GT6 Demo Graphic Performance Analyzed by Digital Foundry

EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry closely examines the graphics in today’s video games, offering highly technical analyses of all the 3D imaging techniques which developers use to build the software we play. They’ve carefully documented the performance of GT5 Prologue, the GT5 Time Trial (which hosted GT Academy 2010), and GT5 itself.

With the recent release of the Gran Turismo 6 demo, they’ve turned their attention on Polyphony Digital’s latest creation, but are not especially enthusiastic about their test results.

Although they are impressed by the game’s higher resolution (1440×1080) compared to GT5, many of the game’s graphical features do appear to have come at the expense of frame rate – especially in “cockpit view” – as can be seen in the graph displayed in the video above.

At E3 2013, Kazunori stated that his team has “pushed the PS3 as far as it can go,” and his comments appear to have been verified.

Based on what we’re seeing in the GT6 demo, resolution gets an impressive boost – up 12.5 per cent to 1440×1080 – but multi-sampling is gone, eschewed in favour of post-process MLAA. In effect, Polyphony is reallocating resources – moving anti-aliasing over to the Cell’s SPUs, and giving the RSX graphics chip room to breathe, allowing for the increased definition in the core imagery plus the implementation of other new rendering features.

The bad news is that the re-balancing isn’t quite as successful as we would have hoped. 1080p performance is far more variable compared to Gran Turismo 5, with smoothness visibly compromised by slowdown and judder – issues which are more prevalent when using the external chase cam and cockpit viewpoints and when transparent alpha effects (smoke and particles) are in play. Performance in the cockpit view is particularly worrying, with some regularly heavy drops in smoothness genuinely spoiling the gameplay experience when played this way.

Many users in our forums have noticed frame rate issues themselves, which Digital Foundry recommends can be avoided by running the game at 720p resolution:

The closest thing we have to a cure-all for these issues is to disengage 1080p resolution on the PlayStation 3 XMB and downgrade to the 720p display mode. Outside of a few dips in frame-rate caused by the appearance of alpha-based effects, GT6 manages to deliver a very solid experience in 720p, minus some occasional judder when the engine is being put under load. The use of different viewpoints has little impact on smoothness and for the most part we are looking at a mostly locked 60FPS update – cockpit view still has a hit on frame-rate, but it’s nowhere near as pronounced as it is in the 1080p mode.

Read Digital Foundry’s complete analysis for lots more in-depth discussion and details.

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  1. Roflmaot

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about? Maybe the frame rate drops and slows, but the gameplay doesn’t.. is everyone but me exposed to such ridiculous refresh rates and frame rates that anything less than 60 frames ruins a game? Ever played games on old pcs with monitors that only have 30hz refresh rates, therefore capping frame rates at 30fps. No stuttering, no lagg, slowdowns everything is as smooth as it can be. Gameplay rocks. What’s the deal if it drops to 40fps? is it ruined? will it be noticed if you’re actually paying attention to the driving? anything more than 30fps is subtlety smoother, but not everyone can even see it. Those who can are nit picky and probably aren’t even paying attention to gamepay. Grow up please. It’s not the end of the world. Complain if if it dips below 30fps and actually causes stuttering and gameplay slowdowns. Everything looks smooth to me at 1080 on a 46″ 120Hz LG Tv. That’s without any ridiculous post processing or smoothing. I congratulate PD for making a beautiful looking piece of software run at 1080 in the above 30fps realm on old, complex hardware. /rant over*

  2. G_MONEY_54

    I haven’t noticed anything wrong…..but maybe that’s the alcohol talking. Grand Turismo, the only safe place for a D.U.I.!

  3. Jayson619

    I never trust analysts by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, they are mostlypro-Xbox 360 fanboys who trash PS3 whenever they like. Until I get GT6, I won’t believe the crap they are saying now.

    1. gtrx251

      Most of the games on the PS3 have a resolution of 720p. 720p for PS3 is the native resolution for gaming.

    2. 2012GT325

      @ HKS: Prologue had 70 cars and a few tracks. GT6 will have 1200 plus cars and 70 plus track layouts. Apples and Oranges may both be round fruits, but they are not very comparable!

    3. speedrcr

      The assumption here is that software is created equal. It worked here why doesn’t it work there mentality. Well the tessellation (graphics rendering method) of the cars, scenery, and alpha effects (smoke, rain, etc) didn’t have as much fit and finish in Prologue.

      GT6 will be more like GT5.5, whereas when the version for PS4 comes out, it will be “GT6” we all hoped for.

      This is what I speculate will happen.

    4. Metfanant

      You would never notice the difference if I put it in front of you running @720p/60fps and told you it was 1080p…

      1. Your TV Would upscale it to 1080p anyway.
      2. The best looking games of this generation of consoles (Uncharted series/Killzone series/The Last of Us) all run at 720p
      3. GT5 ran at a lower resolution than this and looked just fine up scaled to 1080p..frankly Polyphony should have stuck with the old resolution…maybe they will finally make a smart decision and reduce the res back to GT5 levels before release…

  4. adellanotte

    Framerate drop is the biggest issue yet in GT5. In online rooms with lowbandiwith gamers is a nightmare.
    Jumpy image spoils all game experiencie.
    I noticed also in GT6. Hope they solve it. I dont care having less detail.
    Driving is just what matters!!!

    1. HKS racer

      If driving is just what matter, why do you bother with console games in the first place?
      There are plenty of pc simulators with better physics than Gran Turismo.

      The truth is people play GT for the eye candy not only for the driving.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Even better, why play a simulator? Just get a real car! J/k.I hate when people suggest alternatives to Gran Turismo. We play Gran Turismo because it’s Gran Turismo. We speak on this board because we are fans of Gran Turismo. Complaints and requests do not mean we want something other than or better than Gran Turismo. They mean we simply want Gran Turismo to be better. Why is that so hard to understand?

    3. MeanElf

      The online is lag due to a player’s low-level connection, something quite different from frame rate drop.

  5. deepsouth

    Honestly I don’t know what the fuss is about. I played the demo and I noticed a few stutters but nothing worth shouting for. I guess my eyes just aren’t that good.

    1. sind3ntosca

      yeah me too, the framerate is fine… i try 720p also 1080p… but the jaggies is ugly though :p …my PS3 is FAT 40GB… maybe its better than the slim? Hmmm….

      Or I should check again tomorrow about the framerate drop….

  6. omgitsbees

    The full version will have the same frame rate problems. Thinking otherwise is just setting yourself up for soul crushing disappointment. Not once have I ever seen a demo for a game that had issues and the full version was better. It’s bad enough that PD has to release game trailers with very misleading footage and sound effects.

    1. infamousphil

      You are sooo right, OMG. Sad to think it. Don’t play many others, but between the demo and the usual hype… it’s not gonna be perfect. But then again… what ever. Still looking forward to more great racing.

    2. ScotteDawg

      All the other GT demo’s came out on disk and this one was a download. The download was kept small. In keeping the download small, quite a few things were left out except the tyre and suspension engine! All will be fixed by release!!

      By Kaz’s admission, the sounds you hear are “placeholder” sounds. Kaz is hopeful they will have the better samples by release, but if not, they will be patched.

    3. phil_75

      Where is the link to “Kaz’s admission the sounds are a placeholder”?

      Why would he take out the new sound and replace with old?
      Never heard such rubbish!

    4. MeanElf

      The new hasn’t been taken out, it’s a WIP version that likely will only be completed just before release – or maybe not. It was stated in one of the news items that you frequent phil – he said it is being worked on but when it will be completed, they don’t know but they are trying to do so for the launch of GT6.

    5. ScotteDawg

      Thank you MeanElf! Phil, do your research before you tell someone they are talking rubbish. I did my research before posting my previous comment so as to not sound stupid! I suggest you do the same!!!

    6. MeanElf

      No worries – there’s so much cheap talk masqerading as fact around here. Also some people forget that not everyone thinks and acts the same way as them, so they assume those others are doing the same.

  7. gtrx251

    If you have a Full HDTV1920x1080> TO IMPROVE THE STABILITY OF THE FRAME-RATE DO THE FOLLOWING: 1) PS3 switch to 720p mode; 2) in “GT6demo” game options reduce the screen size to 85%: Set Display Size(HD)=85%. Frame-rate will remain STABLE even have a smoke and you’re using the cockpit view!!! IT WORKS!!!

    1. omgitsbees

      Might as well just release GT6 on PC then. I play on consoles so I don’t have to do dumb crap like this.

    2. exbagboy

      to erik, you would be using the fullscreen, it’s just when you select 720p the picture gets zoomed in so at 85% it fills the whole screen and yes it does run way smoother but doesn’t look as sharp. It takes 30 seconds.

    3. infamousphil

      A fellow follower of the series saw some of my replays from early 5 days and was disappointed in the jitters then. Still just ignoring it to this day. Rather enjoy the game that way than spend an extra 30 to 60secs switching back and forth.

  8. kollosson

    Kaz stated that GT6 is to get updated engine sounds, AI and more so i’m sure the demo is not indicative of the final game, seeing as Kaz was unhappy with GT5 I can’t see him releasing GT6 with frame rate issues and other niggles, I say hold out for the actual game before passing verdict, I think the finished game will be awesome.

    1. HKS racer

      We’ll talk again when you’ll realize GT6 will suffer the same issues of this GT Academy 2013 powered by… GT6.

  9. c4rl0s

    seriously guys, all u think u are critics, u cannot compare these 2 videos, its 2 totally different setups, the game in gt6 has alot more to think about with the suspension travel, the complex shadows, and so on, and this is just a 1gb demo for gt academy purposes, im sure the game on release will be fine. and as for dropping my output to 720p, it looks awful when your so used to 1080p, the text isn’t as sharp, the textures are blurry, its not nice, and im sorry but if u think dropping your frame rate will gain u another second on the time trial, your highly mistaken, u will be lucky if u gain a tenth.

    1. HKS racer

      Release it on PS4 then.

      It’s not like PD doesn”t know PS3 specs. We are in 2013 for the bloody hell. The have enough experience with the console. The know what it can or cannot do. The point is they are just trying to milk their userbase with a product not designed for the actual PS3 hardware. They are developing GT for PS4, in the meanwhile selling it on PS3.

  10. KFM

    Dang it, it was too hard to concentrate with them sliding all over the place, cutting corners, and hitting the other cars.

  11. Allek

    I guess people will never recognize what a great job Kaz and his colleagues accomplished with probably one of the hardest consoles in history for developers to code for: the Ps3. Most of them must be jumping in joy to celebrate the end of this era. Better days to come.

    1. HKS racer

      Feel free to purchase two copies and gift me one of them so I can “recognize what a great job Kaz and his colleagues accomplished”. In case it will not be that great accomplishment you’ll waste the money not me. ;)

    1. GTHEAD87

      Kaz said it only took 5 years because of the ps3 being so complicated. Not to mention the timeout they took to work with Nissan. On the ps4 it will take a lot less time.

    2. HKS racer

      I prefer waiting instead of playing a sub standard product.
      It’s not like GT is the only racing game. Or PS3 and PS4 are the only videogame platforms.

  12. TokoTurismo

    PD. Why you no just do 30fps? Better and easy decision to handle you know? You know getting a rock solid 60fps will be stressful, come on man….

    You need yo stop worrying about the next-gen racing and focus on getting your current gen game correct. Doesn’t need to be perfect..

    1. TokoTurismo

      Hey sandude, thanks for the warm welcome. :)

      phil, really? I’m not wanting better looks, I just want a game that doesn’t act like the one shown in the GT6 demo, which is fps…

  13. tube chaser

    I love the demo but that in-car frame rate is dreadful. I don’t even mind the creepy trees that rubber-neck you through the corners at Autumn Ring.

    Bring back the blocky shadows & smoke jaggies – all is forgiven.

  14. steve30x

    I dont have any stuttering or framerate drops with my PS3 set at 1080P and neither does my brother on his PS3. We both have Slim PS3’s

    1. Tvensky

      if you are using 720p tv then you dont have any Huge issues!

      they are much much less noticeable..

  15. Umbra344

    Good lord whats up with that driving. Whoever was doing the demo video would be better suited for Grand Theft Auto. Its been a while since I’ve seen this much horn mashing, off-road driving, smacking into every single car that happens to be in the way.
    The frame rate drops don’t affect me at all, I barely notice it. Its something that can easily be fixed in an update anyway.

  16. H.Keslijinen

    I Don’t know bout yall but I’ve always run m PS3 @ 720 and never experience any issue with any game and the games look better at the lower rez anyway. my tv is only 720p anyway. It does 1080i but that looks like garbage.

    1. phil_75

      So you own the worlds most powerful PS3 that is different to every other?

      You are just not noticing as much as some, watch some videos of poor framerates and screen tearing and then you will notice

    2. tube chaser

      H you beauty! Changed my output to 720 and the game runs a treat. Looks like we got what we wanted Scaff.

  17. phil_75

    We know why the much worse framerate Silverstone wasn’t included.
    The guy driving, well, attempting to drive obviously couldn’t get Gold times to unlock it:-D

  18. r4a2g0

    whoever is driving during this test appears to be one of those types you love to hate. Horrible driving skills and for christ’s sake lay off the horn, there are no pedestrians in your way. If your using the horn to yell at someone for cutting you off go buy a mic for that. I couldn’t even watch the entire video because the more he hit that horn for no reason the more I felt like strangling him.

  19. Tacobell18

    Why waste time on improving the graphics if your tyre physics is absolutely horrible? Maybe its just me but Gt5 was already a good looking game. They didnt need to improve anything graphics wise.

    1. Tenacious D

      The tire physics aren’t completely horrible. I refer my friend to remarks I made below.

  20. Amac500

    Everyone who keeps saying it should be on the PS4 ought to realize that a Gran Turismo title released with a council will never live up to the standard of a Gran Turismo title developed for a system over a couple of years.

  21. Amac500

    I honestly didn’t notice the frame rate change like everyone else and figured it was because my PS3 is less full then most. However, I did notice when onboard that when I focused on the hands and interior stuff, I did notice the frame rate change. However, I only noticed it when onboard and I didn’t notice it to begin with because I was focused on the track. The track didn’t appear to be a problem and when focusing on it like normal it isn’t really a problem, at least for me.

    1. MeanElf

      That’s the same for me – very minimal frame rate drop experienced so far. I though it had only happened twice during the first day, then no more – however, if I focus solely on that, I see it on a corner or two but it hardly impacts on my driving attempts.

      The lap time update did almost freeze the race, usually right before the first corner, but even that seems to be okay now. Curious how some are affected, but others are not, or at least, not so much.

  22. panjandrum

    This explains why I immediately felt the graphics in the demo are actually worse than the graphics in GT5. Like many people I absolutely hate any form of AA that adds blurriness to the picture. FXAA and an MLAA are both absolutely horrible.

  23. Toyota2jz

    Looks bloody awful. Work on the physics more, forget the graphics. We were already impressed by that on GT5 PD!

    1. Tenacious D

      Oh, I disagree completely. You physics guys have obviously forgotten all the caterwauling about the graphic badness in GT5. I participated in some of that.

      Plus, the physics are improved. The tire model feels similar, but I can’t believe that Yokohama just signed off on the old tire model and called it good. The suspension modeling done with KW is wonderful, so I suspect that this is a case that a very complex problem like a good tire model – which even PC sims don’t get completely right – is going to be revealed in GT6 itself.

      Christmas will come, kids, and it will be pretty sweet. ;-)

  24. HuskyGT

    So much negativeness… It’s like when GT5 was in its first months all over again. How bad can it be? GT5 wasn’t perfect yet it improved so much during its life. I’m sure GT6 will be great and it will surpass GT5 right from the beginning. The demo just proved how much better the game is already. And wait until we see the final version, all the new features, the new car list and future DLC.

    1. Amac500

      Nailed it! As the performance is increased with updates you know the frame rate will only get better.

    2. HarVee

      We shouldn’t have to wait 20 some updates just to get a stable frame rate. Either it comes out of the box or it shouldn’t come at all.

  25. Quakebass

    Ok… I get that game performance can improve, and bugs can be ironed out between the launch of the demo and the full game…

    But many people are taking this to the extreme. They’re expecting EVERYTHING to be PERFECT by the time GT6 will be launched. I’m doubtful on that. Improved much, definitely. But I’d expect some edgy-ish AI, some shadowing issues, and DEFINITELY sound problems, still. I’m expecting better than GT5, but FAR from perfect. The PS3’s hardware is simply too limiting.

    The only thing I COULD see being fixed completely by the full launch is the frame dropping at 1080p. Not many developers, especially big ones like PD, allow that sort of thing to happen at launch. I don’t know many games that have major frame-drop issues from first-party devs.

    1. Tenacious D

      “The PS3′s hardware is simply too limiting.” This is something a lot of people don’t understand. The PS3 is a magical box in many ways, but getting the most out of it requires mad science because of the quirky Cell architecture. Plus the memory is hard divided between graphics and system ram, so the flexibility of unified ram that 360 offers isn’t available to PD. Forza 4 gets around the sound matter by giving a whole big sample set to your car, and generic sounds to the others, and man is it LOUD. Watch a replay, and your car is the one roaring above all the others. Gran Turismo still gives unique samples to all the cars, which likely has to squeeze into a similar size block of memory.

      PD is clearly trying to make GT6 one of the prettiest racers around, even in the face of next gen competition. I can’t believe they’ve managed to stretch the resolution even MORE. Yeah, this isn’t as nice as GT5 in some ways, but this is a demo, and the 2009 GTA Time Trial demo was lacking many features that were in GT5. There are still some months of work left to go, so I expect them to be better.

      But as Kaz-sensei says, they’ve just about tapped the PS3 for all it has. Remember, GT6 is going to have a similar damage model to GT5’s. The demo isn’t running quite as well on the Fattys, with their older large die chipsets, and I believe him because GT5 with all its faults looks more real than Forza 4, as good as it is. I believe GT6 will be an incredible game with improvements in all areas, but the real serious Gran Turismo will be on PS4.

  26. pyru

    Yeah it’s true! I also noticed something weird with the frame rate while on copkit view.. I know that in the full game that F/R s*it wouldn’t be there and I also have to add that I want all cars, all tracks all the features since GT1 and obviously the eventual more! plus! extras! new stuff! that we are expecting from you guys Kaz and PD Please stop messing around with the game and give us what we want F*MOFOS! :)

  27. 2012GT325

    So what? I will still buy the game for the very awesome physics and graphics. Add all the new tracks and 200 new cars, and I can’t imagine any true GT fan not getting this game on release day. Yes, this game has its imperfections and as PD stated, pushes the limits of the PS3. But all-in-all, every GT game represents such a value that I, as a automobile aficionado, can’t wait to get my hands on the game and learn the ins and outs of 1200 amazing automobiles.

    Other than the Grand Theft Auto series, no other game has given me as much value and play time year after year, and GT6 will be no exception. Period.

    1. Quakebass

      Because it’s going to be reasonably close to that of the full game…? And to compare the new changes to the old product…?

      The size of the demo has nothing to do with it – OBVIOUSLY it’ll be small – there’s hardly any content… I’d imagine adding a thousand more cars, among other content, would increase the size of the file, wouldn’t you…?

    2. Tenacious D

      QB, we don’t know. There are still months of work yet to do on GT6, and we don’t even know how old this build is. The size of the demo has a little something to do with it, because they had to fit a lot of textures in there with the sound, object models and game code. But the real determining factor is how mature GT6 will be in comparison.

  28. HuskyGT

    HAHA! And I’m still not able to notice these little graphic bugs. Still looks like GT5 but with softer shadows, some frame rate drops here and there, not different than how it happened in GT5.

    More news on cars and features, PD please!

  29. capt_aaa

    As I mentioned earlier about increased legibility of speedometer markings compared to GT5, I don’t mind some judder or drop in frame rate as long as I can read the numerical on analog dashboards, now if they would just push it so it can fully implement HDMI 1.3 deep color gamut!

  30. Quigz125

    The good thing about demos and betas is that nothing can seriously be guaranteed and the more info PD has from the rest of the world the better they can improve the final game. There’s still a lot of time for them to fix the frame rate. And to be honest I’m hoping they delay the launch. I’ve said it before and ill say it again: take as much time as you need PD. ill wait for a great game. I’m probably gunna get hate mail from Devedander with his “expert opinion” on game designing but I don’t care. This is not GT5 this is Gran Turismo 6. PD saw what happened last launch and I’m sure it will be much different this time around.

    1. capt_aaa

      They can’t delay it this time around simply because PS4 launch is imminent and it might dwindle GT6 sales with the innovators (pre-early adopters) and early adopters as well.

    2. drag lab 101

      Lol @ Devedander & “expert opinion”

      And I agree with bout Quigz125 & capt_aaa.
      I’d give’m all the time needed too but, capt_aaa has a good point with the old PS4 launch and the possibility of lost sales as a result of pushing what will then be an old gen title.

  31. Corsa911

    For all of you HOPING this is just a demo related issue mark my words: GT6 final release will be no different! Bet on it

    1. Amac500

      Based on what? Does PD not have a history of improving Gran Turismo’s performance? They are one of the few companies who keep making their product better and as the increase performance the lag will go away and the graphics will improve.

  32. Rionmoon

    Being a big fan of the series AND a big critic as well I’m going to err on the side of caution and say this is just a demo and hopefully the full version of GT5.5 – iancashireland it’s already GT5.2. Please try and keep up, I know you’re Irish and all but still- comes out the frame rate issues will be a little better.

    Still there are much bigger game play issues to be addressed than the graphics.

    I just hope Kaz and his troop of marry programmers get their act together for GT7 and they don’t delay it’s release till 2017 as I’ve predicted.

    1. drag lab 101

      Only so many of us can be lucky enough to be IRISH!
      So Rionmoon take heed…
      May those who love us, love us; and those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts; and if He doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping!

    2. Amac500

      What you got against people with a limp drag lab? I would modify on your tone about that. Just cus’ we’re wounded don’t mean we are racist!

      …Haha, not really, just liked where this convo was going.

    3. MeanElf

      A proverb from gentler times, indeed – I can think of a few other things that’s make the fecker limp, applied in a more direct way…

  33. lancashirelad

    Gt 5.2 Hoover, cash cow ,fan boys wake up please. Gt 6 should of been on ps4 as I said months ago. I have bought all the gt series but giving this a miss.I know it’s only a demo but it’s a mess. Ai non existent again. Hoover’s again, screen tearing again.

    1. ScotteDawg

      DEMO! How many times do you have to be told!

      (Children, take note – this is what happens when you take drugs or drink too much alcohol!!!)

    2. tpark103

      Pre School….so much negative energy. If you used that much exertion doing exercise instead of spewing hateful, bias, and unbacked opinions of video games, you would be an Olympian. Take heed young lad, your blasphemy shalt only be taken seriously if spoken in the tongue of an man who appears educated in thy subject matter.

    1. tpark103

      I used to but, it’s been a while. I was never really productive to be honest. I kept getting distracted easily. :(

  34. Whodoyouthink

    GT5 had AA? LOL.

    Not very good AA to say the least.

    PS3 in general unfortunately has crappy AA.

    1. SZRT Ice

      If AA stands for “Alcoholics Anonymous”, then judging from the driving in that video, I’d say “AA” is back.

    2. TomBrady

      AA is a waste.At resolutions above 720 1280 it’s not even necessary.

      And GT5 was fine. Hardly any aliasing at all. They would’ve been better off with no AA and using VSYNC instead.

  35. gtrx251

    On my old Standard CRT TV (PAL no Progressive) “cockpit view”- frame rate is good, going smoothly without lags, but the replay looks like a slideshow, even worse than GT5. On full HD TV exactly the opposite replay-OK, “cockpit view”-BAD. I think it’s just demo.

    1. gtrx251

      In general, I think PD just have not yet completed the work on the shadows of cockpit > therefore bad frame rate. Just a demo,,,

  36. Tvensky

    GT is my favorite game….

    I must say this…

    Drop GT6… release it as fast as you can..

    and start working on PS4 ASAP!!!! PS3 can only hurt GT now… it will still be playable and look good.. but all that great work could be done on PS4 without downgrading everything to achieve some other bonuses…. seems like GT6 will be a mess.. Good looking (for a ps3) and with great physics..

    1. Amac500

      Starting from scratch on a new system without putting out a title they’ve been working on is a great way to make have no income for 4 years and lose the company.

    2. Tvensky

      if you read further, I meant that they should release it as fast as they can and forget about it.. putting all work into GT7 or GT6 on PS4…

      or PD will stay behind new systems like this every time…
      even GT5 went out when PS3 was almost in the end of his life cycle….

      and it seems it will be even worse with GT7…

      so they must release GT6 ps4 version… it at least will be Full Full HD, with no frame rate drops.. and blurry graphics.. also they could include everything they like… instead they are cutting things off for GT6.. so there can be different better stuff.. weird…

  37. TomBrady

    Hey in another one of their articles I read that you can drive the GT-R Race Car if you mess with your PS3 clock. Going to try right now. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    1. MeanElf

      And that was during the first two days of the demo availability – the third race has been removed until the 29th to stop that.

    2. TomBrady

      Yea I found out the hard way.

      @SZ Lighten up dude. It’s just a car. Honor is a lot more than just waiting for a car when you don’t have to (had it actually still worked)

  38. SZRT Ice

    I highly suggest EVERYONE read the ENTIRE ARTICLE before jumping to conclusions. PD is known for making bigger updates in shorter amounts of time to an already finished (on disk) code. GT6 hasn’t gone Gold yet, so drastic changes may yet to be made, included, or dismissed as well.

    1. SIMan24

      I think we all forget, they also smashed it into 1 GB of data. PD has always had tricks up their sleeves, so I’m not too worried at this point.

    2. Whodoyouthink

      Yes. It’s still just a demo, so performance issues are to be expected.

      Plus, a 5-10 fps drop is hardly game breaking.

    3. Amac500

      Your right, I mean they kept improving GT5’s performance. As the improve GT6ms performance the frame rate will improve.

    4. phil_75


      Did you watch the video?

      It drops to 40fps and that isn’t even on the worst track Silverstone!

  39. infamousphil

    Thankfully, I ain’t into all this technical mumbo jumbo. Graphic simulation is so convoluted with subjective opinions. The bottom line for me is that the game will be enjoyable. There has always ‘problems’ with GT. But I trust PD and Kaz will make the right decisions. CARS, Cars, cars… bring on the cars.

    And now I return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

  40. rex1825

    …they’d stick to 1280×1080 and we’ll be happy and of course no MLAA…

    So promise that GT6 will have locked 60fps is gone with this… well, it is just demo, and I hope they will make right decision till game release…

    Sadly, I like to play from cockpit view, and with this big fps drops… it is not a good experience, what is even worse, I’m alone on Silverstone without ghost, and fps drops are pretty notable…

    Common PD, make this game shine…


    1. TomBrady

      MLAA sucks but there must be something wrong with your PS3. I play on PC all the time at 60 fps, I can tell if a game drops below 50 fps, and I’ve never noticed drops on the time trials. Nor have I seen any screen tearing. You need to keep your PS3 cool because it sounds like it’s ready to die.

    2. rex1825

      …well I don’t have any problem with my PS3, and for sure not that my PS3 is dieing lolz.

      Everyone who calls him self pure gamer can see that fps drops… it is annoying as I said.

      And it is sad that PD couldn’t manage that, well I hope they will…


  41. TomBrady

    What the hell??????

    I could’ve swore that GT6 was at a LOWER resolution. Not only because of the aliasing but it seems blurry to me. What the hell if that about? Oh wait I know, MLAA. MLAA absolutely sucks. I tried it once on PC and I hated it because it adds to much blur and doesn’t do much to reduce aliasing. I hope they drop it because MLAA sucks ****.

    It’s funny because I’ve been saying for a while that I’d rather PD just didn’t even use AA and increase GT5s resolution instead, it looks like they’ve done that but switched to the worst possible type of AA. Even FXAA has less blur.

    The best I could ask for is for them to drop AA entirely and do GT5 in full 1080 1920, but I’m guessing they’ve already tried. On the PC, you really don’t even need anti-aliasing if you’re running the game in full HD 1920 by 1080 because the aliasing is so small due to the higher resolution. That’s what AA does anyways, it finds aliasing, increases the resolution of those areas, and then downscales back to the native resolution. If you just used a higher resolution to begin with, it naturally will look better.

    I bet the issue is PS3s lack of RAM, and DDR3 RAM because in GPU’s, 1 GB of GDDR5 (which is what I have) is better than 2 GB DDR3 especially if you’re going to play in 1080p.

    Wipeout HD is full 1080 by 1920, but it’s not as complex as GT6 I guess since PD can’t make it work. I hope they do though.

    1. phil_75

      Just to point out that Wipeout is running a dynamic resolution.
      It is 1920 x 1080 only when able to do so, when its under load the resolution drops in real time allowing it to stay at 60fps.
      Google it;-)

  42. YZF

    So, what about GT6 on PS4 then? Will we be able to run it smoothly? Maybe even at 1920 x 1080? What do you say PD? ;)

    1. phil_75

      Of course, dependant on how much graphical effects they cram in but 1080@60 will be a must for GT7

    2. YZF

      What I ment was GT6 on PS4, not GT7. They say it will be possible to play some PS3 games on PS4…

  43. SavageEvil

    Would someone get a date on how old that version of GT6 is, it looks like it’s the same code from Silverstone reveal back in February. How about that? People going on about how bad things come across yet no one knows the age of the actual code we are using, it could be more than 8 months old at this point.

  44. fishard517

    anyone else notice, when drifting in the gt6 demo, sometimes, the lower half of the smoke is shaded a solid blue?

    1. SZRT Ice

      Yep. Thought I was one of the rare few to notice that in Replay mode. I’m sure it’s a demo glitch. GT6 is sure to receive some update hits, just as GT5 does if these issues persist.

    2. TomBrady

      Has anyone else noticed that the tire smoke doesn’t make the cars look all pixelated like GT5 did?

      Yea, that’s a big positive in my opinion. I wonder how they did it because it doesn’t seem like the resolution of the tire smoke is any higher.

    3. SZRT Ice

      That, I believe, has to do with GT6’s new rendering engine. The way particle and lighting effects are rendered in GT6 is different than GT5. Don’t know the specifics, but it’s mentioned in the full article on DF’s website.

  45. sangdude82

    May be the next installment of GT series on ps4 can solve these problems. We have to wait and see whether it will be called as GT6 ps4 version or GT7.

  46. Nuuj

    With only a few months left before GT6’s (hopeful) release, I don’t know if much of a difference can be made for the Frame Rate Drops–many people have been rejoicing over the Load Times, but I think that since it’s only a Small Demo and it’s coming directly off of the Hard Drive, it won’t load the same as the Full Game being read from the Disc; the Physics and Graphics were the main things I took away from this–but the Frames worry the Hell out of me, I know my wish for more opponent/cars on-track won’t be possible this Generation with such a problem..

    Even with these Frame Rate Issues plaguing my favorite Point of View, a GT6 Purchase is a must for me–I’ve seen good things so far, and it’s the best Simulator we have on the PS3 especially now with it’s updated Physics (I’ll still be waiting for reviews before buying though lol)..

  47. Maddens Raiders

    Most if not all of these “issues” will be a part of PD’s focus going forward, whether through patches or wholesale maintenance/updates just as they did with GT5. It gets so old listening to the same old tired complaints over and over in what is a fantastic console racing sim… the best as far as I can tell. Just take a deep breath, enjoy the offering, and let PD work their magic over /time/. I’m not trying to say that some of you don’t have legitimate beefs, as I want the title to be polished to the highest degree of perfection too, but for ffs give these guys a break. This is hard, hard work!

    1. kekke2000

      If this game was called something else than Gran Turismo people would be over their head of joy by this fantastic game. But just because it is called Gran Turismo you expect a racing car to be standing in your living room. It’s just a game…

    2. Tenacious D

      A fellow optimist. ;D

      Johnnypenso has already posted a video of the GTA 2009 Time Trial demo, and how it was lacking a few features compared even to Prologue, never mind GT5 itself. PD have at least three more months of work to do on GT6 before release so I wouldn’t be having any anxiety attacks yet. In particular, I’m stunned that they INCREASED resolution over GT5, when several of us were sure they would have to drop it to 720p, so things aren’t all that dire. Buck up soldiers. ;-)

    3. TomBrady

      @tenacious I could’ve swore the demo looked like it was 720p too. It looks blurrier to me and there’s more aliasing but the aliasing is from the lack of MSAA, and the blur is from MLAA.

      I’d rather see more jaggies than deal with the blur. The demo would actually look really good without the stupid MLAA.

  48. dimassa19

    See all the cars individually in each track in the Demo. In options, put ten seconds in the demo to start de videos more quickly.

  49. TWiTCH__187

    Nice! I really don’t care for graphics much, as long as I can see dirt from apex. Lol I wanna see my lines when I drive if you know what I mean.

    But I know the first ish product is going to be real nice!

    1. Maddens Raiders

      Catlin –

      All 1080p refers to is the vertical pixel count and progressive scan. So while the 1280×1080 resolution is in fact lower than the 16:9 1920×1080 resolution used by most TVs, it’s still technically 1080p. And way more than the /vast/ majority of current gen console titles.

    2. YZF

      TBH, GT5’s ‘1080p’ is not exactly Full HD 1080p, i.e. it runs at 1280 x 1080 and not 1920 x 1080, but this is no surprise as the PS3 GPU sucks big time.

  50. BWX

    The biggest problem for me is the absolutely ugly looking lack of antialiasing on the road surface and lines especially, and the entire scene is pretty bad for the most part. Any environment with lots of vertical slats like a fence railings at Silverstone for example shimmers like it’s on a PS2. It looks like crap, and gives me a headache and eyestrain.

    1. sailworksman

      Thanks for this. I was going to say the same thing. Not impressed at all with the “demo”, Played it for half an hour, then deleted it. Hoping for the best.

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