Sony Offers Another PlayStation Network Service Update: It’s Still Down

May 7th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s been nearly seven days now since Sony last offered up a “this week” time frame for the restoration of PlayStation Network services. While there’s still no real end to the downtime in sight, Sony has at least acknowledged they’re probably going to miss that soft deadline with their latest blog post:

When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week. We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system. We know many of you are wanting to play games online, chat with your friends and enjoy all of the services PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have to offer, and trust me when I say we’re doing everything we can to make it happen. We will update you with more information as soon as we have it. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience of this network outage.

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  1. May. 11, 10:52pm

    Any body else hate japanese cars?

    • May. 11, 11:00pm

      Anyone like cheese dipped in battery acid?

  2. May. 11, 7:57pm
    EAO HarleyMan

    Being without online access sucks. But I’m looking on the bright side knowing Sony is doing all they can to get this fixed as fast as they can. Those of you that think Sony is not trying there best to get it back on line ASAP I think you are wrong. It is in Sony’s best interest to get us all back online as quick as they can. I think they are going to make it a better online network for us all to enjoy for years to come. I bought the PS3 just because it was able of playing online games I didn’t buy it for single player games I have a Playstation 2 for that. Good luck Sony on getting this fixed for us all.

  3. May. 11, 6:15pm

    Not sure how reliable this info is…

    Sony spokesperson Shigenori Yoshida has said that the PlayStation Network may not be fully operational until the 31st of May.

    Speaking with Bloomberg, Yoshida said the goal was to “restart services fully” on that day – three weeks from today.

    A phased reintroduction of services was supposed to begin last week. However, the breach of Sony Online Entertainment’s servers stymied the plan.

    Nick Caplin, head of communication at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said, “When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week. We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system.”

  4. May. 10, 11:50pm

    I was told today the PSN will be back up May 31.

    • May. 11, 2:17am
      Stay Puft

      I was told yesterday that it might be, but still a rumor at this point. If it’s true though, online features will be turned on in steps, starting (mabey) late this week, or next, and ending about the 31st with everything working.

    • May. 11, 12:08pm

      Let hope it does happen in that matter.

    • May. 15, 11:12am
      ding ding ding

      And Zeul/Staypuft win the prize! XD

  5. May. 10, 5:46pm

    Take away the 5 from GT5 and add “R2”. Play it and storm around Suzuka in a Honda NSX GT500

    • May. 10, 11:39pm

      Take the ability to think of anything worth posting from Madman2k10, and, well, you pretty much end up with what we’ve allready got: Some of the lamest attempts at trolling ever seen by man.

    • May. 11, 12:52am

      ……..out there, there is a pasty skinned kid, who’s only friend (psn) left him two weeks ago. Sitting alone under his dim bulb, encircled by empty redbull cans, junkfood wrappers, and a rather curious looking stuffed bear he thought to himself, “Whatever shall I do? I know, i’ll go to GTP and post the most brilliant example of trolling that I have ever dared think up.”
      So the pasty skinned kid thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, took a break, and thought, and thought, and thought some more.
      Finnaly, after days of deep, deeeep, deeeeeeeeep thought, he came up with a plan.
      “I’ll post repeated references to GT2, slightly modified each time. They’ll never guess that really i’m a closet GT5 player. It won’t ever occur to them that simply by my posting here demonstrates my lack of devotion to GT2. They’ll be to busy bursting into rage over my awesome example of trolling that they’ll never realize how they’re being played. It will be EPIC!”, he said to his stuffed teddy bear.
      So the pasty skinned kid began to enact his master plan, but something was wrong. Every post he made was either completely ignored, or promptly b!%chslapped down for what it was: Obvious bullchip trolling, nothing more.
      Pasty was so enraged at his total fail, he couldn’t even take solace in the fact that at least his failure turned out to be of epic proportions, even if his trolling was not.
      “WHY ISN’T IT WORKING MR. TEDDY?”, cried the pasty skin kid, and sank to the ground in tears.
      At this point, Mr. Teddy spoke.
      “Mabey it has something to do with your utter lack of creativity, your extreme overestimation of your own wit, you hidden desire for self abuse, or your inability to see the posibility that GTP has already seen it all before”, said Mr. Teddy, “But don’t worry, I can help you. I can do something that will change your life forever……”
      Mr. Teddy promptly exploded with the force of a gazzilion tons of TNT, and thus redefined the meaning of pasty. At least has it applied to the pasty skinned kid that is……..

      The end.

    • May. 11, 7:12pm

      Well you’ve just wasted 2 mins of my life reading this ****. Do me a favour and……… up the 70s Nurburgring track with the ’79 F1 mod and use the Lotus of the great Jackie Stewart. (in GTR2 of course) and i’m not some kid with no life and drinks red bull all day with a teddy and makes up crappy life stories about a pasty kid, in fact i have a LIFE and a gf and i suggest you get one as well. The End.

    • May. 11, 10:40pm
      I love it!

      ROFLMBO @ “somewhere”
      Excellent story. Heck of alot more creative than “Take away the 5 from GT5 and add “R2″. Play it and storm around Suzuka in a Honda NSX GT500″
      Stupid troll posts the same crap over and over and says YOUR wasting his time and need a life. Classic.
      You know you hit close to the mark when the trolls post responses like that. Nothing like a lame ” i have a gf and a life, you need to get one” comback to show how pathetic a troll really is. Even better when they act like kids, then try playing adult when they get caught. That sure explains the childish rant comback, and why he spends so much time spamming GTP. Nevermind his fanboy devotion to GTR2. That inflatable gf of his must be really lonely, not to mention desperate.
      Bravo, good show.

    • May. 11, 11:02pm

      Somehow the whole pasty skin redbull thing is waaaaay more believable than the girlfriend and a life thing……lol

    • May. 11, 11:36pm

      “Well you’ve just wasted 2 mins of my life reading this ****.”

      30 seconds reading, 60 seconds wishing the teddybear really could talk, and the last 30 yelling at teddy to stop looking at him like that. :D

    • May. 12, 1:53am


    • May. 12, 8:31am

      Ok ok kids calm down and go burn rubber at Bathurst in an Aston Martin DBR9 GT in GTR2

    • May. 12, 11:16am

      Ok troll, get a clue and figure out you got powned. Nobody really fell for it before, but now you just sound more desperate with every new attempt.

    • May. 12, 11:50am

      Ehhhh, if the little fool gets a kick out of posting spam to himself, might as well let him. It’s not like he’s gettin anywhere with it, and mabey we’ll get a few more stories to pass the time as well, hehe.

    • May. 12, 12:14pm

      Yup. +1. Untill now, I thought it was just some kid that rediscovered Gran Turismo 2 and couldn’t stop himself posting about it. Funny how people get excited about “newly discovered” things sometimes when something gets old enough.
      Most people have a built spam filter in thier heads these days anyway and prob quit reading anything with his name on it days ago from the looks of the other post he’s made.

    • May. 12, 12:52pm

      I skimmed through and thought he was going on about gt2 also. Too funny.

    • May. 12, 7:49pm

      Ryt I’m gonna settle this once and for all. Sorry for spamming and sorry for being a wee s**t. I just think that wee shud all…. Get the power and glory mod for GTR2 and thrash round the Le Mans circuit and blast down the mulsanne straight with a Ford GT40 and listen to the wonderful 7 litre V8. It will bring back memories of how it would have been like in the 60s with ferraris and it will give you a sense of freedom and just how hard it was to control these beasts. I’m sorry.. But no gaming experience can get close to that my dear friends, not even GT5 which calls it the ‘Real Driving Simulator’.

    • May. 12, 7:50pm

      Ryt I’m gonna settle this once and for all. Sorry for spamming and sorry for being a wee s**t. I just think that wee shud all…. Get the power and glory mod for GTR2 and thrash round the Le Mans circuit and blast down the mulsanne straight with a Ford GT40 and listen to the wonderful 7 litre V8. It will bring back memories of how it would have been like in the 60s with ferraris and it will give you a sense of freedom and just how hard it was to control these beasts. I’m sorry.. But no gaming experience can get close to that my dear friends, not even GT5 which calls it the ‘Real Driving Simulator’

    • May. 12, 9:50pm

      I can’t tell who the trolls are, but I think there’s room in every racers heart for a good PC sim. With PSN still down, I might just move the G27 to the other side of the desk where my PC is – thanks for reminding me of GTR2.

    • May. 12, 10:07pm

      Ummmmm, no. Settling it would have been shutting up when that_guy100 called you bluff FOUR DAYS AGO. Posting a fake apology followed by yet more trolling isn’t settling it, it’s a desperate cry for attention. Nobody who goes to a fansite and posts repeatedly how another game is sooooo much better than the game the site is dedicated to, and how trying it will turn us all into converts, means to to do anything but start trouble. Problem is, you haven’t figured out just how obvious that is to the rest of us. Not like there isn’t a constant flow of trolls arround here doing the exact same thing on a regular basis and we wouldn’t know what your doing. I’m surprised it took this long for some people to start having fun at your expense.

    • May. 12, 10:29pm

      Oh, and @weAERO_HDT

      Room for other sims yes, but this clown has just been hitting up various articles with numerous repeated posts that are more or less variations of a “GT5 sucks, GTR2 rocks” kind of theme. Particularly targeting the PSN outage threads where people are wound up has it is. He wants to talk about, then there are places in the forums for that. Pretty clear he’s just baiting people while thier moods are sour from the outage. If he just wanted to talk about it, one post would have been fine, but every time someone awnsered him for real he didn’t show any effort to continue a real discussion in that post, but posted a new variation further down instead, and only got interested when it turned ugly like this did.

    • May. 12, 10:45pm

      Meh, just go back to ignoring him instead of thrashin on him. Ignoring him won’t shut him up of course, but he might at least come up with something original for a change…….

    • May. 13, 4:33am

      Guess what…. GTR3 is comin out this year woooooooooh!! In the meantime, make use of this outage and play a good proper sim and i’m not saying GT5 is bad because i’m definitely playing it when psn comes back.

  6. May. 10, 4:33pm


    • May. 11, 11:54am


  7. May. 10, 1:52pm

    update on EU and US blogs (same text) about 40 minutes ago:

    “I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.”

    And so the waiting game continues. That’s about the only game we can play.

    • May. 10, 3:40pm

      That is the kind of update I expected from them. Still keeping you in the dark and hanging. Just telling you what they want you to hear nothing more. They have a idea when the psn will be finished they just don’t want to tell you it will be more than 3 weeks before they are finished.

  8. May. 10, 11:40am

    I noticed that also. Looks like sony is going to keep there customers in the dark. Where am I its really DARK in here lol

  9. May. 10, 11:35am

    I think Sony stopped everyone from posting on there Official Playstation Blog Website. The last post on there was at 1:46pm on May, 09-2011. Also no update from Sony since Friday May, 06-2011. Come on Sony don’t you think it to be a good idea to give your loyal customers a update.

    • May. 10, 12:30pm
      SKOT Free

      Sony finally just banned everyone on the Blog page huh? Not suprised as everyone was vert upset and were posting their frustration and they kept erasing their post which pissed people off more, but that was like 1 pm or so yesterday. One thing MS’s FB page admin have is a bit thicker Skin.

    • May. 11, 2:00am

      People are still posting, but you can only post the same angry “sony is doing (fill in the blank) to me” complaints over and over so many times before it gets old and people move on with their lives……

  10. May. 10, 11:31am
    lol buck up sony

    @ buck up sony

    I feel intimidated by the knowledge you have, I must be a “little faggot, because I obviously do not have the almighty knowledge you possess about NOTHING

  11. May. 10, 11:30am

    G…..G……GTR2 . We all luv it, gt5 nerds luv it so play it. You’ll never turn back to GT guarenteed

    • May. 10, 12:17pm
      Ehhhhh, no

      Different day, different name, same old lame bait line. Wow, not even worth trying at it anymore or is it just too dificult coming up with fresh material?

  12. May. 10, 9:40am
    buck up sony

    Lol at the little fanboys thinking this is ok that a couple of hackers found a way to hack sony. Tabloids do it to a lot to things like airport security, no one is a fan of airports so we blame the airports, so it should be with sonys inept security. Most of you little faggots would do something similar if you had such knowledge.

    • May. 10, 9:49am

      And the award for most obvious troll post by a intellectual void goes to……..


      buck up sony! No need for a speech, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough already…..

  13. May. 10, 8:47am
    Magic Ayrton

    I would say that Microsoft had a hand in this..

  14. May. 10, 8:13am

    Sony has taken hostages,they are holding my B-spec drivers hostage. I was going to run some B-spec races but when I tried I was informed that all six of them are currently online. Then I tried to retire one of them so I could add a new one to race with and was told I could not retire him because he was currently online. Sony please release my B-spec drivers.

    • May. 10, 9:45am

      I’m with ya on this one was goin to take this option to do the 24hr endurance race on b-spec but found I couldn’t release or retire b-spec bob due to bein online lol

  15. May. 10, 7:40am
    Sexy Tony

    With a name like Omar your probably out dodging bombs!

    • May. 10, 9:43am

      Too bad we couldn’t all dodge this bomb you just shared with us………

    • May. 10, 12:27pm
      SKOT Free

      Wow Tony you managed to be offensive in only 1 sentence! Way to go jerk.

  16. May. 10, 2:29am

    scince the beggening of the outage i have been hangigng out with my firends all day long every day message to some people: get a life stop being nerds!

    • May. 10, 2:43am

      I actually have a life, but I like to play online with my friends once in a while.

  17. May. 9, 11:22pm

    News is….PSN will be offline until May 31st
    Ain’t that ridiculous.
    Unheard of that a public company having servers down for~2 months.
    Absolutely inexcusable no matter how “complex” their servers are.

    • May. 10, 12:10am

      So, is your problem that you can’t read a calendar, or is it just that you can’t do simple math?

    • May. 10, 12:35am

      “The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged, he said. Sony shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services April 20 because of possible data theft by hackers.
      ”This is a part of the Bloomberg article. It says fully. Sony already told you guys the network was coming back up in sections. The key word is fully. I miss my network just as much but I really wish people would stop going to sites like N4G and running back here with everything as if it was facts, not only that most don’t even quote the article properly. One word left out changes the whole meaning of a sentence.

    • May. 10, 1:41am


      Yes, don’t be naive.
      By the end of this fiasco the servers will have been down for about 2 months.

      Read the news article. They “plan” to have it back up May 31st at best.
      Most likely incremental roll-out too.

      After all this time you still have faith in Sony’s “promises”?

    • May. 10, 2:57am

      Looks like the troll has problems with both reading comprehension AND math, along with a bit of paranoia, a tendency to exagerate, and delusional beliefs that sony’s guestimates where promised exact dates………Facepalm.

    • May. 10, 3:15am

      Add ignorance to that. I’ve seen companies take six months or more to do the same job, only the public doesn’t notice because they ussually leave the old system running durring the transfer to the new one. They were allready working on this prior to the shutdown, and have sped up the process because of it. Some people just need to complain I guess.

    • May. 10, 4:27am
      Da Cheese

      Life’s a mitch since they switched to the new 2.75 weeks in a month calendar. I hear that NASA is going to speed up earth’s orbit to compensate.

    • May. 10, 4:40am

      That would increase the orbit/travel time. I think we have to invent planetary warp drive and make controlled jumps while maintaining the current orbit. ;P

    • May. 15, 11:06am

      Ehhh, give him a break. He was only off by a month…….Rofl

  18. May. 9, 8:14pm
    Acid X

    Still not enough to make me want to go buy a 360 and PAY for a subscription. HAHAHAHA

    Screw that noise!

    Keep up the good work Sony!

  19. May. 9, 8:12pm

    “anonymous” can associate themselves with my d**k….

    • May. 9, 9:26pm

      I think they would like that though…. xD

  20. May. 9, 7:41pm

    heres a bit of news …mutiny at anon ,1 of ther members supposedly displeased with anons lack of structure hacked anonops website and exposed the ip addresses of 600 + anon members. lol
    hard to say if this is credible or not since they obviously dont hack from their own cp’s.
    WARNING:DO NOT GO TO ANY WEB SITES LINKED TO ANON YOU COULD FIND YOURSELF IN A HEAP OF TROUBLE…no kidding you dont want your ip address associated with anon!!

  21. May. 9, 6:51pm

    The psn down is driving me insane but I got salesman of the month..which means I get a new car for a month and free gas! I’ve gotten to know my gf pretty well too…lol

    • May. 9, 7:07pm
      Gt player who gets out

      Well it helps to know your gf alot or are you a gy nerd

    • May. 9, 7:08pm
      Gt player who gets out

      Well it helps to know your gf alot or are you a gt nerd

    • May. 12, 9:02pm

      To GT player who pretends to ” GO OUT “…….

      No one cares that you pretend to go out.

      Most guys on here have gf’s.

      Your’e on a GT forum , but your calling everyone ” Nerds ”…. for posting on a GT forum.

      How did you find this website ? Did it appear magically when you were ” Getting Out ” ?

      Get a grip saddo……. :D

  22. May. 9, 4:34pm

    All done with A spec and B :(

    • May. 9, 5:08pm

      What are you complaining about ??? You can always do the Seasonal Events… er wait…..

  23. May. 9, 4:00pm

    Now is the time to go play outside anyways. May as well complete my B-Spec and YLOD it to oblivion. I’ll look for a deal on a new slim later.

  24. May. 9, 2:25pm

    I had 9 million credits until this weekend when several high dollar cars came up that I wanted to buy (Nissan R92 and Ford GT LM Car (the Gulf colored one). I was down to 160k in the bank. Funny thing is, I was thinking that these things come up in batches just so I would run out of money buying the first one to come up and then not have enough for a second or third car I wanted.

    I ended up losing out on the purchase of another high dollar car I would have purchased.

    Without having the ability to earn credits without cycling the UCD these cars just go away not to return for another couple months.

  25. May. 9, 2:20pm

    I have come up with an equitable solution to not being able to go online for the last couple weeks, and up to a month depending. I was earning about 1,000,000 credits per day remote racing my bobs. For each day that the PSN is down, how about a credit compensation of 1 mil credits per day the service was down?

    This would replace the lost credits that would have been used to buy cars. It costs Sony nothing, maybe PD would be willing to work with Sony on this.


  26. May. 9, 12:42pm

    31 May! look news in gamespot.

  27. May. 9, 12:07pm

    Apparently, they want another 2 years.

    Or was that Kaz… or Sony ? Can’t remember. (sarcasm)

    • May. 11, 1:22pm
      Gt player who gets out

      At least I’m OUTSIDE and gettin some air

    • May. 12, 11:19am
      obkb then

      all the more reason for the rest of us to stay inside then. :p

  28. May. 9, 12:06pm
    Gt player who gets out

    Y carnt people get a life out of gaming and go out and get some fresh air

    • May. 9, 6:15pm
      Steven W

      Been doing that for the past month without PSN I ride BMX, and race at drag ways with a pro stock Camaro

    • May. 9, 9:30pm

      Says the guy posting comments on the internet….. Looool xD

    • May. 10, 3:56pm
      Gt player who gets out

      Hey I’m on an iPhone when I posted

    • May. 10, 11:42pm

      Yet still on the internet. Doesn’t really bolster your point. XD

  29. May. 9, 10:04am


    • May. 10, 12:25am
      Bad gas?

      Try some pepto-bismol…….

  30. May. 9, 9:42am

    Oh my God. Is the network ever going to come back?

  31. May. 9, 9:39am

    According to bloomberg 2 hours ago it is now looking like June before we will see the network back.

    • May. 9, 11:25am
      SKOT Free

      Man I just read May 31st too. Arrrrrgh hopefully they just meant Fully restored meaning with the store.

    • May. 10, 4:59am

      31st may is the date they hope to have everything sorted out hopefully we won’t have to wait to much longer for online multiplayer

  32. May. 9, 8:32am

    As long as the “2 free games” they are supposedly offering are gonna be real games and not those dumb minigames they give to ps+ users than I’m fine.

  33. May. 9, 7:13am

    Good News folks, Sony has hired PD to restore the network. Kaz stated: ” It’s a dream come true, now people will enjoy a real network simulation ” So in 3 years we can expect the first alpha-beta version of psn…

    In other news, and this time I’m not kidding, Sony said that they hope to have the network running for 31st may…

    • May. 9, 8:27am

      Yeah there’s different sites saying PSN only will be back by then and others saying the full service will be up and running by that date. Who knows ?

      On the flip side of that date , which incidentally they can’t be bothered to write on their blog , is that they’re ” hopeful ” to have it up by then.

  34. May. 9, 6:56am

    It is funny how that psn-down thing has made gt5 look crappy! You cannot grind any more through the seasonals making those expensive cars seem even more like a distant dream.
    PD should learn from this and make their next program more a game than a pure insanity!

  35. May. 9, 3:43am

    I went outside 11:00 Am with a guiter and played a little song while the birds in the backgound chirp elegantly and kids from the neighborhood play a peaceful game of catch then i met a girl……

  36. May. 9, 1:47am


    Actually, the outage of PSN changed me in a good way like I realized more how beautiful life is. Instead of going online and racing for 2 – 3 hours straight, it gave me the option to go hangout more with my friends specially focus on “Girls” LOL good thing :D and do something productive.. I think it helped me . Instead of Racing online everyday like before, since the PSN was under maintainance, I only played once or twice a week.

  37. May. 8, 9:19pm

    Well that’s just great. Just great!

    At least we still get to take photos in GT5 and earn PS3 Trophies.

  38. May. 8, 8:37pm

    Listed my PS3 on craigslist on saturday sold it today goodbye sony hello X-Box. I Was getting tired of no update saying when playstation network will be back online. Was tired of being lied to time after time. Sony has about the worst communication of any company I have ever see. If they would just be honest with the problem they are facing and quit making up things to say that are just repeats of the same things that they already said they would be better off. Wake up Sony you are losing customers right and left.

    • May. 8, 11:30pm

      Sony’s not the Titanic: we’ll all survive. No need to jump overboard.

    • May. 9, 6:14am

      You know xbox live has been down in the past too? The longest i remember was christmas 2007, it went down for nearly 2 weeks. PSN being down is a bitch but selling your PS3…seriously??

    • May. 9, 4:04pm

      Why are all these people selling their PS3’s for Xboxes? Don’t they realize GT5 is a PS3 exclusive?

    • May. 10, 12:02am
      Eat Mittens

      They arn’t. They just think saying so has some kind of fear effect on sony or something. Lol, some of these trolls have traded PS3 for Xbox pretty much every time GT5 got delayed, or something else, like not getting all cars handed to them free in a patch, and must have bought 20 or more PS3s just for the purpose of selling them in protest………XD

  39. May. 8, 6:44pm

    dude go outside, it sounds like you just sit and look at your playstation all day asking “why?”

  40. May. 8, 3:43pm

    Some of you guys that just because of some time without online play look like desesperados…It’s just so sad to see…
    @James – Exacly

  41. May. 8, 2:22pm

    Well, if this is gonna take this long…then I’m gonna go play Gran Turismo 1 & 2 :D!!! Who’s with me? lol!

    • May. 8, 5:55pm
      Steven W

      I’m with ya

  42. May. 8, 1:29pm

    Fingers crossed the new system will be much more secure when it comes online. I’ve hardly been on the PS3 over the past month and I tend to play offline so I can honestly say I’m not missing PSN that much, just doing other stuff instead ;)

  43. May. 8, 1:22pm

    @ James,…ever heard of PLaystation Plus?…People do pay for it. Plus I buy every little downloadable game that looks fun. Peggle, wheel of furtune, poker, pinball etc. I have been patient thru hours of tuning drift cars in GT5. I hope it returns soon. I think this was done by the angry wives and girlfriends around the world.

    • May. 8, 3:44pm

      I think you are on to something there. Hmmm.

    • May. 8, 11:26pm

      That’s supposing only males play videogames, which is far from true.

  44. May. 8, 12:37pm

    I’d try to argue with some of you, but why bother when half the comments here are a load of complete bs. Sony owe you nothing, you don’t pay for the psn, Sony does, they get a lot of their revenue from the psn. So why would they NOT CARE? Honestly, some of you people seriously need to get a life and learn the facts.

    • May. 8, 1:59pm

      I agree with you

      As for those ppl that pay for psn + that’s down to them yeah sure I miss playin games online with my friends and I’m sure all this time Sony are taking will be worth the wait

    • May. 8, 4:58pm

      Totally agreed with you mate.

      All these sad no life moaners complaining. You have no patience whatsoever. I’m sure there are other things you could do with your lives.

    • May. 8, 5:54pm
      Steven W

      Dude shut the hell up, ppl who pay for PSN, like me, I think we deserve something for having to wait for it to come back, it’s their fault for taking so long and if it’s something people use to play online and now they can’t? Don’t say they don’t owe us anything…they do

  45. May. 8, 12:23pm
    Steven W

    Ok, so what do we get when it comes back, since Sony keeps lying to us…

  46. May. 8, 12:08pm

    “and trust me when I say we’re doing everything we can to make it happen.”

    a) i dont like this buddy talk (this is vulnerable financial information were talking about)
    b) NO, i dont trust you

    give us some data, info, a timeline. this is just vague and frustrating.

    • May. 8, 11:23pm

      I don’t trust him either.

  47. May. 8, 12:05pm

    I’ve a strange feeling another baby boom! is the result of the PSN notwork. LOL

  48. May. 8, 12:03pm
    Robot Shlomo

    Well in the meantime I’ve been playing Batman Arkham Asylum. I know it’s a bit of a no-brainer, but I think a lot of people are forgetting that you CAN play games without an internet connection.

  49. May. 8, 12:01pm
    Sexy Tony

    Complete shambles from Sony, traded my PS3 and GT5 for a 360, Forza 3 and Shift 2! Best thing i have ever done!

    Cheers Sony!

    • May. 8, 12:34pm

      There’s a sad sort of clanging
      From the clock in the hall
      And the bells in the steeple too,
      And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
      Is popping out to say “coocoo”.

      Regretfully they tell us,
      But firmly they compel us
      To say goodbye to you.

      So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night,
      I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
      So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
      Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

      So long, farewell, Au’voir, auf wiedersehen,
      I’d like to stay and taste my first champagne
      So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye,
      I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye,
      Good bye. (And good riddance)

    • May. 8, 5:37pm

      Look forward to hearing about your glowing red rings in 5 months….. xD
      ” I should’ve stuck with Sony *Sob* *Sob* ” …… : D

    • May. 8, 8:33pm

      goodbye i would never let that pile of junk in my house lol

  50. May. 8, 11:19am

    i wonde if the delays might be attributed to the cyber attack on RSA.does sony use RSA’s security?the 2 cyber attack’s could be linked… please dont take this as golden its just me wondering out loud!

  51. May. 8, 11:02am

    ^my gf is loving this! I’ve had to actually talk to her and stuff, turns out she’s alright!!

    • May. 8, 11:16am

      Mine too. XD

  52. May. 8, 11:00am

    Anyone elses GF laughing her head off about this?
    Mine thinks its highly amusing which in turn, makes me laugh.

  53. May. 8, 10:17am

    I find it funny how many people are getting upset over a service that you dont pay for. You don’t know what you have til it’s gone. Grow up people.

  54. May. 8, 10:07am

    How about they stop wasting time with these posts when they always say pretty much tr same thing, and start working harder on fixing the network security.

    • May. 8, 3:38pm
      SKOT Free

      The real issue with Both Sony and MS are apparent. Sony isn’t an ONLINE savvy company like MS. The same way MS doesn’t build Consoles…..That’s why MS’s consoles are crap and why Sony’s online security is equally crap. It’s obvious we are going to give these companies a little breathing space to get this stuff right. It’s crazy how a hacker attack is a deal breaker, but your console breaking is not. It’s really a double standard of sorts.

  55. May. 8, 9:55am

    I’d rather it be down longer now and have them fix and triple check everything rather than release it early and have my credit card suff stolen again.

  56. May. 8, 8:54am

    this is taking the p***! comon sony! focus on getting the psn up then get the others running! im getting bored of running around in GTA4!!

  57. May. 8, 7:16am

    I don’t think limewire ever got hacked? LMAO!

  58. May. 8, 7:09am

    It’s strange when PSN was up I played PS3 alot and my PS2 alot but since it went down I’ve barely played both since it went down and PS2 isn’t even online but I only have GTA sa on PS2

  59. May. 8, 6:05am

    Damnit !

  60. May. 8, 3:44am

    I’m getting pretty sick of sony’s PS3 ‘situations.’ The drama has been bad for my blood pressure, so I’ve been enjoying the ps2 a lot lately. I hope PSN is back soon, but I also hope it’s done right–because every hacker in the world is probably lining up to ‘test’ the new system that all these expensive security consultants are putting together.

    • May. 8, 4:07am

      Unfortunately, to date, there is no such thing has “hacker proof” software. If anything the potential increase in challenge is going to attract even more attempts probably.

    • May. 8, 6:39am

      It’s true, there isn’t any software in the market that can’t be hacked, ” What one man can do, another can do. ” But this is one thing, and another is to use a 2 years old Apache Server, unpatched and without firewall to keep the data of your clients… And for a moment I thought Sony was a serious company… They only care about profit, which is legitimate, they aren’t in the business to make people happy… It’s to make money, but as many others, I’ll take in mind what Sony has done this gen… God I miss the good old days of the Ps2…

    • May. 8, 11:42pm


      Will you stop with the 2 year old apache server Bs already? It has already been confirmed that Gene Spafford was wrong in his analysis and that SONY was using the latest version of the apache server. Go look it up for yourself. I already posted a link in the previous comment in the other article

      Gene Spafford was only quoting from the many rumours that kept arising from the internet.

  61. May. 8, 3:28am
    Darren Cook

    Cool shattered PSN logo. This is the biggest online gaming outage ever bar none. I need my B Spec Bobs!

  62. May. 8, 1:03am

    put this up there with the biggest console failures of all time

  63. May. 7, 11:54pm

    How ironic. PSN goes down, and I get a girlfriend. Problem, indoor people? *insert troll face

    • May. 8, 1:48am

      haa, yea a buddy of mine decided to tackle the c++ programming language during the outage too

  64. May. 7, 11:19pm

    You people have to stop complaing you should be happy they are doing their best to recouver the PSN….jesus!

    • May. 7, 11:22pm

      And there several other products by sony :)

  65. May. 7, 11:14pm

    *jere = *here

  66. May. 7, 11:12pm

    Does Sony even really need to compensate us for a free service that went down a week ago? No… I say, take your time Sony, give us something great! The “compensation” they are offering is just to be nice! Thank you Sony! And to anyone, like myself, with Playstation Plus that wants to complain because they are getting the same thing as the people that don’t have playstaion Plus, we are still getting more than what we paid for in the long run! Are we not? All the negative remarks on jere and the Playstation Forum aren’t helping anything…I believe, if anything, all the complaint probably has Sony “second guessing” itself and probably delaying they’re service even longer…

    • May. 8, 3:09am

      Its hardly a “free” service jake!!!the cost of the console,the games and in some cases the broadband..wouldn’t have spent that hard earned cash without the online gaming..would you???

    • May. 8, 3:20am

      Yes, they do. There is a reasonable expectation for an online service, based on the competition (Xbox). It’s part of what this generation of consoles is built around. Sony chose not to charge for their online service as part of their marketing, and that’s their choice. But you can’t then say that it’s completely separate from PS3. It’s not.

      If there were no PSN, I wouldn’t have bought a PS3. If PSN is going to be up and down in the future, I will consider trading for an Xbox, because online is important to me. I prefer the PSN implementation over the Xbox one obviously, but it needs to meet certain minimum standards for usability.

      I doubt I’m the only one that feels this way. Some form of compensation is a good move on their part to help allay some of the bad feeling that is building up towards Sony over this. Certainly, they were the victim of an attack, but as a large corporation with a highly visible and accessable network, they have some responsibility for security. And they DEFINITELY have some responsibility for security of private information. Other companies are required to ensure that customer information doesn’t leak, and Sony is held to the same standard.

    • May. 8, 3:51am

      I’ve got an Xbox, and they’ve gone weeks without service has well. It goes down both unexpectedly, and for planed maintenance for short periods, and otherwise randomly drops connection more than my PS3 has ever had such issues. But hey, if you want to pay the monthly fees under the pretences that it’s more stable, go for it. You’ve been warned though…….

    • May. 8, 4:38am

      It is still a free service that sony provide, regardless of broadband costs. Thats nothing to do with Sony
      Of course you still have to buy the games and console, but you don’t have to pay an added cost for PSN, therefore it is a FREE service.

    • May. 9, 9:01am

      Just because you don’t pay a monthly fee doesn’t mean it’s free goober. They chose a more ideal (in my opinion) service option for online gaming that Microsoft, but to say it’s free is foolish. Someone has to pay for the hardware, software and labor to keep the service running and I highly doubt there’s an anonymous benefactor out there fronting the bill for us. Just because it’s a better business model than Microsoft doesn’t mean it free. We paid for the service when we bought the hardware. Doesn’t mean Sony isn’t trying and the whiners don’t need to get some facts straight too, but just stop making arguements based on a ‘free’ service. Ain’t nothing free in this world man.

  67. May. 7, 10:54pm
    It’s OK Sony

    PSN has been down, but my Sony Walkman cassette player is still working PERFECTLY!

  68. May. 7, 10:06pm

    While they are fixing there network they also need to fix there customer relations department. And for you guys that keep sticking up for and defending sony I have a question for you. If your cell phone provider cut your phone off and told you it would be back working in a day or two, then said within a week and then over two weeks later you still had no service on your phone would you just keep waiting or find another cell phone provider.

    • May. 7, 10:57pm
      ITS FREE

      If my cel ph service was free like PSN is, I would have much to complain about.

    • May. 8, 3:30pm
      SKOT Free

      Yeah but The difference between the phone company cutting ur phone off and hackers breaking in and shutting down ur phone is the deal breaker. had this been Sony fault I’d say okay u said yesterday and you were wrong, but with The Hacker scenario Sony has to be sure of what exactly happened, fill that security hole then also get the servers right too.

  69. May. 7, 9:54pm

    Hopefully won’t be long just make sure of the dates and don’t estimate and get everyone all excited

  70. May. 7, 9:06pm

    Um….what’s this 2 free game comment? Did I miss something?

    • May. 7, 9:16pm

      PS3 users will recieve a free month of PS+ membership and get to download 2 games from a list of 5 for free. Plus if you have a PSP, you get to download another 2 games from a seperate list of 4. Don’t get your hopes up though, it’s probably just a bunch of cheap Minis.

    • May. 8, 3:39pm

      Gotcha thx.

  71. May. 7, 7:45pm

    Need to destroy the hacker(s)!!

    • May. 7, 9:06pm
      Your mom

      Amen brother f em all

  72. May. 7, 7:42pm

    Sony had this coming if they knew their security was so weak. They are appearing to be the normal corporate narcissists. They will blame everyone else before they say, “we should have had better systems in place”.

  73. May. 7, 6:45pm

    At least we get 2 free games :)

    • May. 7, 8:49pm

      I have a question about these two free games from 5. Is it 2 games per profile , or two games per console ? Anyone know the answer ?

      I have 2 PS3’s and 3 players profiles on each . So I’m wondering how they’re gonna do that.

      Even if they lock it down to 2 per console , then I would get 4 games…..??


    • May. 8, 4:27am

      Could be 2 per IP adress

    • May. 10, 3:15pm

      i heard they are changing it so that there can only be one profile per IP address.

  74. May. 7, 6:34pm

    that’s alright, it gives me more time to play the most successful gaming console of all time once again, the PS2! :D

    • May. 13, 6:01am

      i’m playing thru NFS:MW cos the psn’s down. it feels strange actually having to move to switch on/off my system..

  75. May. 7, 6:29pm
    GTP_Rcrcool9 says…


    • May. 7, 6:33pm

      Play GTR 2 and install the ’88 F1 season mod and drive on spa francorchamps and you will be very happy. Also use aryton sennas mclaren honda and listen to the glorious sound of a 3.5 V12 engine.

    • May. 10, 3:14pm

      ^^ lol heres this guy again.

  76. May. 7, 6:04pm

    Are we sure they aint waiting on something from Kaz to bring the PSN back? (boom tish! – sorry but I couldn’t resist)

    seriously though, I’m sure they’re doing everything they can to bring PSN back ASAP, people spend money there!

  77. May. 7, 5:56pm

    We shud all just play gtr2 and install the F1 1988 season and drive Aryton Sennas mclaren honda around Spa. Nothing compares to that my friends!

    • May. 8, 1:24am

      That sounds very cool! :D

    • May. 8, 5:13am

      The sound is unreal

    • May. 8, 11:31pm

      Why do you keep posting that? You spammed the exact same thing several times on the previous PSN downtime article, and now you’re starting it all over again here? Seriously, find something better to do because clearly no one wants to join you.

    • May. 10, 3:13pm

      ^^ ouch.

    • May. 11, 10:46pm

      He gets it even worse about post 200 or so. lol.

  78. May. 7, 5:45pm

    Can’t wait to b blastin away on MAG. Hurry up Sony, I really need to blow off some steam. Ain’t nothin no better for stress than shootin my Tamsen an tossin a few grenades.

  79. May. 7, 5:43pm

    To be honest with all u guys if u kept up with all the updates you will have noticed that in the welcome back package they have said you will be able to get 2 free games as well as the month free to psn in the USA they are offering a years free subscription to an Id theft service and the uk will get some thing similar

    • May. 9, 12:30am

      I heard we will be gettng something much better than that I hope its like a access code to download anything free for a week or month btter yet.

  80. May. 7, 5:41pm

    This hasn’t been a big deal for me, havent even picked up gt5 since no online tho. Been playing MK, Portal, Fallout. And enjoying the 90 degree hot ass Arizona weather (soon to be 115) lol. I do wish it would come on so I can play Portal & MK online!!!!

  81. May. 7, 5:38pm

    Why does this feel like the GT5 delay of fall 2010? Can’t say Im too happy about all this, but if I endured through PD’s slow job then I could certainly wait for Sony to finish up their work on the PSN.

    • May. 13, 5:58am

      maybe GT5 will improve whilst the PSN is down?

  82. May. 7, 5:30pm

    Soon everyone, soon.

  83. May. 7, 5:22pm

    Go outside and get some tan gamers! Stop complaining and whining, it’s just a game. Go play baseball, basketball. You remember sports you don’t play with a controller?

    • May. 7, 7:36pm

      says the guy commenting on a gaming internet site.

    • May. 7, 8:16pm

      Yep! I play both, virtual games and at least 40miles of cycling each days.

    • May. 10, 3:12pm

      and also doesnt know proper grammar.

  84. May. 7, 5:07pm
    Ray line

    I went outside. There was a big orange ball in the sky, spreading warmth somewhat similar to my plasma. Then, I saw a girl…..

    • May. 7, 5:21pm

      Big orange ball in the sky? I just went outside, and I say it as well. Also, the air was moving. I didn’t even see a fan anywhere. I looked for awhile, too!

    • May. 8, 12:42am

      I don’t believe any of it! I don’t trust you crazy folk. How can something be spreading warmth without electricity?!

      I’m staying in here until I can play online again. And yes, I’m going to completely ignore the fact that games can be played offline and act like I have no use for my Playstation at all.

    • May. 8, 3:03am


    • May. 8, 2:38pm

      I went outside too, and I saw something that resembles a shadow. But it wasn’t real, it wasn’t jaggy..

  85. May. 7, 5:04pm

    [quote]After all this mess, you give us a date and then …

    it was a lie, and worst, after all, they don´t even know when we will have it done! what a joke ![/quote]

    I never saw a date for the network to be back up. I saw “this week”. If I look at a calendar I see we are still in “this week” :D

    There is an online game I play and the publisher announces an update to the graphics or some new content in game. They state that it will be released in “two weeks”. lol! It’s been years for some content ;)

    This gives us an opportunity to do something else with our time. It’s Saturday and I’m at work (taking a break) filling out spreadsheets for forecasting ;-)

    If PSN was up I might be home gaming instead! lol!

  86. May. 7, 4:59pm
    Bobert power

    Come on! I need my gt5 im tired of the ipad come on. But at least i got my life back and this outage motivates me to stuff

  87. May. 7, 4:57pm

    Stupid greedy Sony, you should never take legal action against innocent people. In EU law hardware and software are two different things and locking the hardware to a certain software is against the law. I would like to see what your stupid claims would be in a european court!

    Dreaming of a ps3 with Firefox, NTFS support and VLC…

    • May. 11, 4:37pm

      rant = true
      if rant = true then
      Damn! I could not agree with you any more. I don’t care about PSN being down as much as anything else. I’m gonna be hated for this post etc etc etc. They shouldn’t be so anti-homebrew. It’s the same for nearly all of their products, PS3, Sony Ericsson Xperia just to name a few. Sony promised us firmware upgrades and that Xperia X10 would be their flagship product. Unfortunately they only did one firmware upgrade; homegrown devs have had to create a ROM which updates the phone to 2.2.

      All that aside, they should admit to their failure and rectify it; instead of trying to hide it. They’ve lost thousands of users.
      rant = false

  88. May. 7, 4:48pm

    Damn you hacking assholes to hell.

  89. May. 7, 4:47pm

    @SKOT Free

    I agree dude, after the breaches all of our personal data is possibly out there in the cultprits hands, and all we are offered is a measly “1 month free PSN” as some kind of compensation.

    If I knew who to contact I would be trying my hardest to encourage them to give all PS3 / PSN users 1 year free PSN, or even a lifetime subscription, think about it, Identity Theft is one of the hardest things to prove when someone is buying stuff and obtaining credit in your name / address etc.

    Things like that can Ruin a person if they haven’t got the right information on how to report it and how to prove they are a victim.

    Sony needs to see these comments and act accordingly, 1 month free PSN is a slap in the face to all of us!

    • May. 7, 6:02pm
      SKOT Free

      To me The 1 month free PSN reminds me of The 1 month free AOL promo’s! They weren’t doing anyone a favor with that, it was just a way to get you hooked in and dependent. Sony is trying it’s hardest to come out on top, but this is at The expense of it’s customers.
      To the people saying go outside….Come on now, everyone goes outside at somepoint so Offering that up is useless advice. Who are you to tell people what they do with their lives anyway?

    • May. 8, 2:58am

      i think he was saying ‘go outside’ to the people who are acting like their lives are ending.

      what you guys are saying here is competent, calm, and bullseye accurate. Sony will sacrifice us and get away with it. Maybe we could employ Ron English to do a culture-jamming billboard painting in sony’s honor…

  90. May. 7, 4:43pm

    I’ve heard from Sony that PSN will be back before GT6 and TT2… ax0xa00xa0xa0xa00xa0xa0xa

  91. May. 7, 4:43pm

    lol im seeing this people dying because psn will not goin on, life keeps going, leave house ps3 gamers.

    • May. 7, 4:47pm
      the piston

      LOL, agreed people these days need to be more patent and not treat PSN like if it’s a drug.

    • May. 11, 6:38am
      DReAM GTR

      I agree l, those ppl who are saying bad things to Sony should stop-they’re luck they even had Internet and they are trying their best to fix it,. :)

  92. May. 7, 4:39pm
    SKOT Free

    Sony needs to get itself right. Stop releasing misinformation, and trying to save face because it’s too late for that. They need to be forthright, and offer all regions a free game or two and NOT free month of PS+.

    • May. 7, 5:56pm

      Sony could have offered you nothing. Stop whinging that they haven’t given you more!
      Oh and bear in mind that PS+ lets you download a free game plus other content, so they are potentially giving you a free game or two..
      Hmm here’s a whacky idea to anyone who wants to whinge.. go outside and do something, there is more to life than PSN!

    • May. 7, 6:29pm

      You do understand that if you give a free game to millions of gamers, you’re taking millions of dollars out of the pockets of the developers of that game. The only thing Sony should offer us is something exclusive to Sony that won’t take food off a hard workers table.

    • May. 7, 8:05pm
      SKOT Free

      @Strikey…..You do understand that as a PS+ subscriber you can only keep the Free DL games as long as you keep subscribed to PS+. If you don’t renew you lose everything you’ve DL’d. I don’t care because I’m already a PS+ member so I get an extra month.

    • May. 8, 11:30am
      Gt5 ftw

      @slot free, it’s pointless for me. I already have PS Plus, and I still have 2 months left. But the compensation is 1 month…… Anyways, Sony has to offer something else to the PS Plus subscribers besides another month that we can’t save.

  93. May. 7, 4:36pm
    Joao Pereira

    Congratulations Sony, that´s what i call : ” to be professional ”

    After all this mess, you give us a date and then …

    it was a lie, and worst, after all, they don´t even know when we will have it done! what a joke !

    Never thought this could be possible in a Company like Sony.

    • May. 7, 4:41pm
      the piston

      I wouldn’t call it a lie. Sony are making sure you have a more secure and better online experience,i’d call that a professional move, I don’t think you agree because of your impatience.

    • May. 7, 4:43pm
      SKOT Free

      It’s happened to Everyone…..You don’t even have to break into MS as you can just Trojan horse windows through email and attack multiple people! No one gets on MS for having not fixed it’s software in 20 something or more years!

    • May. 7, 9:09pm

      It’s good to see everyone would prefer Sony bring PSN up without completely making sure it’s secure, just so they kept the estimated date they said they had.

      If you people want some advice on how businesses works, here it is. Listen up, this is important. You get pissed because Sony isn’t telling you an exact date it will be back up. Want to know why they don’t? Because if they tell you a date and they aren’t ready by that time, you’ll get pissed. Just like you have done. This is EXACTLY why Sony isn’t telling us when it will be back. THEY DON’T KNOW. It will be ready when it’s done. Gran Turismo fans should know more than anyone what happens when you rush something instead of taking the time it needs. Read the article about PD wanting 2 more years on GT5. That’s what Sony is in now. They don’t want to release it before it’s done, they want it safe. So lay off the impatient comments, sit tight, and let them do what they have to. And if you’re upset that they don’t even try and give you an exact date, look in the mirror and see yourself and tell yourself that people like you who cry when they’re not ready within the estimated timeframe are at fault for that. If people were more understanding of not meeting estimated deadlines to ensure things get done right, maybe they’d be more willing to give you more estimates. It’s not a matter of them sitting around at Sony with their fingers on a switch just picking a time to turn it back on. They’re hard at work. And until that work is done, you’re not going to see it online. Sit tight and play offline or go outside. Don’t blame Sony because you never had to wait before in your life.

    • May. 8, 4:52am

      Imprezive +1

    • May. 8, 6:51am

      As annoyed at this as we all are, I don’t think anyone is as pissed as the head of Sony must be. Just think of all the loyal customers they must be losing to this outage, just because a few idiots wanted to ‘prove something’.

      It’s an embarassment for a multi-million dollar company to be crippled due to the actions of a handful of people, and I feel genuinely sorry for Sony. That’s why I’m staying patient through all this, and I’m still supporting Sony because, as Imprezive said, they’re only doing what they have to do. I think we should all be a little bit more patient, and for goodness’ sake, stay loyal to Sony. What you’re all forgetting is that if Sony can pull through all this without losing a single loyal customer, then the hackers will have lost. Think about that.

    • May. 8, 11:27am
      Gt5 ftw

      @pedantic nerd, Sony has lost hundreds, if not, thousands of loyal customers already. They’re losing money fast. If would be slightly okay if they release PSN with slight security and soon work on updates for that they don’t have rush everything right now. I bet that the people who have credit card info have changed their card already, so why can’t they release it now?

    • May. 8, 1:22pm
      Tenacious D

      If you guys want to get mad at anyone, get mad at the hackers who wrecked everyone’s lives with their stupid stunt, and holding all our credit info hostage.

      @GT5 ftw, you obviously don’t have any credit or debit cards, or you wouldn’t say something so braindead.

    • May. 9, 3:13am

      Wrecked everyones lives eh Tenacious D? Wow, you must lead a very isolated, unsocial life then. Who cares about PSN being down for a few weeks? I haven’t been on my PS3 in months, because I actually have a life beyond games and the internet.

    • May. 9, 5:20am

      @ Tenacious D
      Sony offered insurance for all who become a victim of fraud because of this, besides that its also covered by your credit card company.
      There no reports yet of anyones credit card info being used.
      That means that you’ve had more than a week to disable your creditcard and request a new one.
      Besides that its stupid to keep your credit card info on your ps3, what if your ps3 got stolen?

      I wish sony the best with this, lets hope its back online soon. Ow and the 2 free games we get as part of the welcome back campain is a nice start.

  94. May. 7, 4:32pm
    the piston

    This really doesn’t bother me. Sony can take their time fixing PSN, hopefully this will never happen again with their new and improved security system. I don’t understand why people are whining because PSN is down for over a week. There’s a lot of fun things you can do rather than playing online all the time. And a week or two without PSN doesn’t bother me at all.

  95. May. 7, 4:25pm

    I hope Sony get sorted soon the thing that amazes me is all the ppl that are complainin but wat was we all doing before Sony made it possible to play online before I got a sense of achievement for playing games to complete them so I took the server down time to complete a few of my games lol in the time it’s been down I’ve finished 4 games lol :-D

  96. May. 7, 4:25pm

    Wow and about 2 weeks before this my disc drive broke on my ps3 and I never ended up fixing it since I’ll be out of state for a few months and never would of been able to game by the time I would of gotten it back because I would had to leave a few weeks after. If I would if come across this with a fixed ps3 I would been outraged. I dont expect them to rebuild a network and get the servers configured in the next week. I’d est another month.

  97. May. 7, 4:12pm
    Wayne Chapman

    Sony is f-ing lucky that i love the ps3 not Sony it self, because this is almost a deal breaker! Here 360, here 360 there u are boy:(

  98. May. 7, 4:10pm

    Oh my! Thank you for the update Sir!

  99. May. 7, 4:07pm

    Kinda figured this would happen after they pulled their pc servers off as well. Still supportin sony as they’ve been makin good electronics long before computer entertaiment stuff started. Goodluck Sony get the gamers online soon, hold off on the netflix and quirocoty services while you test for weaknesses with us online gaming perhaps?

    • May. 7, 7:16pm

      I agree I use alot of other sony stuff like my DSLR , I have got to much work to do for a college course so i haven’t got time to play on my PS3

      I hope they get it sorted out , but i am not worrying about my details too much now as the bank has changed all my cards and I have a guard service with the bank as well.

    • May. 7, 9:47pm

      Yeah, good thing this happened at a good time for me, I need to study for AP exams, so no Battlefield and GT5 for these two weeks. I’ll start on completing some more offline stuff in GT5 and finish crushing mode on UC2 to pass the time if the servers are still down by Wed. by the end of my last AP exam.

  100. May. 7, 4:05pm

    Wow! What am I going to do now? I need to play GT5 and Initial D for online racing!

    • May. 7, 4:35pm
      SKOT Free

      Hey Tak, You play initial d online? Hit me via email! As long as I owned The game I haven’t played online cause I never see anyone on.

    • May. 7, 6:39pm

      Sure thing Skot, my full step 7 AE86 is ready to go plus my full step 7 FD3S. I think I will ya on Akina or Tsukuba(Purple Shadows Course) Mountain

    • May. 7, 6:44pm

      Wait, there’s an Initial D game for ps3!?
      I’ve not heard of this. Is it available in the states?

    • May. 7, 6:49pm

      Initial D Extreme Stage is only available in Japan, but you can buy it online such as playasia. Not the best Initial D game, its decent though.

    • May. 7, 7:11pm

      @Skot I think I will race ya on Akina or Tsukuba(Purple Shadows Course) Mountain*

    • May. 7, 7:13pm

      @JDmyo3 Yeah, it’s an ok game just the AI ram on the back of my butt when I’m using my AE86. The funny part is that you get to beat the laggy people in Japan on Initial D

    • May. 8, 10:11am
      SKOT Free

      I Like Akina but my Fave is irohazaka but any is cool! I’m gonna pull out The old Supercgarged Trueno out on ya Tak.
      Btw I think extreme stage is better than The last Initial D game sega did, the control is a lot tighter.

    • May. 8, 11:38am

      I will own you with my 11k rpm AE86 XD

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