25-Car Pack, Bonus DLC in Latest Gran Turismo 6 Sale


A special sale on Gran Turismo 6 has been announced with several participating retailers in the United States, offering another chance to get some of the game’s 15th Anniversary content which was originally only available as a pre-order incentive. The content includes:

  • 15th Anniversary Race Suit
  • 15th Anniversary Helmet
  • 15th Anniversary PSN Avatar
  • Customized Paint Chips
  • 15th Anniversary 25-Car Pack

The 25-Car Pack includes the following selection of vehicles in their dark-blue, GT 15th Anniversary livery:

  1. A110 1600S 15th Anniversary Edition
  2. R8 LMS ultra 15th Anniversary Edition
  3. Corvette Stingray (C7) 15th Anniversary Edition
  4. Focus ST 15th Anniversary Edition
  5. Ford Shelby GT500 15th Anniversary Edition
  6. Huayra 15th Anniversary Edition
  7. HSV-010 GT 15th Anniversary Edition
  8. X-BOW R 15th Anniversary Edition
  9. IS F Racing Concept 15th Anniversary Edition
  10. Europa S.2 15th Anniversary Edition
  11. SLS AMG GT3 15th Anniversary Edition
  12. GT-R NISMO GT3 15th Anniversary Edition
  13. Megane Trophy V6 15th Anniversary Edition
  14. Viper GTS 15th Anniversary Edition
  15. Model S Signature Performance 15th Anniversary Edition
  16. Scirocco GT24 15th Anniversary Edition
  17. R18 TDI 15th Anniversary Edition
  18. BMW Z8 15th Anniversary Edition
  19. V16T 15th Anniversary Edition
  20. STRATOS 15th Anniversary Edition
  21. GT40 Mark I 15th Anniversary Edition
  22. Chevrolet Corvette Coupe CT 15th Anniversary Edition
  23. Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 15th Anniversary Edition
  24. Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally Car 15th Anniversary Edition
  25. Toyota 86 GT 15th Anniversary Edition

The bonus content is only available through July 18, 2014 and the game must be purchased at one of the following retailers; you can support GTPlanet by ordering through one of our affiliate links below.









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Comments (193)

  1. kapnk006

    I ordered this online from the Walmart website on the 17th and had it shipped to a Walmart Store near me. I picked it up at the Store today. When I got to the store the Walmart employee opened up the “Site-To-Store” shipping envelope while I was present. There were 2 separate sheets of white 8.5″ x 11″ paper and the packaged Game DVD in the envelope. One of the sheets of paper had the Code on it, the other sheet was a packing slip/receipt. The redemption Code worked BUT I only received Qty (20) of 15th Anniversary Cars. I already had Qty (5) of the 15th Anniversary cars in my original pre-ordered bonus game so apparently this new code will not give me duplicates of the Qty (5) 15th Anniversay cars that I already have. Not sure if I am happy about that!

  2. chewyy420

    Wow .. Just got off the phone with gamestop support what a disaster!! I ordered this game on the 17th cause of the deal for 25 cars promo and they never sent me a code and the game didn’t have one.. They told me they don’t give out codes and that gtplanet.net would give it to me?? WTF…. I FEEL SCAMMED!

  3. MerleApAmber

    What they don’t tell you on the web page. Walmart (at least here in Conyers, Georgia) have no clue what you’ll be speaking about going into the store to get this special offer. Best part? I could order it online, have them ‘deliver’ to the store in town and pick it up – and I might, MIGHT, have the dlc sony codes given to me at pick up. Easier to order and wait for it to be dropped on the door step… with Walmart.

    On the other hand, I just called the local GameStop he’s got one – lets see if their point of sale data base has been updated with a one week special offer… the way their website says they are :0

  4. MeanElf

    I’m guessing that a heavy mod-edit has happened here – thank you for that. Far too many hotheads have been running loose throughout the news section.

  5. NA

    Lost: One mind.

    Last seen on the GTP website, while posting in the news articles.

    If found, please return to: 123 Sesame Street, Apt 4, New York, New York, 10024

    Reward offered.

  6. kollosson

    I can’t believe the fuss over this GT6 sale and this is the reason people jump in to defend the game. If you’re a GT fan then this news is positive regardless if you purchased the ‘ exclusive ‘ DLC, that was like 7-8 months ago and now for a limited time in a limited region some more lucky people will have the chance to get the 15th anniversary cars, it doesn’t bother me at all, I think its great, its certainly not a negative?
    TeamCZRRacing I agree with you, of course people should be able to express their opinion for good or bad but coming on this site and kicking the hell out of GT at every given opportunity is not constructive and just completely destroys what this site should be about.

    1. Johnnypenso

      What is not constructive is not acknowledging when one side or the other has a legitimate point. You dismiss everyone on the other side of the argument by simply saying, “I’m ok with it, it doesn’t bother me [therefore everyone who doesn’t feel like me is wrong]. It was marketed as exclusive content, which means if I agree to the deal being offered me (buy before release) I get access to content that only those that pre-order with me get access to. Later on you find that that same exclusive content is being offered at a discount price to people that didn’t pre-order.
      It would have been just as easy for PD to put a tiny bit of effort into making a new anniversary livery, even just change the colour from blue to red or yellow would probably have been enough to make it appear to be different. Instead they completely disregard the fans who pre-ordered the content. It fits in with PD’s typical “blinders on” way of doing things.

    2. kollosson

      Johnnypenso, so, maybe you can tell me how I can avoid ‘ dismissing ‘ everyone on the other side by being ok with it ? suppose I could change my opinion right? I mean I wouldn’t want people being offended by me being ok with it, god forbid lol. Did you read the part of my post when I said that people should be able to express their opinion good or bad? did you read that Johnny ? Go on, take a quick look, just humour me..

  7. TeamCZRRacing

    Oh. Well on that point, I agree; it’s not a very lighthearted game compared to GT, though I will say this: fully randomized races can be hilarious. You haven’t lived until you’ve found yourself having to navigate a field of go-karts in an Audi R18. :lol:

  8. TeamCZRRacing

    Oh, by the way, by “my post above” I actually mean my post that starts with “Johnny, have you ever said even one positive thing about GT6?” This comment was originally a reply to something SZRT said in response to that post, so it’s actually supposed to be “my post below.” Sorry I forgot to change it. :)

  9. Johnnypenso

    I’m not talking about the physics though, I’m talking about the gameplay. It’s not “casual” like GT is. GT has moon missions, cones to knock over, easy as pie AI, stars to collect, 1200 cars to drive and is comfortable for a lot of people. Basically if you’ve played one GT you can play them all and there’s a lot of momentum in that kind of familiarity. The user interface for PCars looks to me to be more challenging and the layout more on the “serious” and less on the “fun” side of things. It’s more along the lines of racing sims rather than casual games and I just don’t think that has a broad based appeal.
    I think if PCars sells 1 million units on the PS4 it’ll be a raging success and hugely profitable considering it’s also being released on XBox, Wii and PC. More money for future development may bring more of a casual aspect and feel to the game but the launch edition just doesn’t look that way to me.

  10. TeamCZRRacing

    Johnny, I don’t think so. I’m one of the lucky few in the alpha program, and the handling is WAY more arcadey than GT. I saw a video of some Skip Barbers racing at Watkins Glen in iRacing a few months back, so I opened up pCARS and tried to beat the pole time in a Formula Ford, which I did by several seconds despite the Skip Barbers supposedly having more downforce, more grip and more power. Remember how you said you could run over sausage curbs with impunity in GT6? With only a few exceptions, you can do everything with an equal level of impunity in pCARS. Feel lime blowing an Audi A4 DTM through a roundabout at over 100mph, slamming into about three two-inch-high curbs on your way through? Go right ahead. There’s no way you’d come out of that in GT6. Heck, even the game’s representation of a Lotus 98T has only a little less grip than a modern F1 car, and on most tracks – modern GP circuits included – it’s even faster. Not that the game isn’t awesome – it is – but sometimes the level of unrealism is just ridiculous. More so than GT.

    1. AAR_CobraJet

      Yeah, all the excitement has lost some steam around here lately. The calm before another content release surprise maybe? We can only hope.

    2. Hypergolem

      Excitement is nice… but I don’t want to wait for updates in the next Gran Turismo… I will simply move to other games. PD you really managed to ruin a glorious franchise.

  11. Johnnypenso

    You’d look a little more unbiased Doodle if you included another name or two on the list instead of just Toko. There’s more than one person here who is acting like a lunatic and Toko isn’t the worst of the lot.

    And Toko, you should take a step back at the very least and stop taking the flame bait. Just stop responding to the trolls and eventually they go away. They just want attention and if they don’t get it, they’ll simply be yelling and ranting all to themselves.

  12. TokoTurismo

    Believe me man, I’ll love to break from GTP. I only come here in hopes news come, but it’s taking forever. So I end up just posting my thoughts here. ;)

    Although I’ll like to a break a month or two like @Samus.

  13. Doodle

    @Toko. I was giving you general advice. I know you’ve been in such a fowl mood over the past month or two. You should take a break from GTPlanet and just relax and come back with an open and fresh mind. Right now you’re just running around screaming like a chicken that got its head cut off. I’m not trying to bash on you man. Trust me. Breaks from websites help mentally.

  14. sangdude82

    Yeah, for example, people have kept complaining about the engine sounds and Kaz has eventually admitted about it and told us that they will improve it.

  15. Teal

    So if you bought the game and didn’t get a code for the 15th anniversary. What’s stopping you from going to gamestop and buying the game, then entering the code on the receipt and getting your content, then returning the sealed game back to gamestop?

    1. Doodle

      A waste of money? Generally Gamestop will give you a tiny chunk of what the game is worth if you return it only because the code was used. I once bought F1 2013 brand new for $60, entered the online pass code, played it once, hated it, and returned it the next game to only get $15 back.

    2. Teal

      Yeah that would be theft. It’s still crappy of them to release this promotion now, and people that bought the game, and weren’t able to get a 15th edition are getting shafted.

    3. SZRT Ice

      It is printed on the receipt actually…

      “Buy Gran Turismo 6 at GameStop and receive a code for the Limited Edition 25-Car Pack!

      Buy Gran Turismo 6 at GameStop and receive a code for the Limited Edition 25-Car Pack! Hurry – offer valid only from 7/11/14 – 7/18/14.

      Online Customers: Code will be emailed within 2 business days after your order ships.

      Store / In-Store Pickup Customers: Code will be printed on your receipt at time of pickup. “

  16. vr6cas

    Then he said he mad because he can’t pass A license! :D Well I guess that explains it.
    LOL hahaha :)

  17. SZRT Ice

    Lol! I had a laugh at that one! @ vr6cas.

    Didn’t really make sense but still, too funny!

    In the words of the “great” Eminem: You find me offensive? I find you offensive
    For finding me offensive
    Hence if I should draw a line on any fences
    If so to what extense if
    Any, should I go? ‘Cause it’s getting expensive
    Being on the other side of the courtroom on the defensive
    They say that I cause extensive
    Psychological nerve damage to the brain when I go to lengths this,
    Far at other people’s expenses
    I say your all just too god damn sensitive
    It’s censorship”

  18. kollosson

    TokoTurismo I hope PD don’t change cos that way they will always be ahead of the competition.

    1. JKgo

      I’ve been thinking about ways to improve on GT situation.GT6 is unfinished because for one GT5 took so long to complete PDI practically had no time in this generation of console cycle to make GT6 proper. It was probably either on PS3 or scrap whole thing and start over on PS4…
      Anyway blaming won’t fix a seemingly systematic problem with PDI itself. I read somewhere – can’t remember where exactly – that PDI has nearly three times (not sure about this figure my memory is shot) the amount of employees working for them compared to Turn10 yet turnaround time for each forza iterations makes you wonder why does PDI take so long to make each GT games. And I don’t think it’s because Mr. Kaz’s “obsession” of making perfect games. There’s something inefficient in the way PDI operates and it’s reflected in its games.
      There’s no doubt that right now workforce has been divided along the lines of one team working on GT7, another on Vision GT cars, another on patches/bug fixes, another on maintaining online servers and so on. I’m not sure what the ratio of this split is, but I got the feeling that much more attention is being given to GT7 since there’s no strong PS4 exclusive on the horizon that can match FH2 and The Crew and Sony, PDI’s boss, probably demands it.
      So, my suggestion is this: hire external contractors to work for you, PDI. If say you want to laser scan a track i.e. Brno or Road Atlanta, just hire a local company to do this instead of sending an entire team from Japan to do this. Same thing for the cars as well – PDI only features cars that’s on sale in Japan and so many, many exotics simply don’t make it to GT games – so if you want to feature say, Donkervoort GT or 2010 Ford Focus RS, then hire the local company to scan it. If you are stuck with a hardware problem because of PS3’s crazy internals, then ask other Sony first party studios to share their knowledge. Or if you are seriously stuck and have absolutely no idea on how to innovate and invigorate the franchise, then do what Turn10 did with FH: ask someone else to develop your game.
      I’m sure there are some of you out there sharpening your knives…come!!

    2. Progress823

      By now I thought we would have seen some of the FIA’s track input, including some of the older ones.

      Where is my Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie??

    3. Johnnypenso

      Well said JKgo. One part of your post is inaccurate though. It’s actually T10 that has the greater workforce and they also do outsourcing on their car modeling. Explains why they can pump out new games much faster.

    4. JKgo

      My apologies – just wiki’d both studios and you are absolutely correct, johnnypenso – turn10 has three times the workforce not the other way around… told you my memory is shot. Anyway then this reinforces my point even more so: if you don’t have enough bodies to fill the proverbial pool, then either get more devs or go external. Simple, and probably cheaper in the long run. Surely Japan has a lot of talented devs just itching for a chance to shine? And for external contractors, you can even use other Sony owned devs like Evolution whose currently working on DriveClub right now. They already have working 3d models of several cars and believable weather effects/day-night cycle down on PS4 so just ask them to share some of these assets. Okay so car models may be more problematic with licensing and all that, but still I don’t think any car makers won’t be too unhappy to have their products appearing in a series such as GT.

    5. Johnnypenso

      All good suggestions JK but we know from experience PD just isn’t into outsourcing, at least they haven’t been to this point. They prefer to do things in-house. It’s going to be quite interesting to see how much extra content they can produce for the GT7 launch. Based on their previous modeling history and all the work they are doing with the VGT’s and potential work tied up in brushing up the standards, I can’t see more than about 50 new cars if they launch in late 2015. That’ll be a huge disappointment on the new console IMO.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Don’t forget Naughty Dog! They are pro’s at milking resources out of the PS3 and directly into the source code! Although, GT is structured fundamentally different, who knows what could happen if PD worked in conjunction with other dev’s?!?

    7. JKgo

      @johnnypenso I have to say what you said made me worry about something funny that could happen. Imagine this: PDI makes GT games; Sony owns PDI; so basically Sony owns GT franchise. Sooooo if GT7 becomes a laughing stock for some unfathomable reason, then wouldn’t Sony simply take away the development of the game from PDI and give it to another first party studio? I know that GT is Mr. Kaz’s baby but that doesn’t mean squat if it’s not making money for Sony. Remember Tomb Raider back when? It’s original devs couldn’t handle it anymore so Eidos, owner of the devs thus the TR franchise as well, handed the reigns to Crystal Dynamics and it remains so to this day. This could happen with GT too. Right now GT6 is well behind in terms of post-launch sales number compared to GT5 and its chief perceived rival, FM5, and no doubt it is being seen as a slight commercial disappointment. If downward trend continues with GT7, who knows what will happen in next 3,4 years?

    8. Johnnypenso

      Anything is possible JK. GT has a huge budget and it takes huge sales to justify that budget figure. Kaz has all the leeway he wants so long as the $$$ continue to flow but when that dries up, the reigns tighten. Either the money flow to make the game tightens or they start to pressure Kaz into building something that will sell better. GT6 did not sell well but I’m guessing they’ll give Kaz a pass on that because it still generated significant income and it’s on the tail end of the console. The pressure will be on for GT7 and if it doesn’t produce at old GT levels I think that’s when the crap will really hit the fan. Selling 3-5 million on the PS4 will be an epic failure and just might be what’s needed to turn things around, if indeed they need turning around at that point.

    9. JKgo

      Actually selling 3-5 mil copies of GT7 would be considered a success. If it comes in 2015, chances are there would be around 11 – 15 mil PS4s, so this represents around one-in-three attach rate which is actually better than what the “best selling” GT5 have done so far. For the record I heard from “reputable” news sources that GT5 sold around 13-15 mil copies worldwide and with 80+ mil PS3s that’s less than one-in-four. Forza 5 apparently have attach rate as high as nearly one in every two xbones sold, so even tho’ it’s sold around 2+ mil copies, it’s seen as a massive success by MS.

    10. Johnnypenso

      I’m basing my 3-5 million being a failure on GT1-3-5 which each sold 10+million copies as the first version of the game on the new console. GT3 was launched the year after PS2, same as GT7 likely will be and it’s the best selling game of the bunch. Of course a lot depends on how well the consoles sell, the competition, the quality of the game itself etc. You could be right though, it’s possible they’ve toned down expectations based on GT6 sales to date and other factors.

    11. JKgo

      You make a good point there, johnnypenso. I still remember GT3… first time I inserted the disc in my toaster-shaped PS2, then I facepalmed after realizing only ONE BMW was in the game – at the time I had the hots for a M3 you see, and it wasn’t in the game!! Sigh… good times. Anyway PS2 was a monster – something like 150+ mil consoles sold in its life cycle. Nothing comes even remotely close, not even Wii, 3ds etc. Oh I also remember that back in early 2000’s GT literally had entire “sim” driving game genre on console all on its own, with nary a competition from EA with its still fledgling NFS series. So no surprise there with 10 mil copies of it floating around in the living rooms around the world… Also no flame wars on the ‘net back then!! Riiight now I feel really old…
      Remember whole “what is this A-spec on the cover” debacle on GT3 sleeve?

  19. MeanElf

    Time to leave the news section well alone I think, and see if what the disgruntled have been saying is true or not about those of us being reasonable regarding PD.

  20. StLCards

    So much bickering, wow!!!

    I already have 3 copies of the game, the original copy I preordered and 2 digital copies for my triple screen setup. I rarely drive the LE cars, so no need for them really.

    Have a great day everyone and happy driving :-)

  21. wvmgmidget

    That’s funny because I didn’t even pre-order the game and I still got the 15th anniversary content plus $1 million bonus credits. The GameStop I went to had some left over. (This was in February).

  22. wudy201

    Hard to believe this site used to be a good place to share tunes car and race info and anything GT and in a few months its turned into a complete warzone.

    1. SZRT Ice

      It only became that way because PD didn’t deliver, people got upset PD didn’t deliver, and people like you took it upon yourselves to defend PD and attempting to silence those upset instead of allowing people the right to be upset, and speak their opinions in open conversation as you do. It really doesn’t have to be a war, & imo, it’s not. It’s just text by random strangers with mutual interests yet varying opinions.

      Some people are just too sensitive however… & that’s where the problems arise.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Thanks Magic. It goes with something I learned Sunday about restoration.

      Sometimes damage control does more damage then revealing the damage upfront. In the case of home repair, masking a problem only allows the damage to continued covered up (unseen/undealt with), so that when the next time the damage resurfaces you have a bigger problem than you did when you masked (protected/covered) it.

      PD masking GT6 this long, thus the backlash from that vs dealing with the fanbase months prior. And these defender trolls/GTP community is dealing with the damage control with trying to protect GT from something it never needed protection from.

      When there’s damage there needs to be restoration. Walls need to be torn down, sometimes a mess needs to be made, in order for the problem to be fixed. These issues need to be dealt with. Not ignored or swept under a rug. Unjust defending actually does more damage than good. Not that all arguments here are unjust, but some defender trolls out there are really drowning the justifiable ones.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Respect @Ice. +1 :)

      PD will never change if the “Leave PD ALOOOONE” crew are always defending them as if their life depends on it… I agree with @Magic, at least you understand. :tup:

    4. SZRT Ice

      @ BrunetPaquet

      I think you misunderstood the context of my comment. The quoted is what was said by wudy201 in which my initial response corresponds to. I in no way agree with the sentiment of the statement in regards to how he perceived people whom voiced their opinions.

      I do agree, however, that PD should work at the respective pace required to finish missing in-game features. I’d just like some info/transparency with the process… (Updates..)

    5. scobra1cz

      TokoTurismo: Yeah, constant criticism is the right thing, what PD needs to do their job better… Apparently no (how would you feel, if someone is criticizing your work constantly?). They are doing their job as well as they can (who we are to judge them?), they are only a little slower and some people have not enough patience. It is not a PD problem, you have not enough patience, you know?

  23. MLRSparco

    Meh I preorder the game because I thought it would sell like hot cakes and not really for the extra cars (although they really did help in the career mode) unfortunately when I got to my local gamestop(around the time they open) there were plenty of copies still on the shelf and there was no one in the store,the girl that was working there was actually surprised I preordered the game because only 3 others did (lol).

    I could understand why some people might be mad but really these cars are nothing special aside from the ugly livery that you can’t even take off,I wish they would’ve at least threw a Rocket Bunny bodykit on the 86 or maybe have used the new sounds on these cars,that would’ve been cool.But at the end of the day exclusives should really stay exclusive that’s kinda the whole point,available for a limited time and then they’re gone,bringing them back after 8months as something that’s not downloadable and free sounds like a cry for more money because apparently you don’t have enough already.

  24. SZRT Ice

    Wow GTP… Y’all have been busy… Just so some of you know, this very version was actually sold directly in stores up until like February I believe (or as long as supplies lasted). And GT6 went on sale directly after Christmas ’13 for $40 (I don’t remember for how long) , so this really isn’t an upset IMO (but compared to how GT6 is lacking in so many other ways, I can’t say I don’t understand the disappointments some have).

    However, the cars are only really good for jump starting the career mode. The blue isn’t the most exciting color (white may have been better), the cars are un-paintable (would’ve been cool with the livery), and they’re already available amongst many in mass.

    The stealth vehicles had a much more lucrative allure. The big selling point is that there are 25 of these cars. Of which, I’ve only really used like 5 of. Mainly used in the completion of career mode events. I think only 2 have made it online. And not due to bragging rights, but more due to the fact that I couldn’t afford the car yet. Nah, it was more than 2, but still, nothing to scream about.

  25. Fire Yoshi

    They’re all in my stock yard. I would actually use these things if the garage limit wasn’t so pathetic. The way the stock yard is implemented in this game is just so…unpractical. Please give us a higher limit, I would be happy with 1000 like GT4 had. :(

  26. infamousphil

    This content was exclusive for months! How long did you guys want others to suffer? Forever!? Do you even drive the dang thangs!? You’ll get over it and grow up or visa versa. I remember my angst after not getting the McLaren F1 Stealth after preordering 5. It hurt unit 6. I’m all better now ;) Think of those who did not their 15th anniversary whips affer their preorders.

    And why BLUE! Of all colors in the raindow, they had to choose that one. Is it the official universally recognized color 15th anniversaries? So I don’t miss it one bit.

    Now if it were DLC’d for free? But it’s not. These guys will have to purchase a whole nother disc and probably start their career mode all over. I wouldn’t have done that for 5s stealths.

  27. Hyland

    Stop pre-ordering and buying day one. Problem solved.

    Good thing I only wasted a price of a burger on this game. Gotta’ love employee discount on an already discounted product.

  28. Tvensky

    lol, but these are same cars just with rubbish blue paint :( PD work is moving sooo slow.. almost nothing they promise is on time :) at least its polished :)

  29. kollosson

    Name a game that has never dropped in price? what do you want, a tee shirt? or a written apology from PD cos you’re so special lol, get over it….

  30. hsv

    Just saying that with all the backlash about “eeuurgh, not exclusive anymore”, this is coming as a direct response to those countless people who had a moan because they didn’t get it the first time round.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      This is soooo interesting.. now can we have the dlc we were promised (every other month) – I reckon when they saw that Forza 5 was going to be a skeleton of a game they said “let’s wait until GT7”

    2. hardvibes

      @Magir Ayrton
      no you can’t.


      Upon launch we were told we were going to be getting monthly DLC of cars and tracks but it has yet to arrive yet. When do you expect it to come out?

      I think there might be a misunderstanding there. I think I said “almost” every month. I also didn’t say “DLC” per se, but that there would be an update almost every month.
      On average we’re going through one to two updates per month. So I don’t think I have broken any promises. I think somewhere along the lines someone may have contorted my words. When you talk about things like Vision Gran Turismo as an example, we have over 30 cars that are going to be involved in that project and that was to be included in a year’s time. So when you look at it, my saying that there would be content released almost every month is not too far from the truth.
      But the Vision Gran Turismo cars, each car is made with great care at each of the manufacturers, and we can’t control when those cars can be completed. So I ask for your understanding.

      It was Taku Imasaki who said “there will be at least 1 track a month downloadable, additional tracks” in this video interview:
      (at 4 mins)

      Shiro: Yeah, because those designers are SO lazy. (joke)

  31. Le_Manuz

    now every one can get all of the anniverssary cars
    and the people who bought the anniverssary edition between the release and now are screwed
    we will never have the pre order anniverssary cars …

  32. Aussie_HSV

    As far as I recall, the pre-order bonus simply contained the Precision Pack.
    Everything else on offer with this new deal comes with the 15th Anniversary edition anyway.
    Not pre-order bonus, just standard content for the 15th Anniversary Edition.

    So it’s 5 cars.
    And from what I can tell, 5 cars that are only available from US stores.
    No mention of this deal on any other countries blogs from around the world, just US.

    And yet apparently the world has stopped turning for some.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      I’m rather in a good mood to see that. Some people will have cars they wanted for a while. Stop whining and crying like aspies because you had to spend 30$ more, it’s only gonna last a week. Nope, PD didn’t pay me to say that.

      As for me… oh wait, I’ll keep it to myself, otherwise you kids (The offended people) are gonna see that and you’ll call me completely insane… (Hint: Upgrade)

    2. kollosson

      I can’t think of a game where the exclusive content remains exclusive and is never released as DLC, if there is then I think it is wrong, all exclusive content should be made available to players at some point. The fact is this content is available for a limited time in the US alone so its still quite exclusive, what are you guys moaning about ? As a GT fan I’m happy that the game is being released as a ‘ game of the year edition ‘ (which happens to a lot of games that have DLC, its the norm these days really) its good for the franchise but as usual any positive news about GT6 is turned into a negative by certain individuals. If we had all of the content that was announced in one update, the map editor with gps app, the new track, all of the vision GT cars and even a sound update for cars, you just know that these individuals would just divert their caustic remarks to some other area of the game, they claim its constructive criticism but being negative about something all the time can never be constructive. Fans? I think not.

    3. Magic Ayrton

      When it comes down to people skipping a game completely on it’s next iteration, I think somehow people will start caring. For me, makes no difference I am just voicing my opinion.
      Most of you people calling others silly etc don’t even read other peoples posts properly. (or at all)

    4. Tenacious D

      You guys keep saying Gran Turismo will die because THE WHOLE WORLD is gonna take a dump on it. And yet it keeps selling, so it’s no wonder the whole world is flocking to you for advice.

      When Polyphony can’t do anything without people complaining about it, it’s time to begin ignoring those people.

    5. BrunetPaquet

      +1 to Tenacious D and MeanElf.

      Well they clearly didn’t take enough ritalin before seeing that announcement. Some people are never happy… to be honest a majority of the people are never happy.

      They’ve got a major case of Unwarranted-Self-Importance for each of their own selves. Them little people who thinks game developers or whatever owes everything to the gamers.

    6. SZRT Ice

      It takes very little analytical prowess for one to realize from the lack in release of sales figures and this “repeated” pr stunt that GT6 didn’t sell as expected. I almost doubt they ever intended for it to & them using it as a vehicle to stall the fanbase and subsequently fund the next iteration seems more likely imo. This is likely a last ditch effort to boost sales and rid excessive overstock before the push for either the XL version or complete dismissal of GT6 and redirect towards next-gen takes place in a few months.

      I’m expecting a repackaged GT6 with some sort of featured incentive or a strong push in next-gen GT7 marketing to start taking place sometime soon, say late summer or Octobe-ish close to Gamescom or TGS.

      Honestly, I think PD/Sony may just call GT6 a bust and move on.

    7. MeanElf

      Thank you BrunetPaquet, appreciate the fact that at least a few can be sensible here.

      Why yes Magic, I’m always a bit silly…but not quite in the same way as you fine fellows with your endless complaining. Sadly though I’m not employed by PD – that would be good though.

      And lastly, yes Toko, you were – I’m not sure who appears to be trying the hardest though – the level 11 griefstricken, or those who are simply nonplussed by that grief…

    8. BrunetPaquet

      @SZRT Ice Don’t need to take me too seriously. Magic Ayrton and TokoTurismo are my main targets here. ;)

    9. Johnnypenso

      Brunet, you don’t have to tell us to not take you seriously, it’s kind of implied in all your responses.

  33. spencer7x7

    I’m still waiting on the demo car I’m supposed to get. But still it’s good that PD is giving an incentive to new players, more players, means more money, means the faster we get the new features.

    1. SZRT Ice

      “more players, means more money, means the faster we get the new features.”

      Huh, really? You think that’s how it works huh? Mmm, okay then…

    2. SZRT Ice

      I don’t need a business course, but here’s my take on it.

      PD has more than enough money to get GT6 out, and are even working on GT7 with the money acrrued over the years from each iteration in the series. The budget is set by Sony, and Kaz has leverage within the company being the head of a 1st party developer of a successful series (Gran Turismo). Thus, the few increased sales = chump change towards the development process and increases development time by 0%. A.k.a. money is NOT the issue. Class adjourned.

      If I ever said hacking was good for the series, it was for this reason and this reason only. The desire for greater customization is realized, and a resolution can only be as great as the problem. Meaning, things can not be improved on/fixed if people aren’t critical about issues and flaws. You seem more interested in making belittling remarks than having actual conversation, but I’m amused, so I’ll **** around for a bit.


  34. drag lab 101

    It’s kind of how I feel in regard to pre-ordering GT7 now.
    I did pre-ordered for the exact reason of exclusive content that repeatedly been offered over and over after launch.
    I love the idea of supporting early for -exclusive- content.
    Like chrome line was for GT5 for quite a while.
    Sadly.. Many devs are doing this same jazz.. It’s left a bad taste in my mouth in terms of pre-ordering any game anymore.
    Exclusive to me for pre-order will have to be physical content/swag I can actually get my hands on with purchase, as oppose to all these -in game- exclusive false adverts!

  35. JAC

    more moaning, always with the moaning
    as soon as i saw the 15th anniversary pre-order pack with the extra cars i pre-ordered it. Straightaway. Months before the official release. So those complaining they didnt get them first time around should have planned ahead.
    I’ve had 8 months exclusive use of the anniversary cars. why should i care if they’re no longer exclusive?? or if the package is cheaper?? Things get cheaper as they get older folks.

  36. vrossi

    Anyone wana try & list all the stuff that was promised?
    Can u even remember all of it?
    Does anyone care anymore?

  37. Hotspace 5150

    Are you kidding?????? I missed getting the 15th Anniversary edition by two days. I wanted the anniversary cars for the coolness factor. So I have the game (70 percent done) and “the powers that be” give the public a price drop & a wicked dlc goodies to make any fan of gt say WTFH…. No Joy!! Not Cool!!! Why???????

    1. erik1127

      Do all of you also complain when you buy a smartphone then 6 six months later the phone is one hundred dollars cheaper.? This is the way things work. All of had extra content for seven months that no one else had. Get over it.

    2. Johnnypenso

      If I pre-ordered a smartphone with an exclusive pre-order incentive of some exclusive apps that you could only get through pre-ordering, then saw them all on sale at a discounted price later on…yeah I’d complain. I don’t care about the price drop, they can sell it for $5 for all I care, but when you promise “exclusive content” as a bonus for pre-ordering…it should stay exclusive.

    3. TeamCZRRacing

      Johnny, have you ever said even one positive thing about GT6? Whenever someone is happy about something, you and your buddies arrive with pitchforks and ruin all the fun. One reason I don’t post here much anymore is because whenever I or anyone says something positive you arrive immediately to deconstruct our posts like they’re broken down cars that need fixing. Don’t like the game? Fine by me. Just don’t piss on those who do. Clearly Hotspace is glad about this news and doesn’t care for your hatred of anyone who disagrees with you on a given point.

      About this sale, I couldn’t care less. I got the 15th Anniv. Ed. solely because I am a hardcore fan of GT and wanted to celebrate GT’s 15th birthday in style; I didn’t give a crap about exclusivity. And now everyone’s pissed off because more people have the opportunity to celebrate? Shouldn’t we be glad for them instead of angry at PD?

      And no, it’s not just PD that are doing this sort of thing. It’s other companies too. So keep that in mind before you single out PD for being idiots in your eyes.

    4. GTHEAD87

      I agree @Johnnypenso. that made those cars special, the fact that only certain people had certain packs. I only got a pack through a friend on O2 mobile network. I don’t even have the 15th anniversary edition, why pay an extra £20 for cars with the liveries? I just wanted the game, nothing more. I’d rather they put some more retro/old skool cars rather than cars mainly from Europe celebrating a Japanese games birthday.

    5. Johnnypenso

      @CZR, I nominate you to keep analyze my posting history and figure out my positive/negative post rating. Have fun.

    6. SZRT Ice

      Funny, @ CZR. I feel like all people do is jump in and attempt to debunk any critical posts and gripes people have with GT6! As if people aren’t allowed to dissaprove of anything and/or decision Kazunori/PD makes!

    1. SZRT Ice

      I don’t own an XBox. I don’t play Forza. This is GTPlanet. These 3 reasons alone are enough reason for me to not discuss Forza here. What? Do you think bashing Forza is suddenly going to make Gran Turismo 6 a better game?

      Troll on bro’.

  38. hardvibes

    I bought the 15th anniversary edition, received 20 cars…..
    WHY WE STILL CANNOT RECEIVE THE EXTRA 5 CARS FOR FREE, at least those who bought the anniversary edition?

  39. MerleApAmber

    Huh, just received a second copy of the program for my significant other; appears she wants to drive with me. I guess I’ll return it to Amazon and pick one up at Wally World…

    1. MerleApAmber

      ahhhh… you guys! /smiles and cheers!
      there’s a bit of a method to my madness – I told her she couldn’t drive the IRL CTS-V until she could demonstrate a bit of unconscious competence… sooo… while the gears are grinding and the engine redlines here… I may get a smooth takeoff and no wild spin out’s there when I finally surrender the pilot’s seat.

      …’sides, it took her what? 8 months to finally pony up to the saddle since I’ve had the game on the main monitor and not removed my wheel stand from in front of it? eh… now there are two – side by side…

  40. jdiaz092009

    I guess this is PD’s attempt to get whatever they can out of people. I guess they realize that this game had slowly been dying off. Nothing great has been added to this game even though so many things have been requested. Sometimes it’s just better to fix and add what is needed then trying to sell a game people who don’t not have will not get.


    Kaz seriously WTF are you thinking or are you at all?.People paid FULL RETAIL for gt6 15th anniversary with the ensuing preorder bonuses,now you let the price drop on the standard game and then you insult the fans who preordered the game by allowing the same 15th anniversary be had at a lower price,why should i or anyone else preorder gt7 if you’re just going to drop the price and offer the preorder content 8 months after release

  42. sjwk

    This doesn’t seem to include the current Vision GT cars, and the launch events that gave those as prizes have now ended, so that’s one thing that us early adopters still have over people buying this bundle!

  43. smskeeter23

    Well now I do feel a little ripped off. There was a bunch of exclusive stuff in GT5 I was never able to buy, Edge Camaro, Chromeline Cars, Stealth Cars…

    Yes, I did think I was getting something exclusive this time just like people actually did with GT5.

    Guess not :-(

    1. blkpig

      Yeah I pre-ordered gt5 collector edition for the extras just to see people get the same stuff months later at discount some times less when you talk about DLC. It doesn’t surprise me that they’d do it again but I still agree that it’s a slap to the face to all who pre-order then wait in line or simply wait in line with no pre-order to pay full price. Greatest hits status is one thing but blatant price slashing and incentives I feel are un-wanted when they could fix bugs so you can park on the side of the track without your car pivoting and remove the stock-yard so I can continue to buy and enjoy more than 500 cars without spending hours picking and waiting to use others in my stable. THX

  44. PsuPepperoni

    At least now there’s no need to pre-order GT7. It makes more sense to forgo the $60 beta test if you can get a more complete game later for $40 and still have the pre-order bonuses.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      Well said. I do Bethesda games that way since Skyrim. I’ll never buy a Beth game at full retail again.

    2. HuskyGT

      @GT5Level41 Ha! Tell me about it. I’ve spent almost $100 in Skyrim just so they release a complete edition later on at half the price.

      Probably made the same mistake with Elder Scrolls Online, lol!

    3. SZRT Ice

      Funny thing is… This still isn’t the “Complete” Edition How right you were by saying “more complete” instead of “the complete” version!


  45. SavageEvil

    Early adopters complaining, you got extra content for the same asking price stop the crying bloody babies. Not sure any content should be kept off limits unless you bought it custom just for you, since no game supports that crap this sort of thing is fair. I got eh anniversary edition but I have zero problems with those who missed out on these cars to not have a chance to acquire them, it’s a game that we all paid the same price for. Entitled much?!?

    1. Johnnypenso

      Entitlement would be the very idea you are suggesting, that is, that no content should be off limits unless you bought it custom just for you. That’s entitlement. When a company advertises, “exclusive content if you pre-order” it should remain exclusive content through the life of the product, that’s how business works. This promotion tells me that PD doesn’t give a rat’s behind about any promises they make. In turn, I will never pre-order another GT game.

    2. kollosson

      Yo Johnny, you’re never pre ordering another GT game ? my god, that could cause another financial crash !!!!

    3. SZRT Ice

      You’re right. It might. You didn’t know? Johnny P has some serious pull in the ease coast quadrant! XD

  46. dddsprayshop

    People have to buy the game, between 11th and 18th for the extra cars.That’s 7 days.
    Guess what, those people don’t have the three online season 15th annivers events.
    Remember those three rounds?Apricot, Spa and that other one.

    We did, and got me lots of credits.6milion or more? Can’t remember exactly.
    So stop nagging.
    Same with a console or smartphone, wait and it gets cheaper.
    Wanna be the first? yes you pay the most.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m a little bummed too, but it is what it is.

  47. ykiki

    Paid full price for the 15th Anniversary Edition back in December and I’ve enjoyed this game. It’s entertainment. I’ve been entertained. Having this edition re-released 7+ months later isn’t going to suddenly invalidate the past.

    But that’s just my opinion…

  48. Humungus

    Reads “25-Car Pack DLC”
    Thinks “25 NEW cars <3<3<3"
    Turns out just some more moneywhoring out of the pre-order bonuses.
    Not really surprised

  49. Radracing

    They should at least change the car list to something else to give us an incentive to buy a second disc. LOL!

  50. GT5 Level 41

    Hmmm, preordered for launch and enjoyed having something others didn’t. On the other hand I would have gladly paid for chrome and stealth gt5 cars just to have them. Whatever.

  51. Amac500

    That’s disappointing. I mean they didn’t even leave just one thing that is special to those who preordered. I mean of they’re giving some of the content that’s one thing, but the preorder was suppose to be a special thing and now there is nothing unique to those who preordered months on advance.

    1. MatheusBond

      This happens to most games. Never think that pre-order bonuses are actual exclusives, only timed. Saves the disappointment for when you don’t get them at first.

  52. CeeJay

    Awwwwwwwwwww geez I got so excited seeing that headline, I thought we were getting new content. :(

  53. varmintx

    You have had the game 8 months more than those that will be buying it now. That’s what you paid “extra” for. Instead of immediately whining, why don’t you try thinking it through first.

    1. Amac500

      Wrong. It was sold to us as “content exclusive to the preorder”, not content we pay more to get 8 months before others can. Looks like you didn’t think it through first, did ya?

    2. Siren

      You’re saying that as if 8 months is that old for a game. 2 or 3 months after a games launches you’d expect to see a $30 sale for a couple days not a $30 fixed price. The last of Us is still $60 and they recently dropped the price to $50 for the ps4 including and that game is over a year old. Btw if you’re going to use the word “whining” at least look up the definition.

    3. varmintx

      Yeah, because pre-order bonuses are NEVER made available some time later. Why don’t you just admit you people will find any excuse, no matter how flimsy, to whine like children.

    4. Siren

      I didn’t even pre order the game. I payed $60 day one. Since when does a game (especially a game like Gran Turismo) goes from $60 or $30 in 2 months!!.

    5. varmintx

      Siren, I don’t know what the price retailers offer a game for has anything to do with the subject at hand, but it’s not like PD has anything to do with it.

      Your example is awful as well as that’s a remaster. The Last of Us (PS3)’s SRP is now $40 and is being sold for $20-$30…exactly the same as GT6.

    6. Amac500

      Flimsy excuse? This isn’t even people finding a thing to whine about, it’s a very simple matter. You pay extra and you preorder for preorder exclusive content, again that’s PREORDER EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, it’s no longer exclusive and it’s cheaper. That’s just simple fact matter, if you can’t understand that your too far up your own hole to be reasoned with.

    7. NW48

      Ok just for the sake of @Amac500 so he doesn’t lose his mind over @varmintx not knowing what the word exclusive means;
      Exclusivity- the quality or state of being exclusive : the quality of being limited to people of wealth or high social class
      Exclusive- limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group.
      Ok so now, @varmintx do you realise why alot of people are quite angry at PD, they promised that the content sold to those who bought the Anniversary Edition would be well exclusive. We know how PD are with promises but this is quite wrong.
      Oh and if someone is confused by the definition of promise;
      Promise- a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future or, a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act.
      Anyone who pre-ordered the Anniversary Edition has the absolute right to be angry at this news but it doesn’t require anyone to go to PD HQ with a mob that are carrying pitchforks and torches, in my opinion.

    8. kollosson

      It was exclusive for 7-8 months, does it hurt you THAT much that other people are going to be able to enjoy that content ?????

  54. Skarmory

    The game went on sale so I got it a month ago, and now I see this.

    I could care less about the cars, I just want those darn paints. why must they taunt me

    1. ALB123

      I bought the 15th Anniversary Edition in early December 2013. To be honest, MOST of the 15th Anniversary Paint chips kind of suck, in my opinion. I’ve never used a single one.

  55. Siren

    So PD really screwed us over with that price drop 2 or 3 months after launch. Why not reward the players that spent that extra $30 for the game ? What the hell is PD really doing.

  56. acascianelli

    So we’re starting this crap already? I see this as a bad sign that there is no significant update (Spec 2.0) coming to GT6. Further proof that PD has already turned it’s attention to GT on the PS4 and doesn’t care about bringing new features and good content to GT6 on the PS3.

    1. Amac500

      How does it reflect PD’s ambitions to update GT6? The PS4 has been out for a while now and the tendencies of consumers are shifting from PS3 to PS4. PD is try to move as many units as possible while people are still buying PS3 stuff. Means nothing for future updates.

  57. BlacqueJacques

    Why not reward those who paid more for the same producrt because they purchased when first available for sale?

    I’ll defintely wait a year after GT7 is released so that they will get less of my money eh!

  58. Franjo

    Is it available in Canada I wonder? Wouldn’t mind the extra cars as I preordered the anniversary edition but was given the standard one from gamestop as they ran out.

    1. JKgo

      You should have pre-ordered it from a South African retailer… A quick google online and I got three retailers still having stock of “15th Anniversary edition” disc, for a equivalent of about $45 – $48. How much cheaper is this “sale”?
      Truth is tho’ if you haven’t bought a GT6 by now, then wait a little longer and get the inevitable “Academy Edition” which will be cheaper and have all dlcs preloaded on the disc. This happened with GT5 so it’ll happen with GT6 too.

  59. HuskyGT

    Offer it as a stand-alone DLC pack and I might consider it if I have some extra bucks. Then again, it would only be for collecting purposes as I rarely play the game anymore.

  60. GBalao888

    I hope this can be downloaded as paid DLC one day for people who didn’t pre-order the game or got the game way before this promo.

    1. scobra1cz

      Me too… But… Wait! I paid 60 bucks and preordered for having the game on day one and with steelbook, not for digital bonuses… Ok, never mind.

  61. TheProRacer

    I have the regular GT6 copy, so I might aswell go ahead and put money towards this one instead.

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