RaceRoom Previews 2018 ADAC GT Masters Update with Audi R8 LMS and AMG GT3

Last week, Sector3 Studios revealed Autodrom Most would make its sim racing debut in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Based in Most, Czech Republic, the under-the-radar venue has quite a bit of history.

The 2.62-mile circuit made its way onto the series calendar in 2018. With its many twists, turns, and lack of artificial run-off areas, we can see this becoming a fan favorite. As we said then, knowing Sector3 Studios, it wouldn’t surprise us if the Swedish studio had more up its sleeve.

That something more is none other than the 2018 ADAC GT Masters update for R3E. Continuing its partnership with the series will see a bevy of 2018 livery and Balance of Performance updates make way to the game. Right off the bat, it’s worth addressing the elephant in the room: Acura, Ferrari, and Lamborghini’s GT3 efforts won’t make the cut.

That is, at least not in this update. Georg Ortner, a developer at Sector3 states the team is trying its best to fill in the gaps for 2019 and beyond. With Most filling in the last piece of the puzzle, players can run alongside the series in real-time. Even better, S3 is planning to launch a championship in collaboration with the series.

Over the weekend, S3 confirmed eight teams for the V10-powered R8 LMS, the likes of which include the following:

  • Phoenix Racing
  • Aust Motorsport
  • BWT Mücke Motorsport
  • TECE
  • Land-Motorsport
  • Team ISR
  • YACO Racing

If that weren’t enough, three teams for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 camp were also confirmed.

  • HTP Motorsport
  • Mercedes-Benz AssenheimerMulfinger
  • Zakspeed

With a 6.2-liter V8, the AMG GT3 makes an impressive 550 horsepower all the while weighing 2,833lb. While at a disadvantage to the R8 in both power and weight, it more than makes up for it with a 73lbft torque advantage. It’s an immediate threat off the line.

Both are in addition to the teams revealed for the BMW M6 GT3: BMW Team Schnitzer and MRS GT-Racing. There’s going to be a lot to choose from and we can’t wait to see the full roster.

There’s no word on a release date for both Autodrom Most and the 2018 ADAC update, but we’d put money on it landing in the next couple of days.

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