Help GTPlanet Fight Pancreatic Cancer in 2012

December 23rd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

It’s that time of year again, where the GTPlanet community comes together for the greater good!

I lost one of my closest family members to pancreatic cancer in 2010, and I still feel the sting from their diagnosis. In 2011, the rest of the world also suffered at its hands, when Steve Jobs passed away in October at only 56 years of age. Cancer doesn’t care who or how old you are; it’s a terrible disease, and I am proud to fight it.

To help me, sign up for GTPlanet Premium membership between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on December 25, 2011.

You can join for as little as $12.00 USD, and 100% of your subscription fee will be donated to fight pancreatic cancer, via the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

If you’re already a subscriber or would just like to spread the cheer, gift Premium membership to your friends. Just click their username above any of their posts and select “Give GTPremium”. They’ll have a very nice surprise waiting for them the next time they sign in, and you’ll have brought the world one step closer to defeating this disease.

Thanks to all of you who can support our efforts again this year. Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your Premium membership in 2012!

UPDATE: The numbers are in, and I’m very excited to report GTPlanet’s users raised $997.00 (I bumped the total donation up to $1,000, of course!) for pancreatic cancer research in just two days, with a record-breaking 55 new Premium subscribers. This is an incredible result, and I couldn’t be more greatful to all of you who helped contribute. Thank you!

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  1. Dec. 25, 8:54pm

    “The greater good, that’s the way the biscuit crumbles.”

  2. Dec. 25, 2:37pm

    Done. Thanks Jordan and keep up the great work.

  3. Dec. 25, 9:55am

    I am a nurse and I know how terrible this disease is (and other cancers). I would love to sub for the “lifetime” option but i was surprised “lifetime” means “20 years” here in GTPlanet. I would like to know if this is just a glitch info or what?

    • Dec. 25, 3:38pm

      It’s just a software limitation. See the FAQ for more info.

    • Dec. 25, 9:09pm

      DONE! Eventhough I just read through and don’t post a lot, I think me getting the lifetime sub is worth it because it also serves a greater cause. Thanks for clearing things up regarding subbing Jordan. This is such a noble cause initiated by you.

  4. Dec. 24, 7:04pm

    I wish I can donate but I don’t have a card. I have lost my grandma to pancreatic cancer last year a few days after Christmas so I feel your pain.

    • Dec. 25, 6:54am

      I’m sorry for your loss, I’ll try and buy a years subscription of Premium for you. I can’t promise anything though but I’ll try my best. :)

  5. Dec. 24, 4:59pm

    Fantastic. I will look toward to doing so.

  6. Dec. 24, 4:24pm

    Just bought lifetime premium. Glad to help out.

  7. Dec. 24, 1:55pm

    you know, if GT Credits were real, everyone that plays GT5 would donate 20,000,000 and end every type of cancer.

  8. Dec. 24, 1:43pm

    I just made the jump to prenium as this is a great cause and I wanted to help.

    Merry christmas everyone. :)

  9. Dec. 24, 1:43pm


    How dare you even question such a thing.. You should be ashamed of yourself.. It is called donating through my business.. Which i lose money but get it back on tax return.. $7500 that could be going into my business or to give myself more wages but no. I do the honourable thing and I will allocated that money where and how I want to. I donate to enough charities, Just because I am missing it now doesn’t mean I wont do it.

    Get your facts straight first boy.

  10. Dec. 24, 1:40pm

    Will this be happening next year? I will be able to afford it then. Sorry, its very unfortunate that I can’t help. :(

  11. Dec. 24, 12:30pm

    What if we can’t get a premium subscription in time?

  12. Dec. 24, 11:57am

    I wish I currently had the money to do it… I lost my Grandfather to Pancreatic Cancer in 2007.

  13. Dec. 24, 11:15am

    I’m very sorry to hear about your lost member Jordan, who you were close too all your life. :( This is really something I truly will love to help, this cancer sounds really freighting. I wish there was a way I could help. Merry Christmas my friend and to your family aswell. :)

    • Dec. 24, 11:20am

      I’ve almost to say one more thing, my mother’s sister’s husband have also been taken away from her from this terrible disease. :(

  14. Dec. 24, 11:14am

    Two years ago Thursday I lost my grandfather to cancer of the kidney. So while it may not be the same kind of cancer, Jordan I’m with you man, and unfortunately many many others are too.
    This is absolutely a no-brainer, I’m going premium for a lifetime. I’m just so glad it’s going to a cancer organization, regardless of what it may be.

  15. Dec. 24, 10:35am

    Just got a lifetime premium membership, I’m lucky that I can afford it.

    Jordan, thanks for all you’ve done for us and Merry Christmas for you and all your loving ones !

  16. Dec. 24, 9:48am

    I will be going premium as soon as possible for such a good cause

  17. Dec. 24, 9:44am

    How noble I would be be proud to apart of this cause.

  18. Dec. 24, 9:43am

    How noble… I may consider this as soon as I return home.

  19. Dec. 24, 9:38am

    How nice you guys! Merry Christmas!!

  20. Dec. 24, 9:35am

    Just signed up for premium membership! Good cause! Great idea Jordan!

  21. Dec. 24, 9:31am

    Very Great cause, How do you think my name will look in red;) ?? Merry Christmas Everyone!

  22. Dec. 24, 9:13am

    Great site, great app, great community, and now a great cause.

    • Dec. 24, 11:39am

      Premium upgrade complete! Thanks Jordan!

  23. Dec. 24, 8:56am

    I lost my Grandfather to Pancreatic Cancer back in 2007. It’s affected my life massively, so I will certainly be going Premium tomorrow! :)

    • Dec. 24, 1:57pm
      Sir Tuddle

      Cheers man :-)
      And sorry for your loss…

  24. Dec. 24, 8:20am

    The cure is allready here :) atleast id like to believe it is in the form of vitamin b17. Do a youtube search “world without cancer”. I found the documentary interesting and id like to think its as simple as too little vitamin. But again it could just be all bull ;) hope the video atleast gives some hope to others. i started eating apricot seeds myself with fingers crossed! Merry christmas!

    • Dec. 26, 9:24pm

      Doctors come right out of medical school as highly trained drug salesmen- and all too often end up ignoring nutrition entirely.

      whats up with that?

  25. Dec. 24, 7:47am

    What does premium do? and i’ll go premium, cause i also lost a family member to pancreatic cancer.

    • Dec. 24, 10:46am

      I’m very sorry for your loss, etpredz. You can learn more about Premium benefits here.

  26. Dec. 24, 6:11am

    Just got a years subscription. Hope this and everyone else who donated helps fight pancreatic cancer. Have a great Christmas everyone.

  27. Dec. 24, 5:06am

    How can I go premium in Poland?

  28. Dec. 24, 4:48am

    well my membership runs out the 1st jan 2012,so was needing to renew anyway,so have done so now

  29. Dec. 24, 3:24am

    Wish I had extra money right now but I’m currently in college + no job :(
    Once I get my degree and career I will definitely come back here and donate

  30. Dec. 24, 2:55am

    Subscribed. Thanks for the great site Jordan and thank you for making my subscription payment go to such a great cause.

    • Dec. 24, 3:35am

      Yeah Rees!

  31. Dec. 24, 2:37am

    Hi Jordan. Sorry for the loss. I will not be donating anything this year as I already donate $5000 a year to the children’s leukemia foundation plus another $2.5k for children born with disabilities.

    Everyone, just $1-2 contributes a lot, You may think it is nothing and what good will it do, But you have thousands – hundreds of thousands – millions of people to donate just that small amount makes the world of difference in research.

    Times are not that tough cause there are always people who have it worse off then yourselves, Plus you will go to bed and wake up feeling great about yourself knowing that you could have contributed to something that will cure cancer or whatever the case may be and knowing that you helped to save a life.

    Marry Christmas

    • Dec. 24, 6:12am

      You’ve donated $7500 this year but are unable to find $12 more. *Cough…Big Cough…BS*
      I’ve got a few friends on the list that will be going premium. Thanks for the opportunity to donate.

  32. Dec. 24, 2:26am

    Can I donate GT5 credits??

    • Dec. 24, 6:03am

      haha :D

  33. Dec. 24, 2:15am

    Bought a couple people premium, glad to help.

  34. Dec. 24, 2:08am

    There should be an option for broke people like me to donate in lesser amounts. Just my opinion, it may generate more money.

    • Dec. 24, 3:03am

      i have $30 in my account. I’m getting that premium….

    • Dec. 24, 10:45am

      The Premium subscription is, in a way, just my gift to you for donating to pancreatic cancer research. If you cannot afford the subscription amount, but still want to help, you can donate anything you like directly via

  35. Dec. 24, 1:09am
    Mac K

    I might just go preminum now! Even if don’t, it’s great to see GTP doing this for such a great cause to fight aterrible disease. Sorry for your loss by the way Jordan..

  36. Dec. 24, 12:43am

    Can’t go premium, but this a great cause. Hopefully someone can go the extra mile to help teh peoples in need.

  37. Dec. 24, 12:25am


  38. Dec. 23, 11:45pm

    Much respect, looks like I’m going premium:)

  39. Dec. 23, 11:30pm

    really nice, GTP. Unfortunately I can’t afford so much money but it’s definately a really nice job =)

  40. Dec. 23, 11:25pm

    I’ve always been a bit indecisive about Premiumn, but since I’ve been here for a year and a half and don’t see myself leaving soon, I’ll be getting it. It’s nice to know GTP is helping to fight such a terrible disease.

    • Dec. 24, 11:03am

      I gifted a Premium Membership yesterday – I am so glad I did!

    • Dec. 24, 4:39pm

      I signed a 20-year subscription now :) Merry Christmas!

    • Dec. 24, 9:39pm

      I lost my cousin to it on the 11th dec. He left behind his 8 year old son and wife. It may not seem like much but i know he would thank all of you. Bless you all!

    • Dec. 25, 7:29am

      That website endorses a whole host of drugs, encouraging the use of them (making mega bucks for the drug companies of course). But Steve Jobs used natural remedies and hence survived many years longer than someone dosed up on a whole host of drugs, so your use of his name is wholly inappropriate.

    • Dec. 26, 9:16pm

      wow, blasos bringing that knowledge. Never to be taken lightly, that stuff….

    • Dec. 27, 9:06am

      We all believe what we read, what if its not as you believe, according to an Italian doctor cancer is not what we are being told.
      He came to the conclusion that cancer is the body reacting to something, that something being the candida fungus. We are told and we read about cancer spreading, the word spores is used quite regularly but the body does not create spores, however, a fungus does and because we are all being bombarded with chemicals that compromise our immune systems, most notably flouride ( which is a poison ) most people have immune system problems. According to the Italian doctor in a compromised immune system candida is allowed to run out of control, the only way left for the body to fight it is to try to block the spread with cells, hence the tumor. He was healing people with cancer using bicarbonate of soda which destroys fungus. I came across a news item where a new treatment was being tested for brain cancer, a ‘ helmet ‘ device which generated an electric field and kept the cancer at bay, i cross referenced this with fungus and an electric field does stop the spread of fungus, coincedence? In any case upon presenting his work and findings to the medical establishment the doctor was struck off. I’ll leave you all to make your own conclusions and to research this your selves but consider if you will that drug companies need us to believe that we need all these drugs because its worth billions to them and also population control is a priority among governments across the planet.

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