Leaked Gran Turismo Concept Art Reveals New Cars, Tracks, & Locations


Every year, Polyphony Digital hosts an annual Christmas party at their offices in Japan with a wide variety of motorsports and gaming industry celebrities in attendance. This year, however, they spiced things up a bit, using the opportunity to show off what appears to be new concept artwork likely related to next year’s Gran Turismo Sport.


The new images, which hung on the walls around the office Christmas tree, made their way to social media via Super GT drivers Kohei Hirate and Satoshi Motoyama, and Toyota’s Masashi Honda, who indicated his “expectations for the AI is increasing” on Facebook.

The images’ remarkable fidelity and seemingly too-good-to-be-true quality has caused a flurry of debate since they were posted to our forums yesterday, so we can’t declare these to be new GT Sport “screenshots” just yet.



However, the “GT” logo is displayed in the top right corner of the prints, and the images appear to be entirely new and unique, indicating they are Polyphony’s own creations. Some speculate they may be composite images, which combine 3D car models with photographs. Regardless, they are striking images which may offer a good indication of what’s to come in GT Sport.


In addition to the artwork, one of the images shows GT Academy star Lucas Ordoñez driving on the Autopolis circuit in what appears to be a debug version of GT6. Although the track is lacking environmental details, Polyphony’s team has certainly been giving the track some attention.

Autopolis is a 2.9-mile circuit in southern Japan, near Polyphony’s new headquarters in Fukuoka. It is owned and operated by Kawasaki, and regularly hosts Super GT, Super Formula, MFJ Superbike and Super Taikyu races.


Thanks to Twitter user @Rest_rk_02 and our own Dionisiy for the tips!

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  1. KoldStrejke

    Why have that Driving View anymore. in a car you don’t get to see that much of the road ever, and depending on the car even more is not visible. C’mon Poly stop jerking around and make a good game. your names on the line every release. and 4, 5, 6 have been MAJOR let downs in the scope of Sim racing. I love the GT series but it needs to shine. and it just hasn’t.

    1. Atomsforpeace

      I agree, if you are taking it seriously then cockpit view is the way forward IMO. Im faster in bonnet cam and invisible car cam but it just sucks the immersion away for me. Hopefully Pd will take note of the opposition and apply a moveable pov for the next game and i will be happy.
      Also the picture of the lmp car on a public road, is this the isle of man tt track? Looks to be a UK road.

    2. apexpredator100

      Driving view is based on personal preference. If you feel that interior view offers a more realistic view, then you can choose to stick with that view while other might be more comfortable with the other cam views.

    3. Atomsforpeace

      Obviously interior view is the most realistic as thats what you drive in a real car. Not taking into account how good the game copes with the different views and the limitation of one screen and the limited pov. I agree though that more views for people who want a more casual experience is a good thing. If you like to push the game to its limits by seeing more i can understand that also. Thats the great thing about GT its got something for everyone.

    4. Johnnypenso

      It’s not impossible, it just takes time to adjust to it. I thought the same thing when I transitioned from GT’s highly unrealistic FOV down to a perfectly realistic 40 in Assetto Corsa. Once you get used to it and realize the advantages that come with it like being a better driver, faster, more consistent, more able to hit your marks etc, there’s no going back.

  2. HKS racer

    Seriously how on earth they can remotely run that thing in a PS4 at 60 frame per seconds?

    The change of PD going photoshop route is too damn high.

    Or maybe it’s just photomode?

  3. Reydawg Rey

    If you look at the RCF’s Rome background you can distinguish that it’s not a photo and it is actually rendered art. You can just tell by looking at it closely. Nevertheless, great job PD! Looks real at first glance.

  4. gtfanforlife

    Why was Gran Turismo Sport not at Playstation Experience? I expected to at least see some more information about it…

    1. SavageEvil

      It’s called scheduling, Sony have game announcements on schedules. Nothing really to announce so they said nothing about it.

    2. gtfanforlife

      I understand what you’re saying, but they showed GTSport in the opening movie montage, I at least expected a mentioning…

  5. celtiscorpion73

    Sounds cool and all, but I’d like to see something new in GT6 first. Seems like forever since the last update…

  6. GT needs F1

    Soes anyone know what car is in the picture on the left in the Christmas tree photo? (At first I tought it was a Jaguar f- type but then I noticed the taillights were different)

    1. JPWRX_9786

      Yep, that’s an F-Type. And I damned well hope that’s the new Impreza. Hoping we get both the new Impreza WRX and STi

  7. Razgriz8492nd

    I need something new to drive, we have seen the Hyundai vgt back in September. I understand perfectionism and engineering takes time, however, look at the Burnout Paradise model. If you document what is coming and form a community around it, you get rewarded for it. Tired of being in the dark.

  8. TomBrady

    People are actually doubting that those are screenshots? What a joke. The only difference between GT6 photomode and those is the lighting. The detail is a bit higher too but no conclusions can be made with such low quality photo’s. This is just like the idiots that judge graphics based on youtube videos. In person it’s a COMPLETELY different ballgame since youtube literally removes up to 97% of the original data from any gameplay footage, and low res JPEG’s like this are no different

    1. dylanlikes88

      if you’re saying that those are screenshots, then you’d be wrong. You can tell that they’re just photos with the cars photoshoped in. the cars have a sort of plastic feel to them.

  9. johnnyman123

    As much as I love Gran Turismo, ive already decided I am moving on to Xbox One. Forza 6 and the Horzion series look so good I think its time. I plan on getting X1 this summer after my current love afair with GT6 is over (been playing GT6 since it cameout, love it!!)

    Also, with X1 having backwards compatibility I can get Forza 4 and catch up on that, which I heard is one of the better games in the series.

    1. GrumpyGrumps

      Forza 4 is one of the best games in the series, I can vouch for that. I do think, though, that it will be difficult to force yourself to deal with the graphics of Forza 4 compared to 6, for example. Given my current love affair with Project Cars, I know surely that I could not.

    2. dualshock

      As far as I know there are no X360 Forza games that are BC…..in fact I don’t think there are ANY bike/car X360 games as yet

    1. GTRacer22

      Although it is a DFGT (non-PS4 compatible), as Jordan stated, it is likely that he is driving on a debug version of GT6 on the PS3.

    2. dylanlikes88

      If you look at the map on the screen, it shows that he just came out of a left hand corner and approaching a right hand one. considering the closeness of the corners to each other, we can assume that if he’s following the racing line, he still turning becuase he’s trying the get to the other side of the track to setup the entrance into the next corner.

  10. GTracerEHTeam

    Anyone else notice that the man on the right in the Lexus picture is a bit transparent where the white top of the brick wall goes behind him? I definitely wouldn’t call them gameplay shots either.

    1. Atomsforpeace

      Noticed that too. Could be deliberate to show they pasted the people in but the location is in game? Or probably not. The one on the left has a similar artefact.

  11. AAR_CobraJet

    It amazes me that after all of the delays and empty promises that PD has punished the consumer with, people feel that all this will change with a new product.

    1. girabyt3

      PS3 was hard for them, now they can be free with PS4’s hardware. But obviously, this is their last chance for many

    2. GrumpyGrumps

      Most of us have said, at one point or another that we are fed up with the empty promises and delays and yet, here we are. The likely scenario is that the overwhelming majority of those who have a PS4 will buy GT Sport. Then we will be fed up with the empty promises and delays and then bam, we will buy GT7 as well. Humans are creatures of habit, especially bad habits. PD know this, which is why I doubt anything will change much with future titles.

    3. GrumpyGrumps

      @Johnnypenso – You are correct to call me on that, I should have been more clear. I did not mean to reference ALL PS4 owners, but rather the ‘overwhelming majority’ of those PS4 owners who frequent this website and get ‘fed up with the empty promises and delays’

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