Red Bull 5G Gran Turismo Competition Announced in Japan

A special competition is going to be held for Gran Turismo 5 players in Japan, as part of the larger “Red Bull 5G” gaming championship. The GT5 element kicks off with a Seasonal Event in the game on October 2, using a modified version of the Red Bull X2010.

Known as the “X2010 5G”, the new car includes larger aerodynamic wings, and its downforce-generating turbofan is disabled. It is not yet clear if the 5G will be available to players outside of the game’s Seasonal Event or Japan.

Visit the official competition website for more details and registration information.

The finals will be held at WOMB in Shibuya, Tokyo on December 9.

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  1. Turbo-Kai

    uninteresting to me despite it can be used for the vettel challenge and makes that easier… for PAD drivers it’s quiet difficult to get more than bronze medals…

    1. HarVee

      When you disable the fan, it kind of becomes pointless, because the fan is the only thing that makes this car unique and worth driving. You take that away, and the car becomes a slightly-faster futuristic-looking formula 1 racer.

    2. Slurpee

      I think they’re trying to make a more user friendly version, it might run at the same PP level, but it’ll probably easier to drive, which I wouldn’t mind.

    1. Amac500

      It shouldn’t be bad. It has larger aerodynamic pieces and those front wing planes are deffinently at a greater angle. plus without the fan the straight line speed and corner speed both decrease. It should drive more similar to an LMP, but faster

  2. porsche 9146

    in theory, we’ve evolved from a scientific impossibility to a scientific improbability in this version.

    the problem with the red bull X cars is not that the G forces are unsustainable, it’s that there’s no possible way anything that weighs more than 800 pounds and has less than 2000 horsepower can go 300 miles an hour and lap the nurburgring in 4 minutes.

    1. gamerdog6482

      Actually, no. There isn’t anything in the X2011 that is actually impossible, and I HIGHLY doubt it could lap the ‘Ring in four minutes.

    2. count_dynamo

      the main improbability with the RB X cars, is that no tire on this planet is good enough to withstand the rmps, speed, heat, and strain. the worlds best racing tire would likely shred appart in a very short time

    3. Progress823

      The tires that are used for land speed records are built for straight line use, there is no way that they would be able to handle the constant stress of turning at high speeds.

    4. gamerdog6482

      Well, let’s say that they do use LSR tires. It generates enough downforce to not need to rely on tires for any form of grip.
      It could use steel for tires and still handle pretty well.

  3. SZRT Ice

    More forward drag, less cornering traction = negative. However, the lack in lateral G’s means this car can actually be made in real life. Knowing PD, this may be the start of a marketing ploy as they prepare for a reveal of a real life X1 5G. Consider, they actually made the Citroen GT.

  4. Smuttysy

    Interesting, could this be Adrian Newey’s vision of the future of Formula One? With closed cockpits being discussed already this is just getting closer and closer to becoming a reality based car. Now, just fit it with DRS and KERS and it’s potentially the 2016 Redbull F1 car!

    1. gamerdog6482

      Keep in mind it is closed wheel. F1 is not.
      And I would like to say that an open-cockpit X2011 would be awesome.

    2. Ii_law-man

      Also to add that F1 has a open cockpit rule where A. The driver cannot be obtruded by anything whist getting out of the Driving position and B. The driver must get out and replace the wheel within 15 seconds I believe

    1. QuikSlvr223

      This would definitely online fun again, with the higher drag and less downforce. Especially since everybody is going to want one.

    2. Amac500

      I bet they’ll have it in a DLC. The lack of fan with more aero downforce seems like a dream formula to make the cars at a speed that we can set up passes.

    1. gamerdog6482

      Are you kidding me? Look at all the differences! Plus, it will obviously handle VERY differently than the X2010/11.

    1. QuikSlvr223

      @gamerdog6482: This really should be called the X2012.
      @RB26 2jz: Because it is an X2010 with minor wing upgrades.
      @Samtheretardedjedd: The X2011 was slightly different, the shape gave it less drag, that’s what gives it the higher top speed. Just go to Dealerships, Gran Turismo, and press triangle on the X2011. It says so. Yes, I actually read those.

    2. RB26 2jz

      @QuikSilvr223 lol I read those on some cars when I’m ridiculously bored lol, ik it’s a minor upgrade that’s why I replied to him :D

  5. Zuel

    With this much of a change in the aero aeras of the fron nose and tail, it shows to me that the aerodynamic coding is getting better.

  6. Youngun

    Hmmm no turbofan and larger aero. Little less fiction now me thinks. LMS + F1 now. Nice to compare time, hope it’ll be free dlc as 2.10 or something.

    1. Amac500

      I promise you F1 won’t happen. How long have you been here? Kaz even said F1 can’t happen because Bernie and the clowns want a RIDICULOUS cut of the revenue, it would drive the franchise bankrupt. The only reason we have 2 Ferrari F1 cars is because Ferrari owns their own license. If you want open wheel cars indycar is your best bet, which is probably better for GT5 anyways because you can see then being driven on pretty much any track in the game, from ovals to street courses like Rome, would be fun anywhere.

      I do agree that I want more Le Mans cars to. I don’t think we’d see a factory prototype car while it is still in use, hi-res graphics let you see ALL of the aero components. But a model like the Audi R18 TDI, quite different from the currently use R18 cars, many key aero changes this for 2012, is possible. 2011 Nissan LMP2 cars, like the Zytek that wok class at Le Mans and the Signatech Oreca that the GT Academy winner gets to drive, I could see those. The 2011 Peugeot 908 would be cool, since Peugeot isn’t even entered anymore, plus all the GT5 and PlayStation branding on the car. We have the ACO license, I just wish we would do more with it.

  7. sangdude82

    I wonder if PD is gonna ask Sebastian Vettel to try the x2010 5G… The competition will be on the same week as the Japanese Grand Prix and the fact that Vettel drove the x2010 when it was made by Kaz & Adrian Newey.

  8. Foxiol

    “Like the iPhone 5…the same as 4S but 0.5 seconds faster…lmao”

    Still nice to see that they are experimenting with some configurations and in that case different aerodynamic kits. Which could mean…more customization for the future game.

  9. marktyper

    Well yeah I know I’m not whining. Hence, I am just saying,… I don’t really care.. I believe that people who gets excited with driving this X1 or even the past X1 are childish or noobs. All I care about is to have more DLC better cars (not GTR again or any sort of BRZ since we have the GT86 now) something new to GT I guess like Shelby Cobra GT500 and stuff like C63 Coupe AMG. Hopefully there will be new upcoming tracks for DLC too. PLUS I hope next GT Academy, Canada will be included.

    1. Neilson248

      There is something fundamental to human creativity called imagination… Imaginary things can sometimes just remain imaginary and not be turned into reality while still being fun… And also, children are exceptionally good and better than adults at having fun so therefore one could argur that fun does not necessarily have to be ignored for the sake of maturity, rather life would be infinitely better if mature people were also good at having fun in a balanced and intellectual manner…

    2. QuikSlvr223

      Oh, it goes fast and it turns like a Formula Gran Turismo, it’s such a noob car. Go back to driving your GTRs, because NOBODy is a noob that drives a GTR…

    3. f1_stig

      The modern generation doesn’t care much about the Shelby or the Merc, the modern generation is all about electronics making us faster, that is why kids love the X1, it was designed on a computer. Electronics are also going into real racing. F1 has DRS, KERS, steering wheels that have more buttons than controllers do. whatever makes you go faster, the new generation loves it.

  10. STI9

    Most people will probably hate it soon after trying it because you cant go 200mph round a hairpin, interested to try it myself though.

  11. liampage123

    X2012 will be cool to see. This looks good! You won’t actaully die while going around a corner with that fan dsabled.

  12. signmc

    Just call it something like the RedBull X/R, forget the X20 bla bla bla
    You’ve done the “pushing the boundaries super machine” Forget those stupid handling, acceleration and power figures, Detune it to around 700-900hp get rid of the fan completely. Just rely on good old fashioned down force and grip. Try to make it a more realistic racing car for today’s regulation’s that could be used in the real world for racing.

    1. Rynogtr23

      Ummmm, the whole point behind the X1 was to design a car that wasn’t restricted by any racing regulations, it’s supposed to be the ultimate race car. So ur point is just plain ol’ retarded.

    2. Amac500

      Rynogtr23 is right, it was suppose to be the ultimate, fully unrestricted. Of you want something closer to today then ask for PD to put their ACO license into more current Le Mans LMP and GT cars.

  13. HuskyGT

    Awesome. This means that the car would handle like a normal car. I would love to test this thing. The fan can go to hell or stay in the only car that deserves it; the Chaparral.

    1. Amac500

      It’ll stick because of greater aerodynamic downforce, but expect lower speeds, which is good because the faster red bull needed it’s own kind of track for any competitive racing, hopeful speeds will now be a nudge above the average LMP

  14. sibbystiggy

    This car looks great!
    i guess it doesn’t need the fan as the spoilers give it enough downforce and its got alot of paint unlike the x2011 who its heavier,
    good luck japenese players! :)

    I for an option which i think is missing and should be avaliable for the X1’s is that you should be able to paint them…that would be awesome!

    PD should bring back the concept cars from the oder GT’s they would be soo much fun in the modern world, online and with improved graphics of GT5/6 :)

    1. MeanElf

      You don’t know that yet – jeez, it’s just been announced and you know already that the rest of the world won’t have their go at some point?

  15. FdkVeilside

    I hope people everywhere get this version because I’d really like to see the lap times the X2010 would stack up against F1 Laptimes with its Ground Effect fan turned off

    1. Youngun

      Its more an evolution of 10 than 11. If it had same spoiler width and added fins etc then it would be. More x2010 evo.

  16. bprred6

    Blah blah blah more irrelevant fillers.
    Give us more real world tracks in a DLC.
    Give us Non-Japanese cars in a DLC.
    Fix arcade more so we can choose each AI car we want to go against.

    Kazunouri whatever-ouchi if you won’t do this then don’t come to us with more irrelevant fillers.

    1. Amac500

      bprred6 forgets how long it takes to code real world tracks. They could decide to do it, we wouldn’t know for a year, because that’s how long it takes. This is not the Wizard of Oz, Kaz can not click his Ruby Red slippers and make content magically appear.

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