Rome, Madrid in New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer

In a special Christmas-day surprise for GT fans, Kazunori Yamauchi has shown off two stunning new city tracks in a new Gran Turismo 5 trailer at the Asia Game Show 2009. We first heard about the brand-new Madrid circuit back in April of 2008, and now we finally get to take a look at it. We also get to see a new section of track from GT’s infamous digital version of Rome. There’s new footage of NASCAR and WRC events, a helicopter, and what appears to be a Gulfstream Jet (?!!?!) on a runway with a Mazda 787B and Audi R10. The clip is getting an even closer examination in our forums, so head on over there for more analysis.

Yamauchi’s presentation included several bullet points which you can see in the photos below, but they weren’t quite as revealing as the trailer (in other words, if you’re a regular reader here, you won’t see anything new). Regardless, this makes for a very pleasant and quite unexpected holiday surprise. Merry Christmas, everyone, and thanks to shagg_187 for being first to send this in!

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  1. Tony

    Finally a little emphasis on tracks (that us what we most need. I really hope gt5 has the double of tracks that those that have been published cus there is were blu rays extra storage capacity should be used

  2. daniel

    I can only think of one thing that overturning cars might mean, you’ll be able to roll the car, and see the underside of the car

  3. BenDixon

    Just wondering whether the clip with the Plane is the Top Gear test track?

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, if so, sorry for the double post =]

  4. caasimun_18

    hey did u guys see the tuned audi comin out of the garage without any sponsors, well…am just thinkin if thats part of the whole new customization kit, if it is, hot dangit! i want this game well the game would have come out in september but thanks to north americans and their desire to damage everything (no offense) they had to take another damn 5 months to try and implement damage but i have to thank them coz the damage is pretty realistic!

  5. Paulo

    Why did the track variations go down to over 60 instead of 70? Thats a bummer. Planned release is also another downer, probably won’t release in the states until next fall. It’s looking amazing though and I’m still keeping my hopes up.

  6. drive2fast

    The quality and realism is really amazing…a close look into the final product. Yes..that was a Gulfstream corporate jet.

    Makes me think there will me missions on the top gear track like the show racing the plane or things like that they do on the show.

  7. Unkown

    The trialers are not in GAME!!, when some is proud of his game what he has made and he thinks the grahpics are AWESOME he will show it to his fans. PD is just showing a fucking CUT SCENE that its not even in GAME!!! Come with the real stuff!

  8. tinni

    @walsall fc: that’s right! they come onto this site, looking around and criticising, when infact the GT series started realistic simulation racing… n00bs

  9. iCyCo

    We’ve seen the new lexus that replaced the Wedsport Celica..hope they have the SC that replaced the is the reigning champ ya know…

  10. J-XY

    I don’t find it right that NASCAR and WRC get a mention but SuperGT doesn’t…As a matter of fact, I am looking forward to the SuperGT than the two other events and the JGTC cars the ones I use the most in all GT games. T_T

  11. Jack

    haha at about 00.57 seconds you see a nascar pit lane mechanic clapping his hands whilst looking at the cars zooming past at indi

  12. BASE

    Well, David. Laggy graphics is what you will see, because many people judge a game by the way it looks. I dont want better graphics. That part of GT5 has been good enough for years. Making it run smooth is another thing. I also feel like the cars in replays look more “static” than before, and it reminds me more and more like Forza3. Well, let us see when the full game is released.
    Have a laggy day/night!!!

  13. David Macphail

    Awesome, the best racing game in the world returns next year and it looks better than ever! It’s a good thing PD take their time when it comes to releasing games, if they’d rushed it to get it out for this Christmas we could have ended up with a laggy, unrealistic pile of garbage with terrible graphics and sound like Forza 3.

  14. lans

    wardo go back to your bridge, if you dont like gt why u here, this site has been postly troll and flame free please be a man and play forza 3 and dissapear

  15. Tek9[R]

    That was awesome! Rome (GT3) was one of my favorite tracks, now if we could ony confirm Red Rock Valley…
    With all this Top Gear crossover I wonder if the Stig could be in? This is already the “Best Game Ever” with just the Time Trial’s handleing and GTPSP’s number of cars. I cant wait!


  16. wardo

    look I know it’s all “in game” but it’s just replays and whatnot… I didn’t see any new in car real time driving footage there just replay and cut scene bullshit… can’t wait for the final game i’m sure it will have the standard 2d sprite cardboard cutout spectators as usual.

  17. Sam__ NY

    This wasn’t the trailer they secretly showed to a few lucky fellows at TGS. This was something different, but still very entertaining.

  18. ralph89


    Are you blind? Almost all PD showed there are from “in-game” shots, most of their racing trailers are all in-game since GT1. The only different is it’s more enhance than the real gameplay. If you think that GT5 will look like the GT Academy TT demo in the final game, your kidding yourself. Because the GC,TGS,TMS, and SEMA showed that GT5 is going to be twice better graphically and 50 times better content than GT5 prologue.

  19. wardo

    wow! nothing but non-gameplay footage, it seems that PD has spent most of their dev time working on cut scenes, while it is nice eye candy i’m still worried that the final gameplay is not going to be much better than the time trial demo albeit a bit more detail off the track.

  20. Slimer


    I appreciate what PD\Kaz is doing, but every time they release “new” footage, I feel like they keep giving me the same old stale bread over and over.

  21. Flagmo-T

    I never thought i would happen to me. But I’m simply in love with Kazunori Yamauchi if somebody can listing, he sure can.. Wauuuu ALl the right stuff is in there.. Thanks you Kazunori Yamauchi You got you self a Major Fan of your spirit in creating this Master piece.. :O) ORSM!!

    Flagmo-T / psn:Team_MoFF-No2[DK]

  22. ISMZmj

    I LOVE GT5 .. I tire when I see new footage .. I hope the issuance of a copy in English, with the time of the Japanese version

  23. ismellbacon611

    the cover will have a ferrari 458 italia and a sls amg on it with nurburgring on it also …
    no toyota concept

  24. AMG

    Its says over the 950 cars so its some 1000 cars or more , 20 locations country places and over the 60 varition ? 70 or 80 varitions

  25. walsall fc

    whats with the forza fans making references that gran turismo 5 is crap??? when GT5 is released, it will get so much publicity with the amount of features it includes. i think forza fans are a tad jealous that forza dont contain features that GT5 will include.

  26. Mustangmiha

    Maybe that red concept Toyota will be on GT5 cover. And I have to say there are some shocking news I saw in this video, like race 2 Players vs. Plane…

  27. Maximou

    Depe01, dynamic wheather absent ? Take a closer look to the first scene, when we see the place and a guy carring a wheel. We already saw these two shots at E3 2009’s trailer. But ambiant brightness seems to have changed isn’t it ?

    When it was day light for E3 2009, it seems to be almost dusk here. I think, better quality video will tell us or not if it’s actually in that video.

  28. Alex

    LOL “is the dog playable?”

    Yes it is, it has been confirmed by Kaz on Christmas Eve that we’ll be able to put “fap” to a whole new level via “leg humping” the glorious automobiles of Gran Turismo.

  29. depe01

    Looking at the bullet points, I noticed that dynamic wether and day/night is absent :~(
    Well we gonna get a helicopter and a Gulfstream jet instead ;o)

  30. DaveTheStalker

    Maybe the jet was shown to ‘clearly’ indicate those cars are on the Top Gear track. As most of us know, the TG track is built on an aiport runway.

  31. Devedander

    Well it’s nice to get some new stuff to see for Xmas and the tracks are definitely cool to see coming…

    The rest of it however seems to be pretty much all stuff we have seen before or at best intro trailer stuff and as such little to do with the game…

    And everything WRC I saw seems to be the same stuff we saw before with maybe a few more anglese thrown in for good meausre, but the same stretch of road and same few seconds of race…

  32. Turbo_3800

    This has half the footage from the 1st few trailors but with a few new scenes added. This isn’t exiting enough lol but it’s new so im happy. I wonder how the intro is gonna be for GT5

  33. Alex M.

    What is the song in that trailer? Does anyone know? I feel like that has been featured in one of the older gt5 trailers.

  34. tameem

    OMG… picking up my jaw from the floor
    i have been collecting all the trailers. another gt5 trailer to my collection, but i will wait for a better quality. Thank you Jordan you the man once again.

    Kaz was not joking when he said that the E3 trailer showed only a small part of GT5.

  35. Cuztheyrefast20


    The Japanese version of GTPSP is in English (depending on the language settings of the PSP). So perhaps we could see a Japanese GT5 with English.

  36. noname

    Alright Jordan, I know you will! (: You never dissapointed any of us.

    Anyways, nice find! Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas ;-)

  37. Jswilli1

    I wonder with the Indianapolis track if the GT series doesn’t add Indy cars in the future? Nascar was somewhat of a shocker, but then again they did include Daytona in GT5P.

  38. Jordan

    @BooBoo: The US/EU date hasn’t been announced.

    @noname: Don’t know, but I’ll be sure to post it here when it’s released.

  39. DaveTheStalker

    With the Japanese version of the GT5 TT Demo being in full English and [UK] having MPH be the unit of distance by default [in the US], I really hope the March release of GT5 will read the region also!

  40. ismellbacon611

    i thaught we were going to have 70-80 variations of tracks buts this says 20 tracks with 60 variations … 10 less = not good

  41. BooBoo

    Yes i know , but is that planned for Europe and North America. Or release date was changed for Japan From 31 march to planned for march , but we can move it back?? Thank you Jordan for some news.

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