reason USA is so hated with a mentality like that

    • Oct. 9, 11:39pm

      Hmmm. Its no secrete that Japanese culture is a bit… well… odd. Whether its the strange movies that look more like a really bad acid trip, the whole “tentical monster” thing, the used school girl panties for sale in the vending machines, or a whole other host of other things, they definitely have a, well, very “unique” culture. Much different from the rest of the world. Whats taboo or strange in the rest of the world seems to be the norm in Japan. And while I dont disagree with the fact that the rest of the world hates the US, I do disagree that its because we make jokes that may “offend” people with zero sense of humor. I think its more the fact that we as a nation try to police the rest of the world, that we invade countries that dont agree with how we run our country and refuse to run theirs that way, and that we are very wasteful and have such programs within our government to support a lazy society. That and the fact that these “reality shows” have totally dumbed down our society as a whole, and thats what the rest of the world sees and perceives us as. Of course not all of us Americans are this way. Usually the ones who cant say they are proud to be an american are not. But this is a GT forum, not political. So lets not try to turn it into that.

  40. Oct. 9, 2:56pm

    This Friday was the first time I had felt so inclined to play GT5 online in months, and of course I get no connection.

  41. Oct. 9, 2:20pm

    I dont know why, but when I first saw and experienced this, my first thoughts was that PD is on the verge of no longer supporting their servers, and that they will be closing soon, under the excuse “to further concentrate on GT6”. If you think about it, it has got to be very costly to continue to run and maintain a gaming server. The game is 2 years old and most of the money they have made from it more then likely came within the first six months of release. The game is now 2 years old, and only 20 bucks. Plus I dont see much sales being generated for this game anymore. Its been out, and the majority of people who will ever buy it, has done so long ago. To my knowledge this is also the only game series that PD puts out, so theres no additional income coming in from other titles. Also I dont see them exactly cashing in on the DLC. Its few and far between, and not very expensive. And Im sure that theres not hordes of people paying for such lack luster content. So where would the income be coming from to continue to run and maintain world wide severs? Plus continue to pay their programmers and other employees? It has to come from somewhere. So even though it may still be popular and hundreds of thousands of people a day play online, they are doing so for free. So why would PD continue to incure the expense of keeping the online play when they are loosing money from it everyday? I think this is going to be the beginning of the end for all online play. They killed the servers for prolouge after it was out for right around the same time that GT5 has been out. Sure your going from an expensive demo to the full game, but the principle is the same. I very well could be wrong, but it would makes sense and to me at least would not come as a surprise if they close down their servers say within the next 6 months.

    • Oct. 9, 2:47pm

      Sony, PD, Nissan, Japan, Capcom, Nintendo, Konami, etc etc etc etc, have more money than you could ever print to catch up.

      There will be no closures of GT servers. It is a glitch, coinciding with new PS Mobile code, etc. It will sort itself out, albeit perhaps slowly, but you must allow them to work methodically as they culturally do.

    • Oct. 9, 3:33pm

      I don’t think it costs that much to support a gaming server. Just look at the Call of Duty games. The still have online gaming for games that were 3-4 games back. So I’m sure PD will keep GT5 going even after the release of GT6, at least for some time.

    • Oct. 9, 4:14pm

      they only just turned the gt5p servers off!! I am certain that i have used far in excess of 40 bucks (that i paid for the game) worth of electric from the gt servers so value for money for me is thru the roof :)

    • Oct. 10, 12:00am

      They turned the servers for GT5P June 30th 2011. It was released in the states April 2008. Thats just over 3 years from the release date that they killed the servers. Mind you less then a year after the release of the full version of GT5. And I know COD games still have the servers supported but at the same time look at all of the DLC and the insanely expensive price of each map pack. Plus look at all the titles that Activision puts out a year. But that was just the 1st thought that went through my mind personally. As I can see by the updated status it was a hardware issue and has “apparently” been resolved. As far as on the east coast I have no idea since the latest update on here if it actually has or not. Havent been on.

  42. Oct. 9, 12:46pm

    It was fine with me,
    Although I have only just got MAJOR problems when the new update was installed

  43. Oct. 9, 11:13am

    GT5 online was always a problem for me, the only game I have problems online!

  44. Oct. 9, 9:49am
    flink racquet

    maybe this means dlc is coming, probabely silver stone and bathurst. i would say 90% yes. can anyone confirm it?

    • Oct. 9, 10:01am
      Pit Crew

      Uhhh…Hmmm…The DLC associated with this latest update is already available.

      How could such an “Epic Fail” be a prelude to a track based DLC? Thats quite a reach.

    • Oct. 9, 11:02am

      LOL. Sorry but I can’t take a single word you say up there serious.

    • Oct. 9, 11:11am
      flink racquet

      I just really want some new tracks. I am a dreamer?

    • Oct. 9, 12:11pm

      Yeah, right.

      There are online-lobby problems because a dlc is coming?

      My guess is that Kaz went to the bathroom, used all the toilet paper and the lack of paper in the restroom is the reason for the error. :-/

  45. Oct. 9, 9:11am
    AKA I95

    Uff. I thought it was my ps3 that damage the nearest server or some i don’t know much bout this things, im jus a slow drag racer lol.

  46. Oct. 9, 8:32am

    Congrats Jordan on swiftly reporting this in the “news”…;)

    Nah, I’m joking, but I’ll be away from my PS3 until Friday. So hopefully all will be well by then. :)

  47. Oct. 9, 8:30am

    Come join us at iRacing for the best online pickup racing (not to mention better physics and overall realism that is better than GT5) without any internet issues!

    • Oct. 9, 9:07am

      Better physics? I doubt it.

      Better realism? Yeah…

    • Oct. 9, 10:06am

      except the retarded price tag.. yeah, i’ll pass *goes back to project C.A.R.S*

    • Oct. 9, 10:53am

      Agree Patrocles, I wouldn’t go back to GT5 if PD payed me money to do so. Physics blew me away compared to the super flat none bumpy tracks of GT5. And the fact that I can play online with up to 60+ other guys on the same track without experience any lag makes the lag lobby of GT5 seem to be wasted time. Time is money and that’s money I can spend on iRacing ;)

      So fordskydog, you can doubt it for as long your want, if you try it you would understand what we are talking about. At least if you have a wheel.
      Competing with GT5’s realism isn’t possible. GT5 is so far from realism it’s not even something to talk about.

      And UrieHuskey.. Retarded pricetag you say.. Well if you think so you have your rights to do that, I’m just glad I saw passed what the cost was and joined the fun. Will not go back to anything else. I actually think it could have costed more money and I still be racing on it. And the fact that Cadillac have given 6months away for free (now down to 3 I believe) makes a statement that its to expensive a rather retarded feel.. Free to test is to expensive.. Not my loss

      Good luck with the lag party, I be racing online with no lag what so ever..

    • Oct. 9, 11:16am

      A subscription fee plus microtransactions for cars just isn’t worth it in my eyes, there are better, and better priced games out there ^_^

    • Oct. 9, 12:10pm

      “there are better, and better priced games out there ^_^”

      Yes, true for games but not racing simulators. I have turned several of my GT5 leaguemates and there is no going back.

    • Oct. 9, 12:26pm

      Project C.A.R.S is already really coming together and it’s significantly cheaper. So.. yeah.

      But hey what you do with your money is hardly my business, I hope you enjoy yourself

    • Oct. 9, 8:17pm


      Project CARS has serious problems with its physics. This has been widely acknowledged by the sim racing community. (Cars corner as if they are following a scripted line.)

      If you want eye candy (ignoring the shadow issues) and don’t want to spend a lot, then Project CARS is definitely the game for you. If you are genuinely trying to improve your racing skills and want the most lifelike experience currently available to consumers, then iRacing is without a doubt the product you want.

      Different products to satisfy different wants.
      As a game, yes, iRacing is relatively expensive, but as a training tool it is the best value available for serious drivers. Regardless, I do think the price of iRacing is fair. Exactly how much do you think it costs to laser scan over 50 real world tracks and model the track surface to millimeter precision?

    • Oct. 9, 9:47pm

      Project C.A.R.S is still in Pre Alpha. It’s far from the finished product and the devs are very much working towards true to life physics, right now their focus is on getting the multiplayer working for whatever reason though.

      The graphics aren’t important to me, it’s the amazing potential P-C.A.R.S has. But hey, I could be wrong and on release it could be more Arcade than sim but the devs have promised over and over again that it’s going to be as true to life as they can possibly get.

      At the end of the day, if you want preparation for real world racing, go carts are still the way to go in my eyes and I don’t PERSONALLY find Iracing to be a worthwhile investment.

    • Oct. 10, 10:07am

      I hope to save some of you some time and $6 (or $12/mo). iRacing certainly was not for me. I consider myself pretty hard core and generally enjoy ANY game that has to do with driving or flying. I used it with a G27. I really like the sounds and that they had Limerock CT in it (closest track). I didn’t feel that I had enough control even at moderate speeds. The roads seem very narrow and the courses seemed very short (even Laguna). I couldn’t even imagine racing other cars, but I do feel the need to watch a few races. I watched a few actual videos of Limerock and confirmed that it is wider than in iRacing.

  48. Oct. 9, 8:25am

    Epic picture!

    Anyway, on topic, I’ve not seen any after the update, may be because I haven’t been much online since..

    But this problem with bsod and the logo is not the first time it has happened. Just ask the guys in the BTCC Online Championship how Special Stage Route 5 race 2 was. In both of the finished seasons we ALL were doomed by that..

  49. Oct. 9, 7:58am

    a good way to apologize = fix it FAST / acura concept 4 all / new paints ….
    yes i’m a dreamer baby:P

    • Oct. 9, 8:10am

      I like the Acura bit of that dream :D

  50. Oct. 9, 7:31am

    Thanks for the update Famine.

    We were in our usual Monday night league race here in Aus. Everyone prior to the race had turned of the PS Media Server, done the ol’ re-boot of modems, cleared cache’s, everyone in NAT1 or 2 status and away we went. 14 cars on the grid and despite a few Tron like movements during qualifying everything seemed OK. 20 Laps down (approximately 33mins elapsed) of our 65 lap event (with voice chat off to maximize bandwith) and the host gets the boot first and within half a lap most of the field had been systematically disconnected. Frustrating to be sure but what can you do.

    A number of us were in room afterwards discussing the issue. The general feeling was, as serious racing league we’d happy pay a few dollars every month as a collective to rent stable space on a GT5 server. Not an unfamiliar concept for online gaming generally. That’s not to say that PD shouldn’t do what they need to meet there service obligations and restore acceptable services to the GT5 community. I’m sure there doing everything they can. I just thought it was food for thought. Would you pay a reasonable premium (if you where in a regular league for example) to provide some additional connective certainly?

    • Oct. 9, 8:08am
      phil bell

      Same problem, similar duration, same strange sequence of host getting booted then rest here too. Last race of the series should not have ended like that, complete bs…

    • Oct. 9, 8:08am
      phil bell

      Same problem, similar duration, same strange sequence of host getting booted then rest here too. Last race of the series should not have ended like that…

    • Oct. 9, 9:52am
      Pit Crew

      This happened to my league (LegionLeagueCup) Saturday (Nurb 24HR 20 laps) but didnt finish one Lap before Host, then others dropped.

    • Oct. 9, 12:15pm

      Our league has had the same problems but this is nothing new. We dropped long races because it was impossible to get everyone to finish.

  51. Oct. 9, 6:58am

    I had only 1 problem saturaday when everyone got disocnected from a lobby, but we made another one and everything was fine. Sunday and yesterday were just a total mess.

  52. Oct. 9, 6:55am

    My issue is the same as “swynder” freaking black screen of doom and the logo. This did happen sometimes prior to 2.08.
    And your session is toast at that point. No recovery, nothing to do except re-boot or escape the game.

    The more I think about it this type of error (black screen/logo) seems to happen each time a major update has gone down.

  53. Oct. 9, 5:59am

    I first reported this on the 5th, on this date service was intermittent.

    On the 6th service was again intermittent.

    On the 7th, service was down completely for 3 or 4 hours and then intermittent.

    On the 8th (last night) service was again intermittent (given PDs less than stellar ability to actually fix stuff I suppose this could be seen as a success/improvement). I could get on after a couple of tries at it but we were suffering random disconnects all night, all players wired, most players on fast fibre with more than enough bandwidth (50 + down, 15 + up).

    Hopefully this evening will be better but it is hope and not expectation!

    PD need to work on their ability to isolate issues and fix them in a reasonable time scale. And if they can’t do that – which plainly they can’t – perhaps they should instead work on their ability to communicate with their service users. The “Online Service Interruption” message has been up now for about three days without an update as to when/if we can expect a fix (so we can plan/cancel our league events accordingly).

    • Oct. 9, 6:57am

      They should at the very least give a release notice of there progress in fixing a problem at the end of there work day in there office. Take five minutes to let us know there still working on it as hard as they can. This might ease the upset having knowledge that there still on it every day and it hasn’t been pushed aside cause they are working hard on a new GT-R there releasing as a dlc maybe one with blue neon lights under the chassis…

    • Oct. 9, 6:58am

      I had only 1 problem saturaday when everyone got disocnected from a lobby, but we made another one and everything was fine. Sunday and yesterday were just a total mess…

  54. Oct. 9, 5:35am

    A thing that happens to me alot is the screen going black with nothing but Gran Turismo logo on the low right corner of the screen when i´m in a lobby going back to the track, i wait and wait but it stays like that for ever, i heard in some lobbies that they call it “The black screen of death…”. I just hope PD fixes this soon.

    • Oct. 9, 6:33am

      i havent had this problem once… neither does anyone in our team.
      the only analogy i see behind this:
      seems to fix a lot…

      pls try that and tell me if there is any improvement

  55. Oct. 9, 4:42am

    never been able to do one single race online in gt5. the issues were there since D1. i tried everything and nothing worked. it’s an offline game as far as i concern

  56. Oct. 9, 4:05am

    I just hope they can bring a good online mode for GT6.
    GT5’s just sucked.

  57. Oct. 9, 3:00am

    But if it was the update, why would it take so long for the problems to show up? It didn’t really start until this past saturday, and that’s when it was the worst as well

  58. Oct. 9, 1:51am
    Pit Crew

    Another interesting bug associated with Online races and some in garage instances is tires switching from sports to comforts or racing to sports. Admittedly this was happening for a while, but its an everyday multiple times a play thing lately.

    I really hate “Bugs”

  59. Oct. 9, 1:39am
    Bobert power

    This might sound stupid but what if there are so many PS3’s communicating with the servers all at once, itcould be due to the high amount of newcomers with the academy edition.

    • Oct. 9, 1:59am

      That might be a one reason, but why PD’s servers get such a payload? Network playing is not hosted on PD’s servers, it’s only listed on PD’s servers, so not a much real payload, just many connections with minimal payload telling where is user-hosted-server is and overall information about lobby.

      My guesses are:
      a) Error on timing/listening inside PD’s server. Trying to refresh server lists too often by asking information from clients, and fails whole system ‘coz waiting answers too long.
      b) Programming error inside 2.08 update, some values starts looping and network traffic to PD’s servers is growing like worm..

      Hoping at this will be fixed soon, maybe the add some new values to online lobbies too on same time, such as user configurable rate of tyre wear..

    • Oct. 9, 2:33am

      @OdeFinn, so we ll get the 3.0 update to only correct this bug……. :)

  60. Oct. 9, 1:24am

    Haven’t experienced this problem. Maybe because I been to busy working on my comic (which is nearly almost complete), and playing some Forza 3 & 4 and waiting for Forza Horzion’s demo and the full game to come out, totally stoked for it.

    Hope this fixes soon though. Now, time for Toko to head back out. Laters. *Whoosh*

  61. Oct. 9, 1:11am

    Am I the only one who finds the #14 car in the air in that picture to be hilariously ironic?

    • Oct. 9, 1:26am
      Pit Crew


    • Oct. 9, 1:39am

      I was going to say ‘yes’, but obviously I can’t do that now.

    • Oct. 9, 2:04am

      Why is it though?

    • Oct. 9, 10:08am

      no, but I am wondering how it got there

  62. Oct. 8, 11:07pm

    Hope this issue is fixed soon

  63. Oct. 8, 10:33pm

    PSN trouble.

  64. Oct. 8, 9:38pm

    For everybody looking at the pic and reference the NASCAR race at Talladega, let me just say I was so bummed when Stewart came down and cut of the 55, because if he didn’t it would have been Michael Waltrip being pushed by Casey Mears to the line, it would have been one of them. Who wouldn’t want to see one of those guys win the race, cus that was going to happen!

    • Oct. 8, 10:56pm

      dale jr was stuck in the mess D: but gave jimmy johnson a lift in the end :P

    • Oct. 9, 1:54am
      Pit Crew

      How Jeff Gordon crept through that calamity to finish 2nd is pure luck.

  65. Oct. 8, 9:35pm

    Ive been fine, but I have noticed when starting online NASCAR races that the screen is all black for a while but you can see a cluster of the tags above players cars defying from center to left. Then the screen comes in and it starts. Anybody else notice that?

    • Oct. 8, 10:13pm

      I noticed that too but with regular online races.

    • Oct. 9, 1:29am
      Pit Crew

      Noticed just now at Lesarthe.

  66. Oct. 8, 9:15pm
    Tdot GTR

    FINALLLY! OMFG this was driving me crazy like damn I thought I was the only one with this issue. Glad they took it up

  67. Oct. 8, 9:07pm

    Also if the whole room lags just reset the room by switching the feul and tire consumption on then turn it off or vice versa, usually that works or just kick out the people from different countries, sure it’s mean but that will cut out on lag

  68. Oct. 8, 9:03pm

    The reason for crappy online play is people with crappy Internet service and people that have a fixed host room or a 16 people max room, but the online service for gt5 always sucks so maybe it’s just PD

    • Oct. 8, 11:15pm

      EVERYONE is effected so stop hating and just dont play online for the foreseeable……besides which i’ve heard of another game thats had more crashes since release than GT5 has….not mentioning names EA

    • Oct. 9, 1:35am
      Pit Crew

      This is more widespread than just a player or 2 with a bad connection, not to mention its actually considered a problem in the lil News icon on the games start up menu. Or did you miss that somehow between thoughts of bashing those who dare to post they are having unusual online issues.

    • Oct. 9, 2:05am

      Not EVERYONE, ttfn. I was completely fine yesterday.

    • Oct. 9, 2:06am

      I haven’t gone on today, to be clear.

  69. Oct. 8, 8:46pm

    I have an honest theory about this.

    This coincides with the release of GT5 Academy Edition, which we all know sold like crazy. Maybe all the extra players are overwhelming the server? Maybe the severs can’t take this much information.

    • Oct. 8, 10:15pm

      You might be on to something, but I agree with you.

  70. Oct. 8, 8:19pm
    Pit Crew

    Regarding the Pic, Obviously someone watched the NASCAR race yesterday lol.

    Could PDs servers be under attack from hackers? Far fetched guess, I know but very suspect timing considering I never had this particular disconnection issue before.

    Nightly Online lobby has been a regular event for me and my bros and sisters for the full time GT5 has been on the market.

  71. Oct. 8, 7:48pm

    I’ve got no issues whatsoever.

    Then again, I use a wired connection for my PS3.

    • Oct. 8, 9:45pm

      Same here but I had problems yesterday but are fine now

    • Oct. 8, 10:53pm

      i have a wired connection too but i’ve been having these problems. i’ve had to eject my game at least 5 times in a given hour… black screening and freezing menus, and constantly being disconnected from lobbies

  72. Oct. 8, 7:09pm

    Good to see it’s not just me, this happened to me four times in the course of 24 hours.

  73. Oct. 8, 7:09pm

    The pic looks like its from Talladega today. Call me when its fixed. In the mean time I’ll be kickin’ it on Forza.

  74. Oct. 8, 7:07pm

    Am I the only one that is wondering what NASCAR has to do with this article? …

    • Oct. 8, 7:14pm

      Big pile up pic, hence big pile up on the servers=bad ending.

    • Oct. 8, 9:40pm

      What does any picture have to do with a server glitch? What would you have put? Doesn’t make any difference. What does LMPs or a Ferrari 458 have to do with the article?

  75. Oct. 8, 6:45pm
    Mac K

    Oh boy…

  76. Oct. 8, 6:39pm

    Never really been online gt5. Every time I do i seem to join crap lobbies?

    • Oct. 8, 8:16pm

      Go to low grip abs off room! Then u want be racing with idiots.

  77. Oct. 8, 6:36pm

    I didn’t notice this since I haven’t touched GT5 for almost a month now. Just for the update. Anyway, I don’t like playing online, so it doesn’t affect me. Shame for all who do.

    ..back to Far Cry…

  78. Oct. 8, 6:35pm

    So they aren’t being clear on what is the trouble. Is it the GT5 servers ot the sub servers (PS3’s)
    @Spongeinside, Now when you say rest are you meaning reformating your PS3?

  79. Oct. 8, 6:21pm

    There couldn’t be a better picture for this article.

  80. Oct. 8, 6:19pm

    the 2.08 update killed it.

    • Oct. 8, 6:20pm

      Except it didn’t. Please read the article.

  81. Oct. 8, 6:16pm

    Nevermind, we will just have to buy GT6 to have online again…in 6 years.. You know it’s PD.

  82. Oct. 8, 6:05pm

    Since the update I’ve been having issues joining lobbies, black screens that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried.. had to reset the ps3 to ‘fix’ it.

    Didn’t had crap like that before the update……

    • Oct. 8, 7:10pm

      Tell me about it…

  83. Oct. 8, 6:05pm


  84. Oct. 8, 6:04pm

    Hey Jordan did you knock down a server XD J/K ” remember last year some staff member here knocked down a server and the whole site went down or something XD*

  85. Oct. 8, 6:01pm

    This affect my group of racers this weekend for the first time, slightly annoying but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  86. Oct. 8, 5:59pm

    we had our last race of our season at Le Mans with 29 laps. 6 or 7 laps in we all got disconnected at the same time. im sure PD is working hard to fix this, hopefully it’s done soon.

  87. Oct. 8, 5:59pm

    It hasn’t been to bad for me but seen full lobbies emtpy in seconds. Is the pic a lagging lobby?? Cars flying everywhere.

    • Oct. 8, 6:08pm

      Hi Addicted! I saw you flying yesterday xD

    • Oct. 8, 6:16pm

      Hi Zasvatrollic! Yeah i remember you from yesterday :D

  88. Oct. 8, 5:58pm

    I hardly ever go online anymore because of all the preteens driving like fools. Most people tell me to join a private room with just my friends or join a group of online racers here but no one wants to be my friend cause I steal everyone’s food >_>

  89. Oct. 8, 5:55pm

    I’m unable to comment on the situation as I haven’t gone online since the update.

    However, I can say that your choice of picture is perfect, Famine.

  90. Oct. 8, 5:55pm

    Give us a small gift, for exemple last 3 cars :) … for free of course. Thanks, now you can restore easyli.

    • Oct. 8, 6:15pm

      LOL… And to everyone that bought them already what do you suggest? 3 new cars too?

  91. Oct. 8, 5:48pm

    And all this time I thought it was me. I’d join an online lobby, it would load up just fine. I’d get to pick my car, tune it for the track and load up.
    Then once I was in the pit spot and pressed “drive” I’d get a black screen. However I could still hear and control my car. I just couldn’t see it. The “Gran Turismo” logo would pop up in the lower right hand corner and the frustration would begin…

    I hope they fix it sooner rather than later.

    • Oct. 8, 5:55pm

      It actually is you, and we’d all appreciate it if you stopped :(

    • Oct. 8, 7:12pm

      You too?

    • Oct. 8, 7:28pm

      “It actually is you, and we’d all appreciate it if you stopped :(”


  92. Oct. 8, 5:37pm

    *ouch smiley*

  93. Oct. 8, 5:33pm

    If it’s because of hackers I will smack my face against a wall until my skull breaks.

    (Not really. It’s probably just an issue with 2.08.)

    • Oct. 8, 5:56pm

      Gran Turismo hackers who are sick with the new update? o.O

  94. Oct. 8, 5:33pm

    I had this happen to me when I was doing a online 200lap race at Le Mans it disconnected me at lap 187

  95. Oct. 8, 5:31pm

    nice one PD….another update that make our game worse…you are really the best

  96. Oct. 8, 5:28pm

    Oh a please please please fix the problem with the sound. When driving in a group of other drivers i cannot hear my engine at all. It makes it hard to know when to change gear. It worked fine before the 2.07 update & i don’t understand why it was changed.

    • Oct. 8, 5:57pm


  97. Oct. 8, 5:26pm

    For the first 3-4 days after the update i had no problems at all. I was playing everyday. It happens quite a lot now & is getting annoying. I also get the black screen with the Gran Turismo logo in the bottom right corner every time i try to play a seasonal event. Really hope they can fix this as soon as possible.

  98. Oct. 8, 5:23pm

    They better fix it fast.

  99. Oct. 8, 5:22pm

    Hope they get it fixed soon…

  100. Oct. 8, 5:22pm

    Poor poor online palyers

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