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Gran Turismo 7 Trophy Guide and Walkthrough

If Trophy-hunting is your thing, then Gran Turismo 7 will almost certainly be one of the titles on your radar right now. Like all PlayStation titles launched since January 2009, GT7 has a suite of PlayStation Trophy achievements for players to work through, and the good news is that they’re not quite as challenging as they were in GT Sport.

Here Are All the GRID Trophies and Achievements

A classic name returns this week with Codemasters’ GRID. With release only days away, we now have the full list of trophies and achievements for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One drivers to hunt down.

Here Are All The WRC 8 Trophies and Achievements

Rally fans will be able to get their hands on WRC 8 later this week. In anticipation for Kylotonn’s latest, we’ve got the full list of the trophies and achievements for the official World Rally Championship title.

Here Are All 50 Trophies and Achievements in F1 2018

In less than 24 hours F1 2018 touches down on all platforms. This year’s game is a must-have for fans of the sport, and racers alike. While it may be difficult to build on an annual series, F1 2018 makes it look easy.

You Can Win a Real GT Sport “Platinum Trophy” in Australia

One of the most successful elements in modern gaming was the introductions of achievements, or as they’re known on the PlayStation side of the fence: trophies. Some trophies are easier to win than others, but the elusive “Platinum Trophy” — only earned after a player has won all other trophies in a game — is always the most coveted.

Need For Speed Payback Achievements Detailed

EA has revealed the achiements/trophies players will be aiming to achieve in this winter’s Need for Speed Payback. Posted on the official game’s website, the list details the type of tasks Payback will require you to complete. The list is 33 achievements long, keeping a further 20 hidden until release.