PlayStation Network User Information Compromised, Service Remains Offline

April 27th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Yikes – the ongoing PlayStation Network outage that started last week has gone from bad to worse. Sony has announced that private information associated with PSN accounts may have been exposed to attackers who gained access to the PlayStation Network. The company has posted an official announcement with more information and compiled a list of frequently asked questions about what happened and what you can do to protect yourself (they’ve also added this page with a bit more information, thanks BTK!).

GT5‘s online services, of course, remain offline until service is restored. Though Sony is still unable to provide a specific date, they claim PSN operations will resume “within a week”.

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  1. May. 1, 11:16am

    Good thing i put my adress as my neighbors!

    • May. 1, 2:24pm

      And if they cant track the person down (usually cameras at a grocery store at the time of the transaction or records of the person who booked a flight along with their passaort photo) then it means all these claims are fake made by someone trying to get a free buck off sony.

  2. Apr. 30, 5:14pm

    Why is everyone thinkning their info was stolen? And even if it did, why are you freaking out? You’ll know who did it if it does happen, its not like sony didnt warn you about the small posibilty of that happening. People are just freakin out for no reason.

  3. Apr. 30, 11:51am

    actualy, Live For Speed(LFS) Has A Better Tyre Grip Model Then rFactor.

  4. Apr. 30, 10:50am

    Rest in peace Playstation network, we hardly knew you.

  5. Apr. 30, 4:58am

    Its cheaper than you think. You can get started with a reasonbly well speced pc, your g27 and you can get rfactor for about £15/$20

  6. Apr. 30, 4:24am
    V.R #9

    I just had to deal with someone else using my CC info to purchase software somewhere in Belgium. Now this? I love the game just as much as the next finatic,but this is completely crazy! I mean I was so close to buying all the necessary items to starting playing racing SIM’s on PC. But than your looking at several thousend to get into that scene.
    Oh well. Guess I’m stuck waiting for PSN. Between having to wait 2 months for a new G27, and now this?!? I’m not happy,to say the least.

  7. Apr. 30, 1:52am

    I cbf looking around for info so I’ll just ask here..
    Does anyone have any ballpark figures on when this whole mess will be over??
    I’m sick of turning on mt PS3 and being disappointed!!
    It’s like christmas as a little kid all over again!!
    I’m sad!!

    • Apr. 30, 9:06am

      @Stiggy – May the 4th (be with you).

  8. Apr. 29, 10:38pm
    SKOT Free

    Now MSNBC is reporting they found a Forum where allegedly Hackers were offering up all the stolen info for sale which included CC#’s as well as the security codes, and that’s including Names,Adresses, Passwords, Etc. If MSNBC can find this stuff the FBI can too and hopefully they get tracked down and at least questioned. By the way this info was on sale for 2 million bucks. Can’t see such a huge monitary transaction going down without red flags going off!

    • Apr. 30, 5:37am

      SKOT Free – I guess you aren’t very informed and believe sources like MSNBC, they got their info from every other site that originated from the one post on a forum a while ago now, that forum with the supposed “bad guys” stated they had all the info, every last bit of it, 10 sites picked it up from there, It BLEW UP virally just like a bad double rainbow video, and that’s where it ended up. Now again, like I have already posted up there and I will post again…..

      (When you give a merchant your CVV2 code at checkout, that information is sent electronically to the card-issuing bank for verification and authorization. If a person attempts to use your card number but cannot provide a 3-digit security code, or if the number is returned as invalid, the merchant will cancel the transaction. For security purposes, merchants are prohibited from storing this number).

      That means sony CAN NOT have the CVV2 stored on their servers, encrypted or not. They will have the major CC companies suing the pants off them if they did, and since I highly doubt a multi billion dollar corp like sony would do something even your no name sites that support visa/mastercard transactions wouldn’t even do, I highly doubt anything is going to happen. But lets all go into a panic anyways!

    • Apr. 30, 7:54am
      HKS racer

      By the way, the prepaid Credit Card I use with PSN has a very little amount of money because I know something like this could happen, so hackers are selling these info for 2 million dollars but they wont steal more than 6 euro in my Credit Card :) and I’m not the only one with a prepaid out there…

  9. Apr. 29, 8:23pm

    Look at it from the bright side, sony probably gives us a free downloadable game to compensate for the trouble. (at least i think they should :p )

    I’m happy i haven’t used my credit card on PSN (the PSN gift cards are cheaper at our local game shop :p )

  10. Apr. 29, 8:08pm

    Do you have a ps3 Jordan?

  11. Apr. 29, 5:59pm
    Robot Shlomo

    Back in the old days if you wanted to rob someone, you’d go into a bank and say “STICK’EM UP!”. There was, of course, the risk of being arrested, or even shot in the process. I think what drives a lot of these cyber criminals is the thought that they won’t be caught, believing they are always one step ahead of the law. Hopefully the long arm of law enforcement will embrace them soon, then they’ll have to pay the piper.

    I really think a lot of these “hackers” are building themselves up into these Robin Hood figures. They think they’re giving back to the poor downtrodden of Gamer Forest, what the big bad Sheriff of Sonyham has taken from them. It’s easier to blame the faceless corporation, but I keep saying that if you owned a business and someone broke down the door letting anyone to come in and rob the place, you’d want the book thrown at them. Then you’d fix the door.

    I know I’m only saying what everyone already knows, but Sony has a right to protect their business. You can’t fault them for that.

  12. Apr. 29, 2:32pm

    There seems to be WAY too many knee-jerk reactions to this cyber-crime. Stop taking this so personally – they broke into a system with millions of accounts – the hackers didn’t target just one of us.

    The effects, however, will be felt personally. Stay vigilant to your credit card accounts. Check them online weekly for any charges you may not have made.

    There is no hack-proof network systems. Even the government systems are not hack-proof.

  13. Apr. 29, 12:25pm

    I’m tired of the people who are like “Oh PSN is down, im gonna buy a xbox. Ill never play PS3 again eff GT5” If you honesty mean those things please do all of us who are wating patiently for PSN to be back on….

    1. Dont post on here. No one cares about your teenage indecesiveness over gaming consoles. If you switch systems just because the network is undergoing a major overhaul for your own goodness, then that just tell us what kind of person you are in real life.

    2. Dont blame the executives. They didnt cause this. People chose to modify a system that they bought (which is legit to do)and decided to do the dumbest thing in the world which is go on PSN. All the little pussy ass hackers think they should have the right to mod something they own but what they dont realise is that they dont own the PSN network….they use it FOR FREE.

    3. STFU. This is a ps3 exclusive game forum. The people here like GT5 and are willing to wait to have their online back. Sony shut the online off to PROTECT us. If you think otherwise go spend 300 bucks on a XBox or go build a hacker proof PC.

  14. Apr. 29, 11:15am

    so damnit! We offline PSN already 8 days!

    • Apr. 29, 11:32am

      I dont written what you have undertand

  15. Apr. 29, 9:53am
    BoBo (SuperSports)

    You see that the people who are complaining, are the ones who are stupid and bored enough to put their details in the damn system. Its quite amusing….

  16. Apr. 29, 7:42am
    Will Bennett

    it really isn’t hard to change your passwords and card companies will notify you after every purchase, just monitor it.

    I don’t blame you sony and I am not annoyed at you, it happens to the best of us.

    • Apr. 29, 9:23am

      i dont wanna change passwords and monitor etc. its hassle i dont need, sony is one of the biggest gaming/electrical company in the world, they should have never been hacked like that! so i do blame them lol.

    • Apr. 29, 11:38am


      Time for Sony to call Captain Hindsight

  17. Apr. 29, 12:22am


  18. Apr. 28, 10:45pm

    @robot schlomo: yep, I don’t know if it’s because we’re car guys but it often take patience when it’s about cars and driving. Even if i can’t play online GT5, neither COD, Mag, it’s still games. I can live without this! Sony can take all time needed, as long as they come back with a better service, more reliable and secure.

    • Apr. 28, 11:29pm
      Robot Shlomo

      Themartlab, if you head over to GameSpot you’ll find the exact OPPOSITE. It’s amazing really the dichotomy that exists.

    • Apr. 28, 11:50pm

      Yea Id say the gamspot demo graphic is 18-24 year olds. There post would make you assume the’re 4 year olds with vulgar and large vocabularies.

  19. Apr. 28, 8:06pm

    After reading this, I can now see that all hackers do is take away all the fun.

    I hope PSN goes back online soon.

  20. Apr. 28, 6:57pm
    Bobert power

    Sony:Thank you for your patience. In order to make it up to you. We will start charging you $9.99 for Psn services!


    • Apr. 28, 9:44pm
      Robot Shlomo

      After so many people often GLADLY say they would pay for a “better” Playstation Network service, now it’s suddenly an affront to your sensibilities? I see how the game is played.

      Seriously though, a lot of people here are showing EXEMPLARY patience. I’ve often said that GT players are different, mainly because they’re “car guys”.

    • Apr. 29, 7:37am
      Big Ron

      I will not pay for online playing in any way. That´s the reason, why I have a PS3 and not an XBOX.

      The XBOX isn´t any safier because you pay a monthly fee.

      When Sony starts to let you pay, I say “good bye, PS3”

    • Apr. 30, 3:02am

      And do what? You will go back to Microsoft , be real , you know you will end up paying for online sevice. Come on! Really

    • Apr. 30, 5:41am
      Big Ron

      I have no XBOX and never one. I will go back to PC then ;)

  21. Apr. 28, 6:44pm

    My mom watched the news report on this and it’s actually 1 hacker not multiple, at least that’s what she told me. He got people’s credit card information and bought stuff. Someone has probably said this at sometime before me.

    • Apr. 28, 9:29pm

      Reuteurs is reporting that MC and Visa is no “psn related activity”

      Although some “underground” forums are reporting CVV codes WERE available, and that the attack may, and I STRESS may, have been targated at German CC due to the “graf_chokolo” incident, having worked in network security I would assume they are selling the data by country due to the Massive amount of it, its honestly the motherload of data.

      The same sources were also indicated the data was offered to be sold back to Sony unsuccessfully.

      This comes from psx-scene

    • Apr. 28, 9:45pm
      Robot Shlomo

      Hopefully this joker will be embraced by the long arm of the law very soon.

    • Apr. 29, 6:59am

      Also, about the 2 million accounts thing that’s blowing up all over the net and people trying to strike fear into people.. remember this before you freak out (tho I would still change my CC and get a new one)

      cvv2 is only used for the initial transaction. It is meant to prove you are in possession of the card. You are not allowed to store it encrypted or not.

      read the visa / mastercard rules guys.

      this is straight from their site

      (When you give a merchant your CVV2 code at checkout, that information is sent electronically to the card-issuing bank for verification and authorization. If a person attempts to use your card number but cannot provide a 3-digit security code, or if the number is returned as invalid, the merchant will cancel the transaction. For security purposes, merchants are prohibited from storing this number).

      So “IF” they stored people’s CVV2’s they are even in more trouble than they already are in. which I really hope isn’t the case. It’s labeled all over, you can’t store it in any circumstance, encrypted or not. so… we’ll see how this pans out..

      I’m still changing my card tho, I’d advise others to do the same, just in case.

    • Apr. 30, 5:27am
      Antony Henley

      Just for your information.
      Sony do not store your CVV security number.
      They have said this a few times on their blogs. All which was stolen was your credit / debit card details ie expire date, name on card, address and credit card number. you 3 digit number is not held by Sony. So they cannot use the card if the details were stolen.
      Incidently I have spoken to my credit card issuer today and are fully aware and will be re-imbursing peoples accounts if it is known that some transactions have been fraudlent.

      The only thing I wopuld be worried about is Identity theft.
      So when the parking fines / tickets start dropping on my door mat then I will start worrying somewhat.

  22. Apr. 28, 5:46pm

    is it “safe” to change pw while the PSN service is still down? Think about it. Hackers are still in control, they will probably go after the “active” users first.

    • Apr. 28, 6:06pm

      To change the password you need do be sign in and it’s unavailable right now so i don’t think you can change it.

  23. Apr. 28, 2:45pm

    Time to change my password! Just incase. I heard it’s coming back up next week. Not sure if someone has said that or not…

  24. Apr. 28, 12:19pm

    Hello guys, just remember my words, NO more FREE PSN, more security and a better network structure have a price so be ready boys.

    • Apr. 28, 1:20pm

      Yeah right, not after a security breach like this. Sony official: “Er, yeah.. we know that 77 million user’s data has been compromised, but we have it under control now. BTW PSN will cost you 10 bucks every month so we’ll need your credit card number”

      Hell no!

    • Apr. 28, 4:04pm

      Now that’s not cool:( There is already PSPlus, so if ya want to pay, use that. If PSN will not be free more than 50% of players would kick Sony’s ass ’til bleeding.

    • Apr. 29, 9:38am
      BoBo (SuperSports)

      Be ready for what? you only get ‘ready’ when you’re too poor to pay i.e don’t have a job.

    • Apr. 29, 10:14pm

      Poor? Me? Dude I have enough money to pay my and yours. If I have a lot, I share, I’m a good guy and to proof you that come on send me a friend request, drive2perfection and show me how good you are on gt5 or maybe your POOR driving skills kid lol.

    • Apr. 30, 5:20am
      Antony Henley

      Well to be honest, this has been my thinking over the past week. I wouldnt be suprised if Sony do offer a better deaql than Playstation Plus. More like Xbox’s (shudders at that name) but they have to be seen in making money. Its the worst possible scenario here but if it makes the PSN securtiy 3 times as better than with correct pricing then I would be intrested.

  25. Apr. 28, 11:54am

    Japans goes in ruins first thing hacker’s think..Lets hack sony!:S

  26. Apr. 28, 8:53am

    Maybe if they cared as much about OUR data, as they did about THEIR precious PSN, they would have removed “Other Hacker Entry Point” instead of “Other OS”.

    I’m quite sure that whoever did this, wasn’t using a PS3 and Linux to do it with. Although I have no doubt, Sony is currently fabricating a story to imply it did happen like this.

    What goes around, comes around, they say… Just with Sony, every time it comes around, WE, the users, are the ones who end up paying for it.

    • Apr. 28, 5:52pm

      No way it happened with a PS3. More then likely was a proxy server routed through several different IP’s using software developed through the root keys Hotz released, and a non standered device, possibly the debug unit CFW that some have stated.

      The difference between a secure say Cisco network vs PSN is simple, hackers who can crack Cisco know to STFU and Never go public, as where Hotz thought he was untouchable and had done the same with APPLE why not try Sony, only this time it didn’t go so well. Somewhere there are Sony lawyers are cringing wishing they still had Hotz in court because if they could prove this act was accomplished through his explots it may have been the landmark digital rights case to actually put the laws in place to stop this kind of criminal explotations that regardless of what people say is about FREE STUFF.

  27. Apr. 28, 6:58am

    Thatz not good!! Damn sony with their stupid politics, maybe they r will be think better after this CRASH?!?

    from Russia with LOVE;))

  28. Apr. 28, 4:19am


    im sat on a non extradition beach enjoying pina-coladas with little umbrellas.

    Thanks 77million psn users….

    • Apr. 28, 1:22pm

      It figures. hackers never order a man’s drink.

  29. Apr. 28, 2:31am

    Damn, when the network first went down, I just thought it was the usual ‘fixing something’ bull$hit. Never thought the issue was something as big as this. Name and address? Not too worried. In my opinion, its the accounts registered with CC info that the hacker(s) will go for.

  30. Apr. 27, 11:48pm

    Advantages of being 14, no credit card! Oh and even if you do change your password wont the hackers get it??

    • Apr. 28, 1:08am

      Again from the Sony Q&A….

      Q: When or how can I change my PlayStation Network password?
      A: We are working on a new system software update that will require all users to change their password once PlayStation Network is restored. We will provide more details about the new update shortly.

      With PSN down INo One can sign in to use your account which is why Sony took down websites requiring you to sign in through PSN (I.E. GT5 website,

      The entire Q&A can be found on the PS Blog. It says they will have some services available within “a week from yesterday”.

      This beyond Hotz & ANON a amateurish denial of service attack vs. a well arranged intrusion that wasn’t detected fully for 2 days is like comparing a Fiat ot a Ferrari.
      Some PSX-Scene members have even suggested the attack may have arriginated using a DOD IP (Department of Defence) which quote “is notoriously easy to penetrate”. These are proffesionals who saw a soft target. Think Kevin Mitnick not idiots like Hotz

    • Apr. 28, 3:09am

      “We are working on a new system software update that will require all users to change their password once PlayStation Network is restored.”

      Doomscenario: You and mr. Hacker have your pass, mr Hacker changes your password before you when psn is back online. Account gone.

      I hope Sony is smart enough to provide some unique code or something via the users personal email (which is still unhacked) that will be the new password. Big advantage: all the passwords the hacker has are now useless.

    • Apr. 30, 6:49pm

      azuin you missed the major mark that financial information was stolen the numbers say at least 2 million cards which can be sold and used thats the true risk here

  31. Apr. 27, 11:11pm

    I dont blame Sony i blame the hackers

    • Apr. 27, 11:32pm

      A company such as Sony should have technicians that are more capable than teen hackers. Encrypted or not, if credit card data was stolen, it’s only a matter of time before they decipher it. So yes, hackers are to blame: they’re criminals. But yes, Sony is also to blame: they’re careless and hire incompetent staff. Such an attack would happen sooner or later but Sony just wasn’t prepared and serious enough. They failed.

  32. Apr. 27, 10:08pm

    Also worth pointing out the data was encrypted.

    Q: Was my personal data encrypted?
    A: All of the data was protected, and access was restricted both physically and through the perimeter and security of the network. The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack.

    that comes from the PS Blog…

  33. Apr. 27, 7:27pm
    Antony Henley

    OK to put things in perspective here.
    I am disapointed that this saga has happened.
    is it the end for Playstation as people have been asking on various forums. Very much no.
    to pick up on a point that alot of people have made have a read of this posted on the EU blog today (27th)
    “We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a point and answer one of the most frequently asked questions today.

    There’s a difference in timing between when we identified there was an intrusion and when we learned of consumers’ data being compromised. We learned there was an intrusion 19th April and subsequently shut the services down. We then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident. It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis, and it took our experts until yesterday to understand the scope of the breach. We then shared that information with our consumers and announced it publicly yesterday evening. ”

    Now to be honest from my time of using the Playstation Store and them storing my credit / debit card details then from what I understand Sony do not keep the 3 digit security number (found on the back of your card). All they keep is the Name, expiry date and 16 digit number. So from what I understand they would not be able to use your details with out trying to guess the 3 digit security number.
    Now anyone in their right mind will cancel their credit / debit cards asap. When the PSN come up just change your password.
    I mean 77 million people have had their details “allegedly stolen” fine I have no issues with SOny on that. I will at the weekend be contacting my banks and getting my two cards cancelled and new ones issued. In future I will porbaly be using PSN cards.
    Just my two cents worth.

  34. Apr. 27, 7:26pm

    Ok, now Poly needs to release a server disc. or have it to be ready for download. console gamings sucks in that regaurd, PC sims have server files, why cant console games. GT5 =75% garbage. untill we’re able to run servers on our own.

  35. Apr. 27, 6:17pm
    Bobert power

    the hackers are most likely not anonymous luckily but gt5 is boring offline so im camping on gt planet and other stuff while im waiting im actually motivated to do stuff i really dont care about

  36. Apr. 27, 6:11pm

    Sony might have made mistakes but if these morons wernt breaking the law and hacking in the 1st place it wouldnt have happened … lets be fair its the hackers actions that are wrong not Sonys

  37. Apr. 27, 6:04pm

    Oh and check your account regularly for unusual activity.

  38. Apr. 27, 6:01pm

    Just spoken with my bank, they are aware of this and are advising people to not cancel cards at this time(that is what I was going to do). Their advice however was change any account passwords(forums/email/banking etc.) that were the same as your PSN login.

    • Apr. 27, 6:09pm

      Common sense people! Sony is not the first company that was hacked and got customer information stolen and will not be the last.

  39. Apr. 27, 5:51pm

    This is one of the reasons I don’t have a credit card and don’t give real personal data to anyone online. It’s actually quite simple. Btw, I never got why people buy on credit. Dumbest thing a person can do with money that isn’t his (imo).

    • Apr. 27, 6:06pm

      Because I paid for the PS3 with a Costco Amex, I have three years of wararnty on my PS3. That’s why people use credit card….you re—tard! Because people are protected from FRADULENT charges, that’s another reason people use credit card.

      Covenience….is another.
      Have you tried renting a car without a credit card in the US?

      How are you going to build credit scores if you dont use a credit card?

      You also get cash back for using a credit card. If you are going to buy something, at least a credit will give you something back in return for using it.

      you’re such a moron….

    • Apr. 27, 11:17pm
      I don’t have a CCard

      You can rent a rental car without a credit card, its not hard. They ask for a cash deposit and give it to you when you bring the car back. I rented a car from Avis in December and another car from Enterprise in February. Last year I rented a car from Hertz, all without a Credit Card.

    • Apr. 28, 1:31am

      A credit card is the easiest way to build your credit score, and your credit score will be necessary to secure a home loan someday (unless you’re rich or you plan on saving up money for 30 years before you buy a house).

  40. Apr. 27, 5:15pm

    @ Bobert power
    Any law suits investigations will serve to shed light on sonys practices pertainig to how they store and protect theirs users/clients info,i cant believe sony would be so careless or negligent as to have that info stored in plain text,it must be encrypted.
    Sony didn’t ask to be hacked and if everything is up to par they will likely come out of this mess with minor scrapes and bruises.
    but they do have a major PR problem to deal with,they have to win back everybodiy’s trust.

  41. Apr. 27, 4:47pm
    With A EG6

    Sony . You cut me deep.

  42. Apr. 27, 4:28pm

    ok ,so now we have a U.S.senator Richard Blumenthal (Connetticut) on sonys back,the british investigating to see if any actions will be taken by them,and a class action law suit was filed this morning in a california courton behalf of all psn users /clients.
    looks like sonys legal department will be busy for a while!!

  43. Apr. 27, 4:19pm
    Bobert power

    Yikes. A very huge hazard, but why sue Sony. It’s not relly their fault. just the prone to hack servers but the stolen personal info might be something freaky but if they got our download history. i will be unhappy but when psn goes back online i will change my password in a heartbeat.

  44. Apr. 27, 3:19pm

    Wow, paranoid people really bug me. You do realise that all major cc’s have fraud insurance on them now. So if someone does happen to get a hold of your info, you have nothing to worry about. I recently received an email from my TD Ameritrade account, also one of my credit card accounts stating that someone hacked into their system and obtained a bunch of personal info, it is the 21st century, this stuff happens to the best of them. Heck, even the US governments system was hacked recently, and I’m sure that is probably the most secure system in the world today. So quit crying, it is not something PS could’ve prevented.

  45. Apr. 27, 2:31pm

    Sony Sued for PSN Security Breach!

  46. Apr. 27, 2:26pm

    PSN data leak cost could top $24 billion – Report

  47. Apr. 27, 2:07pm
    Darren Cook

    Just remember not all 70 million PSN users own GT5.

  48. Apr. 27, 1:09pm

    Blame the hackers, not sony. I cant think of a more capable company to make the needed changes to keep info safe. You think a multi billion dollar comapny wants to lose 70 million customers? internal intrusion was admitted when they pulled they plug, after forensics they admitted the severity of the breach. And admit a rebuild. I’m guessing Microsoft woulda buried it released a patch and had gamers online in the 2-3 days im sure sony would have loved to comply with. So Blame pirating hacking cowards hiding behind the bandwidth.

  49. Apr. 27, 12:52pm

    70 million PSN accounts! Holy Moly the mula to be made in remote racing!

  50. Apr. 27, 11:23am

    This is the way I see what has happened.
    1. Geohot hacked the PS3 allowing devolper controls to be used.
    2. Another hacker (part of Anon possibly) uses a Hacked PS3 system to enter the developers part of PSN and tells others how to do it on the run up to their planned attack.
    3. One of those told decides he wants to make some easy money and uses a dev account to hack into the secure area’s of PSN in order to obtain details to sell on to others (credit card fraud, identity theft).
    4. Sony shut PSN down entirely to prevent anyone elses data being compromised.

  51. Apr. 27, 11:01am

    Look for any payments within the last couple of days. My credit card was compromised yesterday. I can’t confirm it was due to the PSN hack, but its the same account I use on the network and it happened recently since PSN’s downtime. All I’m saying is be aware. The guilty party tried to use my account around the same time I was purchasing several things at once so it would go unoticed. Just tryin to be helpful and I did call Sony, they could care less pretty much was the vibe. 2cents…

  52. Apr. 27, 10:36am

    Centralized online services were bound to fail eventually. Give me a dedicated server please so when things go wrong it’s my fault and I can do something about it. I detest this new model of one p2p network for all online gaming without an alternative.

  53. Apr. 27, 10:28am

    Well…just change password, erase my credit card info and go to the bank and change credit card for another…what a waste of time…just this.
    All network is not secure as we all think.

  54. Apr. 27, 10:09am

    I’m glad I didn’t provide my true adress and didn’t give any cc number.

    • Apr. 27, 12:40pm

      Afraid some crazy hacker is going to come banging on your door?

    • Apr. 27, 12:50pm

      hackers can simply go to or google earth, or just actually drive on the street and see all address numbers on every property they choose to look at! What a concept!

    • Apr. 28, 5:55pm

      @poolhaas: actually no. It’s more for the credit card number. But having your adress + credit card number = potentially fraud and stealing identity. Better to care more than less.

  55. Apr. 27, 10:02am

    I somehow smell that Microsoft is behind this… because Xbox Live Servers are now experiencing an overload due to the amount of new accounts made… darn Microsoft (IF they are behind this)

    • Apr. 27, 12:16pm

      No they are not behind this. Simply because if they got caught they would be sued their arses off and have to go out of business. Yes, even Microsoft.

  56. Apr. 27, 9:58am

    and further, anyone who thinks that the money they pay for XBL goes toward securing the network is f’ing delusional. This could have happened to any network, and it happened to PSN.

  57. Apr. 27, 9:50am

    Sony is going to try and make PSN a pay service, just like Xbox live. I can smell it.

    • Apr. 27, 9:53am

      PSN will never need to be paid for it’s like Internet or other free online stuff.

    • Apr. 27, 9:56am

      They did that already. And their E3 keynote speech stated free PSN would remain. This has already made Sony look like idiots, having them charge for PSN when it is online again will compound that and make them look like the world’s biggest idiots:

      “We regret that we lost all your personal data and credit card information to the hands of hackers. To make it up to you, you can start paying us $9.95 a month for PSN”

      Yea, GENIUS business plan that would be.

  58. Apr. 27, 9:46am

    The hackers can go ahead and use my credit card, it’s not like I’ll ever pay it back in my lifetime anyways.

  59. Apr. 27, 9:33am

    I can wait too, but I’m a bit afraid that PSN will use very difficult firewalls from now, and I hope it won’t make the hall network much slower…

  60. Apr. 27, 9:17am

    I don’t wan’t to lose my trophies! *scared*

    • Apr. 27, 11:07am

      I have 5100 trophies and was worried about this also… but it turns out your trophy information is stored on your PS3 as well as the network. Any trophies you earn while PSN is offline can still be synced when it’s back online. Alternately, if somehow all trophy data was lost on PSN servers (highly unlikely) you still have the trophy data on your PS3 so you can just resync them.
      Hope this helps :)

    • Apr. 29, 9:43am
      BoBo (SuperSports)

      That must be your life then.

  61. Apr. 27, 8:37am

    I can wait.

  62. Apr. 27, 8:36am

    Wow, some of you worry way too much. Let’s see, 70,000,000 PSN user accounts. And let’s just say they actually single you out and use your card number. SO WHAT? You call you credit card company, tell them that the purchases are fraudulent, they reverse the charges, cancel the card and get you a new one. Wow, the whole world has stopped turning. And 555 Example street??? Do you really think anyone cares where you live?

    Stop being paranoid and enjoy life…PSN will be back, hopefully stronger and better than ever. Imagine what the techs at Playstation must be going through! They’re working 20 hour days trying to rebuild their system. Can’t be fun.

    • Apr. 27, 11:00am

      The ignorance and aloofness of some of these comments is astounding. Canceling a credit card is not much of a hassle. The larger concern is the potential for identity theft. I personally know several people who have suffered from identity theft. It isn’t pleasant. One in particular turned into a 3 year ordeal that cost them more then $20,000 in legal fees, more than a dozen days in court over separate lawsuits, nearly cost them their house, and they had to fight to retain their credit standing which was ruined. During that time, they couldn’t qualify for car loans, couldn’t co-sign for school loans for their kids, couldn’t buy a cell phone, had problems paying their taxes for 3 years running, problems having their medical expenses paid by their own medical insurance, couldn’t re-register the car they already owned, couldn’t apply for a renewal for their driver’s licenses, couldn’t book a hotel room, couldn’t book a flight, one of them had problems finding a job because background checks produced erroneous information that was impossible to correct (centrally) and as a result, he was arrested two separate times due to misinformation. It was like something out of the movie “The Net”. If I hadn’t seen it happening myself I probably wouldn’t have believed it. It’s an extreme example but it shows how identity theft can spiral out of control. It it likely to happen? No. Can it? Yes.

      But instead, let’s worry about the techs who are rebuilding the PSN. Oh boo-hoo.

    • Apr. 27, 12:12pm

      That’s why hackers = terrorists. They can really destroy your life.

    • Apr. 27, 12:47pm

      Hackers are hackers, terrorists are terrorists. Period.

    • Apr. 28, 6:50am

      @Toronto122: I am left speechless by that comment -_-

      @AnPrionsaBeag: NO. Hackers= Cyber terrorists = terrorists.

  63. Apr. 27, 8:01am

    GIVE US PARTYCHAT!!! And maybe most of us will forgive you! :D

  64. Apr. 27, 7:53am

    ive been thinking & i think know some of who caused this 1. Geo Hot Jail breaks PSN leaving it volneruble 2. Sony Sues Geo to make the ps3 look legally unhackable 3. Anonymous threats to shut sony down & does 4. sony drops the Geo Hot case making hackers think they have legal imunity 5. Anonymous decides attacking PSN was a bad move cause all the bad rep it gives them 6. PSN gets shut down after hackers decide to invade personel info… but thats just my theary.

    • Apr. 27, 7:56am

      i miss spelt words (jailbreaks ps3 not PSN) (shut down PSN not sony)

    • Apr. 27, 12:10pm

      I think that sounds plausible.

  65. Apr. 27, 7:42am

    Uh.. Sony should give ALL its users free downloads after this incident…. after all, we’ve all been hacked DX

    • Apr. 27, 11:53am

      I think free online play should be free after this. Wait it is so then we shouldn’t get anything cause it’s not there fault this happened, you act like it’s impossible to break down a firewall and get encrypted info, but in reality it’s not if you have enough computer power, good enough custom programs, and knowledge of hacking.

    • Apr. 28, 6:46am

      @Reformed: I don’t really get what you’re saying (Sorry >_<), but anyhow, Sony DOES have to take responsibility for this. The success of this attack signifies tht Sony does not have a strong security system to protect customer's personal info. Why doesn't the Xbox Live get hacked? Why not some other network? Obviously because they have better security, and would take more time to hack.

    • Apr. 28, 10:46am

      how well is the security at your house,if someone broke in and other people had things at your house,would you reimburse them for the things that got stolen,hence your security wasnt good enough.

  66. Apr. 27, 7:23am

    Good job PD ain’t in charge of getting PSN back online, it’d take years, and then just for the hell of it they’d delay it haa :P

    • Apr. 27, 5:15pm
      alex pimblett

      that comment and the skynet one made my day :’)

  67. Apr. 27, 7:15am

    From this I think what happened is Sony USA got hacked, for whatever reason.

    The guy(s) who did this must have known that breaching access to people’s personal information is a VERY dangerous thing to do. If they’re ever caught and found they will be looking at a serious prison sentence. So this was a hardcore hacker(s).

    I presume then that Sony USA informed Europe and Japan of the attack who then took their PSN’s down for protection, and hence why the PSN went down worldwide.

    I also presume now that Europe and Japan are performing the same security upgrades as the USA and hence will stay offline for a similar period of time.

    I say this because it seems to be only USA accounts that have been compromised.

  68. Apr. 27, 5:53am

    That ain’t right should of had better security inferstructure not good enough Sony, we should all be compensated free new black ops map or freebeez

  69. Apr. 27, 4:59am

    finally some time to find a girlfriend mates !

  70. Apr. 27, 4:45am

    The CSV numbers on the credit card information wasn’t compromised, just keep a tight eye on your credit/debit card accounts. If you are really worried just tell your bank you lost your card and they’ll send you a new one with different card numbers on it, simples !

    • Apr. 27, 11:17am

      Oh is that all? Be honest, you still live with your parents?

    • Apr. 27, 11:56am

      Or just tell them that it was compromised in the hacker attack against PSN and they’ll send you a new one.

    • Apr. 28, 5:17am

      Stinkmitt, or what ever your name is, married with five kids actually, what my living arrangements have to do with it is beyond me though !

  71. Apr. 27, 4:31am

    Psn being down although annoying is not the end of the world. My personal details being exposed is beyond unacceptable. And the wait to tell us all this might of happen, I expected alot more from a company of sony’s stature.

    • Apr. 27, 11:13am

      Sony’s stature? Sony is getting what it deserves after the way in which they looked out for their customers. Wait until the intra-company email msgs begin to surface showing Sony upper mgmt knew this was coming. I would bet that a new department has been created at Sony. HDDE (called the “hide” department, Hard Disk Drive Express-wipe). Open 24/7.

      I hope the class-actions bring the company to its knees. A buy-back at 80% of retail for each PS3 returned to Sony might be in order. I have two of them. They will be turned on one more time. To cancel my PSN accounts. Good bye, GT5. I will be pitting permanently. Time to build a PC.

      I would like to thank the following individuals and their staffs for sharing my confidential information with everyone.

      Mr. Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President

      Ryoji Chubachi, Vice Chairman, Officer in charge of Product Quality & Safety and Environmental Affairs

      Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Officer in charge of the Consumer Products and Services Businesses

      Thank you all for your deep concern.

    • Apr. 27, 6:12pm

      Later dude, good riddance. One less cheeseball bogging the servers.

    • Apr. 28, 5:23am

      Bye ripped, don’t let the door hit you in the arse as you leave :)

    • Apr. 28, 10:33pm


      “Time to build a PC”

      Because PC’s never get hacked…

  72. Apr. 27, 4:29am

    This isn’t good enough tbh. A major firm like Sony should have their network locked down. This is bad PR for them, and now the fact customers personal information may have been lost is even more worrying. I’m thankful I never pay for anything on the PSN on my credit card. I like to use those PSN cards instead.

  73. Apr. 27, 3:56am

    And this is why even tho I have a credit card I still buy those psn card.

    • Apr. 27, 12:36pm

      Same here man.

  74. Apr. 27, 3:46am
    Lonnie Kerchief

    “Within a week” was an old statement. Now they’re saying it’s down “indefinitely” until a full investigation is done and the entire network security infrastructure is redesigned. You’re looking at “weeks” at a minimum. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a month at this point.

    • Apr. 27, 3:58am

      And if that means my info is safe? I can wait a month. As for the rest of the people (netflix, PSN Plus Subscribers), I really think they deserve a refund after this is all done, my wife watches 80% of her movies on streaming, I know you can bug it by pressing O and canceling it and getting in the screen but its highly annoying.

      I read somewhere that playstation + users weren’t getting a refund at all (don’t quote that, that would be what I’ve heard from the drama/rumor monkeys on the net). I think that’s kinda bogus, if like 6 million of the 70 million people on psn had PSN+ that’s 102 million dollars just by itself at the minimum 3 months 17 dollars, that would mean if they pro-rated a month that’d still be 34 million to refund, they are in a state now after having to make the PS Slim to save $ on parts, they can’t afford that refund, they’ll make sure they do better next time. this is a big “oopsy” but as long as my CC Info is safe after this month, I’m happy. Still think the PSN + members deserve a refund (even tho I’m not one).

    • Apr. 27, 4:58am

      “Within a week” was an old statement. Now they’re saying it’s down “indefinitely”..

      No – “Within a week” is direct from the latest update from Sony, but it’s not a promise – according to the latest update “We have a clear path to have PlayStation Network and Qriocity systems back online, and expect to restore some services within a week.”

    • Apr. 27, 6:08pm

      @ the madcat!
      Netflix still works on the ps3. No refund for that.

  75. Apr. 27, 3:42am

    I n happy to use psn without my crédit card !

    • Apr. 27, 10:41am

      Exactly. The only information PSN has about me is wrong info. I made up my demographic info and since I only bought the PS3 once GT5 came out…I’ve had no reason to use the store. I’m very happy now that no DLC content was yet available for GT5. Perhaps Kaz saw this coming…

    • Apr. 27, 4:49pm

      yea i saw a vid of an interview, kaz admitted he was psychic…

  76. Apr. 27, 3:06am

    It sounds fairly likely that CC info has been stolen. The e-mail is probably just a break-it-to-them-easy tool. Unless a large corporation knew for sure that CC info had been stolen, they wouldn’t fire off 70 million e-mails warning customers so.

  77. Apr. 27, 2:53am

    Your personal information has been stolen… by Skynet.

  78. Apr. 27, 1:54am

    So interestingly I haven’t actually had any email from sony yet. Guess it takes a long time to email a user base of 30 million.

  79. Apr. 27, 1:50am

    Big ****in woop. Just change your password when the PSN comes back up and your all good.

    Maybe all the people who blame Sony for this saying it’s “unacceptable” should shut there mouths and do what the email says. Only the end for you if your stupid.

    • Apr. 27, 2:57am

      What?Are you 5 years old? Do you understand what a credit card is, and how serious it is when unauthorized people get a hold of your number? You ought to shut your mouth and stick to Black Ops.

    • Apr. 27, 4:52am

      Anyone who thinks their credit card number is ever secure is living in a dream world ! It isn’t, trust me, I know.
      If you ever have to dispute a transaction you’ll find out the your card is attempts are constantly being made to use your card fraudulantly, it’s just that the credit card companies are quite good at filtering out the fraudsters. i know from personal experience, so chill people, if you are that concerned just tell your bank you lost your card and they’ll send you a new one, with different numbers.

    • Apr. 27, 11:50am

      SSRacingUK, that was a pretty spot-on post.

    • Apr. 27, 2:12pm

      As SSRacingUK says, you can get done at the corner shop, cafe, garage or online anywhere and never find out where it came from.

      At least we got a warning. About time I changed my passwords anyway. Get wound up when it happens, life’s too short.

    • Apr. 27, 7:21pm

      Word. If you get your credit card stolen and someone makes an unauthorized purchase, all you have to do is call up your bank and dispute those charges. They’ll drop them and you’ll have a new credit card in the mail within days.

      Its happened to me twice before and I’ve walked away not paying a penny.

    • Apr. 28, 12:26am

      @Warhawk They won’t reimburse if you knew your card could have been compromised and you did nothing though. You have to change your card now.. just as a precaution.

  80. Apr. 27, 1:04am

    This is just completely unacceptable. How can a company like Sony fail to its customers and compromises like this? All our info, credit cards, adresses, everything!
    I was never a fan of PSN,but I never thought it would come to this. Looks like I might buy that Xbox after all…

    • Apr. 27, 1:47am

      Like its Sony’s fault that idiots Hack, and your dumb enough to think that a Microsoft product has never been hacked pmsl

    • Apr. 27, 8:30am

      Callco this is way too serious, this couldn’t have happened! Credit cards? Adresses? Please… From my viewpoint, Sony lost all its credibility towards its customers. It hurts me to say this but… After this, if I was in doubt, I would go straight away for Microsoft instead of Sony.
      Its not Sony’s fault that “idiots hack” but its their fault they haven’t prevented tis properly. And thanks to that, some guys have their users information.

    • Apr. 27, 11:03am

      Sorry buddy but Gran Turismo won’t work on an Xbox.

    • Apr. 28, 5:20am

      Makes me laugh how some peoples response is to ‘Switch to an Xbox’. Seriously, do you think that hackers aren’t trying (porbably as we speak) to hack into Xbox live and get everyone’s credit info…it happened before and it’ll happen again.

  81. Apr. 27, 12:57am

    Damn hackers

    • Apr. 27, 12:59am

      Just read the email… i have to say it was well put together.

    • Apr. 27, 1:08am

      Didn’t get the email, what’d it say?

    • Apr. 27, 3:01am

      Shadow, a copy of the email can be found here.

    • Apr. 27, 1:46pm

      I haven’t recieved anything like that from PSN or the like. I went to the Email accound that was attached to my PSN account and nothing…… hummmm

    • Apr. 28, 1:51pm

      I JUST got the email today.
      A bit late, I think…

  82. Apr. 27, 12:53am

    I can not think in anything more embarrassing for them.

  83. Apr. 27, 12:52am

    Absolutely unacceptable. It’s bad enough that the network is down, but now our personal security at risk as well! My god, credit card info, address, billing records! This will never slide, how can their customers remain loyal when such confidential information is being leaked freely to some maniac(s). I can’t believe I’m saying this, but may be time to switch over to Microsoft…

    • Apr. 27, 1:17am

      How does a system being hacked equate to “leaked freely”?

      It’s happened to better companies than Sony.

    • Apr. 27, 1:18am

      In a hacker’s eyes, it’s basically the same thing.

    • Apr. 27, 9:53am

      Yeah, ’cause Microsoft has such a history of caring about its customers. Great plan, champ.

    • Apr. 27, 11:02am

      You can’t play Gran Turismo on an Xbox. =P~

    • Apr. 27, 11:47am

      Microsoft has a bigger history of security breaches, and stolen I.D. But your call I don’t care.

    • Apr. 27, 4:35pm

      you know that it doesn’t matter what system you have right? Xbox can get hacked just as easy. Oh and btw xbox has gotten hacked more times then PSN. But hey, go have fun playing forza if you want.

    • Apr. 29, 9:32am
      BoBo (SuperSports)

      FFS guys, it just a breach of security, if your details get taken no one cares. Crying like a girl isn’t going to help.

    • Apr. 29, 9:52am
      BoBo (SuperSports)

      You see that the people who are complaining, are the ones who are stupid and bored enough to put their details in the damn system. Its quite amusing….

  84. Apr. 27, 12:51am

    ohhh no i cant access psn….. oh wait idc i have a life,
    i first noticed the psn outage 2 or 3 days into it lol

    • Apr. 27, 11:44am

      Hope u have fun having a life when some steals ur credit card number and starts using it. Than ur new life is on the phone saying “no, I didn’t make that purchase”

    • Apr. 27, 11:47am

      I literally had until this site said something about it. I think I spend more time on this site during work than I do on my PS3 at home.

  85. Apr. 27, 12:45am
    Gonna sue ya

    Want my identity and adress safe mothafu**ing sony !

    • Apr. 27, 2:38am

      sure do :D

    • Apr. 27, 5:30am

      This kind of thing has happened to banks. All you need to do is change your PSN password and get your Craig card reissued.

    • Apr. 27, 5:32am

      *credit card

    • Apr. 27, 6:03am

      1st thing to do when PSN is back is Change password!!! And then Play GT5 online :) I think everything will be fine.. Only users with huge amount of money have to be worry about this hacker attack to Sony, if you shared your credit card in PSN..

      I used pre payd cards, thank god. And I erase my credit card numbers while ago from account.

    • Apr. 27, 9:18pm

      @ Tvensky best thing iv heard all week but still have to wait till the network is up again

  86. Apr. 27, 12:45am

    That sucks for people with multiple PSN accounts!

  87. Apr. 27, 12:44am
    Madman Apex

    not good

    • Apr. 27, 12:50am
      Madman Apex

      WSJ reports that as many as 77million accounts worldwide could have been comprimised to varying degrees…

  88. Apr. 27, 12:43am

    I’m willing to be that no one is affected by this. Passwords and credit card numbers will be safe

    • Apr. 27, 6:54am

      I won’t. I only buy those psn cards at the store and my “address” is 555 example street

    • Apr. 27, 9:01am

      Did you really just give everyone your address?!?! That wasn’t too smart dude!

    • Apr. 27, 11:49am

      @ GasolineJunkie: Don’t worry, I think his real name is John Doe.

    • Apr. 27, 10:17pm
      Steven W

      That isn’t his real address, but go ahead and tell me when you actually find 555 example street

    • Apr. 27, 10:18pm
      Steven W


    • Apr. 27, 11:08pm
      i know where you liv

      LOL I just looked for 555 Example Street on google maps, apparently its in Example St, Gap Civil, Alleghany, North Carolina 28675, United States

    • Apr. 29, 1:59pm

      Sarcasm, a beautiful thing as it flies over someones head. Steven W your an idiot lmfao. any who, Example street is Like 2 hours from VIR, GasolineJunkie you should invite Kaz over to your house and drive him over to your neighborhood track and ask him to put it in the game!.

  89. Apr. 27, 12:33am

    Not good, get well soon PSN

    • Apr. 27, 12:46am
      Gonna sue ya

      My adress and ID safe ?! damn secure sony, my ass!

    • Apr. 27, 7:06am

      Technically all of your details are available to the hacker(s). Just hope that out of all the 70m psn accounts, our details don’t get taken.

    • Apr. 27, 8:04am

      theres 70 mill acounts way less PS3s (like 40 mill) many peaple have more than 1 acount ive created 9 or 10 myself lol

    • Apr. 27, 2:11pm

      Sure my info exposed , thank you sony

    • Apr. 27, 2:28pm

      Crap! Does this mean they have all of my tunes?

    • Apr. 27, 4:55pm

      No, they don’t have your tunes, but now they do have your name, address, phone number, download history, and credit card information if you had that on your account.


    • Apr. 29, 4:33pm
      Tenacious D

      If the hackers of the world would just be good citizens and play nice, and RAT OUT The scum among them, I’d have more respect for them. Instead, many of them (not all, reading comprehension FTW, kids) have god complexes and think they have every right to tunnel into any old business or personal files they like to show up the “oppressive” system.

      Thanks to them, everything is more expensive, and we have to jump through idiotic hoops. I hope they find all the idiots and send them to China, where they’ll find out what real repression is.

    • Apr. 29, 4:37pm
      Tenacious D

      BTW, that’s “find all the perpetrators.” I wouldn’t doubt that some of you think I want everyone who tinkers with the Windoze kernel to die. No, just the jerks who think it’s great fun to jack into our accounts and cause havoc with our lives.

      You guys can definitely burn in a very hot Hell.

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