Logitech G27 Featured in Amazon “Deal of the Day”


The Logitech G27 remains one of the most popular and widely used wheels in sim racing, thanks to its sturdy construction and nearly ubiquitous compatibility with console and PC racing games. Although it can’t quite offer the same range of features or technology that today’s high-end wheels provide, it is still one of the most affordable ways to upgrade from a controller.

And – for the next few hours, at least – it’s even more affordable, thanks to being featured in a special pre-“Black Friday” sale at the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.

Regularly priced at $299, the wheel is now priced at $191.99 with free shipping, offering a savings of $108. You’ll have to move fast, though – the sale ends early Monday morning at 3:00AM Eastern Time on November 24th. It is part of a larger Logitech sale on Amazon, which sees some of their products up to 55% off, so it’s a great time to pick up a new keyboard or mouse, too.

For those of you in the UK and Canada, the wheel is still on sale, though via different promotions. It’s currently 21% off at Amazon UK and 19% off at Amazon CA. As always, you can support GTPlanet by purchasing through any of the affiliate links in this post – thanks!

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  1. gigio79

    Logitech G27 is the best wheel existing in the world game but Sony don’t like, they want only Thrustmaster, who knows why? Anyway I am happy that Fanatec get an agreement with Microsoft to have all their wheels working with XBOX one, Sony will loose a lot of users that choose microsoft instead of PS4.

  2. RodolphoPNeto

    I’d like to take the chance and ask you guys a question: I have a Fanatec CSR from a deal i made a couple of years ago, but i got tired of FM4 and i’ve been using it on GT5-6. Although it’s clearly a superior product, it definetly doesn’t work as well as it does with Forza, probably because it’s not officially suported by GT. Plus, that cheap plastic rim really bothers me. SO, having said that, my question – would it be crazy if i traded it in a brand new G27? I can find it in a couple of stores here, and i don’t mind PS4 compatibily – i intend to buy a new one with the console, when GT7 comes out. I just want a decent wheel with good FFB, a good rim, and fully supported by GT6, not just compatible…

    Thank you very much for your feedback fellas. Cheers,

    1. Johnnypenso

      I’ve never used a CSR so it’s hard to say but I can say without a doubt that GT6 comes nowwhere near utilizing the potential of the G27. A recent foray into pc sims and Assetto Corsa in particular proven without a doubt that PD has only played lipservice to the G27 and probably wheel peripherals in general. The amount of information relayed through AC is many times greater than in GT, from curbs to the road to slides to wheel weight to understeer to braking and more. The CSR is a superior wheel to the G27 in most ways including wheel weight and smoothness of it’s belt drive, something you won’t get with the G27 and it’s gear driven feedback. If you’ve got money to burn by all means go ahead and buy it, but I’d put that $200 towards a pc sim if I were you and keep the CSR…lol.

    2. RodolphoPNeto

      @Johnnypenso – Gotcha. The thing is, i would give my 3yo CSR and get a new G27, straight up, no costs for me. When GT7 is out, i’ll get a PS4+TS300, wich i would certainly use on pc sims then. I appreciate the info regarding PD, wich i can only assume the potential of the CSR is even less explored in that case, yes? Seriously man, it doesn’t feel right, it vibrates, the FFB has a terrible on/off behaviour sometimes, the plastic bits on the rim squeaks… and i use the latest firmware and spent hours tunnig it’s settings… it’s clear when i compare to FM4, it was brilliant! I can only assume the G27 would at least work more properly… Tks for the input, mate.

    3. LJP64

      @RodolphoPNeto, in that case why not directly buy a TS300 and kill 2 birds with 1 stone? By doing this you will be sure your wheel will be compatible with your current PS3 and with your future PS4…

    4. Johnnypenso

      Keep in mind Rodolpho, the G27 is a gear driving wheel, so the force feedback can be quite jittery and it also makes quite a bit of noise. When I go off track in AC for example, the wheel sounds like it’s going to explode it chatters so much..lol. Can you get the same trade deal or something close, with a T300? As LJP says, I think that’s the ultimate option here anyway as it works with all the options, PS3/4 and PC.

    5. RodolphoPNeto

      @LJP, yes that would be my first option but i live in Brazil, and Thrustmaster has no distribution channels here so independent importers pay extremely high taxes and sell them at impracticable prices. That’s why i intend to get mine on my next visit to the US in 8 months, and use the tourist quota to exempt it from taxes. @Johnny, what’s the G27 FFB like specifically in GT6? Any main issues? Is it consistent and works well with all cars or just “some cars” like the CSR? Does it get twitchy and weak on oval tracks? Stuff like that… thanks for your replies fellas, really appreciate it.


      Well said, Johnnypenso, well said! I never knew how handicapped the Logitech’s were, until I went PC! The CSR is WAY OVERKILL, just like the G27. The DFGT is just right for GT.

    7. Johnnypenso

      @Rodolpho, I haven’t driven many cars since the recent FFB update. Just a handful of my favourite street cars like the S2000, 2000GT, NSX etc. and I don’t do ovals. It’s much better than it used to be, it’s easier to tell what’s happening with the car, it’s just not nearly as communicative as AC for example. It is quite weak too, I’m not sure what the CSR is like in terms of weight in GT6, but the G27 feels light. It was heavier before the big FFB update, but with less information.

      Here’s a thought though. The G27 is now the cheapest it’s ever been at $US200 and with the GTEYE brake mod the pedals are quite good and solid. The shifter isn’t as good as the better TM and Fanatec shifters but it is more than adequate for manual shifting. You could buy the G27 now and then later upgrade to the T300 and then purchase an adaptor and use the G27 pedal and shifter set with the T300. I think they are around $20 for the adaptor from Ricmotech or Derek Speare or one of those guys.

  3. LJP64

    Although the G27 is a great wheel, I think it is not worth buying one, especially if you intend to move to a PS4 later.
    This is not a question of dispute between Sony and Logitech. Logitech no longer manufactures game controllers, at least for consoles. And there is little chance they supply new firmwares for use on PS4. Unless PS4 game developpers specifically integrate support for the G27 in future games, I guess that wheel willl not be usable but on a PS3.

    1. Tvensky

      so it might be possible that PD creates theyre own firmware for g25 and g27?

      Jordan can you please help us, you have great contacts with PD, maybe you could add this to questions list next time you meet Kaz! ;)

      “Will G27 be playable on PS4 with Gran Turismo 7? ”

      many thanks if you succeed!

    2. marcvic

      Best way to handle this issue… ask Jordan, great suggestion! Maybe he can clear this up for us (fingers crossed).

    3. DUC748inMD

      If future wheel support is being questioned don’t limit it to the G25/27…show the DFGT some love too, please. Not happy that I have to replace my stand and wheel to race on the PS4.

  4. Ian_83

    The Sony PS4 and Logitech compatibility problem is more complicated than people realise.

    At the moment, Thrustmaster have pretty much got the market to themselves….it’s a monopoly.

    The G27 is a great wheel, but don’t buy it if you’re intending to use in on a PS4. Hopefully the Logitech/Sony dispute is resolved soon.

    1. SavageEvil

      There is no dispute, Logitech have stopped making console peripherals over a year ago. Sony has absolutely nothing to do with that. PS4 has an added security chip for USB handholding which newer official USB peripherals will all have to prevent anymore easy tampering with protected hardware and software. So you can pretty much complain to Logitech about leaving you guys high and dry. I have a G25 and it’s an awesome wheel, will I plunk down for the Thrustmaster, not a chance too expensive for too little hardware. Logitech 3 piece setup was $300 and Thrustmaster is just the wheel and pedals without clutch for $300…yea no dice that’s nuts then the shifter is extra. I’ll wait until that this is cheaper and has a better setup for my needs, DS4 it is.

    2. eran0004

      SavageEvil: Logitech’s decision to stop making peripherals has nothing to do with this. Sony could easily have made the PS4 compatible with Logitech wheels, by simply NOT requiring a security chip. A security chip for what? It’s not to protect the console or the gamer – it’s to protect the exclusive license that Sony has given Thrustmaster, granting them monopoly on making PS4 wheels.

    3. Tvensky

      all that gives me worries about the future of Gran turismo for me.. I might just upgrade PC and play PC sims now.. if Sony dont want me to use my PS4 for GT with my G27.. so sad..

    4. SavageEvil

      Thrustmaster is a licensee and Logitech isn’t, simple as that @Johnnypenso. Logitech stopped making peripherals so it means they no longer have a license to acquire the API to update their control software and aren’t making any attempt to do so last I heard.

      @eran0004 How is that Sony’s fault for wanting to keep their system secure. Why grant Thrustmaster exclusive license to make wheels when it makes business sense to have multiple licensees to make more money off of? Even if that is remotely true, simply not buying the product will cause enough pain to the side wanting exclusive action to want to change their minds. I won’t buy their wheel as I have a G25, won’t work on PS4 so I’ll stick with my DS4. Things change depending on the consumer focus so expect this to change given enough losses monetarily.

      Everyone else it’s up to the vendors of the products to keep them up to date with the issuer, it’s Sony’s playground and they require all USB devices to be chipped in case you weren’t aware. It’s their product and they have a right to use security to protect it. These aren’t open ended like a PC they are licensed products, these are businesses not charities. They take your money and give you a device that they say will perform as they advertised, security also help maintain performance as hard as that is for some of you to believe.
      I’m not pro-Sony but many people have this idea that because this was changed for unscrupulous reasons, assumptions aren’t usually a nice thing but if the rampant homebrewing and hacking on last gen systems didn’t create such an annoying issue with keeping money flowing down legal channels, expect companies to fiercely defend their product. MS did the same with the 360 and the XO, MS built PC software so they knew about hacking which is why their consoles use XID and not HID for USB control interface requiring a chip to actually be recognized by the console. Notice that most logitech wheels do not work on X360, unless it was built under license. G25/27 aren’t licensed but work on PS3…Why should Sony be responsible for them working on PS4?

    5. Johnnypenso

      “Thrustmaster is a licensee” is not an answer to, “why does the T500 work without a security chip”, technically speaking. It does however allude to the possibility that the whole “security chip” issues is pure b.s. on Sony’s part if that is indeed what you are saying.

  5. gt3_racer05

    after seeing this, I’m tempting to make the purchase. The other part of me wants to pass on this deal due to my current situation. It’s a hard decision but I’ll pass. To those who are going to buy it, have fun!

  6. zaligrace

    Sony better get their act together and support logitech on ps4 or I for one won’t be gettin gt7. They need to realise that people these days just cannot afford to upgrade to the more expensive options eg:thrustmaster. I love my logitech and enjoy enormously playing gt6 so please Sony and Kaz, be warned, don’t upset your loyal players.

    1. Umbra344

      Sony’s support doesn’t have anything to do with it. Logitech is the one who stopped making peripherals for consoles. They’ve mostly made products for computers anyway even before that.

  7. micantony

    Their price for the g27 has been hovering around $200-$210 for a couple months. So it’s about a 10% discount tops.
    Don’t be fooled by the “retail price”; this is NOT in any way $108 off anything.

    1. SuzukaStar

      ^ This. I bought my G27 in November 2010 for around $200 shipped from Amazon lol prices fluctuate by the minute! $200 one minute, $300 the next.

    1. chengman

      It is actually Logitechs problem. It doesn’t have the proper USB drivers that prevent the USB virus(was all a massive bark and no bite thing that happened months ago) thing from happening so XBone/PS4 won’t support it .

    2. eran0004

      The PS4 and XB1 was released before the USB virus bark. Also, the USB virus might be useful if you want to get access to a certain computer but it is pointless for targeting consoles because you can’t spread virus en masse through USB devices, that can only be done through the internet.

      It’s a case of Sony selling an exclusive license to Thrustmaster and to protect that license they added a security chip requirement.

  8. TayeezSA

    I wouldn’t advise getting this wheel if you’re hoping to use it on the PS4 right now. No Logitech support and it looks likely that Sony won’t support it anytime soon.

    It’s a shame really because this was a very popular wheel and it’s great to use.

    1. RACECAR

      But then again, so is basically every high end peripheral like this (even with a half off sale) for someone of your description and I say that as a someone who was in the same position.

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