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Beauty Contest: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

2017 has shaped up rather nicely for sim racing enthusiasts abroad. With so many racing games now available, there’s something suited to everyone’s taste. Two franchises are of particular notoriety: Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.

Digital Foundry Publishes Project CARS 2 Console Performance Results

Digital Foundry has applied its signature expertise to Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 2. The sequel is leading the way performance wise by aiming to offer 60fps and 1080p alongside the impressive Live Track 3.0. The DF team has broken down the sequel to see how close (or far) it gets to achieving its targets.

Does GT Sport Represent a Generational Leap Over GT6?

Last week, Digital Foundry showed us how much of a difference the PS4 Pro makes on GT Sport’s performance. In this week’s video, Digital Foundry explains why GT Sport can be considered a worthy generational leap over GT6.

Project Scorpio Forza 6 Tech Demo Runs at 4K/60FPS With Power To Spare

Microsoft has finally lifted the lid on its latest Xbox One model, with Project Scorpio having all sorts of technical specs being revealed to the public eye. Whilst it doesn’t have an official name, price or aesthetic look, the type of power the console will be capable of in relation to its fellow hardware seem nothing short of staggering.

Project Scorpio Will Be Revealed This Thursday

After weeks of speculation, Eurogamer has stepped in to confirm that Microsoft’s higher-specced Xbox, currently known under the codename “Project Scorpio” will be revealed this Thursday courtesy of Digital Foundry.

GT6 Demo Graphic Performance Analyzed by Digital Foundry

EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry closely examines the graphics in today’s video games, offering highly technical analyses of all the 3D imaging techniques which developers use to build the software we play. They’ve carefully documented the performance of GT5 Prologue, the GT5 Time Trial (which hosted GT Academy 2010), and GT5 itself.

Gran Turismo 5 Technical Analysis by Digital Foundry

You may recall the video performance analyses of the GT5 Time Trial demo and GT5 Prologue by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry. They’re back in action for GT5, and once again offer a technical evaluation that helps explain various challenges Polyphony Digital would have faced throughout the game’s development. They also go in-depth to uncover how the game performs differently in 3D, at various resolutions, in different on-screen situations, and even put it up against Gran Turismo 4 with surprising results…

Video Performance Analysis of GT5 Prologue

The engineers at Digital Foundry have used GT5 Prologue to demonstrate one of their new video performance analysis tools.  As you can see in the clip above, their software graphs the frame rate at a given point in time while marking each torn frame.  They cite all of the criticism that the game has received for “tearing”, yet their objective results show the game performs exceptionally well.  Another revelation: frame rate is cut down to 30 FPS during the “pre-race drive-by”, with lots of torn frames.  Once the player gets control of the car, the game rockets up to 60 FPS, with no obvious explanation.  Watch how the FPS is, otherwise, only really affected when  other cars are in very close proximity.