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GT6 One of the PlayStation Store's Top 20 PS3 Digital Downloads in 2016

Gran Turismo 6 15 Jan 13, 2017 by Ali Samy

Sony’s own charts show the game has remained a consistent performer digitally.

GT6 Sales Cross the 5 Million Threshold, Franchise at 76.79 Million Total

Polyphony have updated their site, revealing the latest sales figures for the franchise.

GT6 Sales Total 4.71 Million, Franchise Over 76 Million Units

Polyphony’s updated corporate website sheds new light on sales numbers across the board.

Gran Turismo Series Tops 75 Million Copies Sold

Polyphony Digital offers an official sales update for the Gran Turismo franchise.

Gran Turismo 6 Sales Data Reported in VIRAG/SCEA Case [UPDATES]

Court documents from ongoing litigation against SCEA reveal official GT6 sales numbers.

2.5 Million People Downloaded Aston Martin's Vision GT Car in Gran Turismo 6

Bloomberg TV reveals some fascinating numbers which indicate how many people are playing GT6.

25-Car Pack, Bonus DLC in Latest Gran Turismo 6 Sale

Another opportunity to get 15th Anniversary Content in GT6 is available for a limited time.

GT6 On Sale at Major U.S. Retailers: $39.99 with 1 Million In-Game Credits

Gran Turismo 6 goes on a special, limited-time sale at five major retailers in the United States.

Gran Turismo 6 On Sale in European PlayStation Store Through Feb. 12th

Gran Turismo 6 Feb 5, 2014 by Jordan Greer

Sony offers a discount on the digital version of GT6 for gamers in Europe and the UK.