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GT6 Sales Total 4.71 Million, Franchise Over 76 Million Units

A complete redesign of Polyphony Digital’s website went live earlier today, and with it, the company has updated us on the subject of sales for the second time in 2015. During GT Sport’s first unveiling in Paris, PD had snuck a quick mention of a rough series total into the game’s website. Over 75 million units had been sold as of March 2015, while today’s newer tallies come from September of this year.

Gran Turismo Series Tops 75 Million Copies Sold

As part of the flurry of activity and announcements surrounding the reveal of Gran Turismo Sport at Paris Games Week today, an interesting bit of information was revealed as Polyphony Digital updated their official site: the GT series has now sold over 75 million copies:

Gran Turismo 6 Sales Data Reported in VIRAG/SCEA Case [UPDATES]

UPDATE: Although these numbers were reported in official court documents, they have since been discredited. Thanks to detective work from NeoGAF and here in GTPlanet’s community, we see the judge quoted sales numbers by VIRAG in their original claims against SCEA, made in July of 2014.

2.5 Million People Downloaded Aston Martin’s Vision GT Car in Gran Turismo 6

Bloomberg TV, the business and financial television network, aired a segment yesterday (as spotted by Wax Free Vanilla) on the ever-increasing importance of video games for automotive companies. It featured Aston Martin’s Vision GT project, the DP-100, and revealed that 2.5 million people have downloaded the car in Gran Turismo 6.

25-Car Pack, Bonus DLC in Latest Gran Turismo 6 Sale

A special sale on Gran Turismo 6 has been announced with several participating retailers in the United States, offering another chance to get some of the game’s 15th Anniversary content which was originally only available as a pre-order incentive. The content includes: