Fight Pancreatic Cancer with GTPlanet Premium Membership

As many long-time GTPlanet readers know, Christmas is very special time around here.

Since 2006, I’ve hosted special charitable fundraisers involving our GTPlanet Premium subscription service – which lets you enjoy our site with a whole batch of additional features – and this year is no exception!

100% of all Premium subscription fees received between now and 17:00 GMT/UTC on December 26, 2012 will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, to fight a terrible disease which has stricken twice within my own circle of family and friends.

Click here to upgrade your account now!

‘Tis the season of giving, so even if you already have a Premium subscription, this is a great opportunity to surprise your friends! Just click their username anywhere in our forums and select “Give GTPremium” to automatically upgrade their account.

Thank you to all who can help support a cause which is very close to my heart and the hearts of so many out there who are facing a pancreatic cancer diagnosis with their friends and family.

Merry Christmas to all of GTPlanet’s fans, followers, readers, and community members!

This year’s promotion has now concluded, with GTPlanet having raised over $550 for pancreatic cancer research! Thanks again to all of you who participated.

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Comments (28)

  1. M60secondhits

    I know by investigation that the University of Hawaii showed that people who consumed the most processed meats that has ( Sodium Nitrate ) over a period of time were at Higher risk for developing ( Pancreatic Cancer) , compared to those who consumed little or no meat products.

  2. Stumps_GTI

    ” Quoted by billren2k3
    Well now…I can’t imagine a better time or reason to sign up. I’m in!”

    Absolutely could not agree more.
    Signed up yesterday morning, what a great opportunity to help out others, and at no better time.

  3. m8h3r

    Only went premium about a month ago. Only a year one to see the benefits.

    Next year when it expires I’ll wait till Christmas time to go year premium.

  4. Both Barrels

    My hat’s off to GTP for this wonderful cause. I myself have recently beaten Leukemia, I know what it’s like for families suffering with cancer. I spent last Christmas on life support. I hope to be able to give something back this year.

  5. Xamado7V

    I think it’s fantastic that you give 100% of the money to charity. :tup:

    That’s really good of you Jordan : )

  6. Koios

    Tis the season to be broke. Four kids = no money. Darn. I love the cause too! Anybody want to gift a subscription. LOL

  7. shepzki

    A very worthy cause, I was already Premium but just now upgraded to a lifetime membership to help support this. I hope it helps in some way to fight this terrible cancer.

    1. Jordan

      You can upgrade your membership to Lifetime, or – better yet – give another subscription as a gift to one of your friends here. See the post above for info on how to do that.

  8. tadlock

    I upgraded to lifetime Premium last year to support the fight. Not only did I get a chance to support a great cause, I gained access to the Premium section of the site.

    I hope many others take the opportunity to support this cause & go premium as well.

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