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How To Use the GT6 Course Maker On Your PC

Frustrated by the tablet requirements of the newly-released GT6 Track Path Editor? Read our guide to understand the various workarounds available.

Kazunori Yamauchi on GT6's Course Maker, B-Spec, New Documentary Film, & More

GTPlanet sits down with Kazunori Yamauchi and Tamir Moscovici to talk about Gran Turismo 6 and Tamir’s upcoming documentary on the GT series.

Gran Turismo 6 Custom Tracks Could Span Over 2,500 Square Kilometers

Custom race tracks in GT6 could cover an area larger than several U.S. states.

GT6 Course Maker, Car Customization, & the GT Movie Discussed at Gamescom

Kazunori Yamauchi’s Gamescom 2013 presentation offers more information on Gran Turismo 6 and the GT Movie.

Gran Turismo 5 v1.06 Available Now: Full Details

GT5’s biggest update ever is now available. Here’s a complete overview of what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s fixed.

Gran Turismo 5's "Course Maker" in Action, Gameplay Video

Check out one of GT5’s most impressive new features, as a completely new GT5 track is generated in the Eifel mountains.

Gran Turismo 5 Course Maker Demo, Gameplay Video

Take a look at one of GT5’s most interesting new features – the “Course Maker” – in action for the first time.

GamesCom Gran Turismo 5 Breakout Session: Full Details

At 9am on August 18th, Andreas Nie, Venari and myself (representing InsideSimRacing and GTPlanet) along with other members of the American press were ushered in to the first breakout session… Read More »

Early Info on Gran Turismo 5's "Course Maker"

Remember the track editor our inside man, amar212, told you about all the way back in April of 2009? Here’s the very first details on the interesting new feature.

Karting, Monza, Skidmarks & More in GT5 Gamescom 2010 Demo: Full Details

We’ve got an early scoop on the contents of the latest Gran Turismo 5 demo on display – confirming some of the game’s most exciting new features.