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Apple Uses Logitech Hardware in Autonomous Car Testing
Automotive News Hardware Apr 24th, 2017 by Brendan Rorrison

The tech giant turns to a familiar piece of sim racing hardware for its autonomous car project.

How to Use Any Steering Wheel with PlayStation 4
Hardware Apr 12th, 2017 by Ali Samy

Have an older wheel? Don’t worry, you can still use it with any PS4 racer, including GT Sport.

Logitech G27 Featured in Amazon “Deal of the Day”
Hardware Nov 23rd, 2014 by Jordan Greer

For just a few hours, Amazon is offering steep discounts on the popular Logitech G27 racing wheel.

Yamauchi on GT5’s Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More
Gran Turismo 5 Nov 30th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi fields questions from fans on Twitter, discussing everything from mechanical damage to steering wheel options.

25% Off Logitech G27, DFGT Steering Wheels, Free Shipping (Act Fast!)
Hardware Oct 1st, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Check out this 25% off coupon on all Logitech gaming products, including their steering wheels.

Pre-Order GT5 at Amazon, Get $10 Off a Steering Wheel
Gran Turismo 5 Sep 13th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Get $10 off your next purchase (including Logitech steering wheels) at Amazon when you pre-order GT5.

Logitech G27 Wheel Now Available
Product Reviews Oct 7th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

Logitech’s new steering wheel has finally arrived! They’re in stock right now at Amazon.com for $287.38, plus shipping. Reports in our forums also indicate the G27 is showing up on shelves at Best Buy in the United States. The obvious question, then – should you pick this up? According to the reviews, here’s the simple […]

Logitech G27 Appears on Company’s Website
Hardware Aug 13th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

GTPlanet independently verified leaked shots of the new Logitech G27 a while back, but many of you still weren’t convinced.  Earlier this week, however, a VirtualR reader just happened to stumble upon the new wheel at Logitech’s own web site.  He wisely nabbed screenshots while the pages and images were still online to verify his discovery. […]

Logitech G27 Confirmed by Developer, First Look
Hardware Jul 1st, 2009 by Jordan Greer

The Logitech G25 was one of the first steering wheels to introduce a clutch pedal and gated 6-speed shifter.  It’s success has prompted other wheel manufacturers like Fanatec to jump in the game, fueling competition in this niche market to new heights.  Now, with the G25 pushing 3 years old, everyone is watching Logitech to […]

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