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Nurburgring Monopoly is the Perfect Way to Have a Family Argument This Christmas

It’s almost a Christmas tradition now. In the family downtime during the holidays, someone busts out the board games and a perfectly civil evening becomes a blazing row over landing… Read More »

FIAT's Got Christmas Wrapped With the FIAT 500 Little Helper

Car Culture 6 Dec 20, 2018 by Andrew Evans

If you’re as bad at planning gifts as us, you’ll face the same story every year. Even if you’ve picked up the presents you wanted, you won’t have wrapped them… Read More »

Lotus is Drifting Home for Christmas With the Evora 410

Car Culture 4 Dec 19, 2018 by Andrew Evans

If there’s a better way to get into the festive spirit than to attach a Christmas tree to a $140,000 sports car and take it drifting, we don’t know what… Read More »

Dodge Embraces the Naughty List With Hellcat Red Eye Sleigh for Santa

Car Culture 13 Nov 6, 2018 by Kyle Patrick

With Halloween in the rear view, many companies are hopping straight to celebrating a holiday almost two months away. Dodge is getting a jump on the pack with this hellish… Read More »

Leaked Gran Turismo Concept Art Reveals New Cars, Tracks, & Locations

Social media posts reveal what may be new Gran Turismo Sport screenshots along with an unreleased track in GT6.

Fight Pancreatic Cancer with GTPlanet Premium Membership

Upgrade your GTPlanet membership and help fight pancreatic cancer this Christmas!

Help GTPlanet Fight Pancreatic Cancer in 2012

100% of GTPlanet Premium membership proceeds throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day support pancreatic cancer research.

New Gran Turismo 5 Update & DLC Coming December 20th [UPDATE: Full Details]

Kazunori Yamauchi announces a new update, new DLC, and a special “Christmas present” are coming to GT fans next week.