Gran Turismo 6 Sales Data Reported in VIRAG/SCEA Case [UPDATES]

Gran Turismo 6

UPDATE: Although these numbers were reported in official court documents, they have since been discredited. Thanks to detective work from NeoGAF and here in GTPlanet’s community, we see the judge quoted sales numbers by VIRAG in their original claims against SCEA, made in July of 2014.

Although VIRAG does not specify the source of their data, their numbers closely match those displayed by “VGChartz” in 2014 – an unofficial and notoriously unreliable website which provides rough estimates of video game sales. Therefore, the numbers reported in the court documents are unverified, outdated, and almost certainly incorrect.

As part of the ongoing litigation by Italian flooring company VIRAG, the company presented sales statistics with the Northern District Court of California. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler’s ruling in the court documents show this number to be 2.37 million copies for GT6 (as of July 2014, according to VIRAG’s claims – see “update” text below), bringing the Gran Turismo franchise to over 72.6 million copies:

gran-turismo-6-boxartIn December 2010, the defendants released Gran Turismo 5, which included a simulated version of the Monza Track. In the course of designing Gran Turismo 5, the defendants willfully and intentionally chose to include the VIRAG® mark on a simulation of the bridge from the Monza Track.

Sony America distributed the Gran Turismo 5 game globally, including throughout the United States and North America, and to date over 10.89 million copies have been sold. The defendants’ unauthorized use and display of the VIRAG® mark continued in Gran Turismo 6, which was released in December 2013. To date, over 2.37 million copies of Gran Turismo 6 have been sold.

Despite its performance relative to GT5 – and its release on the aging PS3 console – GT6 still appears to have outsold its contemporary competitors, topping the PS4’s Driveclub (2 million copies), the Xbox One-exclusive Forza Motorsport 5 (estimated at ~2 million copies), and the multi-platform Project CARS (~1 million copies).

It’s also interesting to note that GT5 sold an additional 230,000 copies since March of 2013 (when Polyphony last updated their sales page), a somewhat remarkable performance considering GT6’s release on the same console and the termination of GT5’s online services in May of 2014.

GT6 Photomode image by Chameleon9000.

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    I’m starting to think this Mirco guy (or at least his lawyers) aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Not only did the first 3 claims get dismissed due to the first Amendment (a popular mistake that seems to be made a lot) AND the unlikely hood of people being misled (Really, that’s the best they could come up with?), but now they can’t even properly source the correct sales information to try and justify there claim of communitive damages. I’ll be seriously surprised if they do win because none of these claims have held water.

    1. Tenacious D

      And hopefully, Virag will have to pay not just the legal fees, but some slap on the wrist cost too. This was completely bogus from the start.

  2. jhw93

    Started playing GT6 again and I’m actually really enjoying it. The fact that the sales performance for GT6 was much lower than GT5 is slightly worrying but I think a lot of people were not satisfied with GT5 and GT6 came out when everybody was hyping over next gen systems.

    I think if GT7 is impressive and it shows a number of improvements, I think it will sell better than GT6 did. I have no doubt it will be a great game, the PS4 is a much better system for game developers to work with and I think the PS3 caused a lot of issues for PD.

    FM6 looks fantastic and hopefully PD look at what Turn 10 are doing and come out with something better.

    PD just need to do a few things for me to be happier;
    – Get rid of Standard cars (Important)
    – Improved engine sounds (Important)
    – Better Damage Model – Mechanical/cosmetic (Minor)
    – Better AI (Important)
    – More car customisation (Minor)
    – Bigger single player campaign than GT6 (Important)

    I have doubt PD will make progress on all of these things I’ve listed, its just a question of weather the improvements are enough.

    1. johnnyman123

      I personally think it had alot to due with the release of the next gen consoles, simply put once a person buys a new 500 dollar system they typically leave behind last gen completely. GT6 came at a bad time. If you look at what GT6 has to offer I still dont understand how Forza can be better. For crying out loud they cant even implement a dynamic Time and Weather feature….

    2. Johnnypenso

      Stable frame rates, far better customization, better sounds, arguably as good or better physics, better balanced, more up to date car list(vs. GT premiums), every car has an interior, new game every 2 years etc. Forza has a lot going for it, I can see the appeal.

  3. ccaranna

    And how are these sales figures important to anyone that doesn’t have a vested interested in SCEA or PD? Please relax, it’s not a popularity contest. Play what you like and call it a day.

  4. GT6mebe

    Dear Jordan, the sales figures are from VGChartz (both GT5 and GT6 sale figures are taken from that website around July 2014) which are not only an inaccurate source but also unofficial.

  5. SavageEvil

    The judge threw the case out the window, videogames are protected under free speech. In the U.K. not so much, case still pending there. California it’s a done deal, not sure if with prejudice or not.

  6. ethomaz

    This news is wrong in any way possible.

    The free DLC car was downloaded over 2.5m people in two months (August 2014)… even if these are used copies it is impossible to believe 100% of GT6 owners downloaded the car in less than 2 months.

    These is something missing in these numbers.

    1. Johnnypenso

      As @SlipZtrem says in the GT6 sales discussion thread, “these numbers are real”. I’d trust numbers filed in court documents before some press release marketing statement.

    2. ethomaz

      Seems like the numbers are estimates from VIRAG researches made before July 2014.

      This news over jumped conclusions.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Indeed. The judicial system was formed by people. And people are notorious for making mistakes time and time again.

      Anyone who thinks “the law is the law” is sadly mistaken because it has been proven countless times, again and again, that the “the law” can be wrong at times too. Some things just require common sense and humanitarianism to discern…

  7. jimipitbull

    To quote Virag’s own website “a silence source of our comfort and wellness sensations” That’s more synonymous with feminine hygiene products than it is Monza.

  8. infamousphil

    Considering the lack of a course creator the absence of b-Spec, it’s no wonder 6 hasn’t faired as well. Well, not really there are other, better racers (many would say) out there. So the ones choices have grown emmensely. But only 3mil…? Maybe that’s why it’s hard to find others to join my HighPerformanceStreet room. Most of them, yall ;) cain’t run without RS tires.

    As soon as 6 goes off line it’s back to 5 for me… unless the costs come down out of the stratosphere.

    1. infamousphil

      Oh yeah. I forgot to mention… Formula GT is now open in the Quick Matches menu. Curtesy cars at Monza only. Loads of fun. But the post race penalties are murder! Over 500k for a win with 200% bonus. Patients is key to a win if you are fast enough ;)

  9. Johnnypenso

    Let’s hope Kaz and Sony don’t simply write this off as due to the console transition. Hopefully it spurs more effort into making GT a more in depth and challenging experience, more attention to the car list, more creativity in the career mode and in the seasonals, more long term playability, more options for the player etc. If they continue in the direction they went with GT6, that is, more targeted towards casual players, I fear the series will never be the slam dunk sales champ it once was.

  10. Magic Ayrton

    We should be very excited and very happy about getting a new GT.. Not this.. this is a nightmare for all of us. I feel sorry for PD.

    1. another_jakhole

      umm, nahhhhh. SVPSkins underneath said it right and simply. It’s really not bad considering. plus, these are old numbers. there’s a lot to take into consideration.

  11. FrzGT

    Considering the development of GT6 is pretty much a continuation of GT5, its not a big loss. Not a loss even.

    If it is, they probably stop producing VGTs and had a major restructuring, like SEGA to Sonic Boom or Rovio to Angry Birds.

    1. another_jakhole

      you’re right. financially, it’s not a hit to PD or Sony at all. yet superficially, it doesn’t look good compared to any other GT which isn’t correct top do

  12. TRLWNC7396

    To those knocking the sales of 6 compared to 3, you also need to remember that, while 3 had some incredible game play, it also sold WITH the PS2.

    That tends to inflate numbers a pretty good chunk, and make them a little unrealistic to how it would have sold otherwise.

    GT4, while floating on 3’s success, was probably more realistic to what 3 would have sold by itself.

    1. Michelin

      GT5 nor GT6 was released at the same time the PS3 was released. GT3 was released AT THE SAME TIME that the PS2 was launched, that’s his argument.

    2. TRLWNC7396

      Exactly. Everyone wanted the PS2. So, just like with the games that are being bundled currently, it (and they) had/are having exaggerated sales numbers. With GT3, that was a good thing, because it really was quite a good game. With the current ones, if I had a choice (and I do, I bought a re-man so I didn’t have to get a bundle), I wouldn’t DREAM of getting an M-rated game, much less playing it.

      How many people got into GT simply because it was a good game that was EXTREMELY available? That’s the exaggerated number I am speaking of.

    1. dddsprayshop

      @famine, not true, after an update the car is available in every account on that PS3.
      What is the true reason of the downloads: Crashed game, corrupt savegame, glitching and people do a re-install of GT6 and re-download all updates to fix the problem.

      Mine was a replacement from Hdd to ssd, that was the 2nd download, and switching from disk version to digital version, 3rd download.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Right, because no one ever lied in court to promote their case. This company’s (VIRAG) whole angle in this is about manipulation for financial gain. You think lying isn’t possible? Please.

    3. SZRT Ice

      “Their numbers closely match those displayed by “VGChartz” in 2014 – an unofficial and notoriously unreliable website which provides rough estimates of video game sales”

      Considering the above statement… You’re right… But it also reveals that my comment isn’t far off the mark either…


  13. dylanlikes88

    All I got out of this article is gt6 has sold many copies and that some 230,000 kids had their parents get them the wrong game for Christmas…

  14. MeanElf

    In truth Driveclub has sold more than 2 million copies – as of now, someone on my friend’s list is position 2,325,525 on the world leaderboard after completing a couple of events only (70,313 XP). Evolution, like PD just don’t seem too bothered with releasing sales figures.

    I also think that a lot of the comments below are missing the comparison that Jordan has provided – none of the big driving games are selling massive amounts currently. Personally I put that down to a large percentage of those who got given consoles as kids, not having kept up with playing games now that they are adults. It was a fad thing for many, after all.

    1. dddsprayshop

      Like Famine stated, more then 1 account on the same console.
      I had 5 accounts that i used, i reduced it to 3, so in every event i produced three positions in the worldrank with only one copy of the game..

    2. MeanElf

      Now I get what Famine was saying. Probably not too many people doing that, as the sales are still above 2 million – but yeah, it would fudge up the leaderboard figures.

    3. SavageEvil

      DriveCLub sales got to 2 million before they even released the PS+ version, I don’t think they count PS+ numbers since it’s essentially not a sale at all it’s on loan until your PS+ sub lapses.

    4. SZRT Ice

      The PS+ version has trophy support (including a Platinum) and a gimped (20% to be exact) version of the full games features and game modes (before including the amazing Season Pass offerings). Owners of the Plus version can play right along owners of the full version online and join a club, rank, gain fame, do time trials, etc. on any of the tracks and vehicles available to them.

      That was my point. His friend may rank, but the ranking number doesn’t equate to players that have made a purchase.

  15. SimTourist

    Wow, it’s a total flop for GT franchise. I think even Forza 5 sold more on a brand new system no less. This should send a message to Kaz, SCEE, whoever else that the franchise is in dire need of a major overhaul.

    1. ChromeBallz

      @MeanElf , The Xbone only sold about 10m units so far. 2m owners got FM5, so that’s 20% of all Xbone owners who have the game.

      GT6 was bought by less than 3% of all PS3 owners… Compared to GT5, which has been sold (at the time) to about 15-20% of PS3 owners (and is more directly comparable imho).

      GT5 and GT6 also had the advantage of being sold on a console a lot of people owned, and was out for a long time. FM5 was a release title – Those never sell that well in absolute numbers.

      SimTourist still has a point. FM5 nearly sold as many copies on a brand new console that (basically) almost nobody owns yet. GT6 did, by the standards of previous GT games, vastly underperform, and i’m fairly sure that PD did not make back their budget with it (depending on Sony cuts).

    2. MeanElf

      Fine to say that F5 sold almost as many, but SimTourist apparently was guessing how many F5 sold; thinking that it was more. I was merely pointing out that the info was there, if he had read all of the way down.

      How relevant the circumstances are in the end can be read in as many ways as there are camps with points to prove – the feeling that I got was that overall none of the games did as well as they might have hoped.

  16. daus26

    I think it’s a no brainer. The biggest factor imo is the release window on top of its weak marketing. The game can be 1000% better and achieve many dreams, but for it to be released during the excitement of the current gen consoles really killed it imo. I mean put yourself back winter 2013, was the world not all about ps4 vs xbone at the time. Then factor in some rumors about a ps4 gt6 or whatever, the focus for the game’s success just become a mess.

  17. jimipitbull

    I work for one of the largest flooring import/wholesaler in the Southern Hemisphere, and have added a red flag to VIRAG®’s profile on our database, noting that their products are substandard and overpriced compared to other European suppliers.

    1. jimipitbull

      Made a PC, so pCars and Assetto Corsa. Both great games for different reasons, but too be honest GT still feels more like home

    2. another_jakhole

      yea I’m actually jumping into pcars with a custom built pc (not a setup for gaming specifically though). I gotta get all of the wheel settings right so it’s putting me off from committing. Assetto is too much for me.

  18. ALB123

    Wow… GT6 is sitting at about 22% of GT5’s sales. Not good. If the figures on the Wikipedia page are correct, GT3: A-Spec was the best selling Gran Turismo title coming in just a hair under 15,000,000 units sold. That is incredible! I don’t understand how ~15,000,000 people would enjoy the game on a PS2 but only ~2,400,000 have stuck with the franchise now that the graphics are out of this world better, physics are better, etc.. I guess it’s got to have something to do with the actual game play. Or, maybe people don’t want a realistic game with “accurate” physics, rain, sunlight, etc…

    1. YZF

      One of the reasons I am not playing GT6 is broken physics. If they were at least the same as GT5, I would still be playing the game. Does this answer your confusion?

    2. Johnnypenso

      The physics are broken, no doubt about that. Ride height and camber are both borked and many of the other tuning paramaters have little effect. As the audience for the game matures, we are looking for deeper and deeper simulation. We aren’t 14 anymore, blasting around with our teenage mates and a bunch of controllers, many of us are busy adults and we’re looking for both the arcade type experience which GT offers, and the sim experience which it does not. You can’t keep playing what is basically the same game for 15 years and continually expect to be excited by the new and shinier version of it…that isn’t much different from it’s predecessors.

    3. MeanElf

      Broken would suggest unplayable, which is not the case – hence my comment. Unless we’re using it the way most seem to use this clichéd word, badly…

      Broken would be when you could not complete the game, due to a glitch that would not allow you to move on further. Broken physics is just a weird concept to apply to any game. I’ve no problem with someone stating that the physics is badly implemented, as that’s their opinion – but broken? Find a better word.

    4. BoneSawTX

      GT3 was great, the high point of the franchise. Hype, A good demo in GT5P and the amount of time since the last GT helped 5. 5 was crap, yea it was pretty in places but that was about it and was the final straw. Things that bothered me in GT5 were things I noticed in previous versions. Sounds being a big part.

      I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that found better alternatives on other systems and PC. Enough so that I won’t be coming back to GT or Sony.

    1. SZRT Ice

      For me, GT7 is the only game I’m hyped for currently. A GT game backed by the power of PS4 is all I’m anxious for. Heck, as it stands, I’d be happy with a GT6 PS4 Remaster/Definitive Edition. But that’s just me.

  19. Jbaffoh

    While those are interesting statistics, you can’t say GT6 outsold Project Cars or Drive Club until they’ve been available for the 21 months GT6 has been out.

    And there’s also issue of slow adoption of the PS4 system (and compatible wheels) because of the dearth of early software. Once PS4’s become as ubiquitous as PS3’s, and those startup costs on the new platform are absorbed, I’m betting both games will shatter GT6 sales.

    1. Jordan

      By that standard, you can’t compare the sales of any games unless they were released at the same time. Project CARS and Driveclub may certainly outsell GT6 over time, but as things stand right now, GT6 has sold more copies.

    2. another_jakhole

      the man is the legend is GT Jordan

      It is not as if these games are consoles. GT games are hardwired into the Planet.

    3. NW48

      Considering Project CARS was sold on multiple next-gen consoles, an it’s been quite a few months now, it’s still impressive that GT6 has outsold pCARS on an aging console, whilst being exclusive to the PS3.

      Yes GT6 has been out far longer than pCARS, but pCARS was hyped to hell and back, unlike GT6 which flew under the radar right up to its release.

      But you can realistically argue for either side, no matter what, and you’d be correct.

    4. imported_skidmark

      @NW48 so there’s 80-90 million ps3s out there and at the time of release (pcars) about 10 million ps4s and pcars sells just as many games.. Yes its multi plat but still… This is a third party new ip getting the same nu!bers as first party GT. GT7 has it ALL to do.

    5. imported_skidmark

      Oh yea and GT6 was pretty much a refined,faster loading but worse graphics,GT5. That may have something to do with why i t sold so bad cause it was mediocre in its execution. Why have rain and dynamic weather if it slows your game down and really doesn’t look pretty?

    6. Johnnypenso

      PCars sales are impressive but not in comparison to GT6. They’re impressive in that it’s marketed as a pure simulation which hasn’t really existed on console to this point. Developed on a relative shoestring (some would say it shows..ouch)and targeted to a hardcore driving audience and yet it still sold 1 million copies in a month.

    7. Jbaffoh

      GT6 had two holiday shopping seasons.

      PCars? 0
      Drive Club? 1

      Time since release:

      GT6: 20 months
      DriveClub: 10 months
      PCars: Less than 4 months

      These things matter. A lot. Especially since migration to a PS4 takes time for most people.

    8. SavageEvil

      Are you attempting to state that reality doesn’t matter? As it stands GT6 regardless of how lackluster it sold, it still out sold the nearest competitor. When you make a point you are speaking from a particular point in time that has passed, what you are suggesting is speaking from a point in time that does not exist yet. Sorry but this isn’t Wall Street and we don’t go on speculation. These are the hard numbers, money spent and money gained, future take is in the air. What you can look at is how these other games are doing on a monthly basis and from the looks of it they are probably quite slow and dropped off faster than GT6 sales uptake did. So in reality they’ll probably never reach GT6’s sales at all since they are all available at present so that means people have an opportunity to still pick them up.
      Project Cars had a high chance as it’s multiplat but it has only garnered 1 million across 3 platforms. Forza 5 isn’t going to fare any better with the new one about to release. DriveClub is a weird one, it may never reach but since it’s a service it can theoretically surpass GT6 as they keep building out the game over time.
      Not sure about your last statement though, that sounds like a lot of wishful thinking, shattering 2.37million sales of an exclusive title with a multiplatform game should be childs play yes? Project Cars has already peaked in sales, it’s all downhill from here unless they have some major campaign that gets sales picking up. DriveClub is the only anomaly as it’s an ongoing service as stated by Sony. So it can potentially get bigger with time.

    9. SZRT Ice

      When GT7 drops, it will likely outsell PCARS by a landslide (and still do so being a console exclusive). The migration to PS4 has been massive (even rivaling sales of the PS2 in EU/UK region), and GT7 news will only serve to increase that surge (or renew it once PS4 sales start to dwindle which may be what Sony is waiting for. #DripFeed #Timed1stPartyReleases). Most of us are looking forward to GT7 and once it’s revealed and the bomb is dropped. Just watch the tsunami that follows.

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