GT6 On Sale at Major U.S. Retailers: $39.99 with 1 Million In-Game Credits


SCEA has announced a special limited-time sale for Gran Turismo 6 at five major retailers in the United States, available today through March 4, 2014.

The sale price of the game is now $39.99, representing a 33% savings over the regular MSRP of $59.99. The offer also includes a bonus in the form of 1-million in-game credits, available to use immediately from the start of the game. Participating retailers include:

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  1. Mozartist

    Over the years, Gran Turismo was the sole reason why I purchased PlayStations and a mess of wheels to play the games with, as I believe a car is meant to be driven with a steering wheel and not sticks. So now I got two PS3s and the T500 RS. Thanks to GT6, that I played for about a week, my next console will be a XBox One and with it Forza. In my opinion, not only has PD killed the GT franchise, they will likely hurt SONY’s sales of the PS4. Congrats to kazoo!

    P.S.: Since editing is not permitted, I meant Yakuza in my last post. Apologies :)

  2. VBR

    Seeing as much of what was supposed to be in the game is still missing, the price drop reflects that nicely. However, are they gonna be offering refunds to those of us who paid top dollar at launch?

  3. kollosson

    I’m sure Polyphony are working hard on the update. @ loggers05, can you substantiate that statement ? You know I went on the official Forza site, just curious if they had people complaining like they do here and there was very little in terms of negative posts, bit strange that, I mean GT6 is a much better game than Forza 5, huge content, graphics that make Forza’s next gen effort look very average and yet the amount of complaints is just overwhelming. I think the Forza fans have a hell of a lot more reason for complaints than we do, or is it that GT is the premier racing game on the planet and Microsoft have all their minions on this site doing their best to damage GT…food for thought

    1. research

      There is no need for “microsoft minions”. Cars and Tracks a racing game does not make.

      The only events that resemble “races” in GT6 are the Red Bull Jr and Standard events, and even then, the A.I will be caught parking for you.

      In most GT6 Race Events, the A.I. at the front are actually letting off in order for you to catch up. Where are the difficulty settings? Even beginners would call foul on such tactics..

    2. GTHEAD87

      I understand exactly what your saying kollosson. I think its just kids writing what they think. More racers do prefer forza as it is more racing. Got to remember that gt was designed to be a driving simulator so races in the game shouldn’t even matter. Just the driving ;). Not played fm5 yet but would like to. It probs has the same ridiculously loud blow off valve that sounds like a rattle snakes tail.

  4. Wrench_Monkey

    Yeah im not that happy neither…. they should of just gave gt5 a big update…. i still play gt5 because i have way more cars and they are going to shut the online off….bs… i really do hope they get gt6 right… i am also mad about the $39.99bs…. looks like they just want to make money and not a quality game… Give us a way to make more credits. Give us our online community and track maker and give us everything we paid for in gt6. I dont want to pay game credits for the TC cars…. sorry

    1. KinLM

      It’s a shame people have nothing to say but demand an update. It’s been less than a month since the last one and people are already calling PD lazy and cursing them out. How childish..

    2. mef

      Not sure if that was really a promise or a maybe. But the game has so much content, or are people already at 100%? I wished there was a sound update and a way to make more credits. Takes too much griding currently to get even close to afford 15,000,000$ cars…

    3. Quakebass

      Less than a month…? Hardly… The last update was on Jan 28th. We were promised (not the same as GT5’s “we’d like to release every two months” – this was a genuine statement) “monthly updates”, meaning one every month. Not every 28-30 days, every calendar month. Then to top this off, PD ALSO promised the new Spain track for February. There is VERY little time left for PD to fulfill the promise.

      The game was launched with less content than GT5. No track creator. No shuffle races, trading, or any robust community features. No B-Spec. The career is STILL massively short. We’re getting plenty of free cars, but we aren’t getting the content we payed for – and everything listed on the site IS what we payed for, considering a lot of it is in the booklet, but not the game.

      The fact that we wouldn’t get the content day-1 isn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that NONE of the features have been released yet, even nearly 3 months in, and yet new cars and projects are being focused on.

      We payed for the community features and track creator, as they are advertised. When, exactly, are we supposed to get what we payed for? 6 months? A year? That’s B.S.

    4. Whitestar

      On Saturday it’ll be March 1st. THEN you can all start complaining. In what gaming universe does “in February” mean anything other than the last day of February? No universe that I have ever visited. :-)

    5. Quakebass

      ^ If you’ve been on the forums, you’d know that that’s the argument I’ve been making.

      But here, people were defending PD NOT releasing advertised content yet, and leaving so many bugs unchecked. I agree, we should wait till February ends, but honestly, we’re running out of excuses to not have community features yet. The Track Editor has more excuse for the sheer size PD has led onto, but things like B-Spec, shuffle racing, and trading were in GT5, and it REALLY shouldn’t take this long to re-implement them into GT6.

  5. Izzyracer97

    :mad: I paid 60 dollars for half a game and a couple of cars that I never use and now There gonna sell it at half price plus one million credits PD you really F***** this one up!!!

  6. robsen666

    With Community Features ? Course maker ? Gps Tool ?

    I’m still waiting of my Full game. F*** off that sale of an half ready game. Shame on polyphony

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