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Gran Turismo 5 v1.06 Available Now: Full Details

The latest version of GT5, v1.06, became available early this morning, and it’s a big one. As promised, remote B-Spec racing (“GT Anywhere“), the game save file bug, and corner-cutting and collision detection algorithms have all been addressed. Notably, the update also introduces “multi-monitor” support, allowing you to play the game using three different screens! Here’s all the details via the official announcement:

Karting, Monza, Skidmarks & More in GT5 Gamescom 2010 Demo: Full Details

Thanks to our team at Gamescom 2010 (and a new YouTube video uploaded by PlayStation Spain), we’ve got an early scoop on the contents of the latest Gran Turismo 5 demo on display – confirming some of the game’s most exciting new features. GT5‘s new karting mode is revealed, along with the debut of the Autodromo Nationale Monza circuit! Andreas of InsideSimRacing also noticed that skidmarks are visible on the tarmac (see video above, though it’s not from Andreas), and a non-functioning “course maker” option was visible in the menus. He also wisely compiled a complete list of all the cars and tracks available: