PC Racing Sim Assetto Corsa Coming to PS4, Xbox One in 2016

Assetto Corsa – the highly-praised PC racing simulator – is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. The news was announced earlier today by AC’s Italian-based development team, Kunos Simulazioni, and their new publishing partner, 505 Games.


The game has long been popular with the PC gamers in GTPlanet’s community, with many praising its driving physics and laser-scanned tracks. Assetto Corsa will feature over one hundred cars, including the Team Lotus 98T, the Pagani Zonda R, the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Mercedes C9 and the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and over twenty track “configurations”, including Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, and the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Kunos has promised more to be revealed at E3 later this month. As always, be sure to stop by our Assetto Corsa forum for more discussion – it’s a great time to be a racing game fan!

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  1. panjandrum

    This is great news for those playing on consoles. AC has excellent physics (is a bit too forgiving on-throttle, far too little wheel-spin, allows way too much go-pedal-mashing, but is otherwise very good) and in many ways the best FFB I’ve ever seen (wish they had an option to reduce the road “vibration” effect separately from the other road effects). Between AC and PCars, you have one really good sim, as both products do different thing well, both in terms of the simulation aspects and the other “fun” aspects of the games (let’s face it, the weather effects in PCars are freaking amazing, for example, a place where AC falls down). So until we get finally get a single product that does everything right, this combination of games will be a lot of fun. PD needs to step their game up and do a spectacular job with GT7 – real sim physics again, stop it with the “simple” car interiors, etc. Used to be they ruled the landscape in many ways, but that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past.

    1. Johnnypenso

      This. It’s hard to describe in words the feeling you get from the FFB in AC and how connected you feel to the road. Coming from GT which had average FFB at best, AC was a revelation. Every track being laser scanned really helps and you can just feel everything that’s happening with the car through the wheel. It ups the immersion factor multiple times when playing with a wheel and it’s the kind of experience where you’d be well served to buy a wheel just for this game.

  2. TeamCZRRacing

    AC on PS4? No way! :D Well, I know what two games are going to be my favorites on PS4: this and GT7!

  3. SpeedyDan

    I think Assetto Corsa , Rfactor and PCars do the best job for Pad Controllers of such. Now, PCars, made the dumb decision to remove the analog-stick calibration options for pads, for both consoles and pc, and that sucks. So you are left with Rfactor2 and AC giving you more options to play with your controller. I play when traveling, so i must take the pad. I can get a full 900 degrees on my ds4 & ds3 if i want to plus great force feedback. So i doubt AC going console will “give in” like Pcars did. They are Italians, different take on things. My opinion. :)

  4. gigio79

    That’s a wonderful new, I played this game 2-3 times and is very nice. Can’t wait to get on PS4.

  5. PiotrGT

    GT is in deep trouble, didn’t except AC to appear on consoles. I just hope that even through it’s a sim you can enjoy it with pad.

    1. Johnnypenso

      As it sits now the game is very pad friendly from what I’ve read. I’ve seen controller times on leaderboards before and this game is played overwhelmingly with wheels.

  6. JDmsz

    Sooner or later Sony has to bring back support on the older wheels since more racing sims are coming to Playstation 4.

  7. Tom Bowie

    Thinking about it, I wonder if anyone’s thought about making extra button pads so we can use all of the controls that these games will bring us. I can’t even assign all of the features of project cars on my tx458! ;)

  8. Tom Bowie

    Aah Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, Forza 6, Gran Turismo 7, Need for Speed 2015 (not meant to be a sim, but will still be an amazing game) and most likely Horizon 3 around the time of Assetto Corsa’s launch… It’s going to be a good two years for petrolhead gamers! :D

    1. Johnnypenso

      No Porsches (yet) but the Yellowbird is in there and it’s a real beast. With fully adjustable boost pressure it’s really like trying to tame a tiger, especially on the Nordschleife!

  9. gt3_racer05

    that’s great for console gamers to hear, since that means we’re gonna have another choice to consider when it comes to racing game. Aside from that, I wish that Kaz-san is aware of this news and works on GT7 accordingly, to deliver a competitive racing game & best GT game for us GT fans & new comers to enjoy.

  10. andrew84555

    I really hope it is a good port. It is nicely optimized on PC, but it is not the prettiest game ever made.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I don’t really play racing games for the graphics, so looks don’t matter to me, just as long as the game’s fun. Explains why I still enjoy the occasional all-day Re-Volt binge. :P

  11. vr6cas

    Nice… Since everybody bringing PC games to console, I can’t wait until they bring my career to consoles, either Euro Truck Simulator 2, or the soon to come American Truck Simulator. Just my two cents…

  12. GTboyz

    Well i’m gonna save a LOT of money for upgrading my PC and buying a PS4.

    Lots of good announcement this year. This, Fallout 4, Mad Max, NFS (if EA drop the always online stuff), GT7 (hopefully)

  13. Ben Rogue

    Oh how spoiled we are this month, hope my local EB games allows me to pre-order a copy. Idk why game devs think gamers only pay attention for one month a year 8/ and only have money during the holidays…

  14. Johnnypenso

    Wow, great news for console racers. AC is absolutely a glorious driving experience, with tremendous physics and world class FFB that let’s you feel every inch of every single one of it’s laser scanned tracks (every track is laser scanned..every track…yes every track). It’s got a ways to go to be ready for the broader console audience, but all the most difficult work is already done. I think it’s relatively easy to build a game around fantastic physics and FFB, much harder to do the reverse. Console sim racers are in for a real treat. Can’t wait, I’m excited for you!! The fully laser scanned Nordschleife is one of the greatest driving experiences you can have in all of sim racing. If you love it in GT, you will lose your mind over it in AC. Comes with the Touristenfahrten version too, complete with the parking lot and the hot dog stand!!

  15. apexpredator100

    Hopefully I’ll have a PS4 by the time this comes out. The racing genre should keep me busy with Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, and GT7

  16. SavageEvil

    Getting this too, got Project Cars for PS4, will nab this as well along with GT7. My console wheel will get a mighty hefty workout before it kicks the bucket.

    1. acedition333

      GT7 must be “done well”! Lol

      But really…. It has to be, to compete with all these. Can’t forget Need for Speed as well.

    2. jangelelcangry

      @acedition333 Well i hope that 7 will be good, about nfs i’m a little disappointed with the always online scheme.

  17. Lambob

    competition is goooood! good move by AC. though AC does really need some polish in the UI dept, but I still have yet to feel the whoa factor I felt on accellerating down a straight, from PCars, or if GT7 can muster too, time will tell.

    the pleasant surprise of fear going fast, in AC, is still unparalleled.

  18. GTP_federsch

    Great news… i’m waiting for this installment so happily! We want real driving simulators on consoles, thank you for keep us in mind. I hope a pretty good reaction from PD and its GT7 on sim physics area, it needs a different aproach that we have seen in previus GTs versions for sure. Still waiting kaz be able to surprise us. Greetings!

    1. jangelelcangry

      feels like 2005 when enthusia,gt4 and forza released the same year. that was the peak of the console racing simulator era.

  19. nocturnalgrey

    Never tried this “game” before, and by the looks of the car list I am going to pass on this on buy Forza 6 as I wait for GT7.

  20. nick98

    Assetto Corsa is one of the things that make me proud to be Italian. Glad to see it’s coming on consoles!

  21. RoyalKINGz

    Nice to know more PC based sims will come on consoles now, ive been console guy since my birth, never really had a gaming pc or money for one, i do have pc experience tho, granted i COULD get one down the line after my military money saves up more but i still prefer consoles, jus me, we all have our opinions, hopefully this will open more doors for more developers out there, but dnt sleep on PD though, pretty sure theyll have a serious ace up their sleeve come time for gt7 to be released, if they made gran turismo on the ps3 look pretty good for wt we gt then im wondering how far theyre gonna push that ps4 nd show closed minded PC guys that the ps4 can hold 1080p 60fps while looking beautiful, plus much as other games on pc are nice im always feeling like its missing some elements that gt got (like the car maintenance for example), still blows my mind when im league racing(endurance stuff) and i have to ensure my car is in top condition otherwise im screwed

  22. TJC_69

    Well PD , we will await your reaction to the competition in gt7 . I hope you’re taking notice of the competition.
    Bring GT7 to PS4 with no realistic damage model , rubbish AI , over promised features never on time and standard cars if you want to.
    But my money’s on you not making sales for Sony.
    We don’t want simcade for the casual market . We want real simulators.
    Bury your head in the sand at your own peril kaz san . You are wrong about the gt5 info you claimed with casual players … so wrong

    1. UkHardcore23

      My money is on PD could make GT7 as bad as GT6 and it would still sell more than AC & PCars on PS4 combined.

    2. David Talle

      @UkHardcore23 Things may change slowly but they will eventually change. GT’s popularity isn’t fixed in stone forever. If they always ignore what other studios are doing then sell numbers may indeed shift to another game or split between all these new generation sims flourishing on console.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I’m sure you’re right UkHardcore, but as a sim racer I don’t care how many units a game sells, I care about the experience I get setting in my rig with the surround sound blasting and AC is miles and miles ahead of GT in that department…on every front that counts. The game has a long way to go to be console ready, but the core is there.

  23. Donnced

    Yes,yes,yes!!!! Kunos sumulazioni Just sell me the ps4 if the mantain the game physics like on pc!

    Bye bye GT,welcome Assetto corsa!

    This devloper studio even maked the simulator of the Ferrari F1 team.who shows how good the simulation is on assetto

  24. Terronium-12

    I hope you all enjoy this as much as us PC guys and gals have.

    Drive the P1 right off the bat. Super easy and super-satisfying to drive.

  25. JASON_ROCKS1998

    Yes! Seems SMS’ plan of bringing more sim racers to consoles worked! Now if we can just get rFactor and Raceroom on consoles…

    1. jangelelcangry

      prepare to see 25 fiat 500 and 100 murcielagos variants lol.
      Gran Turismo style Xd (Still like GT tho).

  26. Beau Albert

    Looking forward to this! After having a brief play on a PC, i can already say if it is the same physics wise as it is on PC, good luck Project Cars keeping up!! Also the benchmark for GT7?? Well that just got a whole heap higher!


    Good to see sims are now taking consoles a little more seriously. I just hope you can remove the silly hands and wheel in cockpit view!

    1. Johnnypenso

      Of course man, it’s a sim!! Cockpit view is also adjustable forwards, backwards, up, down, angle up, angle down and left and right. Field of View is also adjustable on the fly!

    2. SZRT Ice

      That’s one of my main gripes with PCARS. All of the visual adjustments are done on the options screen with a black background. It would make much more sense to allow us to see our adjustments on the fly.

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