Why You Should Start Forza 7 With a Classic Supercar

Forza Motorsport 7 20 October 10, 2017 by

Forza Motorsport 7 follows the series tradition of starting players off with (almost) nothing, and having them race to build up their car collection. What it does differently than before, however, is give players a much larger range of starter vehicles.

Actually, calling some of the first-choice options in FM7 “starter vehicles” isn’t accurate. Yes, the game defaults to the Modern Hot Hatch series — but you don’t have to begin there. In fact there are seven four-race series you can start your FM7 career in:

  • Modern Hot Hatch
  • Forza Trophy Trucks
  • Historic Road Racing
  • Seeker Series Open
  • Polaris RZR Spec Series
  • Rise of the Supercar
  • Open Wheel Legends

After the introductory races in the game, your nameless narrator offers to pick up the tab on your very first car. That offer extends to all of the series above, even the two that require a Collector Tier of 4. Head into the Rise of the Supercar series, and your first car can be a Bugatti EB110, or the legendary McLaren F1.

Does this break the game? Actually, no, not really. Thanks to FM7’s Homologation system, your classic supercar won’t be the gun you take to a knife fight in other series throughout the game. It’ll be eligible for the Open series in each of the career’s six championships, but it will face off against the same competition there as it will in the Rise of the Supercar.

The biggest perk grabbing the Macca or the quad-turbo Bug provides is a huge bump to your Collector score. There’s bound to be cars in the higher tiers that you want, so the sooner they’re unlocked and purchasable, the better.

It boils down to being smart with your in-game credits. A free hot hatch will save you a decent chunk of change. But some of the supercars? They can set you back seven digits. Why not save the cash?

If you really want to go wild, you can always start with one of the ’60s-era F1 cars. They’re not the easiest beasts to tame — we loved them in our Forza 7 review — but if you want to jump right into the deep end, few things beat an open-wheeler.

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