New Gran Turismo 5 Update & DLC Coming December 20th [UPDATE: Full Details]

Kazunori Yamauchi has announced Gran Turismo 5’s next software update and new downloadable content will be coming on December 20, 2011. Via Twitter:

[Japanese tweet, translated:] GT5 next update, DLC, Christmas is one week later. On December 20. Tomorrow is going to be a press release.

[English tweet:] The release of the next GT5 update, DLC, and Christmas present is coming next week.

Polyphony Digital has already posted an online service maintenance notice for the date, between the hours of 03:00-04:00 GMT, so the new material should become available at that specific time.

UPDATE: Sony has jumped the gun a bit, posting all the information about the new content on their blog. Here’s a complete listing of all the new changes coming in GT5 2.02:

  • Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
  • The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
  • In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
  • Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
  • Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
  • In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
  • In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
  • In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
  • Improved racing sound effects
  • Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked.

These new cars will also be available as DLC for $3.99:

  • 2011 Mini Cooper S
  • 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
  • 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
  • 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35.

The blog post also confirms the Toyota 86 will be available for free in the 2.02 update, and the previous batch of DLC will now be available on all the user accounts of a PlayStation 3 console (they can be purchased from their respective dealers within the game).

Finally, anyone who purchased the first batch of DLC will receive a free “Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP” along with five free “New Car Refresh” cards that reset any car in the game back to as-new condition, without losing any modifications that have been performed to it.


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  1. xilo

    The updates are amazing, started playing the game again because of them and this one is great too. Miss some of the seasonals though, bought an f2007 two days ago just to run in the seasonal Ferrari formula event… What am I supposed to do it with it now? practice?????? lol.

  2. sind3ntosca

    Anyone got the update already? …server maintenance notice now… i’m waiting… maybe one hour again, very excited ^_^

  3. ghostmedic171

    The level of fundamental realism PD mastered behind the wheel still wow’s me so much that I feel like everything released up to this point is jusst another perk to add to the long list that I enjoy – (I mean, am I the only one that tried Forza 3 & 4 with an open mind and then traded both back in to game stop after literally 5 minutes of track time? Its been OVER A YEAR and I’m still getting updates? Albeit small ones? I mean, this is the only game that I’ve played for longer than a year since Falcon 4.0) Anyway, I’m really waiting for a re-vamped event list – or a feature to clear my trophys without clearing my times/or my garage – I dhunno, the ASPEC event list could use a makeover…

    Fine, yes, technically, it has been expanded and continues to be expanded – And I love how they added prizes to all the seasonal event that were released earlier this year, but man (no sarcasm, I raced them all over again – loved it), but some new series(s) would be nice.

    Even if its just the same tracks with different PP caps (only if they have to “upgrade” it in clumps) – I mean with 1000 something cars, that equals out to a lot of different kind of races…

    I had to leave some kind of a statement after reading myself to the bottom of this list of some of these “comments”… seriously, why do people who dont like the GT/PD/Sony or sex, even visit this site at all? Really, go call yourself a wah-bulance and get laid… I couldn’t get 10 comments without hearing an elaborate wwwwWWAAAAHHHHHHHHaaaaaahhhhhh

  4. Vin1021

    Whats different about the kart? Is it atleast a shifter kart? That would be interesting. Otherwise…..I’ve had enough of the centrifugal clutch type karts. No balls at all! I had a home made kart back in the 90’s that had a KX250 motor on it that would have blown these karts away. Isn’t the whole point of playing these games to get to drive something fast and fun. These karts are as about exciting as an electric wheelchair. Like the Jazzy or Hoveround. They should put the Hoveround in the next update. Then as a bonus they can put that guy from the commercials, Tom Kruse, behind the wheel. Kinda’ like the James Bond cheat for the Lotus. lol
    I just wish they would have a more diverse group of cars. This would be ideal in my opinion.
    *ALMS GT cars
    *Rolex cup cars
    *More P1/P2 cars
    *More vintage group C cars
    *Indy cars
    *Some vintage F1 manualy shifted cars
    *And last but not least give us a REAL 1/4 mile track equipped with a tree and timeslips. Add slicks in the tuning shop for good measure. If they really want to give us a treat maybe toss some purpose built drag cars in there too. They use to have the HKS drag 240SX in the old GT2 or GT3 can’t remember. But I’d love to be able to pilot a 8,000hp top fuel car with the realism of GT5. Even a few pro-outlaw cars or pro-stock. Heck I’d be happy with a few pro-street cars. The Trans Cammer and the Camaro RM look like pro street cars. But theres no way to set them up as a drag car or drag race them anyway. So I guess it’s not ever gonna’ happen. Oh well. I can wish.

  5. Foxiol

    I bought a 20€ PSN card and waiting till tomorrow!!! And for the next DLC too of course. I will support GT series always.

  6. marktyper


    * Mugen Civic RR
    *Spoon Civic,EK,DC5 (with K20A)?
    *Audi RS4

    Or is it easier if PD will include engine swaps in the upcoming update???
    Since standard cars will have a custom wheels now, FINALLY! :)

    1. Vin1021

      I like that idea,too. I mean Forza had that in their 1st game. Swaps are just the norm now a days. If you don’t know someone with a swapped motor in their ride your either living on a deserted tropical island or your a mullet having NASCAR finatic with no automotive depth. It’s about time we get that option. Atleast in the last GT we had the option to raise displacement. I wish they kept some of the GT4 engine options. Only thing that sucked about that was that you had to choose if you would rather have a built N/A motor or a forced induction motor. We all know theres nothing realistic about that. You’ve got to build the motor before you can slap a monster turbo on it and double or triple HP output. It’s little things like that that turn hardcore REAL LIFE gearheads off to the GT series. I’m always going to play GT games. But there are little things that bother me.

  7. don.juan

    This is all very nice but most of the top requests on the GT5 Feedback, with almost a year, did not make it to the game yet…and the price of this DLC is not very encouraging…

  8. Inxeccion

    I’m just gutted we didn’t get the BRZ to go with the GT86…..also, PD made a video with a fully rendered spec II FT-86 concept a few months ago…..why didn’t we get that? :/

    Aside from that. This ^^^ is all rather awesome…..hopefully the cars will have a bit more soulful sounds now than a faulty old washing machine. Also….we’re getting a Scirocco…..yayy :D

  9. Rynogtr23

    I’m happy with this update/DLC,but what i would like to know is where is the FT86 II concept and why aren’t we also getting that car as well? Makes sense especially since it came out before this newer version.We should be getting 2 FT86’s to bring our total up to 4!

  10. Pit Crew

    Speaking of changing rims, hows bout a Rim Pack for DLC for our premium(and soon standard)cars. some of the rims in the game dont really appeal to me for some models, but an updated rim pack done in the same fashion as the paint pack may get some serious hits. i mean we aint playin NFS S in here and i have no desire but some customizing attributes from that series panned out well (way better then the rubber band racin). I run alot of American muscle in Daytona and would pay good money for a american muscle car pack, or if thats not possible how bouts another oval. Atlanta or Talladega 2 very fast tracks in their own natural right and Atlanta even could be used for AutoCross (Petite Lemans races)

  11. jus1029

    Aw man! I’m gonna be in Hong Kong on that time!

    Can’t wait to get Spa in my GT5! (Yes, I didn’t get the DLCs because I have the US version and my PSN is Asian region)

  12. sumbrownkid

    I don’t know about you guys, but that FT-86 in that blue color of that 2012 GT-R will do it for me. That car is just sick. Kudos Toyota, you do have some nads.

    I hope they make a TC or racing modification for this car in the future.

  13. Endi

    I dont understand why they dont make a FXX or a DBR9 for a dlc, because they already have the license and who want to drive a mini… My opinion

  14. rjcraft16

    so do you all think the sound effects patch will effect the backfires, tire squeels, and engine sounds, and do you all think it will only effect premium cars? i would like my 458 italia to sound a little better because i really like to appreciate the car stock and listen to the original sounds of the cars its relaxing, to me at least

  15. yogaflame

    GT the real Nissan experience. GT just like Final Fantasy , dying franchises. Forza is a mile ahead of GT and won tons of awards. Gt is still on the 90’s era. Gt 6 will probably just another Nissan experience. They don’t listen to fans who clamor for more American muscle cars and European sports cars. Sigh….

  16. Mister Drift

    Many of you tend to forget about the history of GranTurismo and be childish.
    Stand back a bit and look at the hole picture, go play GT2 than turn on your StayPlation Triple and put in GT5 and take a close look at that HD screen, than grab the controler and drive around in a stock car like you would in real life…
    This game has reached an awesome level of awesomness guys!
    If you care so much about livery editor and similar stuff you are playing the wrong game.
    2.02 looks very good to me, 700 cars will now get new rims and i’m glad about it.
    That is all.

  17. sny_pher

    Hi, is there any time limit on the following quote below? In other words, must we buy the first DLC pack before a certain date to obtain the Kart and 5 new car refersh cards? Thanks!

    “Finally, anyone who purchased the first batch of DLC will receive a free “Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP” along with five free “New Car Refresh” cards that reset any car in the game back to as-new condition, without losing any modifications that have been performed to it.”

  18. Rynogtr23

    My only reservation about this update is,Where is the FT86 II? Why aren’t we getting 2 ft86’s instead of 1?

  19. We Are Alfisti

    Nice!! I was expecting it :). About the update, its good and it would be great if PD add the Today’s special rims in GTauto and the possibility to paint the standard rims.

  20. MadmuppGT

    If nothing says theres hunger for DLC just take a look at the number of comments on DLC related news, other stories high 60s/70s maybe… sometimes over 100 if theyre lucky… the moment DLC is mentioned we’re rocketing towards the 700/800 comments! its insane!

  21. jth

    This Update is a complete failure, except for the improved racing sounds. What PD needs to do is they need to stop focusing on the small details, Really? “In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes”, I can already see how the oil changes by the cylinder next to the car floating in mid-air. PD needs to fix programming glitches and give us new tracks and cars, not cars that are already in the game hence (GT-R). What I caught that PD needs to look at is in the Premium dealership at the Nissan dealer, the R34 specs do not match up with a stock R34 that is in your garage. It says in the dealership “267” HP, in the garage it says “376”, That’s weird, huh? I will buy the DLC just to support PD to hopefully fix all these glitches….

  22. ERIC11940

    The update patch and new DLC are interesting, but I think we should have more tracks and some Standard Cars upgraded to Premium (Mostly the Standard to Premium thing, cuz I heard that it take PD 2 years to create a PS3 layout of a track).

  23. playnthru

    Well I want a Santa helmet with a large fuzzy white ball.

    What’s the spec on the Kart 125sp.. I’m hoping it’s a shifter Kart

  24. Gran_Turismo

    Selling this car at 30,000 as a Scion is a joke as the only “YOUNG” people that will be able to get this are the upper middle class and up. It doesn’t even fit as a Scion with its price. Its NOT affordable to the masses.

  25. sre101

    I can’t understand what some people are complaining about, we have had countless updates and seasonal events for FREE
    and the dlc is not expensive. I don’t know any other game that gives so much when they don’t have to. Don’t get it!!!!

  26. Samzilla47

    Whatever the price for this DLC, it’s nice to see that PD have constantly updated the game since its release and listened to the complaints of the players. It’s a very rare thing in this business. For ex., I found outrageous that Simbin release Shift 2 and not two weeks later come with a very pricey DLC (I don(t believe it only takes less than two weeks to create a couple of tracks and a few cars). It really smells like you want to get more and more money from the gamers. My point is PD probably made a few mistakes last year, but they made everything to repair most of them since then and spending a couple of bucks a year after the original release of the game doesn’t make me feel like I’m being robbed. And to conclude, Forza 4 is far, far away in terms of simulation and graphics(beautiful graphics in a showroom don’t make a game – it’s a racing game in the first place), same for NFS Shift and co, so these studios should maybe cut some slack to PD and keep working on their titles, the which are very far from being perfect. Long live Gran Turismo and PD and thanks again Kaz for all those greats moments spent playing GT5 and all its predecessors.

  27. MasterSquidP4

    Motorland, Beginner Course, Seattle, El Capitan, More Racecars, and..

    NO MORE GT-Rs!!!!! 1000 of them is enough PD…

  28. maxpontiac

    Does anyone really think PD is overly concerned with F4 when GT5’s DLC has sold just about as much as Forza 4 has sold?

    No, they don’t.

    But, PD does care about it’s fans. At least the ones who offer constructive criticism and avoid the juvenile behavior.

    Yes, that means about half of everything that is posted at GTPlanet.

  29. Marooned

    Great now they fixed nothing, i’ve 100 paint chips with an account that i don’t use, at least PD make them transferable so that we can send them to our racing accounts

  30. PaTrond

    2012 GT-R and Scirocce. Awesome. But why on earth is the Scirocco RHD?! 85% of GT5 players are used to LHD. And where’s my Aston Martin DBS, Pagani Zonda F, Koenigsegg and those other exotics we would like to play with?

    Well. I’ll just have to be patient.It’s Gran Turismo we’re talking about…


    you know how you can have your own menu music selected from your own music library on you ps3???
    why does the game music play on the GT auto, tuning shop and both car dealerships…? id really like to not hear the games music, but my music when im doing all that please Kaz!

  32. thechosenwonton

    Wow. Finally an update that addresses some serious issues with the game – being able to change wheels on standard cars, not having to accept coupons ONE AT A TIME OMG, and “improved racing sounds” – finally where getting somewhere. To be honest, I would like to see oil changes, engine rebuilds, and body refreshes to be completely removed – OR to have a maintenance reminder for you on which cars you own may benefit from these.

    Oh and Kaz, one last thing that’s been a complaint of mine since buying the game – I need to be able to see the cars painted before I waste a paint chip on it, and have to QUIT GT5 if I don’t like the color. Oh – and and more wheels would be awesome, I’d pay for a wheel/paint pack combo – 24 wheels, 48 paint chips for $1.99 and you got a deal.

  33. brugab

    Ok great news about update and fair enough about new cars… yes we need new tracks and an update for track creator also…BUT, new spec A??? and qualification and CPU TRYING TO WIN RACES??? It is basic stuff way is missing… unbelievable!

  34. FairDriver80

    Complainers-you get things for granted.Be happy for what they give us without case you work and understand how hard is earning money,than shame on you that dont appreciate what PD is doing to satisfy the fans.If you dont know what working means ,then well its not your fault but your parents,or dipends in what country you live than the government’s fault that pays lazy people with hard workers’ taxes.

  35. paracefan2002

    Nascar DLC would be AWSOME!!! Tracks should include Dover, Las Vegas, and maybe even the unused North Wilksboro (nc) Speedway! How about dirt modifieds, or even shifter carts?

  36. moxlox

    All sounds great to me, yet again.

    Pretty pleased for 3 reasons:
    1) Sounds improved
    2) VW Scirocco! Yes!
    3) Change wheels on standards……which will stop people complaining about this aspect (not bothered myself)!!!

    You gotta say they listen at Polyphony. They heard we wanted new car models (not RMs of existing ones) and European too, they heard we wanted better sound, and they heard the need for changed wheels on standards. And they have delivered those.

  37. Praggia

    I think Kaz and PD should be commended for continually developing new content for GT 5 no matter how minute or insignificant WE think they may be. It will prolong the longevity of this game for which I am grateful. “Racing sounds” improvement is rather broad but I hope it includes engine and exhaust note improvement and if it does, it shows PD IS listening…..

  38. cheba

    Looks like christmas here a couple of days early this year! I am a Volkswagen enthusiast and I’ve been missing the Golf GTI mkVI, Golf R mkVI and Scirocco since GT5 first came out. Even though the GTI is still missing, this is great!

    However, I can’t understand why PD modeled the 5-door version instead if the 3-door version of the Golf R (and the Golf GTI mkIV, and the RenaultSport Megane and the Suzuki Swift and the…). 3-door looks soooo much better, I would never choose a 5-door over a 3-door IRL, let alone in a GT5 as I wont be taking any B-spec Bobs for a ride in the back seat.

    I would love to see the mk1 as a premium car, and the addition of some more older models in GT6, like the mkII Golf GTI 16v, G60 or Rallye. Also the Corrado VR6…

  39. Mister Drift

    Hahaha ohhhh my goood!!! I will finaly be able to slap some nice chromes on my 70’s GTR that drifts so smooth… xD
    Not to talk about the RZ Supra yum yum ima put some 5Zigens on that.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now ima go to sleep and wakeup on th 20th byeeee ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz,,,,…..

  40. Mister Drift

    Ughhh jizzzzzz aluvertehroom…
    This means… ohhhh guyys you realise????This means i will be able to slap some 20″ baybies on that GTB Skyline…i’m talking about the classic 70’s model that looks insane cool and it’s a small car with STACE now thanks to the new rims…
    Maybe we get the rims in gt4… anyone remember those huge chrome wheels that apeared in the used rims market place????
    Check my pics from gt4 on my profile to refresh your memory kids.

  41. Ben Rogue

    $3.99 US? Based on the crazy “conversion rate” of the last DLC, this will end up costing me like $10 NZ, which is a complete rip off! But I am glad they continue to add content, its just a shame its so pricey here, maybe let us buy individual cars? I couldn’t care less about another GT-R tbh.

  42. vlonjati77

    Nice update,although in every update will be people that not like certain cars,Pd cannot satisfiy eveyone.Im not an online gamer but man Gt is the only game im online every single day of the weekBy the way congratulation to some that the update comes on their birthday,that day is not mine & fortunately its my neighbour’s birthday so Im gonna buy the pack for myself,call him and congratulate him :)I will pretend it’s my birthday LoL.

    P.S To all the whiners: Nobody is obligating you to buy the DLC.You know what ?I eat healthy,I hate mcdonalds and different fast foods(fact = proven).But i respect their choices they dont effect my health. I never waste time replying to try to prove my point to others,I respect your opinion,but I prefer mine thanks.

    P.P.S If any one of you race with Race Cars,No Aids Is Fair and not a Quitter, feel free to add me .My PSN Id : vlonjati77 Peace and all of you GT fans,enjoy GT wherever you are Merry Christmas

  43. rjcraft16

    i have a question do they mean car sounds or when they say “improved racing sounds?” or does anyone know yet?

  44. t.o.

    This just proves that I’m not a GT kinda guy. I’m reading praise after praise but to me it seems like crumbs being brushed off the table and we’re supposed to lap it up and love it. Is this how it works in the GT realm? You get half a game at the beginning and then the rest fills in over time at their convenience. I’m just not feeling these “updates” at all. I came on the GT5 Prologue scene late. I didn’t realize it too went through this slow evolution. What this is telling me is to wait years before buying a GT game and Playstation. So heeded from now on.

  45. PIGBOY

    Who here thinks gt5 could’ve boned forza by getting some really good race cars in DLC….just good quality DLC that make you want to play and play and play…………………although i already do coz i love it and me G25,i need not leave the lounge ,even for toilet……rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  46. a100miles2go

    Will the cars in this pack be half done like the last lot with no rear interior?
    And will the last lot of DLC get that included in this new update?

  47. leigh991

    Im Just Curious on This.Whn I saw The Video for The Toyota 86 it was the scion version of it (the FR-S)…Would We Get That Too? Or Just 86

  48. Demonyze

    First of all I’m a mature person and I don’t whine for every single thing, as soon as I saw “New DLC is coming on the 20th” I was really happy, the new content is “Only” four Premium cars detailed just like the real life counterparts, I’m pretty happy about the new VW’s and the New GTR, cause I will be able to see and feel the improvements made to that engineering masterpiece over the years since I have a good steering wheel (G27).
    Also, there is no game (To my knowledge) that have been improved this much since release date.
    I admire PD for the hard and constant work and hope for some new race tracks in the future (Possibly classic tracks from the older GT titles)

    New engine sounds: AMAZING.
    Change wheels on Standard cars: AMAZING.

  49. ATI

    Like every one here, I’m quite glad for its news BUT.

    Because there’s always a BUT :

    -the four cars add (five indeed) are pretty, but only four? More over, a mini that we already have the 2007 model and an other GTR… Very glad for the golf or the sirocco which pretty good cars.
    -where are the FOCUS RS, the megane RS which are incredible cars? The new jaguar or Lambo or Ferrari or Bmw or…

    To me, this DLC only gives us two cars -golf and sirocco). I think they are a bit lazy on that.

    I Love GT5; but We have to admit that sound’s cars are all like vacum cleaner. Does someone already hear a Ferrari in the real life? It’s just amazing.In the game, it’s just awful. I hope the DLC will improve that.

    Sorry for my poor English which i haven’t practised for long years…

  50. gtpsuper24

    Updates seem to be really good and glad PD is fixing some of these little nagging or annoying issues. I just wish they would release some DLC that was worth while. Nothing so far has me interested enough to even turn the PS3 on let alone pay for a few cars that are bland and boring IMO. Spa looks to be a nice additon, now just need some new cars to race on it. Guess I’ll hold out for some LMP, GT, ALMS, classic Le Mans, new tracks and older GT tracks are released till then GT 5 will just collect dust.

  51. Stinky3377

    I feel like a lot of others who posted…update is nice while DLC is pretty meh. Another GT-R, really, REALLY? No thanks.

    1. killler526

      I would love to have both of them, lets go post it on the feedback (idea) page. If I cant find it i will post one.

  52. FuelAirSpark

    From a news release on November the 10th: Kazunori re-iterated that GT5‘s future additions are ready to go: We have a pool of materials that are possible to release and it was just something that I decided with the team. Exactly what’s in that “pool of materials” is up to speculation, but the 25 track logos GTPlanet’s community discovered earlier this year may offer some hints about what’s to surface. Per Kazunori: What we do from here on is also really dependent on the reaction of the users to this first DLC.
    As of November 3rd, two weeks and two days since its European release, it had received over 1 million downloads.

    Missed opportunity, in my opinion, to offer another DLC pack like the first one. I’m only interested in new tracks, but would be stupid not to buy the whole pack at a discount. Four cars for $4.00….no thanks. I haven’t driven all of the 400 cars I have now.

  53. Crish360

    1 year ago and still a lot of standards cars with PS2 quality, vaccum cleaner sounds, blocked shadows, bad crash physics, bad damage, bad tuning, bad 2d trees… etc.

    Im dissapointment, PD should learn by *Turn 10*

    1. TokoTurismo

      Say what you want, no one would care what you think cuz it’s only boring… YAAAAAWN… Still a “standard opinion”… All in your dreams…

    2. Demonyze

      Go play Forza?
      Enjoy bad physics, awfully modeled cars, no care for details and expensive DLC’s for cars that they already made :)
      (I own all Forza games, and GT kicks Forza’s ass all day long.

    3. Foxiol

      The only thing that Turn 10 wants to be is PD and Forza is and always will be a wanna be GT. They just waited to see the things that ‘missed’ on GT5 and in some aspect did wrong and they tried to give that to the minor Forza fans community just to not buy GT5 and loose money.
      GT series community and car fans for this game is one of the biggest in the entire world and in the ‘PS world’ GT is one of the biggest games. On xBox Forza is just one more game because most of you play CoD or Halo or Gears of War instead of racing games. (also you love ‘american’ games such as NFS and always want something like that with arcade style but tons of tuning options and destruction as a base of the game)
      GT fans look for driving-physics and simulation and that´s what we got.
      I only agree in one thing that Forza games has and maybe is the car list. But also GT series comes with tons of legend cars (yeah standard) or cars that some people had on its life and wanted to drive.
      And last but not less important…GT series is like an sponsorship for all the car companies around the globe and is a major sponsor for tons of the most important Racing events in the world. Forza…???
      We had an unfinished game yes so what…go play yours or are you bored now? haha. I still play mine…

    4. TokoTurismo

      You’re also a legend. :) I couldn’t have never made such a beautiful comment that was so pure and loving to read over and over. :D
      I agree with you all the way no matter what, it’s very funny how the forza fans are leaving forza 4 and are coming here to start issues as always. I too still play GT5 to this very day, it taught me so many things I always wanted to know and learn about my love for cars through out the years of my life and it’s wonderful driving physics I’ve always wanted to find in a game that feels so close to real life. :) Even though I still don’t have my driver’s license, I keep playing GT5 to teach me everything I want to know about driving and racing.

      Unlike forza that makes me feel weak and bored at the sametime because it doesn’t share what I love like in GT5. They can say all they want and hate everything about the GT series, forza by any means, will never show or be as pure as I see in the GT series. I guess that’s why they’re getting bored of forza 4 and are coming here.

    5. cassiusclay99

      Foxiol-> Your post is ridiculous. What do I care if GT sponsors races ? Or if Lucas Ordenez becomes world champion? That does not make GT5 better, does it?

      We got a unfinished game with a terrible framerate: this is not GT standards. Kaz always said how 60 fps was important and now what? F*ing tearing everywhere and framerate going very often under 45fps! That is not GT standards.
      I am not even talking about all the bugs, the events that were cancelled because PD did not think that some people might possibly cut the corners, the 100 Nissan GTR when eveybody asks from day One to turn the Veyron premium, the fact that you still can’t access your garage directly from the tracks (you have to go back to menu-> garage-> select car-> Menu-> training-> training type-> options -> and then RELOAD THE SAME F* TRACK!!…how is that even possible? You just need to play one hour to see that it’s broken…)

      But no: GT5 is perfect…

      Turn10 got Forza better at each iteration and you have to give them credits for that. F4 is a great game, EVERYBODY agrees on that. You have to be the most dishonest and blindest fanboy to say the contrary. Better than GT5? In many ways, yes. MANY WAYS.
      But is F4’s driving on par with GT5: no…not yet. GT5 is still untopped in terms of driving sensations and thrill. But by a small marging now.

      You know what? if PD gets lazier and lazier (which they are: Kaz does not give a f* in GT anymore), Forza 5 will be to GT6 what FIFA 11 was to PES… and that will be becaue of you Mr Fanboy.

    6. TokoTurismo

      Oh I’m sorry, was his sentence to much for you to handle? You are by far the most BIGGEST FANBOY I’ve ever seen in my life.
      For that I’m for surely NOT getting any Forza game, no DLCs which are already made and makes pay extra idiot, EVER! All becasue of your STUPID FANBOY COMMENT. You can call me FANBOY all you WANT! I don’t care, How I see TURN 10 is working on forza, 500 Preimum cars MY A$$. Same looking models, HA! You make laugh. I bet you Forza 5 is gonna have the same looking models again, all because their STUPID 2 YEAR C&$# making the game! MAYBE NIGHT RACING AND WEATHER which I’ll LAUGH IF I DON’T SEE IT, OH WOW Like, WHO CARES! I hope the old GT tracks comes and WIPES THE MARK WITH YOUR FACE with the logo, GT on it!

      We KNOW forza 4 is a great game, yet STILL you come on here, to bring down the GT Fans, for stupid reasons and NEVER COMMENT anywhere else, BUT DLCs and updates for GT5. The fact you go and say to Foxiol, who I see as a hero. Calling him “You have to be the most dishonest and blindest fanboy”, has REALLY GOT ME UPSET! You are by far the MOST dishonest and blindest fanboy I’ve ever seen. Why do you EVEN CARE about GT5 anyways SMART A$$. IF YOU LIKE FORZA THAT MUCH, THEN GET LOST AND PLAY it for all we care. What are you, BORED with it already? So you come on here to bring down GT5, Kaz and PD, and their fans down? You should just F* off and just never come back with you STUPID FANBOY sentences. Theres something “Forza Planet”, just GO there and SHUT UP! Hate all you want, I don’t give a S&^%! I don’t want to go farther then this, so our conversation is OVER!

    7. cassiusclay99

      Lol. Ever noticed that, when you are angy, you don’t make sense ? I mean: your post is absolutely incomprehensible. Seriously: maybe you are young (I d say 13) , maybe english is not your native language, maybe both…anyway…

      Why do I care so much about GT5? Well, because I am a REAL fan of GT… I don’t even own a X360, what I own is a PS3, GT5, a T500RS, a playseat, and the TH8RS shifter… so when I spend so much money for one game I think I am allowed to criticize it as much as I want.

      I am 36 with about 25 years of gaming… and I can tell when a dev is losing grip: Kaz did. Just like Seabass before him. I can tell when someone is bullshitting: and Kaz does… a lot.

      You are happy with GT5? Fine. get over my critics then.

      I am not happy with it…at all… It may be the best simulator ever (as I said: unmatched driving sensations) , it lacks polish and was basically unthought and unproduced.

      In some years from now, we will learn than GT5 developpement was a nightmare, with huge mistakes, very bad decisions from the very beginning… When GT6 comes out, Kaz will say: “GT5 was not good… I was not happy with it…blablabla…” Let’s take sounds for instance: when GT6 comes out, you can be sure the sounds will be way better than GT5’s… and then suddenly everyone will say:” Yes…true… sounds in GT5 sucked… God! Now the sounds are great!”

      It s always the same story: fanboys can’t see…

    8. TokoTurismo

      What the? Are you that same guy who saids he 36? With a different name? And my english isn’t bad I’m was born and raised in Canada. But you got angry and so did I, I guess were the same huh? :) And “ugh”, you love GT5 as much as I do? I didn’t know that, hmm. And I’m 20 years old mind you. It’s just what you wrote maybe me thought you were going overboard so I couldn’t hold myself back… But your right, so I won’t butt in your critics about the game. But one question, are you that same guy who said he’s 36? You’re beginning to remind me of him alot.

    9. cassiusclay99

      @Toko Turismo

      Yes. i am the 36 y-o guy. ;-)

      We got both a bit angry…nothing personnal: I just can’t bear when I feel like the community is not demanding enough with PD. It’s GT we ‘r talking about: everything should be the best ever… and, TO MY POINT, it s VERY far from it.

      The thing I am really the most angry about is the framerate, as it s very bad, and I happen to be very sensitive to it (I wish I was not…but I am…)… AND the fact that the menus are so bad thought (take the example I gave earlier…seriously: this should have been corrected one year ago!)

      BUT, that said, when you get to the gameplay, driving is absolutely SENSATIONAL… That s why I bought a whole cockpit/wheel/gearbox: to get the best out of GT5. And sometimes, I may be very angry at Kaz and GT5 shotcomings, I must say the game can provide pure magic!
      Driving a Zonda, at night, on the nurbur… ECSTATIC.
      But everything before and after sucks. Period. ;-)

    10. TokoTurismo

      Ahh I see now. :) I understood everything in your sentence, I’ll back off from it this time. ;) You’re totally right about the GT Life menu, it really isn’t right I’ll admit. I wish it was more like GT4’s menu. :) Also the online servers in GT5, I have good connection but I get disconnted like 1 or 2 time. :(

    11. Foxiol

      @TokoTurismo first of all thank you for your very kind comments.

      @cassiusclay99 Just say that i am not one of those fans that says GT5 is perfect or we have to like it for how it is. (agree with the menu when you have to go back to the main menu to change the car, etc, GT4 was better yes)

      It isn´t our fault for those development mistakes on design or for how the game has some issues…you have to remember that Sony put Kaz in a hurry to finish the game on time for Sony make more money and sell more PS3´s at that time.

      I blame the console for some errors as the frame rate issue and the ‘bad’ shadows effects (blocks). Also they said that they had to downgrade some things for having a good and stable frame rate, and that explains why this game does not look 100% polished.

      Did you see how the game looks when you take a picture? Maybe that´s how this game should look and not with those problems because of hardware. I can imagine this game running on their PC´s when they were testing it.
      This game was intended maybe for the upcoming console not this one.

      For all being happy this game needs: – option to change car on every track when you are already on it.
      – all cars with the same level of detail (Premiums)
      – REAL engine car sounds as we have the start engine sound already
      – option to RM almost every car for certain type of event (rally or TC for example)
      – and all classic tracks remastered
      But the game was not that bad at all as a lot of people say.
      I have a G27 and tons of more racing games and most of them last a month or a couple…but GT5 is one of the unique games that you have to play at least one hour per day or have to go and buy a couple of cars,etc. It has tons of content and tons of hours that no other racing game can deliver.
      I play rFactor, GTR2, GTR Evo/Race 07 (with expansions), Ferrari Virtual Academy…and GT5 has a place with those games (and i play more GT5 than all of those together)…then comes the rest with arcade feeling and one month fun such as NFS Shift, Dirt 1, 2 and 3, F1 2010 and 2011, Grid and the list goes on…+ older games.

      Just wait for GT6 and hope the new hardware can deliver all the potential that Kaz has in mind for his game…our game.

  54. CorvetteConquer

    I think it’s clear they want to wait for all the classics to be modeled or at least the top favorites available in one single DLC.

  55. Diatribe777

    Our standards are evolving, along with the game:D
    Seriously, I’m buying the DLC just to test drive these cars, and I want to support PD because they support us!

    1. TokoTurismo

      Your totally right. :D For all we know the standard cars might get a chance turn into premium or given even more cool stuff. :D But either, I’m with you on support PD for supporting us too. :)

  56. wrc900

    Forza has better DLCs than gt5 at the end of the day, however they finished the full game halfed it then sold the other half as DLCs. Anyway we need more old cars/aventador and we need the old skool gt tracks!!! Happy enough with it bar the mini/kart

  57. starbutt033


  58. ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

    Seems some people cant be pleased on here constantly moaning

    Wouldn’t mind some new/unusual/ different cars mind you:

    M3 E30
    M3 E36 96′ 97′ model
    Ford Capri
    Escort cosworth
    sierra cosworth
    Mazda 2 Sport
    Mazda 3 MPS or sport
    Citroen DS3
    New Clio sport
    500 abarth
    One 77

    see what the next DLC brings

    1. TokoTurismo

      Better to make them from scratch other then having them already made and charging you money to get them… Okay…

  59. emeraldpython

    How about addressing those track logos? How about addressing Pikes Peak? Make them add-onsl instead of adding new useless cars!

  60. yzfmike

    I think its great that GT5 has the latest and greatest GT-R in game. It has received a power boost. But the GT-R did get a chassis refinement during the 2010 MY, and this 2012 has been refined even more. It is gonna be nice to push the GT-R even harder than before into the corners. All the cars being added are very nice additions. I can’t wait to drive them all.

  61. Forza Mclaren

    I would have loved Improved 3rd person camera angles and being able to look around the car using my right analogue stick, I just love admiring my car when I’m In the lead

  62. uMadson?

    The Scirocco was a surprise.

    The 2012 R35 GTR was expected.

    The Mini and the Golf were, umm, meh.

    And a decent update too. Get over it, whiners.

  63. darkpigraph

    Wow, fantastic update, especially chuffed about the Golf and Scirocco (just look at how amazing they look!), and wheels on standards.

    But a while ago on the forums there was a picture of PD’s offices in which a modeller was working on what seemed to be an Alfa Romeo MiTo which seemed in quite an advanced stage, i was hoping that would be in the running for this update. And then those Pike’s Peak rumours still haunt my dreams.

    1. darkpigraph

      Bloody hell those pics look fine. I’m sure they’re rendered on PC but they just reiterate what a fantastic job PD does of modelling cars.

  64. SavageEvil

    Stop complaining about how much it costs, don’t buy it and let Sony know that you won’t stand for it. Me on other hand will buy it, because I love me some GT5 and those cars will be of use in races online. Now if PD just keeps tweaking and tweaking Spec 3.0 should make offline and online synonymous only difference is internet connection… Christmas will be sweet this year, I’m hoping for a surprise “classic” track added Christmas Day and none other than Midfield Raceway or Apricot Hill. We have to get one course at least, come on PD I know you guys have been holding something back…it has to be a course. Apricot Hill is possibly the best and most realistically feasible course in the entire series.

    That said, the wheels on the standard cars are high definition, they were updated way back in 1.10 or something like that. I noticed the change and posted it on the forum back then. I tend to look at these things and I knew that sooner or later this was coming, now I hope this includes painting these wheels too or else this would be a slight let down. Perhaps this update also changes the algorithm that displays the standard cars to make them look even better…you can’t argue with it, they have gotten much better looking since the game debuted last year so I don’t think it’s beyond PD’s ability to fine tune them some more.

  65. adyspadey

    Definately a NO to the DLC, will probably end up being $8 or $9 Australian for some more cars…? i thought i would buy all DLC as i play GT5 practically everyday but this pack seems a waste of money . All of the update stuff and free toyota are great,i especially like the standard wheel option as most of my fave cares are standard versions. I agree with other posts here about a dragstrip,im not a dragger as such but would love a strip for pure heads up competition.As for the free kart for previous DLC purchases, total waste of time,karts are a joke and no one i know uses them at all.I never see kart rooms online .Maybe some time can be served best fixing the online servers that are horrendous at times,resets, blackscreens and connection issues are way more important than go karts and free car wash and oil changes.

  66. to500mo

    yes finally wheels for standard cars now i can finally pimp out my ae86 and 180sx….all those old time drift cars

  67. Captain.Slow.42

    I will be buying the DLC for one main reason.
    Despite my dissatisfaction with this round of DLC, one must consider:
    By buying this DLC, you give PD both the money and mental support to keep giving us stuff.
    The more support we give them now, the more they will improve and give us what we truly want……
    In my opinion… World circuits (PLEASE Paul Ricard HTTT), more exotics (koenigsegg, more paganis, aventador, gumpert, etc etc), GT3 race cars (same class as the R8 LMS), and maybe some DLC events to go with the cars/tracks downloaded.

    I hold true to my love of the best console driving simulator, even if it does spend time making unnecessary extra GTR’s rather than something unlike anything else in the game (ex. Gumpert Apollo)

    1. Captain.Slow.42

      And the (current under construction) Austin 2012 Grand Prix track, eventually.

      I will be attending that race in November of next year, and would love to see the track on GT5 by then

  68. adramire

    A new GTR what else is new, I so wanted Forza 4 to be good so I can get new American cars added like the 2012 Camaro ZL1 and the new Mustang GT500. But GT5 being Japanese all we are gonna get is PD’s inane obsession with Japaneses cars specifically the GTR.

  69. Elitekilla29

    dlc sounds ok. patch sounds amazing. engine sounds and changing rims to standard cars! But do u guys remember when kaz said that the 71 camero was going to be on the game soon.

  70. calvins48

    1.) We aren’t getting a new track. The DLC has been announced, this is what it is. Stop clutching at straws. GT6 is a long way off, we still have plenty of time for new tracks.

    2.) Why is everybody hating on the DLC? PD have listened to their fans. Name another developer that listens as much as PD does. LOADS of fans wanted more hot hatches, so PD added 3 of them. The 2012 GT-R is in because of PDs affiliation with Nissan. It’s business. Now you’ve said that you want more exotics, then we’ll get them. The GT-86 being in there for free goes without saying. The FT-86 Concept is already in there so it’s obvious the GT-86 was coming.

    3.) Once again, PD have listend. You guys wanted to be able to change the rims on your Standard cars? You’re going to be able to do that, thanks to PD.

    4.) Why is everybody hating on the price? A dollar/euro/pound a car? That’s cheaper than any racing game DLC on the market.

    5.) You can’t please everybody. Fact. PD aren’t super-human. There’s so many people who complain on here who wouldn’t even be able to model a headlamp, let alone a full car or track. When you were kids and you didn’t get something from your parents you complained and moaned. Now you’re all grown up and your doing the exact same thing. About a video game. Some of you don’t know the first thing about developing a video game and you come on here and expect PD to give us 10 new tracks and 100 new cars? Stupid.

    Will you all stop acting like 12 year olds?

    1. blue cat

      i agree PD is giving the fans what they want. but in terms of DLC you’re not getting the same value as the first pack which included cars and tracks and other things. Back then it made sense for ppl just to get the whole pack because they’d save money. now that its just cars their DLC sales will be heavily influenced by peoples preference for those cars. I think if they’d thrown another track(s) DLC option in they would have more luck with sales. Right now i’m sure lots of people are hanging out for some upscaled versions of older GT tracks.

      If it really takes them so long to make a full premium track with weather and day change then i personally would rather they just gave us upscaled ‘standard’ tracks for that added variety.

    2. Quakebass

      I’m not hating on the DLC, and there IS one LAST STRAW to hold on to:
      ” and Christmas present is coming next week.” And I’m glad for new European cars, just there’s much more massive cars out there; the Aventador, Mustangs, ETC. The list goes on.

  71. belovedconsole

    I forgot, yes I would love to see tracks and would pay for any, I particularly remember that Tokyo (?) one from GT4, with the sunset and the haze, that was gorgeous and made for epic photos. Would also love of course being able to turn rain off/on on any track, as well as set any time of day/night. ‘Cause I like to create atmosphere.

  72. belovedconsole

    I like the wheels thing, because it adds personality to the car and my favorite cars are stock cars that anyone might buy, and I like to take pictures a lot, so now I’ll get to see those cars with something other than stock wheels. I also like the dlc, because again, I like to be able to test drive cars that are normal cars, not monsters. I like the physics of less expensive, slower cars. The dlc is totally cheap at $4 for four cars. On Forza a single car is $1.65. How can someone complain that the art that is each of these cars is not worth the price of a freaking day’s mocha or latte. Let’s support the artists and pay them for what they do, yeesh. I only wish they would add a feature to change car (access garage) while you’re at a given track. I like to race 1-3 laps in one moderately-priced car, then race again in another. I like to see how different eras and different countries present their cars, what the weaknesses and strengths are. It would be easier if I could just switch cars from the track that I’m on since I usually just stick to one track when comparing different cars. I like GT5 because it’s like an interactive museum.

  73. TeamCZRRacing

    That RK125 looks like a f*cking beast. I wonder if it’ll be faster than the regular 125? That would be wicked. imagine doing 95+ MPH on the Nordschleife in a go kart. As if doing 90MPH on it wasn’t hair-raising enough!

  74. GT5FREAK500

    I will be buying this just for the GTR. and I am happy that they are implementing wheel change on standards, now all, it needs is to be able to paint stock wheels (for the OEM wheels that look good but I would prefer in a different colour)

  75. Denilson

    VW Golf: No thanks
    VW Scirocco: No thanks
    Mini Cooper S: WTF?? No thanks
    Nissan GT-R 2012: Please, this is turing in to a joke..

    That said, I’m a true GT5 freak.. I bought the first DLC pack without hasitation.. Loving the game..

    The update is fine… But the DLC…. jeeez, I’m disapointed to say the least.

    Not spending any money this time..

  76. blue cat

    changing wheels is great definitely a big positive for a lot of fans

    however, the DLC leaves me a little underwhelmed:
    -no tracks, i value tracks over cars most days of the week
    -the car pack doesn’t interest me that much personally, i would really love to see some of the more staple standards converted to premium, but good to see some late model cars being added, they’ve been sorely missing from the lineup

    but all negativity aside, great to see the DLC promise being fulfilled, eagerly awaiting the next one, no tracks this time means greater chance of tracks next time

  77. AbeBlinkin

    Soooo excited to finally ditch the hubcaps on my crx, way to go updates for coming through with some major changes, also the GT auto stuff sounds good good, just wish they would change that awful animation on the oil changes.. i mean cmon he doesnt even bring a tool with him, and HUGELY HUGELY IMPORTANT IS THE SOUND UPGRADES. PLEASE PD MAKE MY TURBO SOUND LIKE A TURBO NOT A DIESEL 18-WHEELER!!! and please make hondas sound like hondas since PD loves them so much..

  78. AyJay

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

  79. eddiefumar

    So much disappointment here.
    But that´s how it works today i guess. Give me everything and even more. And i want it NOW!
    I don´t get it. We are getting so much improvement through PD even over a year after release. And most of it cost nothing.
    Calm down guys. Nothing is perfect and it will never be. But PD is trying hard.
    So why can´t we just be happy about the new stuff. I am.

  80. dylpro

    Pretty decent. I was hoping for some GT classics but new cars are well welcomed! The black edition GTR is really cool! Can’t wait to test it out!

  81. Naru1256

    Please for the love of god PD, add a drag strip. PLEASE!!! Drag racing is motor sports you know and that is the only one not included that involves cars.

  82. pudge

    I don’t know if the cars are worth $4 to me. They’re nice though, but … I want some different cars, preferably new supercars.

    1. 70hemi

      Oh stop, be glad we’re getting what we are! Do you know how much it would be to get the License to add another Supercar? And by the time they add it as DLC, it would Probably be $4 per Car…

    2. TokoTurismo

      Seriously it’s getting really old now… I want supercars to but I really want something new other then supercars…

  83. slayer91

    The diesel Scirocco…wil get you down to Morroco….on one fill-up of diesel….at 55 mpg-iesel

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Pumped about the 2 VeeDubs, not so much the Mini or GT-R. But this:

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars

    That’s something to get excited about.

  84. marktyper

    OMG OMG OMG why am I going crazy!? Isn’t this perfect that there would be custom wheels for STANDARDS!???? :D
    Overall, this is great and it’s good that I still have 8 dollars in my account! :D

  85. turbolefty78

    *sigh*, snuffed again. When will they ever add in an oil change option to the home screen of online race rooms? It’s sooo depressing to have to leave a room to change the oil on your car and then find that you can’t enter it again because you’ve either lost your spot or simply can’t get back in due to server clogging. Very frustrating. I can’t be the only one that would like to see this in an update am I?
    As for the rest if 2.02, meh, it’s alright I guess. No tracks generated that response. At least it’s free.

  86. Foxiol

    For those complaining for the DLC….come on 4 bucks or 4 euros…to me those are 4 coins on my pocket and i know for giving this to them helps for the development of the upcoming title called Gran Turismo 6.No more no less.
    I have the Signature Edition and paid for the cars and the tracks and i´m not playing too much now but when i see a new seasonal event i go to play and then buy some cars an so on. Even i´m not using too much SPA and the new cars but hey, i have those cars in my garage.
    They are working in this game since the past year and also in the upcoming title and i feel i am helping them to make it. And they are listening to us in the process…
    Keep it up PD!

    1. diegorborges

      Someone said a really good thing. People likes to think about the value of 1000 cars in the game versus this DLC, wich is $1 per car… the game was sold for 60 bucks… if you divide this by 1000, you would get less then 1 cent per car.

      Cmon. PD ain’t M$, that outsources the modelling to bad paid slaves in India. Let’s be reasonable. $1 per car is ok, they just really need to give us more options.

  87. SaintSaiya

    awesome update!! garbage DLC, ill be buying it anyway to support PD. how about some windshield wipers dlc pack for standards

  88. SaintSaiya

    awesome update!! garbage DLC, ill be buying it anyway to support PD. how about some windshield wipers dlc pack for standards?

  89. tesla99

    I remember hearing back when the first DLC was released that the cars in the DLC would be available in the Dealership Eventually. I have not played the game since the last/first DLC. Did they actually do that?

  90. montecarlo87

    I doubt this is all. Special Christmas presents are just that, don’t reveal what it is until the day you receive it. Also I don’t ever remember a time that every detail was released days before the actual date.

  91. 70hemi

    Personally, i think instead of the Cooper S, they should’ve added a Clubman with the option to Race Mod it. think about it…. Clubman Modded to Rally Car Spec…

  92. the_kingb_

    2011 Mini Cooper S
    2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
    2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R

    & Another GTR ????????????? WTF ? I think the game already has 3 premium VWs and 2 premium Mini?!?! THIS IS JUST REDICULOUS! KAZ IS SHOWING NOTHING BUT LAZYNESS !!!!!!

    Mercedes E65 AMG & the CLS65 AMG
    New BMW M5, the M6 , the E30 M3, E34 M5, E39 M5, & E46 M3 (Premium!!)
    Some More Ferraris Like the 550 Maranello

    Who cares T F*** about Minis and VWs!?!
    We want cars that are hard to get in real life!

    1. 70hemi

      Ummm like they Don’t have enough BMW’s and Mercedes? And Besides, those VW’s are hard to get as they are way more expensive than their average counterparts!

    2. RRostar

      E65 & CLS65 you meen E63 & CLS63 and this is the new 2012′ GT-R with a Lap-Time on Nürburgring of 7:20. OK, another Mini Cooper of the same Model is ridiculous. ;)

    3. Demonyze

      Your choice in cars is great but keep in mind that the boys from PD actually care about details, so it takes a while for them to render a car, not like FM4 (Which I own, just like all the other FM titles) where they make awful interiors, while the outside is alright.
      So please stop asking about 182392 new cars, they’re already starting to develop GT6 and wasting time for 15+ new cars is just a waste of time even if I would like more content.

    4. Diatribe777

      Modeling any premiums is not a waste of time, especially since they could use those models for the next game.
      Oh, and yeah, I was disappointed in some of Forzas interiors and taillights! The mx-5 and nsx are prime examples of where the quality slipped:(

    5. Bom15

      @ RRostar. Its a different car. Its a BMW Mini cooper S MK2. Its bigger, diff lights etc.
      @The KingB. GT has never been about just supercars. Its about ALL cars. You want supercars get NFS.
      @Diatribe777. Agree with you with the developing of premiums. They will no doubt all be used in GT6.

  93. Ix-M0NTANA-xI

    im 36. all you younger “kids“ are tards. GT5 is by far my fav game but it is fkn stupid that forza has so many more race cars. disappointed as usual PD. this is the gayest update ever. another GTR lol.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Hahaha, you’re 36, and you’re calling us kids and tards? STOP believing every update is bad to you, and who cares if forza has some nice cars. A bunch of them came from the older forza games anyway, especially the forza 1 cars which I call “STANDARD CARS with interiors.” Have seen their models???

    2. Quakebass

      HA! Thats exactly what I was thinking!
      And that GTR, Sir, is the best one thats been added so far, but I’ve had enough of them. Compare this update to V1.09, and this is DEFINITELY not the worst update ever… Compare: “A few minor bug fixes” is worse than

      “Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
      The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
      In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
      Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
      Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
      In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
      In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
      In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
      Improved racing sound effects
      Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked.”?

      No, no siree. not the worst update ever.

  94. airborn007

    DLC 2 looks weak $3.99 I like GTR 12. For that price alone I would pay just for Lucas Ordonez race car as DLC. It’s about time we can change rims on standard cars. Improved sound effects, I’m sure they don’t mean engine sound :

  95. WhiteStripe

    I really like PD, they are constantly updating a year-old game and listening to feedback from fans. Even poeople who don’t buy DLC’s still get loads of free content!

  96. PS3LUV3R

    I’m actually excited for this GT-R. 2012 models are a big change…. aka the car everyone will be using to drag online now lol.

  97. ChicoMaloXD

    I’d rather have changeable rim size on Premiums than Rims for Standards. Oh well, that’s what the community wanted. Some rims are too big for my like. like the last RX7 it looks disgusting with such big rims. Also make all rims available for all cars!!!

    On the other hand I’m interested to knoe more about the “Racing sound effects” : ) Better exhaust sounds? wind noise and tire noise?

    1. Mattycakes

      i’d like that as well. I think a race modded Scirocco would be loads of fun, plus a RM mini could be quite interesting.

  98. lebes14

    Not exactly what I had in mind when I asked for German cars :) but not bad gt5, definetly going to buy it. 2.02 sounds amazing!

  99. MustangCobra95

    I think I just took a holy $h!t…
    PD I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and enthusiasm. It seems each update gets more and more awesome as they come. This update will definitely silence a few whiners on this site. I know I will enjoy those new engine sounds, standard car wheel changes, AND being able to see what is affected in the GT Auto. Keep up the amazing work and add some tracks!

  100. Austin864

    So, standard cars finally get to change wheels and I don’t see any comments on it? Come on people, it’s what you wanted.

  101. cbabb

    Yes! Thank you PD! :)
    2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R <<<< !!!
    Even better…. The 2012 GTR!
    What a price too. Only $4 bucks.

  102. linupix

    GT5 is the best game of all times… To all the whiners, get a force feedback wheel. You don’t need more tracks or cars. With a wheel the Mazda MX-5 is alive. I don’t want an exotic that looks good; I want a car that drives well. I have a Fanatec Porsche GT3RS and I am getting the ClubSport pedal. Give yourself a favor get the right tool for the job ;) I have more fun driving a Prius with a wheel then a Ferrari with a controller. I don’t want to show off, just want to show you the right way to play. Enjoy the skyline and GT-R in GT5 because every other game got it wrong ;)
    PD keep those DLC coming, I am getting them all ;)

    1. Diatribe777

      True! Each car has a life of it’s own behind a wheel and the level of quality GT5 presents is amazing. So any new premiums is worth a drive!

  103. yoman297

    Hey look, another ****ing GTR. Not buying this one. Yes, I know that there is a redesign or something like that. I’m still not buying it.

  104. jonosi

    would love to see some old school cars added. being a Ford nut would be nice to see a MK1 Escort, MK2 Escort, Sierra Cosworth etc and some others from that time and the choice to change engines from different cars as an upgrade. i would pay for that, not sure if i will purchase any DLC until it seems worth it
    The game doesnt need any more Jap cars

  105. Elitekilla29

    well I thought about it, and cant say that this is the full dlc. I think kaz is keeping some sercrets from us. I guess he want us to be suprise. Its probaly more on this dlc. Maybe he add 2 to 3 tracks probaly. So everyone thats asking for tracks dont give your hopes up yet.

    1. MadmuppGT

      I believe theyre FF as VW’s 4wd cars are called 4motion… but fear not FF is not the fussiness it once was with clever difs and set ups!

    2. Foxiol

      Wolskwagen Scirocco R is FF and the Golf R is 4WD. In a video that i can´t post here…some people tested both in a drag race and in a couple of races in wet and dry conditions.
      The results were that the Golf R (in a drag race) take advantage at first but then the Scirocco in the straight is faster.
      In overall wet and dry conditions the Golf R is better and more stable in a race than the Scirocco R because of the 4DW. If the Scirocco R is at the back of the Golf R it can only past it if it is close in the main straight but the Golf is better on curves.
      And the lap times for each in Jarama Circuit (Spain) were: Scirocco=1:54.90 and Golf R=1:55.30 And that was because of the long straight of course.
      The conclusion is that the Scirocco R is faster but in a race depends on the pilot because one car at a time Scirocco wins.

  106. 37kazzmark

    Dear PD (I know you won’t hear this but)
    This is an AMAZING UPDATE, changable wheels on all standard car? WOW, Improved Racing Sound Effects, :o

    These awesome vehicles,
    * 2011 Mini Cooper S
    * 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
    * 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
    * 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35.
    * Toyota 86
    * Gran Turismo Racing Kart SP


  107. Boosted_01_R

    $4 for 4 cars LOL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT……. really 3…. dont think anyone wants another GTR :|

    only car worth having is the 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R………..wasnt the last DLC like 10 cars for $4

    Give me 10 real world tracks worth having ( NO NASCAR) and i would glady pay $10

  108. Ben Rogue

    The update and DLC looks excellent, nice work PD! The wheels on standard cars is a great idea, just wish there were more wheels available instead of just for certain cars. Only a few things left on my wish list now!Bring on the original tracks!

  109. McZachenF138

    I would just appreciate some left-hand drive cars. Or, PD can add the feature for you to choose left or right-hand drive cars. They wouldn’t even have to remodel everything, they could just do something that would mirror the cockpit or something but still keep whatever text there may be the correct way. I would love that so much.

  110. shadowtsunami

    So wait are they telling us that the people who HAVEN’T PURCHASED the first dlc get all the cars, and tracks for free? If so that’s complete BS. The people who purchased the original DLC should get this and the next 4 Free if that’s the case.

  111. Wilk108Cav

    Wasn’t there something mentioned around the 2.0 release about the first DLC cars being made available in the NCD in December for those that purchased the DLC?

  112. karelpipa

    oh great, another stupid and boring GT-R.

    PD team must be so ineffective at modeling cars and especially tracks, theres so few of them..
    firstly, bring back all original circuits from older GTs.
    secondly, make a PROPER A spec career ! Championships with some thinking about it. (rules, eligible cars, so on)
    theres so much to be done…GT5 is like GT4 and 1/4.

  113. pasigiri

    [English tweet:] The release of the next GT5 update, DLC, and Christmas present is coming next week.

    What EXACTLY does this mean? GT5 update, meaning patches and improvements to features already in the game, and DLC, meaning the cars for download, I get. But the CHRISTMAS PRESENT is the item I don’t think I fully grasp. Has it been mentioned on Sony’s blog or is it something PD hasn’t even talked about, like say there actually IS a new track coming?

    1. lintels123

      That will most likely be the “…anyone who purchased the first batch of DLC will receive a free “Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP” along with five free “New Car Refresh” cards…” part. Kaz did say that he will give a “present” to the people who purchased the first dlc pack

    2. lintels123

      …but i’m 100% supportive in your hope for a knew track! Fingers crossed for Pikes Peak & Infineon Rceway!!!

  114. Cxod

    Love the fact that ppl say GT5 is japanese, so the cars should be japanese. Really? are u that stupid?

    So if you created a soccer game from italy it should only have italian players and italian names. Ok good luck. A reason for why FIFA is as big as it is. They try to get in everything and do it good, im not a FIFA fan but i can understand why all my friends love it.

    For the DLC i wont buy it, I didnt buy the previous either. I want too see the oldschool F1 cars, The oldschool Prosches, Ferraris, Paganis, Lampos, More LMP cars….what happend to “suzuki ceasar?” that was in GT2? Or maybe Nissan Juke – R ( prototype ?) would be much better.

    More of these cars instead of 12 Nascars with different stickers. Or a nother GT-R. I cant say the GT-R is bad in anyway or i dont like it but after seeing like 10 different then the GT-R mood just drops to minimum level.

  115. Giygas

    OMFG MOAR GTR’S???!?!?!?

    Now that i have your attention, i can see this update being well worth the wait. cant wait to try the gt-86

  116. creati

    I still think more info to follow….. regarding tracks, christmas present still unknown. reckon the 12 deals of christmas may play a part in possible tracks…. or part of the christmas present… maybe unlocked christmas day internal time of ps3 tracks etc…with update.

  117. Mohamu

    2020 december Breaking news: The latest DLC and update for GT5 is out!
    You get all “classic” gt-r’s from 2012 til nowadays.
    PD finally give u a new track called GT-R test track
    Brand new features: pink racing shoes, and in-the-menu if u hit the select button it will show wich GT-R is the actual favourite of Kaz

    I feel sorry for all Gt5 fans…

    1. Bom15

      i feel sorry for non gt5 fans. constant updates, new dlc. The best driving physics, more cars than anyone else. A gaming company that actually listens. whats to feel sorry for?

    2. Mohamu

      At Bom15:
      – constant updates = non tested versions with lot of bugs and it is still just a trying to make a full game of a half finished game.
      – Best driving phisysc: lol, don’t be sily.. it is far away from real sim programs
      – More cars than anyone else: yes standard half finished cars like 30 same GT-Rs, 200 same Hondas, not enough real racing cars

      I also loved GT5, for almost half year! I loved my PS3 for almost half year! Now I leave this and “play” with real sim progs on PC. Can’t compare them to GT5 what feels like a toy after iRacing, rFactor or Simbin games.

      So yes, I feel sorry for GT5 users. You’re always waiting for new tracks, you get nothing. You always pray for some bug fix than you get 10 more. PD makes fool of you:(

    3. TokoTurismo

      Haha. Like, who cares what you think about GT5 and the users who loves it. You sound as if GT5 will never be complete, which is gonna be very very soon anyway. And who cares if you play on PC, how are the mods, good isn’t. Say what you want, but what you say make you sound like the fool. Don’t say you love GT5 if you’re calling it a toy. Such a shame someone like you won’t show their respect to Kaz and PD who are listening and giving everying they can to us all.

      Go play your iRacing and modding games on you P.C., while us GT users will enjoy GT5 in anyway possible. Once the old GT tracks comes, you’ll be running back to GT5 faster then light anyway so say you want… I believe the conversation with you, is now over. Have a nice day.

    4. Bom15

      Mohamu. How many cars you got on your little PC game? 100 maybe? if your lucky. Not including all of the skylines (which most are actually different.) Theres about 300 ‘different’ cars at least. How many updates/patches you get on your PC? So that means yours is bugged to. Does it not? Does your PC game developer listen to what you say? Add stuff you asked for? Is it other companies/people who make your liveries for you to download? Thats the case with a fair few PC sims especially Rfactor. Did u use a steering wheel on GT5. i take it thats a no. Its a different game on a steering wheel to using a pad. And if the physics are so rubbish then why do professional drivers use it to improve there skills? And don’t forget GT5 WAS RELEASED EARLY. But at least they take the time while Natural disasters, moving offices etc where happening to fix the problems. How many times will you have to update your PC to keep up with the latest releases? I think you should think before you speak.

  118. andrytheboss

    I’d like a feature that let you change you car in practice mode without going back to the garage and change it everytime

  119. kieran177

    The people of GTPlanet have spoken, and he has listened. Hope the sounds are better. I wan’t a real v8 rumble. I love the scirocco and the golf, and everything else for that matter.

  120. nick1970

    Yeah !!!

    The Gran Turismo 5 is getting better & better.

    In my opinion , the best in this update will be the Racing Sound Affects…. At last……..

    I was wondering someday if will fix them , and that day has come.

    Great News Mr. Kazunori Thank you.

  121. Rphilip

    Thanks Kaz….

    With Kaz , remember he starts off small in giving us fans what we want.Look at the DLC we got this year from January all the way till now. It went from small patch fixes to actual DLC. Be patient and the best is still yet to come! I don’t mind the 4 cars he gave us. In two months don’t be surprise that those compact cars change to exotic sports cars then to race cars the following two months after that along with new tracks etc. He had me with wheels for standard cars, everything else is a bonus!

    Thanks again and appreciate that you still appreciate us , your fans!

  122. Foxiol

    I posted above and i am very happy with this update and the DLC too (i want a Ford Focus RS500 on it but oh well…) and just to add something…all i need now is the Honda HSV 010 Super GT500. (i play GTR2 on PC sometimes only just to see and hear that car because i love it)

  123. aQuarius26

    Are you kidding me?!? “Users can now change wheels on Standard cars” This was a no-brainer, should have been there @ the release… Can’t wait!

  124. atlhardhitters1

    No no no! the DLC is nest but lets be real we need a g27 full FB download. they first gave up button mapping but we want the real FB.

  125. grzajabarkus

    Can we also buy the dlc from the car dealership, after we install the dlc? I though kaz said he was going to do that around this time as well.

  126. kollosson

    There may be more to this DLC, its not inconceivable that a couple of tracks may be added b4 the 20th but hey its all good, we have some brand new premium cars and changing wheels on standard cars is awesome.

  127. monildan

    I agree with Tenacious D.. i really appreciate all the effort PD is putting into GT5 to make it a better game than it already is.. but when ppl say that “changing wheels on standard cars will get us to play this again” i really dont get it..maybe its something that i am missing but other than looking cool in photomode this won’t do anything to enhance your actual “Racing experience”..

    Maybe if they give us a standard interior rather than a dark silhouette i would be excited..not that i am complaining right now :):)…

    But other than that, an awesome effort by PD…keep it up!!!!!

  128. Magic Ayrton

    The cars are very dissapointing… until we get the new Ruf’s or even 1, not going to consider the car pack purchase.

  129. ChaosStar79

    Wow. Great update but absolute vomit as dlc. What in the flipping hell is wrong with Kaz? No one needs a couple vw’s and a mini unless there is a new ‘grocery run’ track to use them on. Way to fail again pd. Thanks for being consistent at least.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      DLC is terrible.. I was expecting a 2011 or 12 RUF, but no, same boring Cars. Oh well.. when they produce they get my money.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Atleast they’re making the cars from scratch, on like other racing games with their locked cars that were already made and make you pay for them, if not it proves they were locked because of the “A.I.” driving them. So be happy what you get already.

    3. GT_Die_Hard

      Good point. And for the expecters, stop expecting. Don’t think they put every new, shiny supercar or racecar in it. Let them surprise us, that’s what i do. Don’t want them to implement a new Koenigsegg or Lambo Aventador because if they don’t with the next update, you will be nothing but disappointed.
      So as i would say: “Expect the Unexpected”

    4. Kilvoctu

      me too, except the quote at the end. Not too fitting with the post theme, I think.
      More like “Unexpectation is the best expectation”

  130. C-ZETA

    I am a bit worried about the substitution for racing sounds. If that means engine sounds, I don’t wanna lose great sounds like the Murc LP670-4, the CT230R/FTO STC etc and Imprezas with Racing Exhaust…three of my top six favourites in this game.

  131. Timppaq

    Gladly pay them 4$ for still working on the game making it constantly better & better. And they will reward me for doing that with a free DLC, how awesome is that? :tup:

    Great work PD, thanks for still seeing trouble for GT5.

  132. MadmuppGT

    Hot Hatches… Brilliant stuff, normal road cars that are fun to drive. Especially the Scirocco (long over due if you ask me) and most of all the Standard car wheel swaps… That will breath new life into the standard cars… but most of all I can finally put the right wheels on my Standard Celica making it look exactly like my real car :D

    Thank you PD

  133. lespaulguy

    Great, great update. Love the ability to change wheels on all cars now,

    But i’m sorry, paying $4 for 4 cars is not worth it. If it was an Aventador, Aston Martin One-77, Koenigsegg, and the Scirocco OR Fiat 500 Abarth, then sure. But not for another GT-R and some small hatchbacks.

    I’m not complaining though, I just won’t buy the DLC this round. But great job PD with the update, thanks a bunch!

    1. lespaulguy

      I do think hot hatches are great, in particular the Scirocco. But don’t we already have the Mini Cooper S in the game? And we already have several GTR’s….they should have either thrown in a couple more cars for the same price, lower the price, or throw in a track like Grindelwald or Trial Mountain. But still, not complaining, just feedback for next time. Thank you for all the improvements PD!

    2. userme5

      @lespaulguy yeah they are…and we do have the mini cooper s allrdy in the game but an older version…if u ask me we dont need a newer one cus that one is still good and theres not much change as i can se…however the GT-R ’12 is much better than the old one and has alot of change, mainly in the performance….

  134. TakeshiSkunk

    The greatest gift of all is no longer having to hear people whine about wheels on standard cars <3

    Some of these changes are actually pretty cool, I'm surprised by the coupon implementation and all the details with overhauls and oil changes and whatnot are going to be very convenient. 86 for free definitely makes my day, and I'm always happy to get a new kart, but I was hoping for some more exciting cars or a new track…ah well, I'm not disappointed at any rate! I've been kind of overwhelmed by games to play lately, I can wait for new tracks :)


    Improved racing sounds: THANK YOU!!
    My #1 point on my update wishlist

    Change rims on standard cars: THANK YOU!!
    ( Owh KPGC10+110 are going to look awesome now :))) )
    Overal a very good update!!! Me very happy :))

    Not getting this DLC though, there just not my kind of cars.. FWD…AWD..:(
    The 86 IS, but that one is for free :D YEAH!

    Next update wish:
    More search options for online lobbys, for example: search for wich…tire restrictions, max hp, max pp, karts, F1 etc..

    1. Foxiol

      +1 but not too much because could be only some kind of fix to the rev sound more than actually give a real engine sound effects to the cars. It would be a hard job to give all cars its own real engine sound….but they did it with the start engine sound when you buy it and select to use it…hopefully they have this prepared for GT6.

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      I hope they fix the fact that i can hardly hear my car when in a crowd of other cars, or when theres a car close behind me….my car shouldnt be drowned out like that

    3. Kilvoctu

      Hope they improve the doppler effect of cars to have more presence. 787b doesn’t have that same screaming noise driving past camera in GT5 as it does in a recorded video.

    4. userme5

      @Foxiol ….yeah…weird….i would much rather have the sound of the startup in the garage when you choose the car than the sound you get in an actual race

  136. RocketJohn

    They sold over 1M of the DLCs in the first two weeks… that’s over $10M USD. And that was just the first two weeks… How many millions of dollars does each track require to be added to GT5?

    We need tracks, lots of tracks…

    We all have hundreds of cars… I don’t need any more stock boring cars for the game. I don’t have time to drive the crappy ones I have, let alone pay for more uninspiring cars…

    Tracks… and roads…

    The fictitious GT1-4 tracks that we did not get should just be free in DLC.

    I will pay for real life tracks and roads…



    wonder if the standard wheels will be the same ones from GT4? or if they’ll have wheels with a high poly count on an ugly low-res car

  138. Stephanos82

    New racing sound effects?? Have they augmented the sounds or give you an option to focus audio on engine? Interesting

    1. another_jakhole

      I was thinking about PD doing this a few weeks ago. I didn’t think it was a practical idea, so I hope the sound really is better.

    2. userme5

      focusing on engine would be great….but they do need to change the sounds especially for titanium racing sounds…just sounds like a bee and most of the cars sound the same with the titanium racing exhaust

  139. Bigcountry

    wow another nissan gtr man how great …………sike thats a joke im not gonna pay for another gtr how about this some more american cars like the mustang 87-93 or olds 442 or a trans am wtf i mean this game i know is about track racing and im good with that but i know for a fact there are alot of drag racers out there so how about we help those guys out too or hey maybe the nascars guys give em more tracks . dont get me wrong i love to track race but dont push all these volkwagens and nissans if you cant give us the American muscle too its bias and you all know it be fair to everyone bring some more cars and tracks that appeal to everyone ! oh and a drag track would be an awesome addition to the game with a tree make it with three lines to mark the end one at 1/4 mile one at 1/2 mile and one at a mile with two return lanes on the outside

    1. RaisinHaleRacin

      I could not have said it any better! The choice of American cars is terrible considering the number of Miatas, GT-Rs, RX-7/8s.

      Currently there are not any good drag racing games on the market. It would be a very nice addition to the GT series. I am only hoping it will make it into GT6 at this point.

    1. HKSBro92

      The corvette ZL1, Dodge Challenger and the Viper ACR are in GT5…thats all the American cars I need…although a GT500 would be nice

    2. userme5

      @StarLight yeah i like does kind of cars too…we need more not so low power sports cars….but sportscars that almost anyone can have….the octavia,the golf, the astra, the speedster….cars like that

    1. GT_Die_Hard

      Lol, i think he will not be older than eightYEARS… People with a bit of understanding of the game know this update brings more great things then only rims for standards…

  140. Skyline_77

    oooh yeah! actual new cars! it’s a nice start. :) I was starting to worry we would just keep getting RM versions of cars that are already in the game. this is great news :D

    oh, and lol @ the Forza fanboys. so bored of the game that they come here to torment us.

  141. RoarOfZonda

    Awww I was hoping for more exotic cars :(

    oh well, as a true Gran Turismo fan I will purchase the DLC anyways to show my support and appreciation of this game

  142. DrSwag

    This update is awesome! I can’t wait for it and the DLC, but I really gotta say, as much as I am a fanatic for everything Skyline and GTR, I think we’ve had more than enough of them for now. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks it’s time for some more additions to the GT stable that aren’t Japanese, like the Golfs we got here. It’s a good start, and I really hope to see some different brands from different countries later on!

  143. iridegravity

    So stoked on the Rims I cant even complain about $4 for a Scirrocco…..
    Wait for it
    Seriously though, these DLC’s are shaping up to be more like chances to show PD some appreciation for upgrades with some freebies thrown in. Good stuff and well deserved. That Scirocco was well placed, but you had me at Standard Rims. I hope Kaz throws a Killer christmas party with some of this dough.

  144. Ix-M0NTANA-xI


    1. TokoTurismo

      What’s with the caps, the GT-R is their last car don’t worry man. Take it easy, I think the pack is pure awesome. :) You think so too right? :D

    2. Skyline_77

      Tokio he’s just another Forza fanboy, coming to torment us GT fans. He’s just jealous Forza will never be as good as GT ;) don’t mind him.

    3. KingOfSpades007

      @Skyline_77; completely agree. I’ve been on FM4 for a while now, no comparison to GT5. I like FM4 for the graphics but GT5 has it beat as far as physics go IMO… I’ll probably get some snarky response from another fanboy but I don’t really care. Both games have their ups and downs, unfortunately people had high expectations for GT5- not saying it isn’t class, I just wish they had more time to perfect it and PEOPLE WERENT SO PICKY AND ANTSY to get their hands on the game… FM4 has way too many fanboys btw, just take both games as they are and be you. It’s like Jeep vs. (no longer) Hummer… I guess we all have to have something to critique…

    4. GT5 X1

      Nissan GTR is Japanese, and GT5 is Japanese. Thats the FREAKING reason you b*tch. If it was German, more German cars would have been in the game, and you would have been complaining: NO MORE AUDIS!

    5. TokoTurismo

      I know right, seriously. Leave the GT-R alone already. And don’t even start with the hole, “Ohh, forza has better cars BLAH BLAH BLAAAH!” THAT’S IT! You wanna hear this, the forza 1 models from the first xbox they made, I marked them as “STANDARD CARS” with interiors. How you like that!

    6. Ix-M0NTANA-xI


      I was playing GT while u were still in your daddys sac lil girl. I dont even have forza. If you cant agree that GT5 seriously lacks race cars you are a retard.

    7. Ix-M0NTANA-xI

      All you retards who repiled to my comment. Listen up.

      @Toko Turismo- you think the pack is awesome? LOL thats funny. I can think of 30 other modern streetcars that should have been put in the game before another GTR. The should offer more tuner cars in the game also.

      @Skyline_77- i agree. forza will never be as good as GT in the physics dept. Too bad they dont put modern cars in the game. example: LMP- WHERE ARE THE AUDI R15, R18. PAGANI HYURAI, BUGATTI SUPERSPORT,I COULD GO ON FOR 20 MINUTES TYPING CAR NAMES THAT SHOULD BE IN THE GAME ALREADY.

      @GT5 X1- YUR A F@G.


    8. TokoTurismo

      And your 36 years old calling us retards and getting all angry typing bad words? Such a shame. Look, cool it alright. I really do like the car pack but you know PD is properly making them by scratch is why, so relax. Don’t go calling us retards and no one will agree with you if you’re gonna type like that? It’ll take some time getting the cars everybody wants, like me. But I find getting only fast cars or supercars gets a little old sometimes, you know? Only my opinion btw. Hopefully the next pack it’ll make everyone happy and not complain about it, right? So, are we cool?

  145. pauloSandar

    Great! I was really looking forward to changing standard cars’ wheels.
    I love the new cars, too. Is it my impression or are they graphics even more amazing than in other premium cars?

  146. cbarbosa

    The update is very good, just one little thing:

    Another Nissan???

    Despite that, PD is doing an awesome job :)

    Keep up the good work!!

    1. StarLight

      True, another Nissan, but the awesome Black edition R35 …

      Yes, they do indeed a good job, but 1,99 would be also a good price for 4 cars.

      Don’t be too greedy PD!

    1. AlphaAndius

      Well PD did announce that the first batch of DLC cars will be on the car dealership, so I hope the same will be done for this next batch of 6 cars.

    2. Nissan Lover

      Ummm….i think they said that the first DLC would be available in dealerships on the next update…which was either this one or the last one

  147. HPUnleashed

    I wonder what the “improved racing sound effects” are like. Is going to be engine sounds, tire squeal, or audience sound effects?

    1. Kilvoctu

      I am looking forward to hat this means, too. I have an aging $20 4.1 sound system (a speaker died) and want to hear the noise on those tin-like speakers.

  148. dmeech

    They had me at changing the wheels on Standards. To me this makes the game infinately better.
    Once again, Great work form the PD team. An amazing game keeps getting better.

  149. Foxiol

    Changing wheels on standard cars, a Scirocco, hopefully the new Toyota GT86 (this for free i believe) and IMPROVED RACING SOUND EFFECTS!!!
    Wow they are listening to us. And they are giving us content even when they are making GT6 at the same time.And all this one year from the release of the game.
    PD what a developer you are.Amazing.

  150. Nicky_loves_GT5

    :D YEAH! WOOOO :D THIS IS AWESOME xD havent play GT5 since October my ps3 died, now on the 20th i will have all that at once :P

  151. hitmaniak17

    4 cars for 4$ in for game with 1000cars??? Polyphony Digital Sucks wtih this little dlc! tHis cars. These cars should be free but do not have to have money for nothing. Now Polyphony Digital is the same little pig like Activision with Call of duty.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Oh boy here we go, and Polyphony Digital doesn’t suck and aren’t like Activision. :( Come on pull yourself together, I bet your mind is saying. “What? How could I say that, I take back what I said and enjoy this undate and cars which I think more is coming.” Right? :D

    2. SZRT Ice

      I kinda understand where he’s coming from. Do we know how many cars PD will include in future DLC? Nope… Could be ten’s, could be hundreds. But at this rate, the 200 premiums we already have should’ve made GT5 a $200 game out the box… (Not including tracks, and the actual UI) and 1,000 new premiums would cost us ::gasp:: A Grand??? So does this drip feed really make sense? What about Hyper Exotics? What about Custom Muscles? What about German Sports? The Ascari’s, Koenig’s, Gumperts & Aventadors? Boss, SS, & Henessy’s? The Black Editions & Rufs? Point to Point? Rally? Drag? Team/Clan Sessions? “Stunt Arena’s”? If we pay for it all bit by bit GT can easily multiply it’s base price 10 fold. GT has alot of ground to cover. Let’s see what they do next…

  152. MusicalArtist

    I love the update.

    Hopefully in the next update we will have a few new tracks and some new American cars (Charger, Impala, Mustang, Focus, GTO, etc.).
    I was really craving some new tracks.

  153. ml_paladin888

    :-( the black edition GT-R doesn’t come with the spec-v wheels like it does here in the US
    PD should have included a US-Spec 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition (complete with LHD)

    1. KYD302

      I agree man but i’m sick of getting more GTRs there already 500 on the game lol i want a modern mustang that doesn’t get spanked by the camaro ss like a 2011 gt or the boss 302 or the gt500 us ford fans got the shaft again

    2. Bom15

      Well more european cars this time. Maybe US next? I agree with the stangs. Also would really like a shelby cobra daytona

  154. AnPrionsaBeag

    The update is, I agree, but as far as the DLC is concerned, I’ll pass. One euro per car is expensive. I’ll wait for the track pack.

    1. jomama2010

      1$ per car is actually pretty cheap..especially conisdering EA is chargin 100 of them for one car in their NFS game.

  155. TokoTurismo

    This car pack really does rocks. See waiting is great, and the update is also good too. But it looks like lots of people are whimpering. -_- *Sigh* The tracks will take some time though. But anyway, love the cars. :)

    1. RockRoadKid

      It doesn’t bother me that you can’t restrict the ABS. What I’d like to see is an option to limit or restrict the power limiter.

  156. SavageEvil

    Starndard car wheels can be changed finally i can get rid of those steelies on my Mitsubishi…hey anyone else noticed that the standard cars have high definition wheel models, hop in one and leave the GT screen on the start up menu and when the auto scroll of your car at a photo location comes up you can check out how detailed the wheels are. PD really did need more time with GT5, this game just keeps getting better. Now the only thing I need is a leaderboard within my system so I can see my best times like how it was in GT4 and can remove the one’s I do not wish to see or multiples of the same car and that we can have uploaded to the internet so we can have our own rivals type thing going complete with replay of the fastest lap. Win Win, nice cars Sony, I wonder how many cars they have built since GT5 released? What a great birthday present, I’m quite elated and the price is very attractive as well. Keep it coming PD, now I hope we get more courses too…this keeps up I’ll be playing GT5 for quite a long time :)

  157. HuskyGT

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Please tell me this isn’t a joke!!! This is by far the best I’ve seen!!!

    I was first in shock when I saw “wheels on standards” and then I scrolled down to see a MK6 Golf and a Scirocco!!! OMG OMG!!!!

    This has got to be a joke. This is too good to be true!!!

    1. HuskyGT

      I’m still shaking off the shock, and just hoping this is true. That 86 looks somewhat strange. Just like if it was a photoshoped FT-86 Concept. The real car is narrower and it sits much more higher than that.

      About the wheels on standards, it just sounds too good to be true. How did PD managed to do this? and how it will they implement this? My guess would be that the wheels will be interchangable between standards like in GT4… It’s the only way I can think of it working.

  158. mr_pepps

    Wheels and sound upgrades. Very nice. Save the tracks for another day…although I want my fave old tracks back very muchly.

    1. Bom15

      Yep different livery by the looks of it. I bought 2 extra paint packs. Does that mean 3 karts or is it the complete pack only?

  159. Gyro1780

    At last we can change the wheels on standard cars. All we need now is a wheel pack for DLC.
    Improved racing sound effects. Will this be engine sounds or just collision sounds or running off track sounds etc?

    1. Bom15

      I’m wondering what wheels though. Surely premium wheels on a standard car would look odd. Maybe its every standard car like GT4? You would have more choice. Better sounds though definately up for that. Hopefully the Chapparal 2J sounds like the real thing. Not holding my breath though. Those coupons sound interesting to.

  160. reverand33

    OMG I”M LOSING MY MIND! i’ve been wanting these VW’s since the game came out. a mkvi gti would have been great (i own one) but the golf r will do since they have similar 0-60 and 1/4 mile stats. AND WHEEL CHANGES TO STANDARDS, merry christmas to me. no tracks? waiting for pikes peak since i’ll be there this summer.

  161. userme5

    •Standard rims: FINALLY THANK YOU
    •The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature:so what?
    •In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application: GREAT
    •Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update):Nice…but only needed for overhauling the engine and refreshing the body…
    •Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time: Just time saving
    •In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list:again time saving
    •In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting:not that important but still very usefull
    •In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event:unnecessary
    •Improved racing sound effects:NEW ENGINE SOUNDS? anyhow AWESOME
    •Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked:what?

    •2011 Mini Cooper S:i dont really like this car…but it would be good if it has an RM option so it would look like the rally countryman
    •2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R: Great
    •2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R: GREAT
    •2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35: AWWW YEEAAAH! Finally i can beat almost any supercar with a stock GT-R

    The only cars now missing:
    -SUVs(Porsche Cayenne,Mercedes G Class, BMW X…)

    My opinion

    1. SeaWall

      you have to remember the GTR and its versions are a competitor of the porsche cars. and who is nissan partnered with gran tourismo.

    2. Kilvoctu

      You’re friggin’ kidding, right? I’ve been wanting a settings sheet copy feature since they announced settings sheets. Makes setting up new tunes much more convenient. I can do away with much of the pen n paper his way.

      Opinions though. I mean, it’s a big “so what” for me about standard rim changes. It’s purely aesthetic and ya hardly ever see it.
      A new set of rims ain’t going to help me corner.

  162. sgllocal

    WOW another gtr r35 but black edition??? jeez gimme a break. if i want r35 black id just paint the other one from previous dlc. sorry but this DLC fails

    1. userme5

      actually….no…its a !2012! GT-R which is much better and faster as it has 530HP as to the old one has “only” 485

  163. Big Ron

    htree european cars…..that´s a good start. I dont understand the Nissan GT-R….does´t look any different to the ones we already have. But, meeeh. it´s ok.

    1. Nish_280z

      ^ Sorry but you’re looking at last year’s car. The GTR that is releasing soon has 545 hp and 463 pound-feet of torque and 0-60 flies by in 2.7. It also got a suspension upgrade, better exhaust valve cooling performance and lower air flow resistance. Also the transmission has been tuned better and now uses differential oil as Nissan’s GT-R race cars. There are a few more thing’s but you get the idea, the R35 we have now is “slow” in comparison.

  164. Roomboter

    Nice another up date. But i think there are enought cars in the game. I think we need real life tracks. (please no more fantasie tracks) just my 2 cents

    Thanks for the up date anyway Kaz.

    1. MadmuppGT

      I thought that, the UK price should be about £3.50ish… which is more than a bargain I say. People just love to complain because the DLC didnt come with a free Moon.

  165. killler526

    wow i want more than 4 cars :( what a shame. oh well ill still buy, i have 8 $ in my wallet still lol (from the last DLC)

  166. Elitekilla29

    I hope they tell us more. I know this isnt it. 4 cars. one free car. The patch sounds good. but the dlc dont sound really big.

    1. Quakebass

      It does say in the english translation that “A Christmas present is coming next week”, so we can start to speculate on that… Its not referring to Ver. 2.02 or DLC…

      But I’m not saying it will be big.

    1. Bom15

      i was hoping for Loebs DS3 WRC. 8 times world championship. Surely its something to celebrate. I wish Vettel didn’t get so much attention. I didn’t need a second Vettel X1.

    1. Chad D.

      That just made A LOT more cars A LOT more cooler, like my usual 1988 camaro and the stock AE86’s, and so on. IF they look like they did in GT4, which they most likely will, because if they looked like the ones that the premiums get, then it’d be a bit of a miss match, lol

  167. McSoap-90

    Now, where is the “HUGE” DLC?

    4 cars for $1 a piece? You can’t really call that a DLC… That would be a scam!

    Seriously, either add cars which is not already in the game or add new tracks!!!

    1. Chad D.

      If you want overpriced DLC, look at the stuff they keep spewing out for Railworks, they’re charging like $20 for one locomotive and maybe 6 different coaches, and maybe a few senarios to use it in, its outragous, so if you want to know what a SCAM truely is, there ya go, this is not a scam, your just too cheap, lol, this is good dlc, true I would of liked to see a new track or maybe different cars (like a honestly want to drive a stupid mini), but I kinda like the new Volkswagen Scirocco, and, as much as people hate how many GT-R’s are in the game, I don’t mine the new GT-R.

  168. MyFavoriteGame

    The only present i need is non-blocky shadows on ALL tracks!….and those insane replay angles like in the opening movie or GT3!

  169. potential91

    Direct source: PlayStation @PlayStation 12m

    · Open

    Gran Turismo 5: New DLC + Update 2.02 are hitting next week. Read on for full details:

  170. potential91


    Click the link in my first post, has all the info there. That was posted by playstation on their twitter account!

    1. jomama2010

      I can see where he is coming from…Lets have Bristol in the mix, Martinsville, top 43 drivers in points should be able to have their cars in here too. GT5 is the most realistic Nascar game since Nascar Racing 2003. Which is sad but true. I would totally be down with this proposition.

    2. Quakebass

      @ The first two commenters;

      NASCAR isn’t very well supported in the game. Theres really only 2 professional NASCAR tracks, and those 11 “new” nascars aren’t really new; they’re the same cars with the 2011 livery and aero kits. NASCAR ALWAYS has 43 cars on the starting grid, the game only supports 16. To add to this, theres only 11 different models, so the WILL be duplicates, and that’s unrealistic. Also, they don’t really have REAL nascar events. the closest thing there is is the Indy 500, but there isn’t nascar opponents EVER. The NASCAR seasonal, A-Spec, and special events don’t count because they’re either time trials, on non-american circuits, and don’t have enough laps. Some nascar races end up having 500 laps, and the game only goes up to 200 lap sprints. There should be a NASCAR Endurance race like the Indy 500, just with NASCARS, and maybe also do a Daytona 500 Race. But then again, the game also needs bette drifting, Karting, and Rallying experiences, and it doesn’t even have a drag race system.

    1. UltimateBMWfan

      you just guessed right! wonder what would happen if Sony was German? BMW’s, Mercedes’, and Audi’s? At least that would make a change :D

    2. Tenacious D

      I happen to want that GT-R. ;-)

      And btw, did it escape you that the ratio of European cars to Japanese cars in the pack is 3:1?

    3. MadmuppGT

      People are so hard up to look for the GT-R now thats all they ever see… as you said we have 3 European cars in that pack… The Scirocco will be great.

      Cant wait

    4. Dazmeister22

      @Tenacious D. I think what may have escaped you is the fact that I post my comment earlier today when there were no details of what the DLC would contain.Just news that it was coming on the 20th. I was right in guessing there would be YET ANOTHER GTR but hey, you wouldn’t need to be Einstein to guess that. Don’t get me wrong I like the GTR too, it’s just that I don’t think that any more of them are needed in the game, I already have like 5 different versions for every year they’ve been made and there isn’t that much difference between them. There are hundreds more cars out there that would be much more appreciated as DLC than another GTR which is gonna be exactly the same as the others “only slightly different”.

    5. TokoTurismo

      I want to make a trust, a trust that this GT-R will maybe the last to come. *Sniff* I love this last GT-R very much, it rocks. :) I bet you forza is gonna try to get this too cuz it’s in GT5, honestly…

    1. Apophis_2029

      Maybe i’ll get a bug again an get that new DLC 5 times again like the last one. Hahahaha XD. Than i call Sony again, i want 4 times my money back … ^^

  171. potential91

    As an additional gift to players this holiday season, everyone who downloads the 2.02 update will also receive the stunning Toyota FT-86 2012 to add to their in-game collection.

    1. TakeshiSkunk

      I can’t wait to get my hands on that thing! Going to break mine in with a day of hotlapping Trial Mountain :D

  172. potential91

    In addition all the info about the patch is there too:

    Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
    The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
    In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
    Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
    Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
    In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
    In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
    In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
    Improved racing sound effects
    Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked

      1. paulieGTR

        1 Source: hxxp://

        Next week you’ll be able to download Car Pack 2 for $3.99 and add some fantastic new rides to your garage. Car Pack 2 includes the 2011 Mini Cooper S, 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R, 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R, and the new and improved 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35.

        as a special gift anyone who purchased anything from the first batch of DLC will get unlock the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP and five New Car Refresh cards in the game for free. The refresh cards will take any car back to being ‘as good as new’ while maintaining any modifications or paint jobs you have given your motors. To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to install the new downloadable update hitting next week.

        The free downloadable update coming next week will also add several new enhancements to GT5 as well as correcting some reported issues. A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:

        * Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
        * The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
        * In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
        * Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
        * Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
        * In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
        * In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
        * In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
        * Improved racing sound effects
        * Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked

        As an additional gift to players this holiday season, everyone who downloads the 2.02 update will also receive the stunning Toyota FT-86 2012 to add to their in-game collection.

        One more note: Those who purchased the course and/or vehicle DLC that was released in October will be able to download Family Upgrade unlocks for free from the store. This means that if you bought the Racing Car Pack, Course Pack, or the ‘Complete Pack’ that contained both of these, by downloading the free Family Upgrade items, the content will now be accessible to more than just the user account that purchased the content. Family members or friends using the same PS3 can all use the courses and cars. Note that the upgrade doesn’t apply to the Racing Gear Pack or Special Paint Pack, and starting next week, new purchases will not have the restriction in place.

      2. m176

        It seems PD may taking the GTP feedback as useful info. Wheels for standards and I thought I remember seeing euro hot hatches as something you could vote on awhile ago. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the 2 VW’s, I thought we just get more Japanese cars with maybe 1 American muscle car. I hope we get more tracks ( Abu Dhabi GP), but over all I pretty happy how PD is handing customer feedback

      3. paulieGTR

        What’s interesting is the words “A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:”

        so the big question is, What more can we expect from this update and are there going to be any surprises that have not already been mentioned in the DLC.
        Tracks anyone.??
        We shall have to wait and see.

      4. Magic Ayrton

        Very happy with the update.. but I think that if GT6 does not come out by the end of 2012/13 with a livery editor, RUF lineup as premiums along with all the newer rufs and just newer cars in general PLUS the original tracks, then PD have a big problem on their hands. A lot of faithfuls such as myself will be thinking about abandoning ship ie leaving the franchise and never coming back.

        If we keep buying the carpacks such as we have seen here, The Forza series will have the upper hand.. not that I will ever buy Forza because the Graphics in GT5 are much better in my opinion.. BUT I really crave the older ferraris such as 512 TR, the newer RUFS such as RT12 and cars like the Ford Capri 280 Brooklands, 3.0S, maybe a Ford Escort Mk1 Rally car, Sierra Cosworth road car and maybe an Opel manta.. cars like that along with 2012 cars Jaguar xkr-s etc….

        What do you guys think??

      5. Vin1021

        Seattle circuit would be cool. Come to think of it we should have access to every track ever featured in a GT game. Theres a few that I wish were in GT5. Seattle being one of them. El Capitan as well.

      6. TokoTurismo

        I agree. :) The mini version of Seattle circuit should also come back too. :D I hope the next pack will be “GT classics”.

      7. Diatribe777

        Jumping ship is a little extreme just because you don’t have a particular car or a livery editor. I love the livery editor in Forza, but is it a simulator necessity? Not really, as you can’t get specialized graphics at a dealership. This is labeled a driving simulator, not pimp my ride!
        As a artist, I would like the option, but I also respect PD for their dedication for realism.

        btw, +1 for old ferraris

      8. t.o.

        Realism would be modding your car AND livery to look like the REAL thing. You know, make racecars look like RACECARS and not like a bunch of showroom cars in a race. I don’t get the excuse-ism. You respect PD for their dedication for realism by not putting in an option to make cars look like the real thing?!?!?
        Well I really hope PD decides to disrespect realism by adding that and other unrealistic things that exist in real life.

      9. Magic Ayrton

        but not “a few examples of DLC” which is what EVERYONE wants (i’m pretty confident that most intelligent people want) TRACKS!!!!! THE OLD TRACKS!!!

      10. TokoTurismo

        If we do get the old GT TRACKS, which I hope myself. WE better not hear you COMPLAIN about anything else again.

      11. paulieGTR

        Old Tracks from previous GT series is one thing, but i’d like to some of the old GP tracks… eg. “Old Spa” – 14km, Dundrod(Ulster TT) – 11.9km. Just a couple…

      12. cassiusclay99

        You are dreaming your life mate… old GT tracks will never come. GT5 is going to have some more DLCs (like 4 cars each) every two months… and then they will start talking about GT6…and forget about GT5.

        So your old GT tracks may end up in GT6…. but in GT5: stop dreaming. PD does not give a f* what fans want. Period.

      13. NJ72

        Umm… an extremely large number of fans said “I want Spa…” and what happened? we got Spa.

        I feel that the number of GTRs, and the fact that the new DLC has another GTR is just PD having a bit of fun. I bet they sit in their offices saying “Hey, let’s put another GTR in the game, that’ll be great!”

        And also, a large number of people actually said “The new 2012 GTR would be pretty cool too” and, SHOCK HORROR, the 2012 GTR is in the new DLC. So i think PD do seem to ‘give a f*’ what the fans are asking for.

      14. t.o.

        Yet that same theory doesn’t apply to any other game. So in other games when they have something missing it’s ok to rant and rave and belittle the game YET when GT5 comes up short it’s “So until you get everything you ever wanted. You will still complain?” I’m not saying that’s what YOU do TT, I haven’t read your posts about any other game, but I know the VAST majority here do.
        Why do I care? I want all the racing games to rival each other and make them take notice to each other so they can get better and we all win. GT5 failed this time around and left the door WIDE open for Turn10 to mail it in if they wished. Fortunately they didn’t. That is usually the exception to the rule I find in videogames, hell in life even.

      15. TokoTurismo

        What? I didn’t say you were complaining, it wasn’t even directed at you, that was for Magic Ayrton. lol I was just me saying it’s going take some time to actually get what we need and want in GT5 or maybe in GT6. You do know PD has been working alot lately so I don’t blame them, + they’re a small company aswell. That was just my thought but I didn’t say you were complaining, it wasn’t directed at you…

      16. TokoTurismo

        You should take that comment some place else, it’s not wanted here if you’re gonna get mad about GT5. Really? And who cares about Turn 10, not like I wouldn’t.

      17. another_jakhole

        What’s interesting is the words “A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:”

        so the big question is, What more can we expect from this update and are there going to be any surprises that have not already been mentioned in the DLC.
        Tracks anyone.??
        We shall have to wait and see.”

        Wow, I really hope the list is just a partial one.

    1. Vortex1be

      Why don’t I believe this? Seems too good to be true, however there are the usual pointless things in the list aswell so…

      What is your source?

      1. granturismo2014

        YES!! They should have had the option to change the wheels on the standard cars from the beginning, but im happy that they are adding it now. This makes the game for me now.

      2. Tenacious D

        You guys who can’t stand it unless you can change the wheels are just strange. I like cool mods as much as the next guy, but you can’t see the wheels at all on the track, you know…

        Anyway, disappointed there isn’t a new track, but very happy with the cars and all the REVEALED changes. There could be a few more.

      3. counter345

        Many people enjoy watching their replays, sharing them to YouTube, showing off their cars in “cruise” rooms and taking decent pictures in Photomode.

      4. diegorborges

        Cmon Tenacious D… I know you wanted this too… For your CSL, remember? j/k

        Some people say that rims for standards are useless, but then… just wait to see how EVERYONE will race customized standards no less.

    1. HKS racer

      I wont. Not interested in any of those cars, price is not the problem, simply it’s a disappointing DLC if you ask me. No tracks? No money. I’ll just grab the update.

    2. Bom15

      £2-3 isn’t too bad. Ace Combat charge £3-5 for one plane. The main thing is at least most of them are actually new. Unlike what most other people do and charge you for stuff hidden and already in game. Hopefully they’ll be available to buy again from the dealership to so at least you can have more than one.

    3. TokoTurismo

      You’re so highly right. :) I hate being ripped off with contant already in the game and charging you money to get them.

    4. colt357x

      not really an excuse for not bringing out 911s, since pd owns ruf license there should be ruf 600 (997 derived) and other ones. pretty sure ruf would do a version of the new 991 too

    5. Quakebass


      Yeah, that much is true. I’m really hoping an RUF version or some other sub-Porsche brand has or will have a 918 spyder variant… But I’d also like to see a LOT more modern super cars (aside from the GTR, which I DO enjoy; the maost recent version was fine with me since its so much more powerful; there’s just too many, we don’t need more until theres a new even MORE powerful version.) like Lambo Aventador and the new Gallardos, more Pagani support, Koeniggsegg, Ferraris (Classic and modern… specifically the new 599 variants and the 458 Spyder) Aston Zagato and One-77, and MORE PREMIUM JAGUARS! Also, we need some PREMIUM european touring/endurance/LMS/LMP class cars; Lola Astom Martin LMP and LMS, Audi R8, R10, R15, R18 LMP, and other LMS Audi’s, BMW’s, Jaguars, ETC.
      A few muscle cars (2013 Corvette Concept and mustang would buy me), but mostly more classics like old Mustangs, Chevelles, Corvettes, Chargers, ETC. ALSO, more rally support in general.

    6. f1_stig

      @blackshadow dont compare Shift to GT5. Shift is like driving on ice. no matter how slow you go you are always sideways. or at least it feels that way to me

    1. another_jakhole

      I can’t believe there isn’t a track pack this time. It seems like we’ll have to wait another 2 months.

    2. Tenacious D

      Tracks do take MUCH longer to make. Remember, up to six months for a car model, but up to two YEARS for a track. Hopefully they can make the tracks look great without going to crazy depths of detail, and cut that building time down a lot. I want to see all those classic Gran Turismo tracks by December 2012.

    3. RoarOfZonda

      @ tenacious D — I never played any of the previous GT games, but wasn’t El Capitan already MADE for the GT franchise? if so, then all they have to do is do a remake which shouldn’t take that long since they’re not starting from scratch

    4. omgitsbees

      That two year estimate is really dishonest. There is no way all of the tracks in this game took 2 years each. It’s more like 2 years to make the Nurburging. The rest took significantly less time. It’s like how Polyphony Digital said they took over 1000 pictures for every single car in the game, it’s obvious they are talking about only the premiums.

    5. GT5_Honda_Guy

      @ omgitsbees – so you’re a developer now? Or you have the inside scoop of what goes on behind closed doors at PD? Ever heard of man hours, I’m sure they don’t have one guy working for two years (4,100 man hours) they could have 100 people get it done in 41 hours. But you can’t have 100 people build a single track together.

      Idea…you make a game and we’ll see if it is any better than GT5…That goes to all the other pot shots and half cracks as well!

    6. shurnster

      GT5_Honda_Guy If I’m correct, I think Kaz said there’s 30 staff working on each tracks with 10,000 photos for each track.

      I would rather for PD to take more time making the tracks than rushing them out. Look how accurate the Nurburgring is compared to the real one. It’s amazing.

    7. streetking24

      I would really like to have Apricot Hill back because I used to love doing that endurance race with the “then current” Evo back in GT2.

    8. PIGBOY

      dont call me a half crack ahving pot shots at being pepped up on goof balls …gawd blimey darn bugger it……we want it all,and we want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. omgitsbees

      GT5_Honda_Guy – Kaz was very specific in saying it takes 2 years overall to make each track. Nice job being a fanboy though, with a completely pointless comment.

    10. omgitsbees

      I also like how your rebuttal is to tell me to go make my own game, as if that is at all relevant to what I am talking about. Seriously pathetic and immature response.

    11. MyFavoriteGame

      As as game developer i would be ashamed to admit that it took me 2 yrs to build a single race track…I can almost guarantee it took less time to build the real life race track

    12. streetking24

      V8Loverr, PD probably put in so many GTR’s because they made the computer system that the real car uses. They designed it so I think that is why they add all the different variants to the game that they designed.

    13. 07_HSV_GTS

      @Tenacious D your wrong coz if the put effect into it they could model a car in upto 3 months if they didn’t keep adding crap that doesn’t improve the game, like the faster loading time when starting a race but then you still have to wait for the cars to load before it lets you race.

    1. madracer

      Tenacious D – Turn 10 took 2 years to model Fully Premium 500 cars in F4. That’s not an excuse to take 6 month to model a car. If you see PD designers have spent lot’s of time to model the same cars (GT-Rs). OHHHH there’s another one coming LOL 4 cars for 4 dollares??? They could give us some tool to load car models from CAD into GT5 (or from F4 DVD hehe). At least we could create our own cars =D About tracks – They are all in GT4 Disc and would be better with PS2 graphics than tedious Cape Ring and Eifel Variations.

      P.S. – How about the GT award SEMA car??? Some people have said that would be free update…

    2. TokoTurismo

      With the same engine being used, okay. With the same looking cars from old forza games, alright I hear you. Surprised there are not enough tracks that couldn’t been done like the same looking cars we see, whatever. I guess that 2 years were very simple. okay I see…

    3. omgitsbees

      The DLC is lame, and no new track is even more lame. But the 2.02 patch is really cool and i’m happy to be getting the new Toyota for free.

    4. TokoTurismo

      Don’t worry, we’ll soon get the tracks but don’t know when but waiting is the key though. I like the update very much, the racing sounds, even better. :D

    5. LaBounti

      @madracer, It did not take 2 years to model 500 cars. They used cars from Forza 2 in Forza 3, They used the same models again in Forza 4. THEY did not even model them. It took them 4 years to model all the cars some cars were redone like the F40(no more flat 2D engine). The interiors of the cars were not even connected to model it’s self like the cars in GT5 in race.

    6. JRayWRX

      Not only did Turn 10 reuse models from it’s previous games, they outsourced alot of the work to other companies as well. They outsourced car models, artwork and sound. Thats why they can put out a game so quickly. I like the fact that PD and Sony keep everything in house.

    7. omgitsbees

      Keeping everything in-house doesn’t cut it anymore. Most developers outsource their games, they have to in order to finish them in a timely manner. Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo 5 have become the postal children for why developers need to outsource their games.

    8. 07_HSV_GTS

      I can’t wait to see what the improved sounds sound like and I can’t wait to change wheels on my standard cars.

    9. GRAFX21

      I have alot of Homework to do..and that includes all 800 standard cars to get RIMS/WHEELS!!!!

      Never been so excited to do my H.W. before. lol

    10. GMW

      I’m glad to get the Golf R, Scirocco R and the latest GTR with the LED lights and bumped up power. So I’ll be buying that! The free Toyota is nice too. Also the fact that standard cars can change rims is AWESOME!!!

      Can’t wait to hear the improved sounds and check out the new oil change videos.

    11. brugab

      Yes thanks, great news about update and fair enough DLC, but we really need more tracks and a track creator update. A new A-spec? And qualifying sessions like online and CPU trying to win races? it is basic stuff what is missing… really!

    12. Brunskill777

      This is a gr8 update. I find it especially funny that anyone who wasted money buying the last DLC will find that now you can buy the cars in game using GT credits, not real money.

    13. eminembeastfan2

      @Brunskill777 i don’t care i support PD so i am going to buy this dlc to like the last dlc i bought atleast they don’t require you to buy extra stuff like dirt3 or test drive unlimited or other games to finish the game…

    14. ScoobyPup01

      no offense to kaz but. what dlc content is this?! this is HORRIBLE dlc and the xmas bonus is a joke and a bad one, couldn’t he think of something better as well as the car list? those are nothing but crap cars! no way on earth am i paying 4 dollars for those, you’d have have to be nuts to do so.

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