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Why Trial Mountain, Grand Valley, and Deep Forest Aren't in GT Sport (Yet)

If you spend some time looking around GTPlanet’s GT Sport forums, it won’t take long until you find a complaint about the track list. It’s usually about what’s not on… Read More »

Greenwood Roadway's Gran Turismo Connection Gets Attention of Local Iowa Residents, TV News

Greenwood Roadway’s similarities to Gran Turismo’s Deep Forest renews local interest in the abandoned circuit.

Was Gran Turismo's "Deep Forest Raceway" Inspired by This Abandoned Circuit in Iowa?

One of Gran Turismo’s most popular fictional circuits might not be so fictional after all…

GT5 Video: License Test at Deep Forest Raceway

Two laps of Gran Turismo 5’s Deep Forest Raceway in a BMW Z4 M Coupe during one of the game’s license tests.