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Land Rover Hot Rods the Range Rover Velar with 550hp SVAutobiography Edition

Jaguar Land Rover is taking a page from the muscle cars of old with its latest model. A rip-roaring V8 engine has found its way into the mid-size Range Rover… Read More »

Land Rover Unveils the New Tech-Laden Range Rover Evoque SUV

Land Rover has unveiled its all-new Evoque and it packs more technology and off-road capability than ever before. When it comes to the overall design, Land Rover has stuck with… Read More »

Be a Sinister Bond Baddie With This Land Rover Defender SVX

Car Culture 2 Jun 20, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

Porsche isn’t the only manufacturer celebrating its 70th birthday this year. Land Rover is also joining in on the celebrations with its own platinum jubilee. That’s why for this week’s… Read More »

Land Rover Turns 70, Invites the World to Its Party

It was 70 years ago today, on April 30 1948, that Land Rover was truly born. One year earlier, at Easter in 1947, Maurice Wilks drew a shape in the… Read More »

Range Rover SV Coupe Is The World's First Full-Size Luxury SUV Coupe

Does the world need a full-size luxury SUV? Probably not. At least that’s what we thought until we got a glimpse at the Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe. Now… Read More »

Tough, Rugged and Durable: Meet the New Land Rover... Phone?

Car Culture 9 Feb 23, 2018 by Andrew Evans

If there’s one thing we know about Land Rover owners, it’s that they love to get out into the most inaccessible areas of the planet. Well, according to the press… Read More »

Land Rover's Defender Returns for One Last, £150k Model

We all thought that the Land Rover Defender was dead. The production line shut down and the 2,016,933rd and last model rolled into Land Rover’s Collection, 68 years after the… Read More »

To Celebrate Its 70th Anniversary, Land Rover Will Restore Original Series 1

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Land Rover. To celebrate this special occasion, it’s restoring an original Series 1 with an interesting backstory. In 1948, Land Rover took three… Read More »

Jaguar Will Offer An Electrified Option For Every New Model From 2020

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it intends to offer an electric option on every new model line from 2020. The brand’s announcement came in conjunction with the JLR Tech… Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover's Greatest Product Launch Stunts

Car Culture 1 Jul 16, 2017 by Andrew Evans

When it comes to spectacular launch events, one manufacturer has the rest of them licked. Jaguar Land Rover has taken to revealing its cars in some wild and wonderful ways… Read More »