2.5 Million People Downloaded Aston Martin’s Vision GT Car in Gran Turismo 6


Bloomberg TV, the business and financial television network, aired a segment yesterday (as spotted by Wax Free Vanilla) on the ever-increasing importance of video games for automotive companies. It featured Aston Martin’s Vision GT project, the DP-100, and revealed that 2.5 million people have downloaded the car in Gran Turismo 6.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.36.30 AM

The DP-100 became available in GT6 update 1.10, which was released on July 25. This means the game has had at least 2.5 million active players since that date, and we can infer it has sold at least that many copies since its release last December – interesting to know since no reliable or official sales data for GT6 has yet been published.

This bodes well for the future of the Vision Gran Turismo project, and such prominent exposure to an engaged audience of this size is a big deal for automotive manufacturers.

Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman emphasized just how important the car was to his company: “We reach a huge audience through this, […] it’s vitally important to us. The virtual world is becoming our new reality.”

GT6 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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  1. Lawndart

    Considering this DL isn’t optional, does this really mean; 2.5 million unique users played GT 6 over the period of time between its availability and the publishing of this article?

    That would still be a very impressive number for a last gen console game that’s 9-10 months old…

    But I do feel “downloaded” easily interpreted as an elective action, is very misleading. More evidence of; GT, the ultimate marketing simulator.

    1. Tenacious D

      I don’t see how you can say it’s misleading when two and a half million people are still bothering with the game six months into its lifespan. What that says to me is that in spite of the other choices in racing games out there, or even games in general, GT6 is still the draw for more than a million gamers around the globe.

      Being a last gen game, it’s looking like it won’t sell more than GT5 Prologue did at five million or so copies in its lifetime, but it’s possible that Kaz can give it some sort of magic appeal that draws in millions more. But I think the Ayrton Senna content would have done that if anything would, so I think most GT fans are waiting out the arrival of GT7 on PS4.

  2. Cote Dazur

    2.5 millions people, I am impressed and happy for Kaz and his team, GT5/6 could be a lot better, no doubt, as it is getting better all the time but at the same time the progress are slow and at the end of the day, it has not evolved a lot in the last few years.
    Still, Kaz and the gang have to be pleased of how many people spend time and money with their creation.
    I am almost exclusively driving AC these days, to me it is in a league of its own, but I am certain the people at Kunos, seeing those number, have to be a little jealous, even knowing their SIM is better in so many ways than GT6. I hope to see the day when AC has 2.5 million users at some point in time.

    1. Tenacious D

      Assetto Corsa could garner 2.5 million buyers, but it has a problem. As much as critics insist that GT6 and 7 will “finally” have some real competition in the form of upcoming racers like Project CARS, this is the game AC has to face head on as a real competitor, and it does look slick. To me, AC is just another sim, so we’ll have to see.

  3. Joe48

    Finally a number! I thought it was around 10 million. Assetto Corsa I guess is having already some 300k. I see how many people downloaded the Snoopy Nordschleife track. AC is in the pre release status!! I think it will be the biggest challenger to GT series. In my opinion has a better physics and being open to the modders are having clearly a big advantage over the closed GT. Not to say about the replay management some 9 camera position, slow motion up to 12x. Sorry to say but GT development is too slow, and too expensive. I was a serious GT fan since GT5 but AC is a bit better :). It is sad that Kazunori had a big chance and wasted it. Couple of day sago I saw a track – Hill climb transfagarasan – ready to download which started as a project a month ago. Amazing. Maybe GT has 150 employee to develop the game but AC has at least a thousand enthusiast fans who are adding value for free day by day, changing ideas, helping each other. New tracks, new cars are just popping up. and AI is very, very good not to mention the sound engine. Just grab the 458 and give it a try, you wont need any special challenge or multiplayer. You will go round and round in Monza and you will keep smiling…:)

    1. MeanElf

      Undoubtedly very true – but you cannot in all fairness compare a PC game with one run on what is now an old console.

      True, those sorts of features may well be a good way forward and GT will probably never have that much freedom, but wait and see what will come.

      I’m thinking that there will be a few red faces when GT7 arrives on a more comparable platform.

    2. Johnnypenso

      @Joe48…AC is my first real foray into PC sims and it is quite an eye opener, especially the modding stuff. Cars and tracks by the dozen popping up, liveries galore, it’s crazy!!! I found a Gilles Villeneuve 458 livery last night that I can’t wait to download and use on the track! Their really is a huge difference between console and PC gaming, it’s like two different genres really, hard to compare.

  4. BrunetPaquet

    Huh… first thing I’ve did with this Aston Martin VGT is ride it in the seasonal event, earned the car, the credits for its event, then I sold it for zero credits.

    I hope when they said “active” *1 they meant the game, and not the car, because these VGT cars are nothing to me. I don’t mind looking at ’em but that’s all these cars are to me: Showroom cars.

    I know, they represent a possible future and that they’re driveable, but let’s be honest… I know someone’s gonna throw a bar stool in my face, now… but I think they look like *2 Ridge Racer cars…

    I love Gran Turismo and I play almost everyday but I’d rather drive, y’know, the Nismo GT-R “whatever-year-or-spec and tralala” car they’re getting ready to release at a “Soon TM” date.

    I know, September haha… I just got a very cheesy sense of humor, anyways… cheers PD… hopefully “Soon TM” you’ll know that ignoring haters will allow you to go out of the shadows and talk to us *3 fans.

    Now I know that sounded negative but I’m actually trying to be positive… sided? Oh no, I said positive sided… now negative people are going to… y’know, toss a *4 bar stool at me.

    GT’s always gonna be something I’ll play, I’m pretty sure.

    *1 Pardon my short attention span… mm’kay?

    *2 I’m not hating, I’m just my opinion, so keep your pitchforks and torches down.

    *3 Fans, not fanboys, all right?

    *4 Brought to you by another GTPlanet user who has the same kinda opinion than I do.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      @Tenacious D I try to be good, what can I say. Look, I’ll cease firing at you like in my previous posts… If you can do the same… Yeah, I’m bipolar and autistic and all that so stress and offense comes in easily. Anyways, best of Sundays to you. :cheers:

      P.S., I’ll try to control myself.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      I think the VGTs are pretty cool. No other game series has even come close to such a project, and each of them is a symbol of the power of GT and of gaming in general.

      Also, are you having a tear at AbsoluteBarstool? :D

    3. BrunetPaquet

      @TeamCZRRacing Nah, I’m not having any tears… I’m more, like having a panic attack reading a few of my posts that I wrote when I was drowsy/sleepy and all that.

      I just woke up and I can’t be-LIEVE I wrote all that hateful/biased nonsense.

      It’s just like the fact that when I’m well-awake I like Skyline GT-Rs (GT-R is kinda bland for such a good car, imo), when I’m in my dreams, I drive/drift them like a pro, but when I’m lacking rest I start throwing hissy fits and not being myself.

      There’s me, There’s dream world me then there’s mind-messed-up-tired-douche-me apparently…

      I, well… I apologize for all that crap I’ve wrote before this message. Geez, I’m a scary individual, huh.

      Anyways, yeah VGTs are cool cars. Too bad only the VGT Mercedes-Benz is the only one to be highly tunable.

      That’s what I get for working too much time on my legacy RPG remasters… haha…

  5. ynot

    Get your copy of GT6 and look at the back cover. I just want what is on the back of the box. I will pay for the other download content. I don’t expect them to keep making new track and cars beyond what comes with the game when you buy it. It costs money to do that. No communication is what is making me mad. Its been 267 days since the release of GT6 or 8 months, 24 days. Plenty of time to put out some communication.

    1. Tenacious D

      Yeah, we haven’t heard a thing from Kaz in years or something – oh wait, we have. We even have him blogging to us. For a bit more, I refer my friend to remarks I made below.

    2. Griffith500

      My copy (UK Anniversary Edition) doesn’t have anything missing off the back cover. Take it up with your local Sony Computer Entertainment [Wherever] branch. ;)

  6. Jtuner

    @sayba2th, yeh I guess you have a point, but it still doesn’t answer the question of why pd doesn’t at least let us know what it is going with the updates, even if they said, “ok look, the track customization is going to take a bit longer than expect” or “all the features requested and which are highly anticipated WILL be in gt7”, not just …………….. , its the lack of info and the typical silence what I think annoys most of us here, not the actual lack of promised content, kaz can post a video of him doing the ice bucket challenge (fair enough its for charity) but if he can take the time to do that and post a video, why can’t he post a video letting us know what’s going on. People are starting to get fed up including myself, and when project cars comes out and it turns out to be a major contender for gt if not better, I for one can stay gt will no longer be a priority for me..

    1. OpticZero

      I think it all comes down to them thinking that all of their plans are inside of this big secret bubble; and if they tell anyone, this giant bubble will pop and no one will ever see those plans again.

      Or they just don’t give a f***.

    2. Tvensky

      GT has become very complex and that’s why they need tons of time to finish something.. they really are recreating real world… but it takes only few years for them.. nature and humans worked on these thins for ages..

      it seems that PD will need 10 000 people to work on GT.. they aim very high and sometimes they are ahead of they’re time by many years.. thats also the reason why GT series are missing so many other forgotten stuff… its complicated really.. I have huge respect for PD.. but critics are here just to help them…

    3. sayba2th

      Agreed re the release of information, this has been a killer. With all the avenues available esp now with social media the cloak and dagger stuff has gotten old. Yes there is more info coming but PD are very sheepish as to when we will see it.

    4. Tenacious D

      Every time Kaz makes a remark about a possible release window, it becomes a promise. When that release window slips, it becomes a broken promise. He’s quite right to just say all the time, “We’re working on (whatever),” because the net people get all riled up no matter what. And then at least he isn’t called a liar all the time – well, with any cause.

  7. sayba2th

    I know that there is still alot of disapointment amongst the community with regards to GT6 as a whole. Personally I am in the minority of happy users catagory however I will reserve my judgement of PD until GT7 arrives on PS4. The PS4 by Kaz’s admission will allow them to do alot of the things that the PS3 has limited them on. They know what people are looking for (with our posts in these forums) and while they can’t deliver the pie in the sky requests that are out there are alot of genuine and feasible requests that I really think we will see finally what GT can really be. If PD can’t deliver with fewer limitations that the PS4 offers then I will never question peoples berrating of PD again.

  8. Jtuner

    i used to play gt5 religiously, even with some of the false promises made, then gt6 came along with more promises, which either are false, or they are guarding these updates in area 51, what i don’t understand is, fine, it takes time to develop these things, i get that, what my problem is whats with the secrecy? why not just say how long it will take, what kind of timescale we are looking at or if its even going to make it, i’m so fed up with gt6 i can’t remember the last time i played it, maybe more than 6 months now, but its ok, we all have something to look forward to, project cars which is out in october.

    1. MeanElf

      Maybe they don’t know themselves, as in a schedule has been set, bugs appear and make the coding untenable, they patch the bugs, other appear…and so on.

      I don’t understand why so many feel that PD is doing this on purpose.

    2. Tenacious D

      @ MeanElf, because when people react, they do so on the basis of emotion rather than reason.

      I’ll admit myself that my time on GT6 has been pushed aside by other things, such as recording a friend’s album project – TWO YEARS now, I need a break – as well as an addicting stint with Deus Ex 2 that I intend to finish this weekend, as well as creating cars in Forza 4 now that my 360 Leet is back from MS.

      But it’s not because GT6 is a bad game, and I don’t post here as much because I’ve grown chilly towards it. Rather, it’s because this place is an emotional minefield where fans are bothered if they have something good to say about some aspect of the game. That got old years ago with GT5, and it’s more stale now.

      I know that some here don’t consider me a true fan of racing games because I don’t hate the car sounds or the slow bots or the Standard cars. Or like the bash-happy bots in Forza or GRID. All those other games have their place in the market. But they just don’t offer me the same level of enjoyment that I get when I take my Standard Nomad Diablo GT race car around the Nurburgring for a few laps as the sun sets. Sure, I’d love to have Forza’s Livery Editor and deeper mod system, in which you can make race cars out of anything. But as a racer, Forza just doesn’t cut it for me, and it’s the second best racer on the market in my not so humble opinion. P CARS has a shot at eating up my game playing time, but it doesn’t exist yet.

      Some here bristle when I wax about how awesome Gran Turismo is, and even as much as critics jeer at how GT6 isn’t selling well at all, GT6 is still leading the pack of new racers on PS3, and nothing has touched it yet. So as much as that might irk the hardcore complainers here, gamers at large just don’t get as bent as they do over the series. We’re enjoying something they aren’t, and that’s what really matters. I’d suggest that the complainers who see nothing worth praising in this game move on to those games which do tickle their fancies. And their forums, because I can’t imagine it’s fun to write page after page of negativity. I’d much rather be doing something I enjoy. And on that point, I have baddies to take down in Deus Ex and cars to fuss with in GT and Forza both.

    3. Johnnypenso

      TenD wrong on just about every count again. There are emotional recactions on both sides of the argument but to dismiss the negative reactions to GT6 as based on emotion rather than reason is a joke. A great many of us have laid out quite logical discussion points that you usually refuse to knowledge. Then you do as you do here, just make sweeping generalizations of all the very specific responses directed towards you and others with phrases like, “I’d suggest that the complainers who see nothing worth praising in this game move on to those games which do tickle their fancies.” This person only exists in your one-sided mind. It’s a convenient way of sweeping away anything that doesn’t agree with your rose coloured glasses view of things. It’s obviously working for you because you post the same non-sensical statements over and over and never back anything up (that I’ve seen) with a link or a response on topic and on point.

      Yes GT6 is a bad game for a myriad of reasons, and certainly, not a worthy effort that puts 10 years of progress on display since the days of GT3/4. Graphics are better, physics are arguably better, more content but just about everything else is the same or worse. If someone had a time machine 10 years ago and gave you a glimpse of GT Career Mode in 2014, you can’t possibly say you would have been happy with what you saw, nor that it well reflected 10 years of progress through the 10 most rapid years of technological development in the history of the world.

    4. BrunetPaquet

      @TokoTurismo @Johnnypenso Ignore Tenacious D… All he thinks about is GT6, PD, supporting these two and his ego.

      Everyone who doesn’t fully support these four facts that he invented is someone who he’ll think is an idiot.

      Also every game that isn’t Gran Turismo is something unholy to him.

      So… might as well not read his holier-than-thou nonsense.

    5. sayba2th

      JP is right with the constructive critisim of GT, there is flawed unfinished biz and yes the career mode is in need of a complete overhaul. If it makes GT a better game by all means. My gripe is with people who look to tear PD a new one even when something is done well or the pie in the sky requests that we know with certain limitations of the PS3 that are not achievable this gen. The game does need some TLC but overall it does not kill the game for me, note this is my personal opinion and like everything else it is all subjective upon the individual.

    6. MeanElf

      Can’t agree with your statement there JP about GT being a bad game for a myriad of reasons. Surely that’s a subjective matter?

      To put perspective onto that, I’m playing GT4 again right now and if GT6 or even 5 were so bad, then I would not be able to say the following with any honesty. The UI is clunky as hell, it takes forever by comparison it seems to get to where you want. I wonder how did we ever accept all that – maybe we didn’t, as I was not a member here back then – even so, pretty much everyone here seems to hold GT4 as a paragon example compared to the other games.

      Added to that, the AI does pretty much the same as the GT6 AI, but worse. I’ve seen them slow down to allow me to catch up and they brake check on corners too. I know you are going to say: well that is another indication that PD need to update their games; yet I don’t think I’ve heard much complaining about all of that amongst those who regularly diss GT5/6.

      Nostalgia seems to have got the better of some people here.

      There is more, and I would add it, but I’m feeling rough as sandpaper right now; so I’m going to leave further comment until later.

    7. Tenacious D


      “TenD wrong on just about every count again.”

      Oh doo tell, Johnny, what I’m almost completely wrong about this time. Maybe we should start at the top, where I was responding to MeanElf’s remark, “I don’t understand why so many feel that PD is doing this on purpose.”

      To which I replied, “…because when people react, they do so on the basis of emotion rather than reason.”

      Okay, so I’m understanding now that you think PD have descended to the level that they’re withholding content for GT6 or just flat out lying about what they’re doing in their concrete bunkers.

      Or maybe you consider reacting to be the same thing as critiquing. Or, that those who insist that the cars in Gran Turismo all sound like vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, pencil sharpeners or whatever are making reasoned statements based on easily verifiable observations.

      And as for this: “There are emotional recactions on both sides of the argument but to dismiss the negative reactions to GT6 as based on emotion rather than reason is a joke.”

      So now, you’re carrying on as if not only that I haven’t acknowledged GT6 as a game that is flawed and needs improvements, but that I haven’t made critical remarks myself – recall my many posts about things I’d love to see changed including sounds, dare I say it.

      So, Johnny, I should point out that absolutely NOTHING in my posts indicates that GT6 is paaarfect, or that only sane, sensible, wunnerful people agree that it is.

      Talk about reacting, let anyone criticise one of your pets like GRID, and oh my, you just don’t understand the splendor that is GRID, which isn’t perfect by a long shot, but… well, you really can’t say anything negative about it because darn it, it almost is. At least that’s how you, dare I say it, react. Because if it did have flaws, you’d let people speak about those flaws, and perhaps consider that they might have a point about said flaws. Oh, but not flawless GRID.

      Now, about that flittering off to boards that feature games that suit those people better, sure, I stand by that. Because you are the poster child of reacting. Dare to say anything unfavorable about a game you hold dear, and golly, what possesses someone to post such inflamatory, wrongheaded and downright dopey things? Maybe we shouldn’t be on those boards if we don’t have anything good to say about GRID or P CARS. Except we’re not on those boards, and besides, the P CARS boards are restricted to contributing members only. Gee, how exclusionary.

      But of course, you’re God’s gift to the boards here, so when I say GT6 is a pretty darn cool game and you insist that hell no, it’s a bad game, of course you’re right, because you’re a brain trust after all. Or something. Especially since all I ever post is that GT6 is paaarfect.

      Dude, making stuff up about a poster’s positions and then knocking them down is called a straw man argument. Scarecrow.

    8. BrunetPaquet

      @Tenacious D just because people don’t play Gran Turismo doesn’t mean they play Grid… I don’t. Apparently Gran Turismo 6 is your god or something…

    9. Johnnypenso

      @sayba2th I completely agree with you that there are some people who have unrealistic expectations of PD and make criticisms that are unfounded. They are just as annoying as those that think PD can do no wrong and that Kaz’s farts are all perfume and flowers.

      @MeanElf Saying the AI in GT4 have similar behaviour as GT6, only worse, is really making my case for me. GT6 AI does not in my mind, represent 10 years of progress with AI and it seems you would agree with me. Since good AI really is “the game” to many people, without good AI you can’t have a good game. Yes there are lots of cars and tracks, but that’s just lots of stuff, it’s not a game in and of itself.

      @TenD The irony of you responding to my postulating that your retorts often involve imaginary sweeping generalizations…with some more sweeping generalizations and a bunch of other stuff that I never mentioned at all in my post, is simply too delicious for words. Thank you once again for proving my point…lol.

    10. MeanElf

      JP you apparently didn’t read the bit about GT4 that followed: I quote – moving it away from the rest of the words, just to save any further confusion:

      “…I know you are going to say: well that is another indication that PD need to update their games; yet I don’t think I’ve heard much complaining about all of that amongst those who regularly diss GT5/6.”

      Only you so far, to my knowledge have made such a complaint – there again, I don’t spend all day and every day on this forum.

      Also, maybe it’s me but I really don’t see how TD’s responses have done/are the things you claim. His arguments are pretty calm, informed and to the point. There are often illustrations of points, which I find amusing and enjoyable to read – perhaps you have taken those at face value, I’m not sure – in any case, I certainly have no difficulty understanding or drawing the connecting dots.

    11. sayba2th

      The trouble with subjectivity is that we all see things differently and at the end of the day we will feel the way we do and no other arguements will change that as we all see things and interpret them differently. Let’s try to move away from the who’s right and who’s wrong and accept that our opinions will always be our opinions and leave it at that. The one thing that ties us all together is GT6 love it, like it or hate it. It is what it is.

    12. Tenacious D

      @JohnP, your post was completely off base, dude. My post mentioned ONE THING about the irrational grinches on the boards saying really dopey things. And supposedly, you don’t care for them either, but I suppose I’m wrong about that. The rest of my post was about the joy I personally find in Gran Turismo, GT6 in particular, and I don’t find in other games.

      I also mentioned that the gamers at large don’t get as hysterical over the flaws in GT6 as the hardcore here. This is a truth. A game demonstrably worse as GT5 is won’t make 11 million people buy it, no matter what kind of subliminal advertising you use on them. It sure won’t make a million more buy the game in its third year. That may give you an ulcer, but I’d suggest you get away from GT Planet for a while because you’re going to see happy GT posts periodically.

      Another thing is saying that P CARS isn’t out yet. Maybe it is for sale somewhere and I just didn’t catch it. If so, let me know so I can pick up a copy. ;D

      And then there’s your declaration that GT6 is a bad game. Look, this is an opinion. A very personal opinion, because again, it’s based on YOUR REACTION to the game. Sure, it’s shared by some of the hardcore racing game fans in the Earthverse, but there are even divisions in that crowd. Some are really wishing for more code to come from PD to rectify some things and add others, but they still like it.

      I think the main issue is that I like GT6, you seriously don’t, and nothing I post is going to make you happy. I doubt that this more rational, not-posted at 4am stuff will get past that “GT6 sucks” firewall in your head, so maybe I really will just pass on by your posts from now on because it seems all I do is send you into conniptions.

    13. Johnnypenso

      Haha TenD, nice try but wrong again. My main issue with you has nothing to do with how you feel about GT, and everything to do with you making supposedly “factual” statements that you can’t back up in any concrete way and for the most part, even refuse to acknowledge or you chalk up your non-sensical meanderings to “posting at 4 am” or some other such nonsense. So long as you continue to make “factual” statements to back up your opinions, I will continue to challenge those “factual” statements and you will continue to swerve, avoid, evade, sidestep and do whatever else you can to avoid answering. Business as usual in other words.

    14. MeanElf

      JP in fairness it is you who has the tendency to ignore points or certain questions/comments made in the past. I’d just assumed you weren’t into apologising for misreading something, but you can’t really be going around and demanding that others adhere to ‘rules’ that you yourself do not keep.

      My last post in this part of the thread is a case in point.

    15. Tenacious D

      I think JP and I are an example of how polarizing Gran Turismo is right now. No one can deny that it’s currently in a strange condition. Unfinished, slow to get promised content, and some of that content (Standard cars, sounds, bot A.I.) make some people downright mad. This is a video game, making people angry. And it’s not Grand Theft Auto glorifying gang violence. Only in the 21st Century, right? ;D

      This is how personal this game has become to people around the world, that some people get all crazy over things that if you think about it aren’t really all that big a deal. So the Standard cars and tracks aren’t nearly as pretty as the Premium stuff. They could see it as something that makes other games more appealing, which don’t have nearly the gamer appeal as Gran Turismo. Or the slow bots, any of the flaws in GT6 right now. But no, it riles them up and then the derogatory posts fly, sometimes they even attack Kaz personally over it, as you remarked above. Even the Vision GT cars anger some folks.

      What do you say to that? What can you? The best thing I suppose is to just note the name and tiptoe past their posts.

      It really would be nice to discuss things on these boards without having to wade through periodic napalm, such as in the sounds threads where the usual memes illustrating how “bad” Gran Turismo is get thrown around routinely. GT6 isn’t going to suddenly attain the level of P CARS or Forza overnight. Putting in everything I want likely won’t happen, or will only show up in part. Will Course Maker II be powerful enough for me to recreate classic Gran Turismo tracks? Will the Livery Editor allow me to create any race car from history or my imagination I want? Probably not till GT7, maybe not even then.

      And as I posted elsewhere, as vexing as it is to not know things, I’m fine with Kaz not telling us everything the team are working on. When he does that, he gets into trouble. People suddenly expect perfection on a system with few resources left to exploit. And any speculated time frame of release becomes a promise in short order. When those dates slip, they become broken promises, “Kaz lied, kittens cried” and all that.

      I don’t envy anyone in Polyphony, because they can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of many. I know they’re working their fingers off on GT6 and 7 both. 6 will be much better, and 7 will be fantastic, I have no doubt. But creating a whole new GT experience will take a lot of work and time, and the net people don’t have much patience. The one thing I’m hoping is that fall hurries up and some of these games get released in finished form like DriveClub, The Crew, Assetto Corsa and P CARS, and gives these cranky folk something to do. It seems for all the talk about how awesome GRID Autosport is, it doesn’t seem to take anyone away from GT Planet for more than an hour, if that, so let’s hope those other games give some of these guys something enjoyable to engage them for a few weeks or so.

    16. MeanElf

      A beautifully laid out post, an example of what I was talking about above…you are of course wrong in every sense of the word ;)

      I truly wish I could ignore those posts, but the smugness and ignorance displayed is beyond belief.

      Perhaps Toko has the best idea – leave this pit for a while, at least until those other games land and the usual suspects are distracted by the shining pretties for a while (though they’ll probably be back on here to crow about how this or that is soooo much better than GT ever could be.)

    17. Tenacious D

      I’m too addicted to this place to push off completely. Besides, why should I let the grinches win?

      Discussions like ours are why I like this place. There are reasonable critics like Griffith500 who are fun to dialog with. JohnnyP has his moments, when he isn’t carrying on like GT6 is the worst sucky game in the world that totally sucks. Besides, the complainers are right in that if GT Planet was a happy place, GT6 might not get improved as fast or as much. It would be better regardless, but it would be nice to get some trickle down from GT7, such as a real Livery Editor and return of Race Mod for most of these cars, as well as numerous other goodies.

      This is a double edged sword though. Some things like Premiumizing the Standard cars and tracks won’t slow the development of GT7 at all. Other things like a basic Livery Editor might, since PD would be polishing two versions of the same feature. But since GT7 is likely at least a year off, I’d really like to see something for GT6 first. Still, WhistleStop’s data digging indicates that we will get some goodies in this area.

      I’m hopeful for this fall, and GT6 turning into the Gran Turismo we’ve all been wanting to see, at least the PS3 version. Spec 2 and beyond should bring GT6 up to some pretty sweet levels.

  9. m8h3r

    I did break out GT6 for the first time in about a month just to give the Aston a drive. So it brought me back to the game. However I haven’t played it for a week since…

  10. Blood*Specter

    I got nothing………….except: McClaren P1, La Ferrari, Ferrari 458 GT3
    McClaren MP4-12c GT3, Bently GT3, Aston Martin GT3.
    Koenigsegg Agera, Premeum RUF’s. I could go on, but I got nothing…………………..

  11. Scheer

    I’m gonna swerve OT here, but was nobody affected by the LizardSquad / FamedGod DDoS on Sony? Head of SOE John Smedley’s plane was grounded by their bomb threat. Is that not newsworthy?

  12. pasigiri

    I’m going on a hunch here folks. I like the VGT thing but the business model is a glaring reality that PD needs more 3d modelers. The car companies are modeling these things with PD libraries while PD modelers model some old car from Goodwood. Not that I’m knocking the classics, it’s just that the Koenigsegg One:1 was there also. I’m sure there would be a lot more people lining up for GT if this car was in the game.

    Please PD, forget the car show cars for a second and focus on the drivers cars list. Those cars featured on Car and Drivers best drivers car, Motor Trend Lightning Lap, EVO’s track car competition, etc. past, present, and future.

    1. infamousphil

      Interesting comments. GT has always had concept cars. Remember the original race conversions and LMs?

      PD has merely expanded it’s horizons on them by getting real manufacturers involved. Just pointing out what is obvious to me.

      Personally, not a big fan of VGT but concept cars will always be interesting to me.

  13. Tvensky

    these 2.5 million must have no idea what they got :D

    I would be more proud for GT if 2.5 million people would get Ferrari Dino, Toyota Supra or BMW E30 (the real most wanted GT car, but wait we have these “imaginary” cars instead!) :D

    1. Scheer

      I haz Dino and it’s beautiful and many Supras already, but I do miss my E30 325i. The motor industry has always had concepts and GT is by far the best way of expressing them. They used to be distant whirly things at motor shows and now we can drive them. What’s not to like? However I, like many others, are still waiting for PD to acknowledge the genius of the original M3

  14. Jaywalker

    “no reliable or official sales data for GT6 has yet been published.”

    That’s because they’re embarrassed by the poor numbers…

    1. TokoTurismo

      Exactly. No wonder their going off bragging about “Oh we got 2.5 million people to download the Aston Martin VGT” which we weren’t given the choice of due to an update…

    2. Scheer

      Well 2.5 million people got it shoved in their faces. Does that make you happy? I’m sure the AM designers were happy. Damn, I’m all over this thread like herpes in the 80s. I must retire for a brandy and a cigar…

    3. wudy201

      You had to have read that it was Bloombberg TV tha released this story not GT. So your saying that Bloomberg is going off bragging about 2.5 million people being forced to download the Aston. Dont see what Bloomberg gets out of bragging about this because I dont see anything in the article stating that GT was putting this info out or “bragging”.

  15. AlexFFM1991

    I didn’t download it because it’s crap. Give us normal cars not vision cars. What should we do with it ? The most serious online rooms drive only roadcars or racecars. The vgt cars are a minority and people download it cuz it the only think we get to download. Why don’t you people give us some gt cars and roadcars. No one needs vgt we need new cars like amg’s , M, rs, there are also a lot of cars wich are more interesting to drive than vgt :/
    We don’t need that crap. Give us serious cars wich we can use in the best online rooms. !!

    1. JKgo

      Whoa calm down there my man/lady (don’t know who you are so just to be safe) I’m with you on this one 100%; but truth is: this is all we are going to get (unless it’s GT-R Nismo) for the time being and lately it feels like more we say something, less PDI listens, IMO… I also want that SLS AMG Black I saw on Top Gear the other day too, but realistically, CAN we actually believe it’ll come to GT6, or even GT7? Huh…as long as it’s not on sale in Japan then chances are closer to zero…
      Licensing issues I hear you say, but which car maker wouldn’t want to feature a jewel of their range in an effective advertising venue such as GT?

    2. Magic Ayrton

      @ Jkgo And the more Kaz doesn’t listen the less likely I am to buy a PS4 let alone any further GT’s.

    3. pasigiri

      It’s like I said before on the forums. How many premium non-Nissan, non-race cars in the past 5 years are in GT6?

    4. TokoTurismo

      Agreed Alex. As much as I like the VGT cars, enough is enough. GT was all about having real cars and driving real cars since the beginning, and now all of a sudden their focus is about sales and marketing. PD has changed, and there’s no doubt they haven’t changed if we’re going through this type of crap nowadays. No wonder so many people are have moved on, they made the right choice imo because due to GT5, they’ve woken up to see who PD truly is.

      Just you wait my friend, pCARS and other new racing titles that are coming out this year will switch the tables around (which won’t take 5 years to do), especially pCARS (new console sim racer king).

    5. TokoTurismo

      @Magic Ayrton If you ever do get a PS4, you should get Project CARS for it (if you’re into sim racers). :) I’m not getting GT7 as I don’t want to deal with PD’s BS no more, enough giving them chances if Kazu dosen’t want to listen.

    6. Magic Ayrton

      @ Toko Yes I know, I have a PC, so I play Asetto Corsa too. P-Cars is okay (i’m a junior member so have access) but will have to keep a closer eye on it nearer the time. Don’t need to buy a PS4.

    7. sayba2th

      Alex, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it however I disagree about the VGT’s being crap. These are great cars and Well put me in the minority and I download them as I want them and enjoy the driving experience they drive. I love cars period so these are a great bonus & personally I can’t wait to see the remainder of them. I agree that we are lacking as far as some of the cars for example Forza 4 and 5 had. I would be looking more to GT7 for the heavy hitters as I think PD will want to make a big impact on the PS4 being its debut for that console. But there is definately more room some much needed new cars.

    8. MeanElf

      I’m guessing Alex is having a rant – people who claim that they are speaking for everyone generally are.

      Plenty of people like the VGTs in truth, there is enough evidence across the forums to support that too.

    9. sayba2th

      Great point Elf there from what I can see regarding the support out there in GTP land. I personally am one of the VGT fans and think this is one of the most interesting concept in motoring games to date. I think there are alot of people out there that underestimate the importance of this little project. Maybe that is because those people lack “vision” on a bigger scale. That comment may polarise people but that’s what an initive like this does.

    1. Scheer

      As long as you just focus on the headlights and totally ignore the rest of the car, then yes! It is a GT90. Sheesh. Maybe you should actually look at it…

  16. Fat Tyre

    1 million gt6 users went and bought Forza 5 after such a horrendous update and swore never to buy anything again that has the GT logo…

    1. Scheer

      I always used to buy all consoles but after massive disappointment with Forza and the rubbish MS FFB wheel, and the fact that it wouldn’t be compatible with XB1 I didn’t bother with Forza 5. If Sony pull the same trick then I’ll be forced to think PS4 + new wheel + hate money = cost of shiny new gaming PC that works with my G27. I won’t look back…

    2. JCH8r

      Don’t just say “well, go play Forza then…” It’s important to look at what the competition is doing right and see where GT6/7 could be improved. Here are a couple good things about Forza that would improve GranTurismo. First, the Horizon series is being developed by an independent studio that is being given access to the game and developing new ideas. This is a very good development. I hope this trend continues, because that’s the only way we will end up with titles like “GT-CanAm67-74” or “GT-TransAm Classics”. Those type of niche games could be developed on the GT format, but I can’t see PD wasting resources on a niche of a niche market. Second, Forza modders are posting cool stuff all over the internet providing free PR and goodwill for the game. There is a pretty strong community of Forza painters and modders. So, what Forza is doing better is using the community to improve the game. I don’t hate Gran Turismo. I don’t even own Forza. But, I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and just claim that Forza is awful just because I want to think it’s awful.

    1. sayba2th

      I still don’t get what all the moaning is about the VGT’s are some of the most fun cars to drive. Yes a cockpit veiw would enhance the experience greatly but its not enough to put me off personally. If you haven’t spent much time in these cars yet go back and give em some proper seat time; you might actually have a good time and start enjoying the game again.

    2. Scheer

      From all the complaints I see here I’m one of the few that really is enjoying the game as it is. I love the VGT stuff, but as I mostly play in cockpit with *no* HUD (that’s how racers race), I feel a little short-changed. I know normal view is not bad, but it isn’t what I’m looking for. Other titles give you far more options in that regard. It can’t be that difficult.

    3. sayba2th

      Agreed scheer, yes I too see all the complaints as well. But like you I am happy with the game as it is also and yes like everyone else i am waiting the the other features to arrive. I am an in car racer for the most part but irrespective of the fact there is no interiors with most of the vision gt cars it doesn’t bother me quite as much as it might others as I have my G27 wheel set up with a proper racing rig. So that partnered with the gauges on the screen means that isn’t a deal breaker. Maybe if i was using a DS3 pad then I may feel a but stronger on this. I guess I have learnt with life as I get older that you make the most of what you have got and enjoy it for what it is.

    4. Benny44

      I agree with you Scheer and sayba. I am enjoying the game. Just had a 60 lap GT500 race around Suzuka last night and had a blast. If you are not enjoying it, I suggest you get hooked up with a club here on gtplanet forums, it will enhance your experience a lot, even if you are like me and haven’t raced a lot online. The only thing I disagree with you guys on is cockpit view. I think there is an argument to be made for cockpit view not being the most realistic, but that is an argument for another forum :)

    5. Scheer

      Hi Benny & Sayba, I do need to get into some proper online races. My experiences of just jumping in with some randoms have not been that great so maybe should find some decent GTPers club races. As for the cockpit thing, I found that changing the in race view to narrow or narrowest made a massive difference.

    6. sayba2th

      @ Benny, don’t get me wrong I do want an interior I am just saying that if it doesn’t come it won’t dampen my enthusiasm and enjoyment. Glad to hear you are enjoying too. It’s great to see there are people really enjoying the game.

      @ Scheer, Benny is right if you find a good group of racers then you will really get a big kick out of GT6 especially if all the guys at a similar level.

    7. MeanElf

      True Sayba – I’ve been using my DP-100 for the Tokyo seasonal and having a great time. I even re-ran the Willow Springs ‘enduro’ event with it and that went well too. Great to see how these cars fit into the series.

      Do the club thing guys, I had a truly great time over the past few years with GT5 and a group on here. There are clubs for all tastes and it changes the experience totally for anyone who has been playing pretty much purely SP until now.

  17. JKgo

    Is it just me that I find this article slightly ironic? 2.5 million downloads huh, wow. Dunno what was GT5 sales number for the same period but I’m sure it was more. PDI/Sony must be scratching their heads why so… Did someone tell Bloomberg that the car, as awesome as it is, isn’t an optional download? Basically anyone with a legit copy of GT6 and an internet connection MUST download it, hoping something else cool (or promised) sneaks in with the update.

    1. Scheer

      Fair comment, but I doubt anyone downloaded the car and then didn’t take a look at it. Let’s face it, we’ve been a bit starved of content so -anything’s- worth a look. I like it, but it needs an interior to float my boat.

    2. Scheer

      I’m not down on PD for this, but let’s face it, most concept car designers are as much interested in the interior as the exterior, but in GT they’re being totally ignored, and when you’re making a concept that is to be virtually driven, the lack of interiors is a massive oversight.

    3. HuskyGT


      No, tell it to PD. Aston Martin did design the interior. PD was too lazy or lacks the man power to do it.

    4. JKgo

      To be interior or not to be…that’s the question. Frankly I think the reason(s) for no interior on majority on VGTs are probably due to how these things work out – there are a lot of moving parts in a collaboration of this magnitude and most of time it’d be a minor miracle if everything arrives at a similar deadline to one another; I would be surprised any of these VGT real world builds have fully working interiors that “meets PDI’s i.e. Kaz’s standards”.
      I know it’s a big deal but don’t hold out for VGT interiors as it’s unlikely PDI implement interiors on all of them, if any.
      Focus of PDI probably have shifted to GT7 already, if it’s to meet that “2015” deadline…

    5. HuskyGT


      Yes, and that’s why it’s my favorite VGT so far. But I’m almost sure they were forced to due to the car being an open top. with the rest they can just go “meh” and not do it.

    6. sosa

      If the Aston did actualy delivered the digital copy of the interior, they will update it like they did with the M4. If not than we can forget about it.

  18. hairystig

    So 2.5 mil ppl also downloaded circuito de la sierra (aka zahara) and that alfa vision gt hmmm can’t wait for pd to acknowledge that, august update coming this weekend anyone lol I know I know I’m just setting myself up for more disappointment.

    1. Scheer

      I’d like to see how how many people download the real Zahara. That would really be a good count of active players. As for disappointment, I’ve found that lowering expectations really works wonders. It comes easy after being kicked in the ‘nads for months. :-)

    2. NW48

      There will not be another August update. After frankly a dissapointing v1.11, PD has pretty much ticked that monthly update off. Today is Friday in Japan so that means no update until September 1st, at the earliest, which won’t happen. Go do what I do. I go buy a game, say it’s the best thing ever then PD goes and gives us a massive content filled update. Doing that has cost me around $200AUD but hey, it works!

  19. Jimmy_DA

    That 2.5million figure means nothing. A lot of information picking going on. All this means is that 2.5million obviously heard about it and decided to obtain the car, the figure is not an indication of active players. I myself obtained the car but have not touched GT6 since! It does not mean I’m an active GT6 player, but rather more of a sparing player.

    1. Scheer

      Okay, but the fact that 2.5 million people are still firing up the game and downloading updates does mean something. The fact that you choose to do that and then not play the game is a little odd. The crux of the article is that car designers are embracing a new way of getting their concepts in front of car enthusiasts through VGT. Previously they were just distant rotating things at motor shows or pictures in magazines. Now we can pore over them in photo mode and actually drive them. The only fly in my ointment is the lack of interiors as i mostly drive in cockpit. That I find absurd.

    2. Jimmy_DA

      Well I myself wouldn’t say I’m an active player. Only firing up the game to look at the new content and obtaining the new cars before realising nothing has really changed and I’m bored.

      They really need to bring back some excitement into the GT series. I can remember playing for hours and weeks on end with the prior GT4 titles. Didn’t play a lot of GT4 due to my dad completing most of that one.

      Remember though the VGT cars are a bit of fun for the designers and a way of car manufacturers to have a more prominent role in GT. As this is bit of a fun gimmick and due to it being a game interiors are probably skipped to allow work on actual real car designs which are currently in the automotive market.

    1. Scheer

      Well, a bit lame as ever, but I think PD didn’t allow enough resources for great sound in GT6. This has finally been acknowledged in the pitstop blog. They got themselves a Dynapack, but I think they would be better served by going to someone like Greg Hill and the many other great car sound librarians for GT7. Would be nice if they at least tried a few upgrades in GT6 though…

  20. gigio79

    If 2.5 milions of people play with GT6 means the following: if you count all XBOX gamers using wheels, try to put an estimate of how many wheels have been sold, maybe more than 3 milions (pc also). It should be a must to support them with next gen.

  21. aguia

    everyone who did the event won the car, approximate 70,000 players, but only 2,000 get ​​gold (approximate numbers)

  22. trustjab

    I actually posted a picture of this in these forums before wax submitted it. But he has the link, I didnt go that far so fair play for him being credited. I was bored at 3:00 AM and wanted to see the US market futures and overseas so I turned on bloomberg and there it was!

  23. HuskyGT

    This means nothing. Like everyone said, it’s not like we had a choice. Personally I drove the car half a lap at the Redbull Ring Mini and never touched it again. If it had an interior, then I might’ve used it in a race or two.

    1. HuskyGT

      that’s another thing. This is more like a full blown race car and doesn’t have much use for regular street car racing. But yeah, I guess it can be de-tuned. I’ll just wait until they (if they ever do) add an interior. Oh, and I also hope they change the sound it has.

    2. HuskyGT

      HAHA! I love BMW’s, and only drove the car during the seasonal. Never touched it again. the only VGT so far that I’ve liked is the VW, but only because it has a cockpit. and it drives very nice, I must admit.

    1. Tenacious D

      So someone twisted your arm to make you d/l it? ;-)

      No one makes you get pizza, or music CDs, or tire brands. No one made you buy GT6 or download the DP-100. Maybe you just wanted a trophy to increase your car count, but I nab this Vision GT content because I intend to use it, and these are come cool cars. The Golf, GT-R and DP-100 are surprisingly good.

    2. HuskyGT

      Well, to his defense, it’s not like it’s optional. These things download automatically with updates, unlike the previous free cars in GT5, like the BR-Z.

      If we had an option, I would reject downloading VGT’s as a sign of my disapprove towards PD’s decision on GT6’s extra content path.

    3. Progress823

      Actually we have to complete a seasonal events or buy the car to obtain it, PD has a way of verifying content in users’ garages (since the days of GT5 hacks).

      So yes, it is optional and 2.5 million people chose this option.

    4. Tenacious D

      What Progress said. We don’t just get the cars dumped in our garages, we have to expend a little effort to get them.

      I’ll admit that I haven’t driven the Vision GT cars all that much yet, but I’ll be getting around to it when I get a huge holiday vacation, when I can really dig into the game again without a bunch of real life crud getting in the way.

    5. HuskyGT

      Well, the seasonal events are kind of tempting because of the cash prize and the paint chip, I must admit. Also, for collecting purposes, the car is fine (and it’s an actually good looking car). But still, at least me, I don’t really find any use for it.

    6. catamount39

      No I’m just saying that what bloomberg said doesn’t mean much…just shows how many people who have this game have internet.

    7. MeanElf

      That would be the logical assumption, yes. However, in the absence of official sales stats, it also points out that GT6 is still active and not doing quite as badly as some seem to think.

      True, by comparison to GT5 for the same period, it has sold less – but the games industry right now…

  24. GregOr1971

    Not bad for a game these days , but some got spoiled by previous iterations sales numbers and 2.5 kind of sounds “disappointing”. Not to me. :D™

  25. Ddrizle

    I’ve no interest in any of these Vision concepts and this Aston, to me, looks pretty terrible, but congrats on the downloads I suppose.

    1. FastTech

      Since when does 2.5 million downloads of one car indicate 2.5 million sales in total? You are missing out two vital factors: One, not everyone who purchased GT6 was still playing in July and secondly, some of those who are playing GT6 do not have online access on their PS3 to download the Aston. As for the comparison with GT5, that barely means anything since that has been around three years longer than GT6.

    2. UnkaD

      @FastTech The article states that it is an indication there are at least 2.5 million active players. It never says anything about a total.

    3. Tenacious D

      I would add to what FastTech said, that no Gran Turismo has ever been released on a previous gen system. Likewise, no GT has ever been advertised from the start as a game which isn’t complete, and would be improved and added to over the course of the following year or more. I was definitely ready for it, because too many things about GT5 bugged me, like having to grind up a car to paint ANOTHER car because the Paint Shop has no freaking paint!

      GT6 will continue to sell because… well, what choice do we have? ;D

    4. dddsprayshop

      O, and we did not download that car, we downloaded the update
      that contained 2 vision cars, where is are the stats for the Nissan??
      Also we got the racenumbers, the brake painting, the extra showroom in the paint menu’s.

      I did not know we only downloaded that aston only??
      Only the Aston and update are mentioned together, a bit racist against nissan?
      Yes, i’m nitpicking.
      I’m pissed that PD just changed the paintchips after i golded three of them with the twin colors
      I don’t stop with GT6, but this is just stupid marketing for Aston.

    5. FastTech

      @UnkaD Understood, but my reply was for dddsprayshop who thought 2.5m was the total sales figure to date. @gigio79, I’m not sure if you are serious, but GT5 is a PS3 only title too.

    6. MeanElf

      dddsprayshop said: “…where is are the stats for the Nissan??”

      I think the answer would be 2.5 million Nissans also…y’know.

    7. MeanElf

      ..and I don’t think you can be racist against a car make…well, maybe you could against the nation that produced it, but I think you meant to use another word.

    8. dddsprayshop

      Nice one, thinks he can debate by pulling my post out of context.
      There is sarcasm in the racism.
      Wy did you not copy the last lines of that post?
      It is just marketing for aston.
      I was pissed at Polyphony

      Looking for attention? then get it right, you’re not Famine.
      Break down a complete post, not just one line.

    9. lpardelha

      Think before writing, GT5 was released for PS3, XBOX and PC. GT6 is only for PS3.”

      since when GT5 was released on XBox abd PC??? GT it´s a game for Sony Playstation

    10. MeanElf

      Well, that sure told me then, didn’t it.

      You’ll note that sarcasm goes both ways and that whilst annoying, selective quoting is the biz here – which probably means I’ve been here too long if I’m doing it as well…

  26. kjb

    I’m surprised there are still that many people playing GT6! j/k that’s a good sign maybe PD will decide to push out more dlc and not just the VGT cars.

    1. Tenacious D

      I want real DLC cars too. I particularly want stuff that will fit within the FIA racing universe, cars n tracks both, and for PD to upgrade the bots so we can have some cracking good FIA GT Class racing. And other leagues too: WRC, ALMS/USCC, WTCC, BTCC – lot of CCs in there. But that’s what I want to see. And a Race Mod system, with Livery Editor please, that allows us to make cars that fit the specs of these leagues, and snazzy liveries to go with them.

      But I want the Vision GT cars too. Many of these guys are proving to be hot little racers, like the BMW, Golf, GT-R and DP-100.

    2. HuskyGT

      @Tenacious D

      I don’t totally hate VGT. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to support it since I feel it’s something rather special. But when all we get is these half-finished fantasy cars (minus the VW) that we can’t even tune, then that’s why I feel very negative towards it.

      I’m not really into race cars, but, man, I’d give anything if we can at least have real-life race cars, plus an improved A.I as you mention.

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