GT6 Course Maker, Car Customization, & the GT Movie Discussed at Gamescom

August 22nd, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi hosted a Gran Turismo 6 info session at Gamescom 2013, the full contents of which have been posted to YouTube by

A wide variety of topics were discussed, from the Vision GT projects, to the Gran Turismo Movie, car customization, and much more. You can watch the full 42-minute clip above, or hit the bullet points below for all the highlights.

Vision Gran Turismo

  • bmw-concept“Vision Gran Turismo” cars will be unveiled throughout the year following the release of Gran Turismo 6, with perhaps one or two cars released per month. It’s a real possibility that some of these cars will be debuted as actual design concepts by the manufacturers. The DLC format and pricing has yet to be decided.
  • Gran Turismo 5 remains very popular amongst online players, and Polyphony Digital has seen a lot of the feedback shared about the game’s features. They have also watched online races to see how users are actually playing the game.
  • GT6 will still support 16 simultaneous players online per race.
  • Kazunori stated, “After three years of online races in GT5, you can say that it’s the users who developed the online features of Gran Turismo 6. We expect a lot of the users in the community will be able to develop their own championship races in the game.”
  • There were two major reasons why GT5 took so long to develop – the difficulties designing around the architecture of the PlayStation 3 hardware, and the development of the online features. Polyphony has solved these problems and are able to focus on other areas now.
  • ronda_02The city of Ronda, Spain has been re-confirmed as a Course Maker location in GT6.
  • Although Kazunori would like for all of the tracks to have day/night changes, it’s not possible to bring that feature to all of them.
  • Spa Francorchamps, Daytona, and the updated Apricot Hill course will all have day/night transitions.
  • The Course Maker in GT6 is “fundamentally different” from GT5.
  • Users will be able to “lay out their [custom] tracks freely” in an area of over 100 square kilometers. (Note: the exact quote from the translator is “100 kilometers by 100 kilometers”. However, this would be 10,000 square kilometers, an unreasonably large size and most likely a mistranslation.)

The Gran Turismo Movie

  • Polyphony Digital has received requests for over 7 years from movie companies interested in creating a film about the Gran Turismo franchise.
  • Kazunori finally agreed to this film project because it wasn’t just a “car action movie”, and instead placed a focus on a youth’s “growth and maturity”.
  • Kazunori hinted the movie could start with a mother, worried about her son playing video games, and tells the story of how he goes on to become a successful racing driver.

Livery Editor

  • When asked (in somewhat broken English) if players will be able to customize cars with their own “photos”, “beyond just colors”, in GT6, Kazunori confirmed this is “something they are working on right now,” and mentions that more information on the feature will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show (September 19th).
  • goodwood-gt6-17Kazunori wisely tempers expectations, however, noting that he “does not think a full livery editor be available”.

Goodwood Rally Stage

  • When the Goodwood Hill Climb was announced for GT6, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the Goodwood Rally course. Kazunori said he “likes that course as well”, and will “likely include it”, but noted that it “won’t be available from day 1” in the game.

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  1. Aug. 29, 9:33am

    Maybe by GT8, towards the end of the PS4’s lifespan, we can finally have an actual livery editor.

  2. Aug. 28, 9:10am

    I agree with infamousphil. All we need to to place colors and section the off and have a data base of real sponsors all linked to motor sport. And to be able to add numbers and fonts of our own. In the real world there is only one or two racers with photographic images in their cars and they look stupid. Lets get back to the gulf oil with turquoise and orange!! Classic, simple and sexy. But still let is individualize our cars. It’s a statement without being obnoxious !! Love GT, but the above idea I have been waiting for since GT2. You have permission PD for the brands and logos. Just let us use them. I would be happy to be creative with the brands and logos on the current crop of racers.. I am waffling now but I know it makes sense !!

  3. Aug. 27, 9:19pm

    As much as I dig the idea of free roming the city of Ronda, it looks too tight for the big boys (5+ litre engines). So I guess the stock 2 litre turbos would suffice. Hope to get something to stretch the legs of the new Viper. Errr, somewhat new ;)

    • Aug. 27, 9:21pm

      Still hoping for Chi-town…

  4. Aug. 27, 9:27am

    Daytona at night sweet. Please include NASCAR, dirty NASCAR at night will be sweet!!

  5. Aug. 26, 8:13pm

    broken promises

    • Aug. 27, 3:23am

      Luckily there weren’t no promises made, so nice try..

  6. Aug. 26, 3:09pm

    no update on the translation for 10,000 square kilometers? I think 10 is more reasonable.

    • Aug. 28, 7:02pm

      update is coming. Soon.

  7. Aug. 26, 12:26pm

    Well, gotta say the track-designer, if it works as billed, just sold me on GT6. One of the biggest disappointments for me (and ALL of my racing-buddies too, without exception and with no exaggeration) was that PD left out every single one of our favorite tracks with the exception of the Nurburgring. It will be nice to be able to recreate the layout of these tracks (hopefully there will also be tools to create the ambiance of the tracks, which is equally important.)

    • Aug. 27, 3:00pm

      I have been wondering about this. I might have to ask for it for Christmas instead of waiting 3 years to get it like I did for GT5 for this reason alone.

  8. Aug. 26, 12:55am

    Well I for one am loving the thought of more free reign to design race tracks. I know 5’s was limited but I still have some real nice tracks created that I enjoy as an alternative to what we already have. If they get this right then GT6 will have very high replay value as the options will only be limited by ones imagination

  9. Aug. 25, 1:52am

    Please Noo>?”livery editor”? in Gran Turismo. Please no Circus in Gran Turismo. OR play stupid kids FForZA ((LOL

  10. Aug. 24, 7:50pm

    He “does not think a full livery editor be available”. -_- you can’t be serious,is it really that hard just to make a full livery system gezz give the people what they want,I understand that people may put offensive things on there cars but thats what the report player function is for,you can even put a option in online lobbies that allows the host to disable a person or the whole lobbies livery.I haven’t seen any new features that have built any hype for this game other than new cars and tracks which is to be expected.

    • Aug. 24, 8:50pm

      A complaint doesn’t help with the damage to the kids that participate in online gaming. PD and Sony knows that, young man ;)

    • Aug. 24, 9:18pm

      Well then whats the issue? why are they dragging there feet with this livery editor?

    • Aug. 24, 10:53pm

      Children. Not to insinuate that you are not an adult. There are limits to what I exposed my kids to. I do monitor what they do online and let them drive on my account (they don’t have their own).

      I don’t see PD dragging their feet. Instead, I see them being selective as to how much freedom they are consciously willing to allow their patronage to have.

      Curious to know what you would do with such abilities.

    • Aug. 27, 3:26am

      Stop hoping for a full on livery editor, you have no idea how much work it takes to make one. A basic one will be good for starters but a “full” one, nope.

  11. Aug. 24, 6:39pm

    Great news on the day/night transitioning for Daytona, Spa and APRICOT! Now I’m waiting for word on weather for these venues.

    It wouldn’t hurt to have weather and time effects for all the original tracks. I understand why some city layouts could be difficult. As awesome as R5 is, it really hard to see or focus there. Weather and time effects there would be much appreciated.

    100,000 square kilometers of “free” city course layouts is incredible. A concept in itself. It could become a genre within the racing genre. Imagin the locations our friends could take us… the hoods our homies street race ;)

    I believe most would like to livery up their whips ala Forza. But, I’ve been effectively turned off by the totally idiotic displayers of offensive “it’s mine and I can do what I want with what I own”. Sound familiar? Tyre, oil, manufacturer, tuner, team,… stickers and some striping like they did at PGR would satisfy me. Don’t forget a proper color pallet ;)

    • Aug. 29, 10:44pm

      Actually I do know how much work it takes to put a livery editor in s game and its actually easier than you think.Being able to create a car the way you want it and making your own designs is something everyone wants to do, why hate on it,I see no possible way this could ruin GT6 ,it only makes it better

    • Aug. 29, 10:50pm

      Sorry wrong comment reply

  12. Aug. 24, 11:41am

    I really hope those engine sounds are actually improved. If they are, my ears could die happy when I drive the Ford GT40 Mk I and the new Shelby GT500.

    • Aug. 25, 2:30am

      I don’t know, the ’13 GT500 sounded pretty close to the real thing in the trailer. Then again, they could’ve dubbed in the sound for the trailer.

  13. Aug. 23, 7:41pm

    so BASICALLY….I’ll be owning a PS4 by November (playing new PS4 titles…and playing GT6 on my PS3 until GT7 releases in a couple or few years from now on the PS4?

    Ahhh the waiting hurts… lol

    • Aug. 24, 2:20pm

      Who knows, they might re-release it on the PSN for PS4 users.

  14. Aug. 23, 5:11pm

    December 6th is too far away!

  15. Aug. 23, 5:11pm

    I am hopeing those concept cars aren’t all the monthly DLC cars they will be realesing. Not interasted in anyone. As for livery editer never cared for it. Sounds like thay got the course maker right, Design freely.

  16. Aug. 23, 3:53pm
    Space Dynamics

    a Real track editor? EEEEEEEEEE!

  17. Aug. 23, 3:36pm

    Livery editor but toned down, still an editor without the mass freedom. Predetermined shapes, and locations are pre set.

    • Aug. 24, 11:39am

      that’s all I ever wanted imo. Look at Juiced for the Xbox, I really liked that customization system.

  18. Aug. 23, 3:10pm

    Oh brother, even when Kaz said their working on a livery editor but won’t be “full” but simple, there are some still complaints just it as “full” as Forza. I knew it, complaining for the sake of it, won’t take them seriously anymore…

    • Aug. 23, 6:03pm

      Rule number 1: NEVER take anything you read seriously in the News comment sections.*

      *This rule is posted in the News comment section, and therefore should not be taken seriously. **

      **Odd’s of winning: 1 in 345,856,456,000. Not open to the residents of Antartica and Guam. Some restrictions may apply.

    • Aug. 24, 6:17pm

      Oh trust me. I know when not to comments here seriously. It’ll only waste your energy. But thanks for the tip NA. ;)

  19. Aug. 23, 11:59am

    I’m really not bothered about a livery editor to be honest. I would however like more than the 12 or 14, or however many it was, race modification cars in the game. Apart from that everything that i’ve heard so far about GT6 is looking good!

    • Aug. 24, 4:49am

      I think we both will be disappointed with amount of racing modifications based on real life race cars..

  20. Aug. 23, 11:37am

    “Daytona…will… have day/night transitions.” I got excited when I heard that! I hope it’s for the road course as well as the oval.

  21. Aug. 23, 11:24am

    Still no livery editor…

  22. Aug. 23, 9:49am

    Course Maker in GT6…wonder if a 3/8 mile 5 degree straight 15 degree turns banked oval would be possible? 1/4 mile flat oval…counter-clockwise?

    • Aug. 23, 11:31am

      really? you get to design your own track so you make only 2 left hand turns into it?

    • Aug. 25, 5:09pm

      Watch it! One of the two MOST succesfull (by income, attendance and number of fans) race series in world only has two turns for the majority of their races.

      Two turns is plenty depending what and how you’re racing.

  23. Aug. 23, 8:59am

    I’m already amazed because of Apricot Hill returning(Seriously, it’s a classic). Now this? i’m even more

    • Aug. 23, 11:45pm

      This also made me happy

    • Aug. 24, 4:53am

      I hope that weather change will be available on this track too (also it should be on every other track to be honest)

  24. Aug. 23, 5:43am

    it seems this can really be first GT I really dont like.. :(

    pity… I buyed PS3 just for GT5… I buyed PS2 for GT4… etc…

    but these new concept cars are so lame… many cars from GT5 will not be in GT6.. the amount of tracks is less than in GT4.. it goes on and on… they spend so much time to do anything in the end its better quality but much less content…

    well PD is still well respected company for me.. and the game will be good, ( physics and all) but this game is becoming too modern with modern cars, and nowhere to drive… pity.. not what I was expecting…. new cars dont have soul yet… they have to earn it with time!! (super old cars also are not the best choice, but its good they are there).. they should really consider porting GT6 to PS4… PS3 limits GT game so much it will be unplayable.. GT6 demo graphics showed how the game downgraded and improved in other things.. this is unacceptable….

    • Aug. 23, 7:11am

      What are you on about? all the cars from gt5 are in gt6 + new cars, all the tracks from gt5 are in gt6 + new tracks, i dont see why if you liked gt5 you wont like gt6

    • Aug. 23, 7:14am

      I was under the impression GT6 will feature most classics from GT5 (if not all?) and adding (upgrading) a few new ones from the day the game is released. I must admit I also missed to inform myself which tracks got bumped from the list, but then all I need is a Dino 246 and a good coursemaker to stay happy, reasonably.

    • Aug. 23, 9:01am
      Pit Crew

      Mole Hills to Mountains. Yeah Tvensky it’s best you don’t spend your money on GT6. And no they shouldn’t port GT6 to PS4. That decision has been made and etched in stone. Get over it…or don’t.

      How do you figure GT6 will be unplayable on the PS3? Guess some people will make up anything to justify their angst.

    • Aug. 23, 11:02am

      Hahaha, I stopped reading at the word ‘unplayable’

    • Aug. 23, 6:05pm

      You really haven’t been reading at all have you?
      You are claiming to dislike GT6 based on false information lol

    • Aug. 24, 9:23am

      I stopped reading at “I buyed PS3”

    • Aug. 25, 5:11pm

      Congratulations GTPlanet responders!

      You just got trolled.

  25. Aug. 23, 5:29am

    The great thing is we should have a more complete single player with all the tracks that are available from launch, more in keeping with the GT4 single player, which to date in my opinion was the best GT campaign, races on route X is something I will be looking forward to, I remember some fantastic races on the test course in GT4 and possibly manufacturer races will return, very excited about GT6.

    • Aug. 23, 8:56am

      GT4 has one of the longest Simulation Mode of GT Series.
      I don’t know, maybe GT6 Simulation mode will be also quite long. I would like to see that the series of races ARE MORE THAN ONE!(Kinda stupid to have one race in a series. Gallardo Trophy is an example).

  26. Aug. 23, 3:13am

    Spa-Francorchamps, Daytona and Apricot Hill with time change! I don’t need there to be anything else in GT6 apart from that ;)

    • Aug. 23, 3:32am

      Then you have very low expectations on GT6 bud.

    • Aug. 23, 9:05am
      Pit Crew

      And that effects your expectations in what way GTAndy ???

  27. Aug. 23, 1:31am

    I have two questions:
    1-Will GT6 Compatible with GT5 ?(GT5DLC works on GT6 or in save data) if yes, will we get a gift (like with ffxiii and ffxiii-2,I got special something in game and also theme forPS3)
    2-if we got dlc on GT6(US disc) and my account is Europe will work or I have wait like what happened on GT5 (I want GT6 US disc because my GT5 Is Us disc and my account is Europe)
    So what the Solution ???
    sorry my English is not very well

    • Aug. 23, 3:08am

      I dount very much that GT5 will be compatible with GT6 though you might get a small ‘loyalty’ reward for GT6 detecting a GT5 gamesave.

  28. Aug. 23, 12:46am

    *Sigh* I guess I’ll have to wait for GT7 in two or three years on the PS4; stupid Xbox T_T.

  29. Aug. 22, 11:57pm

    Nice to hear apricot hill is making comeback. Hopefully more old schoold gt tracks come back as well!

  30. Aug. 22, 10:19pm

    Pls bring over our cars from GT5 to GT6 pls!!!!!

    • Aug. 23, 12:22am


    • Aug. 23, 1:15am


    • Aug. 23, 1:29am

      @Jayson619 Start again bud.

    • Aug. 23, 2:37am

      Man I have built my dream garage in GT5 and even I do not want to get these cars to Gt6… maximum for Arcarde Mode, like the ones from GTPSP

    • Aug. 23, 8:57am

      dude, no. i don’t want to see 300 cars in my garage in the first minutes of gaming.

    • Aug. 23, 10:31am

      Look guys! Another Forza reject!

      Back to Forza with you!

  31. Aug. 22, 9:44pm

    I just want some kind of limited engine swap capabilities. Other than that, I’m completely happy with just having the updated physics.

  32. Aug. 22, 9:29pm

    YES DAYTONA night racing. Spa in the dark with vintage cars will be awesome!!!

  33. Aug. 22, 8:22pm

    I want to make Nardo in that course maker.

    • Aug. 22, 9:43pm

      Why? I’m pretty sure Route X is already the ULTIMATE test course. And if you could make any real world test course why not Ehra Lessien?

    • Aug. 23, 9:07am
      Pit Crew

      If thats what you want to do than Do you Quikslver, nothing wrong with that.

  34. Aug. 22, 8:13pm

    so in other words no livery editor, ok then no it is.

    • Aug. 22, 8:22pm

      Relax dude. They said they were working on it and may show it at TGS. That’s all.

    • Aug. 22, 8:22pm

      This is a little disappointing..

    • Aug. 22, 8:38pm

      Its a simple livery editor. May not be “full” but at least we be able to design our cars simply now.

    • Aug. 22, 9:45pm

      he said players can customize cars “beyond just colors” and with “photos”. That sounds like a livery editor to me. Maybe not a crazy one, but more than enough to make unique liveries for racing.

      I don’t get the fuss anyways. Do you want to put stickers on a car? Or do you want to race?

    • Aug. 22, 10:58pm

      When asked (in somewhat broken English) if players will be able to customize cars with their own “photos”, “beyond just colors”, in GT6, Kazunori confirmed this is “something they are working on right now,”

      He was asked. Then he confirmed it was something they’re working on, presumably the livery editor in general.

    • Aug. 23, 1:06am

      @ TomBrady: yes, GT is about the racing but in a series such as the ones hosted here on GTP it’s always nice to have more distinction between cars than just wheel colour, body colour and bonnet colour.

    • Aug. 25, 5:25pm

      A GIANT lavender pornographic Pegasus graphic on the hood of my shock orange painted Pagani Huayra is the ONLY way I will be able to play GT6 with the proper level of self expression and confidence and I demand on threat of legal action and or a hissy fit that I get my way!!!

      On a serious note, I wouldn’t mind a few stripes, decals and ability to paint my cars in two tones or whatever just to make them more interesting during replays.

      But seeing how I spend 95% of my time inside the car with cockpit or bumper cam view RACING and not ogling my car, I really don’t care to much about the paint.

      I think to many people are to wound up over the minor details like livery editors

  35. Aug. 22, 8:13pm

    GUYS!! GUYS!!!! The EXP system is gone from single player in GT6!!!

    “Will progress online carry over to your single-player campaign in any way?”

    Kazunori Yamauchi:
    “The experience system doesn’t exist in GT 6, but that system where you still receive some sort of reward for online racing is probably still going to be there.”


    • Aug. 22, 9:38pm

      Damn. That sucks

    • Aug. 23, 10:33am

      Thank god, it was stupid.

  36. Aug. 22, 8:08pm

    A course maker worth using, huh? I’m sure hoping so.

  37. Aug. 22, 7:54pm

    I wonder if it’s going to be possible to make point-to-point tracks in the new Course Creator like in that one screenshot of GT5. It would be sweet to have a point-to-point sprint through Ronda in go-karts! :)

  38. Aug. 22, 7:50pm

    There were two major reasons why GT5 took so long to develop – the difficulties designing around the architecture of the PlayStation 3 hardware, and the development of the online features. Polyphony has solved these problems and are able to focus on other areas now.

    you got to give it to em..they started thinking about all this before the internet was popular….they are network building masters…
    without the content the system is genius …but now that’s all out the way theirs gonna be loads of content…..for sure…there getting back to the business of making cars,, livery…and all other car related stuff..

    Did any one here something about compatibility with GT5 lobby’s…..not good sound….

  39. Aug. 22, 7:47pm
    e30 freek

    I would love it if Willow Springs got the day/night transition

    • Aug. 22, 9:39pm

      I’m pretty sure it does. The demo’s of Willow showed the weather and time stats. I don’t think they’d even bother showing the time of day on the track unless it could change.

    • Aug. 22, 9:41pm

      On the other hand, I don’t think Willow is set up for night racing in the real is it? It doesn’t seem like there’s any lights around the track.

      I think we should be able to do night racing there anyways, cars have headlights, but I wouldn’t be surprised if PD used it as an excuse to not do it.

    • Aug. 23, 12:27am

      Tom, there are no street lights around Toscana, so why not have Willow Springs at night?

      From memory (in one of the other posts) there is video of Willow Springs at dusk, possibly moving into night…

    • Aug. 23, 10:35am

      I’m pretty sure Silverstone, Autumn ring and Willow springs have time change, that wasn’t a full list in the interview.

  40. Aug. 22, 7:28pm

    no one said .. No livery….just no livery editor…you bet their will be plenty of custom livery chips…

    • Aug. 22, 8:04pm

      I never thought a full livery editor would be possible. Just some decals and simple designs. The least I expect is some sort of pre-rendered graphic designs for each car, like A, B and C, much like the body kits.

    • Aug. 22, 8:25pm

      To be honest if it ends up being a livery like Grid had where you have a selection of stickers and can place them in a certain place and a certain size on the car I would sooner them not include it at all.

      only thing that would look worse than not having a full livery editor would be having some half arsed one

    • Aug. 22, 9:28pm

      I’m hoping livery chips like GT1/GT2 even those were full on 75,000 Cr race modifications

    • Aug. 23, 12:34am

      If you go into the race mods area in GT5, you will notice that there is an option for different liveries that has not been opened! I’m quite sure this will be opened up for use in GT6! However, with this news, I’m thinking that there will be more than just A, B & C options…

  41. Aug. 22, 7:24pm

    I will be havin two 500mile races on the first custom tracks I will make.I hope they have given us the freedom I’m hoping 4

    • Aug. 23, 10:37am

      The translation can’t be correct, if it is that’s a crazy amount of space for just a track, but we’ll see.

      Expect it to be 10km by 10km though, just to be safe.

    • Aug. 25, 1:16pm

      10×10 is still an enormous amount of creation space. More than enough to create most anything you’d like to do.

  42. Aug. 22, 6:50pm

    @TheGTGuy Really a livery editor as DLC i heard everything now……

    • Aug. 22, 8:24pm
      Tenacious D

      The online feature in GT5 Prologue was a DLC update…

  43. Aug. 22, 6:42pm

    Could anyone ask him what about aero parts and tuning parts in detail????? Even in TGS…

    • Aug. 23, 6:28am

      Exactly, I care more about aero parts then I do stickers lol

  44. Aug. 22, 6:10pm

    I’d be happy even if a livery editor came as DLC.

  45. Aug. 22, 6:06pm

    they should have a livery editor like nascar 09 give you a car template on your pc design the livery on paint them upload it to the game

  46. Aug. 22, 5:19pm

    I will be hosting 24 hrs of Daytona race in Jan the same weekend as the real 24hrs of Daytona!

    • Aug. 22, 6:06pm

      Already done that, but without night lol

    • Aug. 22, 7:10pm

      I’m game for that!!!

  47. Aug. 22, 5:01pm

    Go the hell wants to put their own photos on a car? Random. Liveries yes, photos no.

    • Aug. 22, 5:42pm

      Not what he meant.

    • Aug. 22, 5:47pm

      a ‘photo’ could be a .jpg or .bmp of a company logo or graphics designed somewhere else, and then positioned on the car.

      I think however that given the ability to freely decorate cars, you’d find yourself racing mostly against boobs and cocks with wheels.

    • Aug. 22, 7:51pm


    • Aug. 23, 11:24am
      SZRT Ice


  48. Aug. 22, 5:00pm

    Because it takes time to develop and fully test to such a feature, and with 1200 cars it would take a long time to make sure the livery editor works from a vast majority of them. Besides Kazunori has stated twice now that he is working on one. So there is still the possibility of GT7 having one.

    • Aug. 22, 6:27pm

      At least someone appreciates that it isn’t a simple task. Quite a few features were eventually witheld from GT5 due to PD not being satisfied with the end result.

      Even with GT6 being on the PS3 I think it’s remarkable what they hope to achieve with it – kudos to ’em.

  49. Aug. 22, 4:51pm

    Bonnet camera in the KTM CAR ! I just see a video of it :D

    • Aug. 22, 4:58pm

      That’s because of camera position, but Kaz and his camera position guy have no idea what hood cam actually is. They place it on the roof of the car, just give us ability in real time to position the camera on the hood of each car just outside the windshield, should not be too big of an issue. This is one thing I love about PC games is when they off insane amounts of customization. Nose cam is too low and cockpit cam is too crowded, hood/bonnet cam would suffice as it gives you good view ahead and to your immediate peripheral and fix that bloody camera work that automatically switches to some door mounted cam unless your in cockpit view, I always hated that it makes no sense, just sway the camera from it’s mounted position in the view you are already in. Not rocket science.

  50. Aug. 22, 4:48pm

    Holy crap, Daytona night races….I can’t wait to do some 24hr races. I wonder if they fixed the AI issue with the turn 2, they all veer wildly and careen into the grass then back onto the tarmac. It’s stupid as hell to see that, the idiots but the drive brilliantly elsewhere on the course. I play arcade mode a lot, I do hope that the created courses all come with day night transitions and weather.
    Livery editor hmmm, well PD has a livery editor for GT but actually having a simplified one for the general public to use yea, good luck. Just give us vinyls for the time being while you figure out how to implement a livery editor correctly. I want ability to apply racing number areas on doors and front hood/bonnet and rear along with different schemes or stencils that allow you to paint multiple colors on a single car instead of just one. Paint job should cost the same just using multiple paints to fill the parts you choose(over all I hate the chip system it’s annoying, just unlock chip and have it forever…this would give birth to people having unique paints that they have through promotions and Seasonal wins). There are many ways PD can add a livery editor without breaking the game stencils that can be stretched and shrunk to fit cars user controlled and ability to use more than one paint to color the car surface and for land sakes give us a preview before you plunk down for the paint job damn it.
    Either way I am getting this game for the cars, tracks and physics. Really want to see how much aero affects road cars when with and without aero parts. All can’t wait.

  51. Aug. 22, 4:42pm

    Yay for 24 hours of Spa and Daytona!

  52. Aug. 22, 4:24pm

    How soon before the whiners show up with another ridiculous reason that they wont be buying the game and how “Forza ftw”

    • Aug. 22, 5:33pm

      Ridiculous or not, it doesn’t make it any less true.

    • Aug. 22, 5:47pm
      Kake Bake

      Ooh, someone feels threatened.

    • Aug. 22, 8:29pm

      I’ll be honest this is the first Gran Turismo game since number 2 that I’ve not pre ordered and before I buy it I’m going to need some solid details on features

    • Aug. 23, 5:51pm

      Not has soon has the seemingly insecure and defensive posts with a subtle air of borderline fanboyism apparently, lol.

  53. Aug. 22, 4:20pm

    The translator guy! LOL

  54. Aug. 22, 4:10pm

    I have been waiting for news on the course creator. Plus, whatever happened to the Bathurst track. It is NOT listed on the Gran Turismo 6 website at all. Guess it could be getting saved as add-on DLC!

    • Aug. 22, 4:22pm

      if you count the new tracks its six not seven they said 7 new tracks they might be saving it for the Tokyo game show

    • Aug. 22, 4:40pm

      I hope so too :)

  55. Aug. 22, 4:10pm

    Only 1new course maker location?

    • Aug. 22, 4:52pm

      Nooooooo. One new location, and another one or two LOCATIONS, and there’s still just about everything about this Course Maker that we’ve yet to learn.

  56. Aug. 22, 4:04pm

    I’ll take it let’s bring it on already. I’m ready to drive some new cars for crying out loud.

  57. Aug. 22, 4:03pm

    Well now you guys cant say that Kaz promised us a livery editor or they were not putting in 16 person fields.

  58. Aug. 22, 4:02pm

    “Kazunori wisely tempers expectations, however, noting that he ‘does not think a full livery editor be available’.”

    WHY THE H#!! NOT? Guess we’ll have to see how much Forza embarrasses GT again in this regard.

    • Aug. 22, 5:20pm

      I have one question for your comment.

      Are you saying the livery editor makes a game win in sales/popularity wether or not it has one?

    • Aug. 22, 5:35pm

      And sound…and physics…and AI…and damage, it really starts to add up doesn’t it

    • Aug. 22, 5:51pm

      variety of tracks, track settings, track editor, cars, performance setups, online, overall feel of game and…Gran Turismo

      Those matter as well, I believe.

    • Aug. 22, 6:11pm

      Yeah, get over yourself dabneyd. A simple livery editor like iRacing is more than enough and isn’t a bad. You wanted one, you’re getting one, so stop crying like a spoiled 4 year old….

      Embarrassed my ***!

    • Aug. 22, 6:34pm

      @PepeMickey You should get a ban from this site as youre nothing but a forza fanboy bitching here…

  59. Aug. 22, 4:00pm

    Don’t get too over excited about that course maker thing. It most likely means a preset enviroment with roads already there you just choose which roads you want to make your course.

    • Aug. 22, 4:31pm

      That’s not what it sounds like to me.

    • Aug. 23, 5:49am

      Me neither – seems to have a lot more freedom than just some preset paramaters. I think all of the roads are going to be selectable, including parts if not all of the town.

    • Aug. 23, 6:02am

      Then you are getting too excited. That Andalucia place? Thats a course maker location. Plot your route through that set enviroment. I assure you, you are building yourselves up for disappointment there.

  60. Aug. 22, 3:58pm

    “Lay out their [custom] tracks freely” -> YES YES YES !!!!

  61. Aug. 22, 3:51pm


    I’m SO EXCITED to hear we can freely lay out our courses now. Which means it’s actually a proper create-a-track. So aside fom ovals (since I doubt we’ll be able to lay out a proper oval with specific banking to be able to create a perfect Bristol or like Atlanta) I don’t really care what tacks they add as DLC. If they don’t add Watkin’s Glen or Pocono or Sanoma, I know I know those tracks good enough to perfectly recreate them. Controlling elevation will be key on some tracks though. I wonder if it will be that deep.

    • Aug. 22, 6:57pm

      I wonder too. I was keen to try and re-create one of my favourite roads where I grew up when I heard GT5 had a course maker, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe GT6 will make this possible?

  62. Aug. 22, 3:48pm

    I think the ps3 has never been Gran Turismo friendly in anyway. But with ps4 coming up, I think he and his co workers will have a better time make a gran turismo title.

    • Aug. 22, 3:49pm


    • Aug. 22, 4:53pm

      That’s a given, PS3 could even handle haze effects that the PS2 did with gusto. PS4 GT will be epic especially if it has all the cars from this game and then all new cars…freaking car museum. I’ll stick to GT as it seems like they won’t start deleting cars when they move to another release, I hate games that take away cars, why would you want to lose cars in place of newer one’s? Some people just like a certain car and to see it gone is a bit unnerving, I welcome boat loads of cars. Everything on PS4 up to the same quality level, with even tighter physics, day/night on every course, large racing field(40+) can you say Le Man style multi class racing and real NASCAR 43 car field? So much I can envision for the future of the series and right now I am still glad to be a part of it since GT2 back on PS in 1999.

  63. Aug. 22, 3:45pm

    If Road Atlanta isn’t in the game I’m making it right away.

    • Aug. 22, 3:46pm

      i hope it’s in the game. Great track. I want VIR too

    • Aug. 24, 10:01am

      Then I’ll “borrow” it from you. ;-)

  64. Aug. 22, 3:43pm

    Who cares about liveries. I just want to see some of the aero parts. I really hope we can do full aero kits, and add downforce to the front as well, not just the rear like in GT5. That always annoyed me.

    • Aug. 22, 3:52pm

      I care about liveries:(

    • Aug. 22, 4:31pm

      Liveries are part of real racing last time I checked.

    • Aug. 22, 4:48pm

      Pretty dumb to say who cares about liveries since theres a thread with loads of people that want it.

    • Aug. 22, 6:01pm
      HKS racer

      I suggest a Magneti Marelli sticker on TomBrady’s forehead.

    • Aug. 22, 6:13pm

      I care for a livery editor, at least a simple one at that. I know you want one by heart TomBrady. :)

    • Aug. 22, 8:32pm

      I care for aero parts and liveries… imagine what this would do to the serious race teams online

  65. Aug. 22, 3:40pm

    Basically , Little chance of a livery editor, and the track creator is limited to the actual roads in the few locations.
    Another waiting game til TGS !!

  66. Aug. 22, 3:40pm

    thank you for the summary

  67. Aug. 22, 3:38pm

    I’m so glad Jordan took the time and effort to include the bullet-points. The sound quality was not best ;)

    So, Goodwood Rally will likely come later – cool.

    Otherwise some good points that should calm some of the fears around here.

  68. Aug. 22, 3:38pm

    Course maker will be a proper one. Thats all I’m bothered about :)

  69. Aug. 22, 3:34pm

    What about the big Achille’s heels of GT? Sound, AI, Standards… still no avail??

    • Aug. 22, 3:46pm

      Don’t be ridiculous. Standards are no where near an issue as sounds and AI are. Standards are not a problem.

      400 cars is plenty, it’s more than 99% of all other racing games, and that’s how many premiums there are. How can you complain about them adding another 800 cars from past GT’s?

      That’s not a negative, that’s a bonus. And this is coming from someone who strictly uses cockpit view.

    • Aug. 22, 3:46pm

      Well Standard cars have been confirmed for a while, Idk about the rest.

    • Aug. 22, 3:53pm

      Still it stays rather blurry: how will they be upgraded what about some examples of these “updated” standards: new textures? new polys boosting (using the tessellation tech to smooth the poly count ?)

    • Aug. 22, 5:30pm

      Gt6 can scrap standards for all I care, we have such a good line up of premiums ( drools) And allot of the better standards have been converted !

  70. Aug. 22, 3:32pm

    Night racing at Spa :O

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