Snow Flurries on Gran Turismo 5’s Nurburgring (Video)

Several GTPlanet users have noticed new and interesting weather on GT5’s Nurburgring: non-accumulating snow flurries. GT-R_EMOKID offers the video above as proof, and, sure enough, it does appear to be snowing. User Pingwhen also reports having seen these conditions, randomly (and rarely) in online races.

While the lack of accumulation means you probably won’t be re-creating this great YouTube clip anytime soon, the snow flurries look great and are a common occurrence in the Nurburgring’s Eifel mountain climate. Unfortunately, the game does not appear to perform well when the snow appears, suggesting it is probably an unintended glitch.

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Comments (181)

  1. PJ

    What a bunch of retards. My God, unappreciative of someone just posting a video of snow in GT5 where ti shouldn’t be. The people saying “why is he so exited, never heard of snow before? It snows in Europe!!” *sigh* GT5 enthusiasts will only complain about things, and not be grateful and be ignorant of the work put into this stuff.

    All you haters disgust me.

    1. Bathrobe

      Yah, that might of been a good post if only it had been cohesive, literate, and didn’t demonstrate ignorance personafide. Nice try though.

    2. Random grammar freak

      Tee hee @Bathrobe. The fact that you are criticizing PJ for a minor grammatical error when you yourself made the grammatical sin of saying “might of” makes me smile.

      I think everyone on Earth, after graduating from middle school (or the equivalent in your country), should be required to take a course in grammar. Additionally, ISPs ought to charge their customers at least 20 cents for every spelling or grammar error they make. That would certainly make people proofread their work, which might actually make idiots who post raging comments on the web realize what they’re doing!

  2. strikieg

    A few hours ago, I was hosting a race with some friends, and we saw this “snow” on Special Stage 7. It does look like so but the frame rate drop is immense, and very irritating. When you are stopped its fine but once you get on the move, and moving quick. it gets very glitchy.

  3. Zuel

    I didn’t bother to look through all the post but you can have snow on the track while on-line. Once you pick the NurburgRing 24 just go to the weather field and you’ll see the option for snow.

  4. Cruiserdude

    Am I the only one that thinks that looks really fake? The snow looks like its falling in front of the screen, like he just put his TV outside or something. Maybe this is real, but I’ll need to see more proof, because this one looks pretty fake.

  5. First time caller

    Hehe, I had a rusty primer black 1978 Fury that this whole batch of comments reminded me of.
    It too used to sputter on, sounded funny at times, wasn’t pretty, and often offended people.
    Of course, with the car, at least these things could be fixed……

  6. guidance is internal


    Snow is so much fun. What if their was snow & a rainbow?
    Guess that would be called a “snowbow”. Maybe SNOWBOWS in GT6 !
    I think this was a great vid. It made me feel warm & fuzzy, & made me miss my mommy.

  7. Craigles

    Then why is it on online changing whether tracks you cant have the option of snow. Only rain and sun. Hmmmmmm

  8. jasr73

    Hmmm likely a glitch…

    Or the other hand…On a global scale things have been pretty random of late weather wise. Record high temperatures in Russia last summer; massive floods in Queensland, Australia right now; huge snow fall in areas of California and New York; heavy falls in Beijing and of course we’re all aware of the recent dramatic cold snaps events in the UK and greater Europe.

    PD flicks on the extreme random and unexpected weather event algorithm embedded within update 1.05?

    Has climate change come to GT5? Who would have ever thought! LOL : )

  9. Ummmmm

    So snow on a track marked has having variable weather counts has proof of variable weather on all tracks now?
    This is a joke right?……..

    1. Bernd

      I’m driving with a pad, and I have to agree: Yes, pad-steering was much more precise in GT4. I did the Nürburgring in 5:18 in GT4, my best in GT5 is now 6:42 or something :(

    2. Fantomas666

      Ohh point proven gt4 is better because u can put in super fast times, with a PAD! perhaps just perhaps your Sebastian loeb, although he probably would buy a wheel. I hope they make gt6 awesome with a pad, no scrap I hope Ferrari install a ps3 controller in there next supercar. You being slower I would bet my left testicle makes this game more realistic!

  10. MintBerryCrunch

    Maybe this is some kind of hint that full weather on all track will come as an update. Hell, for all we know there could be a whole other half to this game that will be unlocked with some update.
    There’s a chance that the snow was added with the latest update for them to see how it works and decide whether or not to take it further.

  11. Shouden

    Seems like this is something PD wants to implement and they’re testing it online and working out the bugs. Imagine doing a 24 hour race on Nurburgring and it started to snow. Scary thoughts.

  12. HumanDestroyah

    Dang you guys are harsh. I hit pause to let the video load and scrolled through the comments. GT-R_EMOKID goes to show that you can’t do something nice for the masses without any judgement. Good find by the way +1

  13. Tompie913

    I got a snow flurry in my lounge once on SSR7. I was quite baffled, as there was no weather setting for that. I just put it on dynamic weather. I hadn’t thought twice about it ’til now. I guess a friend and I experienced a rare phenomenon.

    The snow looked awesome driving in it a 200 mph. It also didn’t seem to affect the handling, at least that I noticed.

  14. pasigiri

    Thanks for posting this. Awesome find. By the way what’s it like driving in it? Does it effect traction like the rain?

  15. The Real EMOKID

    You guys really thought i had to stay up all night and cry about comments?
    Hell No. Who Ever decided to use my PSN ID on this, Needs to get a life.

    1. Oscar Wilde

      Finding the meaning of life is easy. Simply get a dictionary, go to the ‘L’ section, and find the word ‘life’.

    2. kekke2000

      I thought it was a little bit odd. First of all I was gonna say “Dont care about the comments, you got a video on GT Planet News Page, thats awesome!”. It’s sort of a relief to “know” it wasnt the real uploader.

      Maybe the comments should be linked to the forum account so identity theft is a little harder.

  16. algibraic

    you guys are all kind of being jack asses to this kid, but i forgot, most people think it’s “GAY” to be genuinely emphatic about things, get over yourselves

  17. Rios

    Ha ha, that button on the left says “entercourse”. They might have chosen their wording a little better there. LOL

    1. david

      Rios….are you twelve? You sound like it. When you watch a baseball game and the ump syas the count is 2 balls and one strike….are you going….”hahaha he said balls!” retard

    2. Rios

      david, are you the kind of guy who puts other people down just for pointing out something kind of funny? My observation however childish in your view wasn’t hurtful toward you, yet you feel the need to call me a “retard”, I guess because it makes you feel better about yourself, kind of sad really. Anyway be a hateful spiteful person if you want, I’ll just assume life must be getting you down, I hope things get better for you, happy new year to you buddy.

      “Beavis and Butthead”? This from a guy calling himself Tickle me emo.

    3. First time caller

      +1 David and Tickle. (minus the retard part)
      How exactly does Tickle’s name make your post sound any less like Beavis and Butthead though? Sounded exactly like the spam i’d expect from B&B if they were real.
      Man, i’m glad they’re only cartoons………..‹shivers›

  18. GTP_Marky264

    Appreciate the video as this is Video Evidence of Snow on the Nurburgring which I didnt know about at all. New News to me.

    Jordan I think you should delete some of the comments from pointless users just Bullying that Kid. It’s all hilarious saying things like this on a Computer Screen but really some of you need to grow up.

  19. J-KiLLA24

    poop little kid, he must be crying right now or cutting himself, you guys should show atleast SOME respect.

  20. leeM

    Agreed bernd,

    I’m surprised and embarrased for you all….If this was the reaction to everybody who put a video up on this site, we would get a lot less useful and enjoyable stuff to watch!
    Truly shameful.
    Thanks for the effort GTR!

  21. sumbrownkid

    Jeez a lot of people are being to the guy who posted that video. I don’t get why people act tough behind the keyboard.

    1. sumbrownkid

      Tough as in calling him names like emo, or retard, and idiot.

      I for one appreciate that he brought this video up.

    1. captain obvious

      Good thing you mentioned that you mean Eric Cartman from Southpark, otherwise I didn’t have a clue which Eric Cartman you mean :s

    2. Oscar Wilde

      I used to sound like Cartman, but only when I figured out those weren’t tangerines between my legs.

  22. Normalaatsra

    This is why I left GTPlanet in the first place. Plenty of trollers and rude people. This place needs to be friendly, not one hell hole of idiots.

    Well after looking at the vid, I’m like “Get a hold on yourself!” (no offense gtr emo) but hey, don’t complain about this guy. He found proof of the snow flurries, and all you flamers annoy him with irrelevant teasing!
    I hope you take some consideration to understand what you did wrong.


    I’m out.

  23. Viktor Navorsky

    Some of you guys, shoud know the world goes beyond your belly buttons. Stop critcizing… this could be an experimental test from pd…and a future update to the track.

    Nice find GT-R_EMOKID …

  24. Jack

    Did anybody else notice that you can’t drive in it? The car just sits and spins, not moving at all? And that that was the whole point of the video?

    Yeah, that’s super fantastic awesome.

    1. NoonenF1

      Did you watch the entire video? A Celica goes driving past him, so the car doesn’t actually sit and spin…

  25. Miranda_J

    I’m pleased to have seen that picking a Celica ST185 group A rally car was an ideal choice considering this momentous occasion! :D what a video! It really is snow! FANTASTIC find!!

    1. unit_one

      Hey, man! You are on TeeVee!
      Great find. I never encountered snow on paved roads.
      Except in real life, we have plenty of snow here =)

  26. MAidioPT

    R6kid is Right !
    Like he Said, Emo kid has gone out his way to post this, and you f****** S*** people saying bad things about him.
    I bet you guys didnt even post something useful here in GTP.

    GTR Emokid good work. i didnt see that yet. Thanks

    1. veryferry

      Yeah, cause this is super useful of course…

      Actually, I think EmoKid ruined the surprise for us.
      And he did it with this truly sucking video.

      And EmoKid seems to do his name justice by crying over some comment where Jaymes says that he sounds annoying (which he does).

      So please stfu, or make a youtube video where you cry about how we should leave EmoKid alone.

    2. david

      @ veryferry for saying stfu……i think i’ll let someone that doesnt have the word “fairy” in their name tell me what to do….lmao

  27. R6kid

    Emo kid has gone out his way to post this and a you bunch of bullying f%!*wits get personal about him!…how do you think that makes him feel?. You all would be first to get shot if I was in charge….

    1. Pedz

      You may be right, but i must say this “breaking news” could have been done a lot better, for one, keeping the camera still and looking at the whole screen for a start.. Also you and everyone else should know.. Think before you post things on the internet. There will always be something to take the piss out of, and people always will =].

  28. Mike

    Well, it’s winter at the moment… so why shouldn’t it snow. Not really surprising. A nice touch though…

  29. Pedz

    I do have to say that don’t find this totally amazing…. I would much prefer they spent longer on the ai to make the single player a ‘racing’ game, rather than a dive for the first corner…

  30. Meh

    Ur all ass holes leave him alone none off u hav ever meat him irl who cares about camera etc. It’s a good find. Cheers GTR

  31. STICH666

    I saw this on Special Stage Route 7 last night. At 300mph with the X1, it looks like you’re traveling at light speed.

  32. WTFnews

    realy cool man realy cool i think you showed ppl who didn’t know this yet a great vid so thanks for posting this gt-r

  33. Big Ron

    Really funny to have snow in races. Never have seen it. But as long as it doesn´t appear to be a closed surface on track it is a bit uninteresting feature, I think.

  34. gnorman

    Dude, chill out. I’m sure this isn’t your first day on the web so you should know by now that you can’t please everyone on a site such as this.

    Don’t take the comments personally or seriously. People that make an assumption on you as a person because of a 100 sec vid probably have bigger social problems of their own.

    BTW, good find, thanks for the vid.

  35. Crazy88uk

    Ha, the comments in this article crack me up! You seriously need to calm down dude, people do it to wind you up on purpose. And to be fair, you possibly did get a little too excited about GT5 snow!

    Thanks for the video though, and i’m jealous of your cars!!!

    1. Maltese man

      yeah, it does, and sometimes, something called a sun comes out from behind these fluffy things which they call clouds and it shines bright and sends heat, i don’t know if you get that in americA?
      Also question in chinese: ching chong chen ping pong wailinip chinzala muka?
      I don’t know americanish, or englandish unfortunately, can someone translate that please. thanks, from malta

  36. Skiddy

    This is great. I don’t see why are the hard core fans dissapointed (McEntee,GTRelenless..). If it’s the real time weather system, that’s very cool. And if it’s a glitch, it’s a very pretty looking one. The track condition doesnt’change if the snow doesn’t accumulate, right?

    1. MikePL

      Thought you didn’t know that. I just got the impression that you’ve never seen not only snow, but also a celica, or any car for that matter.

    2. Crispy

      Thanks for posting this up GT-R, I for one was not aware that snow fell on the Nurb 24hr circuit! Is it similar to the snow fall on SSR7?

    3. veryferry

      Sorry GT-R_EMOKID, I pulled a (lame) prank on you:
      The message I reply to now was originally posted by myself, but by using your name.
      Sorry man!

    4. Spaghettimonster

      this is the reason why capitalism sucks. only if theres daddies that have way too much money can there be kids like these.

    5. Pedz

      Sorry but your comment then reminded me of the whole ” LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” thing lol. Just ignore them, you should know if you post anything online people will always take the bananas no matter what it is :P remember this for the future and do a bit of editing before you upload, like taking out the audio I guess.

    6. FlareKR

      Yo seriously, we’re gonna have the first GTP suicide soon :-D.
      So we’ll in the news with the Facebook and MySpace suicides. Woohoo, GTP on FOX News!

  37. DFA1984

    me and a friend were doing some free running online on the special stage route at night and snow flurries started to appear right after the fireworks at the end of the long staight. Tis a beautiful thing.

  38. McEntee28

    GT-Relentless, hit the nail right on the head. I feel the exact same. Was a hard core fan from day one, and ive never being so disapointed in all my life with this game.
    Tried the formula GT, championship last night, and realised you have to do the hole thing in one sitting. You cant save it. You didnt have to do that in the last game, and that was last gen. Codemasters Grid is a better game.

    1. J-KiLLA24

      I’m guessing you think it’s better because of nice crash effects. If you think that grid is a better game than GT5 when it comes to simulating driving, you need to get a serious check-up pronto kid!

    2. FlareKR

      GRID was one of my trade ins for GT5
      Along with NFS: Carbon, NFS: ProStreet, DiRT, DiRT 2 (never opened it), GT5:P, MotorStorm, Skate, and CoD:MW.
      Well I had to make space to put the diecast GT-R.

  39. GT-Relentless

    I actualy don’t care much about all these little things, glitches or not, GT5 is a big mess of a game, and that,s from someone who has been a fan from day 1, I even imported a japanese copy of GT1 to play asap, but the truth is other games have left the GT series behind in terms of gameplay and I don’t care how you cut it driving sim/driving game, I found everything about the playing experience to be unrewarding and mostly boring.

    1. Pedz

      It’s the stupid addition of leveling that did it for me. As soon as I loaded it up and saw I had a lvl 0, I knew it was going to be a disappointment… Its ok for new people to the game, making them learn to drive before they can really damage the car, but I just want to race, I don’t want to duo the same race 20 times just so I can do another. Grinding in games to go up levels is the least fun anyone can have! I do hope it doesn’t continue to GT6 and that the ai improves dramatically…

    2. Fantomas666

      Not rewarding? You want your playstation to spit cash out on you? Let me know what game does that. GT5 RULES FOOL!!!

    3. GT-Relentless

      Tell me what is rewarding about being able to pick the likes of an 850bhp Nascar or FGT for a say the Super GT series and then being able to lap them 3 times during the race, I just think the game could have been a lot more challenging if PD had tighter restrictions for the races (like in the first 10 seasonal event races, which are excellent) rather than a lot of the single player being so open ended. I have to admit tho, when you can get a bunch of good players together the online races can be very good!

    4. LR-MR-Cole

      Stop your complaining.Your making the kid in the video above sound mature. SCEA forced PD to release the game before it was actual completed. Every update that comes out, including transforing standard cars into premium (when ever that happens, hopefully soon) would have already been included in the game if PD had more time to complete the game. Yes I was upset that GT5 had disapointments. But with a G27 wheel the driving dynamics are amazing. Its not the real deal but it sure is damn close. All they need to now is to make some standard cars into premiums for instance all LMP cars (Pescarolo,BMW VR12….) All Touring and GT race cars (BMW M3 GTR, Audi R8 LMS) rally cars, and regulars like Veyron, Mustangs, TVR’s. So if you’ve been a fan since day one than you would be able to see that this is a major achievment on PD’s part. So quit crying and go play your Japanese copy of GT1

    5. LR-MR-Cole

      you’d better get used to all this stuff you guys bitch about. Cause GT6 won’t be for a while. Really all and all I think its a great game. And if you can’t find races intil you level up thats your problem. All you got to do are the seasonal events, right theres at least 2 levels (if your around lvl 30). Also they add new ones every week.

    6. Tenacious D

      If you can’t resist overpowering races with better cars, somehow this ISN’T your fault??

      I swear, the thinking of some humans…

      Say what you want, I won’t be looking at another racing game for a good long time. Or any other game, period.

    7. GT-Relentless

      My point is you shouldn’t have the option to power through races in any car you like, isn’t it more rewarding to be challenged all the way through a game rather than just being able to bottle out by choosing a high powered car?. By the way to some of those above I completed almost everything with gold trophies, so I am well aware of every facet of the game, and I stick by saying I found it unrewarding and mostly boring (becuase of the points I made above, and a lot more besides) but like I said I am day 1 fan of the series and all I can hope is future updates improve the playing experience.

  40. LR-MR-Cole

    Variable wheather for all tracks? For one The Nurburgring 24hr layout has weather change anyways. And if your online and on a track that has weather change, that could be live weather. GT5 was suppose to have a feature with live weather forcast for that circuit area. I raced online @ Monza and there was Severe overcast but no rain and weather was not even on. So even though the geek needs to buck up, I think its cool.


    I guess i wont post any glitches again.
    You guys don’t get it I did this for you guys.
    You don’t appreciate any of this so be it.
    Ungrateful bunch of idiots
    (Only to the commenters who think im an idiot)

    1. dunavant_j

      What were ure settings when this occurred? Was Ur weather on sunny and u did not have the fixed weather box checked, I am assuming?

    2. GTP_V8SuperCars

      I agree with you Emokid, you do a favour to record and post this finding (that i have never seen) and people dont even have the time to say cheers or nice find.
      Nice video mate thanks for posting it up and its just another thing i look forward to seeing in GT5 one day. PD have been outstanding with the detail in the game.

    3. Spaghettimonster

      thanks, you just proved that we were right. get back into your hole, somebody else will fill your place. anyway… it was supposed to be snowing on chamonix anyway, right?

    4. FlareKR

      Welcome to life kid, if I were to get a penny with how many unappreciative people I get, I’d have 5 rainbow colored Bugattis in my front yard as lawn pieces, because another 6 I’d be driving. Don’t expect some Superman fanfare and parade either, no kisses, no money, no key to the city.
      I didn’t even know that snow could happen outside the snow tracks, thanks to this video, I’m gonna be looking all over the place now. Thanks!

  42. Maison Looi

    i’ve had it a couple times, it doesn’t seem that wow to me, the kid in the video made it sound like he just lost his virginity

    1. Spaghettimonster

      you know, its two things for me. how would it not make sense to be snowing in an online race in january in germany, huh? how is that song by pnau annoying? it is actually one of the things that got me through the first disappointment with gt5. clever choice by pd. :D heard it at least 100 times while golding all licenses.

      cant see the connection with these things and the process of your unusual finding.

  43. Enzoduder


    Screw the haters mannn yeahhhhh. Although that kid seemed a little happy I must admit. Kind of acted as though we wouldn’t believe him…hurr hurr.

  44. Madman Apex

    thats my favorite song emo kid…
    cool find though, its night, in the mountains with changing weather snow is very possible. i have to say PD kinda have out-done themselves with that level of detail…
    +1 for PD

    1. FlareKR

      Same here, out of all the menu songs, that’s my favorite, I even start to sing with the little demon children, whatever the hell they’re saying, it’s probably Japanese.
      Let’s see if theirs snow in Daytona! :P

    2. Shokz

      Yup, my favourite song too :D It’s called “Before Race 1”, apparently… Or at least i’ve downloaded it and that’s what it calls itself :P

  45. Cletis Cassidy

    Haha if we can get snow during the endurance races maybe we can use snow tyres in that race?! I’ve always wondered how the Minolta would be like with studded tyres.

    1. GTP_Wwrruumm

      Hmmm… Its so cool and awesome realistic
      The Nürburgring is no Florida so once more a evidence how realistic GT5 is.

      and every minute more i play gt5 i am even more fascinated of it^^

    2. FlareKR

      He reminds me of the guy from Transformers with the camera looking and screaming all of the place with his camera at the wreckage.

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